What is CTFO CBD Oil, CTFO Scam or Legit? CTFO Review

Individuals are currently aware of the many advantages of CBD. Therefore, the market is increasing with many potential startups. The main question is now on if CTFO is selling quality CBD products and also on whether they are giving a legitimate business opportunity.

CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol. It is in high demand as a result of boosting one's mood, especially in the morning, while leaving out for work. CBD is derived from the hemp plant, which is a cousin to the marijuana plant. Up to date, there are no single complaints on health-related to using pure CBD.

What is CTFO?

CTFO is an acronym standing for Changing the Future Outcome. It is a network marketing company that is based in the US and is specializing in the selling of CBD Hemp oil products. The company was launched back in 2015, and by then, the company was referred to as Chew the Fat Off. It seems the name did not work very well for them since it was later changed to Changing the Future Outcome and started selling CBD oils. The company has been growing day in day out as a result of the various CBD oil products.

The CTFO product line has been made of different edibles, drops, and creams that are very rich in CBD oil. Furthermore, none of the stated products will end up making you high. CBD oil was derived from cannabis and Hemp plants and therefore it contains little or no THC at all. Currently, the CTFO's CBD oil has zero THC, thus implying it's a compliant and fully legal all through Canada and the US.

CTFO is selling a variety of CBD products that are fitting in four main item categories, including nutrition, anti-aging, health, and also CBD for pets.

  • CBD for health purposes – The items consist of CBD oil drops for wellness and general health advantages, including boosting immune, improving digestion, decreasing anxiety, and increase of energy levels. CBD cream is combined with Emu oil and is thus assisting in pains and aches.
  • CBD for anti-aging purposes – Anti-aging products consist of 15 person items that are ranging from regrowth treatment and anti-aging serums, facial cleansers, and skin creams.
  • CBD for nutrition purposes – The nutrition item category consists of capsules, oral sprays, and edibles. It is designed to improve physical and mental well-being including acquiring better night sleep, losing weight, and reducing stress.
  • CBD for Pets – Sprays, drops, and infused CBD shampoo aimed and helping pets and reducing anxiety; thus, pets end up living a better life.

CTFO CBD Oil benefits

1. CBD is an anti-tumor Agent

CBD and also other chemicals are present in cannabis and are having an anti-tumor impact and, therefore, may be utilized in enhancing necessary treatments. More also, CBD stops the growth of tumors in various cervical areas. CBD has been increasing growth cell death for purposes of colon tumors as well as for the sake of blood. Furthermore, it has reduced cell development in human glaucoma and also in invasion and therefore suggesting a possibility of using CBD as an anti tumor agent.

Cannabinoids are useful and appealing in the treatment of malignant tumors for the prostate and breast areas as a result of anti tumor impacts coming directly. More also, they are having the capability of enhancing conventional anti tumor drug efficiency. Furthermore, their usefulness regarding treatments helps in reducing discomforts.


CBD has decreased the possibility of malignant tumor cells in producing energy and causing death. More also, human treatment by use of CBD assist lymphocyte-activated killer cells and also kills the cells more efficiently. Furthermore, it blocks CPR55 signaling and therefore leading to the expansion of malignant tumor cells.

2. Reducing Autoimmunity and Inflammation

CBD is among the many fantastic agents for pain associated conditions and inflammatory conditions. More also, CBD may blunt Th2 and Th1 dominance. It is a test of asthma treatment both for Th2 and Th1 as the various reactions are minimized by treatment by CBD.

More also, CBD has been decreasing production and releasing of cytokines, including TH-1 and IFN-gamma. Other various anti-inflammatory mechanisms are including:

Lowering mobilization and development of neutrophils.

Minimizing MIP-1 and MIP-1 beta inflammatory Macrophages Inflammatory Protein.

3. Protecting Against Neurodegenerative Diseases

CBD has been preventing the harmful impacts of extreme oxygen types and neurotransmitters present in the brain, thus preventing the death of brain cells. More also, CBD is bearing antioxidant activity that is much greater than vitamin E and vitamin C. More also, CBD may end up securing the brain cell by for effects of beta-amyloid toxicity and therefore making it a treatment that is prospective in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. Likewise, it may end up protecting the brain, especially in cases where there is the minimization of blood flow.

4. Helping with Seizures

CBD is a treatment with promising results in treating seizures. A study was conducted in procedures of dads and moms of children undergoing treating resistant seizures. 84% of the dads and moms said there was a reduction in the frequency of the child's seizure in the process of consumption of CBD.

Furthermore, the kids started experiencing enhanced sleep, better mood, and increased alertness. More also, tiredness and drowsiness started taking place in the form of adverse effects.

After some months of treatments with CBD extracts, many children undergoing treatment from resistant epilepsy started receiving a decrease in seizures.

5. Reducing Anxiousness

Cannabidiol helps in reducing anxiety in patients and also in healthy people with anxiousness condition and social stress. More also, CBD has been reducing discomfort and fear, which is caused by public speaking.

Additionally, CBD has been decreasing anxiousness, which is coming to a result of the use of THC.

