What is Global Test Market about?

Are you into taking surveys?
Are you like me and find the surveys to be a complete waste of time?

Is Global Test Market different than the others?

What is Global Test Market about?

In all my years on the internet, I have taken a look at quite a few survey sites and found them all to be more than a little aggravating!

In case you do like surveys, I will share some of the more popular ones with you below:

(I am not a member of any of them and will not be your referrer so join at your own discretion)

So, I only listed 5 of the Survey sites that are available online and there are literally thousands!

Are they all scams?

Is Global Test Market a Scam?

In my opinion, the answer is both yes and no …………..

Yes because I believe that even if you do by some miracle qualify for the survey the time that it takes to take and sometimes retake the survey multiple times that the rewards are so minimal and with so many restrictions that it’s not worth it!

No, because some people thoroughly enjoy taking surveys and somehow do know how to and do qualify to take the surveys and can really game the system correctly.

Maybe I just don’t have the patience to take the surveys and take the time to share my opinion about products that I use for pennies on the hour.

Global MoneyLine

I find it odd that on the Global Test Market website that they share that they paid out 32 Million dollars in 2014, what has happened since then?

At Global Test Market they specify that it is a fast way to make money online and then on the same page they say that you will be paid with marketpoints redeemable in their catalog and depends upon which Country you are living in.

Global Test Market also speaks of being part of Lightspeed GMI which is a data collection and research site with a focus on health care but also collects data for anything and everything that you could imagine.

Is Global Test Market a Scam?

What is Global Test Market about?

Hopefully we are now getting to know more about that and are looking into the different places where information about Global Test Market is located.

Global Test Market does have a Facebook page with over 900,000 Fans – Click here to view their Facebook Page!

From my research, at the Global Test Market website, I would say that no it isn’t a scam but that yes it is for only those who have more time than they know what to do with and love sharing their opinion as a hobby.

What is Global Test Market about?

Here is the FAQ Frequently asked Questions page at Global Test Market so that You can decide for yourself if it is a place where you can earn an income.

To see how I earn a legitimate income online simply click on the banners within this website and/or view some other posts that I share – Here is my #1 recommendation and it’s Free so click here and join now!

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Posted by Tony Lee Hamilton

7 year United States Army Veteran - Providing Social Media & Internet Marketing Solutions for Businesses as well as helping Friends earn an income online with Internet Affiliate Marketing from anywhere in the World.

Website: http://tonyleehamilton.globalmoneyline.com

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  1. Hi Tony,
    Can’t pretend to be an expert here. The only surveys I have ever managed to complete promised much and delivered nothing. I used to get so far then quit when the personal info they required got more and more invasive. Perhaps I just chose the wrong ones.
    This is something that I have considered from time to time but I think the info you have written here has convinced me to give them a miss and look elsewhere for potential income opportunities.
    Thanks for sharing. Gordon

    1. Hi Gordon,

      Yes I understand my Friend and have also been there and done that.

      There are many ways to earn an income online and I share my Favorites right here on my website Gordon.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting, You are welcome back anytime.


  2. Hello Tony. I find being in Australia I am limited to options when it comes to online surveys. Unfortunately it is hard to tell genuine companies to scams these days so reading about Global Test Market is interesting, I may try it if my country is allowed. When it comes to surveys I have heard of people doing it during coffee breaks as part of a routine, I guess it is better then checking news sites or facebook if you can make money from it.

    1. Hello Keldyn,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with surveys while living in Australia my Friend.

      Australia is one of the many Countries that Global Test Market does support but even some in the United States don’t qualify for some of the surveys either.

      During a coffee break or as you mentioned doing surveys instead of wasting time on Facebook may be worth it and more productive.

      Thank you Keldyn for stopping by and commenting, You are welcome back anytime my friend.


  3. Hi Tony

    Someone was asking does Global Test Market have a referral program. Yes they do. You earn 20 points per referral. Also they do not charge a fee. It is free to join. They also offer product testing as well if you qualify to do it. I did one once. I was sent $10 in the mail along with the product, then a $50 visa gift card later after I finished it. So is Global Test Market a scam? No they are not. I have been with then for a few years now.


