Wealthy Affiliate Marketing in 2019 Review

Affiliate marketing is a form of performance-based online marketing where a company or business rewards an affiliate for bringing in customers. An affiliate makes money by promoting services or products offered by another business entity. If an affiliate’s referral link generates more sales, then they end up earning more in terms of commissions.

With the current marketing trends, there are numerous affiliate programs which are found online. However, most of them are not legit but scams. These programs promise affiliates how they will earn lots of cash once they sign up. But as you know, this is not true.

One affiliate program that has managed to stand out is Wealthy Affiliate University. This is a legitimate online business training that provides you with all the essential information you need in order to become a successful affiliate. In addition to that, Wealthy affiliate equips you with the necessary tools to ensure that you thrive. To help you understand how this program works and why you should enroll for it, below is the Wealthy Affiliate review.

Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

This is a training university that offers learners task-based coursework in affiliate marketing. The online business academy which was launched in 2005 is renowned for teaching its members how they can earn passive income by using the affiliate marketing model.

Wealthy Affiliate’s members are usually taught from scratch. You will learn how to set up a website and eventually understand how you can make money from it. Members are normally taught vital skill sets which are necessary for the online world. If you are an internet entrepreneur, then you should consider this business university.

You don’t need a credit card to open a Starter Membership since it’s free. There is a coach or mentor who will guide you through all the vital steps that lead to success. However, it’s important that you dedicate your time to learn. You must be committed, ask the tutors questions, and don’t forget to take action.

What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Stand Out?

There are hundreds of affiliate programs which are available online. But Wealthy Affiliate has managed to stand out from the crowd. This is a unique business university which provides its members with the latest skill sets which are necessary for internet marketing. In addition to that, it has an outstanding interactive community of different entrepreneurs who advise and encourage each other.

This business university also has well-outlined courses in different formats to ensure that members understand every important marketing concept. The courses are well-detailed and simplified to make the whole learning process simple and stress-free.

Wealthy Affiliate University Founders Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim Founders of Wealthy Affiliate

This online business university was founded by Carson and Kyle. They are the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate and also active participants of the WA Community. This affiliate training program is not only their biggest business but also their passion.

Carson and Kyle normally spend their days helping learners handle different tasks. Apart from that, they encourage and advise students on how to make it and survive in the tough internet marketing world. Before the duo launched Wealthy Affiliate, they were already successful internet entrepreneurs and bloggers. Their diverse experience and skills mean that they are among the best to provide you with all the information you need about internet marketing. Even though Wealthy Affiliate is successful, they try to upgrade the learning program to ensure that students have the necessary and latest skillset.

Note that Carson and Kyle have also co-founded 2 other projects i.e. Street Articles and Jaaxy. The latter is a powerful tool for keyword search. It even relates to certain aspects of Wealthy Affiliate. On the other hand, Street Articles is a type of online directory which can also be linked to Wealthy Affiliate.

How to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you two ways of making cash. After successful completion of your course, you can go ahead and build your own kind of niche affiliate site. If you effectively use it to generate traffic, then you can get your own affiliate commission. Apart from that, you can decide to promote the Wealthy Affiliate program. This gives you an opportunity to make 40 percent income of the sales. However, you can only do this if you are a premium member.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate Suitable for? Wealthy Affiliate Community

This affiliate marketing program is suitable for anyone who is interested in the affiliate marketing business. The business model allows you to learn, develop, and develop a vital set of skills that is relevant in the online marketing world. Whether you are just a beginner with no clue, an intermediate internet user, or an experienced blogger, you can still enroll for this affiliate training program.

Some of the people that can use this program include:

• Web enthusiasts who are keen on building their own blogs

• Professionals who are looking for side hustles

• Content creators

• Bloggers who want to earn more bucks from their sites.

• Those who don’t have any work

• Business owners who want to have a bigger and stronger presence online.

• Those who are keen on learning SEO, content creation, and building websites.

• Moms who stay at home and want to make some cash.

• Retired or retrenched adults who still want to make an income

• College students

A close analysis of the Wealthy Affiliate program membership indicates that there are all kinds of people who use. There are full-time business owners with experience, those who have done affiliate marketing before and want to improve their skills, and those who know nothing about affiliate marketing but want to learn.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership and Training Cost

There are two main types of membership in this affiliate marketing program. The starter membership and premium membership.

• Starter membership: it’s free to join. However, this membership lasts for 7 days only.

• Premium membership: it costs $19.00 during this first month. However, this means that you must use the 59% discount advantage which is available during the first 7 days of free membership. During the subsequent months, you will need to pay $49.00. Users have the option of canceling their subscription at any time. Furthermore, there is an option of an annual subscription. This costs $359.00. The annual subscription is much cheaper than monthly subscription because you will end saving more than $200.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Program

The training program consists of several modules. This includes components such as the “getting started” courses, affiliate boot camp, classroom topics, and webinars.

• Core training: this program involves 5 different courses consisting of 10 task-based lessons. Those with Starter membership have free access to the first course only. Modules under this program are designed to help you understand how to start a niche website and start making money from it.

• The Affiliate Bootcamp: just like the: getting started” program, this section also has 10 courses with 10 different task-based lessons. Only the first course is available for free to Starter members. Students are taught how to make money from the internet by creating a niche and how to earn a good income.

• Webinars: there are weekly live webinars that last for one hour. This program is only available for paying members. In this section, students learn interesting strategies, tips, and ideas. There is an hour-long question and answer session which is based on the webinar theme.

• Classroom lessons: several lessons based on different topics which are supposed to help get and stay on top.

• Wealthy Affiliate Tools: Generally, Wealthy Affiliate offers members multiple tools which include:

  1. Multiple WordPress website blog themes and plugins. These are designed for use during the installation process.
  2. Paying members have access to 25 WordPress websites which are hosted by SiteRubix. This host uses super-fast cloud servers which are WordPress optimized. The servers have a wide range of themes and plugins. In addition to that, they provide users with an alternative to use their own domains.
  3. Free research tool for keyword search. This is designed to help you find great long-tail keywords.
  4. Free ite Content Platform with over 1,000,000 royalty free images which provides you with an opportunity to immediately start writing. Furthermore, allows you to save your drafts and publish your WordPress blog content later.However, starter and premium members don’t have access to the same tools and training programs. Those with Starter membership accounts have restricted access. Below is an overview of what makes the difference between Starter and Premium.

WA Membership Options Starter or Premium?

Starter Membership Accounts

Those with this free account can have access to the following: 

• The “Getting Started” training

• Beginner training course

• Walk-Through video training

• Phase 1 of the affiliate boot camp training

• Two websites

• High-speed web hosting

• 30 keyword searches

• Rapid writer

• A personal wealthy affiliate blog

• WA affiliate program

Because of financial constraints, some people may not be able to afford the premium membership package. This is okay and understandable. However, you need to make sure that you get the most out of your free account within the 7 days.

Premium Membership Accounts

Members with these accounts have access to a wide range of tools and training program. They include:

• Getting started training

• One on one coaching

• Beginner training course

• Private messaging

• All phases of affiliate boot camp training

• Walk-through video training

• Premium video training

• All premium courses

• Unlimited websites

• Premium bonus offers

• Keyword lists

• Forum

• Weekly live video training

• WA Affiliate Program

• 24/7 Web-Hosting support

• High-speed web hosting

• An automatic website backup

• A personal wealthy affiliate blog

• Website security package

• Unlimited keyword searches

• Rapid writer

• Access to beta programs

• Ambassadorship program

• Lifetime updates

• Member-only discounts and offers

The Training Sessions

Wealthy Affiliate’s main mission is to train people on affiliate marketing and how they can earn high amounts of money from it. To ensure that the needs of different learners are catered to, Wealthy Affiliate uses two teaching techniques. There are notes designed for reading and video for visual learning. All of them cover various aspects of affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate has simplified the whole training program. This is to ensure that learners can quickly grasp all the concepts without straining. In addition to that, there is a comment area that’s found within the training. Learners can use this section to ask questions which can be answered by other the founders or other members.

Training Formats

Wealthy Affiliate University uses multiple training formats and they include:

Core Training

This is where you use the Starter or Premium account to learn different courses. There are five certification courses which are found in core training. Each course has 10 lessons which mean that the whole certification course has 50 lessons. They include:

• Level 1: Online Entrepreneur Certification: Getting Started

It’s an introductory level with 10 lessons. This section will take you through various steps on how to create a good online business

• Level 2: How to Build Your Own Traffic Producing Website:

There are 10 lessons which help learners understand ways of acquiring cost-free traffic.

• Level 3: Online Entrepreneur-Certification: Making Money

This level involves 10 lessons which highlight different ways you can use to earn money from an online site.

• Level 4: Online Entrepreneur-Certification: How to Master Social Engagement

There are 10 lessons for this section and they relate to all aspects of social media.

• Level 5: Business of Content: How to Achieve Maximum Success Through Content Creation

There are 10 lessons designed for level 5. All of them are based on how to effectively create content that leads to higher engagement.

Note: Those with Starter membership accounts can only access level 1 of the core training. Level 2-5 require the member to have a premium membership account. All the levels have various action-based components which the learner must complete.

What You Should Know…..

• the Getting Started course is action-based and very thorough

• The other courses from level 2 to 5 are well-detailed. They provide learners with everything they need to know in order to start earning money online. Remember that each module has related questions which the learner must take time to answer.

Internet Online University

Affiliate Bootcamp Training

This section includes a total of 7 courses with 70 lessons.

The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp course is composed of:

Course 1: How to get your business rolling.

Course 2: Keywords, Content, and conversion.

Course 3: How to give your site social value.

Course 4: Getting visual, aesthetics, and brand via media.

Course 5: Knowing your target audience and also catapulting your referrals.

Course 6: The power of PPC, Bing, and Yahoo.

Course 7: How to successfully scale PPC campaigns.

