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Why just be a Super Affiliate when You can be a Wealthy Super Affiliate?

Are You already a Super Affiliate or just getting started with Affiliate Marketing?

Maybe You haven't even started yet, all are invited and can become a Wealthy Super Affiliate!

Will it happen overnight and you'll be wealthy tomorrow?  No, of course not.  It's not one of those, completely done for you and all you have to do is sign up to “Get Rich Quick” scam, scheme or thing!

You're going to have to actually show up and put the time and effort into building your online business, just signing up isn't near enough and anyone can just sign up.  Showing up is the key, Do you want to earn an income online from anywhere in the World?  If you answered Yes, then sign up and show up!

The great thing about Affiliate Marketing is that it's completely different from Direct Sales, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Network Marketing in so many ways.

Learn more about the differences here

Am I saying that MLM, Network Marketing and Direct Sales is a bad thing or that they are all Ponzi Schemes, Scams or Illegal?  Absolutely not, I'm just saying that Affiliate Marketing is different than those ways to earn money and that I prefer Internet Marketing with Affiliate Marketing.  My main reason for preferring the Affiliate Marketing Business Model over the others is that I can do it all 100% from home or anywhere in the world that I am as long as I have an internet connection.

Tony Lee Hamilton Marketing Veteran
Click picture above to read full bio – Tony Lee Hamilton – Wealthy Super Affiliate – The Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran

Over to the left side is my Wealthy Affiliate Profile Page, I have been a member since June 2015 and will be a member forever!

I am also an Ambassador there and ranked #9 overall amongst the over 1,200,000 members since the learning platform started in 2005.

I am also currently the #5 ranked creator of content, blogs & training within the community and will be available to help you whenever you ask me any question at all.  I'm not saying that I have all of the answers, what I am saying is that in the event that I don't know an answer to your question, I will find out the answer.

When you first arrive at Wealthy Affiliate make sure to add your picture as well as write a bio about yourself.  Don't worry about making it perfect as both your picture and bio can be edited anytime and as often as you want to edit them.  Completing your bio as well as performing the 4 steps to get started is crucial because when do those 4 things that only take a few minutes, members of the amazing community will start o follow and get to know you.  That will help you to realize what an awesome community full of wonderful members that the WA platform is made up of.

Best Business Model for Newbies is Affiliate Marketing

All Countries besides the ones that are shown below are eligible for a Free Starter Account immediately.

Friends from any of the Countries that aren't immediately able to sign up for Free contact me and I will assist you in being able to get started for Free!

To contact me simply scroll to the bottom of this page and leave a comment, the only information that you need to provide me with is 1) Your Full Name 2) Your Email Address 3) What You want your WA Username to be (Must be 13 Characters or less – Letters and Numbers only) Make sure to give me at least one additional option just in case the Username that You want is unavailable.  (There are over 1.2 Million Members so many UserNames are not available)  When I receive your information, I will create your account for you then email you back with your link as well as your password. (Change your password as soon as you log in)

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I will contact you to go over the details then get authorization to assist you in becoming a Free Starter Member.

You are allowed to stay a Free Starter Member as long as you need to, although of course it is very beneficial to upgrade to becoming a Premium Member as soon as you are able.

There are members at Wealthy Affiliate from 195 different Countries and the community is truly active 24/7 with almost immediate support when you have any question at all.  Not only the best community and support, also the best training available on the planet for Newbies and also for Seasoned Veterans.

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What are you passionate about?

What do you like to do for fun?

Have you ever thought about writing your very own blog, being able to monetize it earning an income online?

That's what Affiliate Marketing is all about, sharing with the over 3.9 Million Internet users what you are passionate about, know about and/or want to learn more about!

Are all 3.9 Million internet users going to also want or love what you do?

Of course not!

It doesn't take an audience of 3.9 Million or even an audience of 3,900 to start earning on the internet, creating an audience with targeted keywords increasing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just one of many things that you will learn about at Wealthy Affiliate.

Here are some of the other things that you will be able to learn about with the training available at WA:

Online Entrepreneur Certification (level 1)

  1. Starting – The Welcome introduction from Kyle and summary of exactly what you'll be discovering.
  2. How You'll Make Money – Kyle discusses how individuals earn money from the Internet and you specify your monetary objectives.
  3. Choosing A Niche – Get your grey matter all set– this specifies ‘specific niches' and truly assists you select yours.
  4. Building Your Own Website – Build your very first site with Website Express.
  5. Setting Up Your Website – Having constructed your website your now going to modify the look, trigger plugins and get ready for material.
  6. SEO Preparation – The enjoyable starts … Search Engine Optimization will assist your website draw in all those beautiful visitors.
  7. Developing Content From Keywords – Learn keyword proficiency and undertake your very first keyword research study.
  8. Your First Web Page – Taking the material preparation for your website to the next phase and publishing your very first work.
  9. Creating Quality Content – Creating material genuine PEOPLE is important … (Video and Text).
  10. Benefits Of Continuation – Kyle concludes by congratulating on exactly what you've accomplished and eagerly anticipates exactly what follows.


Online Entrepreneur Certification – Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (Level 2)

Course Description – Free traffic generation methods that will bring you visitors whatever your specific niche.