    1. Hi Linda,

      That’s Awesome my Friend!

      It’s refreshing to hear that a Friend has actually made money with Global Test Market and that it isn’t a scam.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences with them Linda.

      You earn 20 points per referral but no points on their activity?

      If that’s true then that doesn’t seem right since you were the one to refer them.

      Do you earn any points when they earn a referral?

      Is so then that would be Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and an awesome way to have residuals coming in.

      Once again Linda, Thank you for stopping by and sharing your experience with us my Friend.

      Please keep us updated on how GTM is going for you,


  4. I really never gave surveys much of a second thought I always assumed they were a scam. Especially since they usually promise something at the end of the survey. It the survey NEVER ENDS. Yes I fell for that one… one even… maybe twice. It was great to read about your experiences and the legitimate opportunities available

    1. Thank you for sharing Wenda, the never ending surveys are very frustrating for sure and no fun at all.

      Thank you Wenda for stopping by and commenting my Friend, You are always welcome back.


  5. Hi Tony,

    I really like your article. It is refreshing to see that I am not the only one frustrated with and has no patience for online surveys. I occasionally still do some surveys on Paid View Point but they only allow you to do 1-2 surveys per day and pay you about 10 cents….I made $2 this month. Your article is interesting and honest so thank you for writing it! I also like that you mention an alternative way of making money online, there’s still hope!


    1. Hi Fayelee,

      $2 for a month while completing 1-2 surveys per day?

      At 10 cents per survey does that mean that you completed 20 surveys in that month?

      How long would you say that it took you to complete those 20 surveys Fayelee?

      Are you still utilizing Paid View Point or have you moved on?

      thank you Fayelee for stopping by and commenting my Friend and also for sharing your eperiences with Paid ViewPoint.


  6. I am not into taking surveys either. I’ve had family that used to do Swagbucks and they enjoyed it but did it get them any real money? No. I think a person’s time is better spent learning something and using it to make money. Time is money and in my book, Taking surveys takes up too much time.

    1. Thank you for sharing Jen, SwagBucks has been around for quite a few years and many do utilize it.

      I am with you though, I have found many other ways to spend my time that are much more productive than taking surveys for a few dollars or a few pennies.

      Thank you Jen, Come back anytime my Friend.


  7. I don’t like surveys since I tried one before and they keep going on forever I did not get anywhere. It’s wastes alot of time and effort answering all the questionnaires.

  8. Hi, Tony.

    I used to do InboxDollars for a couple hours every day before I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. it took me six months just to reach their minimum payout threshold of $30. And yes, it was very irritating. I qualified for very few surveys. Some of them that I did qualify for only paid a dollar per hour.

    Unless you fall into some rare demographic (Hispanic woman who was adopted and has a hundred rare genetically inherited illnesses that scientists are currently studying), it is very hard to qualify for surveys.

    One way people legitimately make money doing surveys is to refer others. I was wondering, does Global Test Market have a down line so I could refer a hundred people and not have to do any surveys myself?


    1. Hi Kalie,

      I’m not sure if Global Test Market has a referral program but I don’t think so.

      If you’re looking for a low cost platform that has surveys and where you can refer Friends I highly recommend Cash Downline Builder my Friend as there are many sites built into the system there.

      Thank you for sharing your experience with InBox Dollars as well Kalie,


  9. Well I have never taken a survey online for money but i can imagine that it would be more of a headache than a money making option. Global test seems to be much of the same so that is not something that im looking to do. I would rather make money in which im in control of. Thanks for the post.

    Jeff Conner

    1. You are welcome Jeff and yes my Friend, I agree!

      There are much better ways to earn an income online for us all and from anywhere in the world.

      Thank you Jeff for viewing and commenting on my Global Test Market post here on TonyLeeHamilton.com my Friend,


  10. I find survey sites to be a colossal waste of time. I can’t imagine Global Test Market would be any different. Most of time you’ll find that you don’t qualify for the real paying surveys and you end up on all kinds of mailing lists.

