Zija Moringa Oleifera has been acquired by Isagenix International

Yes, it's now official!

Zija Moringa Oleifera has indeed been acquired by Isagenix International & the transition process has started for the Zija International Members. I have many friends from my Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM) days when we were able to share the True Essentials products for health & wellness who are now members of Zija/Isagenix, Ariix and even some who joined the Vemma Opportunity that was also shut down in 2015 by the FTC for engaging in deceptive practices and pyramid scheming . They are all a great group of friends and leaders & will be a huge asset to the Isagenix Family. In many ways, I miss my time with FHTM & will never forget Paul Orberson as well as other great friends & leaders.

I never did join Zija International, I took a different route after FHTM got taken down by the FTC. (Federal Trade Commission) I decided to concentrate on Affiliate Marketing 100% online instead of with MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing Companies. (Not all are Pyramid Schemes or Ponzi ) I don't have anything against the other business models, I just personally prefer to get paid on my own efforts more so than building a team of people.

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Why did Zija sell to Isagenix International?

According to the official Isagenix website, the main reason for the sale of Zija, is that the founder and owner of Zija, Ken Brailsford would like to retire soon and provide longevity for Zija & it's representatives. Zija will now have more efficient production, more resources and increased innovation, which will benefit both Company's Members.

I'm not saying that the above isn't indeed true, that being said, the other Press Releases, Articles and Announcements that I have come across while researching all say that Zija has been struggling. Their sales have been reported to have gone down 50% recently as well as having corporate leadership challenges, 2 Chief Executive Officers have been fired in the past 2 years. Isagenix annual sales are said to be $800 Million while Zija sales are in the $50 Million per year level.

What Isagenix products and compensation are available to Zija?

Initially Zija will operate just as they are now with the Isagenix products and compensation plan being interjected over time. Members will not be placed in the down-line of the other company & until the details are worked out will be paid according to the current system.

View the Official Press Release below:

Official Press Release Isagenix acquires Zija

Will Isagenix be targeted by the FTC?

Lately the Federal Trade Commission has been bearing down hard on the Health & Wellness industry, especially within the Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Multi-Level Companies arena.

AdvoCare has been recently shutdown and Neora, formerly known as Nerium has also been targeted by the FTC. Neora has filed their own lawsuit counter suing, citing that the FTC is wrongly changing the rules for Direct Sales Companies. In the past year as Neora has been targeted, many have left and migrated to NutriCellix, Pure Nerium or other opportunities.

I believe that Isagenix International is a much more legitimate company with better leadership along with Zija International now on board as well that they will operate without corruption and thrive.

What is Isagenix?

launched in 2002, Isagenix has actually pursued the objective of helping people around the globe real-time much healthier lives as well as generate a routine residual income. Isagenix expands through its advertising and marketing as well as direct sales program which has actually produced greater than $3 billion in cumulative sales.

Isagenix founders, Jim and Kathy Coover, have a distinct training program in place. They credit this training program as the factor for the firm's sales development by 1,300 percent in the last five years. Based in Arizona, Isagenix has a large range of health and wellness and nutrition products to choose from.

You can either enroll in an Isagenix subscription by ending up being a customer or an affiliate. Clients do not take part in the payment strategy yet can make rewards and also price cuts via recommendations. Associates are the very first rank within Isagenix' advertising framework.

There are 5 rankings to which an Isagenix supplier can strive.

Those consist of:

  • Partner
  • Professional
  • Supervisor
  • Director
  • Executive

Each ranking lugs greater payment rates and also more valuable incentives. There are lots of means to generate income as an Isagenix representative, yet the major ones are via retail profits, product intro bonus offers, and also team bonus offers.

Since the compensation strategy has a team-oriented framework, the higher your group's total Group Volume (GV – the complete PV of your team), the even more money you all make.

Whether you're aiming to end up being a representative, raise your power levels, construct lean muscle, take nutritional supplements, locate a quality cleansing product, or simply drop weight, the business motivates people to start as a consumer through producing an Isagenix Customer Membership Account in order to make use of discount rates as well as feasible benefits.

There are three new membership price cut kinds: Customer, Preferred Customer (without Auto-ship), and Preferred Customer (with Auto-ship).

Each membership level carries various product discounts. As a new consumer, there is no annual subscription charge as well as you receive a 10 percent price cut on all retail acquisitions.

For a Preferred Customer (without Auto-ship), you obtain a 25 percent discount on retail acquisitions with a $39 yearly subscription cost.