6. Relieving Pain

Research studies are recommending that cannabis may be a brand new class of drugs for the sake of treating persistent pain. Furthermore, CBD is reducing neuropathic pain and chronic inflammatory in rodents. When CBD is in a mix of THC, it ends up showing great results for treating postoperative pain and also persistent pain that is associated with a good deal of sclerosis, neuropathic discomfort, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer.

Sativex, a mixture of CBD and THC as a spray, is beneficial for purposes of treatment pf neuropathic pain in various patients with cancer clients and sclerosis clients with discomforts.

Further researches are showing that opioids and CBD are useful in easing discomforts.

7. Beneficial for Joint Inflammation

As a result of anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is supplying relief to joint pain and swelling and decreasing system progression and joint issues. Administering CBD against reduced progression and severe symptoms is producing benefits of various joint inflammations to animals. Sativex in 5 weeks has been providing significant improvements in discomfort strength and rest, swelling, and quality of sleep. Furthermore, there were no significant negative results that were seen.

8. Relieving Nausea and Increasing Appetite

CBD usually relieves queasiness whenever it is given to rats. Many researchers conducting studies have seen that that lower dosages are decreasing vomiting and nausea that is normally produced by harmful drugs. More also, THC has been authorizing the use of medications in treating vomiting and queasiness in various human clients. Furthermore, more studies are showing CBD efficacy in many human beings.

What other products does CTFO offer?

  • Pure Hemp CBD Insta-Lift with Wrinkle remover
  • Majesty Queen to all Queens Moisturizing Cream
  • Vulcanus Kaolin with Dead Sea Mud Mask
  • Massaging Oil
  • Anti-Aging Serum with Pure Hemp CBD Vitamin C
  • Roll-On Pain Rub
  • Isolate Drops CBD Oil
  • CBD Gummies

CTFO Compensation Plan

CTFO compensation plan is outlining various ways in which associates may end earning money with multiple business opportunities. The MLM companies have stuff which is getting pretty elaborate and confusing.

Joining CTFO is free. This has been emphasized by various sites that write no gotchas, no credit card required, no gimmicks. It is very accurate for most of the parts. When you join, you will start earning 20% on all kinds of commissions you will end up making. With CTFO, you will never require upgrading or to qualify further.

There is no significant doubt that CTFO is a big selling point today. In case you wish to earn more than MLM, you will require to start earning. If you want to receive more than an MLM pay plan, you will be expecting to become a qualified associate who is active. Various conditions are very attached to the though later option. At least two of the retailers will be required to start spending $47.467 every month, and the various recruited affiliates need to be active entirely with the qualified associates.

With CTFO, there are various ways in which you may end up earning money.

They include:

  • Bonuses
  • Matrix Commissions
  • Unilevel Commissions
  • Retail commissions

What is the CBD in Hemp Oil?

Cannabis has become a great rage in rent times. Some are using the term green rush in describing the burgeoning industry of CBD products, hemp oil, and marijuana. Most consumers have been interested in the miracle plant, which is slowly losing the stigma. It is an excellent enthusiasm for CBD and hemp products that are growing day in day out as a result of resources and new studies that are touting different health benefits.

However, there is confusion as a result of disjointed terminology that is used in describing various components and also the various sources that are derived from it.

Though CND oil and hemp seed oil are sharing specific characteristics, both are having many benefits, and also there are differences.

What is the best CBD Oil Market?

In case you are wondering about whether CBD is best for you and on whether it will end up helping you, this list is showing a list of various sources that you can consider purchasing from. In the days when CBD was illegal, CBD was only acquired from legal states and also in black markets. Which the legalization of hemp production, CBD products are now purchased from various state lines that are meant you may buy the natural compound online, and also, it may be shipped into states without any worry.

It is necessary to remember that various CBD manufacturers are not similar. FDA has been shutting down different vendors who falsely claimed to have specific CBD amounts of products. This was done to show lesser amounts of toxins.

What is pure CBD Oil? Cannabidiol is among the many plant products coming from cannabis plants. When a tincture has been made, it is done through the extraction of CBD from the hemp when the plant is submerged in the alcohol to release the compound. In case you are not willing to smoke medical marijuana, the CBD oil tincture is a different alternative, especially for kids. Whether suffering from arthritis, depression, diabetes, or anxiety, and all other disorders, CBD will assist you a lot. Furthermore, you may consider talking to a doctor on the use of a tincture to acquire results.

Furthermore, while buying CBD drops, ensure you are sticking with products that are made using hemp plant stems, stalks, and leaves rather than using seeds that contain CBD tiny amounts.

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CBD oil is coming in much strength that is used in dictating the different kind of results which you will get. Furthermore, there are a variety of ways that may end up affecting the results and also getting any at any cost. It is easier saying you are having some amount of CBD, but confirming the statement is not easy. A CND company which is reputable will help in putting money in the place where their mouth is. CTFO is offering 3rd party lab results to prove what is present in the mix and also the 60 days guarantee. In that particular point, you will have nothing which you will end up losing.

