What is Senegence International 2021 Senegence International Review

Senegence International is an MLM company that sells cosmetics. This company allows people to sell cosmetics while recruiting people to build the organization. This review will examine Senegence and what this opportunity has to offer.

A Quick Overview of Senegence International

Senegence International is located in California within the city of Foothill Ranch. This company has a physical address at 19651 Alter. Their website is http://senegence.com
and their phone number is (949) 521-6161. The company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, they have an A+ rating and a 2.5 customer review. The BBB says that this company has been in business for 24 years.

Senegence International was founded by Joni Rogers-Kante. She started the Senegence product line when she started to sell a long-lasting lipstick made by a chemist. This product was called Ultralux. Eventually, this product was rebranded Lipsense and Senegence was established.

What cosmetics does Senegence sell?

Senegence sells a variety of cosmetic products. These products include items such as lipstick, skincare, anti-aging creams, eye shadows and liners, lip glosses, sunscreens, body washes, and soap. The products are primarily marketed toward women, but they also cater to some of their products toward men.

Senegence products between $20 – $60 per item. Senegence's best-selling product is Lipsense. This signature lipsticks item is waterproof, and it doesn’t wear off easily. It also works as a moisturizer since it doesn’t dry out a female’s lips. The color lasts between 4 – 18 hours and it can be mixed with different Lipsense shades to create unique hues.

The company creates products that use natural ingredients, are gluten-free, and contain no wax or lead. Also, they don’t test their products on animals, employs stringent quality control, and they don’t allow any foreign or unnatural item to contaminate their product. Keep in mind that the company is not FDA regulated but we will talk about this further in the article.

The anti-aging and skincare product lines include serums, moisturizers, wrinkle removers, wholesale skincare, and collagen creams. There is even a neck cream that is designed to keep a person’s neck supple and fresh. Their hydrating facial mist also helps to enhance the anti-aging and skincare product line.

Consumers can also purchase moisturizing masks, Shea butter creams for their body, and coconut milk formula for self-tanning and bronzing their skin. Hand creams, lash extend, gentle purifying cleansers, balm for hair grooming, hydrating facial sunscreen, and heel and elbow cream for softening these parts of the body.

All these products were listed to give you an idea about the vast cosmetic products that Senegence sells. The company has other products that are not listed here well. Senegence’s extensive product line is what helps to make this company a competitive force in the cosmetic market. Now, we’ll discuss how these products can help people to make money.

How can a person make money with Senegence?

Now, we’re going to take a good look at Senegence’s money-making opportunities. First, Senegence is an MLM company. They are not a Ponzi scheme because they provide people with a product to sell for their money. As an MLM company, they do require their distributors to recruit other people to sell their products.

This business approach is important to the Senegence business model. If a distributor can’t recruit people to sell their products, they will have a hard time making money with this organization. Actually, they might even start to lose money.

When a distributor recruits a person to start working for Senegence, they will get a commission and bonuses that they sell to them. For example, if person A recruits two people; they will then need to sell products to those two people. Once they sell products to those two individuals, they will receive a commission and eventually a bonus. The commission scheme is between 20% – 50% on the sales of products made in recruiters (or sponsors) downline. Don’t forget that a downline is the people you recruit underneath you. The two people recruited by person A would be considered their downline.

The two people who signed up with Senegence under person A will then need to find other people to sell their products to. Once they sell their products to other people, they will receive a commission and a bonus. As you can see, everyone who is recruited into a person’s network will have to buy Senegence products from the person that recruited them.

If a recruited member does not continue to purchase at least $300 worth of Senegence products every 3 months, they will eventually be removed from the Senegence program. You should also keep in mind that recruited members cannot sell products if they don’t keep making purchases.

This MLM scheme forces everyone to purchase products while selling them. Members who can’t sell the products will have to come out-of-pocket to purchase them. Members who consistently sell products should be able to use their earnings to consistently purchase products. The MLM aspect of this business makes it hard for the average person to make money. However, some successful members can earn a decent living with Senegence products. People who are good at recruiting individuals and selling products will naturally have an edge in this line of work.

