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What is MyBitcoinTube a scam or legit way to earn bitcoin watching YouTube videos?

YouTube views for Bitcoin

Network marketing is currently a type of business opportunity that is incredibly popular with individuals looking for flexible or part-time businesses and passive income. Can you really earn bitcoin by simply watching YouTube videos, is MyBitcoinTube a scam or legit network marketing cryptocurrency opportunity, what is MyBitcoinTube all about? If you are thinking of becoming a part of a multi-level marketing company, you should investigate the business opportunity thoroughly, just like any other business venture proposed to you. That is because all Multilevel Marketing companies are not created equal, and others might not be multi-level marketing platforms at all, but illegal pyramid schemes.

If you are reading this review about MyBitcoinTube.com, chances are some other people from network work marketing are trying to recruit you, or you have seen the attention that this platform has been getting on social media currently. To help you make a suitable and informed decision, we are going to analyze all the available facts about Mybitcointube, the founders of the company, how the platform works, their compensation plan, and any other relevant information.

What is Mybitcointube.com?

Mybitcointube.com is a video marketing platform that pays members to interact with marketers or advertisers. MyBitcoinTube provides an incredibly secure platform, which is protected with industry verified and the best online standards. Video marketers purchase video adverts in the Mybitcointube platform and then delivers the videos to users who’ve proven valuable. The company provides those users with fast cash incentives to work together with video advertisers.

MyBitcoinTube portrays itself as a new and upcoming video platform which is similar to YouTube.com but based on Bitcoin. According to the company website, you cannot only watch videos and advertise, but you can also earn money as well. Unlike other websites such as YouTube, where you have to create various videos to make some money, myBitcoinTube.com claims that on their site, all you have to do is watch videos, and you can earn a maximum of $210 for every 20 seconds worth of videos watched.

According to the company website, the paid video adverts will be sent to your account every day. All you need to do is watch all the paid videos for approximately twenty seconds to get instant bitcoins. If you do some quick calculations, $210 for every 20 seconds spent watching videos will equate to earnings amounting to $630 every minute or $37,800 every hour, which you will agree with me sounds more like a ludicrous claim.

How MyBitcoinTube works

MyBitcoinTube is a platform where advertisers can advertise their YouTube videos for other members to watch in exchange for cash. Advertisers may also advertise banners, but the videos are the main source of income here. In the freebie area, you don’t need any deposit to start earning from MyBitcoinTube.com. As the company delivers credits on Video Points to everyone, you should watch all the bonus videos delivered to your account to qualify to receive video adverts.

These adverts do not earn you Bitcoin, but they usually earn you some credits. After that, you’ll get videos on the section of the Paid video adverts. Each 2000 BVP will earn you $1 in Bitcoins worth of video adverts in your account. The minimum payout you can request is usually $5 in Bitcoins, and it’ll be sent directly to your BTC wallet after making your request. According to the site, you can also earn some money by referring to other people through the referral link in your account. For each referral you sign up on the platform, you will get 10 percent of the advertising purchases they make.

According to the myBitcoinTube website, you are led to believe that the platform is a program through which you can easily advertise and earn, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Generally, myBitcoinTube.com is all about investing and then recruiting other people to do the same. However, the company has three solid programs that you can select to earn on the platform. These programs include:

1. Earners program

The earners' program allows you to advertise and also earn some cash at the same time. Other things that you will enjoy with this program are outlined below.

You will receive 100 BVPs every day for free with some Bonus Videos.

• There is no referring or sponsoring required when you want to make some money on myBitcoinTube.

• You will earn a maximum of $210 for every video worth 20 seconds.

• Guaranteed daily adverts according to the BVP groups, and fixed max ten videos daily.

• You will earn $1.35 for each $1 advertising purchase, which amounts to 135% ROI.

• You will receive some free lottery tickets for every video you watch as well as win big prizes.

• You will receive some free lottery tickets for every paid video watched by your referrals.

2. Advertisers program

The advertisers' program is an effective banner and video advertising solution offered on the Mybitcointube platform. With this solution, you will:

Advertise and also make some money at the same time.

