Top 10 NewULife Somaderm HGH Gel Complaints

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Is the Somaderm HGH gel “Opportunity” a scam or legit?

What are the Top 10 NewULife Somaderm Complaints?

Have you heard that the New U Life product Somaderm Human Growth Hormone gel has come over scrutiny from the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) as well as the FTC? (Federal Trade Commission)

As a matter of fact, the New U Life grade at the BBB (Better Business Bureau) is a very failing grade of an F, view it here. View the 23 complaints on the BBB site by clicking here.

Alex Goldstein is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Founder of the New U Life opportunity which is basically just a reset of the Strike First Nutrition that has a grade of NR (Not Rated) because it has no activity in the past 6 months. It seems that resetting and renaming the so called opportunity is now getting the same rating as the other and in my opinion, it'll be very soon when the placebo gel will go away as well.

Previous Reviews of the New U Life Somaderm HGH Gel

The above are articles that I have written in the past on this site and I welcome you to view them as well for much more information including the expected benefits and side effects of using the “anti-aging” gel. You can also take a look at the compensation plan there and learn more about the opportunity that is offered and whether I'm selling and/or buying.

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Possible Side Effects of Human Growth Hormones

  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • nerves, muscles, and/or pain in your joints
  • swelling of the arms and legs from fluid retention (edema)
  • higher cholesterol level
  • numbing and/or tingling of the skin
  • an increased risk of the chance of heart problems and/or diabetes risks
  • cancerous tumors developing
  • abnormal changing and/or growing of facial features, hands, and feet (acromegaly)
  • mood changes, becoming addicted, and withdrawals
  • enlargement of the heart
  • low blood sugar levels
  • damage to the liver
  • tiring and/or fatiguing more easily
  • enlargement of the breasts in men (gynecomastia)

Is the risk of having the above side effects worth taking a chance with using the Somaderm gel? The possible side effects is the bad news, the good news that is basically bad news as well is that the HGH concentration of the gel is so watered down and diluted that not only are the risks minimal, so are the rewards. Your mind and the placebo effect are the main parts to consider so if you can talk your mind into being positive, you may see results, also if you tend to think negatively, you'll most likely have some if not all of the possible side effects.

Somaderm HGH Gel

Some of the New U Life Complaints

  • Thinning of the hair, even with female users
  • Autoship still charged to the card on file even when canceled prior to the auto ship date
  • No refund even though requested within the money back guarantee time frame.
  • Pump is defective and worse yet, many of the bottles don't seal properly so the gel product squirts out of the cap and not the pump.
  • Customer Service is very slow and in many cases never responded at all.
  • Product out of stock and shipped 2 weeks or more late
  • Never received the product and no refund either
  • No person to talk to when calling, all prerecorded messages
  • Starter having heart palpitations
  • Overpriced diluted product that produces no results, save your money.
  • Nothing but a pyramid scheme that focuses on recruiting and uses the placebo gel as a so called “Product” to attempt to mask the ponzi scheme.

The above New U Life Complaints as well as the Somaderm HGH gel complaints were found on the Facebook page as well as at the BBB page as listed above as well.

FDA & FTC Troubles Human Growth Hormones

Some individuals resort to a material called human growth hormonal agent (HGH) in hopes that it will certainly keep them feeling as well as looking vibrant. Yet experts state that hope is unfounded. And worse, these items can be harmful.

HGH, generated by the pituitary gland, stimulates growth in youngsters as well as teenagers. It also aids to control body make-up, body liquids, muscular tissue as well as bone development, sugar and also fat metabolic process, and also potentially heart function. Produced artificially, HGH is the energetic component in a number of prescription medicines as well as in various other items readily available commonly online.

HGH gel complaints New U LIfe

HGH Uses and also Abuses

Synthetic human growth hormone agent was created in 1985 and also authorized by the FDA for certain uses in kids as well as adults. In children, HGH injections are accepted for dealing with brief stature of unidentified reason along with poor growth because of a variety of medical causes, including:

  • Turner's syndrome, a genetic disorder that influences a girl's growth
  • Prader-Willi syndrome, an uncommon genetic disorder causing bad muscular tissue tone, reduced degrees of sex hormonal agents, and a constant sensation of hunger
  • Persistent kidney disease
  • HGH shortage or deficiency
  • Youngsters born little for gestational age

In adults, approved uses of HGH consist of:

  • Short digestive tract disorder, a condition in which nutrients are not appropriately soaked up due to extreme digestive tract illness or the medical elimination of a big part of the little intestine
  • HGH shortage because of uncommon pituitary lumps or their therapy
  • Muscle-wasting disease connected with HIV/AIDS
  • Yet one of the most common usages for HGH are not FDA-approved. Some people use the hormonal agent, in addition to various other performance-enhancing medicines such as anabolic steroids in an effort to build muscle mass as well as improve athletic efficiency. Yet HGH's result on athletic efficiency is unidentified.

Due to the fact that the body's HGH levels normally reduce with age, some supposed anti-aging professionals have hypothesized as well as asserted that HGH products might turn around age-related bodily damage. But these claims, also, are unverified. Making use of HGH for anti-aging is not FDA-approved.