The main thing to remember is that the MLM aspect of Senegence is designed to get more people to make purchases while paying people money. Senegence doesn’t pay its distributors any money directly for recruiting members. They endorse this aspect of the business to get more people to directly buy their products.

Do some people sell Senegence in retail outlets?

People can also make money with Senegence by selling their products in retail outlets. This will take some business sense and skill from individuals who are able to go this route. Members can create a business plan speak with a store’s marketing manager. This person will be able to decide if the products can be sold inside of their establishment.

Distributors that receive permission to sell Senegence products within a store, will then be able to sell all their items at these outlets or some of them. When a distributor sells products in stores, they will receive payment for their effort. They will also have to purchase the products they are selling in retail outlets from the people who recruited them.

Distributors Also Sell Senegence Products Directly to People

A third selling option is to sell Senegence products directly to consumers. Many distributors have cosmetic parties or sponsor cosmetic-related events. They use these functions to directly sell their products to customers or consumers who want to purchase them. This method of selling requires a distributor to make a purchase from their recruiter. They then will sell the products to other individuals to make money. They will also try to sign-up as many people as possible to continuously build their commissions and bonuses.

These are the primary ways that people make money with Senegence. Distributors will have their work cut out for them because it will require work to make this opportunity work. However, once they figure out how this system operates, they should be able to turn a profit within a short amount of time.

Start-Up Costs for Senegence

When you sign up with Senegence to make some money, it will cost you some cash to take advantage of this opportunity. First, you will need to register for this opportunity by clicking on the “Sign-Up Now” button on the company’s website. Once you reach the sign-up page, there will be a notice showing at the top. This notice will clearly tell people that they must have a sponsor (or recruiter) to join the site. If they don’t have a recruiter, they cannot join. Again, their business model is set up to make people profit from this type of payment scheme.

By the way, they also state that this system is in place because it allows women to help other women to succeed. This is an important element of the Senegence business. This allows women to help each other to grow, build their income, and to reach their potential. Senegence is a pro-woman organization at heart. They want to see women succeed and move ahead in life. This is one of the main reasons why Joni Rogers-Kante made this business.

After you sign-up on the site, you need to pay a $55 application fee. This fee will cover the cost of you joining the program and it will be used to help purchase resources to get you started. You will then choose a distributor pack. These packs range in price from $65 – $1,195. They have a New Distributor Kit (NDK)/$65 USD and a Glamour Demo Kit for $295 USD. The higher-end kits provide more products to sell and training materials for distributors to use.

Training Packages are also available from Senegence. These training packages include ongoing weekly training, a personalized Senegence website (this is valued at $300), seminar tickets, event registration, SeneMedia, SeneLibrary Training, and MSF donation. Each of these different aspects provides distributors with the best way to succeed with this organization.

People who are interested in Senegence should also understand they need to spend money to take advantage of this opportunity. If they don’t spend the money, they won’t make the most of their opportunity. We’ll go more into detail about his part of the business momentarily.

A Quick Word about the Training Packages

The training packages for the organization are very important for Senegence distributors. It will help them to figure out the best way to market the products, keep up to date on what is happening within the company, and it will help distributors to establish their businesses in the right way. Always remember that training packages shouldn’t be overlooked if a distributor really wants to succeed.

Some Questionable Things you Need to Know about Senegence

Okay, this opportunity is legit. However, it does have some red flags. First, we’re going to discuss the company’s return policy. The organization states that support a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed policy. This policy has been established to let consumers know they are getting the best products possible. The company doesn’t necessarily give people their money back after they make a purchase. This rule also applies to the sponsors and distributors.

The bottom line is that if a person does have a legitimate reason to return a Senegence product, chances are they won’t get their money back. There have been known cases where customers have developed an allergic reaction to the products or the products didn’t work as advertised. This is something that distributors and sponsors should keep in mind when marketing these products to the public. Especially, if they decide to sell their products at a retail establishment. Chances are the sponsor or distributor will have to come out-of-pocket to refund a person’s money. Ultimately, the company should figure out how they can refund people’s money when it’s warranted.

