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Royaltie Gem is one of the companies involved in proximity marketing. It is one of the first firms to engage in that kind of business. They utilize tiny devices to send your marketing messages to the people that need them most through different smart devices especially smartphones. They advertise to any nearby android devices and they can advertise any kind of business concern ranging from the real estate business to restaurants and other forms of businesses. Whether you are a contractor, cleaner and so on and you are looking for customers to engage your products and services, you can rely on this firm. They are in business to serve you.

This business type of unique and this is because they can automatically promote any kind of business to the nearby android phones.

They engage in any kind of message and they cannot be tired and they do that at the most affordable prices. Every customer would have great confidence in them because their services are weatherproofed. The batteries are durable and can serve for two years and more than that. What is more, their services are FCC compliant devices, and they do not engage in any intrusive marketing.

What is Proximity Marketing?

The proximity explains it all and it involves marketing to customers near you. It also entails reaching out to your customers at the right place and doing that at the correct time. Most importantly, it involves the use of personalized and relevant notifications systems such as smart devices. This utilizes the greatest mobile technology and there is no doubt that it has taken businesses to the highest level.

Marketers now use the tool to send relevant advertising messages to people who need them most. It is now easier for consumers to understand the various brands very well because messages are not sent to them in a way they can easily understand. Such business information is sent to the right target and said before at the right time. It has the potential to make a better conversion that traditional marketing strategies.

Before one can become engaged in proximity marketing, there are important tools required. The mobile device to be used for such has to be Bluetooth enabled, otherwise, it would be difficult to connect.

Furthermore, it involves the use of beacon-enabled the area to make it easier to send and to receive messages.

Thirdly because it involves push notification, the recipient which is the consumer should be able to download such information, and this means that they must install such relevant applications. This method is technology-based.

Other important beacons are required to be available before the method can work. The most important amongst them are the:

  • Device detection beacon
  • Permission request
  • Content upload and so on

The recipient device must be a cellular phone and this means that it works on wireless internet technology. Without internet or network service, it is obvious that proximity marketing is a mirage because it would not work. Furthermore, it must involve the NFC enabled phone and the capacity to read an RFID chip. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology has already been explained and all these are indispensable parts of the system.

Because of that, it can target the right audience with that specific location. It occurs within a particular range and that is why it is regarded as proximity marketing. This means that it can place and time-specific. It also involves the distribution of media in different forums such as gaming, concert, advertising and social applications. This kind of marketing is possible because of the advance in mobile phone technology. Most modern mobile phones are certainly fitted with those devices that make it easier for them to receive such pushed messages from advertisers. Some of them even involve the use of broadcast content. This is more effective because you are appealing to the people within that locality and these require the services or business that is being advertised.

What is Royaltie?

Royaltie is a business that started the proximity marketing technique. The company is indeed revolutionizing the way it is done and other firms are just copying from them. The company is the first that provides advanced proximity advertising. They can advertise any form of business whether it is small scale or large scale. They can even advertise a website. In short, they have turned your smartphone into a nearby billboard. You do not need to stretch yourself, because the technology will fetch the nearby devices for you.

The company now makes it possible for your ads to reach people through different platforms including social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google and so on. It is going to be broadcast across these networks. These ads are not only going to reach the existing customers, but they are also going to reach those potential customers that would need your products or services.

Royaltie is better than others because of their reach. It can reach the five-hundred-mile radius and this is a great reach. It is now easier to target your customers right in their location. This service is available in the US and other advanced countries in the world. As this technology perfects, it can reach to other parts of the world. Anywhere smartphone is used and wherever there is an internet connection, the sky is the limit to the level of success you can achieve courtesy of Royalties Gen Proximity Marketing company.

There is no doubt that this company has taken ads business to the highest level. With the increase in competition, many companies are leveraging on the opportunities provided by Royalties to take their products and services right to the front of the customers who require such products and services.

Royalties have made it possible to take your high-quality products to the thousands of people around you. They make it possible for your brand to be broadcast to millions of people sharing the network at once.

The company is indeed revolutionizing the marketing landscape across many localities. They work easily.

First, you get from them a small wireless device that they call the Royaltie Gem.

Second, you now make your choice of the type of promotional message which you want to share or the link that you want to broadcast.

The company now does the rest for you by sending your preferred messages to the thousands of android device users within your preferred locality. The message to reach as much as one radius.