As a Preferred Customer (with Auto-ship), you receive a 25 percent price cut too, but additionally a minimized annual membership fee of $29; you also become qualified for extra price cuts and also incentives when you come to be a Preferred Customer (with Auto-ship).

The company recommends all interested celebrations to begin as consumers. Clients do not initially join the settlement plan till they become an affiliate within the organization.

Although the company has actually not obtained a high volume of reviews, the ones that they have gotten have been extremely positive. The favorable evaluations can be separated into 2 different categories: supplier reviews and also client reviews.

The favorable client assesses center around the product itself, explaining an authentic wellness item that in fact helps customers shed calories and fat, retain power, and also cleanse the body of contaminants.

One consumer explained that via his consistent use the product over the years, his physician is constantly blown away by his Body Mass Index and also his muscle and bone density despite his age.

Numerous customers associate healthy fat burning stories while still being able to take pleasure in treats (customers show up to appreciate the preference of Isagenix healthy protein drinks and weight reduction shakes).

Consumers that utilize Isagenix weight reduction products have actually seen outcomes, but the products alone can refrain all the work for you. Customers should combine Isagenix's weight-loss products with healthy eating behaviors, an organized diet strategy, and also day-to-day exercise to accomplish the best outcomes.

Isagenix representatives additionally repaint a flattering portrait of the company's solutions. A few representatives explain the Isagenix compensation plan as being better than any type of other business they have actually seen.

One more representative explains the compensation strategy as the ideal automobile for developing recurring or easy revenue. Distributors value the high quantity of cash Isagenix has actually purchased training for and supplementing supplier success. In other words, Isagenix wants its distributors to make money.

Honors and Accolades

Besides supplying successful health and wellness and also health items to those who intend to reduce weight, the company has drawn in the interest of award-giving organizations across the globe.

If distinctions are a fundamental part of selecting a multi-level advertising company, Isagenix has actually been the recipient of lots of honors including:

  • 36 Stevies from the American Business Awards
  • 2 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards
  • Three Telly Awards
  • Two Spectrum Awards
  • Eight successive years of being acknowledged by Inc. 5000 as one of the fast-growing private business in America
  • No. 27 on the Direct Selling News Global Top 100 Companies checklist for the year 2014

Top quality Products

Isagenix supplies a variety of health and wellness, nutrition, as well as fat burning products for people that wish to enhance their general health and wellness and also quality of life.

The weight health items from Isagenix are planned to be used alongside healthy consuming as well as way of life practices.

Its items include a range of nutritional active ingredients including whey, isalean healthy protein (usually a shake dish substitute that promotes lean bodybuilding and also weight-loss), crucial minerals, vitamins, fat-free sugar, and also various other nutritional supplements.

The firm likewise provides items implied to clean the body. Nutritional cleaning is a way to swiftly relocate nutrients with the body and remove unhealthy material from the body.

Those who are attempting to lose a considerable quantity of weight through Isagenix items as well as other techniques, like intermittent fasting, must consult a doctor and also method healthy weight reduction routines.

Right here are several of items provided by the multi-level advertising firm:

  • Eternal Pain Relief Cream
  • Ageless Joint Support
  • Clean forever
  • FiberPro
  • FiberSnacks
  • IsaFlush!
  • IsaKids Essentials
  • Refreshing Body WashSlimCakes. Dairy-Free Protein Shake Options.Isagenix has attempted to create a line of products that can cover and also fulfill the requirements of any type of health-focused person.By supplying vitamins and minerals, meal strategies (meal replacement items), healthy and balanced treats, and all-natural ingredients, the firm seeks to produce a much healthier way of living for all its clients.
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Final Thoughts

Although I am not nor have I ever been a representative or customer for either Zija Moringa Oleifera or Isagenix International, I do feel that after the merger that it is indeed a great opportunity. Anyone who is interested in promoting healthy products along with Network Marketing with Direct Sales while building an MLM, I highly recommend them. I do, as stated above, have many friends who are leaders, so contact me if interested and I will place you in touch with someone local for you.  Share your thoughts, comment below!


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74 thoughts on “Zija Moringa Oleifera has been acquired by Isagenix International”

  1. I am always weary of MLM programs but they can work if you have a good network of friends. Their products sound interesting. I think I will look in to them a little more to see if they fit with my business model. You never know! Thank you! I appreciate this review!

  2. This is my first time hearing of either companies so thank you Tony for this in-depth and precise review. It is good to get clear and accurate information about Multi-Level Marketing companies and you have given just that. Isagenix sounds like a competent company so I think Zija Moringa Oleifera is in good hands. Thank you for sharing this information. 