Live Training

This is a form of visual training that involves video classes. Live training is done with an experienced tutor. Learners usually go through various topics weekly. This training format is suitable for all learners with different levels of skills. But what happens if a student isn’t available during the live training session?

Well, each live training session is normally recorded. So, if you can’t make it for the live, you can view the recorded clip. You can get the recording within 24 hours after the completion of the live broadcast. Learners can also give a star-rating plus a review of every live session.

Community Training

Wealthy Affiliate emphasizes on the benefits of joining a blogging community. This affiliate marketing program has members who are caring and genuine to each other. Community Training is only available to premium members. In addition to that, the member needs to have used this affiliate marketing program within a certain period of time. The blogging community exposes to various learning opportunities from other members.

Note: selling or spamming is prohibited within the community. Make use of this training format by interacting with other members who have different levels of skills. This is a huge learning portal that promotes diversity.

Training Classrooms

Wealthy Affiliate has good training classrooms. They resemble any forum where you can ask a question and another community member answers. This is a beneficial aspect that allows you to search for answers within the classrooms.

Using Wealthy Affiliate Tools

Some of the tools which Wealthy Affiliate University provides to its members include:


This is a site builder that allows you to build a website within just a few minutes. SiteRubix is an application that makes it easy to install a website by helping you to understand the type of website that you want to build, its name, and appearance. If you are installing a WordPress website, you can do it within one minute if you are using SiteRubix.

The WA Keyword Tool ~ Jaaxy Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

This is an essential tool for any website. Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool Jaaxy allows you to know what phrases people are using to search for information. This will help you to know the target keywords to use and get your website on top of search engine ranking.

Overall, using the Keyword Tool gives you a better understanding of your target audience. You will be able to find information about their search behavior. You will get an overview of the number of times a keyword has been searched in any given month. Furthermore, you will know how competitive that term/phrase is i.e. how other sites are trying to rank for the same keyword.

WA Site Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate is a trendsetter and it offers the best hosting for WordPress sites. Wealthy Affiliate makes website hosting easy by making the whole process simple. It's hosting is super fast as well as reliable. Additionally, it smoothly integrates with site domains and SiteRubix. All these make the process of website building seamless.

Some of the key features Wealthy Affiliate hosting include:

• Servers that are WordPress optimized

• Daily backups

• Secure hosting

• Site-health analyzing

• 24/7 website monitoring

• Full redundancy

• Email and forwards

• Fully managed

• Auto login

What makes WA Hosting even great is that you don’t need to pay for it. It's costs are paid for once you pay for your premium membership account. Both Site Hosting and Site Builder are found in Starter and Premium accounts.

Starter account holders have access to two free websites. These are found on the .siterubix.com domain. Premium members have access to 50 websites. 25 of them are available for free on the .siterubix.com platform while the remaining 25 are on your OWN personal domains.

Site Domains

It’s one of the latest tool sets for Wealthy Affiliate. Site Domains allows you to purchase domain names inside of the WA. This is a game changer and it perfectly works with SiteRubix and the WA Hosting. The process of buying domain names isn’t easy. You may encounter technical problems or come across multiple up sells. However, using the WA Site Domains makes this process stress-free. In addition to that, Site Domains contain competitive features.

WA Support

Wealthy Affiliate offers its members amazing support. The support channel is designed for use by every member of the group. The various support channels are important in speeding up the learning process. In addition to that, you can use them if you need advice, motivation, or to solve various issues. The available support channels include:

Private Messaging

Premium members have access to private messaging. This allows for personal experience. You can use this tool to privately discuss projects or the training with any member. Additionally, you can use this feature to contact Carson and Kyle who are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. They can give you any feedback, ideas, or private coaching if you are in need.

Live Help

This is the most used support channel. Live Help offer members instant answers to various questions. You can also use it to get coaching, seek personal help, as well as real-time interaction. The support channel is available 24/7, so it doesn’t matter where you are or your local time zone.

Live Question and Answer Sessions

You can use the Live Video sessions to ask questions. Note that Wealthy Affiliate has a Q & A and the end of each live video class. So, you can use this as an opportunity to get real-time answers via the video feed.

The Website Feedback Section

This is a form of support that’s designed for your website. If you need a crowd sourced type of feedback for the whole or specific section of your website, then you can use the Website Feedback Platform. This feature works like a credit system. In exchange for one site feedback request, you need to give two site feedback.


Pros of Wealthy Affiliate

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate has something for you. It's benefits are numerous thanks to the unique courses which are in line with the current internet marketing trends. Below are the advantages of using Wealthy Affiliate.

• Everything is available online. You do not need an app or software to access wealthy affiliate.

• Joining is free.

• You learn at your own pace.

• The courses are available online worldwide.

• Well-outlined task-based lessons to ensure that you quickly grasp everything and attain your goals.

• The courses are taught by well-trained and experienced professionals.

• Training is done in bits, in a step-by-step manner.

• Wealthy affiliate allows you to quickly develop a business acumen that will turn you into one of the best entrepreneurs.

• The courses range from basics to advance. It is, therefore, suitable for both newbies and experienced affiliate marketers.

• There are categorized classrooms including email marketing

• Great boot camp training plus engaging webinar training

• There is a blogging community where you can share ideas, experiences, and seek help.

• Availability of multiple training formats to ensure that learners capture everything.

• Well-outlined support channels including private messages, comment system, live help, live question and answer sessions among others.

• The blogging community consists of thousands of other successful members who are around to offer any assistance.

Downsides of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate tries to incorporate various aspects of online marketing to ensure that you get the best out of it. However, there is no product that’s 100% effective. Even though it is not perfect, this product will help you become the best in the industry. Some of the notable areas which need improvement include:

• There is too much information for “Getting Started”. For inexperienced newbies, this can be challenging. Even though some people can see this as a positive aspect, it’s also a negative point. Learners, especially those who are new in this field should be given fresh information in bits.

• The user interface needs a facelift. There are so many buttons as well as options which can be disruptive. A clean and clutter-free layout with a few options is more attractive and simple to use.

• Wealthy Affiliate provides members with a great blogging community. Note that the members are so caring and encouraging towards one another. Even though this is another positive point, you can easily get carried away by the conversations. As a result, you may end up losing focus.

Generally, the downsides of Wealthy Affiliate can also be seen as positives. Simply make sure that you use it carefully so that you don’t end up wasting your time.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

There are so many affiliate sites that are not genuine. However, most of them are scamming sites which simply want easy money.

You can notice a scam affiliate using the following features:

• They promise quick and easy money

• You need to pay in order to sign up

• The owners flaunt their achievements in order to coerce you.

• There are “fake” reviews about how much money some users make per day without struggling.

From the above Wealthy Affiliate review, you will notice that they don’t ask any of these. So, are they scammers? Definitely no. Note that this affiliate program even offers new members free membership. They have access to unique and valuable content without any strings attached. You don’t need even a credit card to access the Starter information.

Looking at the adverts, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise its member’s ridiculous amounts of money. Members are only promised the vital knowledge that they need to in order to improve their skills. Apart from that, they are provided with the necessary tools to ensure that they can survive in the competitive affiliate marketing sector.

Why You Should Enroll in this Business Training?

Still sitting on the fence, then you need to make a decision right away. There are two main things that make this business training attractive.

In order to ensure that you have the right footing in the internet marketing world:

You Get to Interact with Like-Minded Individuals

View my WA Profile Page at AboutTonyLeeHamilton.com & see how I can and will be able to assist you 100% online to becoming successful in the Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing niche. Not only will I be there for you, Wealthy Affiliate is all about building a blogger community. Once you join this group, you will never walk alone. You get to share your ideas, experiences, and even fears with like-minded people.

Internet marketing on your own can be challenging. But having a support team can propel you to new heights. This online community is just like a family. They are willing to assist you in every step along your journey. WA Blogging community is available 24/7 so help is available at any time.

The Affiliate Has a Proven Blueprint

Wealthy Affiliate has a proven blueprint. There is an effective step-by-step guide which is designed to help you make money online. In addition to that, you will be equipped with all the skills that you need in order to be successful.

Even though success heavily depends on you as an individual, Wealthy Affiliate’s plan is meant to elevate you even higher. It's business plan is designed to work. It ensures that you attain your goals quickly, in a simple and effective way. Carson and Kyle are experienced in online marketing. There have dedicated years in creating a program that’s effective. This only happened after several attempts of trial and error. As a result, the courses have been broken down so that learners can easily understand them.

Click banner above to start today for free

Final Thoughts

Wealthy Affiliate has a proven track record and the program can help you become a successful affiliate. The well-detailed and fresh courses in addition to the blogging community will all help you find the right niche to thrive in. Wealthy Affiliate University provides you with the tools as well as the blueprint that you need to enhance your skills in affiliate marketing. All you have to do is to sign up and you will be on the right path of becoming a successful and skilled affiliate marketer.

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    The tools, training and support you receive are second to none and if you can’t make it with this program you won’t make it anywhere else.

  24. After I did my research on another high ticket selling platform, the name Wealthy Affiliate has been popping up everywhere when I do my google search so I just have to know what is it all about. Thanks for the review. Love your quote by the way, that is new from work hard and play harder lol I love the fact that Wealthy Affiliate has a lot to offer and also there is an option for me to try it out for free, that is amazing! I love the core training content and also the live training. I am definitely gonna check it out from the free trial and take it from there. 

  25. Hello Tony, you have produced an excellent review on Wealthy Affiliate and I believe this review will help many out there who would wish to build their own businesses online. Basically all that you said are true, I remember I signed up into this program without any ATM card, had 7 days free subscription, as a newbie many members would help me out including my mentor, Kyle, and Carson -the CEOs of this empire. I am sure I spent another 7 days free probably due to some promotion because they usually have promotions especially those who wish to go yearly as premium members. Now I have two amazing sites, my health website is green now, all I need to do is upgrade the visitor engagement to 80 % and more. For now, some of my posts are the first pages in BING and google telling us that the training is amazing.  never had any idea on website building but thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.
    I really wish I could say more but all in all, Wealthy Affiliate is a community of aid where you earn as you learn, all you need to do is to work. You need to work hard at the preliminary stages of your business until it becomes stable where you enjoy the benefits and not a quick way of making money platform as other scams claim they are. Thank you for this review.

