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What is NutriCellix? Is it an innovative DNA Weight Loss Breakthrough?

DNA NutriCellix

Is it an innovative DNA Weight Loss Breakthrough? Indeed, that's question that is being asked across the internet, social media networks and even in person between friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers. That's how MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing companies operate, share with anyone and everyone in your hot market, warm market, cold market and even those that come within 5 feet of you.

What is NutriCellix, is it a legitimate opportunity created in order to share unique health & wellness products or simply a Pyramid Scheme disguised and just a replacement for Neora? There are 5 other articles here on this website sharing growing information that helps created in order to answer these questions among others as well. At the bottom on the left, you'll find a search bar created in order to be able created in order to find them and other items of interest as well.

What is NutriCellix?

NutriCellix touts itself as the 1st custom weight management program that is based upon each consumer's unique DNA after having it analyzed at a certified lab utilizing a swab test that costs a mere $100 up front. When submitting your sample, you can also order your products & then they will supposedly be sent created in order to you after your DNA is analyzed and your unique products are created.

As Bo Short in the YouTube NutriCellix embedded video clip above specifies, it's a robust advertising and marketing platform and also streamlined ecommerce system that places the power of having your very own Amazon or Shopify Store in the palm of your own hands, without the demand for item stocking, overhead, pay-roll or various other normal headaches connected with traditional services.

Did NutriCellix launch in response created in order to Neora being targeted by the Federal Trade Commission, charging them with operating as an illegal Ponzi Pyramid Scheme?

Will the Federal Trade Commission target NutriCellix next?

I don't see that happening anytime soon as I believe that the FTC will have it's hands full for quite a while attempting to shut down Neora like they did Advocare recently. Also, with the restart of Nerium, renamed as “Pure Nerium Team” and with many of the same players, they may very well be next. Isagenix, who just last month purchased Zija would most likely be a much better choice for a healthy weight loss MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing Company promoting their products and opportunity.

(No, I'm not a representative for Isagenix, none of the aforementioned companies nor any other company that promotes health and wellness products)


Are the NutriCellix Products and/or Opportunity recommended?

My answer to the above question would be an absolute No!

Am I saying that NutriCellix.com is a scam and not a legitimate opportunity or that the products aren't useful?

No, I'm not saying that as time will be needed in order to make those judgments, NutriCellix only launched a little over a month ago on New Year's Day.

The reason that I absolutely don't recommend the products and/or opportunity is that I find it hard to believe that even if some ambassadors/representatives do indeed pay the $100 for the DNA test that the products will be unique. Outside customers, I feel will be even tougher to convince to submit to the test prior to receiving the unique customized products. No outside customers = illegal ponzi pyramid scheme as well as un-sustainability of any worthwhile compensation plan.

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