CTFO drops are coming in a variety of slides, including 150mg, 750mg, 500mg, and 300mg. Furthermore, CBD isolate is present in 1500mg and 500mg and also the supper powerful 10x pure present in hydrophilic drop.

Disclaimer: I am not a representative for CTFO nor am I a consumer or customer of CBD Oils, The above CTFO CBD Oil Review is for informational purposes only and I am not calling it a scam nor legitimate.

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  1. I’ve been hearing about CBD oil but don’t know much about it until now. I think this should not be underestimated as it is perfect way of building strong immunity in your body system. Well, I see CTFO CBD Oil as a product worth patronizing, but I don’t think I will be interested in their MLM business. I’m not good at that because I don’t know how to “disturb” people.

  2. This is the first time I’ve heard of this type of oil. How legitimate is the use of this product and can it be found globally? I know of the many benefits of cannabis itself in treating it with alternative methods. This is something very innovative for me. As far as I was able to notice, there are no bad things when using this oil and I am glad that we can hear information about this type of product as well.

  3. CTFO CBD Oil is not a scam in my honest opinion. They are a legitimate business with a proven business model and do not appear to be nefarious in  any way. That said, I must mention and make the point that the whole industry is mostly unregulated and if the government decides to stick their nose in, by either overregulate it or if the government decides that you need a permit or special licence just to sell CBD Oil, your business is potentially threatened. So, I would diversify in the CBD marketing world so if any unexpected hits come down at you, it won’t be the end of the world because you have more than one finger in the pie!

  4. Hey, thanks Tony Lee Hamilton for this review. In my country we have lots of oils on market majority claiming to be extracted from hemp. Ladies especially being the highest consumers. This has added on my list of exposure and potential business in future. I love the fact that most deadly ailments are covered  as from your reivew “Whether suffering from arthritis, depression, diabetes, or anxiety, and all other disorders, CBD will assist you a lot” I think I would give a recommendation.

  5. A very descriptive review of CTFO.  The initial title seemed very funnily to me, it is good that they changed it. CBD oil does seem to have a lot of benefits and is a growing market I can see a lot of ventures like these coming out selling CBD oil and related products. Thanks for the info.

  6. I can’t tell you what “the best” CBD oil available is because that’s a loaded question. Seriously what you are really asking is a product that works the same way for all people at all circumstances from all backgrounds.  As you probably already know, that’s near impossible because all of us have different sensitivities. All of us have different lifestyles. And more importantly, we have different expectations.
    I would say that it’s not really worth your time to find what is the best all around. The better approach is to focus on what would work for you.

  7. I have heard roumers of people talking of CBD oil as well  but leaves me wondering, Is it real or just another scam. Good enough all my questions have been answered,  With so many advantages of CBD, CTFO is quite promising. being launched in 2015 means giving it more time. I would surely love to see where CBD oil will be a few years from now.

  8. CBD oil is really big business as more and more people come to realise the potential health benefits. Being successful at MLM often depends upon your ability to sell, however I don’t think much selling is needed to convince people to use CBD oil.

    The question is of course can you convince people to use this product and not the many other products now available. I think this product is on the crest of a wave right now so the longer term potential however does concern me, particularly as the cost of CBD oil could come down.

    MLM isn’t my thing, I prefer affiliate marketing, however if I were to consider it then I think CBD oil would be a good product to sell.

  9. I see CBD product left and right and I am just hoping that soon the price for CBD will come down so we can all use less of the over the counter pain killers or taking anti depressants. I am a CBD user (chronic back pain) and I know for the fact that not all CBDs are created equal. I think I will try CTFO out first and then take it from there 

  10. Hi Tony,

    That is quite interesting. CTFO Hemp oil. I learnt about CB1 and CB2 as well today. 

    That is really awesome when we could have an option between pills and oil to simply massage. Sometimes people have a hard time to swallow pills so they simply can use the oil instead. 

    Here I have learnt a new thing today. Thanks to you for sharing.


  11. Thanks a lot for the review, Tony! I have always seen some ads about selling CBD Oil, but I don’t know how to determine if it’s a scam, or legitimate. Some people said it’s a scam, some of them said it’s legitimate. Whether how much I like about the features, and benefits of CBD Oil, but how to choose the right program to promote, that’s what we will need to take research for. Thank you again

  12. CBD oil is a very good and known product that has been around for a while and has been doing a lot of good stuff to human health. I’m a lover of new things, I like to try out new inventions and new developments, it’s good that Thai review is posted, I think CTFO is a nice idea, I’ll check through other reviews.

  13. If it has anything to do with CBD oils then there’s no way that I would be thinking that it is a scam. CTFO might have had their own big problems in the past but as long as they make good CBD oil them the products that they produce is definitely just as good as what they have done.

  14. Good morning. I think that liquid seems too good to be true. but those miracles have happened before. in my country, everything related to cannabis is unfortunately banned, so I can’t take that product to the test. can anyone make sure that the product works? anyway good posting, continue with the same pattern!

  15. I think it’s great that many CBD oil products are coming into limelight as they hold many health benefits and can be very useful. Unfortunately one has to be wary of various scam sites that promise false achievements and defunct product. In this light I think it’d be best to be cautious about CTFO CBD oil and see how it proceeds. 