Nonetheless, some individuals obtain inject able HGH from doctors who recommend it for off-label purposes (uses for which it was not authorized by the FDA) and also with Internet pharmacies, anti-aging clinics, and internet site.

Others purchase HGH items– or products that declare to enhance your body's very own production of HGH– in the kind of tablets and sprays. Firms that market these products on TV paid announcements or on-line case they turn back your body's biological rhythm, reducing fat, constructing muscle mass, bring back hair development as well as shade, reinforcing the immune system, normalizing blood sugar, enhancing energy as well as enhancing sex life, sleep quality, vision, and also memory. However, the Federal Trade Commission has seen no trustworthy evidence to support the insurance claim that these products have the exact same impacts as prescription HGH, which is constantly provided by shot. Taken orally, HGH is absorbed by the tummy before it can be absorbed right into the body.

The above is about the Human Growth Hormone itself and not specifically the Somaderm HGH gel which is 50X more diluted …… Does it even have any effects when diluted that much and even just applied on the skin rather than being injected, orally or in any other way?

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Have You filed a Complaint about the New U Life and/or Somaderm HGH Gel?

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105 thoughts on “Top 10 NewULife Somaderm HGH Gel Complaints”

  1. You really know how to nail down and scrutinize the topic marvelously, Tony.

    As always, I enjoy reading your article so very much. Such an in-depth and complete information is really invaluable to the internet community as a whole.

    What you said is true and definitely right. We wish you every success and please write more articles. We are yearning to learn from your Great Wisdom.

  2. After reading your rticle I am glad I never got involved with this company. Human growth hormone was banned for a resaon!! Why would you want to put that on your skin! The BBB would be wise to downgrade them even more and take them off site. Even with an F rating it is not enough in my opinion. Too many people get hurt physically and financially with these types of companies.

  3. Yet another anti ageing product that’s useless! Except this one appears actually dangerous, I can’t believe people can get away with this kind of thing!

    I wouldn’t use anything like this but now I can warn my friends and family about it, I’ll be passing this post on.

    Great article with lots of important info for us to take on board

  4. It is my first time hearing about New U Life Somaderm HGH Gel. I can always expect to be directed to something new and different whenever I visit this website. For building my knowledge base, I thank you. I love to use the BBB before making an investment and I would not invest in these products.

    I noticed carpal tunnel was listed as one of the many side effects. I suffered from this for months and only rigorous physiotherapy worked. This is a solid reason, and a smart one I might add, that I should stay away from this gel.

    The information is truly appreciated. Thank you.

  5. I haven’t heard anything new about Somaderm products. I’m definitely not in that story and I don’t use them, and I certainly won’t after reading the post and regretting some people. There are simply many products of this type present on the market and it is normal that you will sometimes come across a blank. I am glad that you have given us information that is very important for future customers.

    Thank you again

  6. I was hoping that with all the bad reviews and complaints there will be a stop to this HGH Gel. That is awful that they have only F from BBB, how come people are still supporting them? You are absolutely right, all it is is just a placebo effect from our brain telling us that this works. I have to show my friends your review so that they can stop using it. 

  7. The NewULife Somaderm Complaints is really remarkable with the detailed discussion. The biggest complaint is that the side effects of using anti-aging gels have been criticized. Also, the side effects of its human growth hormone are deadly to everyone. And it has no product or service, which is why there is almost no product and it takes more than two weeks to ship which cannot meet the customer’s demand. So I would say it is better not to use its products because of the difficulties of this platform even though they attract people with flashy ads.

  8. I scan see that the product have lots of complaints and very low rating when I checked them on BBB. I don’t think I will participate in their complaints by joining them. It’s good I got to know more about them on your review before I get myself into problems.

  9. Thanks for updating us on this product and company. I’ve had concerns about the HGH products and this just further clarifies some of those concerns.

    However, it seems the company, itself, maybe as much a concern as the product and it’s possible side effects. I’ll be watching this for more updates. I expect that the government oversight may continue.

  10. This is most definitely an opportunity from which to not only avoid but run from. I have not seen so many negatives in one business opportunity for quite some time or ever. HGH has its pros and cons and should be researched effectively prior to using any particular product. With so many complaints I am surprised this company is still in business. Thanks for the heads up.

  11. I am always cynical about health products that offer great things anyway, regardless of the complaints and possible side effects related to this product.

    In my opinion the best products for your health don’t really get promoted (fresh fruit and vegetables for example).

    I think I will stick to the basics when it comes to my health. Thanks for sharing this article it has been very informative.

  12. I may be biased but I hope that the FDA does not allow this product on the market. Aside from the compensation plan, I do not agree that man should thus manipulate nature in this manner to provide for vanity. Ageing is a part of out life and if you want to age gracefully and have more energy as you age than others in your age group, follow the laws of nature now. I have come to learn that how we treat our bodies in our youth will be reflected in their old age. So I say no to NewULife Somaderm.

