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Wealthy Affiliate worth it or a Get Rich Quick Scam?

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As an affiliate marketer, you want a course trainer that will help you see your earnings boost significantly. One of the famous sites that you'll come across is the Wealthy Affiliate. I guess that you landed on this page trying to see if it's worth your time or is a scam. The primary source of confusion is the number of reviews that contradicts each other.

Some reviewers will claim that the site is worth your time and investment while others will term it as a scam. However, I can say that whether Wealthy Affiliate is worth it or is a scam depends on you. There are a lot of individuals who are making thousands of dollars a month using the website. On the other hand, some users fail terribly in using the site. Therefore, the choice is partially independent of what other people experience.

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Is Wealthy Affiliate Legal?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a legal website. In most of the instances, you'll get paid for your efforts. It's not a scam as many people may view its status. They offer high-quality products and are very reliable. However, in a way, the site appears as if it's a scam when it's not. These are what we shall discuss. Why does Wealthy Affiliate appear as a scam?

What you need to know when signing up

When you sign up to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate, they enroll you into their program of affiliate marketing. Therefore, the information you get when researching about Wealthy Affiliate has some biases. When you get signed-up, your referral will earn a commission. That's why; most of the review will try to attract your attention to register via their affiliate link. The interest to win you makes them exaggerate and therefore comes out biased.

Why does it appear as a scam?

There are several reasons why Wealthy Affiliate appears like a scam. These include:

The high number of positive reviews: If you take your time and search about Wealthy Affiliate in Google, you notice that there are a lot of positive reviews about the site. Every review is encouraging you to sign-up.

It's also not a surprise you'll see websites that initially termed Wealthy Affiliate as a scam making large sales for the same site. As said earlier, most of these reviews aim at attracting your attention that you may sign up with them. The referral gets paid a commission, and is this value that makes the reviews biased.

Availability of a large number of reviews talking about how good Wealthy Affiliate is; creates a sense of it being a scam. Everything no matter how good it's will have criticism from the users.

Wealthy Affiliate isn't a scam

When someone joins “Wealthy Affiliate,” even when using a free account, he or she becomes an affiliate with them. It means, when someone joins Wealthy Affiliate through your affiliate link, he has some incentives to get you. Therefore, when they upgrade their accounts to make it a premium account, you will earn a commission.

These affiliates also learn how to get their sites a better ranking in the search engine results from Wealthy Affiliate coaches. That's why most of these Wealthy Affiliate reviews are a paid endorsement. That means the search engine results get biased as a result of Wealthy Affiliate teaching its affiliated how to earn a higher ranking. All this helps the review writers convince you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best. On signing up, you help them gain a commission.

It, therefore, means that Wealthy Affiliate isn't a scam. The marketing strategy is what makes it appear like a scam.

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Why is Wealthy Affiliate Unique?

Turn Ideas to a business: Wealthy Affiliate works is a massive community for entrepreneurs. Here, they get a chance to share their ideas and help each other to make some cash. You can use this website in turning your hobby into a business idea. Note that online businesses are easy to start. You need somewhere to initiate your ideas. If you lack ideas, you don't have to worry. Wealthy Affiliate offers more than a million niches from which you can fetch a business idea. Together with the knowledge of fellow business people, you can expect great results.

Easy to create a website: The site does also give you an easy way to start your business. They help you create a website within Wealthy Affiliate. To your surprise, it will take you thirty seconds to build a website that is mobile friendly and attractive. It's also a revenue ready site. They also offer ultra-powerful, the secure hosting site which will see your business grow with Wealthy Affiliate. That makes Wealthy Affiliate a choice for many who have an interest in Affiliate marketing.

Large Customer Size: The site does also offer access to a large number of customers. According to the statistics, the potential market size is over four billion people. These are the customers for your business. The good thing is that you don't have to know how to get these customers. Instead, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all that you need to know. These include the techniques to access the current traffic and how to reach out for relevant customers. In this way, you're able to maintain a large market and make high sales.

Wide range of Products: The site does also offer substantial revenue resources. With over five hundred million products which you can sell, you can quickly start to make cash. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to choose the best of these products. You'll have a chance to promote these brands throughout the globe.

The good thing is that you offer no inventory, shipping, or support services. You advertise the good in your site and make a commission. Among the best names include Amazon, Shopify, and YouTube.

They also have 14 years of experience in this industry. That gives them an upper hand in comparison to the competitors. Also, they're available in over 193 countries globally. There are over ten thousand new businesses that get established each month here.

