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Below I will share Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials from some of my Friends who I have referred to Wealthy Affiliate.

The first is someone that I have never met in person and didn’t know until he visited my website and signed up for Wealthy Affiliate when I asked him to give me his perspective as a brand new member at WA, Bernard just signed up a few days ago.

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Below written by Bernard:

I and most people have always been caught between this controversial question—is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

I took the initiative to join WealthAffiliate.com myself and understand more about the program.

Well there is no doubt that WA seems too good to be true. So I take this chance to explain to you my first experience as a new member of WA.

What Attracted Me To WA?

I liked the fact that when I signed up, they did not ask for my credit card information.

Also a free membership with access to available content and with no hidden cost.

Unlike other scam programs, even with these freebies, I was not asked for any fee or credit card information.

There were two free WordPress websites for me that were completely functional and ready to start my online business.

This meant that after a few tips from the online community, I would be good to go.

And speaking of online community, there is an incredible helping community that genuinely cares about my success because all the questions I had were answered.

What makes the deal so good that it sounds like a scam is the fact that its founders and owners are members of this helping community.

This means that you will always have experts to give you a hand. In fact, at first I didn’t even have to go and ask for help, I was contacted before I knew it.

What I think so far about Wealth Affiliate

I am an old-fashioned guy so I have always been suspicious about all online programs that promise easy success.

I never believed in fast money schemes and out of this world chances to make it in life. But I came to notice I wasn’t the only person, there are more like me who also trust their instincts.

But at the same time, I like trying out new opportunities that seem genuine.

So after reading many positive reviews and a few lame negative comments, I decided to give it a try.

When I logged in first, I had to check what the social network, chatroom, academy, site builder and internet marketing set tools had to offer.

I saw some people talking through instant messages while others asked for help on the WA forum. Of course the older members were there to offer their support to newbies like me.

From the site, you will see a “Getting Started” button that offers ten free task-based lessons to kick start your affiliate training. There is also another one “Affiliate Bootcamp” button with ten more free lessons to follow.

I first went to training because I was so eager to see what WA had in store for me.

The first task I was given was to complete my profile which only took a few minutes.

This part entails choosing a profile pic and writing something about yourself. There is no much about me so this was easy.
When I completed this simple task, I was surprised that the owners of Wealth Affiliate (Kyle and Carson) came to my profile to offer me help.

I know most people will think that this was a machine sending automated messages. I too thought that until I had a chat with them.

They wished me the best of luck.

Wealthy Affiliate Community And Support

This is perhaps WA’s biggest asset.

Unlike other online programs, this one comes with the best approach and members here are nice and kind.

I loved the fact that I was surrounded with like-minded people and from that moment I knew I was going to achieve my online goals.

The quality of WA support is just outstanding. There is a live chat where you will find a friendly staff to answer your questions.

But you may have to wait for a couple of minutes before someone responds to your help request.

There are question and answers section and a classroom comment system.

You can also rely on the WordPress hosting support that’s always available.

I also came to learn that I could have a direct private message services to contact the owners directly if I became a premium member.

The Types of Training Available

There are several training modules I enjoy with WA and some I stand to enjoy once I complete my training.

But first things first, the “Getting Started” section where everybody starts at is divided in 10 courses and these are 10 task-based lessons.

However, you are only allowed to partake the first course for free with your starter membership.

This section normally entails some teachings on how you can start a niche website and start earning from your business.

I was also able to take the first course of the “Affiliate Bootcamp” which is free to a starter member.

Well this section is divided in 10 courses of 10 task-based lessons.

I enjoyed the initial stages taught by this module on starting a website.

This was in the “make money from the internet” niche and make money with it.

Generally, when you sign up to the Wealthy Affiliates University, you will have to attend many yet useful classes.

There are lots of topics to be covered and am sure after I have completed my courses, I will be able to tackle all that the industry brings forth.
I had a chat with the support staff and I was assured I would enjoy the weekly one-hour long live webinars if I paid the membership fee.