  13. This site offers very informative detailed narrative regarding the topic, which I was not familiar with. Balanced arguments offered throughout the pages and I like the inclusion of the autoresponder. So much information on here and a well written humble About Me page that showed personality and would get engagement from visitors. Nice additions of videos to explain further and huge volume of content which should drive traffic. Great site.

  14. Hearing about Human Growth Hormones scares the living daylights out of me. It may be scare mongery, but I have heard a lot of medical horror stories relating to human growth hormones in general. I would say take a look at the insiders guide it is worth it. Dont follow this dangerous road of HGH

  15. Thanks Tony for sharing this amazing article, it makes it easy for you ti know about any product you want to but by reading through their reviews or watch review videos  about the product. These top 10 complaints are very good and they should serve as paver to getting the real truth. 

  16. There is no way that one would not see complaints online about a platform and when it comes to something like this one that you have already shared, there is sure to be some customers who are not satisfied with what has been shared all around. This that you have written is pretty good. Nice stuff.

  17. It is a good idea before you go to purchase any product online, especially, that product which contains  health benefits. 
    Firstly, you have to seek a medical practitioner on which one is best. In this NewULife article, It explains to you the best of a products. Thank you for sharing this informative idea. It was indeed helpful to me

  18. Hello there Tony, honestly from all I’ve heard and read about New U Life Somaderm HGH gel I’m not surprised by the content of this article at all. It holds a myriad of side effects and dangers to people of various health issues that in the end you have to realise that the product is not worth the risk. I’m really glad that I came across this article. 

  19. Man, I trust I am in that great of shape when I am the age of the fellow on the primary picture! That HGH stuff must truly work! Wait, this item may be a spewing forth of one that has fizzled as of now! I think it might indeed be a fake treatment! But see out for the side influences! I don’t require that stuff anyway, I am an all common quijebo (concurring to Bart Simpson that’s a North American Thinning up top Gorilla). Scores truly tall when playing Scrabble! Do you get my point? Gracious hold up I haven’t gotten to it, however. An eye for an eye. That thing at the conclusion, the interface. Where you said the best suggestions, that was a few great information!

  20. Hello Tony, thanks for the very helpful information and I really appreciate it so much. There are lots of soft products online and it’s a very great concern for those who are using them to know whether these products are good for their health or not. I hope to get more of such useful information here.

  21. Wow! As promising and all as this platform and program feels together, I never knew it could have this much downsides. Honestly, it does not make any sense altogether. The money and time involved is really much. I’m not sure it is making any sense to actually neglect all these here. Thumbs up to you for sharing all these information

  22. Man, I hope I am in that good of shape when I am the age of the guy on the first picture! That HGH stuff must really work! Wait, this product is a regurgitation of one that has failed already! I think it might even be a placebo! But look out for the side affects! 

    I don’t need that stuff anyway, I am an all natural quijebo (according to Bart Simpson that is a North American Balding Ape). Scores really high when playing Scrabble! 

    Do you get my point? Oh wait I haven’t gotten to it yet. Eye for an eye.

    That thing at the end, the link. Where you mentioned the top recommendations, that was some good info! 

  23. Those are a lot of side effects of Human Growth Hormones, great job pointing them out. It is amazing how you make posts specifically focusing on the complaints of a product/programme. You even got into biology!!! I guess you can learn a ton of things when you get into the field of reviewing things. Arigato!!!

  24. Wow! The complaints about this somaderm here is really alarming. The fact that it centres on actually not helping out and limiting what we can do and what we can not do is really annoying to see here. Thank you so much for trying this out here. I value all you have shared and well worthy too to see. Thanks so much

  25. Thanks Tony for sharing this amazing article, it’s been a very nice and interesting rad and I’ve gained a lot from it. It’s good as a person to always endeavor to make researches about the things we used and also get the consent of a medical practitioner to be on the safe side of whatever we use

  26. Until now, l did not hear that the New U Life product Somaderm Human Growth Hormone gel has come over scrutiny from the FDA. This list of possible side effects of Human Growth hormones is pretty long (and as l can see it is growing more and more) and disturbing. I hope that people are aware of the side effects before is too late.

  27. Greetings Tony, another extraordinary article, I for one think this organization is a trick there’s an excessive number of warnings And hgh should just be utilized by experts as I would see it. Throughout the long term I’ve heard many individuals raving about it saying it causes you to feel more youthful, causes you to mend much quicker but at the same time it’s can have a ton of terrible symptoms also it’s fringe illicit in certain nations. The awful audits and symptoms of the item would be a no

  28. Hello there!

    Thats an amazing and helpful review you have there. Some of the general complaints mentioned in the review are some of the things I have also laid my thoughts on about the NewULife company and their products. I hope the company see to this things and make necessary adjustments for more consumer satisfaction. Nonetheless, their products are always unique.


  29. Thanks for such a well researched and clear review on Somaderm. It left me in no doubt to steer well clear of this product and this company. I appreciate your honesty.

  30. Hey thank you very much for sharing this information. This gel has had some very bad comments made about it. Your article highlights them in a much more informative way. The fact it can give you so many different medical problems are big reasons for not using it. It’s great you have brought it to peoples attention.