  3. Hello Tony, Thank you for the fact that you have given such an overview about the whole case of zija moringa being acquired by isagenix. Of course we all know that isagenix is the industry leader and adding something more potent like this zija Moringa to their products list would only help expand the business better. Cheers 

  4. I have not heard of this company. It is good to get a clear honest review about Multi-level marketing companies. It is worrying that MLM companies can get tarnished when other companies get in trouble for fraudulent practices and being a pyramid scheme. These situations make people think all MLM companies are fraudulent and scams. Thanks for putting out an article showing some are good

  5. I have heard about Neora – former Nerium through your website, so I did know that it had had troubles. It is really good to know that a company like Isagenix International – also thanks to the new acquisition of Zija International – is different and has a better reputation and a different authority. Something to take into account, for sure. 

  6. Many plants that are very good for human health are now being exploited and are being used to produce really nice products to help the wellness of our health. It’s good to know about this update that Zija has been acquired by Isagenix international, thanks for sharing this amazing article, it’s nice to read through.

  7. Though it feels a bit off it a little but I must say that I know a lot about the zija moringa company and seeing that they have lost their right to isagenix only makes things more interesting because isagenix is such an industry leader. So, this is really great to see here. Thank you so much for having me here. 

  8. I know about the isagenix company and the many good things that they have done and the great products that they have produced over time but one thing that I am surprised about is about the way they decided to buy this but I guess the owner of zija actually offered the company for sale since he couldn’t run it anymore. All I. All. It’s good business for isagenix.

  9. I actually took away a lot of good information from this post. I will have to check this out as another source of residual income. My friend had also part taken in a similar program as this, but it was in person and he went around promoting supplements that help you during the day or even while working out. Great post! Keep them coming!

  10. I actually took away a lot of good information from this post. I will have to check this out as another source of residual income. My friend had also part taken in a similar program as this, but it was in person and he went around promoting supplements that help you during the day or even while working out. Great post! Keep them coming!

  11. Hi Tony, if I had to decide which company to go for – if I wanted to do the MLM approach – I’d probably go with Zija, because health and optimal nutrition is amongst my favourite topics and I try to follow a healthy diet too. However, I much more prefer affiliate marketing to the MLM. But there may be others who could become quite successful with this company if they have enough inner drive Thanks for your post!

  12. I had never heard of Isagenix, now I’m glad I did. I am into eating healthy, a vegetarian/vegan, I try to eat gluten-free whenever I can. I will look this company up for more details. There is enough information here to prompt to look into this further. And, you’re right about Network Marketing on Health and Wellness. The FTC has been cracking down on it. Google is also. They apparently are going to require that those who advertised themselves as health nutritionists or experts hold some sort of professional training to prove this. Health and Wellness is a billion-dollar industry and a lot of representatives have made outrageous claims with regards to their products. This happens to be the backlash to the problem. Since Isagenix won all the awards, this should keep them going smoothly.

  13. Awesome! There is a lot of knowledge and information to go through here. Only people like you can get inspiration and help from it. The health niche and health care market is a very good market. I like to see that good companies like Zija can live a long life, and there is no doubt that they have a perfect company that can do well and possibly even better it is good.

  14. Hi, 

    Tony, this is the first time I read about zija moringa and isagenix. Then I find out both are well established in the health,weight loss and nutrition industry. I believe that isagenix will perform well with new product range and with new customers. I love anything related to health and wellness. its really a new information to me and its help me to stay up to date. 

    Thanks for the article.

  15. Hi Tony, to be honest i haven’t heard of this before and i really wasn’t drawn to it initially unlike your other posts. It was quite educational and i got  to  learn more about this new wellness company. Thanks for sharing those with us. It was really informative.  Wish you all the best as you move on

  16. Tony, every time I read one of your reviews, I am reminded of how fortunate we all are to be able to read such thorough reporting.  In doing so, we can make decisions based on truth and facts and not emotions and our present needs.  I must say this is a lot to absorb however, my main interest would be in the product and not in the MLM marketing.  Anything relating to wellness gets my attention.  My two favorites products are eternal pain relief cream and ageless joint support.  Thanks for sharing this information.

  17. Oh, I think this is a good news indeed. With the acquisition, I hope they will have a rapid growth that benefit the suppliers. One of my close friends is their suppliers, so I’m sure he will be happy with this news. I’m curious if they will announce any new benefit for the suppliers. I will check if they have other updates. Thanks

  18. Great information here Tony. Just having people like you to learn from is inspirational and helpful. The health niche and wellness market is really nice one and I love to see longevity for any good company just like Zija. I have no doubt they have the perfect company that can do just as much as they have been doing and maybe better.