  16. CBD oil market is certainly rising in the past few years. I’ve tried one of the products and like it so far. Soon, my other family members also started to buy CBD oil products and give a recommendation to their friends. I think an MLM opportunity provided by CTFO is quite good since the market is already aware of their benefit. I’ll check if I want to try to join. Thank

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  19. Thanks a lot for the review, Tony! I always seen some ads about selling CBD Oil, but I don’t know how to determine if it’s scam, or legitimate. Some people said it’s scam, some of them said it’s legitimate. Whether how much I like about the features, and benefits about CBD Oil, but how to choose a right program to promote, that’s what we will need to take research for. 

  20. Thank you for sharing this here. This is rather very interesting to see here. Honestly speaking, ctfo is not a scam and I have a couple of friends who are into it and would always defend the legitimacy of the platform. Well, this is really great to see here. If I can, I will try all my best to ensure I can develop well enough o get to the very peak well. Thanks so much for sharing here

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  22. I am definitely interested in CBD since it does seem like a goldmine given the relaxation in rules happening globally. And the benefits are there for all to see in terms of pain relief, anti-anxiety and even anti-depression. I stay in UK where it is still not legal, but when it does become legal, I think CTFO seems like a great opportunity to get started in this space. Thanks for introducing Tony!

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  25. Here where l live, we still cannot buy CBD products. l see from your article that there are many offers CTFO has, with many products that seem to be great to keep your body and mind healthy.  I would like to buy their Majesty Queen to all Queens Moisturizing Cream and CBD oil drops and l hope that l will be able one day. Thanx for your review.

  26. I use CBD for people and pets, so discovered your data very helpful!

    In our home, we have older pets who appear to profit by the utilization of CBD. I likewise think that its supportive for joint inflammation torment. Indeed, I utilize the chewy candies and the drops. In any case, you bring out more uses that I had considered previously. I’m figuring it may really help my child’s scoliosis issues, as well. He sees an alignment specialist, however maybe CBD would be a decent expansion.

    I’ll investigate the program you notice, as well. As the vast majority who have utilized CBD know, it can get costly.

  27. CBD is still illegal in my country even the broad spectrum type, low THC. I know the benefits are endless. 

    CBD oil companies are fast-growing, especially that it’s good for anxiety, muscle pain, and even anti-aging. It’s generally for wellness and it’s very promising. If there is a legal networking company for CBD here, I would have joined a long time ago! I think CBD products should be widely promoted.

    Thank you for the ino and cheers, A

  28. Thank you fro this awesome review that you have shared with us. some people may wan to take advantage of the fact that cannabis may be a brand new class of drugs for the sake of treating persistent pain and misuse it. i think there should be a way to check the use of these items as we know the effect.

  29. Hi Tony, 

    I am so happy that CBD oil now becomes more available for people with various health issues. I believe when possible it is great there are natural solutions to improve people’s holistic health compared the need for using synthetic drugs (with often many sides effects)

    I think with such products it is essential to get the high quality and well-tested product for sure. As with many products available, there are so many scams out there, doing thorough research will be essential. It sounds like the products in your review are 3 party lab-tested which gives reassurance and is what you want when searching a high-quality product so we know what w actually purchase.

    I have never used a CBD oil, but I have heard many stories from people who have had significant improvements in their health using CBD oils, I do believe it is essential what kind of oil (strength etc) for the specific health issues you have thoughts, not one 1 for all is applicable). If I would start using such a product I would do very thorough research for sure.

    Thank you for sharing this with us, I appreciate it.


  30. I completely agree with you that there are many benefits for CBD products and I’m glad that its market is gaining more light. The many benefits you mentioned in your article are enough to convince anyone of its usefulness so I think that CTFO is worth checking out and even if not trusted at best, given the benefit of doubt in regards to the product. 

  31. Hello there!

    That was quite helpful. CBD oils and other CBD products are really nice with so much benefits that are enjoyable from them. However, customers might be deprived of this good quality advantages if the CBD product id not purchased from the right source, so thanks to this article for suggesting better and reliable company to purchase CBD product from.


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  33. Ctfo is actually the way to go about making the right amount of money for one to actually gain the financial independence for anyone interested in mom marketing. They offer it all and I don’t think they are scam because I have a couple of colleagues that actually work for them. So it could be a better platform than we think

  34. Hi Tony, I’ve read your article “What is CTFO CBD Oil, CTFO Scam or Legit? CTFO Review”.

    I like how you explained the multi level marketing company and you have shared very important informations

    Thank you for sharing these informations with us|

    Great informations in this article!

    You did an amazing job! Congratulations!

    Keep going!

  35. Great information in this article for anyone looking into cbd in general. I became a member and affiliate for CTFO in the early stages and quite frankly I am surprised they are still here. I think the biggest issue with CTFO right now is not the product but the MLM type business plan. Plus you almost have to put yourself on autoship which gets a lot of folks into financial trouble as they forget about the bill. There are in my opinion much better cbd companies out there right now. You have to do the research and find out what is in the bottle.Transparency with cbd companies is going to be key long term.

