Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Update 20 September 2018:

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Get Rich Quick Scams Schemes not allowedYou could get chosen to appear on the game show “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”

Did You know that the US version of “Millionaire” is a copycat of the United Kingdom game show with the same name?

Maybe play the lottery in your State, even the Worldwide Lottery that claims to be a $284,000,000,000 Billion (with a B) dollar industry!

Have You every seen those “Get Rich Quick” schemes, scams, Pyramids, Infomercials and/or MLMs claiming to be able to, without any effort or very little effort from You turn You into a Millionaire yesterday, if not sooner?

Because I've been earning an income online since 2007 and very active on the internet for over a decade, so have I and it gives the legitimate opportunities a bad name as well!

I've even, many times seen reputable great companies like FHTM and others, be forced out of business because of an unscrupulous few who ruin it for everyone. Lately the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has really been cracking down on internet opportunities and has more than a few scammers worldwide scrambling for cover. MOBE has been the latest but certainly not the last to be shut down by the FTC and be under investigation and is facing a lawsuit.

Legitimate ways to become a Millionaire


  • Inherit it – Not really likely for many of us, especially in these times when it takes and entire Family just to get by and pay for the must have necessities. Also, on a good note, our loved ones are living longer
  • Investing – while this option is indeed legitimate, it takes money to make money and it's also a matter of high risk – high reward vs. low risk – low reward.
  • Saving – Possible and legitimate but not very likely as banks these days pay such a small amount of interest for our savings that we would be much better off placing the money into a 401k or similar slow process of growth.
  • Leverage our time by building a team – What? I am of course talking about building a network, much like great investors Warren Buffett (Pampered Chef), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) & Jeff Bezos (Amazon) just to name a few.

The Internet is the “Bathroom Wall of the 21st Century”

Everyone of us start at zero when we start anything, sure, some of us know more people than others and have a head start. The simple truth is that anyone can start where they are and grow with now being the best time to take action since yesterday is gone and tomorrow never comes.

Here in the 21st century with modern technology and the digital marketing age, I believe that it is both easier and also rougher than in the past to make a name for ourselves and grow our network.

Easier & Rougher?

I can imagine what You are thinking right now……… Tony, are You drunk, on drugs, both or worse?

How can it be both easier and rougher at the same time?

Because of the internet, social media and modern technology, the world is smaller and more accessible. (That's the easier part) Now, for the harder part, because we live in a digital marketing worldwide era where everyone on the planet can have access to the internet, haters have a larger audience. (That's the rougher part)

The internet is the “Bathroom Wall” of the 21st Century, haters can and will hate, therefore, haters will work harder to smear someone's name, brand and reputation than they ever worked on anything positive in their miserable lives.

Especially when you're accomplishing great things & moving forward, I am living proof of this fact!

confused admirer hater
Don't be a hater, hating is for losers!

About 2 years ago, I called out a person in a great affiliate marketing community that I am part of. He had scammed his way to becoming an Ambassador at Wealthy Affiliate while copy and paste spamming new members. The algorithm for ranking there at WA has since been updated and while still not perfect, is much better than back then.

What did that person do?

He submitted my name to a very unscrupulous website who, without any evidence/facts/verification or anything, label people as sexual predators! Yes, I have always asked Friends and family to google “Tony Lee Hamilton” then click on my websites, social media pages etc…. to boost my SEO rankings. A Friend pointed out the site to me and the fact that it was there on page #1 of the “Bathroom Wall” of the 21st Century for all to see.

I was SHOCKED & MORTIFIED to say the least!

I tried to remain calm, took a look at the false listing then saw that there was a way to have wrongful and untruthful stuff removed 🙂


The scam site, in order to have something removed has a few ways to accomplish the task.

  • Without even providing proof, name 3 sexual predators (Crazy!)
  • Pay 1 of their affiliate sites (their site is full of banners, ads etc…. including an auto play audio) to have them request that it be removed (What a scam!)
  • Contact the person who reported & falsely named you to see what type of community service that they would accept as rectitude. (What a joke!)

I can't believe that the site is still allowed to be on the internet and hasn't been sued many times, it's not worth my time or effort. I simply replied to the listing:

“Whomever posted this has no soul and Friends who know me know that I am not nor never have been a predator. I only found out about this silly post today as a Friend of mine accepted my request to google my name. I don’t live in the Greater Detroit area either and I never have. I have contacted the admin for this site to inform him/her that this post needs to be taken down and I am shocked that people are able to post such ridiculous stuff about others without any truth and/or evidence!”

Also, the site is Insecure so don't click on it unless you want you information possibly stolen…… Notice the “Green Secure Padlock” in the upper left corner here on my website? They don't have one of those & that is a sure sign that their website isn't secure.

Visit WhyNoPadlock.com to see why a site doesn't have the Green Secure Padlock and why it's not entirely safe to visit.

Porch Hound Dog

Start Crushing it 10X or stay on the porch

After reading the above, I believe that You are indeed ready to start Crushing it 10X and become a Millionaire!

Am I correct?

Have You ever heard the story about the old hound dog that was laying on the porch whining?