  19. Thank you for the fact that you have given such an overview about the whole case of zija moringa being acquired by isagemix. Of course we all know that isagenix is the industry leader and adding something more potent like this zija Moringa to their products list would only help expand the business better. Let’s see how they tweak this company to conform to their operatives

  20. Hello there, Great amount of knowledgeable information here to go through. Just having people like you to earn from is inspirational and helpful. I love the lay out of your site. Im more visual . I look at the video before reading. I had not heard of your site before but with what u have given I think I am good to go.

  21. I have a friend who uses Isagenix products every once in a while, mostly the shakes. She’ll do them over a weekend for a cleanse to try to lose weight. She swears they work and she sees results. But as with any supplement like this, and as you stated, you need to mix it with a proper diet and exercises! That’s where the long lasting results come from.

  22. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for this well presented information!

    It seems that Isagenix (oops, even my smartphone knows the name and completes it immediately I start typing it!) is a worthwhile venture. Their business model, which includes goods (quality ones for that matter!) and services, is better than these many other businesses that are being brandished around. I like the fact that “the weight health items from Isagenix are planned to be used alongside healthy consuming as well as way of life practices”, instead of unrealistic approaches like “eat whatever you like and still drop weight like …”!

    The accolades that Isagenix has collected cannot be looked over.

    We view life in so many similar ways e.g. “I just personally prefer to get paid on my own efforts more so than building a team of people.” Sadly there are people who don’t seem to understand that our way of thinking or experience of life.

    Good wishes always!

  23. Great amount of knowledgeable information here to go through. Just having people like you to earn from is inspirational and helpful.the health niche and wellness market is really nice one and I love to see longevity for any good company just like Zija, and no doubt they have the perfect company that can do just as much as they have been doing and maybe better.

  24. Great amount of knowledgeable information here to go through. Just having people like you to earn from is inspirational and helpful. I love the lay out of your site. Im more visual . I look at the video before reading. I had not heard of your site before.      

  25. Great amount of knowledgeable information here to go through. Just having people like you to earn from is inspirational and helpful. I love the lay out of your site. Im more visual . I look at the video before reading

  26. When two separate MLM company’s merge, the outcome is not always guaranteed. What happens if their compensation plans are different? You stated that during this transition distributors in each organization will be able to market products from the other company. However, these transactions will occur under the compensation plan of the company the distributor is aligned with. 

    As I was reading your post I was amazed at how many well known MLM company’s have been shut down by the FTC. You did the right thing in moving over to affiliate marketing. Very few members of an MLM make any serious money. And those who just about get by, devote more hours than they realize. The additional costs of attending conventions and buying sales tools can add up to more than ones income. 

    Even if an MLM company offers great products, at reasonable prices, building a team to generate residual income is extremely tough. And those who succeed, have to continually ficus on recruiting because of the high turnover rate.

    Give me affiliate marketing any day.



  27. Hello Tony, the health niche and wellness market is really nice one and I love to see longevity for any good company just like Zija, and no doubt they have the perfect company that can do just as much as they have been doing and maybe better. I have tested some of the product form both companies separately and I can proudly say I am impressed with what they offer. Isagenix International is one of the top companies I would give a go at when it comes to giving good products. I love this information. 

  28. isagenix seems to be a big company. Did Zija Moringa Oleifera make health products from the moringa oleifera tree? Those trees are very medicinal and are loaded with vitamins and minerals. I suppose the merger will be good for the employees, guaranteeing continued employment. I read that health and wellbeing has exploded among MLMs and that there is much competition. What is the real reason why the FTC has been targeting especially these companies?

  29. I’m always suprised to learn of yet another multi level marketing company I hadn’t heard of. Considering the limitations of growing a network in this fashion, it is truly impressive that so many such companies would exist, especially in the same health and wellness niche that they all seem to love. What do you make of the argument that if everyone pulled in 1 friend into their MLM we would only be able to do this 13 times before we run out of people on Earth? I think this stat alone should get people to think twice before joining an MLM…

  30. I have heard about isagenix before and I understand how big a company they are. It’s good to see how they have decided to also enlarge their coasts. It’s a very wonderful thing really. Like you, I also believe that it is a great opportunity for this company to enlarge their coasts. It’s good business.