This would then open up my mind to new and interesting tips, ideas and strategies with a session that lasts a whole hour.

This is a platform where members are allowed to ask questions and get answers afterwards related to the webinar’s theme.

Other set of tools I stand to enjoy include 2 free WordPress websites that are hosted on the SiteRubix platform and free WordPress themes and plugins.

These are the tools that make a WordPress installation easy and efficient.

I can also find my best long-tail keywords with free keyword research tool.

Anytime I wish to start writing my articles and save drafts that I can publish later on on my blog, the free Rapid Writer allows me to do so.

I am hopeful that this journey I have taken will be fruitful, 

Bernard aka MattRed

Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone.


There will be more testimonials to Wealthy Affiliate added as they come in and i will now add my Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial below.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate back on the 18th of June 2015 so it has been just over 20 months since I found this amazing community where we all share ways that we create an income on the internet with Affiliate Marketing.

Upon finding Wealthy Affiliate I hardly slept the first month, every morning I would spring out of bed wanting to learn more and share within the community.

Since I’m now almost 51 years old the springing out of bed thing is something that I wasn’t used to, I had new life.

20 months later and I am still excited about finding Wealthy Affiliate University!

WA is for everyone from the complete newbie to the seasoned Veteran and everywhere in between.

If you’ve ever thought about writing a blog and sharing something online while even having the ability to monetize your endeavour then WA is the place for you.

View my full review here and I look forward to seeing you at WA!

Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran on Wealthy Affiliate
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If You are already a part of WA and would like to share your testimony then contact me at WA and share it with me and I will not only add your testimonial but I will also add a link to your personal wordpress website so that you can enjoy some added traffic to your website!

If You aren’t already with WA then i welcome you to click on and of the pictures above and get signed up & I look forward to You sharing your WA testimonial with us all very soon!



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Posted by Tony Lee Hamilton

7 year United States Army Veteran - Providing Social Media & Internet Marketing Solutions for Businesses as well as helping Friends earn an income online with Internet Affiliate Marketing from anywhere in the World.

Website: http://tonyleehamilton.globalmoneyline.com

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  1. Dear TonyHamilton,

    Very nice write up of Wealthy Affiliate. 🙂 Its great to know that they don’t ask for your Credit Card information like other places do, even for college too. That part surprised me the most about Wealthy Affiliate. You can stay as a Free Member if you want to and are NOT forced to pay to go Premium.
    I really wish I knew of Wealthy Affiliate just before I entered a 4-Year College that demanded me to sign my name for many loans.

    I had to either shift my schedule to do either online or offline college. But, good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is you can set your own schedule of when you want to write a blog or give yourself a rest when feeling pretty overwhelmed.

    Good thing that Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t cost too much to unlock all their benefits for keeping our websites protected and indexed properly for the Search Engines to pick up. 🙂

    Plus, if ever I felt like something went wrong with my website, people in the Wealthy Affiliate Community can help pinpoint how to fix it also. 😀

    I hope that many people seek your advice when it comes to learning how to do online business the proper way. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    1. Hi Angel,

      Thank you so much my Friend for sharing your experiences at Wealthy Affiliate and how you are able to set your own schedule and how helpful the Wealthy Affiliate Community is.

      I have indeed helped many Friends to increase website traffic, referrals and revenue online from anywhere in the world Angel and I am proud to do so as I feel it is my calling.

      Thank you Angel for stopping by and you are welcome back anytime my Friend,


  2. I’ve been a member of WA for close to 2 years now and it’s great!

    I’ve learned so much and it has opened so many other doors to other outlets I’m now in today!

    From great hosting, support, and a thriving community you really can’t go wrong with WA!

