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What is IG Money Tree, is IG Money Tree a Scam or Legit Way to Monetize Instagram?

IG MoneyTree

As we continue to benefit from most of the solutions developed by many inventors who’re out to make some of the things we encounter every day easier to handle, we cannot deny that the use of social media software and tools has also played a significant role in boosting the quality of life. When it comes to Instagram, many influencers are working hard to benefit from the platform by having their accounts obtain more followers and subsequently earning them income indirectly or directly.  The IG Money Tree Review below will address the questions about the platform being either a scam or a legit way to monetize Instagram.

Disclaimer: No, I'm not a representative nor am I a customer for IG Money Tree at the time of this article being published, Visit TonyLeeHamilton.com to see what I do indeed recommend.

Instagram is one of the major players when it comes to social media networks. That means product developers will try to take advantage of this great resource, by claiming that they’ve come up with a product which can utilize Instagram in your favor. One of the popular products of this making is the Instagram Money Tree (IG). It has been labeled as an incredibly lucrative program through which expert and novice learners can make an extra income.

So, is Instagram Money Tree opportunity a scam or a legit opportunity that can help you build your email list and also make good money in the long run? In this IG Money Tree review, we shall analyze the Instagram Money Tree program to know what it’s all about and whether you can rely on it when it comes to the benefits it purports to offer.

What is IG Money Tree?

IG Money Tree claims to be a unique income-generating software that has an inbuilt funnel which is capable of generating affiliate commissions and fresh leads as well. It also assists you in building your Instagram following more easily without having to advertise the affiliate products. IG Money Tree is the creation of Tom E Mcting, a guy who is conversant with social marketing and has great experience in the same. His experience in social marketing led him to create a method that could automate daily HOT leads, along with regular incomes daily. That’s how IG Money Tree was birthed.

After testing the Software, Tom E made it accessible for people who’re interested in making money through his predefined approach. Generally, the IG Money tree creates an automatic email listing for you and then offers you a six-figure online product that’s created into your funnel already. Once you follow the steps outlined by the developers of this system, you’ll start reaping in the form of money.

IG Money Tree Features

When you sign up on the IG Money platform, you will get an inbuilt funnel that you are going to give away to others for free. Sharing this funnel normally happens semi-automatically. Once your Instagram visitors sign up, each of them will get their free IGMT website.

That means that you will have an incredibly special VIP edition of the IGMT website as an Instagram Money Tree customer. After that, you will be able to share it with other people, and the action steps discussed in the next segment of this review will discuss how you should automate this sharing process to avoid wasting your time and days trying to get some traffic.

So basically, you are giving away the IGMT websites to other people for free. The main reason why you give away the IGMT websites is that each website that you give away has great potential to give you Instagram followers, some email leads, and a maximum of $320 in affiliate commissions.

This free website is usually hard-coded with your information so that the leads, affiliate commissions, and Instagram followers get to you automatically. Besides, there are still other benefits and incentives customized for the free website version members, like being able to build their Instagram numbers on autopilot.

Also, their visitors will be following the Instagram page you own alongside theirs. But the best of all is that when their visitors make orders of the featured product that is built into each IGMT site, you will automatically get the commissions to a maximum of $320 in your account.

Again, you’re giving out free versions of hard-coded IGMT websites with your info. Therefore, your free versions IGMT referrals are producing followers, leads, as well as affiliate commissions as you give away the free IGMT websites. Giving out websites that are hard-coded with your information will give you an endless viral potential, which means other people are building your business venture for you as they advertise the website you are giving to them for free.

Furthermore, there are some benefits for them as well, but you get all the primary benefits as an IG Money Tree customer, who are followers, free leads, and affiliate commission. The best thing about this program is that you are not even selling any products. You are just sharing your Instagram Money Tree site with other individuals, and by doing so, you will be giving away IGMT free websites to others.

How does the IG Money Tree work?

