About Tony Lee Hamilton ~ Digital Marketing Veteran

Before getting started, many Friends have asked me for my #1 Recommendation so here it is!

My name is Tony Lee Hamilton & I'm known on the internet as “Digital Marketing Veteran” Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck Go orJeep Toy

any other search engine that you use and you'll find all my websites as well as Social Media Pages.  I've been earning an income online since 2009 and it's been an adventure with ups, down, sideways, back and forth & pretty much any other way that you can imagine! Below I'll share a little bit more about myself as well as my Vision & Goals that I'll achieve while becoming more of the man that God created me to be. My main site is TonyLeeHamilton.com

Contact me anytime at TonyLeeHamilton@gmail.com

As of this writing, I'm 55 years of age & plan to live at least another 55 years while making sure that they're the best years of my life. I've not always been a creature of health but I also have never been immobile or incapacitated.  I did fine in High School by actually doing no studying, paying attention etc… I barely got by and looking back I now realize that it was because I played sports and also because in December of my Senior year, I signed up with the United States Army. I served as a soldier in the US Army for 10 days less than 7 years, first 4 1/2 years as an Infantryman then the last 2 1/2 years in the Battalion Headquarters of  a Basic Training Unit.  Jeep Scrambler CJ8

After being Honorably Discharged, I was to go to College for 4 years studying Business management & Marketing all paid for by the Army because I was 1 of 2 soldiers on our base to earn a “Green to Gold” Scholarship.  It wasn't the regular deal that all soldiers have available, it was a fully paid scholarship. (not the GI Bill, VEAP or any of those basic benefits) So, long story short, I decided after about a year that I wanted to stay out of the Military and not go back in as an Officer/2nd Lieutenant.

Next adventure was when I saw what my younger Brother was earning doing what he was doing!  I got started right away! It probably wasn't what you thought…… He got me started as a Truck Driver/Mover, moving families across the Country. That was back in 1993 and in my first year I earned $45,000 so I was hooked! I drove truck and moved families across the Country for about the next 13 years. After deciding to stay at home (I's gotten married and we adopted our Son by then) I worked as a Dispatcher, Quality Control, Local Driver and even a Move Consultant.

Back to the story about my Son

His Mom and I adopted him at his birth & he has always been an awesome person.  Right before his 12th birthday, his Mom went to heaven because ofWe adopted our Son

cancer.  He's now almost 20 years of age, a United States Army Reserve Soldier as a wheeled vehicle mechanic, going to College for mechanic certifications etc… and also works with Jeeps.  Jeeps are his true passion, older ones from the 80s and 90s, not these new ones. Since he turned 16 years of age he has owned 12 Jeep Wrangler YJ, he still owns 1 having sold the other 11 for profits.  He also now owns a 1983 Jeep J20 3/4 Ton Pickup Truck & a 1982 Jeep CJ8 Scrambler with 33″ tires, 3″ lift & a 304 AMC V8 Motor.

I, myself am passionate about assisting friends in earning an income online & I've been doing that at growing levels since June 2009.  I have a HUGE Vision and it's gonna take Massive Action!

My Vision is to on or before 31 December 2023 open a Christian Family Campground that will have a large Pond and/or Small Lake for fishing, swimming etc….. We'll also have sports like Archery, Paintball, Baseball, Softball, Football, (Soccer) American Football, Basketball, Track & Field, Campsites and anything else fun that we can come up with.  It's going to have a main office with large parking lot where cars will be left because there'll be a point where no motorized vehicles will be allowed to pass. There'll be a large cafeteria building for services, worship, eating, parties etc…. that'll also have restrooms, showers and a kitchen.  It'll be a not for profit volunteers only place where families as well as children without family lives will be invited to learn, grow and have interactions with other Christians.

Ok, as You can see, that is indeed a HUGE Vision & will take more than a few dollars, time and energy to accomplish.  That being said, we'll find our way as long as I focus on becoming more of the man that God created me to be.

Thank you for taking the time to read this About Tony Lee Hamilton article, I appreciate the Love & Support!

Click on and watch the 9 minute YouTube video below!

Click on and watch the 9 minute YouTube video above!


