What is DAISY Tron? Decentralized Artificial Intelligence System

Lately, there're lots of exciting talks about the promising DAISY decentralized AI system, which going by what the company claims, could completely revolutionize the cryptocurrency trading sphere. Obviously, people have varying ideas about what this system, which could be launched any time from now, is all about. Some believe that it's an AI-backed platform for trading cryptocurrencies whereas others are convinced that it's a multi-level marketing program. Either way, both opinions aren't too far from the truth as you'll learn later on as you read this accurate and unbiased DAISY review. The post covers nearly everything you may seek to know about DAISY Tron including;

i. What is it all about?

ii. Who are the people behind it?

iii. How does it work?

iv. The investment opportunities and compensation plan that come with it.

v. How to join it as an investor once it gets rolled out in the near future.

What Is DAISY Tron?

To start with, DAISY stands for ” Decentralized AI System” while Tron refers to the Tronix(TRX) cryptocurrency. Having said that, DAISY Tron is basically a decentralized AI system currently being developed by a company called “Endotech”. Once complete and rolled out, this blockchain-powered system will be used for cryptocurrency trading purposes with TRX being one of the digital currencies it will focus on. Apart from trading digital currencies, it will also be employed in other unspecified financial fields.

To finalize this project, which is scheduled to launch in January 2021, Endotech is seeking financial assistance through crowdfunding and, in return, offering contributors attractive investment returns and residual incomes in an atmosphere of equity and transparency, thanks to smart contracts based on blockchain.

The DAISY decentralized AI system crowdfunding project will enable investors to make money in three ways:

i. By generating attractive returns on their crowdfunding contributions through a matrix spillover in the referral plan, with or without referrals. Don't worry, I'll explain that later.

ii. By earning trading rewards. Once rolled out, the automated AI cryptocurrency trading system is going to ensure a high success rate, enabling investors to make more profits and fewer losses in buying and selling cryptocurrency.

iii. By signing up for the matrix compensation system. Again, I'll explain that later.

Having said that, there will be 10 crowdfunding packs from which investors can choose, starting from as little as $100. Don't worry, we'll go over these packages later on.

The funds raised through the project will also go towards building the next data center that will be necessary to operate this new technology and hiring more quantum scientists. The company aims to raise 10 million dollars through this project. That's basically what DAISY decentralized AI system is all about.

Key Takeaways

DAISY Tron is a crowdfunding project Endotech is currently running to raise funds necessary for the accomplishment of their DAISY decentralized AI system.

DAISY decentralized AI system is a promising automated bot that apparently will revolutionize cryptocurrency trading, by combining blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies.

Once launched, traders who purchase the license will be able to use the bot to trade digital currencies on various exchanges including Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, and more.

Even though the DAISY decentralized AI system is being developed with the Tronix(TRX) cryptocurrency in mind, it will also support other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin.

Donors who contribute funds to this crowdfunding project will be rewarded with several income opportunities from this system. These include; accessing the bot to enjoy trading with a high success rate, acquiring equity or stock from the company(which they can later sell at a profit), and earning commissions as the company makes money all in an atmosphere of equity and transparency because transactions will be based on smart contracts powered by blockchain.

Understanding Smart Contracts and Crowdfunding

Now, don't let the words “smart-contracts” and/or crowdfunding confuse you, especially if you are a beginner. In layman's terms, Smart Contracts are computer-controlled contracts that automatically execute when predetermined terms and conditions are met across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network. The significance of these contracts is that they help automate transactions between buyers and sellers(contributors/investors and Endotech in this case) without human input. This eliminates overhead costs(those that come with hiring people to do the job) and fraud.

Crowdfunding, on the other hand, basically refers to the practice of funding a venture or project by raising money from donors, contributors, or investors who each contribute a certain amount, typically via the Web. Daisy Tron is a crowdfunding website that allows for crowdfunding projects, which are related to financial technologies(fintech).

A Brief about Tronix(TRX)

Tronix(TRX) is the main cryptocurrency supported by this crowdfunding and multi-level marking platform. Developed by a blockchain-based decentralized system called Tron, Tronix(TRX) is one of the top ten most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. The platform belongs to a Singapore based non-profit organization founded in September 2017 called the Tron Foundation. Headed by CEO Justin Sun, the company comprises a dedicated in-house development team that includes renowned technology nerds.

A Brief about EndoTech

EndoTech is a well-known Israeli company headquartered in HaMerkaz, Israel. Generally, the company develops and distributes AI as well as ML-driven trading strategies as well as bots with the better part of the focus on the Tron cryptocurrency and MLM investment markets.

