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Wealthy Affiliate Friend Review

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Classes

This should have been written ion’s ago, sorry it has taken me until now. I guess it is always better late than never, right? This is My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Personal insight into the Worlds #1 Entrepreneur Community – I hope you will find this helpful as I give you an insider’s viewpoint.

I first learned about Wealthy Affiliate back in the later part of 2010, I couldn’t help but wonder, What is the Wealthy Affiliate about? After I had done a little research and signed up for the free membership, it didn’t take me long to understand what Wealthy Affiliate was up to.

You see I was expecting to see the same old smoke and mirrors I had come across so many times before. But to my surprise, there was no smoke, no trickery. Just a couple of honest to goodness guys trying to make a change in the way people learn how to make money online.

This is my story of what I believe to be the best and most legit place online to learn how to build a business online.

Back in 2010, there were only a few 1,000’s members when I initially signed up. Now there are over 1,200,000 members and it is growing fast, just a couple of months ago it was 990k that was in January 2017. So you can see it has grown over 210,000 members in just over 11 months and for good reason.

It is very understandable why it is growing in popularity, continue reading and you will have a better understanding of what is the Wealthy Affiliate and what they offer their members. I hope you enjoy the review as it is very informative and I share my personal experience within Wealthy Affiliate University. It is the online equivalent of a University, well you will find out in the next couple of minutes.

Wealthy Affiliate

First of all, if You are not already a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community then click this picture to become a member for Free

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Review Introduction:

A Wealthy Affiliate Review

The Wealthy Affiliate University is a one-stop learning and resource center for making money from home, building a profitable business, learning to market products, finding the perfect niche, building websites and meeting like minded friendly people.

When you first sign up for the free membership you will have the opportunity to see the community for what it is, talk to people and get started with the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. You will get walked through the process of understanding and be building your first website online business in just a few hours. Free members can build two websites for Free with 10 lessons to help you set them up so you can start making money right away.

Signing up for a premium membership has definitely got its perks, you will have access to all the premium material at WA. You will be able to build unlimited websites, use all the classrooms with a treasure trove of information, live video training’s every week hosted by Jay (Marketing Genious), live chat with experienced marketers including Carson and Kyle the founders of Wealthy Affiliate. That’s right you can ask them questions and they will respond to you, they are two great guys that have helped me and many others.

There is walk through videos covering every topic of building an online business. Getting Started Courses (free with signup), which I recommend. They helped me a great deal.

There’s a members forum where you can join in and ask questions and receive help if needed and give help.

Certification Course, Affiliate Bootcamp, keyword tools, rapid writer to help write articles, and learning SEO (search engine optimizing). There’s so much to learn for beginners and seasoned marketers alike. There is something for everyone.

You are able to go at your own pace and there will never be anyone to criticize you. We members at Wealthy Affiliate are here to help each other succeed, that is what make’s it better and different from all other learning sites online. Many members say WA is their second family, making lifelong friendship, it really is like an extended family.

The Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate 
The only bad thing about wealthy affiliate, If having too much information at your fingertips is considered a bad thing then I guess WA is guilty as charged.

      • There are many pros to being a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Literally, you have all the tools and resources to learn how to build a profitable and successful online business. With 1,000′s of hour’s of training videos and tutorials and 13 classrooms.
      • The unbelievable support system, if you ever need help with any issue Wealthy Affiliate University has the most amazing support you will ever find in any online community. You literally have 1,000’s of people to help on all issue you may encounter, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
      • This is a Global community so there is always someone with the knowledge to help you, NO MORE WAITING hours or days to get help with a problem or to have questions answered. You have answers in minutes using the member’s forum or asking questions in the chat room or submitting to the questions area.
      • You will learn all you need to know so you can FIRE YOUR BOSS.
      • I would love to know if you are happy with your current job situation and if you are really ready to tell your boss to take a hike. I have never felt so free as I do now. I have been able to learn enough from WA to build a new comfort zone for myself (This website) that allows me to do what I want when I want. No more worry’s about being late for work. I just go to my laptop in my pajama’s and do my work at any time of day.
      • If you are ready to be your own boss and work from home, Signup For The $0 Membership and Get Started Today
      • WA is unique in many ways.
      • Stand Out From The Crowd with Wealthy Affiliate
      • They have what they call the Open Education Project. This is where members are not only learning to build their online business, but the more advanced members are teaching other’s how to build success online as well. There are special incentives for a member who really enjoys helping others by offering their personal skills and training to help other members you can earn WA credits and compensation for your efforts.
Affiliate Marketing Business