  36. Hello Tony, I’ve always be careful with what I read online but the truth is when it comes to your site, I get good contents of information. I am a big Fan of their products because I suffer from arthritis and their cbd products are what I use. Well! On the business side, . I will live to keep having a good time with some other product bit I how to make more money with CBD soon 

  37. CBD oil has been gaining a lot of popularity for a very long time even before it is usually refined nowadays, this is because of its effectiveness and it’s historical development. CTFO CBD oil is really good and its nice, it’s a good opportunity for those who can make use of it. Thanks 

  38. It’s not the first time I’m seeing a post about about the CTFO but I  do not know much about it Soni decided that I have to browse around and see all that there is about it which shows here that it is a very way to get this oil. I like this and I think it is worth the go there. Good stuff around.

  39. Chew the fat off is definitely one of the best, if not the best cbd oil producing companies out there. They are just  great that I found it very difficult to stop from exalting them. I really fancy all you have shared here. Thank you so much for sharing all these here. Big ups to you 

  40. These products have great reviews for health and nutrition and as a consequence, they must be anti-ageing as many of the signs of ageing are health and nutrition-related. There are other factors such as stress and sleep too as well as genetics. It’s a fascinating area to work in and I’m really interested in these products. Thanks for another great post. 

  41. This is so funny because this is actually something that I invested some money into and I am not sure if I have been scammed. But as always, thank you for sharing this post with us. Reviews definitely help people stay clear of the pitfalls that are abroad on the internet, and with the CBD craze, it is easy to get caught up. I have never heard of this company but I am sure they are no different from the many different models I’ve come across online. If it looks good and you’ve researched the company, I’d say go for it. But, if it looks like a dog and barks like a dog, it isn’t an owl.

  42. I have known the benefits of CBD for years. I have a fibromyalgia mother, but she never had an interest in trying products containing cannabinoids. It is linked to the old preconception in which cannabis must be smoked because of the high, and cannot conceive the novelty of the products derived from it. I find this product very interesting, and I will evaluate whether to take it to try it.

  43. I am just hearing of this company and how it operates as a MLM program. What I am most grateful for is the detailed explanation of what is CBD and what are the benefits of taking it or using the oils, creams and products in general. I am not a fan of multilevel marketing. I have had too many failures, but I now know a lot about CBD and I will be checking it out for my own good.

  44. The company made a great idea of changing the name and introducing the beneficial product to the community which simplifies all the potential activity found on the product. Thank you, Tony Lee for been among the people whom they have increased knowledge for a medical issue. The product has thousands advantageous to the users  

  45. Hello Tony Lee Hamilton, thank you for sharing this informative and resourceful review article . This article is centered on what CTFO CBD Oil is,  whether it’s legit or it is scam .  This is my first time of hearing about this product and company. With the aid of this article I’ve been able to know and gather enough information about them.  Thanks for the opportunity 

  46. I like how you explained the multi level marketing company and you have shared very important information I am sure this information will be very helpful to someone who is considering to join the company ,at least after reading your blog he or she can make a decision with enough confidence in what they are getting themselves into

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     Thank you very much!

  48. I am an ex-police officer and I am involved in trying to get UK laws changed regarding Cannabis. CBD is currently legal but THC isn’t. CBD has so many benefits for so many medical issues. This is a product that can change your life without breaking the laws in any country I know of. Hopefully, Monday companies like this will be able to put regulated amounts of THC into the product and people will see even more benefits.

  49. Thank you for the article, I have actually come across few people trying to sell CBD to me and I just looked at it as another MLM company. After reading this article i think i will begin to lend them an ear. It really looks like a great product to bring some good balance in someone’s life. Thank you.

  50. Chew the fat off is actually a good company with a very good product line too. I have been a very good user of cbd oil products and considering that this is what they offer here extensively, I am quite delighted to see here. Thank you so much firs sharing here. I appreciate you and I have a couple of friends who work for them who have never complained to me so, I can not say anything had about this ctfo

  51. I think CBD oil is quite good for recreational purposes, especially to relieve anxiety. What I find positive about the CTFO scheme is that you don´t have to buy their product upfront and invest quite a bit of money in that. As Tony points out, joining is free, that is a plus point. However, it still has some of the characteristics of a regular MLM, as you earn your commission mainly from referrals in your network with associates and affiliates building the downline. I am always sceptical, when people earn big commission from a product and there is a hierarchy of commission earners.This probably means that the product itself is overpriced and end-users are paying prices that are way too high. This is what I would understand from the description of the scheme in the review.

  52. Well, I would like to share with you that if you decide to consume hemp seeds on board the cruise ship, you have to tell doctor before you start using them. They need to add that to your file so in case of the random check onboard you don’t get accused of using marijuana. But it is so healthy. 

    I believe the CBD oils are good for use too. 