  26. With the many scams that people run rampant these days it’s always a blessing or a dream come true to come across a platform with so many benefits and opportunities like wealthy affiliate. It’s a great platform for to grow as an affiliate marketer as it is a great place to meet many people to learn and also to earn money whether through your website or affiliate programs

  27. hello tony, thanks alot for sharing such an amazing content with us all, first of all i would love to say wealthy affiliate is one of the best affiliate program i can think of, s i am really glad you shared these with us , i was actually doing some research online when i saw these post, it really has been helpful thanks alot for the info

  28. Tony, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliates and agree with your review completely.  They provide top-notch quality training and it’s a valuable investment.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking into affiliate marketing.  It is professionally managed and provides a powerful network of support and resources.  Based on my experiences I give it five stars.

  29. Thank your for describing the Wealthy Affiliate platform in such a detail. I am a Premium member of this platform and have been very happy to be here. One little note – you’ve mentioned that ‘after successful completion of your course, you can go ahead and build your own kind of niche affiliate site.’ But for me, I’ve built my site during the training, not after. It was a good part of the learning process; to learn and build at the same time. I’ve found this very effective. Cheers again for your nice review of this great platform!

  30. You’re so right to talk about scams that promise the earth. Wealthy Affiliate is about building a long term blog business that I think puts education right at the heart giving you all the skills you need to scale up if that is what you want to do. 

    It is one of the reasons I joined so I love reading reviews like this one. I think since you wrote this the packages have changed a bit but the essence of the structure remains fantastic, especially hosting and having jaaxy at your fingertips. I love the whole thing and you have summed it up well here.

  31. Hello Tony, Thank you so much for the information.Hard work pays off and articles like these prove it to me because I get to see the success of people like you, I’ve been looking at reviews of wealthy affiliate and I must say that I am truly convinced with this one. People can go on and on trying to be good with the business but with a good training alone can you make progress

  32. This is a good wealthy affiliate review that you have written here and I see that is written with utmost knowledge about the platform itself. I like this and I think it will be good for me to give it a try myself and see how it goes. Even though this review is from last year, I know it will still work till today.

  33. Your review about wealthy affiliate in 2019 is simply very well detailed and i can only say that I’m not sure a lot of things has changed. Well, it is only getting better obviously and that is the real reason that I love them more. What you have shared here is what I really love to see. Thank you for sharing here

  34. For a very long time, I’ve known about Wealthy affiliate but I haven’t had the chance to look at the program closely to see how it works and what it’s gains, until lately and I’ve got to realize it is the best Online business University, with a lot of things to offer. Thanks for sharing this review.

  35. Hello Tony! This is an amazing review you have got here. I always wear a huge smile anytime I come across your reviews especially the one that talks about wealthy affiliate.

    not only wa gives you all the tools you need but also a way to make income

    I am loving writing about my niche and hope to start collecting money on it soon but it’s only been 2 weeks so I know it takes time.

    I appreciate you taking the time to give all sides of WA to your audience because after all, it preaches on honesty and that is what I believe has made it so successful.

  36. Great great review! I am honest when I say this: I’ve been messing around for months before discovering Wealthy Affiliate and it was life changer, I swear. It is impressive, the community in my favorite part. There you understand that we can work in harmony and helping each other. This is a great relief for a good marketer, cause we know how many bad people we can meet in the marketing world!  

    • Wealthy Affiliate’s members are usually taught from scratch. You will learn how to set up a website and eventually understand how you can make money from it. Members are normally taught vital skill sets which are necessary for the online world. If you are an internet entrepreneur, then you should consider this business university.

  37. i found Wealthy Affiliate about 13 years from the warrior forum. Back than it was just a really cool keyword platform. Now that keyword search tool is known as Jaaxy. Boy do I wish I had joined back then,but it was still new. I watched it for a while,life got in the way and I forgot about them. Fastforward 2 years ago I came across Wealthy Affiliate again and man I was blown away!!! I signed up and have not looked back. I just today renewed 2 of my websites hosted on wa because their hosting is the best and fastest in the business.

  38. Thank you so much for the info! I love your quote that you have on your picture. It’s very true. Hard work pays off and articles like these prove it to me because I get to see the success of people like you, I’ve been looking at reviews of wealthy affiliate and I must say that I am truly convinced with this one. Thank you!

  39. I have seen heard negatives about Wealthy Affiliate for sure! I’ve read from naysayers that WA members are the only ones who have good things to say about the platform and therefore all the positive reviews that were being written by these WA members must be fake. 

    So, I decided to give the platform ago because it actually wasn’t going to cost me anything anyway and I could see for myself whether there was any substance to what these naysayers were alluding to.

    Almost four years on, I am still in WA trying to figure out what these naysayers are talking about, and so far nothing significant has showed up. In fact I have built a very successful income generating online business on the Wealthy Affiliate platform thanks to the tools, support and people in Wealthy Affiliate. Those naysayers don’t know what they are talking about.

    Hats off to Kyle and Carson for a kick-ass job they have done to this platform!  

  40. If we are to give Wealthy Affiliate a score, it would make it win a grand slam for all the benefits it offers. The list is long for the benefits and yet, the price of membership remains affordable for ordinary online marketers. Where can you find an online business education platform that not only training beginners but advanced online marketers as well? Plus, not only training but hosting of websites as well. In other hosts, their focus is in providing the cheapest while in WA, it is more on affordability while providing the highest standard in website hosting and security.

  41. Hello Tony Lee Hamilton, thank you for sharing this informative and resourceful Article.  This article is centered on 2019 wealthy affiliate marketing review.  So far so good  wealthy affiliate have been offering the bests of best. I’m glad I heard about WA and decided to join. It feels great to be able to learn and earn simultaneously 

  42. Thanks for the great article and the amount of detail you go into for wealthy affiliate. I am into WA since last one month.. There is a lot of details as well in the starter subscription too, and it looks like the training is superb. This is a really awesome review.

  43. Hello Tony! This is an amazing review you have got here. I always wear a huge smile anytime I come across your reviews especially the one that talks about wealthy affiliate. Though my experience in wealthy affiliate is memorial but I really envy your success in this platform. Good job!

  44. Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 community in the online industry for everyone who wants to learn or/and improve their marketing skills, creating an online business, building a website, getting to know online marketing. Wealthy Affiliate University offers two main training sessions and several other ways to learn all the essentials of online marketing and affiliate marketing. 

    Not only you can learn everything you need to know about online business, but WA gives you a chance to earn an income while learning. 

    And on top of everything, it gives you tools, ALL THE TOOLS you need to succeed. 

    You get to meet amazing people within the community, share their and your experience. 

  45. Thank you for the detailed overview of what wealthy affiliate is all about and what style of approach they are bringing ti the world of affiliate marketing and how they are shaping things up. I actually like them because they have steam that can really focus on what they want and rather than focus on what is not just. This is really great to see here and thank you so much for sharing here

  46. I have been a member of Wealthy affiliate for some time now and I have been really happy to be there since I have been getting some great level of training about affiliate marketing and so I would be really glad to we other people make same choice and gain so much as well. The exposure you get from there is second to none. Making use of videos to teach is just the best

  47. Great information, thanks for sharing!

    In my experience, Wealthy Affiliate is truly a “tried and true” type program (unlike so many others which are either scams or just not worth the cost). I continue to be a member of WA and feel the training and the community are well worth the monthly fee (I wonder if they will come out with a lifetime option at some point?)

    I like the way you have described the program in such detail. Honestly, if I had seen such a post when I first looked, I might have jumped on board even faster. I hope you don’t mind me sharing the points you mention with others in my social media.

  48. This is a great review, Tony. I’ve seen many positive reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and considering myself to join. I think I’ll be able to handle the downside of WA (I don’t really interested in mingling with community). Can I ask, if I get serious to follow all of their training, how long I need to start earning more money? Thank you.

  49. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and excellent article. The principal content of this article is Wealthy Affiliate Marketing in 2019 Review. It is really pretty that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about the wealthy affiliate. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate.
    I’ve read and enjoyed your article and I’d like to share it with my friends by posting it in the Facebook community so everyone knows about your article and gets to hear about it.

  50. This platform really has a long winding history but when I look very closely at it, I don’t think that there is a person anywhere who has something negative to say about it because many people have been making their very own big cut from what they have to offer on the platform. It’s really a good way to make money online by going through the training. They had a number of members as well which makes things even better.

  51. I have been looking for that perfect way to make money online. And failing miserably. At least until I found your site. I like the $19 first month to try it out and I like even better the price of the starter membership-free! They seem really flexible in working with all types of people to give the best chance of success. And I like that they are committed to real training. Thank you for reviewing and giving your opinion on it!

  52. An excellent and extensive review of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and the opportunity it offers to everyone who would like to make money online.  Once you start with the free Starter Account, there is no turning back.  We speak based on experience.  We had no idea what WA was all about.  We just came across it during one of our searches for opportunities to make money online.  What we love about WA is the focused and action-driven training plus the existence of a very helpful and collaborative community.  When you get stuck, you just reach out or ask a question and everyone is there ready to help out.  It is really second to none from our perspective.

    Thank you for this wonderful and insightful post.

  53. This is a really in depth review that covers absolutely everything that the WA University has to offer. When you read your review you can see what value for money that you are getting with the monthly yet alone yearly cost. The other beautiful thing is that you can start for free and allow yourself the opportunity to see how you get along before committing. Of course if the worse come to the worse you can cancel at any time. I certainly will be continuing this great journey.

    Perfect in depth review.

    Thank you 

  54. A comprehensive and deep review of Wealthy Affiliate and as such a great resource to use if you are considering starting with affiliate marketing. I have been a member since March 2020 and can vouch for what you have written about the opportunity WA offer.