  31. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and research article. The main subject of this article is Zija Moringa Oleifera. It is truly commendable that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about Isagenix International. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Isagenix products.Although I heard something new about this company today, I still enjoy reading your article.
    Finally, I would like to share the subject of your article in my Facebook group so that everyone can know about Isagenix products.

  32. Interesting article Tony. I am a little confused though. Zija Moringa Oleifera isn’t a company, it is a product so how could that product have been acquired by Isagenix? Is it really Ziga International that has merged with Isa?

    I am not a big fan of MLMs either and I am really not into recruiting downlines. I am also a little concerned when I see a company like Isagenix trying to produce and promote so many products. I prefer a company that is focused on a smaller number of high-quality products that actually do what is advertised.

    Thanks for the information but I think I will stay with affiliate marketing for now and leave the MLMs to others.

  33. It’s so nice to read through this review, this is actually the first time I’m hearing about Zija mornings Oleigera and that it’s just being acquired by Isagenix international. I’m not so good with MLM model companies and I don’t like to do business with such. I also prefer affiliate marketing business to any other that’s why I invest in it.

  34. Again, another MLM that might have a good product (I’m not sure about that, either) but seems to rely mostly on getting a network of people to sell through other networks of people and so on. MLM’s might be good in theory, in some ways, but by their very nature, they rely on larger pricing to ensure everyone gets a tiny share.

    I like what you said about affiliate marketing: that your prefer working in that business model and your reasons. I tend to agree with your reasoning. That’s not to say that others won’t find MLM works for them. But for me, it just doesn’t seem as viable.

  35. I received an email the other day showing these new products.. I didn’t realize that they partnered with Zija versus creating their own products. While looking at the new products offered through Isa I felt unsure what they all were for. However, it will take some time to learn them. I have personally used Isagenix for the past nearly 4 years keeping my life on track, but I will admit that they are kind of addicting and I wonder when I do get off the products what will happen to my body.

    Anyway! thank you for the great insight!


  36. First, I agree with you on wanting to be paid for your own efforts. That’s the exact reason I started Affiliate Marketing. The self fulfillment is fantastic.

    As for Zija, with either story, I could see why they would want to sell it. At a certain point you just need to let go in order to give it a new life. I see no difference here, I just hope that Isagenix can restore the company to its former glory!

  37. Wow! Though I know very little about isagenix but I know that they are a very successful mlm company that really offers a lot of very good products. So, seeing them acquiring a company like this zija moringa oleifera is nothing special but another addition t their stack of very good products. This is really good to see out here. I actually like the idea of getting this company from them and thats really good. Let’s wait and see how they really modify the operations of zija

  38. The information is laid out well which is making the article interesting for me. I think you should’ve broken down the article at the start doing a brief explanation of what these platforms are and which is best. Other than this I think the article is good. Detailed and informative

  39. This is the first time that I have come across Zija Moringa Oleifera, although I have heard of Isagenix. I am simply not a fan of of the multi level marketing business plan as it is almost impossible to make money without continuously having to recruit more people into your down line. I will be giving this one a miss.

  40. I have witnessed several acquisitions like this in the past, like for example, the dynaminc online learning platform Success University was acquired by World Ventures International in 2010. During the acquisition, they said things that are similar to what Isagenix are saying today, that it would be good for SU being acquired by WV. But then, after a few months, SU was nowhere to be found and disintegrated. 

    My friend is recruiting me to join Zija and this has come as a surprise to us. It seems like half of it is good news and the other one half is anxiety. We are anxious that what if what happened to SU also happens to Zija?

    And here’s another thing:

    If I join Zija, what would be my web panel? Will it be the website of Ziga or will I be required to login at Isagenix?

  41. This was very interesting to learn about. I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Zija before coming across your post, but interested in learning more about them. For I make my own superfood blends using moringa, but not able to fully sustain the amount needed, because my plants are still very young. 

    Thank you for introducing me to new options that I could help supplement into my diet. 

  42. This is another MLM that will probably go the way of the dodo bird once the FTC starts an investigation. A lot of MLM programs are pyramid schemes and this sounds like it is too. Of course you have to recruit people to make this all work and to me it is just not worth it. It’s better to be an affiliate and have people come to you instead of chasing people to get them to join.

  43. Nothing is more powerful than the testimony of the distributors and users of the products. This Isogenics platform seems to have great reviews and  all those awards !!. I am not a great lover of MLM because of my experiences, but health products that work well, and a company that wants its distributors to make money will attract me. I am seriously thinking of this one. Thanks again Tony.