Here, we are going to take a quick look at your VIP funnel so that we can see what your Instagram followers will see once they join you. Let’s assume that a lady named Joy sees your IG VIP website link on the Instagram platform, so she clicks on it. And the first page she’ll be taken to is your funnel, which is the very first page of your VIP website.

The first IGMT registration page is pretty straightforward, and Joy watches your video presentation and is then prompted to register for Instagram Money Tree through your site for free. As she signs up, her email address is automatically added to a certain downloadable file within your VIP member section, and you can download the file periodically to help you get your entire list of email contacts.

Also, you can contact individuals for free through Gmail because you know all the people whose email contacts you download. Besides, you can also import the email contacts to an autoresponder, but the way you will contact them is usually up to you. Again, if you decide to buy the email squeeze plan, you can easily automate the entire process of capturing your email leads and sending them directly to your autoresponder account.

From now, we are going to assume that Joy has decided to register for the free IGMT and she has just watched your video presentation that shows how IGMT can grow her Instagram following considerably on autopilot and has learned how she will then be able to make some money with the Instagram following. Following Instagram accounts is free, and it only takes a short time. Therefore, your visitors will click every button here to open every Instagram page and then click once more to follow every page.

What is interesting about this is that Joy gets her free-version IGMT website, and this same page will be shown to her visitors as well. And better still, your Instagram page/account will always appear in the ninth position on this page. That means that everyone who joins IGMT through Joy’s free version website will indeed be joining your own Instagram page. They will be your Instagram followers. As a VIP member with IGMT, your slot on the page is locked because it is static and also permanent for everyone joining your network. That can effectively mean the endless Instagram following for you. Many of them will come in on autopilot from the effort of your free IGMT referrals like Joy.

The same thing does not apply for the free version members because their Instagram pages aren’t static, and their Instagram slots are not static on this page. They are still able to grow an autopilot base on Instagram, though not to the same level you are and not as fast when you are a VIP member. Therefore, they will still have enough motivation to share their Instagram Money Tree websites with other people to refer it to others. However, you should remember that all the primary benefits will go to you. Again, the ability to grow an unlimited number of Instagram followers is another major benefit you will enjoy, and that will also happen through this page as well.

Last but not least, let us go through your funnel. In simple terms, this page is an interim page that tells your new referral, new sign up and new IGMT member that they now have an Instagram Money Tree site of their own and that they can utilize it to begin building a lucrative following on the Instagram platform.

The inbuilt product is known as shop monopoly, and you can get up to $320 in commissions. The catch now is that Joy has to order the inbuilt product to activate it within her free version of the IGMT funnel. Activating the product is pretty easy because the video on this Instagram page explains every step in simple terms so that Joy and all your other referrals will know what to do and how to monetize as well.

The referrals are instructed to buy the featured products shot monopoly and log in to the shop monopoly immediately after they buy to get a 3-digit activation. They are then instructed to enter that secret code given on this page to unlock their free version of IGMT websites, which enables them to earn some commissions on the inbuilt product as well. But as a VIP IGMT member, you’re automatically activated for the commissions on the page. That means you are activated for the 3-digit secret step, which means you don’t have to order shop monopoly or order the product. So that is another benefit that comes with the IGMT VIP membership.

How to join the IG Money Tree Program

If you are looking at the monetary value provided by various platforms and software, then Instagram Money Tree might be what you are looking for. There are many other resources you can also benefit from on Instagram platform, like the opportunity to get traffic and earn a passive income from that. Whatever approach you select, you will probably end up earning extra money to meet all your various needs in the long run. By following the simple steps listed below, as outlined by the creators of the platform, you’ll be well on your way to make a maximum of $320 every day.

Action Step One

· Add your free IGMT website to the profile of your Instagram account.

· Add a short description using your link.

Action Step Two

· Post some memes at least two times per week to wad your viral site.

Action Step Three

· Send an email message to your entire email list, if you’ve one, which promotes IG Money Tree.

· Utilize the provided email swipe.

· Purchase Solo Adverts with Udimi, especially if you do not have an email list.

