What is CryptoTab Browser Download? Free Bitcoin Mining or Scam?

What is CryptoTab Browser Download?  Free Bitcoin Mining or Scam? post thumbnail image

If you are reading this review, someone in network marketing must have told you about the CryptoTab Browser download opportunity, or you have seen some of the promotions which have been floating throughout the Internet and would like to know more about it since it seems intriguing because of the various products it offers. In this review, we are going to take an in-depth look at the online company, all the products it offers, the compensation plan, as well as the pros and cons, to determine whether the business opportunity is legit or not and ultimately help you in making an informed decision.

What is the Cryptotab browser?

CryptoTab is a new multi-level marketing opportunity that's based in the cryptocurrency niche. It’s a normal internet browser featuring an in-built mining algorithm that helps you to earn some Bitcoins with your computer. This internet browser does not only guarantee mining crypto as you browse the internet, but it also offers you computing power, which is eight times quicker than that of Google Chrome.

CryptoTab is a simple mining pool that utilizes the collective power of various users and then shares the income with them. However, you should utilize an Internet browser every day. That means that you can also utilize this free business opportunity to earn some cash in the form of Bitcoins.

According to the company website, this mining tool only works for Windows and Mac operating systems. Furthermore, there’s even an Android app. Therefore, many Internet users have the potential to utilize the CryptoTab browser . The main principle is to get some Bitcoins as you utilize Google Chrome’s web browser. That’s the hook that CryptoTab utilizes to position itself to you. The concept is that you have to download a Chrome plugin extension, and you’ll then be able to unearth Bitcoin while you are using your browser to surf the internet, which will make you earn some Bitcoins for doing so when the app activated.

Moreover, you can invite some friends and also earn more Bitcoins. According to the company website, you can earn over 1 BTC in one month, which is pretty difficult to believe, but they do not say how many individuals you need to earn that amount. As long as the Chrome browser is open and you've got the plug-in, you’ll be able to earn some cryptocurrency. Whether CryptoTab sounds like an illusion or a fantasy slogan, it is a pretty simple plug and plays concept which is logically-leveraged, and it uses your computer or web browser for mining purposes and the income is spread for the people who use and also share the software.

Downloading and installing CryptoTab

CryptoTab Browser is incredibly lightweight, and it provides you with integrated functionality that enables you to earn some Bitcoins in the background. This browser also offers various options for customization. That is usually done through extensions, and some of them are practical, while others are used only for design purposes. In general, the CryptoTab browser is pretty similar to the popular browser used by Google. You can enjoy the Chrome-like interface as you earn some crypto in the background.

Downloading and installing the Mining Browser usually takes less than one minute. The developers of the software stress how fast and easy the application is. You can also synchronize it with a wide range of devices. You can log in to your Google account and utilize the CryptoTab browser only when you are logged in. Again, you can log in from various gadgets at the same time and utilize the same account on Google.

The CryproTab Browser also enables you to import data from Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari Browser, or the Chrome Browser. For instance, you can import your bookmarks, history, or passwords. That enables you to utilize the web as usual. Once you’ve downloaded and also installed the software application, you should then restart your computer or any other device to ensure optimum mining performance.

CryptoTab Features

CryptoTab is typically a fast, easy-to-use, and safe web browser designed by passionate blockchain enthusiasts. The browser combines a comfortable and smooth user experience with a variety of unique cryptocurrency-related features. The impressive set of features includes:

150,000 Extensions: CryptoTab browser supports Chrome extensions, which allows you to add any extensions you would like on Google Chrome, such as security tools, an ad blocker, theme, and performance-boosting tools, among others.

Free Download: CryptoTab browser is available in a free download version from the CryptoTab website.

Import Data: CryptoTab allows you to import some data from the Chrome browser and other browsers as well, which means your history, extensions, favorites, bookmarks, and user interface can also transfer.

Multi-Browser Support: CryptoTab browser comes as an entirely free standalone download, but it also allows you to import data from Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Sync Across Devices: With the CryptoTab browser, you can synchronize across multiple devices by signing in to copy changes throughout all devices.

Invite Friends: The CryptoTab browser provides users with referral rewards. That means that you can earn some more by referring your friends. In general, the CryptoTab browser has a 10-level referral network.

Payouts to a Bitcoin Wallet: You can easily withdraw your earnings directly to your BTC wallet at any time, although there’s a minimum withdrawal of 0.00001 BTC.