    I agree totally in your evaluation of the “getting started” lesson and that all the info in it can be overwhelming and should be simplified somewhat.

    Further, since I joined I haven´t regretted it but I have been a little bit surprised by the amount of work you have to do, to reach your goals. This is not a get rich quick opportunity but requires a lot of dedicated work for a long time to reach your goals.

  55. Hey, I just got enrolled with wealthy affiliate, and so far so good.

    I’m learning a lot in this platform. When I got started I had no clue how to write content, do keyword research, etc. But now I’m able to do that. Plus, my website has already been indexed in Google, some of my contents are getting indexed as well.

    The community is just awesome ! Honestly joining this platform was one of the best decisions ever made…

    My journey is just getting started and I’m sure results are on the way.


  56. Yes Wealthy Affiliate has so much to offer for all sorts of entrepreneurs, because you can write about what you specialize in and market your newly established business or your seasoned one. I have learned so much since starting a few months ago, and it’s uniquely because of its own community supporting you. It also makes it easier to connect with others in your niche so that you can get answers when you get stuck. 

    Thank you for sharing your review and insight about WA and congratulations on all your success!

  57. It’s crazy to think your relationship with Wealthy Affiliate is still going strong after all these years. I don’t think anybody would be promoting a product they didn’t believe in for so long. I’ve also seen the benefits of the program first hand and encourage others to at least give the free membership a try.

  58. Having recently joined Wealthy Affiliate as a complete beginner I couldn’t be more grateful for the training system, that is in place. The community is always a huge help, and are always incredibly supportive to answer any questions you may have. This is invaluable!

    If I could offer my opinions based on what I have seen I think that it is important people do not expect results quickly, and whilst Wealthy Affiliate does not promote this at all and do try to set your expectations up correctly, I think many people hope that it will happen overnight and when this does not happen they then step away and are quick to say that it doesn’t work.

    I do think some of the training is slightly outdated, but I think this is in the process of being updated and the community soon keep you up to speed with newer information if needed.

    Overall I cannot see how Wealthy Affiliate could ever be deemed as a scam. 

    I just think anybody who enters this needs to see this as something that will take time and effort to build, and if ultimately it is a hobby it will produce hobby type results. There needs to be a strong plan of action and dedicated work consistent over time.

  59. It’s been very much confirmed that Wealthy affiliate is a certified and trusted training platform  where people can learn affiliate marketing. I’ve been a part of the program and I know how good it is and it is very legitimate. It love the fact that it is affordable and it is easy to understand, the numerous course will be useful to starters and pros.

  60. Wealthy affiliate is very unique and learning about how it works exactly can really save a lot of time from having to go through the stress of reading and watching through videos at home however, this has bisected what angles are really worthy and the things that ought to be down on the platform that can facilitate growth faster and developing better thanks so much for sharing this here

  61. Thanks so much Tony for this article, as you mention Wealthy Affiliate(WA) is one of the best affiliate programme so far. What makes them stand out and unique is that Wealthy Affiliate university provides its members with the latest skill sets that is relevant in today’s internet marketing. In addition to that, it has an outstanding interactive community of different entrepreneurs who advises and encourages one other, I also want to mention our mentors, that is our coach Kyle and Carson with them WA is like a family, truly I appreciate this programme.  

  62. I absolutely love Wealthy Affiliate and I recommend anyone that is looking to build a profitable, legit and honest business sign up with them. The training is superb and the support from the community is completely unmatched to anything else I have come across. 

    The tools and training is exactly what you need to make money online.

  63. Thank you for this detailed review.

    I am currently working my way hard with wealthy affiliate. Its true wealthy affiliate does not promise easy to get rich schemes. Hard work pays while here. You have to put in the time to create content that is engaging and build a follower base. Its just like when you are starting your own business, you have to be responsible and disciplined until it breaks even. 

    The problem I have witnessed is that most people enter the platform with high expectations with ideas that money will automatically come in but its not like that. People that get paid are those that work hard for it.

    Thank you for sharing,

    Best regards,


  64. What a terrific motto;”work like you are broke, so that you ca* play like you a** not”, how incredibly motivating.  I found that really grabbed my attention. It was helpful to me your description or definition of what affiliate marketing is.  Thank you. You warning that so many “affiliate m*rketing schemes are sc*ams” was appreciated. Your description of WA was however reassuring that there are some good schemes out there where hard-working people can make a legitimate on line income.   This is highly timely for me.  You have no idea how much I needed to read this today as I have been pondering whether to sign up to WA.  You have helped to convince me.  Thank you.  Have a great day and thanks for your advice.

  65. Wealthy Affiliate teaches affiliate marketing and the training seems to be focused on beginners. I’m sort of a beginner but I’m not a complete beginner. As I have continued to research about these guys I see there is also good stuff for those that have a bit more experience in the affiliate marketing industry. So, worth considering.

  66. Hi Tony,

    Once again a great post and this time on Wealthy Affiliates of which I am a part of. My reason to join has been that I was completely new to Affiliate marketing and had no clue about it. But the comprehensive trainings coupled with actions(which I took) have brought me to an intermediate level I guess. I have quickly learnt a lot not only via training but also via a number of community help provided on the platform.

    Undoubtedly, Wealthy Affiliate is a great program for newbie like me and I can recommend joining to anyone who has interest to develop their own online business.

  67. In detailed review of wealthy affiliate you have here and I have to say that this is massive and great. Wow! Wealthy affiliate is like a dream come true platform for me. I like the support, the training that is very in depth and the friendliness and the evey supportive community coupled with the opportunity to a lot of tools that can boost progress as a ln affolaite marketer. Wow! Great and amazing

  68. I completely agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. After I did a ton of research on the affiliate marketing I landed on Wealthy Affiliate. It took me 24 hours before I decided to join premium because of the training I was getting for the low price. On top of that the community is amazing and the business model of building an online business is great.

    I am loving writing about my niche and hope to start collecting money on it soon but it’s only been 2 weeks so I know it takes time.

    I appreciate you taking the time to give all sides of WA to your audience because after all, it preaches on honesty and that is what I believe has made it so successful.

  69. When it comes to making money online WA is the only thing that has worked for me so far. I started looking for money online in 2018 and found wealthy affiliate those days and started earning mid 2019 because I was off the platform for quite some time because of the funds. It works well for me , and in planning on creating my second website just this week.

     I haven’t earned through affiliate marketing though , I haven’t tried it because my niche is informative  niche that doesn’t really talk of programs and products so I earn through Adsense. Not sick money like most people believe I do get quite reasonable cash for a college student a couple of hundreds per month because my traffic is quite huge and im now aiming for that 4 figure per month and it’s  very possible.

  70. It is very easy to sing the praises of Wealthy Affiliate because it is a pretty great program for learning affiliate marketing. But I appreciate you pointing some of the downsides. As you state, no product is perfect. The Getting Started could probably be broken down into smaller bites.

    However, other than the few needed improvements that you mention, WA is probably the best program for learning affiliate marketing. The training is very thorough and detailed. You have done a great job providing all of the necessary information needed to make a decision to try it out.

  71. A super extensive review on wealthy affiliate. I would advice anyone who wants to be successful as an affiliate marketer to join this great community. In my short period as a wealthy affiliate member, I’ve learned a lot from the tons of trainings available on the platform and also the experience members has really been of great help to me.

  72. Hey! Your content was pretty good.I think it was great you explained to people what affiliate marketing was and you also told them to beware of scams because there are a lot of scammers on the internet and you also referred them to wealthy affiliate, which is a safe site. You also provided the pros and cons of wealthy affiliate which opens them up to the reality of what to expect on the website. I think your content was well done, I am now all in with WA !

  73. I’ve heard about Wealthy Affiliate a couple of times during the last few days and I needed to check it out. 

    I wasn’t aware that it really has so much to offer and it seems completely different than the very low-quality courses I’ve purchased through Udemy and ClickBank. It’s not that pricey either.

    In your opinion, how long it might take to start earning some money with it?

  74. Hi,

    nice and detailed content. I’ve heard of them but I still did not applied. I am using one technique at the moment, if that doesn’t make my success, I will try wealthy affiliate for sure. Reading your post, i became very interesting about this site. Price for the first month is great, but later maybe a bit too much.. Of course, if they offer so much great things to learn, $50 is nothing for subscription where you get web hosting also.. I’ll be in touch with you if I decide to go there. Saved your site to bookmarks 🙂

  75. Hi Tony, 

    Very in depth view of Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve heard that the training and the tools that they provide with their paid membership is the best around, so I’ll definitely be looking to join as a free member to star. In your experience can you realistically make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate or are you better of applying their training to to promoting other affiliate products?

  76. Wealthy Affiliate has more features and tools than ever in 2019 from everything that you have highlighted in this review. This is a tool that has been an integral piece of my arsenal of online tools for 4 years now. I know that I tend to take things for granted sometimes, and this is the case with Wealthy Affiliate.

    After reading through this all-encompassing post on the platform and what you get access to as a free or premium member, it hit me just how much change and improvement has taken place over the 4 years I have been a member. This is why they will remain the premier affiliate marketing training and support platform in my opinion.

    For those online marketers looking for some straight answers and guidelines plus a complete one-stop-shop for most of their online tools and service, this place is it. The price is well worth it, as you will be getting a huge amount of value and likely will be able to sign up others to help them too and the commissions mean that you will have access for no cost! 

    This was a very detailed review and I enjoyed catching up with the many aspects, features, training, and tools found on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Anyone reading this should give it a try for free and see for themselves. They can’t get a better deal than that! 

  77. Good Morning Tony,

    Reading your review on Wealthy Affiliate Marketing 2019 I realize I was lucky to not fall for any scam.

    In January 2017 I came upon Wealthy Affiliate as I needed another company to compare to the one I had found first. After debating the pros and cons of both companies my choice fell on Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a happy but also sometimes frustrated member since. As I do not like technology, in general, I am a hard nut to crack.

