Webtalk Social Media Marketing Platform Review

Has anyone invited to sign up for the Webtalk social media marketing platform recently? If your answer is yes before you press the register button, you should find out whether Webtalk is a scam or a legit business opportunity. This review should assist you in making an informed decision. You wouldn’t want to join an online company only to find out later that you aren’t getting paid for all the work you have done and the effort you have put in because it turned out to be an illegitimate business opportunity. In this comprehensive review about Webtalk, we are going to take an in-depth look at the online company, all the products offered, their compensation plan, and the cost of joining to help you figure out whether this opportunity will work for you or not.

What is WebTalk about?

WebTalk is a paid and free monthly social media platform service with social interactivity limitations. The company sells a social media website that works just like Facebook and other similar platforms. Webtalk is specially designed to have some of the best features from LinkedIn and Facebook, with improvements provided in between these social media platforms.

It has a multi-level marketing business model, and it offers many levels of commissions to all its affiliate members. Generally, the social platform appears to be geared to business owners who are looking forward to connecting with some other like-minded individuals over the internet.

Company Overview

When you go through the company website, you will not find any information about the person who operates or runs the online company. However, when you take a look at one of the company’s legal pages on the website, there is an address that indicates that the company is located in Florida.

When it comes to the domain name, webtalk.co” was registered in 2010 for the first time and later renewed on 20th June 2018. Robert Garbowicz is the name that was listed as the owner of the company, which is also the same address we found on the legal pages.

Webtalk founders are Andrew Peret, Jeff Catherell, Basit Hussain, Jamie Pews, and RJ Garbowicz. According to his Facebook profile page, RJ Garbowicz is currently the founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Webtalk, an online company which he established in 2011. Garbowicz is responsible for building the overall direction for the online company as well as the product strategy. He leads the development and design of all Webtalk’s services and products. RJ is generally a serial entrepreneur who has launched four previous technology companies with only two exits.

How to get started with Webtalk

To create a Webtalk account, you will have to follow the procedures outlined below:

• The most beneficial and fastest way is by joining the Webtalk Stars Team, since it will add multiple benefits to your Webtalk memberships, such as a 50% team income share for life.

• Once you get an invitation link, you can then click the link you see for the sign up part.

• Fill in your names, mobile number, the birth of date, and your email address.

• Click on sign up.

• To finish the sign up process, you should verify your email address

• Your real names are needed for registration since this makes your associations with certain individuals increasingly practical and more straightforward. Some nicknames may be banned to assist in keeping people from creating deceitful or phony records.

Features of Webtalk

1. You can arrange your various contacts into different groups

Facebook does not allow you to isolate friends, professional, and family contacts. It keeps each of your contacts in one group, which can be irritating if you don’t want to share all your family photos with your friends or business contacts.

With Webtalk, you can easily arrange all your contacts as family, professional, or friends, so by this separation, you can effortlessly make Webtalk just like Facebook for all your friends and family and Linkedin for all your pro contacts. You can also proceed to arrange your business contacts further to a partner, colleague, service provider, client, etc. Besides, you can also classify your contacts with some search able tags.

2. You can regulate your news source

Facebook does not allow you to control the news feed, and currently, an ever-increasing amount of advertisements are being fused in Facebook’s news feed. Anything you share on your timeline is not hidden to each of your friends or contacts, except in a case where you indicate the people who can view it independently.

On the other hand, Webtalk has a patented Newsfeed that allows you to share your business-related posts with your customers, individual posts with your companions, and business-related posts with your associates, etc.

Also, you can get video posts only, include some explicit tags, or utilize many other customization alternatives to precisely channel what you want to see.

3. Webtalk Pro

If you are on the Webtalk platform for some business purposes or to get your preferred job position, then you will love this premium feature. You should know that the affiliates feature of this social platform is usually linked to this feature with incredible reward packages.

If you are wondering which kind of features are worthy of being regarded as premium in this innovative platform, we have already mentioned some unique features that are associated with Webtalk, which are not found in the other social platforms. The premium packages have a lot to offer, and the cost of pro memberships is approximately half the one of the LinkedIn platform, which makes it pretty competitive.