A traveler got lost in the country so he pulled into a driveway where he saw a man sitting in a rocking chair on the porch, so that he could ask for directions. (A man asking for directions …. this has to be a fable 🙂

As the traveler approached the porch, he couldn't help but notice the constant whining from the dog, so he asked the old-timer what was causing the dog to whine.

The man replied, “He's laying on a nail”

The traveler asked, “Why doesn't he move?”

The man replied, “He's not uncomfortable enough yet.”

Are You uncomfortable enough yet?

Are You ready to stop whining about the nail & start winning by Crushing it 10X?

The absolute only way to become a Millionaire is to change what You are doing and saying to yourself as well as your approach to your life. You must become a Millionaire then move towards your Millionaire self.

Sounds like another fable, right?


In order to become a Millionaire, You must do consistently and methodically what it takes to become a Millionaire, a few dollars at a time at first then watch your efforts increase along with your earnings.

Action will take You out of doubt just as will doubt take You out of action, which one do You choose?

Choose wisely my Friend

Millionaire Mission – Are You Ready?

My Friend, becoming a Millionaire won't happen overnight or even in a week, month or year!

Don't be like the lady over to the left 🙂

Be ready to show up and not just sign up!

“Get Rich” + Play the Lottery or Inherit the Millions 🙂

For a realistic and doable become a Millionaire strategy see “My Top Recommendations” in the Main Menu area and/or simply click on the links below that will take You to the “Learn More” post about that site here on this website.

Keep in mind, when You join 1 or all of the sites below that You will have me as your 100% online personal mentor for questions, advice and techniques.

Also know that I only help Friends who ask me for help & only when You make an effort to learn and take action.

It's unfair to the thousands of Friends who indeed deserve my help for me to chase or help Friends who are stagnant.

Start Crushing it 10X or stay on the porch!

There are over 7 Billion people in the world and we can all help each other in many ways, first and foremost, we must help ourselves by becoming coachable, positive and an action taker!

You are indeed ready to start crushing it 10x – Click the links below & get started now!

  • Finish Line Network – In Prelaunch until the 20th of September, Free to lock in your spot until then!
  • Global MoneyLine – List Builder – All Communication within the platform – Only Admin and I receive your email address
  • Social Media Traffic Exchange – Site for sharing any secure website and/or opportunity = Safe & Secure Traffic Exchange
  • Wealthy Affiliate University – The #1 Ranked Affilkiate Marketing Community on the Planet – Great for Beginners as well as experts in Affiliate Marketing, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, Content Creation & Business Building.
  • ClickBank Pro Ads – Free Pre-Made StoreFront with over 10,000 Digital Instant Download products with commissions between 33-70%
  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool – The Ultimate Platform for creating Keyword Rich Content for engaging posts, blogs and press releases that rank high with all of the search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and the others.

When and/or if You happen to research any of the above sites or me, Tony Lee Hamilton the Digital Maraketing Veteran, don't forget that the internet is the “Bathroom Wall of the 21st Century”!

Also don't forget to come right back here to this site to sign up because at each and every opportunity here and/or anywhere else, it truly does matter who You are referred by as we are not all created nor grown equally.

Your Millionaire Onine JourneyYour Millionaire Online Journey

In closing, I would love to welcome you to complete the contact form below to introduce yourself. Let me know which of the above programs that you have joined, where You are currently at in terms of experience and needs. Also You are more than welcome to comment below with any questions, concerns, observations etc…. and I will do my very best to respond to You in a timely manner. All Friends who join any of the above sites with me then leave a comment below, I will also integrate your referral link into your comment so that You will have the potential of receiving referrals from my traffic.

All of our continued success is my daily Prayer.

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Tony Lee Hamilton

I am known on the Internet as The Digital Marketing Veteran - I am a Veteran of The United States Army and have a Teenage Son. (His Mom and I adopted him at his birth, she went to heaven because of breast cancer) Since 2007, I have been assisting Friends from around the World Earn More Income, Traffic and/or Referrals to their Business no matter what they share! Local Businesses, Online Businesses, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing and/or Network Marketing from anywhere on the Planet! Contact me anytime!

4 thoughts on “Who wants to be a Millionaire?

  • 09/19/2018 at 7:40 pm

    I really miss that show in here. “Who wants to be a millionaires” The local television they move the time that I cant watch it anymore. Hoping they will return back this to the original time which is 11:00am to 12:00 pm. By the way, you have a great website. Very informative contents.

    • 09/19/2018 at 8:19 pm

      Thank You very much Nila, Yes “Who wants to be a Millionaire” is indeed a fun show my Friend!

  • 09/15/2018 at 3:12 pm

    Great article, very informative.

    I can’t believe that someone would stoop so low as to make false claims about someone.

    Also the fact that it made it to the #1 page is crazy.

    Anyway, I am a member of WA and hope to be crushing it 10x soon.

    I know it will take time to get there.

    I am also interested in the other sites you listed. I think I will check them out.


    • 09/15/2018 at 7:47 pm

      You are very welcome and thank You Dan,

      I appreciate You taking a look and I look forward to assisting You in earning a legitimate income online from home my Friend.

      Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a wonderful place to learn and earn & I am honored to be a member there as well.

      Talk with You soon Can,



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