  44. Nice article Tony, you have always posted a well detailed and educative article, i think Ziga Moringa Oleifera is a good product, improving our health is something we should do on a daily basis, i will share this awesome post because i know a lot of people that will love and find this article very useful and kudos to isagenix company for always for their great work.. and thank you for sharing

  45. Wow! I believe this news is coming bigger for people who actually works with isagenix already and can rwlaly help boost their sales better. I had heard a lot about isagenix as an established and industry leading company. So, acquiring such a great company as this zija noringa oleifera is a good one and I really look forward to how things might really blend over the next few months

  46. I find that MLM setting is just not for me. It even got worse lately that there are so many new companies and most of them are a pyramid scheme. Anyways this is big that Zija Moringa and Isagenix are merged. I wonder if they are going to launch a new product line or just join together. Many MLMs tend to go to this route one od them is Amway. I have to tell my friends about this. Thanks for the information. 

  47. I don’t mean to be a party pooper but I am so glad that the FTC is targeting MLM companies, especially those in the health field. I’ve been seeing more and more MLM companies popping up and my personal opinion is that they are just glorified pyramid schemes. I’m sure that some of the people involved are not scammers but I just have a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to MLM. Like you Tony I focus on affiliate marketing and other ways to make an income online. 

  48. This is very interesting to read. 
    I’ve been following Isagenix for a while but didn’t know about their takeover or merger with Zija Moringa Oleifera.

    I notice that Isagenix branched into essential oils a few years ago also, trying to boost their revenues and even possible compete with the big players Young Living and DoTERRA.

    So Isagenix now has an even more complete product range for its distributors, this is probably a good thing.  They have won a lot of awards, but I notice a lot of people tend to quit them after losing their weight.  Perhaps with an increasing product range with the Zija as well as essential oils. 

  49. .What happened to Zija actually happens a lot more in the MLM industry than we know..  It happened to me years ago with Berry Tree.  Not sure if any one reading this knows of Berry Tree but it was a MLM that I did quite well with.

    Once they were gone I tried a few more and could never get back to where I was.  Finally I found affiliate marketing and never looked back.

    I decided to put all my effort in a second direction and decided that I would never do MLM but still I find myself looking at all the programs and without a doubt I have heard and read a lot of great things about Isagenix

    Thanks for a great article

  50. Great thoughts and review.  You can never be too careful when it comes to picking a good network marketing company to promote.  All it takes is a handful of complaints from consumers for the FTC to come in and put everything on hold.  I’ve been a member of a company that was acquired by another and once that happens, is usually the end.  Major changes, comp plan changes, and also a lot of people question why the acquisition in the first place.  It’s a crazy landscape out there and I’m glad that I (like you) have found WA!

  51. No, I didn’t believe this and decided to research about it. This is the second post I read confirming it.

    About 4 months ago, I was caring a research about Isagenix Founder, John W. Anderson. Little did I know that this would happen. I personally think this move will benefit those that previously worked in Zija Moringa Oleifera. I also have friend that worked in both companies. Now they’re in the same company. I’ll have to call them to see how they’re doing!

  52. Hi, Tony,

    It sounds like Zija Moringa saw the handwriting on the wall, and realized they had best do something.  Merging with Isagenix seems like an excellent solution.  I agree that Isagenix looks like a company to watch; it may well be on the way up.  It already has won awards, as you mention.

    I do like MLMs; was a member of one for 10 years.  If I get a hankering to join another, this one sounds like it might be a good choice.  I’ll keep it in mind.

  53. Zija Moringa Oleifera is another MLM product. I love your reviews TonyLee. U seem to work really hard at them and somehow they are honest and believable. In the world of online marketing, if your reviews gain credibility, you have it made.

    Anyone who is interested in promoting healthy products along with Network Marketing with Direct Sales while building an MLM, should try out this line of products. 


  54. I hear you, Tony. I, too, prefer to get paid for my own efforts rather than building a team and hoping that they do something!

    I used to be affiliated with Isagenix, but my upline person was so insistent on selling me more things and wanting me to build my team that I dropped the entire thing. I enjoyed the products, but the pressure from my upline was wearing me out! While this may be just my personal upline person, it gave me a bad taste for all of it. I am not much of a salesperson and do not like being pressured to sell more or buy more. It’s a really good way to lose a friendship with me.

    I can see the benefits of Zija joining Isagenix. The products at Isagenix are very good and the results that the products provide are very good, too. The customer service from the top was quite good, as well.

    I prefer now to get my nutrition from whole foods just for the fact that I pretty much know exactly what I am getting and  can avoid the extra carbs that are in the Isagenix products.