Click the above picture to view my #1 Recommendation!

How Do You Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate?

Well for starter’s if you are reading about Wealthy Affiliate you are interested in learning about building or expanding an online business. I am Happy you are here, I am going to try and read your mind for a second. You are thinking you want to find a wholesome education online that will provide you with the education you pay for. Most importantly you do not want to be SCAMMED like you have in the past. Well, I am sorry to say, you will not be getting what you pay for here, you will be getting So MUCH more than you pay for. That’s Right, MUCH more. It is the greatest benefit of being right here right now. You are learning and reading about the only place online that will offer you so much more than you pay for. And it all start FREE.

You can learn more for Free within WA than you would have paid some scammer $100’s for and gotten NOTHING in return.

I am telling you from my personal experience’s, I have been scammed and lost $1,000’s trying to find the right learning platform that would teach me to work from home and be independent of the rest of the working world. Now you are in the same place I was a little over 5 years ago. Yup, about 5 years ago I was searching online and came across a website similar to this one and it changed my life. I have learned so much and I am going to let you no more about it. Below is a list of tools that I started using and still do use to this day.

I have found a place online that offer’s me the chance to learn to do for myself what I have always wanted to do, Work For Myself On My Terms. I still have so much to learn. I am in good hands with some very nice people that love to help other’s, as I learn more every day I am able to help more people that just start out. It is a Continuing learning Program. When the internet changes Wealthy Affiliate adjust to keep us up to date with everything, so we are never left in the dark.

So back to the review, below is a list of tools that are most helpful for me on a daily basis when I am working on my website’s.

      • Affiliate Tools and Resources Interactive lesson’s, Courses, Live Weekly Video TrainingKeyword tool, Rapid Article Writer, Link Tracking, Keyword List’sGetting Started Online Business Course learn to build your own website and build your first online business or expand your already existing business.
      • 2 website’s (Free Membership) Unlimited Website’s (Premium Membership) “Siterubix”NEW WA Domain purchases your own Domain within WAHosting for your website’sHelpful Forum’s, Live Chat100,000’s of friendly member’s from all corner’s of the world waiting to help when you need it 24/7
      • All of the industry’s Best Tool and Resources in one GREAT LocationEndless Education System that is only found at Wealthy Affiliate UniversityTop Security feature’s, with a NO tolerance Spam environment
      • Absolutely Free to Getting Started today, I started with my free membership almost 5 years ago. I’ve been a Premium member for two years now, with no intentions of going anywhere. Why would I leave when I have everything I need right here.

That is a pretty good list great benefit’s right?

You will not find any other online School or Guru’s that will offer all this in one package. I remember paying this guy that promised me he would teach me how to build a business that would allow me to fire my boss, he was a great talker and knew how to get his customers to pay.

I think it was about $499 going to send me the package in the mail and I would receive it in about 2 to 3 weeks the package came in a couple of weeks like he promised.

The $399 I had sent him bought me a box full of information about how to start a business from home. Not one thing was going to help me, it was just sending me to other just like him, pay for empty dreams.

The reason I told you this story, is because since I have been with WA My fears of being scammed have disappeared.

You will get what you pay for and then so much more with Wealthy Affiliate University.

