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Tony Lee Hamilton Digital Marketing VeteranWelcome my friend,

I appreciate the fact that you have taken time out of your busy life to have a look at to see what I offer for friends from anywhere on our planet, who want to start and/or grow their business.  I offer a wide variety of services and can indeed tailor a plan according to what you share with me in regards to where you want to grow to and how quickly.


Your needs and desires are my #1 mission so complete the contact form at the bottom of this page with any and all questions etc…

The below list will not be all inclusive & just a small sampling of what many friends have requested recently:

  • Build and host my website – Yes, I have assisted many friends in building their website for their business for them and can completely build you a website as well.  Including keyword Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to assist your website in being found when your ideal client searches for what you have to offer.
  • Assist me in building my website – Absolutely, this is a great option for when you would rather learn the skills to accomplish what I have shared above as well as when you are on a tighter budget.
  • Write articles for my website – You provide the images, videos and expertise, then I will create keyword rich content for your website and/or social media pages.
  • Guest Blogging – I do indeed accept guest bloggers here, giving your website and/or opportunity more exposure. (Use the search box at the top right with the magnifying glass, search “Guest Blogger” to see some of the recent blogs from friends who have previously guest blogged here.
  • Direct organic traffic to your website – Utilizing Keyword research, I can indeed assist you in gaining more organic traffic to your website.
  • Grow my social media presence – Building your Brand Online thru social media is one of the best ways to grow and increase your business in the 21st Century.
  • Leads and/or Referrals – I do have proven platforms that i have been able to utilize in generating leads and/or referrals for myself as well as many friends worldwide.
  • Generate Income – There are many ways to achieve and enjoy passive and/or residual income online, I do have more than a few ways to assist you in doing so.
  • Learn about Affiliate Marketing & how to Monetize my Website – Sites like Amazon, ebay, CJ by Conversant, (Formerly known as Commission Junction) JVZoo, Commission Junction, Rakuten, basically any big name brand that you have ever heard of and even many that you haven't.  This list of possible affiliate partners is nowhere near all inclusive and you don't have to promote any of them if you choose not to, it's your business, your website and your choice.
  • Grow my Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Local, Internet and/or Multi-Level Business – Yes and no matter what it is that you share, I can indeed assist you in growing your business by sharing with you, my self utilized and proven methods, platforms and/or sites.

Affiliate Disclosure – This site's privacy policy is located at the bottom left, also I will mention that most of the ways that I will be able to share with you to grow your business do include affiliate programs.  What does that mean, it means that I as your referrer will indeed receive a commission in the event that you upgrade at any of the sites. (Almost 100% of them will be completely free to join and you will have the option to remain a free member for as long as you want and/or need to be.)  That being said, you will also not only have the ability to grow your business with the tools, sites, platforms, techniques and tips that I share, you will also be able to monetize them yourself if yu would like to.

Who is Tony Lee Hamilton?

You can of course, Google me to see what you find, just remember that the internet is “The Bathroom Wall of the 21st Century” and many times Google, Yahoo and Bing are absolutely full of $hit!  Also view my About Me page right here on this website and/or view my profile page at a WordPress Affiliate Marketing Business Community where I have been a member of since June 2015.  Also at the bottom of this page is a condensed recent description of me and what I stand for and my huge why!

Social Media Profile Pages

Social Media profile sharing is caring

At the top and bottom right as well as on my About Tony Lee Hamilton page here on this website, you can find and connect with me on various social media sites.  I don't do the Google thing, so you won't find me at Google Plus G+ or at YouTube either.  Have You heard that G+ is actually shutting down, are You sad, happy, shocked and/or don't care?

OK, back to my Social Media Profile Pages:

I welcome all Positive Friends to connect with me at any and/or all of the above Social Media Sites, let's get to know each other better.  As you can see by the list above, I am fairly active in social media, some sites more active than others.

Crushing it 10X – What does this mean?

Because of my main banner at the top of this website, many friends have asked me “Crushing it 10X, what does that mean?”  My response to them as well as right here is that I can up with the idea because 2 of my recent online mentors are Gary Vaynerchuk also known as Gary Vee and Grant Cardone.

Why are they online mentors that I look up to and why #Crushingit10X – ?

I am so glad that you asked!

Gary Vee is an absolute genius when it comes to social media and knowing where his audience will be going next, he is a self proclaimed day trader of attention.  He speaks about working hard, having patience and being grateful for the journey, process and struggles.  He also pulls no punches when it comes to taking the blame for all that we do instead of pointing fingers at anyone, anything, any circumstances and/or anything else.  He is also the best selling author and recently wrote “Crushing it” and now you know the Crushing it part of the equation.

Grant Cardone is the ultimate mentor & coach in the sales, closing, work ethic and doing whatever it takes to get the job done arena.  He is also a best selling author and his current book “The 10X Rule” is another must read. Grant is straight up and shares the always true fact that everything takes 10 times more than we expect!  10X effort, 10X focus, 10X vision, 10X everything!  Business, Family, Friends & Life!

So, there you have it, the reason behind me loving the Crushing it 10X so much that it's a huge part of my life as well as this website & even the name of one of my other websites.

I would also love to mention that besides the 2 amazing men shown above, I also have been recently inspired by these six legends as well.  Paul Orberson, Ray Higdon, Kyle Loudoun, Eric Worre, Eric Thomas and Neil Patel – Have you heard of them as well?

Do a Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine search for “Crushing it 10X” and you will find me, my websites, images etc….. all over your search engine results page. (SERPs)

Digital Marketing Veteran

Digital Marketing Veteran Tony Lee Hamilton Crushing it 10X

Another question that I have received many times, “Why Digital Marketing Veteran?”

The answer is, I am a Veteran of the United States Army and I specialize in assisting friends in either starting a business from scratch or in taking their business to an all new level through digital marketing.

Guess what?

You can also perform a Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine search for “Digital Marketing Veteran” and you will find me, my websites, images etc….. all over your search engine results page. (SERPs)

As I mentioned above, don't believe everything that you see and/or read on the internet.  Just because it's on the internet, doesn't mean that it's true ……. or does it?

View the 32 second State Farm commercial via YouTube below & No, I am not a French Model 🙂

Had you seen the above commercial before now?

Do you really think that he's a French Model and/or that everything on the internet is absolutely true or are you like me and believe that the internet is indeed “The Bathroom Walls of the 21st Century”?

Don't get me wrong, I love utilizing Google and do Google many things daily.  I just don't believe it all as scripture and never will, I don't watch TV either.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring, Share Ideas and Start Something Good!

I share only what you let me know that you want and/or need & I will never chase you down to have you do anything.  Being self motivated and contacting me is the key, I am here for you but only help those who are willing & who reach out to me.

So, I've shared more about myself and my mission to assist friends in either starting and/or growing their business online, worldwide and from anywhere on our planet.  Please share more about yourself and what you provide, need, want etc…. by completing the contact form below and I will respond back to you via e-mail, usually within 24 hours and almost always within 72 hours.  I actually do on most occasions respond much quicker than 24 hours, contact me anytime.