• Receive advertising Packs beginning from $1.00

• Get 2700 BVPs to your account for every $1.00 Advertising Pack

• Get 100 views for your YouTube Video for every $1.00 Advertising Pack. However, your YouTube videos should have a minimum length of 30 seconds

• Get 50 clicks to your banner for every $1.00 Advertising Pack. However, your banners should be 468×60 or 125×125 pixels.

3. Referrals program

This program offers you an unlimited bonus from each person you invited. Here, you have the opportunity to invite your family, friends, other groups to enjoy the services and also benefit from this lucrative affiliate program offered by the Mybitcointube platform.

You’ll earn 10% of all banner and video ad purchases that your referrals make, now and also in the future. Therefore, if your referral purchases $100 worth of adverts, you will instantly earn a $10 commission.

You will also get 10% affiliate commissions every time your referrals upgrade, and some free tickets in the Weekly Lottery for every video they watched. The referral commissions are usually credited instantly to your account and are available for withdrawal immediately. You will find your referral link on the Promote page.

How to join MyBitcoinTube

1. Create an account

Registering with Mybitcointube.com is quite convenient and easy. Start by typing your email address on the Email text box and then press “Join Now.” Next, fill in the entire registration form and press “Register.” Register to begin earning some Bitcoins by viewing some YouTube Videos.

2. Accumulate some bonus video points

Generally, bonus Video Points is the way the company measures your proven worth to the prospective advertisers and marketers. The more points you accumulate, the bigger the value of Paid Video adverts your account will get priority in receiving. You will get 100 BVPs every day for free with your Bonus Videos.

3. Get paid every day

You will get some bitcoins for each Paid Video advert that you watched, which can be withdrawn immediately. Get paid every day within a couple of minutes with low minimum payouts. And because you are paid in Bitcoins, there is no more waiting for bank transfers and checks to get processed.

MyBitcoinTube’s compensation plan

Video Points (BVP) refers to your earning potential, especially when it comes to getting paid Video Adverts. If you’ve 2000 BVP, then you’ll receive paid video adverts amounting to $1 in Bitcoins in view value, with immediate effect. As every video advert is sent to your MBT account, the corresponding BVP amount is deducted instantly regardless of whether you get paid or interact with the video advert or not.

You should also note that if you’ve 2000 BVPs, your earning potential will be limited or capped to getting video adverts not greater than one dollar in value. Therefore, if you have 2000 VPs only, and there’s a two-dollar paid video advert in circulation, then you will not qualify to receive it since that will require 4000 BVPs to get that video advert. Therefore, maintaining a huge BVP balance is vital to getting the high-value video ads.

In addition to the paid video adverts in circulation, there’s always a daily video advert issue where you’re most likely to get the high-value video adverts for the BVP amount you have. To earn more Bitcoins in the MBT daily video advert issues, you should climb the BVP levels outlined below:

Group 1: Between 1600 and 12000 BVP – You will get 1.8% of the total funds shared with the members of this level.

• Group 2: Between 12000 and 24000 BVP – You will earn 2.7% of the total funds shared with the members in this grouping

• Group 3: Between 24k and 48k BVP – You will get 3.5% of the total funds shared with the members of this level

• Group 4: Between 48k and 96k BVP – You will earn 6.0% of the total funds shared with the members of this level

• Group 5: Between 96k and 180k BVP – You will get 8.0% of the total funds shared with the members in this grouping

• Group 6: Between 180k and 360k BVP – You will get 11.0% of the total funds shared with the members in this level

• Group 7: Between 360k and 1m BVP – You will earn 13.5% of the total funds shared with the members of this level

• Group 8: Between 1m and 5m BVP – You will get 14.5% of the total funds shared with the members in this level

• Group 9: Between 5m and 15m BVP – You will get 16.0% of the total funds shared with the members at this level

• Group 10: More than 15,000,000 BVP – You will get 23.0% of the total funds shared with the members at this level

The more Video Points or BVP you have, the greater the value your video adverts will have. According to the Mybitcointube website, you can earn a maximum of $210 per view, and if you are in the freebie section, you can earn some Bitcoins watching video beginning from $0.005 per view.