  53. I really enjoyed reading this article. I’m actually planning to write about the benefits of CBD as part of my health and fitness website and this has given me a lot of ideas and food for thought. I never realised CBD had benefits outside of pain management, so it was really interesting to read about its positive impact on things such as seizures, auto-immunity and reducing anxiety. I’ll also look into the CTFO compensation plan

  54. Having CBD in any product makes it very easy or that product to feel fast in the market because  we all can attest to the great potential of the CBD itself and this is why we need to read reviews on which is better or which is legit because some people would make it into a means to scam people with fake products. Most of these businesses are mostly MLM programs and if the product is good then one can start with it.

  55. As you resume to your church, mosque and shrine, if you are praying to God to free us from Coronavirus in Nigeria, you are making a wrong prayer. Pray against corruption and life destruction caged in Coronavirus or put in guise of Coronavirus. We are tired. They really are legit this wonderful ctfo company and they make very good CBD oils too and the business opportunity is a wonderful opportunity too 

  56. I hear good things about the CBD market in general and I know many people swear by the benefits which seem to be more wide ranging every year. I don’t seem to have seen any side effects listed yet and whether than just in the reporting of CBD I am not sure? It is interesting how some of stigma is dissapearing with the increased use of these products. Do you think that more people are telling their  stories around the product itself?  I guess its moving away from source and features into benefits. It also good you comment on the issues surrounding purity of the product and state law. 

    As an MLM, I think it is not for me personally but I am always interested in the product reviews. Having said that it does seem more of the legit kind of business than many others out there. Thanks for another honest review.

  57. Thank you so much for sharing with us a wonderful and informative article. The main theme of this article is the CTFO Review.It is truly incredible that you have illustrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of knowledge about CTFO. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like the advantages of CBD. My wife used CBD products due to anti-aging which doubled the beauty. I would say for those who have not used CBD products yet and of course, you can try it, your health-related problems will be solved easily.
    Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you are happy with me.

  58. Hello T

    Thank you for sharing your article on CBD Oil with us, The article is so helpful and so powerful. I do some research and I also heard some people say  this product has helped many people that suffer from many different ailments 

    Thanks again for sharing this article with us.

  59. You are very right that the CBD Oils are increasing in popularity these days. I haven’t read any negative effects from it. I myself want to try it to be honest and I heard that the commission as an affiliate is good as well. 

     I’m quite interested to dig into CTFO. It caught my attention when you said that it is free to join. Which as far as I know, most MLM requires its member to invest upront for their initial products. Although, I want to dig more into it, I’m going to do it wisely this time for I had lost money on MLM before.

    Anyway thanks for putting up this review.

  60. Hi Tony, Am really blessed with your article. I had no idea how food this product was. But I could highlight a benefit…..

    ” Protecting Against Neurodegenerative Diseases

    CBD has been preventing the harmful impacts of extreme oxygen types and neurotransmitters present in the brain, thus preventing the death of brain cells. More also, CBD is bearing antioxidant activity that is much greater than vitamin E and vitamin C. More also, CBD may end up securing the brain cell by for effects of beta-amyloid toxicity and therefore making it a treatment that is prospective in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Likewise, it may end up protecting the brain, especially in cases where there is the minimization of blood flow.”

    Thank so much. I will get this product right away

  61. It’s very true that CBD products are really growing drastically in popularity and the rate at which people are using the products is increasing because of its effectiveness. There are many companies in the market dealing with CBD and they all have different offers to give out. I think CTFO is okay for those who can take the stress.

  62. Actually I think that this ctfo  is actually a very legal and legit business sand they are a good one at that self because my friends are actually benefitting from it the most though. I actually think that this is a good mlm platform and they offer the very best of cbd oil products which really aids a lot of sales since the demand for cbd oil is really high these days everywhere. Thank you for sharing this out here

  63. Wow I see the buzz about cbd and cbd products but I don’t use a lot of meds so I was never bothered to look into it now I understand why people go crazy about cbds. I learn a lot from this post

    This post is a long one but give a thorough explanation about all the benefits and there might just be some help for me. I think I will have to put it to the test myself . Your information is very interesting and keep a persons attention.

    CTFO seems to got the right stuff now they got affiliate program too and I really like this part from your post:Joining CTFO is free. This has been emphasized by various sites that write no gotchas, no credit card required, no gimmicks. It is very accurate for most of the parts. When you join, you will start earning 20% on all kinds of commissions you will end up making. With CTFO, you will never require upgrading or to qualify further.

    Very good post Thank you

  64. CBD Oil is definitely get more and more exposure these days.  It seemed like for a long while, it would not be made legal for people to use, even with the evidence of the health benefits when used correctly.  I have seen a few of these CBD Oil MLM’s cropping up lately and there does seem to be a few to choose from.  it is good to see that they are using an external lab to show their results, which is a good sign.

    But with MLM being so tough, it makes me wonder whether these CBD Oil MLM’s are worthwhile or not?

    thanks for sharing

  65. There will always be those who are for and those who against however the proof is in the delivery. Personally, I am familiar with the oil but not the MLM approach with it. I know that the oil promises to do many good things for the users. I am sure the results will differ with each user as with many other products. I admire the reader who defended the MLM approach based on people who she knows that are working the program. The article is well written and appears to be fair. However, truth will prevail.