    Best wishes,


  55. Hi there! This is an amazing review you have got. Ever sinceI started taking this daily, the swelling and aching of my hands went away. It is expensive but it works. I feel  better and have more energy. I hope they can lower the price in the future. But at the same time, you don’t have to buy other vitamins anymore. Thanks!

  56. Hello Tony 

    as regarding Zija mornings oleifera, i think this company is a good one and do a good work in the industry. i do think that the act of acquiring Isagenix might help more and fill up the space that developed recently. it would be nice to see the development of events right now. thanks for your review that is thorough and analytical 

  57. It is interesting! I prefer to earn money through my efforts too, that’s why I am concentrating on Affiliate Marketing online in this way, I can obtain high income. I like the new way to operate by Zija along with the Isagenix products; it sounds wonderful because it will operate without corruption and it will achieve thrive. 

    The Federal Trade Commission has been working to improve the Health & Wellness industry and, its strategies work well to reach the aim. I am sure many people would like to know more about this interesting topic, so, I will share this relevant article.

    Thanks for the info.

  58. Wow, this company has all the topics of health and wellness covered with their products. It’s understandable the sales went down 50% from what I read. Do you recommend starting an online business in the health and wellness industry right now? I know there are thousands of niches and you have a banner link that shows how to get started in my own business. I am going to check that out. Thanks a bunch.

  59. Zija mornings oleifera is one company I really appreciate for their outstanding work out into the industry….but it was very imminent that this would happen as they really had a very in synthesized work flow…..for we now what I what to see it how the new operators would fair(isagenix)…I hope they do well and fill up the already empty vacuum.

  60. I have always been interested in the Isagenix product line.  It was always a bit on the steep side for me.  Their products must be working as they have been around for a while.  And now they have Zija Moringa Oleifera as well.  I am going to have to do some more research.  Do you feel that it is beneficial to become an affiliate for Isagenix.  That might be the wrong term.  Seems like I could try the products as well as maybe make some money.

  61. As companies are struggling to stay afloat through the pandemic time, I think we will see more changes in the MLM world. Many of the companies we have seen thrive will need to restructure.  Zija and Isagenix International are prime examples. This form of marketing has not been one I do well with, and you may have stated the reason in your article.  You said you decided to go the Affiliate marketing route, to have results from what you do.  Team building requires a lot of the builder.  It is sometimes like having a lot of jealous friends who get bent out of shape if you spend 5 minutes longer with someone else than you did them.   

    It was just difficult when so much time was spent clearing the air from past incidents.  I decided that I either recruited the wrong people or had poor leadership skills.  Anyhow, Affiliate marketing is my choice as well. Thank you for your share.

  62. Hi again Tony

    I admit, your analysis is again through and offers a great insight into both Zija and Isagenix. Well considered, documented, and written. it covers all angles and even considers compliance issues.

    I’ll admit the first Affiliate ad is really intrusive, perhaps it should be on the side, that’s it for me…. Nice work



  63. Hey Tony,

    First of all great article. I have been an Isagenix Associate for over 7 years now and have had a great amount of success based on my efforts. I would like however to point out a few discrepancies only so that you can update your article to improve its accuracy.

    There are 5 rankings to which an Isagenix supplier can strive.

    Those consist of:

    Partner -> This is actually Associate
    Professional -> Consultant
    Supervisor -> Manager
    Director ✓

    As of last year, it is actually free to become a preferred customer, so there is no longer a membership cost of $39
    There is however the cost of $29 to become an associate
    Your comments on autoship are correct

    Eternal Pain Relief Cream – > This is not a product offered by isagenix. However we do have one called Ageless Pain relief Cream
    Ageless Joint Support
    Clean forever -> We have a product called Cleanse For Life which is one of our best selling products as it helps to detoxify your body from the inside out without harmful side effects or laxative effects
    IsaKids Essentials
    Refreshing Body Wash
    Dairy-Free Protein Shake Options

    -> Also all of our products are gluten free <-

    Anyways! Thanks for writing this great article.

  64. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. the compensation plan of isagenix international is good and i have had an interest in affiliate marketing for a while now. although i am still preparing the stageand learning as much as i can.

  65. OK, let me just start by saying that I am ashamed to admit, my time in MLM did not yield good results for me mainly because of the fact that I am a terrible salesperson and therefore I was not able to recruit anyone into my network.

    But if I was to consider MLM, business model again Isagenix sounds like a great company to join. as far as the sale of Zija goes I have a feeling that Mr, Brailsford, could see that the company was facing difficulties I mean firing of 2 CEOs in just two years, and sales falling by 50% is a clear indication that all was not going well.

