What is Zurvita Zeal Life a Scam or legit Opportunity?

As the trend of superfoods becomes more popular, the dietary supplements which claim to have high amounts of them are becoming popular as well. One of the more common ones that have emerged in the market recently is Zeal for Life. This product is manufactured by Zurvita, a nutritional supplement firm in the multi-level marketing sector. The below article will help to answer the question, What is Zurvita Zeal Life a Scam or legit Opportunity?

The company was founded back in 2008, and its headquarters are based in Houston, Texas. According to the company, the utilization of natural ingredients in its products such as goji berry extract and beetroot powder gives you mental focus, high energy levels, and complete wellness.

In this Zurvita Zeal Life review, we are going to take an in-depth look at the products, a complete list of ingredients, potential side effects, any related clinical research available, and some customer reviews to establish what consumers can expect from these products.

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What is Zurvita Zeal Life?

Zeal Life is generally a health and weight loss drink manufactured by Zurvita, a US-based multi-level-marketing (MLM) company. One container of Zeal Life contains approximately 420g of the mixture, which can last you for about one month. This product by Zurvita is available on the official website of Zurvita Zeal Life and Amazon. It’s not available in stores, but you can purchase it from one of the numerous independent Zurvita distributors.

Zeal for Life appears to be more of a multi-purpose product, which makes it more appealing to consumers. The product is usually labeled as a nutritional food solution that is designed to assist in improving user’s energy levels and focus while supporting general health and weight loss as well.

According to the company website, the formula used in Zeal for Life comprises a list of complex ingredients that deliver many clinically proven outcomes. The Zeal For Life formula is essentially a blend of several green vegetables with added minerals, vitamins, Guarana, and many other herbal extracts.

Zurvita Products

Zurvita has a simple line of products, unlike most MLM firms that have tens of products in various categories. The products provided by Zurvita include:

1. Zurvita Protein

Zurvita multi-level marketing company has their protein powder. The protein also utilizes the same nutritional ingredients as the company's patented production process. All you need to do is add milk or water to the Protein Shakes bottle and take as a snack or a meal replacement at any time. Furthermore, you can also mix Zurvita Protein with some other liquids and fruits to create your smoothie. Zurvita protein comes in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors.

2. Zeal for Life

Zeal for Life is the signature health drink of Zurvita. All you need to do to ingest it is to add some water and then shake it. If you would like to add some more taste, you can add some juice as well. However, you should avoid hot beverages since the heat can easily destroy most of the vital nutrients. Many users claim to feel more energetic 20 minutes after consuming it. Zeal Life is presently available in Vegan and Classic formula.

3. Zurvita Transformation System

Zurvita’s Transformation System, also referred to as Weight Management Program is a complete program that includes nutritional products that support weight loss and a training package as well. In the box, you will find training materials such as healthy lifestyle exercise, balanced nutrition for weight management as well as personal development and growth. There are two additional products in Zurvita’s transformation system:

• Zurvita Burn

Zurvita Burn assists you in boosting your metabolism. It’s the powerhouse of the company’s weight management program, and it uses Advantra-Z, a popular patented and thermogenic component for sports nutrition and weight loss.

• Zurvita Cleanse

Zurvita Cleanse assists your body in the detoxification process, restoring your digestive health with this probiotic and herbal cleanse.

Zeal for Life Ingredients

The ingredients you will find in Zurvita products vary depending on the purpose and blend of the supplement. The two main formulas of Zeal for Life come in unique flavors, including the Vegan Zeal and Classic Zeal flavors. Remarkably, the Vegan Zeal formula is specifically made for vegetarians, and it comes in Blood Grape, Wild Berry, and Tropic Dream flavors. Its ingredients include:

• Antioxidants

• Phytonutrients

• Minerals

Classic Zeal typically cuts across all preferences and tastes, depending on the chosen flavor. Unlike the Vegan Zeal, the Classic Zeal flavors have extra amino acid supplements. It comes in Classic Kiwi Watermelon and Classic Wild Berry flavors. The nutrients include:

• Micronutrients

• Amino acids

• Minerals

• Phytonutrients

• Antioxidants

Apart from Zeal for Life shakes, there are tablets and bars whose ingredients contain the following:

Gotu Kola, a common herbal additive that promotes healthy blood circulation and positive mental functioning

Citrus Aurantium, which supports weight loss when you supplement it with other stimulants

Cascara Sagrada Bark extracts, which is are natural laxative stimulants

Chlorella, which serves as the major source of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, and protein

Glucomannan, which is one of the soluble fibers that absorb water in the stomach, and according to WebMD it acts to sate your appetite as well

Yerba Mate, which serves as a natural stimulant when boiled in tea due to its high levels of caffeine

Senna Leaf extracts, which irritates your intestinal tract, hence serving as a simple and natural laxative

Moringa Oleifera, an anti-inflammatory element and primary antioxidant in Zeal for Life products

Crystalline Fructose, a common corn extract, which provides the main source of sugar according to LiveStrong

Guarana Seed Extract, which originates from the guarana plants and is commonly used in energy drinks, aphrodisiacs, nootropics, and weight loss supplements.

Aloe Vera, Which is a source of folic acid and vitamins and used in dentistry

Ashwagandha Powder, an adaptogen that can assist your body in managing stress more effectively. According to research, it has been utilized in Ayurvedic medicine for over 3,000 years.