  66. I can’t believe that there are now ways to sell CBD other than from a store.  I guess it makes sense that they would launch if in an MLM format.  It is always a great to do reviews on MLM, especially new ones that are just starting up.  Any information that can help people avoid getting scammed is a good review.

    I have tried CBD myself, in the form of edibles, and I have to say they work very well.  I am currently dealing with an ankle injury, and this has been a great way to help with the pain.

    Thanks for this well written post, I really enjoyed it.

  67. Ctfo is not a scam. I can say this boldly because I have few friends who are actively working in this and really really giving their best to ensure that the best can be achieved with this platform. They are making their money though like all the mlm platforms, tthe compensations and all are a bit not okay but to be honest, they are really trying their best on the platform.

  68. I have never liked CTFO (some acquaintances have offered me to join) but I must admit that I hadn’t read about their program and business model. I thought it would be unfair to continue rejecting them without reading what they have been offering me. Thank you very much for this review. I’ll still not join them, but at least now I have arguments to debate with those that offer me to join.

  69. This is a very good article on CBD Oil. This product has helped many people that suffer from many different ailments. Research is still ongoing and CBD has acquired the nickname “the miracle plant” because of its many uses for pain, sleep, arthritis, and cancer just to name a few. This product needs to be legalized and regulated in the US. At the moment there are many fly by night unethical companies making wild claims that are not true. Once legalized and regulated, more people will begin to trust the product and purchase with confidence.

  70. Overall, sounds promising. Loving the potential benefits of that stuff. I’ll have to read some research as well on this.

    Also, I loved that they are allowing people to join for free. I mean, most MLMs never do that. They usually ask for a pretty big investment upfront even just for the opportunity to start earning something (which, more commonly, ends up nothing). Furthermore, I really like the fact that they are, from what I can tell, offering proper high-quality products with third-party testing and everything. That’s definitely the way to go. Plus, the fact that they are also doing pets. Looking great overall, I think. Cheers.

  71. I have read several articles about the benefits of CBD products but have been reluctant to try them because most of the successful stories are based on anecdotal evidence. I like the fact that CTFO offers a 60-day guarantee, which shows that they believe in their products. Thanks for this honest review.

  72. I am still on the fence about CBD products. I want to try them but my best friend who suffers from chronic pain says it was a waste of money for him. This guy I trust with my life and if he says it was a waste of money I tend to believe him. I’ve read articles stating that it works relieving seizures in children but before I use them I want to see real research done by reputable labs. So until I see real research I wont use CBD products.

  73. Thank you for the very informative website about CBD oils and its business model. I use to research these products and have the plan to do the business but have no idea where and how to start. After reading your article, I found it interesting and I may look into this product again to run as another new business. I do believe I personally have to use and experience the products first, that would be my first step. 

  74. Thanks for the information. I know anything cbd is expensive. Fair enough. When it has just come out I think around mid last year it was only health , vegetarian-vegan shops selling. Now I know one major supermarket has started selling it. I tried the tea but it tastes like any herbal tea. For one to see results of this product I would have to take it like 3 months straight. I believe the company has done its research well. I think it is a hype in the market. I prefer products talking for themselves. On the other hand it has good qualities. Though what you have explained is kinda shocking for me and it has opened my eye. A matter of just changing the name and product just sky rocketed. Thanks 

  75. Thanks for this information which does leave you wondering how good this product is. Generally I am not a person who enjoys taking supplements and a number of the CBD Oil has such a small amount of product that the average person would never notice a difference. I know that the claims to the benefits are amazing which I can believe but they never associate this to the amount or product that you need to feel this difference.

    There are so many products out in the market place and I do struggle to work out if any of them work. I feel no differently with this company unfortunately.

    I like the fact that this company seems to have some scientific back up but it is definitely not for me. Thanking you for this useful information which I will share with others.

    Greatly appreciated

  76. Thanks for another great review, Tony. I think with CBD in such high demand, it’s important to review all of the businesses getting involved with it to make sure that, if you intend to start investing money or time into the industry, you choose the right people to work with. I think it’s interesting that CTFO is offering a 60 day guarantee, much more extended than the average offer from companies. After reading your review, I see nothing glaringly off or glaringly amazing about them. I don’t personally believe that they’re a scam, but I’m not sure that they’re going above and beyond either.

  77. Number one oil best oil quality cdb product there a giving high demand result don’t vast time and money your ine and online choices

    One thing that concerns me is that not all CBD is made equal.A lot of people have had good results with it.my countrie no this product but i want to tell everyone used this oil. This oil good for every pain 

  78. I am so glad I read this article!  I have been thinking about trying CBD oil for awhile now because of chronic widespread pain throughout my body that doctors seem to not have any answers about.  This was a great compressive article that really helped me see the benefits of using it.  Now all I need to decide on is where to buy it from…I am not a huge fan of MLMs but if their products works I am willing to give it a go even if I don’t want to sell the product.  Time to get my researchers hat on I guess! 