  31. I believe that there are always advantages and disadvantages of using products. what makes it better is when the advantages are more than the disadvantages. i have also received complaints on some the outlined issues here. what do you think can be done about it? i await your response. thank you very much

  32. Wow! 

    I was really intrigued by this article about the product ‘Somaderm Human Growth Hormone gel’. From reading extensively this well articulated and researched article I have no other choice but to believe that the gel is really a risky product as it holds too many disadvantages in usage in regards to its many side effects. 

    Whether or not the cream is legit is not a decision I have made but I do believe the cream is not worth the risk it brings. 

  33. Thanks for the article Tony. I tend to stay far, far away from anything that’s on the bad side of the BBB and especially if the FDA and FTC are keeping a watch on them as well that’s never a good sign. It can be quite dangerous using any product that messes with your hormones, even if you consult a doctor first. It’s no surprise a completely unregulated product like this has such a high risk.

  34. SOMADERM Gel may be used for a number of reasons, such as delaying the effects of aging, and even to treat those individuals who experience low levels of human growth hormone. Growing old is a fact of life, and it’s inevitable. Our bones become brittle, skin starts to wrinkle, muscles get weaker, and energy plummets.I have used the product before and I’m not 100% satisfied. It need some upgrades .actually had the chance to “test” the Somaderm gel for about six months prior to their actual “launch”. As someone with 20+ years in and around the fitness and nutrition industry, while I was hopeful, I was unfortunately, not impressed. As you note in your review

  35. It becomes a point of attention when you hear more than 2 people complain about a particular product, you should start your own research in order not to fall in the same pit they fell into, Somaderm has been battling these complaints for long, I think something should be done about it soon.

  36. It sounds too ironic that a miracle elixir leads you to scarier health issues. I didn’t know that this brand has a cult following. Anti-aging products are so popular that sometimes we forget about the risks involved with it. Thank you for this useful info, maybe it’s not a scam, but the product’s side effects speak much about itself–it should be out of the market. Thanks Tony, I have discovered another new product to skip. Cheers! – A

  37. Hello Tony, taking care of your skin is really good and some of us have been privileged to have a good skin and that’s really good. ank you for sharing this informative and resourceful review article. This article is centered on  top 10 New U life somaderm HGH gel complaint.  It is such a pity to hear ill news about this product. Personally, I don’t recommend this product to anyone.

  38. Well, no matter how a person does it and no matter how a person  deals in the online business or in any business at all, there has to be some people who feel like what they are getting is not worth it and this is just the same deal with this somaderm HGH gel that you shared here. It’s good stuff to see what the complaints are.

  39. Wow! There are a lot of complaints about this platform here and I will never want to get into it yet if truly all these are real. The health concerns are really highs DJ that is enough reason to just take a step back and not plimmel into something capable for just making it all very difficult for us all. Thanks to you

  40. I knew these products through your articles. I don’t sell them as a marketer neither use them, but it is quite interesting to know what is going on and what market offers. Moreover, I am interested in analyzing the business models that call the attention of the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission. Especially when it comes to products that can harm health, we should pay more attention and make informed choices.

  41. Hi Tony , another great article, I personally think this company is a scam there’s too many red flags And hgh should only be used by professionals in my opinion. Over the years I’ve heard a lot of people raving about it saying it makes you feel younger, makes you heal a lot faster but it’s also can have a lot of bad side effects not to mention it’s borderline illegal in some countries. The bad reviews and side effects of the product would be a no no 

  42. We are in the sick world for such a product to be found in our shelves. The side effects are way too much making it very dangerous because they are way over the pros of the product. I’m hoping that this articles get to reach as many people as possible.It can just be a lifesaver for someone out there.

  43. Somaderm seems to have quite a number of side effects that would scare anyone thinking of giving any of these products a try. There are far too many problems that can develop as a result of taking these growth hormones. What is even more of a turn off is the operation of the business. Any program where products are sometimes out of stock, and any scheme where members cannot get support or a response when contacted could never be a good business model. Thank you for the information.

  44. Wow! The list of side effects is way too long for this product to be on the market … enlargement of heart, fluid retention, damage to the liver, and so on … this is really bad. I wonder how this even got approved. It would probably be better to invest in another product. And with complaints about no refunds, charges on credit cards even after cancellation, this sounds like a company one should steer far away from.

    Thank you for letting us know about this!

  45. This is clear advice and serious feedback on NewULife Somaderm. The amount of complaints is clear enough, for most sensible people to avoid this product. The list of health risks that you describe make me really wonder how the authorities allow this company to still operate. I for one, will not be purchasing any.

    On an unrelated subject, I see that you have suggested via link,  a way to make money on-line.  Now that does interest me.  Thank you for your helpful advice.

  46. Thank you so much for this review! It really opened my eyes to what I was looking for. And that video really helped out a lot too because it helped me to maintain my attention (as weird as that may sound). I have a really short attention span so when videos are included I do a lot better retaining my attention so thank you for that. I’m glad I run into articles like these with complaints because they show me that not everything is fun and games, there are certainly downsides to everything and it’s good to be aware of them!

