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What is Traffic Ad Bar Review plus CashJuice 1st Anniversary

Traffic Ad Bar was founded in the year 2009 by Darren Merrett & is a traffic exchange system. This implies that it sends traffics or web visitors to your websites and/or referral links. The amount of traffic or web visitors you get from the system depends on the number of sites that you have visited.

This site has been around for a decade and the fact that it still waxes strong suggests that it is safe to use and it does a genuine business. If you check you discover that it is full of positive impressions from people who have used the system over the years. Moreover, the site is user-friendly.

CashJuice is celebrating its 1st Anniversary & has improved since day one and keeps improving!

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What is Traffic Ad Bar?

Irrespective of any kind of business that you do, you are free to use the system because it offers you everything that you need to take your business to the highest level. It is poles apart from other competitors. The system does not demand any payment before you can become a member. It is a free sign up program. The system is free and it does not demand any obligation on your part. If you want to advance your membership to the highest level, then you can upgrade.

You are going to discover new opportunities with the system and you are also going to exchange traffic with others. This can help your business to grow tremendously. Furthermore, the system makes available to you up to one hundred thousand free points that you need to advance on the ad leader ladder.

The most important thing that you are going to like about this program is the cash rewards that come with the system. You can get that when you refer friends. Even if you have created new websites of programs, it is going to help to expose it to other members and that can increase your earning opportunity tremendously. There are lots of benefits that you can derive from being a member of the traffic ad bar.

Levels of membership

As you can see from the information above, it does not cost you anything to become a member. Even a free member you can still have your sites and business advertised. To become a member, you do not pay a dime to anybody. However, if you want to take your business to the highest level, then there is the need to upgrade that membership. Apart from the free membership level, there are other three levels of membership that you can join and they include the pro-lite level which you can just at ten dollars. The third level of membership is the pro membership level and you are to pay the sum of twenty dollars to become a member. The highest grade of membership is platinum. This demands the sum of forty dollars to attain that level of membership.

Just as the membership level is very important, it is also necessary that you know about the traffic ad bar ladder system. This is also good because it determines the number of traffic that can come to your websites. The system does that by comparing your credit with the credit of other members of the site. It is better and different from other systems out there because it uses the level ladder and this can generate hits for the site members and that is done by daily update email. There would be more about the traffic ad bar level ladder in the course of this review, but it is important to state that there are seventeen levels under that program. The highest of that is level seventeen while the least under that ad program is the first level. The great thing about this is that you get more compensation in the form of a hit if you are on the top-level of that program. It implies that those on the topmost level are bound to receive more hits while those on the lower levels would be rewarded with fewer hits. The hit is determined with three days’ period. This implies that the system will reset after three days and the reset or the number of hits that come to you would depend on the total number of points that you have gained within that period under review. Those in level, for instance, would be rewarded with 1022 hits daily.

The other great thing about this that is worth mentioning at this stage is the bonus system which the program offers to the members. If you can surf up to twenty pages daily, then you would be rewarded with a bonus.

TrafficAdBar Compensation Plan

The compensation you get from the system is in the form of several traffics of hit you get. It all depends on two or three things. The first is that it depends on your effort. The traffic exchange system works on the number of visits you have done. You will receive the same number of visitors to your website.

Secondly, it depends on the membership level. There is four membership level. Paying for the upgrade level is a matter of choice. You would get more reward if you have an advanced membership. This is certain.

The other thing that can determine the reward is the number of people you refer to the system. If you refer people and they manage to buy their membership, then you are going to earn a cash reward from the system.

The point that is worth mentioning that determines the rewards is the number of points you have earned within three days of the hit period. Your ladder level will determine the type of compensation you get. The ladder ranking is also determined by the number of points that you have accumulated within the three days. If you can make it to the highest level of the ladder, then you can get up to the 17th level which is the highest. Many members desire to reach to that topmost level so that they can get better compensation or rewards in terms of points. Your website will get more exposure than your competitors. The system is designed to take your business to the highest level.

Furthermore, the reward you get from the system also varies. You have to think of the bonus system that comes with that program. If you can surf 25 pages daily, you will get compensated for the number of 25 pages that you surfed through the system daily. The compensation will translate to the bonus point and it is going to be reflected on the next level you reach. Furthermore, the compensation plan involves getting another method of promoting your website such as the links that you click in your daily email as well as the opportunity to promote your site using ad banner from the company. Furthermore, it can result in adding the ad bar widget to your site and this is in addition to surfing other websites.