Other Features in Development

Recently, Webtalk reported that many new features in the development phase. The platform is presently in beta testing, and a lot of new features are being announced from time to time. Some of the features which are currently in development include:

• Webtalk’s self-service advert platform

• Webtalk Mobile Apps

• Webtalk Pages for businesses and entertainers

• SOCIALCPX – affiliate program for referral rewards

• NEWSROOM – corporate site

• Webtalk Verify – a Worldwide ID Credibility Score that’s built on blockchain technology

• Stores – a lucrative tool to sell services and products from your Webtalk account

• Freelance – a tool that will sell your Webtalk profile time

• The Webtalk Marketplace – a powered by patent search technology that will locate and also hire any company/ worker or buy any products from verified people in your network

How the Webtalk Affiliate Program works

The founders of the Webtalk platform have promised to share half of the company’s income with all its users via a highly lucrative and innovative affiliate program known as SocialCPX. The Beta-affiliates who are eligible for the best rewarding program known as the 1 million bonuses will earn10% of the total income generated by five generations of their referral networks forever. The people who will join after the Beta phase is closed will get a 10% income share only from the direct referrals they have.

You can easily estimate your potential income using the advanced income calculator found on the Webtalk site. You will notice that with Webtalk, you can earn several thousand dollars per month by just inviting 20 individuals to the network. You are encouraged to join the platform during the beta phase to qualify for the five-tier affiliate opportunity, which is one of the main advantages of Webtalk over the competition.

Webtalk Product Line

Generally, Webtalk is just like LinkedIn, and Skype rolled up into a Facebook-like platform. Webtalk’s function is a middleman of sorts between other social media platforms. But what makes the platform unique is that it usually limits the audience by implementing some paid features, which means you will have to pay for you to add more individuals into your network. You can join the WebTalk platform as a free user, but you’ll be limited to only 50 contacts.

The platform also provides premium membership that offers some more limits based on the level you join at, as well. The following is a breakdown of every level of Webtalk that you can join with limitations:

• Pro Level – $20/month or $200 annually

The Pro level is usually limited to only 500 contacts and five messages each month to all non-connected members, no banner ads, five email messages, and you can also see the people who viewed your Webtalk profile.

• Pro Plus – $30/month or $300 annually

This level is normally limited to only 1000 contacts, ten email messages, and ten messages each month to all non-connected WebTalk members.

• Pro Platinum – $40/month or $400 annually

The Pro Platinum level has an unlimited contact level. You are also able to look for members using gender and age search parameters, view profiles secretly without them knowing. You can also send 20 email messages and 20 messages every month to all non-connected WebTalk members.

How to earn with Webtalk

The main way you can earn income after joining the Webtalk business opportunity is only through commissions. You will earn commissions from individuals who pay up for any of the premium plans, as well as other advertising fees. The different commission rates are not known, but there are several public rates that we uncovered: You will

• Get 10% on advert budgets spent by all your personally referred advertisers as well as on all local services, which are bought through the WebTalk platform.

• Get a 10% commission on all personally referred customers who subscribe to a premium plan.

• Get a 5% commission on the app subscriptions sold via WebTalk’s app store.

Webtalk Compensation Plan

In this section, we will look at the MLM opportunity offered by Webtalk. The platform manages all the sales and their affiliate members through their platform, known as SocialCPX. You can earn some money from the Webtalk site on the advertising fees and through the sales of the monthly memberships. The following is a breakdown of the commissions you can earn on the Webtalk platform: You will be paid

• 10% in commissions on the premium monthly subscription payments made by your personally referred WebTalk affiliate members

• 10% in commissions on all adverts that are done by your personally referred members.

• 10% in commissions on all advertised local services purchased by all your WebTalk members.

• 5% in commissions on any app subscription sold through the internal app store.

• 2% – 9% in commissions when a certain product is bought through the news feed of WebTalk.

Residual Commissions

WebTalk offers some residual commissions via a unilevel multi-level marketing compensation plan structure. The unilevel compensation plan is structured through levels. Here’s the breakdown of the levels:

• 1st Level – The first level of the unilevel plan will only consist of all your personally referred affiliate members.

• 2nd Level – The second level of the unilevel compensation plan will only have affiliate members that all your personally sponsored affiliate members have referred to WebTalk.