The system is durable because they deploy a battery-powered technology that serves for at least two years. It does not consume data because it does not need Wi-Fi connection it can send messages. This is the reason it is said that the company is revolutionizing the business world. It is popular in North America where android technology is dominating the market sphere.

Who are Hiram Lodge Enterprises Corp and why are they suing Asirvia?

Hiram Lodge Enterprises Corp is behind Royaltie. This is the company that pioneered the advanced production of proximity marketing. They make that software and market it through a company known as Asirvia for many months. A problem arose between the two companies because Royaltie accused Asirvia of pursuing a premeditated scheme to displace their product with their own. The company believes that the action of Asirvia is a clear violation of the clear agreement which the two reached when they signed for the business.

Because of that, a lawsuit was filed on September 25th against the TSN and its affiliates that are related to the marketing and distribution of the product. The case was filed in New Hampshire and there are at least grounds of that case that relate to breach of contract, breach of the covenant of good faith and so on. The case also has something to do with defamation. The case was aimed at stopping Asirvia from going with the scheme of replacing their device with another one. This request was granted by the court and the case is still progressing in that court.

Royaltie believed that they have lots of investment of money and time in creating that product, which is today regarded as the best marketing solution. Until the Asirvia was briefed about that technology, they never heard about it and they never implemented any. It is the court that determines the outcome.

Who are the leaders of Lodge Industries LLC & Hiram Lodge Enterprises Corp?

Lodge Industries LLC and Hiram Lodge Enterprises Corp are led by the same team. The team is also responsible for Royaltie. The chairman and the chief executive officer of the company is Justin Belobaba. This is the company that started the advanced Proximity Marketing using a special scheme known as Royaltie Gem. This technology was indeed great and it is something special. It has never happened in the history of the marketing world. The company and honest and they are interested in taking your products to the greatest height by sending the message of the ad to the people that need it most. The company is genuine and duly registered to provide the current services they are offering. They spend their time and resources to invent this technology. With time, they are going to improve and this is for the benefit of the marketing world. They started this technology and a lot of companies are emulating them.

The chief executive officer of the company behind this technology is Justin Belobaba. He was actively involved in this kind of product as he has a lot of training in technology, finance, and health. He was involved in the wireless payment software for North America taxicabs. Moreover, he was actively involved in the trading of the electronic medical record software which was devices for physicians. Because of his innovative ideas, his efforts were recognized and that was why he rewarded with the award of the best young entrepreneur of the year by a prominent media known as Profit Magazine. He has chains of health clinics and this suggests that he is an active man. He resides in Toronto Canada but the product works well in all parts of North America.

How does Royaltie Gem work?

This works through a device known as royalty Gem. It is a tiny device that you can get from the company and it is going to connect you to a tablet, android through Bluetooth technology. The technology identifies people who need your products and services and broadcasts and transmit your business messages to such people. They are going to receive that message from you. It does not take a few seconds before the messages would be in front of the people who need them.

It can easily access compatible devices that are located within the range of one hundred radii or meter. It is not expensive since many people can afford it. Moreover, it comes with a monthly fee when you use that technology. The fees vary and it depends on the number of gems you are going to use at a time. You can one single gem to eight gems.

You have to subscribe to that service by buying that Gem which is also affordable as you cannot spend more than $30 which is considered the activation fee. Another great thing about them is that the affiliate wonders. When you order the gems it is going to arrive at your doorsteps free once you are located within the United States of America. If, however, you are ordering from a location that is not based in the US, then you are expected to pay $25 for the shipping cost. Any other that is placed outside of America will attract $25 fees.

When you place that order, you would be entitled to a tiny wireless device which is known as Royaltie Gem.

Once you activate it by paying the specified amount of money which is $30, you can begin to use it to promote and broadcast messages to future customers.

Your message would be sent to all the eligible android users around 100 yards’ radius.

When you get the device you begin to use it without difficulties. The first good thing about the product is that it is easy and simple to use. You can operate it with a battery that can serve you for two years. It is a cost-effective ads method.

Before you begin to operate it, you must login to the account you created with Royaltie and enter the serial number of the device sent to you. When that is done you are ready to go. You would be able to create custom messages which would be within forty to fifty characters long which you would be sending to your customers and prospective customers.