The Genius Brains Behind The DAISY Decentralized AI System

i. Dr. Anna Becker

Dr. Anna Becker is a co-founder and also the managing director of DAISY Tron. Known to be a big contributor to the financial services' industry, she was appointed by the Financial Commission to FinaCom PLC's Dispute Resolution Committee(DRC), which serves technology providers in the industry and online brokerages, in 2017. Here are some mind-blowing facts about her:

a. She invented an approximation algorithm that currently has a wide range of applications in database systems, operating systems, and VLSI chip designs at just the age of twenty!

b. Becker has a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, which she earned from the world-renowned Technion University/Israel Institute of Technology.

c. The AI genius has founded several AI companies in the FinTech industry including Sherpa (www.allsherpa.com), Gilboa Fund, and MF Global. Apart from that, she has also worked with top regulators in the industry, including serving as a compliance officer with the CFTC and NFA.

d. Her publications are circulated in the elite AI financial/trading circles across both the US and Europe.

e. More impressively, her Machine Learning knowledge and contributions have been adopted by some of the world's largest financial institutions.

f. Lastly, the AI genius's complex algorithms are currently employed around the world in managing investments worth billions of dollars, not to mention that, they have been used in managing funds for large institutions for decades. She has several proprietary AI systems that provide trading infrastructure for more than 100 investment firms all across the US, Europe, and Asia.

ii. Dmitry Gooshchin

Dmitry Gooshchin another co-founder also serves as the Chief Operations Officer(COO) of DAISY Tron. Similarly, here are some fun facts about him:

a. The Tel Aviv University graduate and genius has an M.Sc. in Astrophysics and a B.Sc. in Physics as well as Planetary Sciences.

b. He has a specialized skill set that involves recognizing patterns and developing complex mathematical algorithms.

c. Also, Gooshchin who has over fifteen years of experience in the Algorithmic trading field has had his academic papers published in the world’s largest technical professional organizations in the scientific realm.

Notably, both Dr. Becker and Gooshchin have a long experience in trading within the cryptocurrency and other markets. As if that was not enough, their joint auto trading algorithms/bots such as Daisy AI and ETbot AMA have become quite popular on a number of top crypto exchange platforms including but not limited to BitMEX, Kraken, Bitfinex, Binance due to incredible results.

Who Is DAISY Decentralized AI System Meant For?

Daisy Tron is seeking investors who want to contribute to a noble course and earn attractive returns on their investment. If you would like to play a role in the development of an AI-powered automated robot with the potential to revolutionize automated cryptocurrency trading and profit from your contribution, DAISY is for you.

DAISY Tron Matrix Video Presentation Explanation Tutorial Review from DAISY Tron Matrix on Vimeo.

DAISY Tron Matrix Video Presentation Explanation Tutorial Review

DAISY Tron Matrix Video Presentation Explanation Tutorial Review

Daisy AI’s Compensation Plan

The exact DAISY launch date, which many investors eagerly await will be announced by the company in the next few days. Once this potentially game-changing automated trading bot rolls out, those who had invested their money in the project will apparently enjoy attractive returns, depending on how much they contributed.

The DAISY Tron Matrix System

The Matrix system is the most important way in which those who donated funds to this crowdfunding project will receive compensation. This consists of up to 10 contribution tiers from which to choose, starting from as little as $100. The lucrative compensation plan for these is broken down as follows:

i. Tier 1: $100

One hundred dollars is the lowest amount that investors can contribute to this crowdfunding project. Before I explain Tier 1, here are a few takeaways:

Only 30%-50% of each contribution will be channeled towards the development of the bot. The rest(50% to 70%) of each contribution will go into trading because once the bot is developed, the company will not only sell the license but trade cryptocurrencies with it just like its customers.

Contributors will receive 70% of the trading profit.

15% of the remaining trading profit will be channeled towards the residual referral plan.

The referral plan will pay out up to 46% to members.

So, when you invest $100, the company will use half of that to trade. The other half will fund the development of the robot. You'll earn 50% of the profit realized from every trade. According to the company, the robot will boost the winning chances per trade by up to 4 times. You'll also earn 1 share in the company's 5% equity.

ii. Tier 2: $200

A contribution of $200 will work as follows: $50 will fund the project whereas $150 will be channeled towards trading. Contributors will earn 50% of the profits realized from that and 3 shares from the company's 5 percent equity.

iii. Tier 3: $400

Tier 3 is available for $400. Similarly, $50 will go into the development of the AI trading system while $350 will be used for trading purposes, and 50% of the profit per trade forwarded to the contributor's account. The investor will also secure 7 shares from the company's 5% equity pool.

iv. Tier 4: $800

The $800-worth Tier 4 offers investors half of the profit per trade. $750 is traded while $50 goes into the development of the bot. Lastly, investors acquire 15 shares of the company's 5% equity.

v. Tier 5: $1600

Donors who contribute $1600 are automatically placed in Tier 5. $50 goes towards the AI system, whereas $1550 goes into trading. Investors receive 50% of the profits and 31 shares in the company's 5% equity.