• 3rd Level – The third level of the unilevel plan will consist of only members referred to WebTalk by your 2nd level affiliate members.

However, there is a different twist when it comes to the number of affiliate members that can participate in Webtalk’s residual commissions. According to the company website, the residual commissions are available only to the first one million members who join the program and sign up for any of the paid plans. That means that the last couple of members will be left out, making it a crappy deal in the long run.

I understand that one million is quite a huge number, especially when dealing with multi-level marketing, so probably they’re just using that specific number for fear of loss or scarcity marketing. Moreover, your subscription is not counted in these numbers. The description that the online company offers is five levels of unilevel commissions, which pay a sum of 10% from every level.

Is Webtalk a scam?

In my opinion, Webtalk seems like a legitimate online company that provides a somewhat great income opportunity through a multi-level marketing structure. Webtalk has two principal advantages over Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, and many other social media platforms that make it exceptional and incredibly genuine.

When you share some posts or photos on Facebook, everyone on your friend’s list can see them. But if there are a few photos that you would like to share just with your family members, and you don’t want your manager to see, or some posts that you would like to share with all your business associates but you don’t want your family to see, then that is something that you can easily achieve through Webtalk.

Secondly, it’s a well-known fact that Google and Facebook are earning billions from adverts on their platforms, and no fraction of the profits is allocated to any group of their users. You’re making the feeds using the pictures and posts that you share and the traffic each time you bring your family and friends along to the platform and the people ‘like’ your posts and adverts. Without your commitment to these social platforms, there’ll be no bringing together of individuals to advertise to. Nevertheless, you get nothing in the end. As such, you’re working for nothing, but Webtalk was specially designed to address this problem.

On Webtalk, once you accept somebody as one of your contacts, you label them to which type of connection they have a place either as family, collaborators, companions, friends, etc. When you share some posts, you can check the category of people that will be presented to the data and which one will not.

Pros of Webtalk

• Joining Webtalk is free.

• The platform is usually developed with great customization and a highly proven user experience.

• You can use the platform for both professional and personal needs.

• The Founder is pretty active on the platform and offers informative posts and video tutorials to assist any new users.

• You can easily control what your contacts can see on your Webtalk page.

• You can join SocialCPX, the Webtalk affiliate program, for free. The lifetime income of a 10% revenue share through five levels of referrals is a good and generous offer. Most multi-level marketing organizations would charge monthly expenses to offer you access to such programs.

Cons of Webtalk

• Webtalk is still in the Beta Mode, and the adaptation doesn’t exactly indicate what you can earn with the final version.

• Several key features are not available with the Beta version.

• It’s challenging to know if the social media platform will be a reliable achievement over time because it is entering a very competitive market with various established platforms to compete with.


Webtalk is a solution to the features that we have been longing for, but are continually being denied by all the social media network giants. This platform provides an innovative approach that links together almost every aspect of digital marketing as well as direct sales into a single platform. Again, joining this social platform will ensure that you earn as long as you take part in the referral program.

Taking into consideration the pros and cons of Webtalk outlined above, Webtalk appears like a legit opportunity. Although the platform is not operating as a scheme or a scam, we need to see how things will turn out once Webtalk emerges out of the beta phase.

If you are considering joining this platform, you have got nothing to lose. Keep in mind that the lucrative commissions of the five levels are limited to everyone who joins the platform in the beta phase. So you should join now before it’s too late.

Why would you join WebTalk when you can join Twitter, or Facebook, build an unlimited number of followers using some methods to target individuals that are in your market, and then market to them as much as you want without any costs? Because even as a free member, you'll benefit by sharing with more like-minded friends worldwide on a platform that grows daily. Hopefully this review of the Webtalk Social Media Marketing Platform has helped you to make an informed decision bettering your online business.

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    Webtalk social media platform sounds interesting. It does seem that platforms like Facebook have gone so far into flashy commercialism that it isn’t a comfortable feel for business connections. 

    Sure, to some degree it is, and we all use what we have to use, but Webtalk seems to be going the direction of a more professional appearance and with business in mind from the start. 

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  42. What a great platform for businesses keep in touch with other businesses. Facebook is so geared to a person, and not really well suited for business in a lot of ways.  Seems like this platform might be able to be competition or rival.  Having a monopoly on platforms like Facebook is never a good idea.  Competition keeps companies trying harder to change and meet everyone’s needs.