Mine Bitcoins: CryptoTab browser automatically mines some Bitcoins from within the browser. According to the company, CryptoTab claims to continually mine cryptocurrency via your browser, meaning that you are automatically mining every time you have some browser tabs open. Nevertheless, CryptoTab claims that the speed of mining is higher when your browser window is usually active. Generally, CryptoTab uses processor resources more effectively with an active browser window. All the mining is done via an extension, and CryptoTab mines bitcoin exclusively.

How Does CryptoTab Browser Work?

The concept of CryptoTab is that it works like a big mining pool that utilizes the collective power of various computers to earn some Bitcoins. You will be in a position to log in to your CryptoTab account by utilizing your Google or Facebook account. That is a great idea because your BTC balance will always be safe. If you delete your app accidentally, you will lose all the Bitcoins that you have mined already if you don’t create another account.

So here’s the problem: the company website claims that you must withdraw your earnings when you’ve at least 0.0004 Bitcoins, which can take several months to gather. The price of the Bitcoins is usually around $10,000, then 0.0004 Bitcoin is not more than four USD. The online company claims that you can earn a maximum of 1 BTC, although the only method to do that is by inviting many people to utilize the app.

You will earn some money from the individuals that you invite, but you’ve to invite many people who will also have to do the same. Currently, you can only utilize this platform through your desktop computer because the smartphone version is not online presently.

How do you earn Bitcoins with CryptoTab?

After installing the CryptoTab software, you should use the web as usual. Your internet browser will mine some Bitcoins in the background, but you will not even notice it. Each and everything operates automatically and without minimizing your device’s performance. Ideally, you must leave your computer, as well as the CryptoTab, switched on at all times. If you aren’t surfing actively, then you can easily switch off the computer screen to save electricity. It’s difficult to say precisely how much you’ll earn with your CryptoTab browser. But, it all depends on other things, especially on the device you use. You only have to download and install the CryptoTab browser once, and afterward, you can surf the internet as usual. Therefore it’s worth it in the long run.

Ultimately, just like other cryptocurrency mining systems on the market, the point of the CryptoTab browser is not to make some money by mining Bitcoins through your browser. Nowadays, even computers with super-efficient, high-end GPUs cannot mine bitcoin profitably, but you won’t profitably mine bitcoin with an internet browser that only utilizes your CPU.

Instead, the concept of the CryptoTab browser is to channel you into a referral system and also encourage you to make some money that way. If you refer as many individuals as you can, and also get your friends and colleagues to refer other people, you can easily fill your pyramid and also earn some money based on the people in your 10-level pyramid who’ve been active in the last 24 hours. In general, the more individuals you refer to the CryptoTab platform, the more cash you make.

The referral program is one way of getting some more and more individuals to make referrals to the CryptoTab application. All you have to do is to refer as many people as possible through the personal referral link available in your CryptoTab Browser. If one of your friends utilizes your link and also installs CryptoTab, both you and your friends will be rewarded, and you’ll get additional earnings from the mining activities of your friends.

There are various ways in which you can get some more referrals and also boost your mining outcomes. The more initiative and active you are, the greater your chances of getting big money. Therefore, you should share your referral link with most of your friends and allow your friends to share it further and also spread knowledge in the social networks you utilize every day. If you’re happy with the software and service, you can tell your friends and family how much you like the CryptoTab Browser and then recommend it highly.

Additionally, if you’re interested in boosting your profits from mining, you can purchase traffic to your referral link from universal advertising platforms and the traffic exchange networks, and then your earnings will grow pretty fast. Payments are usually made two times a day, and the online company has evidence that it pays, that means you can be secure that they’ll pay you for utilizing the app.

How Much Can You Make with CryptoTab Browser?

CryptoTab browser is usually vague when it comes to the number of money users should expect to make by using CryptoTab as their only browser. Nevertheless, the company claims that you can anticipate earning the set minimum withdrawal amount during the first day. Generally, the minimum withdrawal limit is 0.00001 Bitcoin, which is equivalent to $0.065.

According to the CryptoTab website, you can expect to get the minimum withdrawal on the first day, but they do not guarantee it. Therefore, in an ideal scenario, you are going to make around $0.07 each day, which amounts to $2.10 every month or approximately $25 each year. That does not take into account the overall cost of supply your personal computer with electricity that is likely to cancel out with your earnings.

A quick search over the internet shows that some users report even some daily earnings, which are worse than $0.07. Ultimately, it is quite impossible to mine some bitcoins profitably on a standard desktop computer or an ordinary laptop, and it’s pretty tough to mine bitcoins profitably utilizing a browser which runs off the processing power and the RAM your computer.