  1. Your Brand And Your Domain – Migrating from a complimentary SiteRubix website to your very own domain.
  2. Theme Based Content – How to actually call in a provide your visitors precisely what they're after.
  3. Domain Specific Email – Walk through on the best ways to establish your domain particular e-mail address( s) and or forwarders.
  4. The Traffic Breakdown – Taking drawing in visitors through quality material and sensible keyword choice to the next level (Video, Text and Tutorial).
  5. Making Use Of Visuals – Imagery can both bring visitors in addition to engage them and help convert sales.
  6. Getting Crafty With The WordPress Editor – This reveals you the text and page format shown to work best.
  7. Understanding The Low Hanging Fruit – A masterclass from Kyle on the best ways to find simple to rank rewarding keywords.
  8. Adding Trust To Your Content – Getting individuals to understand like and trust you begins here.
  9. Google Authorship – We all desire some love from Google. Get yours by establishing authorship.
  10. Wealthy Affiliate Rankings – By now you've found out a lot! Why rule out ending up being a WA Ambassador and assist others.


Online Entrepreneur Certification– Making Money! (Level 3)

Course Description– You now have a site, material, and you understand the best ways to get traffic … how about making some cash?

  1. Understanding How Money Is Made Online – The crucial to making cash is comprehending exactly what individuals desire and how you can provide it to them.
  2. Affiliate Marketing 101 – Fantastic training streamlining affiliate marketing with a terrific formula for approximating your revenues.
  3. Uncovering The Best Affiliate Programs – The apparent affiliate plans are hardly ever the very best– how you discover the very best.
  4. The Truth About Affiliate Links – Getting and properly setting your affiliate links.
  5. The Biggest Affiliate Program – Amazon runs without a doubt the greatest affiliate program on the planet. This training demonstrates how you can benefit.
  6. Leveraging Product Reviews – How to produce handy item evaluations that get the ‘click' .
  7. Profiting From Ads On Your Site – Accepting Ads on your website can be really financially rewarding.
  8. Earning Pennies or Dollars – Putting advertisements on your website can be simple … however is it your finest choice?
  9. Understanding Your Traffic – Tracking and enhancing the efficiency of your website allows you to make more cash from the very same variety of visitors.
  10. 4 Steps To Making Money – Summary and tip on the 4 actions effective online business owners follow to make money from their websites.


Online Entrepreneur Certification– Mastering Social Engagement (Level 4)

Course Description– This course is devoted to all elements of social. From social networks, social marketing, and social media networks. Eventually any success within the social world is the outcome of social engagement.

  1. What Does Social Engagement Mean To Your Business – Harnessing the power from Google +, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and the others with simply “hanging out”.
  2. Making Your Website A Place To Engage – Social engagement and particularly talking about your website assists in EVERY method. This training has to do with getting whatever established so.
  3. Using Facebook The Right Way – How to actually get engagement without spamming anybody … fantastic Facebook training this.
  4. The Visual World and Pinterest – As a material online marketer you need to be making the most of the fastest growing social website. Here's ways to do it appropriately.
  5. Twitter and The Right Tweeting Campaign – Should you utilize Twitter? If so ways to do it right.
  6. Google Plus or Minus – Google Plus owned by Google … It makes good sense to utilize this platform.
  7. Google Authorship Plus Wealthy Affiliate – If your a member of Wealthy Affiliate this is for you.
  8. Making Your Campaigns Social Branding Animals – Why and how you must go for engagement in all online activity.
  9. Using The WA Social Community – Again another should see for WA members.
  10. You Can not Be Master Of All – Another fantastic training. Simply possibly this should be the very first lesson? For those people that in some cases believe social is a wild-goose chase.


Online Entrepreneur Certification– Success Through Content Creation (Level 5)

Course Description Success Through Content Creation– If your planning to develop a steady long term service online developing quality material is among the very best techniques for success.

  1. Content IS Your Business – Kyle takes the intricacy from business … site, material, traffic and lastly cash. Quality material on your site is the structure of success in this service.
  2. Google Webmaster Tools – A crucial tool in any site owners tools.
  3. Improved Indexing and Times – More information on getting the most our of Google web designer tools, and an unique hour long training video!
  4. Keywords and People – This is to actually assist individuals produce fantastic understandable material, simple on the eye and appealing to online search engine also.
  5. The Potential Of Your Business – An inspiring training on exactly what merely composing 3 quality posts/pages monthly can attain … and it's a low average!
  6. Writing Within A Planned Architecture – Really comprehensive training on ways to prepare and perform your short articles. And remember your not an author you're a ‘communicator'.
  7. Writing With Intent– Creating material with genuine intent. This training will make you cash.
  8. Injecting Comments With Intent – Most online marketers miss out on the chance responding to remarks use … do not.
  9. Bing and Yahoo 33% – Turns out Bing handle the search algorithm on their own along with Yahoo (who understood?) … This training covers the best ways to rank with these 2 online search engine.
  10. Beyond 12 Months– Reinvest a few of your earnings into your service development. Think about contracting out a few of your posts to Freelance Writers.

The YouTube video above isn't mine, it is a review and walkthrough of Wealthy Affiliate from another Successful Member, He has actually become a Super Affiliate in His very first year at WA and qualified for the Annual Las Vegas Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliates' Conference!

Are You ready to get started to becoming a Wealthy Super Affiliate?

Super Affiliate
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