We got Friends Nitroline Scam Review

We Got Friends, an organization with dubious affiliations, fails to disclose any substantive ownership or executive data on its official website. The only contact information provided is a corporate address in Carson City, Nevada, which is linked to Eazy Bit Start LLC, a company known for selling LLC formation services to individuals seeking liability protection.

The company's marketing materials predominantly feature two individuals, David Dubbs and Val Smyth, suggesting their potential roles as the principal operatives of the company.

Smyth first garnered attention in 2015 as a co-administrator of Total Takeover, a relatively brief recruitment initiative that imploded a few months post-launch. Smyth was subsequently associated with various similar ventures including The Elite Networker, Mentoring Millionaires, and Legends VIP Network, all of which reportedly demonstrated elements of pyramid schemes or pyramid gifting practices.

Val Smyth Total Takeover

Dubbs established his reputation within Bellamora, which shuttered its operations in 2011, compelling him to progress as a marketer concentrating on lead generation. He primarily conducts these activities through The Conversion Pros, serving as its Chief Marketing Officer. The Conversion Pros was known to provide leads for MLM scams, contributing to the launch of the CashFX Group Ponzi scheme in 2019.

Although it is unclear whether Dubbs invested in the CashFX Group, given his close association with the company's founder, it seems highly probable. In reality, despite claims of being Nevada-based, We Got Friends appears to be managed by Smyth and Dubbs from Canada and Nashville, Tennessee, respectively.

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We Got Friends operates on an MLM model but has no retailable products or services. Affiliates are exclusively able to market the company's affiliate membership, which offers access to a monthly supply of 100 leads. However, these leads, which are described in a 2023 We Got Friends marketing webinar, have no bearing on the MLM opportunity.

The company's compensation structure includes recruitment commissions and residual commissions, paid via a binary compensation model. However, the longevity and sustainability of this model heavily rely on the constant inflow of new recruits. In the absence of sustained recruitment, such pyramid schemes tend to fail, leading to significant losses for most participants.

Thus, prospective participants should proceed with caution, considering the organization's potential affiliations with previous pyramid schemes, the absence of retailable products or services, and the heavy reliance on recruitment-based revenue.

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We Got Friends operates under a pricing model that charges affiliates $20 initially and $69.95 monthly, fees which fund recruitment-based commissions and bonuses. Commissions are distributed down to three levels of recruitment, with a substantial disparity in payout between level 1 and levels 2 and 3. Residual commissions are paid using a binary compensation structure, with potential for income growth as subsequent levels are generated.

A Matching Bonus is also available on residual commissions made by personally recruited affiliates, but the specifics of this bonus percentage are not publicly available. Additionally, We Got Friends allocates a part of the company-wide fee volume to the Global Loyalty Bonus Pool, distributed among the company's top performers, likely in correlation to their recruitment efforts.

Despite being operational, the dubious history of the company and its leaders may warrant a degree of skepticism. Legends VIP Network, one of the ventures associated with Val Smyth, reportedly had a component of pirated streaming that collapsed in the previous year, with the remaining website now promoting “biz opp leads”. The Conversion Pros, where David Dubbs serves as the CMO, is suspected of enabling dubious practices such as MLM scams. We Got Friends appears to continue this questionable legacy.

As an MLM opportunity, the We Got Friends model can be succinctly summarized: join by paying the initial and monthly fees, recruit others to do the same, and get paid. This formula reflects the traditional structure of a pyramid scheme, a model associated with the various MLM opportunities launched by Val Smyth over the years.

In the instance of a recruitment shortfall, the company, much like all pyramid schemes, is likely to collapse. The mathematical reality of such schemes ensures that the majority of participants are likely to lose money. Hence, caution is advised for potential participants in the We Got Friends MLM scheme.

WeGotFriends Packages

Affiliate membership with We Got Friends is priced at a one-time fee of $20 and a monthly charge of $69.95. Interestingly, the company also provides what it refers to as a Global Loyalty Bonus Pool. An unspecified portion of the company-wide revenue is allocated to this pool and shared among the organization's highest achievers, most likely those with robust recruitment statistics. However, it remains uncertain what specific criteria are used to determine these top performers.

Despite its ongoing operation, We Got Friends raises several red flags due to its connections with individuals and enterprises with a track record of questionable activities. For instance, Legends VIP Network, associated with Val Smyth, had to deal with the collapse of its pirated streaming segment last year. The remaining platform now promotes “biz opp leads.” In a similar vein, David Dubbs’ The Conversion Pros, where he serves as CMO, has been implicated in MLM scams. This history suggests that We Got Friends could potentially be carrying forward these suspect practices.

To summarize, the We Got Friends MLM model requires participants to pay an initial fee and a monthly fee, recruit others who will do the same, and in return, they receive compensation. This is the blueprint of a typical pyramid scheme, a structure that has been seen in various MLM opportunities launched by Val Smyth over the years.

In a scenario where recruitment falls short, the company, much like all pyramid schemes, is likely to collapse. The inherent structure of such schemes ensures that the majority of participants are likely to lose money. Given these factors, potential participants are strongly advised to approach We Got Friends with caution.

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