    I started with 0 knowledge and during these 2 and a half year, I have learned a lot. Who would have thought that? My friends are all amazed that I now write for my 2 websites. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks? I am a living example you can.

    I like many things about Wealthy Affiliate but for me, on place 1 comes the fact you have all you need under 1 roof. That saves a lot of time as you do not need to run all over the internet trying to find things.

    Regards, Taetske 

  78. Hi ToneLee this is an excellent review! It says it all, nothing left out, and if I was not already a member I would have clicked immediately!

    You made it very clear it is not a scam and is one of the best if not the best. 

    Thankx for the info on StreetArticle and Jaaxy it is not well known facts.

    Wishing you great success with this article!


  79. I feel like if you just stick to the main training you’ll be fine, regardless of your level of expertise. Essentially Wealthy Affiliate has gathered everything you’ll need for you. One thing you really start to feel after a while is that they want you to succeed, especially with the “we’re all in this together”-community.

    It’s really up to you to put in the effort and have the necessary discipline to write daily content for your site. Before long, you’re sure to see results.

  80. Very detailed review that analyze every aspect of the WA platform. The things that draw me to WA is that offer a full suite of tools including support and hosting so you don’t have to deal with different services and programs. Everything and anything you need you have them in front on you grouped together. Also I like that WA never push you to use all it’s services. If you need only hosting you can do that. or maybe you like the training and you want to keep your website separately, no problem. The amount of freedom and the price asked are unbeatable. At least so far I haven’t seen another platform offering such quality and quantity all packed together.

  81. Wealthy Affiliate is such a great opportunity. During my MBA course last week, I learned that taking opportunities was very important because one never knew how blessed one could be frm them. However, one must always study the procedure to identify the risks while taking inopportunity. The good news is that Wealthy Affiliate is a blessing, I know it has helped me and my team bring so many organizations online. 

  82. i agree wealthy affiliate teaches you the things you need to learn to succeed in this line of work anyone who wants to do marketing affiliation  this is the best place to be nice blog lots of texts do but has a very clear and need outlook it it contains lots of good information wish you much success  with your work

  83. Wait, this is the first time I’ve heard of Kyle & Carson being founders of Street Articles. The only ones I used to know are Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy, so pardon me for noticing it out of the blue.

    Anyways, regardless of what their background is, fact remains that they’ve been bringing the best out of Wealthy Affiliate every single year.  Though one downside I’ve noticed for myself, is WA Starter isn’t available in selected countries (including mine). So I had to head straight to Premium just to know whether it’ll be worth my purchase. In the end, I’m glad to know I wasn’t wrong!

  84. Hey there Tony Lee,

    It is true that Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform. I say most of the times that it is a 3-in-1 platform in the sense that it contains website hosting, vast training from both the owners and the members, and a social medium for affiliate and digital marketing. There is never a lack of options to search for or learn about, so it is imperative, as you have stated, that you manage your time effectively.

    One question: I’ve finished the Online Entrepreneur Certification. Should I do the Bootcamp as well, even if I’m not interested, at the moment, to get into the “make money”/”promote Wealthy Affiliate niche”?



  85. Thank you for this quality post about wealthy affiliate university and I am very excited the way you painted the wealthy affiliate because I have read lot of review about wealthy affiliate which painted wealthy affiliate as a quick way of make money which I think the philosophy of kyle and Carson different from what they have painted it.
    I can confirm that your own review is an honest one which go along with the founder of wealthy affiliate.

    By the way, what make wealthy affiliate university superb than any other program out there is that wealthy affiliate emcounpass helping both experienced and newbies affiliate marketers. The help available at wealthy affiliate disposal is awesome and very superb.

    Come down to the necessity tools available on wealthy affiliate is incomparable like hosting, comment, jaxxy ( keyword researching) these are  must for affiliate markers and the funniest things is that all these tools are available for free . This is awesome.
    The subscription fee is just a pinnut considering what wealthy affiliate offering, some company like the conversion pros, you pay for subscription and you also pay to use their other tools available on their site but with wealthy affiliate all are free.
    i love wealthy affiliate. If you are yet to join wealthy affiliate , this is an opportunity for you to grab your copy on this site.

    Thank you for sharing this kind of post

  86. Hi Tony. I’ve been looking for something that offers some real, down to earth type training. I’ve tried other programs in the past but just don’t seem to get you to the point of actually making money. Wealthy Affiliate seems to have just about everything. How long can you be a free member?

  87. First of all, I’m a premium member of a Wealthy Affiliate program. I really enjoyed reading wealthy Affiliate Marketing Review and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank you! For sharing this quality post others.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a proven track and the program can help you become a successful affiliate. You’ll get everything needed to build a successful online business; the tools, the help; the support, the amazing owner and community members, the step by step training, the Site Rubix website builder and hosting services, the keyword tool Jaaxy, the affiliate program. The well-detailed and fresh courses in addition to the blogging community will all help you find the right niche to thrive in. Wealthy Affiliate University provides you with the tools as well as the blueprint that you need to enhance your skills in affiliate marketing. It is a true affiliate marketers library of resources.

    If someone needs to learn affiliate marketing in detail, that person needs a wealthy affiliate as a guide. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic. I may be biased but it’s a proven step-by-step that had made many people successful.

    Your post has come to me at a very good time! Thanks so much for the innovative ideas!

  88. Wow!! It feels like I am reading Wealthy Affiliate for the first time! I am so sold out!  Thank you for such a comphrehensive review and I am glad to be part of WEalthy Affiliate.  Through it I have been able to creat three websites and so far I have 100 visitors per month! That’s a milestone to me and I am so excited about it.  Lets rock it!

  89. I’m in full agreement with what you’ve mentioned about Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve come across my fair share of scams, promising quick route to wealth.

    In a sense, I’m glad that Wealthy Affiliate makes no such promises. Instead, I’ve managed to build a website that brings in passive income from the resources provided on the platform.

    It probably hasn’t turned me into a millionaire yet, but knowing that your bills are taken care of is helpful.

  90. Dear Tony,

    This is one of the most excellent and well detailed review post I’ve read lately on Wealthy Affiliate. If I wasn’t already a member of WA, you certainly would have piqued my interest for sure!

    Although I am a member for 2+ years after reading your thorough review I got helpful insights. I haven’t used many of the WA features like the Website Feedback Section and Live Video Sessions to ask questions to Jay. Going forward planning to use these features as well.

    I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and no further research needed. You left no stone up-turned in explaining how it all works. I am a full-time Affiliate marketer all I did is just followed the WA training!

    Much Success!


  91. Thanks for the in depth review of Wealthy Affiliate.  I have looking for ways to earn extra money and this article certainly seems to be guiding me in the direction of Wealthy Affiliate.  I saw in your article that the company offers so many options that it is easy for a beginner to get sidetracked.  Are there guidelines available to help someone like me who is new to this business?  Thanks for any feedback you can provide.

  92. Hi,

    I’m a part of WA myself and I must say I really like the thorough nature of your review. Everything was spot on and I agreed with most of what you said. I do really like the fact that I can keep learning even when I’m an established blogger. Keep up the style of the reviews, I may come back again 🙂

  93. Hi Tony, it seems Wealthy Affiliate is really a good place to start learning about affiliate marketing and making money online here. I tried to find several reviews about Wealthy Affiliate, and most of them are positive reviews. I would like to try this platform because it is free to join. I hope to get help from the community, because I’m afraid to be overwhelmed when starting as a newbie here. Thank you for the information.

  94. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the great explanation and the amount of detail you go into for wealthy affiliate. The program sounds great and I really like what it brings with the premium subscription. There is a lot of details as well in the starter subscription too, and it looks like the training is superb.

  95. Hi Tony

    This is a really awesome review and I have been looking online for a decent place to learn the skills needed to be successful online so I am definitely going to take a look inside Wealthy Affiliate as I feel really positive this time so thank you for all you have presented here

  96. You make Wealthy Affiliate sound as good as I have found it to be! I am curious, however, as to whether there are any downsides of note. Are there any similar programs out there that I should be weighing WA against when deciding what direction to take when entering into affiliate marketing?

    That said, I have recently gone Premium with Wealthy Affiliate and honestly, it’s such a fantastically helpful community and such tremendous bang for my buck. 

  97. Hey Tony

    Affiliate Marketing is still a buzz word in 2019, people hear stories of how much money they can make online and then get suckered in with false promises and unscrupulous business owners. The simple fact is that it takes quite a lot of work upfront to start generating passive income, people may be able to maintain a website with only a few hours a day but getting one started, generating traffic and making sales takes work.

    I really enjoyed your review of Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve been a member for 3 years and have to say I have probably got the most out of the “Live” training and being a member certainly keeps me up to date with the latest ideas.

  98. I can totally vouch for how great Wealthy Affiliate is and how it can change somebody’s life if they want it too as I too am a member there and your review has given potential members a really detailed look at the workings of such a brilliant affiliate program and of course the superb training that they offer

    I was just a scaffolder a couple of years ago but now with the help of Wealthy Affiliate I have a very successful online business which I thought I could never do

    If anyone is reading this comment then I urge you to join wealthy affiliate today for free and see how the whole program can benefit you

    You have nothing to lose as it is totally free to join and you can even stay a free member for as long as you want but I can guarantee you that you will want to upgrade to premium as soon as you can

    Go ahead and take that first step to build a better future for yourselves

  99. I have to say that this review is one of the only reviews that I have seen that really breaks down the lessons. Each break down you give really makes it so much more exciting. The overall review is so wonderful and I really really enjoyed it. Great job and best of luck.

  100. Hellow Tony,

    without any confusion your post is so important and detailed. I’ve just started wealthy affiliate marketing. I completed a training on it. But I have some confusion on that site. About it’s work, benefits, pros and cons. Your detailed post clear my confusion and increase my knowledge about WA. I am very thankful to you and I will share your post with my friends. I hope you can give me a suitable direction about choosing my niche. Can I choose my niche as health tips?

