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Before getting started, many Friends have asked me for my #1 Recommendation so here it is!

My name is Tony Lee Hamilton & I'm known on the internet as “Digital Marketing Veteran” Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck Go orJeep Toy

any other search engine that you use and you'll find all my websites as well as Social Media Pages.  I've been earning an income online since 2009 and it's been an adventure with ups, down, sideways, back and forth & pretty much any other way that you can imagine! Below I'll share a little bit more about myself as well as my Vision & Goals that I'll achieve while becoming more of the man that God created me to be. My main site is TonyLeeHamilton.com

Contact me anytime at TonyLeeHamilton@gmail.com

As of this writing, I'm 55 years of age & plan to live at least another 55 years while making sure that they're the best years of my life. I've not always been a creature of health but I also have never been immobile or incapacitated.  I did fine in High School by actually doing no studying, paying attention etc… I barely got by and looking back I now realize that it was because I played sports and also because in December of my Senior year, I signed up with the United States Army. I served as a soldier in the US Army for 10 days less than 7 years, first 4 1/2 years as an Infantryman then the last 2 1/2 years in the Battalion Headquarters of  a Basic Training Unit.  Jeep Scrambler CJ8

After being Honorably Discharged, I was to go to College for 4 years studying Business management & Marketing all paid for by the Army because I was 1 of 2 soldiers on our base to earn a “Green to Gold” Scholarship.  It wasn't the regular deal that all soldiers have available, it was a fully paid scholarship. (not the GI Bill, VEAP or any of those basic benefits) So, long story short, I decided after about a year that I wanted to stay out of the Military and not go back in as an Officer/2nd Lieutenant.

Next adventure was when I saw what my younger Brother was earning doing what he was doing!  I got started right away! It probably wasn't what you thought…… He got me started as a Truck Driver/Mover, moving families across the Country. That was back in 1993 and in my first year I earned $45,000 so I was hooked! I drove truck and moved families across the Country for about the next 13 years. After deciding to stay at home (I's gotten married and we adopted our Son by then) I worked as a Dispatcher, Quality Control, Local Driver and even a Move Consultant.

Back to the story about my Son

His Mom and I adopted him at his birth & he has always been an awesome person.  Right before his 12th birthday, his Mom went to heaven because ofWe adopted our Son

cancer.  He's now almost 20 years of age, a United States Army Reserve Soldier as a wheeled vehicle mechanic, going to College for mechanic certifications etc… and also works with Jeeps.  Jeeps are his true passion, older ones from the 80s and 90s, not these new ones. Since he turned 16 years of age he has owned 12 Jeep Wrangler YJ, he still owns 1 having sold the other 11 for profits.  He also now owns a 1983 Jeep J20 3/4 Ton Pickup Truck & a 1982 Jeep CJ8 Scrambler with 33″ tires, 3″ lift & a 304 AMC V8 Motor.

I, myself am passionate about assisting friends in earning an income online & I've been doing that at growing levels since June 2009.  I have a HUGE Vision and it's gonna take Massive Action!

My Vision is to on or before 31 December 2023 open a Christian Family Campground that will have a large Pond and/or Small Lake for fishing, swimming etc….. We'll also have sports like Archery, Paintball, Baseball, Softball, Football, (Soccer) American Football, Basketball, Track & Field, Campsites and anything else fun that we can come up with.  It's going to have a main office with large parking lot where cars will be left because there'll be a point where no motorized vehicles will be allowed to pass. There'll be a large cafeteria building for services, worship, eating, parties etc…. that'll also have restrooms, showers and a kitchen.  It'll be a not for profit volunteers only place where families as well as children without family lives will be invited to learn, grow and have interactions with other Christians.

Ok, as You can see, that is indeed a HUGE Vision & will take more than a few dollars, time and energy to accomplish.  That being said, we'll find our way as long as I focus on becoming more of the man that God created me to be.

Thank you for taking the time to read this About Tony Lee Hamilton article, I appreciate the Love & Support!