    I think that fact that the head of the company is tough to find information about them maybe a tough go for them.  I think your review was full of amazing information about the platform and ultimately I guess time will tell if people are buying into it in one way or another.


  43. Marketing has gone to a very high level and it take a pro to know which way to go to improve his or her marketing strategies especially when it is online. Your articles makes it easier for someone to know about these opportunities and how to go about benefiting from them with ease.

  44. I read your article about WebTalk with interest and I am going to join purely to see what it is about plus it is FREE so worthwhile at least trying.

    I do however think that this is a crowded market place but hopefully there is a gap if they are not chasing the same type of people as Twitter and Facebook. It will be interesting to see how they take themselves to market as the first time I heard about them is through yourself.

    I hope others will try this based on the informative article you have provided.

    Thank you 


  45. It’s a good thing to learn about this webtalk platform and I have to tell you that it is good because you put in a whole lot to be able to carry this out. It is really good stuff that you have done here and I honestly like it. I would only say that you shouldn’t stop and you should just keep up the good work you have started already

  46. I just read about Webtalk in your other article, and so I was really interested in finding out more. I like what I read about the newsfeed. I absolutely hate Facebook’s system of newsfeed where not everyone will see what you post unless you pay for it, which I think is ridiculous, since Facebook does not separate friends and family from business contacts. Webtalk seems to be geared to helping its users instead of obstructing them like Facebook likes to do. 

    It’s also great that Webtalk has an affiliate program. Does that mean that for anyone you refer to sign up you get a commission?

    It certainly looks like an amazing platform and I am seriously considering signing up, as a free member for now. 

  47. This is really a great a platform for any marketer to be on since you know you are talking with your fellow marketers. Both people more knowledgeable and the ones that are just coming up to your level. This is really almost perfect to see here. I love every bit of what you have shared here and I can say that it is really worth it. Thank you so much for sharing here

  48. I have been looking for a social networking platform and webtalk has been bad that keeps popping up and it got me really curious about how good it can be. Truly a review has helped and this is just what I need to help my business get to the next level that I want it to. I hope the signup process wouldn’t be that difficult because the have been a few that are difficult. 

  49. Hello Tony, Thanks for this insightful article. Thanks for introducing me to Webtalk. I was not aware of this platform earlier and and have never heard of it until seeing your post. Great article on the pros and cons of webtalk most articles i have seen only mention the pros. So I am definitely in and planning to join the program.

  50. I’ve discovered Webtalk thanks to one of your articles and joined it. Honestly: when it comes to social media I feel a little overwhelmed. So I decided to join Webtalk to see what it has to offer. But honestly I’ve made no progress from my last comment about this platform. I’m still trying to figure it out to fully understand how it can benefit my business, but according to reviews it has many positive aspects that other social media do not have.

  51. I Can honestly say that no one has suggested Webtalk to me yet, and have never heard of it until seeing your post. I’m personally not a big fan of social media, and only use it to help promote my business, or stay connected with certain friends. 

    It seems like this social platform is geared more towards business, and their payout platform seems fair. However, I’m not a big fan of MLM marketing, and like you, prefer to do my social advertising for free. 

    Thank you for introducing me to a new platform though, so that I won’t be in the dark when someone brings it to my attention. Lol

  52. Thanks for this review.  I joined Webtalk quite some time ago, but have done nothing with my membership.  Nonetheless, I now have a half-dozen followers.  I guess it’s time to check it out and decide if the platform will be useful to me.  It certainly won’t hurt to look it over.

    Now that I’ve read your review, I have a better idea of what to look for, so will check it out.  I do appreciate your submitting this information for us.

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    Thank you for informing us with yet another brand new. It seems you have uncovered all of them but I see they keep coming. Webtalk is really something I have heard of first time. You made me believe like it was a scam at the beginning of the article but my perception changed as I kept reading. Sharing half of the profits with your first million subscribers seems genuine. Only time will tell how far it will go. 

  54. Now what is Webtalk? I admit that this is the first time I am hearing about it. It is a social network? So how different is it from other social media networks?