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98 thoughts on “About Tony Lee Hamilton ~ Digital Marketing Veteran”

  1. This is very interesting read, you have also done affiliate marketing for many years. I believe that your dream sounds amazing and would be great for many families and children. I would have loved to be able to go somewhere to run, play, and enjoy nature while learning about the greatness of God. It sounds like it will be a truly amazing place and peaceful get away from the high stresses of life.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi,

    it was very interesting to read your About Me page, and I like that you have a big vision. Do you have any tricks for succeeding in online marketing? I’d love to earn my income like that, but I still got to focus on becoming an expert, I guess. I have to buy some books and get the software and instruments, which are quite expensive. (my niche is in the music field).

    Thanks for reading,


  3. What a story and life you have experienced Tony. Thanks for sharing your vision and life with us so openly. I cannot imagine some of the hardships and many challenges you have faced personally. However, you are a living testimony to the one who has us in the palm of His hands. He will bless your work as you follow his path. Keep helping, creating, living for the His glory and I wish you the very best on the rest of your 55 year journey!

  4. Its amazing to hear your planning to spend another 55 years the best you can, how far along are you with the camp ground? You truly are a veteran of digital marketing I have to try downline builder, how’d you find out about something so useful? I loved reading your about me it was descriptive and insightful, everyone should live life to the fullest.

  5. Let me start by thanking you for your service and everything you have done protecting us! I am sorry to hear his mom passed away from cancer. I personally had cancer 3 times starting at the ripe old age of 4. I spent so much time in the Children’s Hospital doing chemotherapy. I am glad to see that all your endeavors are going well on the digital marketing side of things. I can only assume its revenue is rewarding since you have done it since 2009. I love how informative this was and it gave me a lot of hope for my future and the family. Thanks for sharing and I love to have had this opportunity to leave this comment and read your post! Good day and God bless.

    Kevin and Son

  6. The campground you are describing sounds like a beautiful refuge. Based on what you have already achieved in your life, I’m sure it will become a reality! Do you have a location picked out yet? Maybe you could offer some in-person digital marketing retreats there too. Best wishes for a successful launch!

  7. Tony Lee, it was a delight getting to know you through you article. I’m particular drawn to the fact that you turned down a full scholarship because you know you didn’t’ want to continue on particular path. Good on you for that.
    You vision is massive, and well thought out. Not many people have their vision clearly articulated as yours is. I humbled to have read it.  I’d love to connect with you more around that vision.  

    God bless you brother!

  8. Hey, Tony, thank you for your very transparent and interesting bio.

    You certainly have been blessed with the opportunity to venture out into many endeavors. I was impressed by the fact that you´ve been in the online business since 2009. I love how you said you´ve learned everything from the marketing world with many ups, downs, and sideways.

    The marketing adventure is certainly not linear and more like a roller coaster ride. That´s amazing that your son has such a passion for old trucks. It´s good to spend time doing things we are passionate about.

    I´m sure you could write a book about your adventures.

  9. Hey Tony, I love your vision. That is really awesome. It’s cool to learn more about your background. I have often read your reviews online, and they are very detailed and helpful, and now reading more about you, it’s a no-brainer that you are a genuine guy. 

    Thank you so very much for all the help. I feel really blessed that your reviews have helped steer me on the right path to building an online business. I know that whoever visits your site and needs help, is in good hands.

  10. Hello Tony! You have had quite an adventure thus far! One thing I do know is that God is GREAT and so is the vision you have. I have faith that God will pave a way for you to be able to bring your vision to life! 

    Thanks for sharing your recommendations!


  11. Your story is very inspiring. I like how you added a very extensive list of recommendations I will do my best to check out as many as I can. Not only that but you have worked hard on this for years and I congratulate you on your success, keep these easy reading articles coming.

  12. With many new opportunities flying towards us everyday, your list of some top recommendations is very helpful! Great descriptions about each one of your recommendations, helps get a concise summary of each site. Also your list of sites to avoid is great as well as it ensures none of us get caught up in a scam. 

    Many people become very hesitant to start online businesses but with guidance like this it makes it way easier! Great service Tony.

  13. Hey Tony,

    I really appreciate your upfront honesty from your site and your review on other sites as well. I found the review on WA to be most intriguing, and it furthered my motivation to work even harder here, since I started WA expecting to be putting in 20-40 hours a week on hard work, learning, and implementing each and every idea taught here by successful people who have come before me.

    Your story itself is even further motivating to see how much success you’ve had in this affiliate business world, and you make some excellent points.

    Also as a veteran of the U.S. Army myself thanks for serving brother, and to your son as well.

  14. Its such a joy to see people following their passion ad finding ways to share it with other people in such a way that its motivates them to also find their own passion.