Is myBitcoinTube a Scam?

In my opinion, myBitcoinTube is not a scam but more of a scheme, but it’s something that will probably result in people losing their money. You should know that most of the individuals who promote some schemes like myBitcoinTube.com are not making some money from the MBT program itself, but they are merely making their money by recruiting other people. Therefore, if you register and invest through their referral links, they get a commission. They are not risking their hard-earned in the program like they are encouraging you to do, but they are just earning at your expense.

The whole program is reliant on some new individuals coming in and investing the money the company uses the money they get from the new investors to pay out the existing members in the form of return on investment, which means that it’s another pyramid scheme. Of course, pyramid schemes are illegal and are only geared towards making the creators wealthy, but not the members who participate in them. Many people who sign up with pyramid schemes end up losing their money instead.

The problem with Mybitcointube is that if new individuals stop signing up on the platform, then money will stop coming into the firm, and members will stop getting paid. That might not sound like a big problem initially, but for instance, if you just registered with myBitcoinTube.com and invested $100 hoping to get a guaranteed return on investment of 150% like promised by the company. If individuals stop signing up shortly after you deposit your money, then you’ll lose your money because there’ll be no more money coming into the platform to pay out the existing members.

The things promised by the company are made to look great, but they are extremely risky, which is the main reason why they are illegal. If you look at the popularity of myBitcoinTube on Google Trends graph, then you can see for yourself just how risky the platform is. The website can lose interest at any moment, just like these types of websites do, and all the people who had invested their money will lose it.

As soon as the platform stops getting interests, the developer will change it around a little bit and re-launch it once more under a different brand name. In simple terms, these schemes are only geared towards making the creators wealthy and nothing else.

If you’re interested in making some good money over the internet through legitimate investing, then you should try using a free demo business account with one of the regulated brokers to see how it works. To get good returns, you should learn how to trade, develop a solid business strategy and also understand all the risks involved.

Positive highlights

• According to Alexa, Mybitcointube.com is getting a lot of online traffic

• The platform has an SSL certificate

Negative highlights

• The owners of the website are hiding their identity utilizing a paid service

• The website’s server is utilized for multiple websites

• We were unable to find reviews for this website on WebOfTrust (WOT).

• Many scammers and spammers normally use the registrar of Mybitcointube site

• The website is pretty young because it was set up a few months ago

• Three countries are involved in the website set-up


Mybitcointube.com claims that you can earn by watching videos on the platform. You purportedly need to watch the first 20 seconds only to earn a maximum of $210 for every video you watch, which sounds quite incredible. Also, MyBitcoinTube claims that you can turn every $1 to exactly $1.50, which is usually a 50% return, but they have not indicated after how long.

Since you will earn $210 per every watched video, Youtubers will require thousands of views for them to get that kind of cash with their videos. I didn’t find any specific details about the investment section of the platform, which promises to turn every $1 you have to $1.50 when 50% returns are pretty rare in real investing, especially in one year.

Information about myBitcoinTube is quite confusing, but there seem to be two facets to this gimmicky scheme. The first one is that the company website is full of adverts, and you even have to watch the static ads before watching any video. It’s clear that people who run Mybitcointube website get some money from this. So, you’ll watch videos, and they will show you adverts, the company will earn some money, and you’ll earn nothing. You cannot complain anywhere since you did not lose anything, except for your precious time.

The second aspect of this scheme is this weird investment program, which runs just like a Ponzi scheme. The only cash coming into myBitcoinTube comes from the new people who are signing up for the platform. Recruits deposit money, and the owners of the platform uses the deposits made to pay the existing members their profits. Since the program is generating no real profits, we can only conclude that it’s an illegal financial game being played, and it’s doomed to collapse in the long run.

If you want to make some good money online, you should avoid gimmicky schemes like myBitcoinTube and instead look for the proven methods that you can find over the internet. You will find and also get access to numerous high-paying and highly recommended affiliate programs for individuals looking forward to getting started with online investments. Whatever decision you make, I hope that my post about My Bitcoin Tube review has provided you with a good insight into the way the whole program works, and hopefully, it will also help you avoid losing your hard-earned money to it.

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