    It’s a much better use of your time to learn how to build an income producing website in my opinion.

    1. Absolutely Steve!

      I agree my Friend and thank you for sharing your review of survey sites.

      Global Test Market most likely is about the same as all of the rest and unless someone truly loves taking online surveys and sharing their opinions then time can be spent much more wisely in many other ways.

      Thank you Steve for taking the time to view and comment,


  11. Hi there, thank you for your article on Global Test Market.

    My partner lost her job and have tried to apply for some of these survey companies before… but the ones that she checked out always started by getting her email address and then after a few steps they ask to pay to continue.

    Do you know if Global Test Market is like that? Do they have like charges or hidden costs like membership or processing fee?

    1. Hi there,

      You are welcome Steven and I understand your pain my Friend.

      I am not sure if Global Test Market would do the same or not Steven as I haven’t become a member.

      There are Friends here who have been and/or are going to try it out so you can check back soon and we all should have a better idea if they do or not.

      Thank you Steven for stopping by and commenting my Friend and you are welcome back anytime.


  12. Hi Tony, I found your site very helpful as I know where to look for better surveys. It’s important in my job as it gives me ideas on creating training needs analysis for different professions within a varied amount of companies. Surveys are good sometimes when they lead to a positive change but I agree with you that some can be very time-consuming, It always makes it more beneficial if you get paid for your own research. I wonder is there another way to gain this information/ or could you recommend other affiliate sites where information can be gained in this category? It would be nice to see a different and more creative way of collecting feedback?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Sinead,

      Thank you my Friend for taking the time to read my post and also share your expertise in the area of creating needs analysis.

      The idea that you have is a brilliant one and it would be nice to make that a reality Sinead, collecting feedback in a creative way.

      You are welcome back anytime Sinead and I thank you for taking the time to read my sharing of what is Global Test Market is about.


  13. Point taken Tony. If you have the patience for surveys go for it, I do not either. I really like how you presented that point and let right into what you truly recommend. i could tell that you have done this awhile. I am very new at WA and learning everyday. Your post makes some great points.

    1. Thank you Marc,

      Yes WA is a wonderful place to learn and I love sharing what does help Friends to earn an income online while also increasing website traffic and referrals.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting my Friend, You are welcome back anytime.


  14. Great article. I love how well written and informative it is. I was looking for some good reviews online on the Global Test Market and I found your website. I was into swagbucks for some time but now I would consider trying this out soon. Thank You for your help.

    1. Wonderful Thevin,

      It’s my pleasure to help Friends and share what I know works on the internet and if you are into surveys then by all means give Global Test Market a try.

      If you don’t mind come back to this post in a couple of weeks and let us all know how it’s going my Friend,


  15. Nice info,
    I tried doing surveys awhile back and never found one that was worth the time.I need something with residual income.Time is money and my time is worth a lot to me as you never get it back once it is gone.After visiting Global Test Market website, I don’t think it is a scam scam but i still have my doubts on how much time you would have to put into making a buck.

    1. Thank you Kirk for sharing your experience with surveys my Friend and I also agree that residual income is the way to go.

      I love sharing legitimate ways to earn residual income online with Friends and do that right here on my website as well as at IBOtoolbox.

      Thank you Kirk for stopping by, you are welcome back anytime my Friend.


  16. Like many thinks online Global Test Market might not be a scam but it’s dangerous because it will distract you and if you’re trying to make an income online that’s so dangerous that it might as well be a scam because time is money.
    Even if you have got a lot of time and you are just wanting to do this for fun beware if you’re not from the US. Most survey sites offer limited opportunities for those outside of the US. Do you know if that’s the case with this oneTony?

    1. Hi Deb,

      Yes I agree my Friend!

      Time is very valuable and should be spent wisely and that is why I don’t recommend these types of survey platforms for investing time into as the ROI isn’t worth it.