    You write from the heart and you also follow your heart when deciding what you are going to write about next. I often say to people when you do what brings you joy, then the worlds your oyster  or should it be pearl. 

  15. Hi Tony,

    I like the vision you have about opening a Christian Camp because that is what we need more of on this earth to help our children who may not have grown up with a Christian upbringing and have no glue who God is and I believe your camp will be blessed to help you obtain the resources you need to help kids know they are loved by God! You are a soldier of God and keep on keeping on my brother. I am a Christian as well and I love your vision!

    Much Success,

    CJ Allen

  16. Hi Tony. Nice to meet you and your family. I was also in the Army. I was a medic from 1990-1998. I really love that you not only have articles on sites and services that you recommend but those that you do not. That is very helpful to someone like me who is just starting out.

  17. I really enjoyed reading your story and learning how you came into digital marketing. Digital marketing is something I’ve always found to be so interesting. It’s amazing the things people go through and where it ultimately ends up leading them. Thank you for the information and thank you for your service!

  18. Your story is very moving. And knowing that you’ve been successful online for so many years is truly inspirational. I’m fairly new to the game, but hope to learn a lot from your website. It’s nice to know there are actually honest reviews out there to help those who want to learn and follow in your footsteps. I can see that your site has a ton of valuable information and I plan to bookmark it for the future. Wishing you the best of luck on starting your Christian Family Campground.

  19. Hello my Veteran friend! quite an adventure your life has been so far! I admire how you are very people oriented and your project to help others is amazing! I am definitely going to visit your site VIP Downline Builder as it really made me curious and since I’ m new at making money online, I believe it should be beneficial to me. Thank you for your service within and out of the military!


    Always do your best and never ever quit!

  20. Tom,

    I am commenting on the first website that I read earlier.
    Your passion to create a Christian campground is a noble endeavor that will come to fruition when the time is right. Outdoor life can be a great way to connect with nature and spirituality. Way to go!

    You have created a very well-designed, well-organized website. I can only image how long it took to construct a site of this magnitude. Considering the amount of information that you included, I had no trouble navigating your website. In addition, your organizational skills are impeccable. I love the way you truncated everything. My question is – how long does it take to put everything in place such as your list of businesses, your reviews and videos? Way to go!

    This website has charm. I learned a great deal about affiliate marketing, its pros and cons. And thanks for providing me so much detailed information about how to avoid the scams. I am a newbie. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate in January of 2022, I had absolutely no affiliate marketing skills whatsoever.

    However, I have gained the skills that are required for this type of business. Another question Tom – what is your advice about the extraneous costs related to promoting an online business? Upgrades, Advertisements, eBooks, YouTube videos, etc? What is the best soft and hardware?

    I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the field of affiliated marketing. Thank you for sharing a wealth of marketing and Entrepreneurial information. Clearly, your website shows your passion and dedication to your brand and craft.


  21. Nice to meet you, Tony Lee! Super awesome that you have been making an income online since 2009. I myself started four years ago, so I certainly have a lot that I could learn from you. You must have experienced your fair share of ups and downs, so it’s super inspiring to see that you’re still active and pursuing greater goals. With that kind of resilience, you can do anything!

  22. Thank you for all the work you do Tony. I do like to check out whether you think certain schemes are legit or not. However, I’m on a train right now killing time, so I read this article all about you. It’s a great read and you’ve clearly got a lot of experience (and probably life lessons) to share.

    Your goal is fantastic, and I like that you have it clear in your head. I do some motivational coaching and this will surely help you. I hope it becomes a reality for you next year. Please update this post and tell us, won’t you?



  23. Your Story Tony is very motivating as well as humbling. I love all of the information and education that I receive every time I visit your website.

    You have been around since 2009 and that just goes to prove that you are dedicated to the online world.

    I wish you massive success with opening your non-profit Christian Family Campground. It will be very rewarding work and very beneficial for all concerned.

  24. Hello Tony,

    May your dream of opening that Christian Family Camp Group come true as soon as possible. It will be a wonderful place where many families will come.

    Your website is great, it contains a lot of valuable information. It is beneficial for us to share your experience gained from 2009 until now. Your reviews are very helpful. They sound like great programs and programs you don’t have to waste your time with. I personally have been using the Traffic Ad bar for a long time. CashJuice – I didn’t understand it very well from the beginning.

    As is normal, no one knows all the programs, there are too many. Going through your pages a selection can be made.

    Congratulations once again for the work done by you.