    Anyway, it sounds to me like the members of Zija will be in great hands, because based on your article Isagenix, sounds like a well-estabilished company, I mean the fact that their direct sale program was able to bring in over $3 billion, means their health and wellness products are of great quality and customers are happy with them.

    Also, the marketers, from Zija will have opportunities to progress in their rankings, as you mentioned there are 5 ranks that go from partner all the way to Executive, which means there is enough room for growth, and for making good money.

    All that being said. The MLM industry is one that is always under strict scrutiny by the FTC, and as you have mentioned some companies have closed.

    So when one is looking to join an MLM company, they do need to research thoroughly, and that is why an article like this one is very helpful to us so we can learn which MLM companies are legit and solid.

    I am of the opinion that Isagenix is solid, based on all the information you have provided.

    But just like you, I would rather go with affiliate marketing because I really don’t have to handle merchandise or deal with recruiting people or direct selling.

    I think since with affiliate marketing all I need is a website and to learn how to create content, sounds better, not easier, because there is a lot to learn, but definitely better.

    Thank you for this very insightful post.


  66. To me, I feel that for Zija to merge with Isagenix is good news and something a lot of people may benefit from. I’m not that great with MLM, direct sales, network marketing, etc. But then, people are doing very well with the business. I have a friend that is very good in this business model. I think I’ll share this post with him. He may find it interesting.

  67. Well, most MLM companies are legit. In fact, I know of some folks that are thriving awesomely with MLM. It just depends on what one wants. Just like you, you decided to switch over to affiliate marketing because you feel that’s the best for you. Anyone can absolutely excel with them. But then, you’ll have to know if it’s for you. Isagenix is a legit company and their merger will bring a lot of opportunities to people.

  68. Hey Tony, Thanks for sharing the news that Zija Moringa Oleifera has been acquired by Isagenix International. While reading I knowl that Lately the Federal Trade Commission has been bearing down hard on the Health & Wellness industry, especially within the Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Multi-Level Companies arena.

    Now I know that Besides supplying successful health and wellness and also health items to those who intend to reduce weight,.

  69. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .Network marketing is a great way to make the health and wellness industry that you look beautiful in your article. Choosing a network marketing provider is good because the FTC is closely monitoring the industry .So you need to be aware of the problems .I will definitely be interested in Isagenix International for my future network marketing efforts .Because I think that this could be a wonderful opportunity for me .

    After all, I believe it will gain a lot of trust in the future and will have many audiences.

  70. Federal Trade Commission has been bearing down on the Health & Wellness industry related to Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Multi-Level Companies for a reason. If this company continues to grow even in the middle of this hunting season xD then it could be an indicator of how well they’re doing.

    Wellness and Health are great verticals to work; everybody wants to be well even when not taking action about it. Being related to this vertical is an opportunity when we really belong to the niche we work for.

    Being an active tester is, in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of developing when getting affiliated with this type of product. Thanks for a great review post!

  71. Interesting news I must say. From all indications, Zija is just about due to make changes to its leadership and I believe this step will be one of many in the right direction. With the leadership and control of isagenix, I’m sure a lot will change and improve. Isagenix is a reputable brand and their range of products, coupled with their compensation plan for their reps makes a very tempting reason to get involved even more so with the current development. Thanks for sharing 

  72. Your post is a clear indication that network marketing has come in a big way in the health and wellness industry. Since the FTC is watching this industry closely, it is good to be aware of the pitfalls and to choose one’s network marketing provider carefully. I will start looking at Isagenix International for my future network marketing endeavors,

  73. Hello Tony, thank you for sharing this information with us. I think the founders of Zija Moringa Oleifera didn’t want the company to end up fading away, so it’s a good thing they did selling it to Isagenix International. 

    I have always wanted to join an MLM business before now and if I am to join straight away, I’d definitely choose Isagenix based on your recommendation and all I have read about the MLM company. 

    I love their compensation plans and the fact that the company wants her members to really make money. However, I want to go with Affiliate Marketing right now considering what is involved in both. I want a business of my own and get paid on my own terms and even working from anywhere in the world.

  74. Well … looks like that there are two companies, both with a great know-how, that merge together. I do think that could be a nice opportunity. You know… you can have the best idea in the world…. if nobody listens to you… it is all wasted time.
    The niche is promising – more and more people are trying to live more healthier life, exercising more, choosing healthier food, caring about mental health –
    I believe there would be an even bigger audience in few years.


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