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What is Health & Wellness to You?

What’s the best way to get Healthy & stay Healthy?

Are You in a Health & Wellness Direct Marketing Company?

In your opinion, what makes your products different and separates your products from the rest?

Below I will name some of the Health & Wellness Direct Marketing Companies that I am aware of, if I leave yours out I truly apologize!

  • Isagenix – Available directly from their main website, thru an Associate and even on Amazon.com – Become an Associate if You would like by clicking here!

  • Herbalife – Also available directly on their website, thru an Independent Distributor and on Amazon.com – Become an Independent Distributor – Click here!

  • Zija – Once again also available from their main website, thru a Distributor and yes also on Amazon.com!  Become a Distributor – Click here!

  • Arbonne – Not only are Arbonne products also available on Amazon, they also have the largest Social Media footprint as far as I have noticed.  They have a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram page!  Does that mean that their products are better?  Of course not but it doesn’t mean that they are worse either.  Their products are also available at their main website or thru an Independent Consultant & you can become a Consultant by clicking here!

  • Shaklee – Become a Distributor by clicking here!  Shaklee products are also available on Amazon and thru a Distributor as well as on their main website.

  • Skinny Body Care – Available on their main website, thru Amazon & from a Distributor as well!  Become a Distributor – Click here!

  • It Works – Yes, available at their main website, thru a Wrapreneur and even on Amazon!  Become a Wrapreneur, Click here!

  • Melaleuca – Become a member, click here!  I found many listings for Melaleuca during my research but unlike all of the others above, I didn’t find an Official Melaleuca Amazon link.

  • Ariix – No Official Ariix Amazon page as far as I can see but this one is named Authorized Dealers among the many listings as well.  Become a Dealer by clicking here!  You can also purchase Ariix products directly from the company website and/or by contacting an Ariix Dealer.

Am I saying that in order to become Healthy that you need to purchase andy of the above products and/or join and become a Direct Seller?

No, of course I’m not!

Not only am I not nor have I ever been involved with any of the companies listed above, I have never purchased any of their products.

On the other side of the coin, am I saying that there is anything wrong with purchasing from and/or becoming a direct selling independent representative with any of the above companies?

Absolutely not!

If you are into health and wellness and also love the direct selling arena then by all means do join and sell for them while becoming more healthy.

I have many Friends and Family who are representatives of the above companies as well.

So, What is Health and Wellness?

I believe that health & wellness is different for each of us and how we feel is the main indication of our health and wellness.

Does that mean that we shouldn’t seek a Doctor’s advice and/or care?

Should we completely ignore health warnings?

Should we not take vitamins or not eat healthy?

No to all of the above, we should definitely listen to our Physician, eat healthy and take our vitamins.  We should also listen to our own body and not ignore how we feel.

Are You a Health & Wellness person?

Have You ever thought about blogging about your passion for Health and Wellness?

No matter what direct selling company that you are a part of, any of the ones listed above, one that’s not listed above or even if you’re not a part of a direct selling company You can monetize and earn with a blog!

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On an upcoming post I’ll talk about the Aromatherapy & Natural Oils that are also great blog ideas!

What is health & Wellness to you?  Share with the World by commenting below!

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