Also, they employ expert coaches who train new users on how things get done in this industry. With its over 1.5 million users, you can tell that entrepreneurs have trust in this website. Also, they help more than 23, 000 new users daily in matters regarding how to operate the site. These are traits that aren't easy to find on other websites. They are a few of the reasons most of the entrepreneurs find it useful.

Wealthy Affiliate works in a way to increase innovation and prosperity of the industry. With its great features, most of the bloggers recommend the website to most of the interest affiliate marketers.

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What do successful Entrepreneurs learn?

If you want to have a success story on this website, there are some things that you should learn about Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Learn how to find a niche that suits your ideas
  • Also, you should know how to do an extensive keyword search. Also, learn
  • How to build a blog,
  • What you should include in your blog content, and
  • Where to get stock pictures for free to use in your blog to make it more convincing and help visitors take a call to action.

These are just a few things that you should consider taking some minutes to study. The good thing is that Wealthy Affiliate will educate you all about this.

Why do many affiliate marketers fail?

For many people thinking on how they can sign up, Wealthy Affiliate is not a successful option for them. The reason behind the failure is that most of them join with the wrong motive. They fail to understand what Wealthy Affiliate is and how it works.

Note that any online business calls for patience. However, most take it as a get-rich-quickly of which it's not. It's a long-term strategy t start a business. Some of the most successful affiliates in this site took months to start earning money via affiliate marketing.

The same way as building a legitimate business, it will take you considerable time to start making any earnings online. Therefore, if you want to make something of substance from Wealthy Affiliate, you must take it a business. Give time to have a foundation. Otherwise, if you expect to make cash overnight, you'll end up as a total failure.

The reason it'll take this long to make some money online is that you're learning how to build a real business. That needs time and effort. The best thing is, you can use the affiliate marketing job as a side hustle. You can be working for at least thirty minutes a day. That is, after your regular work, you sit to check on your affiliate marketing business.

Also, there are a lot of things that you need to learn. There is no shortcut in this, and you must be ready to take it the right way. However, most people will take it as a joke, and the results are disappointing. Therefore, respect your business, and it'll respect you back with an impressive pay.

Will it work for you?

The answer depends on you. Like any other business that you could take, you should first assess the risks involved. See what you risk in investing with Wealthy Affiliates and the reward you can get back. In considering that you're not making any cash investment in creating an account, the risk is minimal.

On the other hand, the reward can be incredible. You can get to be financially stable, work when you love, and most importantly, you become your boss. That means you get to live a life in which you dream. Don't let the negatives hold you back from investing.

How will you make it through successfully?

If you want to make through this form of a business, there are some necessary steps that you need to take. These include;

  • Find the like-minded people: Look out for fellow affiliate marketers who are willing to help you through your registration and learning about Wealthy Affiliate. In sharing your experiences, you create motivation for each other and therefore, able to keep moving on and not lose hope. However, be wise to join a community that is willing to share their personal and financial aspirations. The city found in Wealthy Affiliate is functional throughout the 24 hours, meaning that, you always have someone who can help you out.
  • Follow a plan: It's still good to make sure that you have an idea, which gives you a step by step process of making money. Note that, you're the only person who will help you to succeed. But you should have a plan that works. See how other successful affiliate marketers do it. Borrow their techniques and come up with an idea of your own. With a plan, things are likely to work out in a faster way.
  • Consider Coaching: as said earlier, Wealthy Affiliate will employ coaches to train the new users how they can start making money at Wealthy Affiliate. You can also accept to get teachings from other affiliate marketers at a charge. However, be wise in the coaches you choose. Some of them might confuse you more. That's why we recommend that you consider Wealthy Affiliate based coaches.

These are three things that can help see you start to earn awesomely with Wealthy Affiliate. You should not consider ignoring the three if you wish to start on a good note.

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Final Verdict

Wealthy Affiliate is an online course training program that helps entrepreneurs come together and explore different business ideas. It's a legit website that has seen many of its users excellently succeed in affiliate marketing. However, for many who fail in its use, they consider the site as a scam. As discussed above, some reasons explain why many people may conclude that it's a scam.

However, considering the success rate for other affiliates, we can agree that it's not a scam. Therefore, it's upon you to decide your opinion. Note that, you should consider affiliate marketing as a business if you want to get successful.

Put the above key points in mind before upgrading your account, and you will not regret the choice you make. I hope that you find this article helpful in answering the question of whether Wealthy Affiliate worth it or is it a get-rich-quick scam?

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