    All the best,


  25. A great website Tony. 

    It is awesome the way you shared your heartfelt story, very relatable and heartfelt.  The website is easy for me to navigate and the message is clear and concise.  You have a wealth of knowledge about affiliate marketing and different opportunities.   Keep up the great work you are doing, making a difference in the world.

  26. how are you, digital marketing veteran? This is a nice website and it has got structure. your article is really expanding my mind. After reading it I was like I needed to escape this 9 to 5 and be full-time doing fun things like online business. I like how you posted the images on your website. you did not post too many.  you really know what you are talking about.

  27. Hi Tony, I must say that your consistency with online marketing always amazes me. You have been consistent with not just your marketing but creating valuable content. I have seen several of your work, and I think I must use this time for a good shout-out to you and say – more grace and more results.

  28. Hi

    I have really enjoyed your Autobiography. It’s very heart touching .  I have learnt about your family on this page .  I have seen your top recommendations .  I like Webtalk very much. I am using this platform for two years . I wish you good luck for the rest of your life .Stay safe!



    Mrs SJ

  29. Hey Tony, Thank you for sharing your story; it was a pleasure to get to know your background and the insides of your life. I love your vision about opening Christian Family Campground, and it sounds like you put a lot of thought into it and have a clear vision with attention to detail. I wish you all the best, and you will surely achieve it. Have a fantastic day. Regards. Vlad

  30. I’ve recently gotten into the digital marketing field myself and I guess judging from your experience I may have a roller coaster ride ahead of me…but you clearly stuck to your goals and have come a long way, even with all your life’s challenges and events. I’m hoping to be able to have a steady passive income one day where I can be a full time entrepreneur. So this was quite the motivational story. 

  31. Dear Tony! Your writing is fantastic, I really enjoyed reading it. I wish there were more people like you. You prove to the fullest that it’s never too late to start anything. And we must fight for our dreams. 

    You have wonderful goals and I am rooting for you to achieve them all. I am absolutely sure that you will have 55 more beautiful years ahead of you. 

    Keep it up, go ahead. And share your story as many places as possible so people can draw strength from it. 

    You are exemplary! Thank you for existing.

  32. Hi Tony!  Thanks for sharing.  You seem to have a very kind spirit.  Thank you for your service.  My husband also served 10 years in the Army – he was a drill sergeant.  And I have a niece that recently retired from the Army about 10 years ago.  

    Congratulations to your son for finding his passion.  I love to hear when someone has found their gift.  My youngest son – 23-years old has owned his landscaping business for over 10 years, and my oldest – former OTR driver is now Roadside Maintenance for 18-wheelers.  It is such a joy when our children do well.

    I also wish you the best in accomplishing your dreams, and when that Christian Family Campground is ready for the grand opening, you look me up.  I would like to take my grandkids.

  33. My wife and I have been looking for a business that we could do to supplement my retirement income. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and an online business, especially trying to build passive recurring online income, has always been a big interest to me.

    Thank you for this very informative and important article!


  34. I really enjoyed reading about your biography as you have done so much in your life and had success. I admire your dedication and perseverance in everything you do. You have truly accomplished a great deal, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn more about you. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

  35. Hi Tony,

    this is a great biography to read. You’ve done so much in your life and you made success. I can congratulate you on adopting a baby. It is an amazing decision proving you to be a kindhearted and altruistic person. 

    I am so sorry about your wife and you having to go all alone through the teenage years which is not easy at all. But you made it!

    As a digital marketing veteran, I expect to read and gain more information on earning money online. 

    Wishing you another double nickle of success!

  36. Well you know the old saying “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Sounds like you have had quite a ride in life so far. So your goal of opening the camp is a good one. I wish you well and may you reach your goals at the specified time.

    • Thank You so very much Marsha! I appreciate You taking the time to read this article and comment as well my Friend!

  37. Your website is very informative a lot of information from many sources. Looks like you have done a lot of research throughout the years and have come up with a lot of useful information to share. Thank you for sharing all your hard work and your experiences Thank you for serving our country and so sorry for your loss. I will be checking out your website as well. I appreciate your dedication to the team here at wealthy affiliates your are a great asset.

  38. Great bio Tony! Here’s wishing you everything and more when it comes to realizing your dream of building your vision. You only have a little over a year according to your plan. That’s heavy going but totally doable. BTW I’m also an old Jeep fan! Best wishes from sunny South Africa

  39. Tony, your site is perfect.
    I like your trust in that you referenced how you have been known on the web. That is extremely great. You are extremely benevolent in your way to deal with how you view your life’s process.