  47. I have seen you post on this a few times now and every time I become more concerned about this product. These complaints are pretty serious, not only about the product, but the company as well. It comes down to a matter of trust and they haven’t really done anything to raise that. I’m really convinced that HGH is not the way to go, even before reading your posts. Consistent exercise and a balanced diet are the way to go. Thanks for the post!

  48. Hello Tony Lee Hamilton, thank you for sharing this informative and resourceful review article. This article is centered on  top 10 New U life somaderm HGH gel complaint.  It is such a pity to hear ill news about this product. Personally, I don’t recommend this product to anyone.  It’s far too risky to try out. 

  49. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure this will be beneficial to other readers as is it to me at the moment. I just wanna thank you for taking out time to share something as profitable as these platforms, I am sure others are enjoying it like I am.

     Thank you very much for sharing this with me.

  50. Thanks for your thoroughly researched review of Somaderm New U Life, Tony! 

    After reading it, I’m not sure if I’d recommend it to anyone. The side effects sound too off-putting, especially the enlargement of the heart, or breasts in men, or the development of cancerous tumors…It looks like a complete scam to me, a pyramid scheme with no principles. Also, it’s quite scary to know that the artificially produced Human Growth Hormone is added to medicines and other frequently available items. This article has been highly educational for me, now I know what to stay clear off! Thanks for putting it together.

  51. Wow! As good as rated and as good as this somaderm is actually, I find it rather not cool to see all of these here about it here. To be honest, these things are not to be overlooked and they are quite great to see here. Personally, I love most things here but the complaints are way too many and much to be overlooked. Thank you

  52. Hello Tony, there have been so many controversial issues going around about this product and it’s finally going to settle down by seeing a really great article to clear the air. I am always careful with stuffs I apply toy soon, but the somaderm product is one I can now trust after seeing this article. You have done a great job by writing this one. I hope to see more of such, cheers.

  53. Hi Tony, thanks for writing another review for NewULife Somaderm HGH Gel. My aunt used to be a buyer of their products, but when she found out that her hair falling due to allerghic reaction to some of the elements, She stopped buying it. I’m sure this product still has some useful benefit eventhough there are numerous complaints out there. Thanks

  54. great informative post! people need to be very careful when joining these types of “opportunities” as well as trying out these products without doing more research! It’s good that people like you are out here exposing these evil practices so that newbies who do their research won’t buy into the lies that they sell!

  55. Top 10 NewULife Somaderm HGH Gel Complaints The above are articles that you have written in the past on this site and I thank you to view them as well for much more information including the expected benefits and side effects of using the “anti-aging” gel.

    thank you so much!

  56. Ah this is something that not so many people want to see with their business really and it’s true that complaints are one o the reasons why many people run away from some companies but seeing this post that you have now, I can see more reasons why I shouldn’t want to try to aptronise this particular company called somaderm

  57. NewULife Somaderm gel has been criticized for different reasons and it’s been a top topic concerning the product saying there is something about it that isn’t right that makes people write bad comments about it. Reviews are very important both for the manufacturer and for buyers, it tells you the feedback from people.

  58. Thanks so much for sharing such an informative article with us!!!

    These top 10 complaints that you showed were awesome! I can’t believe how accurate this post is and how you covered this subject so well! I have to say that I really learned a lot and I want to tell you that I will try my best to follow your recommendations!

    Thanks, once again.

  59. I don’t think I’m going to trust any company that tries to sell me human growth hormone, especially newulife. I think all the complaints and possible side affects are too much to ignore. Thanks for another informative article Tony, always letting us know about these websites selling possible harmful snake oil.

  60. Thanks so much for sharing a beautiful, informative article with us. The principal element of this article is the top 10 NewULife Somaderm HGH Gel Complaints. It’s really amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I have learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about it. I like Some of the New U Life Complaints of the points mentioned in your article.

    Finally, I would like to thank you very much for your recommendation and I would like to share the subject of your article in my Facebook group to make people aware of so many complaints about this company’s product if you allow me.

  61. hello TonyLeeHamilton,

    I have read your review of Top Ten NewULife Somaderm HGH Gel Complaints and find it an eye opener. 

    I had heard of mainly thinning of the hair, even with female users, autoship still charged to the card on file even when canceled prior to the auto ship date and no refund even though requested within the money back guarantee time frame, as the main problems that customers usually have with the company. After all its a hormone and the results are never really convincing. 

    Well, its a good review Tony.

  62. I am so pleased that I came across this article: I have a few clients who have spoken to me about this and I haven’t been able to respond with not knowing much about it. By the sounds of it it is better left well alone. I am always sceptical of using this sort of thing, and it is not something I would consider for personal use but need to be in the know for the discussion with my clients. The possible side effects are not just things like a headache or drowsiness for example, they really are pretty extreme, who would ever want to risk these over some potential benefits?

    It is great to see and hear that it is not FDA approved though as this is always one of the first things I look at, and I think that in itself should have said a lot to people.

    Thanks for putting this together, i will certainly be sharing this with my clients.

