What is IBOToolBox?

What is IBOToolBox?


IBOToolBox is the greatest advertising platform in the world that can and will increase your website views as well as provide training and support to help you to earn an income on the internet from anywhere in the World and for Free!

As stated above IBOToolBox is a state of the art marketing platform that provides tools, training and support to help anyone to learn to grow their income and presence on the internet.

Tony Lee Hamilton on IBOToolBox

Above is my personal profile page at IBOToolBox and I highly recommend that anyone who has a website and would like to learn to grow and increase revenue, website traffic and/or referrals to also join IBOToolBox.

IBOtoolbox is jammed packed full of systems, widgets, apps, and tools that are all specifically designed to help promote your business, establish and maintain a presence on the Internet, and push your “Brand” to the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). Every feature that is found within IBOtoolbox was designed for a certain purpose. If the feature is used correctly, your business will benefit greatly. If all features within this platform are integrated into your business routine, the benefit is beyond measure.

Listed and outlined below are several features you will find inside this platform. Keep in mind, that this is only a basic list, you will find much more inside. IBOtoolbox development team is always adding more tools, widgets, and apps to the platform.



With thousands upon thousands of members logging on daily, IBOtoolbox is one of the busiest and most active business social networks on the Internet today. IBOtoolbox is unlike any social network out there because all members are like minded Internet marketers and entrepreneurs. All members are here to promote their businesses, network together, and build their brands. Every member of this network is here to be successful with their business venture, just like you!

IBOtoolbox was developed as a “SafeHaven” for marketers from the very beginning. Safehaven, in IBO terms, means negativity is prohibited. At no time are members allowed to post anything negative about another members business, product, or service. Because of this Safehaven, IBOtoolbox members are free to promote their businesses without being harassed by other members.


IBOtoolbox allows each member to publish up to 2 Press Releases daily. These Press Releases are syndicated to a multitude of external websites, as well as published to your Online Business Profile Page (IBOsocial). IBOtoolbox also notifies your business associates when you publish a PR, so they can visit your profile, read your PR, and leave great comments! Since IBOtoolbox PR tool allows you to publish keywords and the PR's are ranked high in search engines, your information will be found by people searching for your content.

The “HOLY GRAIL” of marketing is getting into search engine results with important keywords. Because IBOtoolbox follows strict SEO guidelines, and is very liked by Google, Yahoo!, Ask, and Bing, the IBOtoolbox PR system will not only get you into the search engines, but will get you in great position on those results as well.


IBOtoolbox is a unique social network because it allows you to meet and associate with like minded business owners just like you. This makes up the perfect way to build up a network of individuals that will help you achieve success. Also, unlike other business platforms, IBOtoolbox is 100% free. Because of this simple fact, the growth of IBOtoolbox is limitless. With limitless growth possibilities, IBOtoolbox has the ability to connect you with business professionals on a global scale never imagined before.


Everything you do at IBOtoolbox will get you a lot of traffic to your Online business profile (IBOSOCIAL). Members will visit your profile and learn about you, people searching the Internet for your content will find your profile and read about you, and all of the social media sharing that goes on inside IBOtoolbox will also bring people to your business profile. This online business profile as well as other IBO tools like the IBOURL (link shortner) systems will begin to generate you leads. These leads are put into your contact manager so you can begin working them.


The IBOurl system is a personalizable link shortner. You can hide those long and ugly Affiliate links and cloak company links to make them your own. IBOurl is a great shortener, but it does not stop there. IBOurl allows you to put your own menu bar on top of the website you are promoting. This menu bar will have items like, Your name, picture, Press releases, Videos, Live Chat, Contact Form, and your Social Media Links. For those who are interested in building your brand… The IBOurl will become your best friend. IBOurl is also SEO friendly, published with customizable page title, META tags, and keywords! The IBOurl system is the most inclusive Link shortener on the Internet today.


Today's savvy customers want questions answered on demand. If you are not around to answer questions, some of them will do business elsewhere. The answer to this problem is have a live chat service running on your website. The problem is that LiveChat services can run up to $50 per month for a single website. IBOtoolbox answers the call by providing a live chat service to you for free. IBOtoolbox not only allows you to chat with visitors to your IBOsocial profile, but you can add a widget to your website and add live chat service to any of your websites for free!

IBOtoolbox Live chat service does not end there! In addition to live chat you can: Run a chat room, video conference, share files, Document Collaboration, Screen Sharing, Screen Draw, and more… All for free!


Throughout the entire platform (all websites), IBOtoolbox has areas that members can run advertising for their business. This advertising is very targeted because the people who see these ads are business owners, people looking to get into business, people looking at making extra money, and people looking for products/services. The majority of the people who see these ads are coming in from search engine results. This makes IBOtoolbox the best place to run advertising!


Every member has their own personal IBOsocial business profile. Since these profiles are built SEO strict and are very liked by search engines, content located on these profiles are returned with search engine results. These profiles are the hub where all your information is centrally stored and located. Visitors looking at your profile, will be able to research what you do and contact you if they want to know more.

According to Google, by the end of 2013 70% of all web searches done on the Internet will be done from a mobile device. Because of this, IBOtoolbox has created a mobile friendly version of your IBOsocial business profile that will automatically be displayed when visitors are accessing from a mobile device.

Every page at IBO has a “Section Assistance” area near the bottom right that is very helpful and there are also easy to follow videos as well helping every step of the way.

You can email me anytime as well @ TonyLeeHamilton@gmail.com

What is IBOToolBox?

What is IBOToolBox?

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