What is My Daily Choice MyDailyChoice HempWorx?

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My Daily Choice was formed in the year 2014 and came together with the company HempWorx in 2017, which deals with CBD products. Its headquarters are in Las Vegas in the United States. This company works under the networking or direct marketing system that one can earn money in two ways. The initial idea is through selling the company’s goods and services and earns the commission from the sales while the other way is by calling upon other people who would be the affiliates. You can receive some of their commission when they start to sell.

It has created a great opportunity for anyone, regardless of who they are, to make money. This company promotes teamwork as it are comprised of marketers, consultants, product formulators, and entrepreneurs. The good thing about the products they offer is that there are all made from pure organic ingredients. These ingredients are also said to be both strong and efficiently potent. Its products are also said to help heal some certain chronic illnesses.

Disclaimer – I am not a Representative or Customer of My Daily Choice, HempWorx or any other CBD Company, this article is for information purposes. 

What is My Daily Choice?

This is a multi-level marketing company that is found in the health and wellness sector. Its field also includes fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. This company was built with the affiliates wants in mind as they pay them fairly without sacrificing the quality of products provided for them. It is said that my daily choice company pays as much as 85% to the affiliates as they approach corporate office with a minimalist mindset and also providing leverage between the high-end merchant business relationships and premium quality software. The founders are known to consider the success of the affiliates over their wants and needs.

They are all about providing empowerment in families while promoting both economic opportunities and healthy living. They do this by offering a great compensation plan and also distributing products that are made from the CBD oil. It can also allow you to grow your own business by allowing you to spread your products through them.

Its structure involves people joining it to be the company’s distributors, and therefore they get money through people buying their products at a price meant for retail. Another way you could earn money from my daily choice is by forming a team and getting money from your team’s earnings, which is in percentage.

Anyone interested in becoming a member has to pay for an entry package, which is priced at $69.95 monthly and a $20 fee for activation. Once this is done, one is given a website, three sprays, materials meant for promotion, and you can gain access in an area meant only for members. One is usually contacted through email. You can also gain entitlement to higher commission and other benefits by buying extra packages and increasing the volume of the business. One could say that the rates of commission and the potential of incomes are pretty decent.

What products does My Daily Choice offer?

Most of their products are have a common ingredient, which is the Deer Antler Velvet. There is also the use of super fruits. Which they claim that it can prevent aging or make you look younger while at the same time improving your overall health. Their products include brain fuel plus brain bears, sprays, and hempworx. The reason as to why they offer sprays as opposed to pills is because of its convenience as they are quite easy to use. The sprays can be applied orally. These sprays have a range of benefits, such as gaining more energy better management of your sleep and weight. Most of these products are made from the CBD oil. It has a total of five sprays, which are Sleep, Peek, Trim365, Shield, and Boost.

The Peak spray enhances your performance while boosting your immunity. It can also promote anti-aging. The shield spray is a spray that can balance your pH, increase your level of energy, and decrease the probability of an occurrence of any chronic illness. The Trim365 helps in losing weight by burning fat and also suppressing your appetite. The Sleep spray, as the name, suggests it enhances a peaceful sleep. Apart from having the deer antler velvet as the main ingredient, there are other ingredients, which include Maqui Berry, Valerian Root, Glycerin, vitamins, and Stevia Leaves.

The brain bears, which are for children’s consumption, are meant to improve their immune system. These brain bears have a striking resemblance to gummy bears. The products of hempworx are Revive Cream, Herbal drops, Pain relief plus and Renew. There are also bath bombs and coffee. These products don’t have THC in. The brain fuel plus are capsules, which are said to bring about an improvement in your clarity and mental health.

The bright side of these products is that they are quite easily available and has a higher percentage rate of absorption.

Why does My Daily Choice sell HempWorx Products?

HempWorx being ranked as one of the best CBD networking marketing company is no wonder my daily choice company jumped on the opportunity to merge with it. Its products have been certified and approved by The U.S. Hemp Authority. The HempWorx line of CBD products is the most known product of my daily choice. The reason as to why the company sells hempworx products is because the CBD products don’t have too many sellers; hence, my daily choice has been able to create a sort of monopoly. This also makes my daily choice company quite different from the rest as they were courageous enough to be in a field where most people are afraid of.