    In a sea of internet scams out there if you’re looking to find somewhere you can ACTUALLY make money online WA is the place to be.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. It is amazing , isn’t it, how wonderful Wealthy Affiliate is! You’ve created a great review here with a lot of detail, which is great. I have to tell you, I’ve been with wealthy affiliate for one month. I have never learned so much at one time before! There is an endless amount of resources in the community!
    Take care, God Bless
    Madelaine C. Lee

    1. Thank you Madelaine C. Lee,

      I appreciate the wonderful compliment my Friend.

      Only a few days ago I actually started a new website and it is appropriately called WealthyAffiliateTestimonials.com

      With you being a member of WA for 1 month so far, You are in for an amazing journey my Friend because Wealthy Affiliate gets more amazing the more time that you are a member.

      You are welcome anytime Madelaine.

      Take care & God Bless you as well my Friend,


  4. Hi Tony, I’ve had a fantastic time learning with Wealthy Affiliate. Glad to see a place where I can voice my satisfaction about their service.

    I signed up in 2016 and have completed two sites with ease. The community is very responsive and provide limitless support. Plus there’s plenty of people to share concerns, ideas and encouragement.

    Anyway its great what you are doing – providing a space for people to share their stories!

    1. Hi Dushan,

      It’s awesome that you have competed 2 websites with ease my Friend!

      I agree with you as well that the WA community is very responsive and provide limitless support and are encouraging and caring.

      Thank you for sharing your story Dushan and I look forward to hearing from you again soon my Friend.


  5. Hi Tony,
    Love this review of Wealthy Affiliate! I’ve been online now for nearly 2 years as I started out with my first website on the Weebly platform. I stumbled around the internet most of that time, trying to work everything out by myself. Not much fun I can tell you! Piecing all the pieces of the online puzzle together is quite difficult when you have no help or support!
    But that has changed in a major way since I joined WA late last year. It really is an amazing online place to be, and yes I am still excited too! I know that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal, and the community is second to none. I can now see my dreams edging ever closer each day!
    Thanks for reminding me of this!

    1. Hi Susan,

      You are welcome and thank you so much for sharing your story my Friend and especially about the weebly experience and how being a member of WA made such a huge difference for you.

      Support is a much need commodity in the internet affiliate marketing world and Wealthy Affiliate in my humble opinion is #1 and it’s not even a close second for all of the others that I have dealt with.

      Talk with you soon my Friend,


  6. Hi Tony

    This is a great website you have here. Really like the concept. I most certainly agree on every point mentioned in the post. Also, I read some comments and wanted to say something about one.

    Although I agree that one can get very distracted within the comunity, it’s important to know that it is something you can have complete control over. This is me saying that the ONLY “bad thing” about WA is something that can be avoided if you want to.

    I’ll give you my testimonial soon if it’s ok.

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Luis,

      You are definitely correct my Friend.

      We can absolutely avoid becoming overwhelmed with activity and rank within the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

      I would love for you to give your testimonial Luis and I look forward to hearing it my Friend.

      Come back and contact me anytime Luis,


  7. Thanks for a great site on helping spreading the word about Wealthy Affiliate. Site is very well put together and the content is very solid and professional and just looks fantastic. I for one think Wealthy Affiliate is an outstanding website, like you said, almost too good to be true, but its nice to know there are still excellent, legit sites out there that truly want to help people. Thank you for an excellent site reviewing WA!

    1. Thank you Mike for the compliments my Friend.

      Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely one of the best, if not the best legitimate sites on the internet and in the world.

      Come back by anytime Mike,


  8. I have to admit that I too was a little skeptical when I first discovered Wealthy Affiliate, but man, it’s the best decision that I have ever made. As you stated, the community is the best asset in my opinion as well.

    You can literally start a career here. Yes internet marketing can be your career, and it can also be quite lucrative. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, you just might become a successful online entrepreneur, if you work for it. You can do it.

    1. Thank you Christian for your testimonial my Friend, It’s the best decision that I have ever made in my business life as well.