  79. I am a great fan of CBD oil.  I use it every day for arthritis pain.  

    One thing that concerns me is that not all CBD is made equal.  I think there needs to be some kind of uniform testing standards set up so that the purchaser can be sure that he’s getting what the label says.  I won’t order from anyone I don’t know.

    I read somewhere that there’s talk of trying it against Covid-19.  I don’t know about the CBD but Rick Simpson oil might be worth testing.  It was made by a Canadian and has had some success with eliminating cancer.  It’s thick and tarry; not liquid like the oil.  It would be interesting to know if it could help.

    It does not surprise me that a MLM offering CBD products is growing fast.  A lot of people have had good results with it.

  80. As a CBD user, I wonder about some of the claims this company makes.  I do think that this is a business I would enjoy learning about and helping people learn about its benefits. Thanks to your information I know that just selling these products online would pay a 20% profit, and will give me a base to compare for how the companies work with the affiliates who work with them.  Do you know if there are any states that do not allow this product to be shipped to a private address?  

    I use this for arthritis pain.  I take it at night as there is a queasy feeling about 30 minutes after taking it that doesn’t go away quickly, so don’t know about making one eager to go to work in the mornings!  It is effective as a part of my arthritis pain control.

  81. I use CBD for humans and pets, so found your information quite useful!

    In our home, we have elderly pets who seem to benefit from the use of CBD. I also find it helpful for arthritis pain. In fact, I use the gummies and the drops. However, you bring out more uses that I had considered before. I’m thinking it might actually help my son’s scoliosis issues, too. He sees a chiropractor, but perhaps CBD would be a good addition.

    I’ll look into the program you mention, too. As most people who have used CBD know, it can get expensive. 

  82. I’m a huge fan and believer of CBD products even though as a recovering drug addict I won’t be trying any CBD product because of its origin from Marijuana! However I see now that so many people are jumping onto the CBD fad, especially MLM companies that are being formed around CBD products. I don’t like MLM and I would rather promote CBD products from Amazon using their affiliate program. 

  83. The usefulness of CBD oil products is not discussed in our country, in India. So this writing is beneficial to me a lot. It is a new thing to me that CBD oil products are beneficial supplements for our body as it cures tumors, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, different joint-pains, etc. Please let me know if it is available in India and what’s the best price for it.

  84. The usefulness of CBD oil products is not discussed in our country, in India. So this writing is beneficial to me a lot. It is a new thing to me that CBD oil products are beneficial supplements for our body as it cures tumors, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, different joint-pains, etc. Please let me know if it is available in India and what’s the best price for it.

  85. Hi Tony, great to read another one of your great articles.
    I fully have great faith in CBD oils and I think as a society we need to start seeing that.
    CBD oils have helped my family greatly with helping maintain some pretty painful ailments.
    However as a business to me it just feels like another one of those that will dissapear once it peaks the mountain.
    Another great review Tony

  86. The legalisation of CBD products and hemp production in many States, certainly means that it is far more accessible nowadays. 

    The more I read and discover about CBD products, the more impressed I am with what it can be used for. I thought it was essentially a product for pain relief, but it has so many other amazing applications. Wow, I wasn’t aware that CBD has anti-aging properties and is an anti-tumor agent. 

    I think I should start using it on a regular basis. 

  87. Hey,

    “…suffering from arthritis, depression, diabetes, or anxiety” oddly enough, at just 24 years old I suffer from all of those things and I wasn’t even aware that CBD could actually help in some way. I have tried it before for my arthritis pain but it didn’t really do anything for me so I stopped using it, but I’m guessing that just depends on the company that manufactures the product. Great eye opener!



  88. I yearn for people to educated themselves more about marijuana products and CBD is one of those great ones that just hit the nail on the head for a every day health regime. I myself used to sell CBD and THC drops for those in medical need but then started to advertise for smoking products as it was a little more profitable. I like the name CFTO. Reducing anxiousness and pain was the reasons i took it and like you said it was also a great mood inhibitor especially for waking up early and having to travel far to work it kind of gave me a reason to get up in the morning  .

    I can definitely recommend this product to many people and i hope they find your page as interesting as i did. Have a great day and keep on writing !

  89. I know CBD products have been the talk of the whole world community in terms of it current position as one of the most effective oil in it field ranging from anxiety to pain e.t.c…but I must tell you the truth a lot of CBD products have a lot of downside, one would only know when he/she gets the wrong product…I haven’t really heard much about CTFO CBD oil but I think the only way to know is to give it a trial.

  90. “…suffering from arthritis, depression, diabetes, or anxiety” oddly enough, at just 24 years old I suffer from all of those things and I wasn’t even aware that CBD could actually help in some way. I have tried it before for my arthritis pain but it didn’t really do anything for me so I stopped using it, but I’m guessing that just depends on the company that manufactures the product. Great eye opener! 

  91. Great article!  I’ve learned so much.  I didn’t know anything about CTFO so thanks for clearly explaining it here.  I hope these products can help people feel better and heal.  
    The videos that you have here are really good for helping to understand the products better.  Thanks for sharing such valuable information.


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