However, there’s a big difference between mining bitcoins on your own utilizing your computer and earning some bitcoins through the CryptoTab browser. The CryptoTab browser has an incredible mining pool that collectively pools all the resources of affiliate members, giving everybody a greater chance of getting a block reward.

Is CryptoTab Browser a Scam?

Generally, CryptoTab offers a relatively fair mining solution. The software offers everybody the opportunity to begin Bitcoin Mining without the need to purchase additional hardware. Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to utilize the software application without any issues. You cannot expect pretty high returns from this type of mining. But it’s free, and the income can be increased, and it's not a Scam. If you use the software on various devices simultaneously and additionally invite friends, then you will earn more Bitcoins in the long run.

As stated earlier, if you would like to try earning passively with Bitcoin, then this venture is virtually risk-free. The only drawback you might experience, assuming you will earn some Bitcoins by utilizing this cryptocurrency browser tab extension, it’ll probably make Google Chrome considerably slower. It’ll be up to you to weigh the pros and cons of utilizing a slower computer or laptop when surfing the web or can choose and pick when to utilize the Crypto Tab application to see if you’ll earn enough income to justify all the mining power contributed.

However, you will not find many applications such as CryptoTab to select from that allows you the legit opportunity and possibility to passively earn some Bitcoins, especially if you take into account and also compare the HYIP programs or faucets promoted throughout the Internet. Even though everything sounds too good to be true both in the cryptocurrency space and in real life, it likely is, but this platform might get a good spot that enables you to monetize your computer power and internet in exchange for Bitcoin mining by just choosing to try it out.

In my opinion, only time will determine if CryptoTab is legitimate or not. It probably is, in the sense that it’s probably going to pay out some bitcoins to its mining pool in the long run because if it is not then, there will certainly be an issue with payout. Since it appears a considerable amount of whatever bitcoins earned will go to most of the top referrers and utilizing standard Mac/ PC hardware is inefficient for mining bitcoins, which I doubt will be worth your electricity cost. The best method of making money with this platform is by referring other people to the platform. If you are good with search engine optimization and setting up websites, then probably you might make it profitable. In my opinion, CryptoTab does not seem like a great deal for any would-be miner, and due to the lack of transparency when it comes to the person behind the program, it’s troubling, and so I won’t be recommending it.

Pros of CryptoTab browser

• CryptoTab is usually eight times more effective than the Chrome browser.

• It has an inbuilt Bitcoin miner.

• The Crypto Tab browser was developed on the foundation of Chrome, which means it can utilize all the plugins of Chrome.

• With the CryptoTab platform, you can withdraw as little as 0.00001 Bitcoins.

• It comes with a 10-level recommendation program, and you can invite your friends to the program to earn additional Bitcoins.

• The Mining Browser is legit and known for reliable and fast payouts.

Cons of CryptoTab browser

• It will probably make Google Chrome considerably slower

CryptoTab Browser


CryptoTab is a pretty easy-to-use application. All you have to is download and then install the software on Google Chrome. However, it is essential to perceive that Google does not officially sanction this app. You can increase the mining speed by utilizing the CryptoTab browser settings of the plugin, but that’ll make you spend even more processing power than when you leave the settings of your computer on Normal status. Therefore, it might not be a great idea if your laptop or computer doesn’t have a higher speed processor. It’s also not a very good venture, so you should know that it might not be a great idea to utilize this application at all.

I did not get a lot of information about the app, save for a few websites that advertise it. Because it seems as if there are some big bonuses available when you refer a lot of individuals to the platform, there’s a great chance that you’ll soon notice many more website committed to promoting the application.

That tells you that the head of this mining pool will be utilizing a lot of the earned bitcoins to redistribute them among all the top referrers. I did not get an idea of how much of the bitcoins will be utilized for those forms of payments. However, it makes a lot of sense to do the referral adverts to increase the pool’s size.

As more and more people get into this mining venture, and as the transaction fees appear to get lower, the payments are more likely to continue getting lower. Nobody can say with certainty how much one can earn from Bitcoin mining, or whether you are better off buying bitcoins with the amount of cash you will be spending for more electricity. However, the real rewards appear to come in by simply recruiting other people to mine. And since mining without specialized hardware is quite inefficient, that may be the only lucrative way to utilize the CryptoTab browser anyway.

Regular Mac and PC hardware are not likely to get a lot of bitcoins utilizing a tab in the popular Chrome browser, even when that hardware is regarded as powerful. In the long run, you might end up using more electricity, and maybe without a good payout. It will not be a surprise if your electricity costs outweigh the bitcoins you earn. The actual thought of making your Mac or PC run hotter to earn a small number of bitcoins does not appeal to me.

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