    The problem with Facebook has been that you cannot segregate between friends and family. So, it becomes awkward sometimes to share family photos and your professional circle could view it. By providing this segregation, Webtalk is already one-up over Facebook.

    Webtalk shares profits with its first million subscribers as you write. That is quite unheard of in the Social Media industry. Definitely worth joining.

    Thanks for this informative post.

  55. Hello Tony Lee Hamilton, thank you for sharing this informative and resourceful review article . This article is centered on Web talk social media review.  This is my first time of hearing about Web talk. From this article and people’s comment I think it really is nice.  I would love to try it out soonest 

  56. What a great article on the pros and cons of webtalk most articles i have seen only mention the pros.That was refreshing to read. I have been a member myself for over a year now and went pro about 6 months ago. I am still very leery of the mlm model of this platform however. For me it is a wait and see. I do use it for marketing posts but not much else yet. It will be interesting to see if webtalk is the platform that give facebook a run for its money.

  57. Hi, Tony.
    Thanks for sharing the honest review of Webtalk Social Media Marketing Platform. You have explained every feature of this program in great detail and I can sense that joining this program at an initial level will be very useful in future. So I am definitely in and planning to join the program with your link. I hope that you will be giving good training on the points which need immediate attention from a new member. The MLM expect of this program is very interesting.
    Warm Regards,                                                                                                                    
    Gaurav Gaur

  58. Social media as a means to getting your business known to the world is very cool and people have been making use of it for a long time now and it’s sad if you haven’t had that chance as an online marketer. However, getting to see a social media platform that helps run as a marketing platform is just great and anyone would jump on it. I had no idea something like this is out there and thumbs up to the founder.

  59. Oh! This can actually benefit my website a lot. Though I am still a newbie and just starting out my business. I feet that I can make the best use of this webtalk since it is free to join. Though nobody is yet to invite me to the platform. Please can I just join by myself or someone has to invite me to the platform?

    i like the idea that it is following an mlm model but more like bringing people than having to sell to them. This is really good and worth considering

  60. I have actually been a member of webtalk for about a year. Well not really a member but I have registered with them. I always have the mindset that it is a good and legit platform based on what I have read online but I have not just taken it seriously as I still get emails from them till date even as I have not visited the platform since I registered. After reading this post I plan to go back and see just how good webtalk is and if it would be of benefit to my online business.

  61. Thank you for this insightful post.  While WebTalk may be good in the sense that it has incorporated some of the best features from other social media platform such as Facebook and LinkedIn, we are always wary of anything that has a multi-level marketing business model.  More so, considering that it is still on the beta release.  Would prefer to wait for it to prove itself over time.

  62. Webtalk sounds like a really good place to get more from your social media especially for those who have taken their Internet marketing to the social media world. I think this is only but a wonderful way to be able to learn more about it and also the fact that one can organize everything makes it even better. This is good stuff.

  63. I think this Webtalk platform is somewhat even better thank facebook. The reason i say this is because you don’t want to mix your professional life with you personal lifestyle. 

    Who would like for their colleagues or even manger to be seeing your post from what you did last night out with your friends. Sometimes you want to keep certain photos for certain people to see, and not everybody that you have on your friend list. Thank you for posting about this platform, because I’m sure a lot of us viewers haven’t heard or seen this platform.

  64. WebTalk seems to be fairly straightforward in their approach to building a base of users and future customers. Their starting fees are not unreasonable and could be a great way to taking the next step on a new vehicle as far an income and having a way to collaborate with others on ways to improve their brand or business.

    I will have to look at my limited income to see if this is something that I can financially do. I believe that the potential is here for a great income as well as being on the ground floor for something that can become a GIANT in the industry. It does have traits of being a MLM but that can be offset due to the fact that WebTalk seems to be aboveboard on what their goals are. They do give a cutoff on who can receive residuals which most MLMs do not.


  65. I really enjoyed reading this post on.  I am still new to the online world; however, I am at the stage where I am looking at all the opportunities that would help maximize my presence as an entrepreneur.  The information is outstanding and very informative.  I have learned a lot, not only about this opportunity, but also about the other social media outlets and their limitation in comparison to Webtalk.  I am glad to know that I can sign up for a free account.  This would help me further understand the system prior to deciding whether to go pro.  Thank you for this review.