  63. Well I have to say I probably saw this coming. There are only so many times you can ignore the feedback from users. The placebo effect is one thing but it seems that the reality for its consumers’ comments tell a different story. I thought it was really good that you list the range of complaints and you are also transparent with the previous articles that you have written. A very informative review and update.

  64. Sort of like an erectile disfunction product that failed to rise to the top this is a sleeping slug with no stamina to get up and run. There was never much science behind this type of product and HGH is seldom handled outside of Pharm companies because of risk to health if mishandled. The fact this was not FDA approved made it a risk to begin with. Thanks for bringing this stinker company to light.

  65. Oh geez that’s a long list of possible side effects of Human Growth Hormones. I was suspicious about using HGH but never really looked into it, it was just my own gut feel which has now been proved as right. I would not risk taking anything with HGH even if the dosage is so small… but like you say if the dosage is so small the risks are less but the so called rewards will also then be just about non-existent. 

  66. Hi and thanks for another excellent article exposing this product and all the dangerous side effects you can get. This does indeed sound like a classic case of a hyped-up elixir of life that will restore youth if you just rub it into your skin. This is just an internet version of a watered-down placebo product marketed to the unsuspecting public with a dubious MLM system added for good measure. Thanks again for exposing this scam.

  67. Wow! Thankfully I was able to get access to all these post here before I get to plunge into this somaderm high gel and the new u life altogether. Well! The complaints generally are not encouraging and seeing that there are some that stood out in here that rwlaly baffles me and made me question the legitimacy of this company in itself. This is really good one

  68. This is another great article from yourself regarding this anti ageing product. I have a few questions with the amount of growth hormone used which is naturally found in our bodies and we lose over time. This helps fill our muscles, improve collagen and makes us stay younger. I am always looking for a wonder drug but for me this is not it. I think it is awful that this company operates and I am so pleased I found wealthy affiliate as a way of making money through my own passion of health and fitness. At least i feel I can help people rather than NewULife who are only looking to help themselves.

    Lots of useful information, thank you 

  69. Hey, I always check the BBB rating of a platform before joining. I know it’s not a super accurate standard. But I believe it kinda gives us reference concerning the company. And New U Life has a terrible F there. And I was also reading some of the complaints and I don’t feel like even going near these guys.

  70. Hi Tony, After reading your article on Somaderm gel I would be a little hesitant to use it. Unfortunately the best path to keeping fit and feeling younger is just good exercise and proper nutrition. No magic potion. Other than that just keeping your mind active will help, also. Thanks, Deanna

  71. Oh wow,  I don’t think I have ever seen a grade of a F from the BBB, so that certainly does not bode well. That alone would make me avoid the company and their products.

    I have come across New U Life before and I did not like the sound of them at all. I would not trust anything that claims to be a miracle gel for healing, but it is made from hormones.

  72. I had to read your previous post on “Somaderm NewULife HGH Gel, What is it and why should I care?”  to understand the Top 10 NewULife Somaderm HGH Gel Complaints, form where I’m standing now after reading all these side-effects and complaints, the “Beware” panel just popped up on my eyes literally “lol”. 

    I’m wondering though, how could a company with so much complaint filed against them still exist? I guess we should profit from the time we have and make the most out of it instead of trying to HGH products that might cause more harm than good. Sports and healthy diets will certainly help.

  73. Interesting information on this company. I think anything that claims a simple gel, pill whatever can bring amazing results. I am also surprised that these companies promoting anything pertaining to health on the internet keep trying. As a veteran I see the doctor but take only medications as prescribed. I don’t even use CBD oil because I am wary about getting addicted to something that’s of no use. I have seen ads for this product and while I would never consider ordering based on what I just wrote above I am sure thousands are willing to give it a shot. You point out some great cons on the product and I think it’s unfortunate that these so called companies continue to fly under FDA. Looks like this one has been or will be shot down. Once you get on the BBB’s bad side I doubt things are going to be anything positive in the future. In this case, maybe that’s a good thing. Great blog here. 

  74. Wow, human growth hormones can have some serious side effects I wasn’t aware of (such as cancerous tumors) until coming across your post.  I have also read that HGH can cause increased insulin resistance.  I come from a family where diabetes (Type 1) runs on both my mother and father’s side.  The fact that a hormone like this can be linked to harmful health issues is really concerning.  Thank you so much for spreading awareness about the health concerns surrounding the Somaderm HGH gel and providing this critical information to your readers!  

  75. Hello Tony Lee,

    I must say you are are one of the greatest minds that I have ever encountered as all the article you have publish on this website has been a proof to that course..As for this product I don’t really know if the are still available since it has been a number of years since you wrote about them….but never the less I would still run Some checks and find out.

  76. TONY, I have a relative selling this and she is promoting how young she looks and posts filtered pictures of herself with eyes raised as if the brows lifted somehow, yeah right. Recently saw her and there were no changes to her appearance from a couple years back before somaderm. Go figure. Do you have any updates on the FDA investigation? I finally told my relative that I have hypothyroidism and my doctors do not want my to alter any hormone changes since I’m on a thyroid med, so she finally stopped talking to me about it. I’m curious to know if they will shut it down before someone really gets a bad side effect costing them a lifetime of pain.