      Having a Community that is so knowledgeable and who genuinely care about each other’s success is priceless in my opinion!

      All of our continued success is my daily Prayer Christian, stop back ny anytime my Friend.


  9. I enjoyed this information about Wealthy Affiliates. You presented, in great detail, the benefits of joining such a community, but I must ask, what, if any, are the negatives with Wealthy Affiliate?

    The testimonials are incredibly positive and it would be difficult for anyone new to affiliate marketing, to be able to pass up such an opportunity. What, if any, negatives have presented themselves in your venture so far?

    1. Hi Susanne,

      Thank you for that great question my Friend!

      I would say that one of the negatives at Wealthy Affiliate would be that it’s easy to get caught up in the reading others’ posts and commenting, spending too much time on chat and the other easy social things rather than spending time on training and on building your website.

      There’s nothing wrong with being involved within the great community, there just needs to be a balance and sometimes that is hard especially for those new to earning online.

      It’s also easy to get caught up in the WA ranking structure and having a high ranking or being an Ambassador at Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t necessarily mean that person is a successful Affiliate Marketer. About half of the time it’s the exact opposite and the person who is an Ambassador may just be someone who spends lots of time commenting, blogging and on chat in order to achieve and keep the ranking.

      I myself got caught up with it back in June 2015 when I first got started, I made the rank of Ambassador before I had been at WA for 4 months and I even reached the rank of #11 and was an Ambassador for 228 days.

      Wealthy Affiliate Training, Community and Support are second to none as an Affiliate Marketing Learning Platform.

      Thank you for stopping by, commenting and for the great question Susanne.

      You are welcome back anytime my Friend,


  10. I’m truly amazed by the number of testimonies collected from happy wealthy affiliate users here. Your site is one of the sites that I’ve read before I signed up and came onboard. Now its been 3 months and I have to say its the best thing I have done for website creation and building my online business.

    1. Thank you my Friend for the wonderful Testimonial after your first 3 months at WA, it’s awesome that your website creation and building your online business is thriving.

      Talk with you soon,


  11. Hi Tony,

    I have enjoyed reading your piece and I couldn’t agree more with the things you and your friend wrote about WA. On joining this community in Jan this year, and on discovering the many wonderful stuff it has in store for us members, I became really excited too! Visiting your site has also reassured me that I have made the right choice by joining WA.

    See you around in WA! 🙂

    1. Hi Sharon,

      that is Awesome my Friend and you are welcome back anytime!

      You joined in January so it has only been a coule of months, It gets even better Sharon.

      Talk with you soon my Friend,


  12. It is good to see that so many people have now chosen to trust Wealthy Affiliate. I was one of the cynics when I initially started the WA Program much like the person writing this testimonial. I’m very glad to be part of this thriving and helpful community as well. On a side note, I’d like to thank the author, Mr. Hamilton for his service to our nation. Thank you and God bless!

    1. Thank you Faimi,

      Wealthy Affiliate has been questioned by many and their trust has always been met because of the wonderful Wealthy Affiliate Community, Support and Training.

      Kyle and Carson have definitley created an awesome learning and sharing platform for us all that want to create an income with Internet Marketing.

      Thank you Faimi for stopping by and commenting my Friend,


  13. It was refreshing to understand about your journey with WA. It is an amazing opportunity and I appreciate your honesty and integrity when describing your journey with WA to date. The training in this community is second to none and I am glad you have been open to sharing your experience with this community to-date. Refreshing post.

    1. Awesome Jon!

      Thank you for reading about my journey with WA my Friend and also thank you for sharing your feelings on the Wealthy Affiliate Training.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting Jon,


  14. Hi Tony,
    I couldn’t agree with you more on all the positive comments about Wealthy Affiliate. I personally have struggled for 3 years trying to figure out all the steps to find success online. Two weeks ago I stumbled upon WA and am very excited because I know what they are teaching is the right way. Thank you Kyle and Carson and all the WA members who help make success possible.
    Many Thanks,

    1. Hi Mitch,

      Kyle, Carson and the Wealthy Affiliate Community are Amazing and so helpful.