Another red flag with this organization has to do with its FDA claims. Earlier in the article, it was stated that Senegence claimed to use FDA-approved substances for their products. However, the FDA doesn’t regulate cosmetics unless there is a known issue with them. Therefore, this claim can be misleading and it could potentially create a problem with consumers, business regulators, and retailers.

It was also previously mentioned that the high start-up costs are important for success within the company. If a person doesn’t pay more money to get this business up and going, they will have a hard time being successful. Remember, this is a business opportunity.

Many businesses fail simply because they don’t have the funds to keep going. So, if you don’t have the money to take advantage of the resources you need to start and keep this business going, you’re probably going to fail. Realistically, you’ll probably need around $2,000 to get this business going. You can pay the minimum fee just to get started and build from there. If you do, you will then need to work extremely hard to get your business up and going and to sustain it.

A Senegence Lawsuit you should Consider

Senegence has experienced the impact of a lawsuit. People who have suffered physical injuries after using LipSense have filed this suit. This lawsuit was filed early in 2018 and could still be playing out in courts today. There isn’t much information about the outcome of this lawsuit. Another lawsuit was filed against the organization back in 2002 in was resolved in 2004.

Here is what you should understand. Senegence’s legal trouble could give the company a bad name. Distributors could suffer as a result. The old saying about all publicity is good publicity – is not always true. Senegence continues to sell its products despite the lawsuits. Still, if notice something, this cosmetic brand is not well-known when compared to other cosmetic lines. Just make sure that this product is something that you want to stand behind before you endorse it.

You know that you cannot remain an active member of Senegence if you don’t purchase products from the company every three months. You have to spend that $300. If not, you are going to be bumped out of the network. This brings up another point. People might not have the money to spend every month on this business opportunity. If your finances are shaky or if you have a sudden loss in income, it could negatively impact your standing with Senegence. You should also keep in mind that you might not want or need to buy over $1,000 worth of Senegence products every year. That is a lot of money on makeup, skincare, and cosmetic items. Again, you need to really think about what this system requires you to do before you decide to join it and make money from it.

Finally, don’t approach this opportunity like it’s a get-rich-quick scheme. Really know what you’re getting yourself into before you decide to sign-up. If you’re the type of person that really isn’t good at selling things, this opportunity is probably not for you. You will have to put in the work and do what is necessary to succeed. If not, you will not last long with this business.

A Final Word about Senegence

Okay, Senegence is a legit outfit that will help you to make money. Once you figure out how to make this opportunity work for you, there is no limit to what you can do with it. Still, it is a business, and you will need to make sure that you treat it as such. Women empowering women at Senegence is another big selling point for this organization. This is the era where women's rights and feminism have gained a lot of ground. So, the lives of women are changing everywhere. Women are developing businesses that are growing by leaps and bounds. Their success continues to grow and Senegence plays a small part in this process by giving them the opportunity to get ahead. This a big bonus point for this company.

Senegence doesn’t disclose public information about how much money it makes. At the end of the day, no one really knows how profitable this company is. Even though this is the case, people can gauge how successful a business is based on the eye test. Senegence has been in business for 24 years, so it must be doing something right. Also, the company is reliant to have lasted that long. While it might have or might continue to deal with lawsuits, these legal setbacks are not stopping this company from growing and developing.

Distributors also claim to have problems with stock. They state that the stock always runs out before it can be sold. Some distributors claim that they have thousands of dollars of unsold products in their homes and are not able to get rid of them. This goes back to what was stated earlier about purchasing over $1,000 worth of cosmetics and not being able to use or sell them. These two issues are something that distributors and sponsors must be careful of dealing with.

Women are strongly encouraged to apply for this opportunity since it’s designed for them. However, guys who can also get in on the act. The company doesn’t discriminate. There are male distributors who sell cosmetics, and they make money from this endeavor. Still, women are endorsed through this organization. People who take advantage of this opportunity can succeed at it. They have to be realistic about what they want from it and what they will need to do to make it work. People who are interested in this opportunity should sign up on the Senegence website to get started.

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