What is THWGlobal.com?

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Get paid $25 per hour to watch better than YouTube videos with THWGlobal.com!


THWGlobal.com Not only will you earn $25 per hour by watching the better than YouTube videos, You will also earn 20% of all of the tokens that referrals on your 1st level earn as well as 4% on levels 2-10 and tokens. You are required to qualify to receive tokens, You qualify by spending at least 10 hours the first week viewing and commenting on videos then every week thereafter viewing and commenting on at least 5 hours of videos to stay qualified.

Below is a very lengthy video presentation:

I must also mention that I did sign up but don't promote THWBlobal so if and when you click on any of the links for THW Global they will take you to the corporate site and not a referral link.

There is also an option to become a Certified IV by paying $995 for the THWGlobal Online Sales Training and Certification Course plus $39.95 monthly for continuing sales, motivational and technical training and education. However, for a very limited time the cost of the system is being discounted to $495, plus $39.95 monthly so get started now!

Sure I will, Not!

Oh by the way here is the short presentation video:

So THWGlobal is Free, Or is it – What is THWGlobal.com ?

To be completely honest with you I still don't know!

The income is said to be supplied by the advertisers of the videos that are said to be much better than YouTube videos and the site has Google Adsense Ads although I would be willing to bet that they won't have Google Adsense for long as another just launched a little while ago CommHub (A people owned corporation or so it was?) was also using Google Adsense Ads but was shut down rather quickly!

Over 1,200,000 have signed up globally and I have to wonder how many of those have been paid and/or have paid to become a Certified Independent Viewer.

Is THWGlobal.com Legit or just another MLM Rev share Scam that won't last?

I don't know that answer either, I do know that I'm not going to be going any farther than I already have and that was just to sign up for Free with a Friend who shared it with me (They aren't pursuing it any farther either) and got confused and lost in all of the hype and I can't even imagine paying anywhere near $995 and $39.95 for the ability to attempt to coerce Friends to do the same.

Are You with THWGlobal and have you had a good or bad experience?

I do know that I can without a doubt share my #1 Recommendation with all Friends as I have been earning a legitimate income with them since 18 June 2015 and they have been in business for 11 years!

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6 thoughts on “What is THWGlobal.com?”

  1. I have never heard of this MLM opportunity thwglobal. I do know that most MLM’s require larger amounts of money for the products they usually sell in order to pay out their compensation plan for commissions.

    Knowing you have to pay close to a thousand dollars then a monthly $39.95 per month it is not anything you would want to consider lightly. Like you I would not join their system either.

    • Good call Travis, Even at $100 then $39.95 monthly I wouldn’t see this as a sustainable business model and don’t see them lasting very long at all.

      Not all MLM’s are bad and/or created equally but I also will steer clear of this one Travis!

      Thank you for viewing and commenting my Friend,


  2. Thank you for this review on THW Global, I have not heard of them previously.
    At first glance – getting paid $25 an hour to watch their videos on Youtube sounds all right, but it looks like the cost involved don’t really make it very cost effective!
    I don’t think this opportunity holds much appeal really.
    I will stick to more proven methods to make money online!

    • Awesome John!

      You are welcome my Friend and I surely agree that Affiliate Marketing is a much more viable route to take to earn an income online.

      They do mention that a person can stay a Free member but I highly doubt that Free members can earn anywhere near the $25 per hour.

      Thank you for viewing and commenting John,


  3. thwglobal sounds fishy in my opinion. your review is very straight forward. when you mention they will pay you $25 an hour to watch videos that are better than youtube. To start out you need to put in at least 10 hours a week. I got thinking it sounds too much like a ponzi scheme to even waste time investing into it.

    • Yes Tim,

      I agree my Friend! $25 an hour to watch videos so more than 1,200,000 have signed up. If it were that easy to earn an income online I believe that everyone would do it. Not me as I prefer the legitimate ways to earn online that involve hard work and time.

      Thank you Tim for viewing and sharing,



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