Click on and watch the 9 minute YouTube video below!

Click on and watch the 9 minute YouTube video above!


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19 thoughts on “About Tony Lee Hamilton ~ Digital Marketing Veteran”

  1. Hi Tony,

    First, I want to thank you for your great service to America and its people while serving as a soldier in the US army. I always believe that serving your country is one of the greatest honors and privileges. Not every citizen is able to join the army no matter how much they want to. 

    So, kudos to you … and your son who also joined the army as a reserved soldier. You said he’s also fascinated with jeeps. Like father like son, eh? 

    Then you transitioned into affiliate marketing and succeeded. You just proved wrong those who think and believe that for you to succeed in life, you must have a college degree. Many would be curious to know how you did it. If you could describe in a few words or one sentence what is your recipe for success, what would it be?

    Thank you for sharing your inspirational story. 

    By the way,I am looking forward to hearing (reading ☺) the success of your next project — the Christian Family Campground.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your life and the many jobs you’ve had over the years. Your idea for a Christian Campground sounds like a great idea. All the activities, the lake for fishing and swimming, all sound great. Your YouTube tutorial was simple and right to the point. Easy to follow. I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Carol

  3. A really good article that covers the ups and downs of life in general plus running an online business. I have been an affiliate marketer for only a few months, and I am loving it. Your story and goals have given me the inspiration to set high goals for myself. Well done!

  4. Thanks Tony!

    This page has saved me a lot of searching on the internet, its all here. 

    It’s very touching to read about your passion to help people find their financial freedom.

    How are you getting on with the vision of opening the Christian Campground? I used to attend a Christian camp every summer when I was a teenager, the experiences I had will stay with me forever so I employee you to keep focus on that vision, it will undoubtedly help people like it did for me.


  5. Thank you Tony Lee for your story. Your life has been full of some ups and some downs like many others. It is great that you have a fantastic vision of where you would like to be able to minister. Sometimes it is hard getting others to support your vision even if it is an excellent one so God has to bless those with a great heart with the prosperity in order to accomplish the task needed. I pray that you will be blessed financially to do all that the Lord has placed in your heart.

  6. thanks for sharing your story it was interesting, you have a lot to be proud of even with the loss of your spouse my condolences, you seem to know where you are going, the video was informative good job and good luck.

  7. As a 53 year old man myself your story really resonated. I appreciated hearing about all your motivations behind your pursuit of online income. Faith, family and quality of life, bout says it all for me. Your post reads more like your testimony than anything else. It really got me thinking. One question, you said highticketfreelancer was your number 1 recommendation, what sets them apart in your opinion?

  8. Hi Tony, this was great to read more about your background and how you came to where you are today. You must have come across many interesting places and people during the years that you worked as a mover and truck driver. 

    I love your vision of opening a Christian Family Campground and I am sure the funding will be found to realise this big vision that you have. All the best. 

  9. Tony, enjoyed your page it was fun and easy to navigate. All links worked except for the one in the paragraph about your son. Wish you well with your future plans and the money to accomplish them..

  10. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and recommendations! Your website is so helpful to people whether they are complete beginners to the more advanced. I’ll check out some of your suggestions. See you at Cash Juice!

  11. thanks for that I didnt get a chance to watch the whole video but what i did see was greatstuff.I need to say something to Tony,Mr. Hamilton ,my name is Mike Woodall and I have a problem Instagram will not let me put my site address on my bio in instagram, what can I do to get the same job done and that isgrow my following with as little work as possible right. I would appreciate any and all advice or help

  12. Hi Tony Lee!
    Great website, with lots of good comparative information. There are so many programs out there for affiliate marketing that it’s hard to keep up with them all. Thank you very much.


  13. Than you for sharing this here and I must say tha this makes a lot of sense being able ti really get access to all of these and being actually able to get started and make the very best of the oportuiniteies on the internet here. What you have shared is simply great and it would be colk to try them out. thanks so much for the sharing here


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