What is CashJuice?

CashJuice can be classified as a social networking site and it is designed for internet business owners. It is also owned by Darren Merrett, who is the same person that created the Traffic ad bar system. This site is also great because it is meant to transform any online from scratch to greatness. Apart from helping you to promote your business, the other important aspect of it which is more important is the fact that the site is composed of a community of people. The community is just there to help one another in lots of ways by teaching, learning, coaching, as well as advertising and so on. You can get anything that you want right from the system and that can assist you to transform your business to any level you want.

The system works in such a way that you can use it even in the mobile device as well as in the comfort of your home. You can indeed use this anywhere.

It has great link social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others where you can follow other people and post updates and so on. It is easy to use and when you join the system, it would help you to establish your online business. To set the system to work for you, you should simply provide a photo as well as your profile description and start to post right from the system.

CashJuice is there for you to make money. There are at least three different ways of making money from this system. The best way that you can get something from the system is by making effective use of the leads which is generated for you. You can take that lead to transform your business to the highest level. Furthermore, you are going to use it to build that social connection which you require for the transformation of your site. Most importantly, it remains the most effective way of introducing yourself and your business.

If you want to know how the system works and how to earn money from it, you must first watch the video to study the various opportunities which the system provides to you.

When you sign up with the system, you discover that it drives itself and it would teach you those things that you can do to earn money without spending a dime. To learn how it works it is very important and it does not demand anything from you. When you learn that, you can indeed start to earn from the system right away.

The other way that you can earn money from the system is through the juicy referral program. If you refer a person and the person upgrades the membership that costs $29.50 you can get an automatic fifteen percent commission from that. The earnings would continue to multiply as more people continue to register through the person you referred to the system.

The third way that you can earn from that system is ad revenue which the website offers. They share the cash revenue they earned from ads with the top 200 users. If you work hard and find yourself within those 200 members then you are creating a wonderful opportunity to earn more money from that system. To earn more, you should be very active in that community, and you can do that by making a daily post. The more active you are the more chances you have of improving your ranking. Furthermore, to earn more from that system, you must ensure that the referral stays active in the system.

Active members of the community are rewarded with different rank levels such as the Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze and so on. You are sure of falling with the categories if you are one of the most active members of that community.

What is the Ladder in Traffic Ad Bar?

Something was said about the Traffic Ad Bar level ladder. There are 17 levels within that system. The highest is the 17th while at the bottom of that ladder is the 1st level. You get more hit depending on how high you are on that level.

As stated earlier, the ladder is reset every three days and that is done according to the number of points. Level ten will get up to 1022 links. In the same way, those in level 9 will get 510 links and those in the 8th level are entitled to 254 links. If you are in the 7th level, you can get up to 126 links, just as those in level 6 are entitled to 62 links and level 5 members are rewarded with 30 links. Level 4 will get 14 links and level 3 gets 6 links. If you are in level 2 you are entitled to 2 links. Those in level 1 do not get any link.

If you want to do well, try to earn more points from the system and there are different ways of earning that points through the system. When you click the links you would earn more from the system. The other way of earning from that system is by promoting your site using the banner from the traffic ad bar. Furthermore, you can earn more by adding their widget to your sites. Moreover, if you surf other sites, you can also earn from the system.

Traffic Ad Bar


Traffic Ad Bar is the best ad exchange site on the internet today. The system is completely free to join as you are not required to pay a dime before you can become part of the system. If you want to upgrade your membership that is still possible and you can do that at affordable prices. This shows that the system is legitimate and not a scam. You do not have any obligation to pay any money to become a member or to earn from the system. Furthermore, you are compensated upon becoming a member with the 100,000 free points and this can help you to advance further in the system. The creator of the system is known and he a reputable online investor who has created other income-earning programs on the internet. It is one hundred percent legit. You can earn from the system in different ways. There is no other better way of carrying out your affiliate marketing program than this website.

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Traffic Ad Bar & CashJuice are both also included within the VIP Downline Builder System at = Downline Building as a VIP!

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  1. I am a PRO member at since November 2018 (currently on ladder level 13). When I joined I thought this was just another traffic exchange, but I quickly realized how much potential really has. I created an optin form with a great offer and started surfing daily. It didn´t take long before I started getting signups and then sales. So, clearly TAB works. You could really build a successful online business using nothing but TAB if you have no advertising budget available.


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