    • Hi Raven

      thank you for sharing this information my friend as it is very telling to the extremes that some will go just trying to make a buck.

      Here are many other articles on this website about Somaderm Raven,


  77. Somaderm caused severe skin allergic reaction. The representative insisted that it is normal therapeutic effects. Then, Shingles came out. The customer complained and tried to reach the medical consultant of New U Life. No response is obtained from it.

    I am looking for an attorney to fight against New U Life for intentional negligence to health harm.

    My contact number: 310-728-5288

    • Wow Larry!

      That does sound terrible my friend, I sincerely pray that justice prevails and that the customer heals.

      Thank you for sharing this customer complaint about the Somaderm HGH Gel.

  78. Wow, this is very bad for a health product. It is the first time that I am seeing one that goes as low as the F mark with BBB. That in itself is enough reason not to think of trying it out at all. I like the fact that you have mentioned this here so I know now what ti stay away from. Thanks for this.

  79. This is a great review and your research is of great importance to the many of us who don’t want to get let alone look any older.The placebo effect is no way to promote a product and really tells the story firsthand about the product. I for one have learnt a lot here and that sense of urgency or desire something that I want to believe is true has for the moment totally left me.Thanks for the insights

  80. What a great review on the NewUlife somaderm Gel, it’s very normal that people don’t want to look old, but as I compare the risk involved in that anti aging gel, I would rather look old than trying to use such dangerous and risky product, personally I would consider it’s as a threat to good health, it’s the worst product I have ever heard with such high risk to human health, but I won’t be shocked to find some people still scramble to get a share of the gel, it’s really disgusting, I would suggest such companies to be restrained from production of such a product, thank you for sharing the truth with the public, I am sure it will have great impact to many.

    Thank you.

  81. I’m not really surprised by this Tony. Very few HGH products are legit and or safe for use. This Somaderm HGH Gel has scam written all over it. NewUlife seriously shouldn’t be in business still, if this was a small business it would have be closed down a long time ago. Thanks for educating us on this Terrible product, keep up the good work

  82. Great post and very informative. It is very important that information like this is made available to the public. Often times we as consumers use products without researching them properly and end up with health issues. What I would have liked to see more of is what capabilities people have on their own without relying totally on any type of product, and that after proper research these products can enhance what we have already done for ourselves on our own. I believe that would be a self esteem booster for your viewers.  Thank you. 

  83. Left to me, I would want a more stricter action to be melted against this companies. This is really degrading and detrimental to health. But then, it still feels nice to finally discover that something meaningful is being done against this company. Weighing the negative effects of generating new hormones to stop aging dies not look like it. This is great and I fancy a lot. Thanks

  84. Well! I’m not surprised that this new u life is getting really chased down. It is simply an outrage to boast clearly on that the supplements boost or generate hormones to stop aging. Also, the side effects to this are too much for me to overlook. Hence, I’m really liking this a lot. Thank you so much for sharing here, Tony.

  85. Great information Tony and it doesn’t surprise me that the FDA and the FTC is going after NewULife. Even if there product does reverse aging you cannot state this on the label or in any kind of content both online and off. Seeing how the pharmaceutical industry controls all allopathic western medical schools and the funding/staffing of the FDA, making claims even if true that competes with the use of pharmaceuticals, is against the law.

    The FDA has stated that it will never certify the efficacy of nutritional supplements of any kind. In doing so they have lobbied lawmakers in government to enforce the law they have set to go after any company that makes health claims that they have not certified. Basically they have a stranglehold on the truth when it comes to products that “are” effective at benefiting a person’s health. This is why no nutritional supplement will state what benefits their products provide.

    That being said NewULife made the mistake of making health claims whether true or not. That will always bring on the ire of the FDA. Then using this illegal health claim to fuel the excitement into their product’s marketing and pumping up of their compensation plan, this action will now get the attention of the FTC. Couple that in with an Auto-Ship and recruiting of a downline, makes NewULife remind me of Herbalife, another nutritional supplement MLM busted by the FTC.

    Even though HGH does slow down the aging process I would be very cautious joining any Multi-Level Network Marketing Direct Selling company that promotes any kind of health benefits. If the FTC goes after a company making money from these non-FDA approved claims,the FTC can also go after the “Independent” distributors of said products. Is NewULife a scam? Maybe not but I still would stay clear of this company so that you do not get caught up with the FDA and FTC.

  86. Hi, This outrageous and thank you for this honest and eye opening review. I had heard of this product and it’s scary to see how some companies use such scams and lie to their consumers just to be profitable. The list of side effects is pretty alarming but the fact that they say the product is actually watered down so that it doesn’t cause any harm makes you question how they are still able to market this product?

  87. Hi Tony!  Wow!  This product is bad news.  Why in the world would anybody use this dangerous product?  Better yet, why would anybody want to sell such a product to innocent consumers?  It really boggles my mind.  Anyway, thanks for this review and blessings to you for informing your readers of the truth!

  88. I am passionate about bodybuilding,my brother has a gym since 15 years ,one of the known in country.long time age I tried a little amount and I understood how much harm it can bring. I would never recommend to use them.