  66. One of the nice things that I find with the Webtalk Social Media platform is that you don’t have to create multiple accounts to keep your personal life from your business.

    Plus, the fact that you can earn commissions from your referrals’ adverts is awesome features that set Webtalk apart from its competition, in my opinion. That feature alone might very well help you pays for your own adverts on the Webtalk platform! I will certainly look into joining Webtalk, hopefully, while they are still in the beta so that I could take advantage of the 5 level commission structure.

  67. Thanks Tony for this interesting review, personally I don’t like dealing with offers that requires me to refer and refer before I can be able to make money, it can be tough sometimes to get people to join what you’re doing, and also it’s hard for the people at the lower rank to make money through MLM businesses. 

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    Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you give me permission.

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    I wont lie I am not a fan of MLM so that side may not work well for me but I am absolutely interested in checking everything else out.

    I am going to go inside and look around and check out how good it can be for me.

    Thanks Tony for introducing me to something I hope will help

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  73. This is an awesome post. WebTalk is a paid and free monthly social media platform service with social interactivity limitations. the best features from LinkedIn and Facebook, with improvements provided in between these social media platforms.this is good opportunity for publishing’s our website and our articles. it offers many levels of commissions to all its affiliate members. I’d like to join them and I’m glad they have an affiliate program. I appreciate this review, explain in detail how it operates and how much you have to spend before making money. Thank for sharing

  74. Tony, please let me compliment you on a great review of the Webtalk Social Media Marketing Platform. 

    WebTalk is a paid and free monthly social media platform with social interactivity. The company sells a social media website that works like Facebook and other similar platforms. Webtalk is specially designed to have some of the best features from LinkedIn and Facebook, with improvements. 

    I have always felt that Webtalk is an MLM company and you have confirmed this opinion. I guess this will be a good addition for Affiliate Marketing.



  75. It’s fantastic that you should use your real names to register with Webtalk and that phony names will be banned. It looks like a much better social network for business that you can personalize more. Plus of course being able to earn referral income is fantastic. I feel that Facebook has become so commercialized lately and there are so many phony accounts that it has become a minefield. 

  76. Hi Tony

    When I started reading your post, I thought maybe Webtalk was only for certain people like entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses and built new partnerships with like-minded people.

    But, as I continue to read, I begin to see the varied application of Webtalk to every social media user’s life. I’m not a very socially outgoing person, neither is my wife so we don’t have much of a social media presence.

    In our current endeavours, social media might play an important role in our success. Our issue is that the people we have on our social media accounts aren’t at open-minded and progressive as we are and still think that earning a living online is impossible or a scam.

    So, Webtalk seems to solve this problem by separating people into different groups. We can post our business-related posts in a suited group and social ones in another.

    People can benefit in several ways from this platform. Their referral program offers people an opportunity to earn passive income which is a bonus for me.

    Another feature that stands out is the amount of control you have on your posts and account in general. Choosing who gets to see what is just perfect convenience for us. Webtalk sounds really exciting.

    Solomon & Selina

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    Thanks for giving this review. However, I feel that a lotore could still be done to make this website better but it is definitely a standout already when it comes in helping to boost networking for the business

  78. Hello Tony! 

    This is an amazing review you have got here. A friend of mine introduced this platform to me some months ago but actually did not give me the full details of how it works. Though going through you review I have still not understand how the commissions are been earned, I will like you to explain some more if you don’t mine. 


  79. This is an awesome post, i mean am hearing about webtalk now even though it has been in existence since 2010, i guess it is under talked, its amazing how you can have more than one social media platform combined, and it has a great features, arranging various contact and regulating your news source, u know most of those ads on facebook is really annoying and waste of time…..I guess this is good for business since everyone is on lockdown….

  80. Hi Tony, this is the first time that I hear of Webtalk and their SocialCPX site. The description of it being a mix of Facebook and LinkIn, makes me curious to join them. If I can join for free, I will give them a try. 

    Although I am not a great fan of the multi level marketing business model, to be getting a lifetime income of 10% through five levels of referrals, is certainly a good deal. It will be interesting to see how they develop. 