Bacopa Extract, which is a common herb extract in Ayurvedic medicine. It’s often utilized as an ingredient in most nootropic supplements. Some researchers found some concrete evidence to support the usage of bacopa extracts to enhance memory and focus.

Zurvita Compensation Plan

Zurvita provides a simple MLM compensation plan. Salespersons can sign up with a minimum of $39.95 to sell their products at a commission rate of 20% and also earn a 5% commission for all the products sold by your recruits.

The more individuals you recruit to your group, the more cash you can make because you are leveraging the strength of a team. Nevertheless, the number of recruit levels you can earn commissions from is mostly based on your present rank in the firm.

The higher your ranking, the more levels you’ll earn commissions from. These commissions from all your recruits are referred to as overrides. According to the company website, the Zurvita business is classified into three phases.

Stage One: Zurvita’s All-Star Program

Once you register with Zurvita, the first thirty days is your gratification stage, where you should concentrate on getting as many customers as possible, enrolling two like-minded partners, and duplicating the process. When you get three customers, your business costs for the next month will all be waived, and you will be eligible for the Team Bonus as well

Stage Two: Team Bonus

The Team Bonus phase begins when your sales team begins growing and having more and more recruits or downlines on your right and left. When a specific amount of Team’s Business Volume is attained after selling a set amount of products, then your Zurvita account will be credited with a bonus. Moreover, if you activate your team bonus within the first 30 days after registration, you'll receive a Team All-Start Bonus amounting to $320. In simple words, the bigger your sales team grows, the more bonuses you will earn.

Stage Three: Residual Income

Lastly, as you go up the ranks, you will eventually have a sales team that’s large enough to computerize your business. At this phase, you can start earning residual income without working. However, this might take a lot of effort and time.

Zurvita Zeal life Customer Reviews

There are tons and tons of Zeal For Life testimonials through customers online. Here are some of them.

I love this Zeal product! It’s the best product I’ve ever taken. I realized a lot of changes in my energy levels and noted that it not only helped me but my entire family as well. Our family members are now consultants in Zurvita. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

This product is quite amazing after consuming for one week. I noted that I was able to think clearer, experience more energy, and also focus.

Zeal product is great, and I take it each month. It gives me more energy, which makes me feel awesome.

It is my first time trying Zeal, I took it, and I felt a lot of difference. After suffering from anxiety, depression, and ulcers for years, I feel a lot better right now

I have been consuming zeal for several months and have realized that my depression is currently manageable and have more energy.

Is Zurvita Zeal Life a Scam?

Based on the available research and reviews into Zeal for Life, the significant part of this product will be beneficial for boosting the energy levels of the user due to the Guarana content as well as supporting the general health due to the multi-vitamin content and various extracts. However, there’s no scientific research that shows this product supports weight loss for users. Currently, there’s no concrete proof that conclusively shows that any ingredient used in manufacturing Zeal For Life independently or directly burns body fat or causes weight loss.

Zeal for Life is an excellent product for people who are looking to boost their health and increase energy levels. However, the working of Zeal for Life significantly depends on the attitude of the users. The products can be meaningless, especially if the consumers do not utilize them in supplementing their activities. For instance, if a customer uses the product for weight management, they should complement it with relevant activities that assist in cutting the extra kilograms.

Pros of Zurvita Zeal Life

• It can boost your energy levels

• It contains a lot of good ingredients for overall health and wellness

• It might help improve your concentration and focus

• It optimizes health

• It slows the aging process

• It enriches, restores, and protects your body

Cons of Zurvita Zeal Life

• The product does not contain any ingredients that independently and directly burn body fat

• The product can suppress your appetite over time

• It is quite expensive to maintain the usage of Zeal for Life

• There are potential side-effects

• The company provides limited training to distributors


Zeal for Life seems to be very useful for overall health and wellness, but there is no scientific backing that supports the weight-loss claims. The price of this product is incredibly steep, but if you don’t mind spending a lot of money, then it might be worth trying if you are generally looking to improve your energy levels and boost your general health. Even though Zeal for Life has remained in power in the supplements industry, and there are many positive comments from users, there is no clinically proven evidence to support all it claims to provide to users.

Just like many MLM company’s products, there’s a huge amount of inaccurate information floating around the web from third party resellers who are looking to make quick sales. Therefore, you should always be smart and also do your research. As you move towards a healthier life, making lifestyle changes might be challenging, but that’s where clinically-proven systems come into play.

When it comes to the income opportunity provided by Zurvita, the company has more than eight years of experience in the Multi-level marketing industry. It provides three different packages for starters, which range between $69.95 and $499. The distributors earn 20 percent commission on the sales of Zeal for Life as well as other bonuses and incentives through the uni-level compensation plan of the company.

While Zurvita may have wonderful products, their income opportunity is a bit challenging. That’s because you will be competing against billion-dollar wellness and health firms that dominate specific parts in the health sector.

Again, Zurvita doesn’t appear to offer its independent distributors a lot in regard to business support and training. That is discouraging because people without a strong marketing and sales background might struggle to become successful in the multi-level marketing sector. Distributors who don’t have experience in these sales and marketing might decide to pursue additional business education and training on their own.

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