CBD products are gaining popularity as they are said to be of great assistance in improving one’s health. As mentioned earlier, the MDC and Hempworx merged so that the distributors of MDC products could also sell and distribute hempworx products. This particularly means that the products offered by hempworx can be sold too many countries in the world. Before the merge between MDC and hempworx, the hempworx business was flourishing despite the many criticisms people had, which included the presence of illegal marijuana. There is also the indication that the oil market offering CBD products is continuously growing at a faster rate as many people are starting to embrace hemp. MDC being the HempWorx Parent company one can purchase its products through the MyDailyChoice.com website.

My Daily Choice compensation plan

The MDC compensation plan is categorized into two main plans, that is the Unilevel and Binary Compensation plans. In the Unilevel compensation plan, one can earn money in six ways. These are the Jump Start Bonuses, Rank incentives and bonuses, VIP Auto Club, Elite Expense Accounts, Global Bonus Pool, and Leadership Check Matching. The Unilevel compensation plan generally includes enrolling a new affiliate through the links meant for affiliates. These enrolled affiliates would be considered as your front line. This will get you a jumpstart bonus. In order for the distributors to qualify for the commissions, they must have maintained a 50PV, which is the least of them all. The commissions are $70 per month in auto-ship. The company uses the structure of the uni-level commissions to issue out commissions on the three packages that have been paid.

As mentioned earlier, one can get money by either selling their products or recruiting other people. You can also choose to do both. The independent affiliate can purchase the products at a discount of 25% off the retail price; this cost of the company’s products in wholesale. If you sell the products to non-members at a higher price, you get to keep the profit. However, one can get products for free the company through the program that is referred to as a preferred customer. It involves purchasing the affiliate packages without making the $20 payment and referring three persons to purchase their products. If they all purchase any product, you will get the product for free.

One can also bag higher commissions from this company through recruiting by the following ways-: VIP Auto Club, Rank Incentives and bonuses, global bonus pool, leadership check matching, binary team commissions, and jump-start bonuses. All these are ways of earning money without having to sell their products. Regardless of their compensation plan, one has to keep in mind that their success or failure depends on their efforts, business skills, commitment, activity, and time they put into it. The good thing about the compensation plan is that one can get paid in many ways. The cost of entry is quite low.

What are affiliate ranks available within My Daily Choice?

In order for you to become a consultant or affiliate, one is required to pay a start-up cost of between $59 and $599. The cost paid is dependent on the package you decide to pay. The packages are: spray builder pack which goes at $69, the spray director pack which goes at $149, the spray executive pack is $299, the brain bears builder pack is $59, the brain bears director pack is $129, the brain executive pack is $199, the membership of travel builder is $69, the membership of travel director is $199. membership of travel executive goes at $599. In all these, the affiliate has to maintain a required volume monthly.

As known in an MLM company, the chances of an affiliate earning the right amount of money are pretty much narrow hence the need to create a down the line by recruiting more people. This is done by forming two teams that are the left and right leg. The teams are required to do a given volume so as to enable you to earn from the sales they make. There are usually twelve affiliate ranks, and they are achieved in ten levels. The ranks are actively being the smallest, builder, director, executive, 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K, 100K, 250K, 500K, and super being the highest rank. The good thing about these ranks is that one can work their way up from active to super as you go up the ranks, your income increases. The only downside is that your expenses also increase. This happens because one will have to improve the products they purchase monthly. In every level, one will also acquire some bonuses in percentages.

What makes My Daily Choice legitimate?

This company is legitimate as its products have got some positive reviews from different consumers; hence, its products can be of great assistance. One can also confirm its legitimacy as its scheme doesn’t seem to get rich quickly. One has to note that the success of the product on the consumer is different depending on the user. The results of these products depend on the user’s continuity and proper usage.

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Final Verdict

The legitimacy of the My Daily Choice can be proven by the Deer Antler Velvet ingredient, which is quite a useful Ingredient, it is not highly recommended both in its business and health aspect. Its business is not beneficial enough to earn you a right and stable amount of money. The health aspect is compromised due to the lack of scientific backing that the products work; hence, there is a big question mark if whether the products work. One could pretty much say that the products offered are quite pricey and its benefits a tad bit exaggerated while its compensation is too complicated due to too much technical data in it.

It is also important to note that its commission rates and affiliates’ incomes are fair as compared to other multi-level marketing companies. There are also some concerns that the business opportunity only favors a small percentage of independent affiliates who nonetheless earn peanuts while some have complained of having lost money as there are no returns. You should also keep in mind that the FDA hasn’t evaluated it, which leads to people claiming that it is a scam; however, this is not the case.

Even though there are many complaints, the company takes time to listen and act on the complaints they receive.

Disclaimer – I am not a Representative or Customer of My Daily Choice, HempWorx or any other CBD Company, this article is for information purposes. 

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