  81. I sure wish that I would have found your review before signing up and entering my credit card information. Signed up to try out after receiving an invite to join, and now they are charging my card $40 each month. Webtalk has good intentions but not many users and that leads to no one viewing your social content.

  82. From what I can gather from the information provided in this article, Webtalk is basically a mixture of all social media’s but their main target is business owners, so just like LinkedIn. I have been using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, etc) for the past 11 years and I have never heard of this company, which seeing that the site has been up since the early 2010s is a shocker for me to just find out about this. In Facebook you can actually select what persons you want to see a certain post so that’s an advantage. I honestly wouldn’t pay for a social media platform that not many people know about when I already have free traffic from the usual well-known social media’s. 

  83. First time I hear about it. You asked the right question. Why join webtalk when you can join Facebook and Twitter for free. I know very few people who earn well with MLM. Statistics shows that around 2- 10% earn the highest commissions. The good thing is that you can start for free with webtalk. And the feature when sharing photos and the newsfeed is great. You have a good point when comparing Webtalk to Google and Facebook in terms of opportunities for users to earn from promoting them. I think it will help webtalk to grow because they have this opportunity. From other MLM companies I have seen Webtalk is far from bad so far. It is too early to say if webtalk will be the next Facebook or twitter. 

  84. Affiliate programs are in high demand right now because of Covid and so people need to start making online businesses to make money.

    Web talk as i understand is a safe platform that as you say offers all the safe opportunities a new online marketer needs to start their very own business and with such a great conversion rate your bound to make at least a little bit of money. Also having such a wide branch of interconnected social media contacts make selling easier and more profitable.

    I would love to try it out and get started !

  85. Thanks for taking out time to wright this awesome review I have found it hard to understand social media marketing, although I know it power it brings to the table….but I tell you it’s has been a battle for me to get a piece of it…I think with this I would be able to understand it more thanks once more for sharing.

  86. I have been reading some of your posts. I truly believe on the information you share because it is very full of details. I have been working with some MLM in the past without getting any good results. I personally prefer to avoid those kinds of business models. However, as you mention, this website is still in a beta mode but it can be a good opportunity to make money if you learn quickly how to understand the business.

    Even though it seems to be a good business opportunity, I don’t like the fact that you did a lot of research to find who owns the company. Anyway, I would take a look on this and see if I can get any benefit from this platform.

    I appreciate this review, explain in detail how it operates and how much you have to spend before making money. I would like to know if you think this is a business opportunity that you can take advantage of?

    Thanks for sharing

  87. This is such an interesting article to come across. I’ve recently been thinking about social media platforms a lot more, and I feel as though some of the major platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are trying so hard to do everything that they’re losing the quality on some of their original features or even drowning them out with their new ones. I think that it might be refreshing to have a new, more organized and mature social media platform available for people. There are too many tiny “business social platforms” which meet some needs but not all. I believe that Webtalk, if it succeeds on all of the features it plans to offer, will be a hit! They sound as though they know what people need and are doing their best to offer that product which does not currently exist. I think it’s worth a shot to jump on board with them while they’re still young and become one of their senior representatives.

  88. Hi Tony. Very interesting read, although a long one, it provides a good description of this new platform WebTalk. I can see that its a great opportunity to sign up during the Beta phase and and have an opportunity to make some good sustained cash flow. This MLM opportunity can be a cash cow through referrals for anyone that understands the concept. I will definitely join this site since its free and looks like a winner. Thank you

  89. I did not know about Webtalk before this article. I found the article very useful and insightful to better understand what it does and services, including existing features and those under development. I really appreciate your comprehensive assessment of the Webtalk, including various bonus or opportunities for using Webtalk, as well as its legitimacy. Thanks and keep up the great work!

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    Thanks for informing us concerning WebTalk.

  91. Hello Tony! This is such an in-depth article which holds so much information about Webtalk. Truth to be told, I have not heard of this platform before, but through your article, I understand so much just through my time here at your site. Such a great job done, you have gone through all aspects of the platform and has answered all my questions through your article as well. It is definitely a long read, but I really am glad that I’ve taken the time to read through, as I have now learnt a new thing today! Another thing I enjoy, is that you have so many videos accompanied in your topic, I am a person that LOVES to watch visuals to learn, and this really helped spark an interest towards your topic. Keep it up! 


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