      I’m not sure if Global Test Market is any better than the rest as far as being available outside of the United States, Their website does list over 40 markets across the world that they are in.

      Thank you Deb for stopping by and commenting my Friend,


  17. Great information, thank you.
    I´ve been interested in taking online surveys for some time and came across your site while looking for information on the subject.

    Having read what you have to say i think it´s fair to say i´ll be following another road to try and make some spare cash as this sounds like it´s really not worth the time and effort i´d need to invest.

    Thanks for saving me time and hassle.

    1. You are welcome Dec,

      It is my pleasure to help Friends earn an income online and also to steer away from the platforms that aren’t a wise investment of either time or money.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting my Friend,


  18. Hey there Tony!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to explain global test market. I’ve heard people speak about it before but never understood what it’s about. I like your style of writing and found your page easy to understand, and not simply filled with “click here buy now!” links. I learned a few things from your post today, thank you so much!

  19. Hey Tony
    Just wanted to share my experience with surveys.
    I am from small European country and few years ago when I started my online journey I also wanted to try out surveys. However, surveys didn’t work out for me as noone is interested in opinion of resident of small EU country so I had to look in some other direction. So unless you are from Germany and UK or some other big EU country, I would suggest not wasting your time on surveys. Perhaps something has changed over this period of time but it is less likely.

    1. Thank you for sharing Arta,

      You are not alone my Friend as there are many who don’t qualify for the surveys.

      I have found that many of my Friends and/or acquaintances on the internet have also had trouble qualifying.

      Thank you for sharing Arta and remember that there are many other legitimate ways to earn an income on the internet my Friend.


  20. Great informational post I have been doing surveys for quite a while now and like you said some are scams but not all and everyone will do what best works for them. I like to use this site called cashcrate have you ever heard of it? Give me your thoughts on them.

    I have seen Global test market around on the web but never had the guts to give them a try. But since I’m a survey guy and it’s what I like to do.Ill give them a shot and follow up with you on how it went.

    1. Hi William,

      It sounds like Cashcrate has been good for you.

      I have heard of Cashcrate but have never given it a shot, What do you like best about Cashcrate my Friend?

      I look forward to also hearing how you do with Global Test Market.

      Thank you William for taking the time to view and comment,


  21. People actually make money doing surveys? The next person who tells me they’ve made money doing this will actually be the first.

    I’ve never heard of GTM, but they don’t seem to be much different than the rest of them. Your article was very interesting, as you thoroughly explained how the program works, and provided alternative options. From that I can see, you’ve been pretty successful, so kudos to you!

    1. I agree Oliver, Not one person that I know personally has ever made a significant amount of money with doing surveys.

      If someone ever does then I would love for them to share with us all.

      I have had my share of success Oliver and appreciate you stopping by to comment on my post here on my website my Friend.

      Talk with you soon Oliver,


  22. So you would advise us not to do any surveys? I’m new to building my web and trying to make money with different ways online. Have you tried taking any surveys to just to see how much money you could actually make? I’m curious on the pay and how much time someone actually puts in it and what the outcome is with the pay. Honestly I don’t think I would enjoy taking surveys either. but hey that all depends on the pay I guess and how much time it takes.

    1. I personally don’t do the surveys as I have found them to be very hard to qualify for and after spending time filling out the questionnaire to see if I qualify the actual survey rewards aren’t worth my time.

      I do share many ways on my website to increase website traffic, referrals and revenue online without a big budget and the first place that I would advise Friends to start is with IBOtoolbox.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting on What is Global Test Market about and commenting my Friend,


  23. Hi Tony,

    I guess I am like you because I have just never had the patience with taking these surveys. From time to time, I have seen a few small rewards, but I have always seen the work to be greater than the actual rewards.

    Given that I fall for these things sometimes though, I am going to test out the Global Test Market and see if I have any luck with it. If I don’t, then so be it.

    1. Hi Hunter,

      Update me with your experience with Global Test Market please as I am curious to know and hear from other Friends’ experiences with their surveys and if they actually do pay or not.

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment my Friend,


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