This technology may have been there for a long time but the difference now is how that technology works. It is quite different from what was available in the past. In the past, such a system can only work when Bluetooth is enabled or when apps are available. This is no longer the case. The advance in communication technology has facilitated this improvement.

Royaltie Gem Compensation Plan

The system comes with a compensation plan but before that happens you must first qualify as an Asirvia affiliate. You can become that affiliate if you can make three sales and you should have also enrolled other affiliate. When you do that, you would receive an invitation from that company. You would be promoted from an affiliate to the position of an independent representative.

This is the position you would be able to receive more rewards from the company. There are four compensation plans available for independents. This means that there are four ways that you can be paid once you climbed to that position.

The first compensation plan is a direct sales commission. This means that such a person is entitled to commissions once an affiliate makes a sale. It has to come from a new customer that the person has referred to. Such a purchase should occur within the first thirty days of referring such a person. You are entitled to 25 percent rewards from the company. The sponsor's team has something in return which is ten percent called the matching up bonus.

Direct sales residual is another way of earning from this system. Here the first level affiliate is entitled to ten percent monthly direct sales on every retails' customer or from a sponsored affiliate. The second low affiliate gets a compensation of five percent.

The third compensation plan is the base pay. The base pay here is daily and this is based on those monthly sales accumulated for the time. The amount you can receive here starts from one dollar to three thousand dollars daily.

The last of the compensation plan is the generational check match. This is the matching bonuses that are paid for the base pay of the entire team members.

How does Royaltie compare to Genusity?

Whenever one company starts some great and new, it is common to see other companies emulate such a system. The same thing could be said of the Royaltie and Genusity.

Genusity is doing the same type of business which Royaltie is doing. They claim that the traditional advertising method is dead and that the best way to carry out modern ads is to use a beacon. It is done the same way Royaltie does its own. They are similar and compare in this aspect.

However, it appears that the same company is the same when it comes to the way of making money, especially in the compensation plan. However, Genusity makes things easier for their affiliates because you need to refer to one member before you are invited by the company. The compensation plans are wider and it favors both the enlisted affiliates and the retail customers.

When it comes to the compensation plan, Genusity features five ranks which are equal to five compensation plans which is more than four provided by Royaltie Gem company. In the same way, the rewards are fixed and not based on percentages. They also demand a membership fee monthly and this is fifteen dollars. The two companies have a lot in common as they do familiar business.

What Services and Products does Royaltie provide?

The product Royaltie offers is the sale of Royaltie Gem to its customers. This is the tool you use before you can engage with those services they provide. When it comes to service.

Royaltie offers different kinds of services which include the following:

  • Proximity marketing. They are the leader in the sector
  • Design your site in a matter of minutes without difficulties
  • Send your ads to your prospective customers and clients with a few seconds
  • Your business is seen in any part of the world
  • Facilitates local and global business reach
  • They engage in advance audience targeting
  • Your business will be in front of over one million Android apps.
  • They engage in email marketing through automated and powerful email campaigns

They use the technology to advance your products to the front of people who need that product. It converts your android devices to a billboard.

Furthermore, they ensure that everybody benefits from the products they offer and that is why they came with mouthwatering benefits and compensation plans for their affiliates and independents.

Affiliate Marketing Business for Newbies

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Disclaimer – I am not a representative for Royaltie Gem, Genusity nor any other Proximity Marketing, this review of beacon business is for educational purposes only.

Royaltie offers a wide range of services. Apart from the fact that they initiated the first proximity marketing, they also engage in other kinds of services such as web design services. You do not need to have the technical skill to launch your website. The system would do everything for you. All these things would be accomplished in just a few minutes.

Moreover, they help create the most wonderful landing pages. All these are to be completed without any technical input on your own. The site is to occupy the search engine's first-page ranking.

Furthermore, it is already stressed that they advertise online. They can assist you to build your online presence shortly which can be targeted to the audience anywhere in the world. You would target the correct audience as well. Most importantly, you would follow up on the marketing efforts with an email campaign, the company ensures that your brand gets to the front of the correct audience at the correct time. They create lead management tools to ensure that you are on the top of the industry. Your ads would get online in minutes. There is no other better way of developing a digital ad than this one.

If you are looking for the most effective way of advertising your goods and services, Royaltie is there to assist you. The company makes its services available free for three days. This offers you the opportunity to try the product before committing your money. The company has indeed transformed the traditional ads and marketing methods.

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