Heck, you get more for Free from Wealthy Affiliate University than you will ever get from any Guru or the next guy telling you he has the secret to the next millionaire online business.

WA is the first of it’s kind to offer you Free or Premium membership into an Online Entrepreneurship Community.

My Conclusion + Special Bonus

If you are looking for the best place online to learn how to build an online business Free with no hassle, or with endless support and resources (as Premium Member) this is the place for you. I love it, I have learned so much in the almost 5 years I have been a member and I learn something new every day. There is always new Training’s, Tutorials and Helpful blog post being added every day. The Wealthy Affiliate Community is nearly 470,000 member’s (when I wrote this review) with the same mindset. We are here to build a Successful Online Business and to Help Other’s to be Successful.

How to claim your BONUS…..

Join the Starter $0 membership, follow the steps of setting up a simple profile account.

After looking around a bit if for any reason you are not satisfied with it, come back here to my site and leave your feedback and experience, you can even yell at me if you want.

Wordpress site with SiteRubix
BONUS TIME: This is well worth the offer. If you do join Wealthy Affiliate FREE starter account, I will make you an offer if you decide to Signup for a PREMIUM-Account Within the First 7 Days.

I will give you a 59% discount on your first month or Yearly Membership.

But this is only if you signup in the first 7 days and I will also give you a few more awesome Bonuses upon signing up for Premium account.

Free Starter Membership $0 (Signup Here) Includes –

Access to the WA Members Community, Live Chat with members including Carson and Kyle Classrooms, 500 Trainings Getting Started Courses2 Website’s Keyword Research Tool and the list goes on and on.

As I mentioned earlier, there is not another place online or offline that you will be able to learn what is offered here with the free membership.

Premium Membership $49 a month or $359 a year (Signup Here) Include’s:

      • If you are serious a Real Go Getter to start an Online Business the Premium Option is the best option for the price and everything that comes with it.
      • You will never have to worry about being scammed again, never have to spend hour’s searching online for information, you will always have support from 1,000’s of members online 24/7.
      • Wealthy Affiliate has added everything that you would need to buy separately from other places.
      • Keyword Research Tools’, Website Builder, Website Hosting, Domain Purchasing, 1,000’s of hour’s of trainings, Top Notch Website Security Beyond Powerful HostingFor Premium Members WordPress optimized servers.
      • The most secure hosting anywhereFull redundancyDaily backups24/7 website monitoring Fully managed Email & forwards Site Health analyzing Website auto login

The Diagram above Shows a Comparison of both the Free Membership and the Premium Membership to give an example of the benefits of signing up for Premium. But I wanted to mention this to you being a free member has a lot of benefits as a Free member you will have enough resources to build a website and start generating income with it. That is How Awesome Wealthy Affiliate is, get training and earn an income all for free. Can you Honestly tell me of another place online or not that will offer you so much for free? It’s Unheard Of.


#1. This is going to be over 4 hours of LIVE class training on becoming an authority online in 2017. These classes will walk you through the most crucial steps to becoming an authority figure online in ANY niche. For those that do not know, becoming an Authority equates to Success. You are going to be able to attend all of these classes LIVE as well as getting unlimited access to the replays.

#2. This is actually the FIRST live class Kyle has EVER done. He created 100’s of training videos over the years, but this is going to be his first in live format! Kyle is going to be walking you through what he would personally do if he had to ever start over…from scratch.

#3. The Unexpected Path to Success in 2018 and beyond!

This is a never seen before, ONE HOUR walk-through outlining the “unexpected” things that you should be doing in respect to your online business, but probably are not. These are strategies and techniques that you truly NEED TO KNOW for 2018.

Wealthy Affiliate

The above Review is from a Wealthy Affiliate Friend and not from me, Tony Lee HamiltonMarketing Veteran, I am however a Member at WA and have been since June 2015 and agree with Her Review of Wealthy Affiliate that She shared above!

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