  101. Wealthy affiliate is by far the best affiliate program I have found! I love the community and the extensive training they offer. It really is up to the individual as to how far they get as an affiliate marketer. There isn’t anything that I don’t like about this program and am so thrilled to be a part of it! What a great read you have provided! It was more of a reminder to me of how awesome this program really is! Thank you! 

  102. WA is probably one of the few training sites that come with a built-in keyword tool. I know the free one is pretty basic, but it’s functional and it is a simple tool for beginners. When doing keyword research, you want straight forward results, get the keywords and get out, without overanalyzing things. The potential of a keyword is only as good as the content that it delivers, so investing time in producing good quality articles is far more important here.

  103. Hello, Tony.
    I have been in WA for almost a year. My mother language is not English, so it was very difficult for me at the beginning of the course in WA. Gradually, I realized that WA was a very good interactive community. I learned how to build an affiliate marketing website, how to do SEO on my niche website, and how to find niche keywords through the Jaaxy keyword tool. Your article is very helpful for friends who knows little about WA. I will recommend your website to my friends. Thanks for your dedication.

  104. I had known before about the Affiliate Marketing, I do my research on how it works, its benefits, the pros and cons until I found Wealthy Affiliate.

    Wealthy Affiliate is one of a kind platform to build an affiliate marketing website.

    In order to become a successful affiliate marketer you need all the essential training and information that Wealthy Affiliate provided.

    Everything about Wealthy Affilite are very well explained in this post. This is really a great post and very informative.

  105. I am trying to start an affiliate marketing business and have been looking for the best online platform for a while now, and somehow I stumbled upon your Wealthy Affiliate review for 2019.

    I must say that I am really impressed by everything you have to say about this platform, most especially the detailed way their training works.

    I do love to have a task-based training, as this will allow me to know if I fully understand what I am learning.

    The fact that it has everything I need to build my business in one place is the best deal for me. It gives me peace of mind to know I won’t have to move from one place to another seeking resources.

    I am really impressed by this Wealthy Affiliate platform, and since it’s free to sign up, I am going to give it a test run and see how it goes.


  106. Tony, excellent Wealthy Affiliate review. 

    I joined WA in late 2017 and it is exactly what I had been looking for for years.  Prior to finding WA I had lost thousands of dollars as I jumped from one self proclaimed internet marketing guru to the next. And never really getting complete training from any of them.

    Wealth Affiliate is reasonably price, has extensive training, and all the tools you need to succeed as a affiliate marketer all in one place. The cost of the Premium membership is just about equal to the cost of top quality hosting alone else where. So, we are actually getting all the extensive training and support for free. 

    What a sweet deal.

  107. Hello Tony,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for giving us a beautiful post gift. I liked all the nice information you had. Affiliate marketing is a fantastic online business. For our young people, this is a really very nice and good business. Wealthy affiliate was not a waste of time. Wealthy Affiliate provides a fair environment for both beginners and veterans marketer. After reading your post I’m curious also whether this would work if my business is more local business than a global one.

    I think this is a very good direction. Affiliate Marketing is a good platform for online business. I am very interested in it. I would like to be included in this. I believe that I can learn valuable and useful information from your experience in online marketing.

    Thank you so much for your helpful and great post. I always hope that such a beautiful post.

  108. Excellent review of wealthy Affiliate you have up here. Affiliate marketing is indeed the new game changer and surely a very lucrative means of generating funds online. You have really bisected the detailed information about wealthy Affiliate and all it offers. As a member, the area I fancy most on the platform is the support system and the ever ready community to help anyone willing to be helped concerning affiliate marketing. I think this is the perfect place for any serious affiliate marketer.

  109. Thank you for this very in depth, detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate University. I am actually a premium member at WA; I joined the community about 2 months ago as a complete beginner to website design and affiliate marketing. 

    I now have a fully operational website, with my own domain, and I am well on my way to building a successful online business. I could never have accomplished so much in such a short period of time without the help and support of Wealthy Affiliate. 

    The fact that no outlandish income claims were thrown at me and the large emphasis on work ethic, motivation and dedication I got from the community in my time as a free starter member solidified my decision to go premium. For anyone wishing to start or grow their affiliate marketing career, WA is the place to be! Thanks so much for sharing this information!

  110. Hello Tony,

    this review of wealthy affiliate is really detailed and informative, I’ve been searching for best affiliate which is the most suitable for me, and wealthy affiliate became my first choice.

    The reason why I choose it is because I love the community in wealthy affiliate, everyone always willing to give you help, and the step by step learning system, especially for me who have no any experiences on it.

    I decided to be the premium member a few months ago, now I’m going create my own success story here.

    Great post , thanks a lots.

  111. This is a very detailed review about Wealthy affiliate. Affiliate marketing is a fantastic online business mainly for people looking for full time job or a side hussle. My experience in wealthy affiliate was not a waste of time but rather an amazing moment which am able to fulfill what I love doing. Blogging is my hobby but getting it monitized is my job. Wealthy affiliate provide a fair environment for both beginners and veterans affiliate marketer. Wealthy affiliate is not for everyone. Yes. Do you know the reason? It is not for people looking for ‘shiny object’, not for people that lack patient and commitment. This is because it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This review will be of help for many newbies in affiliate marketing business.

  112. Your site looks very detailed. I liked all the nice information you had. I will definitely look over this site as there are so many things that I like about it. Are you part of this website? How your experience has been? 

    The web is the future, so I will win by promoting things over there. Thank you for letting me know about this amazing place. 

  113. That’s a very thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate. But I’m curious how it compares to the other products out there like 5 Figure Mentors or Neil Patel. 

    I’ve read that 5FM is better for really high ticket sales, and I’m not too sure what Neil Patel is better for.

    I’m curious also whether this would work if my business is more a local business than a global one. 

    So I’m tempted to go fro WA, but I’m still doing a bit of research.  

  114. Hi Tony,

    I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2017. I joined as a free member and spent a week looking around the platform and doing the free lessons. I was waiting for upsells and looking for things to confirm that it was a scam. Turns out I saw none of that – no upsells, no over the top promises, just genuine training on how to build your own online business. I had my first website built really quickly by following the training, and became hooked. I didn’t even bother with going on the monthly plan, I signed up for the annual membership by the end of the first week. I knew I’d found the right place. I’ve researched a lot of online platforms, and have found many scams. I’ve also found decent platforms, but I’m still yet to find one as good as Wealthy Affiliate. The regular updates and new features continue to impress me, and the price never goes up. I plan on staying with Wealthy Affiliate for the long haul. 

  115. Tony,

    You are ROCK SOLID! This Wealthy Affiliate Marketing in 2019 review leaves NOTHING to the imagination–you expertly provided readers with complete and thorough information. After reading this review and some of the titles of past posts/reviews on your site, I feel I need to take the time to read more. I believe I can learn valuable and useful information from your experience in online marketing.

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 10/2018, so have “newbie” status. But to date, I have loved my overall experience on WA, specifically the step by step training, access to amazing support, participation in live chats with other affiliates who are building and learning and growing, and the achievements I’ve been able to make with my own website. 

    It’s individuals like you, who have worked hard and used the program for 3-4 years, and share your knowledge and opinions, that keep me focused and determined in my own business efforts. 



  116. Thank you for your detailed review about wealthy affiliate. I became a premium member in this site last month as from my country we can’t have a starter account. But in my experience, I can say it is a great platform for learning and earning. People from any age without any prior knowledge and experience can learn affiliate marketing and earn money online. Training format is very structured and flexible to learn for anyone. The people here are really very helpful, responsive and supportive. Overall my experience is great here. Thank you again for the review.  

  117. I joined Wealthy Affiliate less than a month ago, and have been scouring the lessons ever since. I dedicate at least a couple of hours a day to it, outside of my normal work hours, and if it’s a slow day at the salon, I’m hoping on my laptop while I’m at work. I’ve tried to go at it alone with blogging a few times, and could never quite figure out how to make it work for me. The tools provided with Wealthy Affiliate make all the difference! 

    A huge part that I love is that it’s totally at your own pace. I’ve learned so much about how to turn my blog into something I can monetize through affiliate pages and SEO content in such a short time. I’m really excited to keep working at it, and I hope to turn it into a profitable venture within the next 6 months.

  118. Hello, WA Premium member here. For so long I have wanted to start my own website, I just never even knew how to begin. I would say I put in a lot of work “researching” but in reality all I was doing was googling my head off in a million different directions. I gave up time and time again. But now with this site I have not only been able to build a nice website, but also reach others through it. The possibilities are endless when you have a meticulous blueprint to follow, because then your success is truly defined by your effort. Thanks for the positive review of WA and for spreading the word to others who may also feel stuck and hopeless in starting their online business as I once did.


  119. Thank goodness for platforms like WA. Honestly, I don’t think there are too many out there that offer so much to their members. They haven’t even raised their premium rates all these years, yet there are new features and offerings each year. For those starting out, they have a chance to see if affiliate marketing is for them, before making a more complete commitment. You mentioned several types of people who could benefit from using WA and over the past couple years, I’ve noticed that members seem to come from all types of backgrounds. They’re from all over the world, too! Great place to be.

  120. Hi man, 

    well damn! This is a very very good and complete review. I know WA from the inside out and I couldn’t agree more. This review is a proof that you learned with WA. Wealthy Affiliate was my starting point back in 2014 and is the main reason that I work online full-time for three years now. I earned my first bucks with affiliate marketing and once I got that first few sales, I was hooked 🙂 For me the best thing about the WA is that they are very up to date and you get a lot of info from other members, definitely worth the money, 49$ a month is nothing for the opportunities the program offers. 

  121. Well Tony, talk about ‘leave no stone unturned’. This a thorough review and one that reveals every aspect of an incredible site with huge opportunity. I think if you had any questions they will have been answered along with plenty that you might not have thought of. You made the point at the start the there are many similar programs out there and sometimes they don’t always give the whole story and certainly don’t allow you to sample the wares, as it were, before you decide to invest your time and money. Two things strike me as unique or at the least, unusual. The fact that the co-owners Kyle and Carson were already successful before they created Wealthy Affiliate. Not only that but that they continually improve the site, adding value for it’s users and making sure it remains very current and relevant. The training and resources are incredible, as is the size of the community. This one’s a keeper for sure.