      You are welcome and thank you my Friend,


  15. Hi Tony,
    Great testimonial proof that Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the best online business platform on the planet. I find it a little piece of heaven on earth.
    Thanks for touching on all the main points of why this is a great community to be a part of. For me, it’s the ability to hop on live chat and get questions answered immediately when I get stuck. There is someone always there to help you.
    I plan to be here for a very long time.

    1. Hi Peter,

      Wonderful my Friend and yes I agree that WA is a little piece of Heaven on earth as well.

      I have been at Wealthy Affiliate for almost 2 years and never plan to leave, that is one thing that I am sure of.

      Thank you Peter for stopping by and commenting my Friend,


  16. Thats great, that you get up excited everyday about getting valuable content filled training and community access on WA. I have a question though, what really is the best part as far as what you get out of it? Is there a direct monetary benefit to promoting the affiliate program or more of benefit of helping others in the community?

    1. Thank you for asking Andrew & yes WA does have an Affiliate program that pays Free members 20% and Premium Members 40% when referrals upgrade to Premium.

      The training and community are worth much more than the cost of admission and then there’s the web hosting for up to 50 websites that blow the cost right out of the water. WA is by far the best ROI Return on Investment for a membership that I have ever experienced.

      Thank you Andrew for stopping by and for your question,


  17. Hi Tony.

    I enjoyed reading Bernard’s testimonial. He did a good job of explaining his experience. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting positive testimonials. Wealthy Affiliate is the greatest. They don’t promise you the moon; but they start you out for free and there is more training here than I will ever get to in this life. Thanks for the testimonial about this excellent learning program.


    1. Hi Jeannie,

      Yes Bernard wrote a wonderful testimonial my Friend and there are more new Friends writing testimonials to WA right now my Friend.

      Wealthy Affiliate does teach the proper way to Affiliate Marketing and the way to gradually build a lasting business by scaling up and with keyword rich content while giving readers value.

      Thank you Jeannie for stopping by and commenting,


  18. All of these positive testimonials are to be expected. Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the greatest program to get started building an online business. There’s no room for error with them, and its impossible to not find someone who can help you when you need it. You’ll look across the entire web for a better program, and I guarantee you won’t find one.

    1. Awesome Garth!

      I agree my Friend that WA has the Best Training, Best Support and Best Community of any online platform in the World.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing my Friend,


  19. Hi Tony, great job in promoting wealthy affiliate! I have been a member for several months and I must say this is the best learning experience I ever had. The community is awesome, I have never a question left unanswered and everyone is motivating each other to succeed. The lessons are all structured and well pace tailored to each and individual’s capacity to learning. Being someone new with 0 background in website creation and SEO. I had managed to create an awesome website over the last few months that is gaining traction over the internet!

    1. Hi Leo,

      Thank you for the wonderful compliment my Friend.

      Not only is Wealthy Affiliate amazing but it also has great members such as yourself to share your knowledge with us all as well.

      Thank you Leo for stopping by and commenting,


  20. Hello Tony, great post sharing Bernard’s thoughts about Wealthy Affiliate! He seems very positive about his experiences, but to be honest, I haven’t heard too many people who were not impressed with the program! Everything we need to succeed is right here in the community! I think that it’s great that you post people’s experiences with Wealthy Affiliate that are your own clients! It must make you feel good to know that you are helping people succeed! Great article, I enjoyed reading Bernard’s take on Wealthy Affiliate!

    1. Thank you so much Eric,

      Yes it is wonderful to be able to share Wealthy Affiliate with Friends from all over the world and to know that they will be better off from their experiences there.

      Thank you Eric for stopping by and commenting my Friend, You are welcome back anytime.


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