    Congrats on serving your country. As I would like to think, you have done an extraordinary arrangement in helping other people in your callings, and you should be lauded.

    Sorry to learn about your better half; you and your child have done quite well. I like your energy and I realize you will do extraordinary things. Your thought is moving and I’m hoping everything turns out great for you. Your benevolence sticks out, you are an incredible individual.
    Thank you very much for sharing!

  40. Tony, 

    Great story!  Love your determination and dedication to your dream.  I’m sure that your dreams will become reality.  You have a lot of very interesting marketing tips on your page.  I have already saved a couple to review later on, so thank you for that.  I am new to all this but I am determined to make it happen. 

    Congratulations of your son!  Very sorry to hear about your wife.  I too, lost my husband last year to pancreatic cancer, so I can relate.  

    I wish you the best of luck on your dream!


    • Thank You Lisa!
      My condolences are with You for the loss of your husband.
      You’re welcome back here anytime my Friend.
      Talk with You soon Lisa,

  41. This was the best post to read thank you Tony! I appreciate the thoroughness and thoughtfulness that went into all of your website. It was beautiful, and elegant!! This is a site I will go back on and thank you for the thorough detailed information inside!

  42. Tony, your website is great.
    I like your confidence in that you mentioned how you have been known on the internet. That’s very impressive. You are very gracious in your approach to how you view your life’s journey.

    Congratulations on serving your country. In my opinion, you have done a great deal in helping others in your professions, and you ought to be commended.

    Sorry to hear about your wife; you and your son have done very well. I like your positivity and I know you will do great things. Your idea is inspiring and I’m wishing you well. Your kindness stands out, you are a great human being.
    Thanks for sharing

  43. You website is very comprehensive website. You cover a few topics that are of interest to me.  I actually learned a lot reading your articles. Your personal story is amazing. Your website shows that you have a lot of experience and have knowledge concerning a lot of the online programs offered online. I had some questions about some of the programs. Onpassive being one of them. You supplied some exciting information about marketing that I found to be inspirational and useful going forward. Wishing you the best in all your endeavors.

    • Thank You Virginia!

      OnPassive is 1 “opportunity” that I absolutely don’t recommend as they’ve been in Pre-Launch for about 4 years already.

      I never joined but many of my Friends did and no one has ever been paid……..

      My #1 Legitimate Online Opportunity can be found here!

  44. What an amazing story. You are a thoughtful and in-depth person. You go into great detail about your life and who you are. Creating trust is very important online and you do that with your story telling. I asked the same question about Onpassive for months. Your comments are the only real answers I have ever seen online. I am amazed that people have so much tenacity for one program but skip around relentlessly with others. Their marketing assets are impressive maybe that is the reason.
    Thoroughly enjoyed your site and will be visiting it often.

  45. What a fantastic journey! I am sorry about the loss of your wife, and overjoyed about the adoption of your son. I am just starting in the online income/affiliate marketing business, so I will definitely get a lot of use from this webpage.

  46. It is a remarkable life story. I have read about you, on your website and in the posts on digital marketing.

    However, this post adds a different flavor to you and your son.

    Your dream Christian campground will come sooner than later. 

    You are a loving son of God and a diligent hard worker. Those people are always successful in helping the world and themselves.

    May God bless you and your family always.

  47. I signed up with wealthy affiliate, and that was the best experience I had, which for instance I took wealthy affiliates training course and learned allot of the business and I learned things about this business that I didn’t know before, so I would have to recommend this experience to anyone who is trying to be a affiliate.

  48. Tony,

    What an amazing story and a truly inspirational goal!  That camp sounds amazing and would be a cool place to check out with your family once you have it all up and running.  As you say it’s going to take more than a few dollars, but with time and consistency, I’m sure you will prevail.

    All the best in your future, I look forward to hearing about your camp opening up!


  49. Wow! What a story! Even though I read the title, I kinda wasn’t expecting this type of article. It is truly inspirational and I like that we share the same passion for helping friends earn more money or build a business online. Here in Serbia and the Balkans in general people are used to trying to survive from month to month, but it doesn’t have to be so. That’s what I am trying to explain to people that have so much potential but don’t use it because they think that’s not possible “for us”.

    I wish you all the best and I am pretty sure that you will accomplish your goal by the end of 2023.

    • Yes Alisa, I agree that Friends in Serbia and the Balkans are able to start now and earn with Affiliate Marketing!

      Thank You very much Alisa.