  122. Hey Tony,

    Very thorough post about wealthy affiliate.  There is just a tremendous amount of resources available through WA.  The structure is there for anyone regardless of their internet experience – if you have a marketing or internet background, this will help refine your skills – no experience at all with the online marketing world, no problem we will show you how. 

     You took your time to showcase every tool that is offered through Wealthy Affiliate to help assist each person to learn the trade. Its ultimately the individual’s responsibility to grab the opportunity by the horns.  Some college programs may not even be able to offer the amount of info and content that is available – not to mention the infinite amount of help and wisdom you can get from others in the community.  Its really moving to have so many people truly care about helping each other and sharing their knowledge.  The integrity of Wealthy Affiliate and its community truly set it apart from anything else out there.

    Thank you for methodically laying out the details in your post! Very helpful!

  123. Hello Tony, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Wealthy Affiliate is truly one of the best platforms for learning about affiliate marketing. I am a member for over 2 years and I can’t say how satisfied am I. WA helped me to quit my daily job and start living from passive income. 

  124. Hi Tony! I like that this platform is suitable for all: young, old, male and female. I was also considering the pros and cons you mentioned. As you have stated, most of the cons could also be viewed as pros. But if one doesn’t focus, these points you have mentioned in the negative aspects of the program can really detour us from our goal. Paying closer attention to these negative points, they all sum up as “getting distracted.”

  125. Hey Tony.

    It is obvious that Wealthy Affiliate stood the test of time and still remains one of the best affiliate marketing platforms and communites online. It has evolved in a big community of many online entrepreneurs and people are adding something new everyday. This is my favorite thing about this platform. New trainings, new blogs and the owners always connected with you.

    So happy I found this community and I’ve been here for a year now. Can not say how blessed I am for being a part in such a wonderful community.


  126. Hi Tony,

    What an excellent review of the Wealthy Affiliate Universety, it showed that you live and breathe the subject matter of how to make money as an affiliate marketer. How long have you been using the platform?

    It seems to me that you have learned a massive amount about how to go about finding a niche using Jaxxy the research tool within WA, it also seems to me that you have been stung by other scammy programs on the internet? Hence your warning to people in the first few sentences of your article, I found the article to be most helpful in helping a new person decide whether this platform is for them or not, you did a good job of showing the free version versus the paid version. I know that your advice is the truth because it is based on your own personal experiences. I would like to back up what you are saying about Wealthy Affiliate and its founders Kyle and Carson, they are excellent mentors to everyone at Wealthy Affiliate, their words of encouragement mean so much to all of us, making money isn’t easy but with the training and guidance of the good people at WA anything is possible.

    Well done


  127. How true it is to find scams galore out there on the web. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms and communities out there. There is always someone around to answer your question and furthermore tech support is lightening fast. All who are reading here should follow the links to see what this tried and true program Wealthy Affiliate is all about!

  128. Thank you for this great post.

    It’s virtually unheard of the founders of a program actually participate.  Usually it’s more like “Here’s my PDFs and Videos.  Good Luck!” so this is really nice to know.

    I heard that you can promote it as a free Starter member but that the commissions are half as much as if you were a Premium member.  That’s how I plan to start myself.

    The platform sounds really is amazing and I’m sure I’ll learn something new every day.  Of particular interest is the Live Training.  I love that kind of interaction.

    Thanks again,


  129. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about four years now, and this is one membership that I won’t give up too easily.

    As your article explains, this platform helps people to start their own online businesses and has all the tools and training that one would ever need to become successful in affiliate marketing of any type.

    No matter what you want to sell, it is possible and Wealthy Affiliate teaches you exactly how to do it via a website.

    There are also many wonderful people within this platform that all help each other to become successful.

    Thanks for reminding me once again why I am still a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

  130. Hi Tony,

    I have been a Premium member of Wealthy affiliate for 15 months already and is still learning. I’m just slowly building my website because I’m employed full time, but hopefully can retire in 2 years.

    The trainings are easy to follow and the community and site support are so helpful.

    BTW, I think the free membership has no limits, but the offer for the discounted first month of being premium is within 7 days only of signing up.

    I have no plans of discontinuing my membership anytime, this will be a long haul.

    Thanks for this honest review.


  131. Hi Tony. What a great outline of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I like how you said if you’re sitting on the fence make a decision and get started.
    I should know. I tried Wealthy Affiliate years ago and built a site. It took me three months and it would have been a good site. But I gave up and never got the big picture of proper marketing.
    Then a few years later, the person who had referred me to WA, mention it again. I had followed her training, which gives all kinds of tips, but not how to build a web site from scratch.
    I knew I had to go back and buckle down, and I did.
    I started from the beginning lessons and went through it all. I still review certain lessons if I feel my work isn’t getting results.
    For example, one of the live webinars covered the Google Search console and how to use its analytics to see what keywords your content is being noted for.
    This kind of training is invaluable, because the analytics offers a whole area of information that might just sit there, without some guidance.
    Actually, if I had read a review like yours, I would have been much more aware back then, of everything this site has to offer!

  132. Yes, wealthy affiliate is definitely the best. I have tried another one before this, and it was pretty good, but not like here. They raved about how good they were, but they don’t have training anywhere near wealthy affiliate. And they kind of let you go on your own, with very little training. I didn’t know what seo meant until I came here. And you kind of had to rely on help from the person who referred you, which sucked because they knew little about it as well. What the bleep? So, I think wealthy affiliate is the best!

  133. I have been looking for something that was legitimate. I have attended previous webinars from different companies, and they all seemed scamy, but this looks like it will be a good fit for me because I am interested on building my own website and brand! thank you for the helpful advice!

  134. Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate program out there today.
    I searched high and low for something that wasn’t a scam.
    There were so many out there until I found Wealthy Affiliate.
    It’s a four step process where you choose a niche, build a website, get traffic, and create income.
    And Wealthy Affiliate has THE best training and support available!
    There are so many people in the community that are there to help.
    If you’re looking for an online income, this is it!
    Would you agree with going premium right away?

  135. Hello Tony

    Thanks for posting. I am already a premium member. I’ve seen more posts about WA. Until now yours is the best from far; and the most complete; I really liked it. You have presented all the facilities and opportunities. If anyone has any doubts about becoming premium, after reading your post, they will definitely not

    best regards


  136. Yes,

    It looks like Wealthy Affiliate is here to stay… 

    Because of their high level of tuition and step by step structure of courses, I have gone from being a novice, who accidentally deleted her first site, to someone who posts directly into WordPress.

    The support is highly commended and valuable.  Any questions you have are answered in minutes and you can learn and earn at the same time. 

    $19 for the first month as Premium makes  joining a breeze as you feel your way round the Wealthy Affiliate site.

    If you are reading this post, I suggest you stop wasting any more time and join up.  

    You will not regret it!

  137. What a great review of Wealthy Affiliate.  I have been looking into Wealthy Affiliate for quite some time now.  I actually joined several years ago, but at the time it seemed scammy, but I think that was because at the time I was trying a variety of different avenues in my search to make money from home.  So never really gave it a chance.  Sounds like the perfect place to be if you want to become successful with a blog.  I did not realize there was so much training and webinars and actually a lot of interaction.  I am curious how long you have been with them and how successful it has been for you.

  138. There are two things that jumped at me from WA that other affiliate marketing platforms didn’t do. One, they promised a learning curve, determination, trial and error, and success would be evasive for a time. No other marketing platform did this so I immediately saw that WA was a different breed from the rest, in a good way at that. Second, I saw that the price was very, perhaps more than fair, as well as a free Starter membership that allowed me to test the product before investing my money. I have yet to come across another affiliate program that does this for prospective customers, and their honesty combined with fair pricing made my decision easy to join WA. 

  139. Hi Tony,

    I’ve come across several great reviews of Wealthy Affiliate and how this school is a great focal point of affiliate marketing. I am considering enrolling simply because I am one of those people who want an additional income stream.

    Your take on the costs seem reasonable and being able to try out course for free is not something I come across very often. Add to that, that I can already start with 2 of my own websites; it’s a big feature that intrigues me.

    Thanks for adding the course content. Going through it, I don’t know what it all entails, but it is indeed very thorough. Having the option to promote the school as well seems reasonable. If I like it, and it will add to my income stream, then I’ll surely try it.

    I see you have a great grasp on affiliate marketing. You appear to be passionate about it, and I hope to feel the same when I start with affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate. May this be a great 2019 for me.

  140. This is an extremely thorough review and I like the way in which you have gone through the entire programme that is available. I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate now for 3 months and I’m learning a lot and discovering new things every day. You have pointed out parts of the training that I was not aware of, so thank you for that. I have not yet found anything negative about WA and certainly agree that the cons are also pros. 

  141. Great article, and about the most comprehensive that i have seen on the WA platform.

    They say that every day is a school day, and for me today has proven to be no different. I have been on WA for about 6 months, like most i crash coursed the training to enable me to get a site up and running, and then I got myself invited onto the SAP. And as part of that i have been going through the boot-camp at a much more leisurely pace.

    Having said all of that your article was the first time that Street Articles has to my knowledge pricked my consciousness, I am sure that I have heard it at some point, but I certainly hadn’t taken any notice, but now after reading your article I am going to find out more about it.

  142. I’m a proud member and I can say Wealthy Affiliate will continue to stand out among the affiliate marketing training programs and platforms out there. It will continue to be the leader in the digital marketing world in the years to come. The fact that they’re committed to providing excellent and helpful platforms to their members, it shows the sincerity of the owners, Kyle and Carson. With the current price set up for premium members, it should be higher than that price. But thankfully, the owners are not increasing the price. They even over-delivered with the recent innovations in the platform!