    There are better and safe ways.

    What is your personal experience with hgh?

  89. The only thing missing from this list are Mike O’Trens fertilized duck eggs to become all natural gladiator for inspiring our youth. Oh, I always love to read about these products, the placebo is real.
    This one is blatantly obvious that it’s all farce, buying sawdust would be much cheaper option & yields greater quantity.

    However, besides NeWULife company, the gel products are not the only venue where the so called enhancers re-cycling is a thing.
    If we steer towards fitness industry, we can see that powder-based supplements are being used as a logistics & abused to the maximum all the time – Fun fact that there isn’t a single new whey protein product that’s been invented in past half century.
    It’s all the same: re-labeled, re-cycled, re-flavored in every few years & then sold to folks as means to an end to short-cut to their dreams. Never works as advertised, steals people money.
    It will go the same route with this gel, it will be sold under different name after few years. You just watch.

    As for this business opportunity I only see another MLM.
    Joining one means becoming a victim who is forced to become victimizer. A death trap of its own league. 

  90. Hello Tony, thank you for the review of the NewUlife. The promises that the company who has made this product have given must have made it a very attractive product for prospective buyers. I acknowledge the fact that you have shown us in-depth facts that shows why it doesn’t work. I am very sure that many people must have joined in already without knowing the downside. It’s better to just stay away. 

  91. I had no idea that there was an HGH product that you could buy that was a cream you put on your body.  Nothing is more frustrating then reading about these companies who use peoples emotions to make a product that is expensive and doesn’t work! How can these people get away with it? Thank you for your insight on this!

  92. Hello Tony, thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I have made use of so many products and the side effects can be really bad and i realise they are stated in some review of the products, and now is feel this is very nice review you point out the pros and cons for everyone to see and make the choice of products on their own.

  93. Wow. Thanks for the review on NewULife. The promises made about this product would have made it pretty attractive, especially to try to profit with it. I would never promote something I didn’t believe in. Or knowingly promote something that can hurt people. I’m sure a lot of people have been taken in by this company and the owners.  

  94. Hello,

    This is certainly a very informative review. I have never used any Human Growth Hormone.

    Going the the complaints list, what comes to my mind is this question: what is the original goal 

    of the people who took them to start with ?

    Some of them could have certainly used an article like this and benefited from your Top recommendations.

    Take care.

  95. Thank you for delineating the pros and cons of both NULife and Somaderm Gell.  I have worked with young people with severe developmental disabilities which affects are moderated by strictly regulated HGH.  It is very dangerous when used in an unregulated manner even if, as you suggest, it is highly watered down in this case.  I did also appreciate you insights in legitimate ways to earn through affiliate marketing. I have been doing that for sometime and agree completely with your assessment.  Thanks both for the warning and for the upbeat look at a legitimate business model.

  96. Always scary how many health related products like this don’t have any FDA backing, or in this case being used for non-approved uses.

    But the fact that the BBB also gives them a failing grade added to the laundry list of consumer complaints make me even less likely to trust the company.

    Seems a very unethical business, thanks for the information.

  97. HGH has gotten so much negative publicity in the last few years that it’s really hard to imagine a ‘legit HGH product’.  The list of potential side effects you include in your article was enough to turn me off, but I kept reading nevertheless. As you document well here, it’s important for people to know what can happen when/if HGH is abused. Thank you for bringing these complaints to light so that folks can steer away from this gel! 

  98. Hi, good work with your thorough research. Hopefully you  help a many people as possible hear the truth.

    If the BBB gives an F that should say everything right there. Why would someone stay in business if that was the case? 

    This is exactly the kind of thing you want to get a professional doctors opinion with. Go ask you doctor about this kind of thing. Then keep researching great sites like this that are honest and truthful.

    Chances are that if it seems to good to be true, it usually is.   Thanks.

  99. First of all, the side effects you listed are the side effects of HGH injections. These ARE NOT the side effects of Somaderm.

    I have never encountered any issues like you are stating either as far as auto ship and refunds. Just like any online store, you have to check your account and make sure you know when something is shipping. It is simple to delete your Auto Ship and also to remove your billing information. When you sign up as a customer, you are given the option for ONE TIME purchase or Auto Ship. There are no requirements for auto ship either. You can make the purchase and go right to your auto ship profile and cancel the next shipment right away. You can also move the date out as far as two years so that you can get free shipping on your next orders on auto ship.

    My hair started growing like crazy and I haven’t heard of one person with the issue of hair falling out, IT IS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE. I actually had a bald spot that I thought I would live with the rest of my life grow back.

    And if your statements about being so water down are true, then how are all of the side effects possible???

  100. New U Life is not refunding our money on returned product. They keep billing our credit card after we asked that they stop. They do not return phone calls. To me this is a scheme. The BBB has many complaints on this group. I would avoid doing business with this group, New U Life.

  101. I’m so conflicted about this gel! My hair actually stopped falling out and started growing but, I’m pretty sure it’s effecting my heart, bloating, and headaches?? If it so watered down how would it effect you like that? Also nails grown like never in the coldest months??


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