· Watch the provided video that shows you how to order from Udimi.

Action Step Four

· Offer to pay some other Instagram accounts that have large followings to help you run the bio of your profile on their profile pages.

Action Step Five

· Follow at least one hundred people manually each day on Instagram.

· Ensure that each of your regular posts has at least ten to30 hashtags.

· Download all your leads to your autoresponder

Who Is The System For?

The Instagram Tree Money system is meant for anybody who uses Instagram. It could be a great way to capture leads, build your following, and also earn commissions for referring other people to your free website. I have used the term “could” because unless you are getting started with a relatively large following, then this system will take a lot of time to grow. Depending on the audience you are targeting to get Instagram following, the number of followers you have makes a significant difference in the ultimate success of the system or not.

Your commissions normally come from your referrals, purchasing a membership with ShopMonopoly, which is an online eCommerce platform. If you are working or involved in the MMO niche, then the IGMT system is ideal for you. But if most of your followers are not interested in making some money over the internet, then your referral link will not attract any visitors. The other major question here is whether your followers are interested in beginning an eCommerce business venture because that is what they will be encouraged to purchase the sales funnel.

Evaluation and Pricing

I believe that Instagram Money Tree is not a high-priced product, but it can make your Instagram marketing successful. For a limited duration, before the product is launched, you can grab the IG Money Tree system with a discounted price in the options discussed below. You can pick any of these best-suited choices before this incredible offer is gone.

Front-end: IG Money Tree – $20

This zero-click software gives you up to 132 leads and $320 daily.

OTO 1: Auto Income Switch – $97

This option instantly activates the Instagram Money Tree viral, inbuilt deep-funnel, which explodes the software’s virality, producing followers, leads, and affiliate commission at a high rate when compared to the Front-End option. With this upgrade, the users can expect at least double or triple their results or earnings.

OTO 2: Email Money Squeeze – $47

This upgraded option allows the users to double their profits by auto-capturing all the email contacts of every new follower or lead. Apart from that, it also comes with five custom-built squeeze pages for the IG Money Tree system, which allows the users to add the Instagram Money Tree effortlessly leads they get to their listings.

OTO 3: High Ticket Mogul – $197

This option adds a ticket of $500-per-sale income stream to the IGMoneyTree viral funnel of a user by auto-displaying the high ticket offers. The user who passes this one up will be passing up some regular payments of $500.

Pros of IG Money Tree

· You don’t need a website

· You can generate some traffic to your website for free

· You will get an in-built funnel

· It needs a low amount of money

· It can build your email list

· It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

· It has the potential to make commissions

· Positive reviews on many online review sites

Cons of IG Money Tree

· Your referrals must be interested in the popular MMO niche

· The website lacks enough info

· You need a big following to get started

· There is no specific way to target all your followers

Is The IG Money Tree A Scam?

Instagram Money Tree system is not a scam, in my opinion. It has received many reviews from most of the popular review websites, and none of them has pointed to this platform as being a scam. Moreover, we can also trace this software back to its developer, Tom E, who’s a renowned social marketer. Tom has been deemed as a master of social marketing as we see in all the review sites which have reviewed the IG Money Tree.

According to the reviews, the software and its developer are perceived to be offering the desired value via the packages provided. Everybody who makes their purchase on the platform and follows the given rules is likely to create a good amount of money in the long run.

Disclaimer: No, I'm not a representative nor am I a customer for IG Money Tree at the time of this article being published, Visit TonyLeeHamilton.com to see what I do indeed recommend.

Instagram is also a brilliant social media platform to get a following and also see what other people are up to. Even though it is not conducive to network marketing since you cannot add the links directly when posting, the only place where that is possible is your bio page.

According to the training steps on this platform, you will be posting more regularly to get the following. Unless you purchase the upsells, you will not be making any commissions, as well. In my opinion, YouTube will give you the best techniques to get a huge following on Instagram, which is generally through relentless posting.

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