  143. Thank you so much for your in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate. I like the fact that you pointed out the positive and less positive aspects of the program and I have been a member as well fo WA for over a year now. The part I love the most is the community and the training, for me it is spot on because I have learned so much since I joined but I never felt overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge. it is simply said: perfect

  144. Wealthy Affiliate is the best program that is out there. The level of training and education here is like no other. You can get a chance to grow your online business using the platform at a very affordable price of $49 a month. You would find that many other hosting/training programs don’t give you that adequate training on how to be successful in affiliate marketing which why some of those marketers fail and want to give up. It is more than just a training ground, it is very community-based in that people here do help each other. I would encourage anybody to join the program because it is worth it.Thanks for sharing this post!

  145. Hi; I cannot put it any better than to say that Wealthy Affiliate is a great business place, with many businesses makers who come together in the Wealthy Affiliate community as a family helping each other.

    The training method is second to none. The opportunity of starting a legetimate business online is great and those who are looking to start online should start with Wealthy Affiliate today.


  146. I love reading review about Wealthy affiliate because I do agree with them. I am currently a member of the Wealthy affiliate family and I have been since December, zero regrets. I like how you go through all the steps in the training as I do believe it is very important to emphasis that you are actually joining a program that will assist you, help and train you from day one. There is so much information to get and it is continuous. I do like how you have added the downsides to Wealthy Affiliate in you review. I absolutely agree, there is no downside. You get what you work for and nothing comes for free. If you put work into it you will see profit from it, sometimes as soon as just within a couple of months, all depending on you.

    Great review for Wealthy affiliate marketing in 2019.

  147. Hi Tony

    Thanks for the super informative article on Wealthy Affiliates. You share a wealth of information from on what affiliate marketing is all about and list very clearly the reasons why wealthy affiliate is the right partner for anyone looking to join this field. 

    I tried a bunch of options in the past and unfortunately most programs work like pyramid schemes and have only one objective in the meantime… Sell you more and more products of little value. 

    Im a full time affiliate marketer now and can fully testify to the honest and incredible value proposition offered by wealthy Affiliates. 


  148. Tony,

    I rejoined Wealthy Affiliate in April and I am delighted to be here. When I found it 4 years ago, I didn’t know what I was looking at. It felt too good to be true, so I flitted off and spent way too much money on a program doomed to fail.

    I suppose I needed to be hosed one more time before I could comprehend what was possible here at WA, Now I own 2 domains and have multiple articles on Google, Bing, and Yahoo front pages.
    All because of the training and support at WA.

    I also have people asking me to help update or even build sites for them!

    The training at WA can be applied to any niche. It is that broad and that specific.

    I could go on, but I have to feed my child dinner!
    Thank you for all this information on WA.
    Take care,
    Gwendolyn J

  149. Hello,

    Thank you for this very descriptive review on Wealthy Affiliate. I would love to earn some income working from home. This platform sounds like a  place I need to reach my goal to open an online business. It sounds that this platform is for the complete beginner in learning how to start an affiliate marketing website.

    Before I decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, I have some questions to ask. You mention that is free to start and then a monthly cost of $49. Are there any other payments? Also, how much time do I need to work on this? Is there any technical support? 

  150. Hello there!!

    Good to see another article about the Wealthy affiliate marketing from you. I have read few articles about this topic already but your article has got somoe uniqueness as you have shared some other informations about the founder and their university. Also good to know about their Street Articles and Jaaxy.. Wealthy affiliate marketing is a good way for beginners to start gheir business and it costs low as you have shown. This is good. I think annual subscription is better that I have known from your article. Another thing is that, when I want to cancel my subscription I don’t have to pay further payments. 

    Thank you for your nice article. hope you will keep sharing such informative articles more. 🙂 

  151. Hey Tony

    I think with everything that wealthy affiliate offers, it is no doubt the best place to be if you want to create a successful online business. I have seen many platforms claiming to teach how to make successful online business and the price is so high but you do not get the same value as you will get with weathy affiliate.

    Another thing that I really love with wealthy affiliate, is that they are giving us the possibility to create up to 50 websites, I know it is a lot for one person to take carre of, but it is a possibility for one to create a business. I have seen people concentrating in the business of creating website and makijg money selling them, just with that option of 50 webistes. Lots of possibilities with wealthy affiliate!

    Thanks for sharing.

  152. I’ve been with WA for almost two years. Once in a while I had problems with the website and contacted the technical support. So far, they have always been prompt in their response. They helped me a lot as I’m not so tech savvy. I am still learning a lot here in WA.

  153. In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform that fits forms me. I started out my Affiliate journey with zero experience and I managed to have a running site and joined affiliate networks with in 2 months. Yes, the training can be overwhelming for beginners, I personally got so frustrated with myself a few times. However, if you stick to the training and follow the process you will be successful, it just takes time. 

    The support system at WA is amazing. Whenever that I came across any questions and I cannot find the answer within the training, someone in the community always have the answer for me. 

    I also find Jay’s weekly training to be very up to date and keep me in the game for the latest news on the Affiliate marketing world. 

    Hands down, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform.

  154. I am a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate. Because I go for premium, I have access to site comments. This feature enables me to comment and earn credit that I can use to get some people to comment on my website. When I became a certified commenter I was able to earn $.50 or half a dollar on comments that I make. I use this to pay my $49 membership fee so I don’t actually have to spend anything for my membership. It’s a win-win.

    another thing that I like with WA is the good culture of the people here. It has established a helpful and supportive community. If you have a question, there is someone who’s always available to explain what you’re asking. Knowledge for business, marketing, technology, tools, etc. – you can have it all for free through training and webinars. 

    getting successful is really all up to the person’s perseverance and patience. all job, I believe should be treated with dedication. 

  155. Greetings Tony,
    One month ago I joined “Wealthy Affiliate”, and I truly agree with you that WA is NOT a scam, in fact, it’s one of the best affiliate programs you can find today, especially with all the fake websites and schemes.
    Moreover, working in WA is actually challenging, especially for beginners and can be quite hard, but look, with enough hard work, passion and a great mindset, you can change your life, my friend!
    In conclusion, if anyone is looking for a way to make money online, WA is here to help you!
    And don’t forget, nothing comes the easy way!
    And Tony, do you think that one day WA will be too overcrowded and the affiliate marketing will be too outnumbered?
    Keep up the good work

  156. I’m kind of loving Wealthy Affiliate’s new Affiliate Program feature where they list down things you want to promote, it’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever come across. It gets especially easier for beginners since WA will list out legitimate program which they can choose to promote without having to worry on whether or not that program is a scam.

    I remember spending so much of my time reviewing and analysing a certain program before I can decide to promote it on my blog because being new, I had no idea on how to check if that program’s going to be the next big thing or not. WA’s constantly coming up with great things that make our life easier – All we literally need to do is to just create content. 

    Definitely recommended for anyone serious in building an Online Business! 😀

  157. Hi, Toni.
    Thanks for the review on Wealthy Affiliate 2019, it will be very useful  for the people searching for genuine ways to make money.
    Its a fresh breathing to note that there are no Red Flags. The Con are actually the positive traits only.
    Being the proud Premier Member of WA  I can vouch that this platform can take a person to achieve his goal with consistent and persistent efforts. All the points in this review strengthen the aspect that anyone can be successful with WA.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur.

  158. Love the focus on who the target or ideal candidates are for Wealthy Affiliate, it really does cater for a wide crew of potential candidates.

    Emphasising the site-building capability of WAs offering is essential as I feel this is a huge component, from the 2 x websites as a free starter, to the capability to build and have support for 25 websites if you choose to upgrade.

    I can categorically say I have learn’t more within WAs platform in the last year than I did during my previous 5-10 years from a sales and marketing perspective.

  159. I think it’s really good to include downsides of WA.  I agree with your points about overwhelming information and a lot of blog posts within the community. You may also include one important point: for those who want to become rich quickly, WA is not suitable for them. 

    Include WA Affiliate Programs in the WA tools section. It is a new search tool in WA. 

  160. Hi Tony. 

    Very informative article. What separates Wealthy Affiliate from their competition is they teach you every aspect of having an online business from start to finish. Other internet marketing programs tend to focus on only one thing. leaving out huge chunks of information that is vital to someone’s success. 

    The community they offer is invaluable. That alone is a wealth of information. What I like about Kyle and Carson is they don’t hold anything back, and they don’t hype their claims. They let their work speak for them. The premium membership is worth it. You get everything you need to be successful, and it’s all in one spot. No need to go out and search for everything. 

    Thanks for writing this. 


  161. My favorite part is becoming part of the Wealthy Affiliate family. The support support and engagement is awesome. There are members here who have been here since 2005, when this company was founded, and everyone loves the positive and engaging community. Comments, reading and feedback on websites, questions answered, internal blogs, the love here encourages me to keep going as I build content for the purpose of top search engine listings. I’m confident I’ll get that traffic and I know it takes some time to get there, but it’s all good. Everything about this platform is good. I’m sold, that’s why I share it with others. A great thing about this place too is they teach you how to succeed at blogging no matter the topic. It’s not just about sharing Wealthy Affiliate, you can apply the training to promote ANY business online. Great stuff. ~ Elaine

  162. Hey Tony,

    No doubt that Wealthy Affiliate is providing a unique opportunity to anyone who wants to build a successful online business by creating a website or just pursue a career as an affiliate.

    WA has all the tools and training, to start.  Also providing different payment options which will be suitable for all.  Till date, I have not come across any platform which is so versatile and unique.

    The one thing that still amazes me is the fact that WA has not increased its price from its inception i.e. from 2005.  I think it’s incredible.

    Though WA can easily charge from its members for Live WAbinars by Jay, like other platforms who charge $100 and more per live webinar, WA provides it totally free.

    The new addition of the Affiliate program is a great tool to find all the affiliate programs in your dashboard is really awesome.

    Honestly, I am biased to Wealthy Affiliate, so can go on and on  and on…….:))



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