  50. Thank you for your service, and I just wanted to say your story is so inspiring and touching. Thank you for sharing, I have the same passion as you. I want to help people with earning income online. I read have read many blog posts about how to really make money online. Yours has definitely saved me a lot of time, your posts always give such detailed information and always help me find out if I should or shouldn’t buy something. Thank you

  51. I love your happy profile pic – your back story is very inspiring and great to know that you have been online and making money since 2009 – well done! Love that you have personalized your website with family pics and shared the story of your son and his late mom… you must be so proud of him. The 9 min video was great, nice that you let us know how long it will be. Personally, I felt that there were too many links to recommended and not recommended sites – I would separate those into 2 different sections. Overall, great info and a super story. Thanks

  52. Thanks for such a insightful article. I love reading one’s story and why they are passionate about what they do. And I can see that here. When I see someone with clear passion of what they do that’s when I’m more willing to invest in what they have. That’s what I believe is important when it comes to affiliate marketing because it brings more meaning into it. 

  53. Hey, you have a great website. 
    I like that everything is set up in a away that offers advice and also explains what each website you recommend is about. 
    as someone who is starting out at affiliate marketing I was keen to see what you have to offer. I will definitely be looking over your site more. 
    I’m sorry to hear about your sons mum. He obviously has a great father bringing him up! 
    keep giving great information ! 

  54. Tony, I have been reading lots of your blog posts and enjoy waiting on the next one. With your website, I have discovered new opportunities to join like Webtalk and Wealthy Affiliate. You provide good, valuable information to your readers about top-performing programs that will help us become better at running our online businesses and also avoid scams. I will be sharing my page with my social media followers. 

  55. I found much inspiration in reading your touching story.  Also, I want to give big thanks to you for your service in the military.  Through all the hardships you’ve faced, I am proud to call you a man of honor.  For that, I salute you.  Wishing you and your family the best, and may success come to you in all your endeavors.

  56. Hello, and thank you for sharing a little about yourself here on your site.  I loved your story, and you seem so passionate about what you do.  The fact that you have plans for a Christian Family Campground is amazing.  I hope the absolute best success for you in that.  That will help people come closer to their family, and a strong family is a good thing.  What you plan on doing will be great for your community!

  57. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for your service. It’s fantastic to see someone so passionate about what they do, no matter if it’s moving people cross country or doing affiliate work. When you show passion, you get more buy in.

  58. Hi Tony,

    First, I want to thank you for your great service to America and its people while serving as a soldier in the US army. I always believe that serving your country is one of the greatest honors and privileges. Not every citizen is able to join the army no matter how much they want to. 

    So, kudos to you … and your son who also joined the army as a reserved soldier. You said he’s also fascinated with jeeps. Like father like son, eh? 

    Then you transitioned into affiliate marketing and succeeded. You just proved wrong those who think and believe that for you to succeed in life, you must have a college degree. Many would be curious to know how you did it. If you could describe in a few words or one sentence what is your recipe for success, what would it be?

    Thank you for sharing your inspirational story. 

    By the way,I am looking forward to hearing (reading ☺) the success of your next project — the Christian Family Campground.

  59. I enjoyed reading about your life and the many jobs you’ve had over the years. Your idea for a Christian Campground sounds like a great idea. All the activities, the lake for fishing and swimming, all sound great. Your YouTube tutorial was simple and right to the point. Easy to follow. I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Carol

  60. A really good article that covers the ups and downs of life in general plus running an online business. I have been an affiliate marketer for only a few months, and I am loving it. Your story and goals have given me the inspiration to set high goals for myself. Well done!

  61. Thanks Tony!

    This page has saved me a lot of searching on the internet, its all here. 

    It’s very touching to read about your passion to help people find their financial freedom.

    How are you getting on with the vision of opening the Christian Campground? I used to attend a Christian camp every summer when I was a teenager, the experiences I had will stay with me forever so I employee you to keep focus on that vision, it will undoubtedly help people like it did for me.


  62. Thank you Tony Lee for your story. Your life has been full of some ups and some downs like many others. It is great that you have a fantastic vision of where you would like to be able to minister. Sometimes it is hard getting others to support your vision even if it is an excellent one so God has to bless those with a great heart with the prosperity in order to accomplish the task needed. I pray that you will be blessed financially to do all that the Lord has placed in your heart.

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    I love your vision of opening a Christian Family Campground and I am sure the funding will be found to realise this big vision that you have. All the best. 

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