vi. Tier 6: $3200

Tier 6 can be joined for $3200. $3150 is channeled towards trading whereas $50 goes towards the development of the DAISY decentralized AI system. What's more, investors receive 63 shares from the company's equity pool.

vii. Tier 7: $6400

Available for $6400, Tier 7 gives investors up to 127 shares from the company's equity. $6350 of the investment amount is traded with 50% of the profits forwarded to investors. $50 goes into the DAISY Tron project.

viii. Tier 8: $12,800

Tier 8 going upwards is where there are lots of profits to be made and shares to be received with this crowdfund. $50 is channeled towards the development of the robot. While $12, 750 goes to the trading fund where investors receive up to 70% of the profit. Also, investors acquire 255 shares from the company, which they may sell for a profit, later on.

ix. Tier 9: $25,600

Costing $25, 600, Tier 9 is the second-highest investment tier offered by this crowdfund. $25,550 is traded with 70% of the profit disbursed to investors while $50 goes towards the creation of the DAISY Tron automated trading robot. Plus, investors receive up to 511 shares from the company.

x. Tier 10: $51,200

Tier 10 is the ultimate investment tier in this crowdfund. Available for $ 51, 200, it gives investors access to 1023 shares from the company's 5% equity. $50 is contributed towards the development of the robot while $51, 200 is traded with 70% of the profits sent to investors.

NOTE: Returns are calculated based on how much a Daisy AI affiliate invests.

Other Forms of Rewards Offered By Daisy Tron

Besides profits, this crowdfund offers two forms of commissions as the other forms of rewards to contributors. They are explained as follows:

Recruitment commission, which members earn every time they recruit a new member who in turn invests in this platform. The commission is 5% of the amount invested by the new member.

Residual commission. To start with, the term “Residual” means something that keeps repeating itself. A residual commission is thus that income that you keep receiving every time a business makes money, courtesy of your investment plus the efforts you initially put forth, in this case—recruiting a new member. For example, if the new member you recruited, in turn, recruits another member who equally invests in the DAISY decentralized AI system, you'll earn a commission just as your recruit will. Note: To earn this type of commission as an affiliate, the recruit beneath you must have, in turn, brought in a new member who invested the same amount both of you did.

What About The Daisy Scam Rumors Flying Around the Internet?

There is no denying the fact that a few blogs here and there peddle unsubstantiated Daisy scam claims. For me, honesty is my best policy and I would never praise or taint a product falsely. The Daisy decentralized AI system for crowdfunding and MLM marketing purposes to me doesn't sound like a scam. Below are some facts about it that make me feel that it's authentic:

i. Associated with Serious Entities

The DAISY crowdfund project doesn't strike me like a scam because it's associated with two major and respectable entities i.e EndoTech and Tron Foundation. The former, which is run by well-known and respectable scientists in the AI field(Dr. Anna Becker and Dmitry Gooshchin) possesses the project whereas the latter provides the technology upon which the DAISY decentralized AI system will be based.

ii. A Smart Contract-Based System

Unlike scam projects, the DAISY crowdfund project is backed by smart contracts ensuring transparency and equity. Everything is automated with zero human input. As such, investors will receive their duly earned compensations and rewards upon meeting predetermined terms and conditions.

What Makes Daisy Tron Unique

DAISY Tron is a distinctive project that is well-thought-out and developed with transparency as well as fairness in mind. Here are some aspects that set it apart from other similar projects:

i. The project is based on smart contracts, which are enabled by blockchain. The companies Smart Contract technology creates a safe process between DAISY, investors as well as customers.

ii. The project is designed to allow for future scaling of transaction limits, thanks to the powerful TRON blockchain infrastructure behind it.

iii. Another thing that makes Daisy Tron stand out is transaction fees. The company deducts very low withdrawal fees, allowing investors to keep a significant portion of the income they earned. Plus, it gives them the liberty to withdraw their rewards at any time.

iv. Notably, DAISY Tron does not subject investors to form 1099 from the Internal Revenue Service, which would otherwise compel them to declare their returns. Everything is through a smart contract, which allows for secure and discreet payments and withdrawals through digital currency.

v. Lastly, this crowdfund offers investors special profit rewards and stock equity. This gives them the chance to have a part of the company's ownership.

Final Thoughts

The DAISY Tron crowdfund project is a promising one that is expected to yield an automated cryptocurrency trading bot powered by blockchain and AI. The company behind this project aims to raise about $10 million from it to finalize and roll out the bot. Investors who contribute will be rewarded with an attractive compensation plan that also includes stock equity, depending on how much they contributed. Currently, investors can contribute any of the following amounts to start earning profits when the product gets rolled out: $100, $200, $400, $800, $1600, $3200, $6400, $12800, $25600, as well as $51, 200.

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