Adzbrick Review, Airdrop Token Scam or legit Cryptocurrency?

Adzbrick Review, Airdrop Token Scam or legit Cryptocurrency? post thumbnail image

Since you are involved in the cryptocurrency mining, you would have come across the word adzbrick or simply known as ADZB. It is the etherum token. It is mined just like bitcoins, only that it is used for ads purpose. Ads are very useful for any business and you must know about adzbrick if you want to transform your online business. Airdrop is one of the companies behind it.

What are AdzBricks?

It is simply described as a cryptocurrency. The price is put at 0.004642 and the markup can reach $0. The price is not static, it keeps changing.

It is that cryptocurrency token, which is often issued for the ethereum platform. The cryptocurrency is a blockchain based advertisement, and it focuses on making huge sums of money through the internet advertisement industry. It has plenty of features that make it attractive. This ethereum based token can be used for different products, as well as future products. Furthermore, it is also used for purchases and sales. The adzbrick token is earned and it is by viewing advertisements. The system works the same way miners earn bitcoin through mining. Currency that is generated is based on ecosystem viewing ads. When you view new ads, you can generate a revenue known as tokens. The more ads you view, the more token you make. Mining token is the process that token is generated.

When you generate the tokens you can use that for other purposes such as buying of advertisements. You can buy it from the Airdrop website. Presently there is a plan to make it a worldwide affair. This can be used to purchase different kinds of ads ranging from banner ads, login ads, as well as web traffics and so on.

The most interesting thing about the system is the ability to earn through the compensation plan. Once you have an account with them, ads would be issued to the account and you have to view those ads to earn tokens. When you earn that token it is not a waste because you are going to use it for ads as well. Payments are accepted in ADZB.

Any investment you make in this is worth it because the market price is always on the increase. It is one of the profitable cryptocurrencies in the world today.

How does AdzBrick work?

Before you know how it works, you must get the most important concepts about adzbrick token. The first thing you need to know that it is for the etherum network alone.

It simply involves mining ads and when you do that, the reward you get is new tokens, which are generated. First and foremost, you need to register an account where the generated token would be sent to. These tokens are only generated when you view the ads. When you view more ads, you would be compensated with more tokens. So there is a huge reward for working harder here.

The process starts by opening an account with that platform. You can start as a free member which means that you are not expected to pay anything to start mining ads.

Since you register with the platform as a free member, you are entitled to just one ad for one day. Since you are a premium member you can view much more than that. To qualify to view more ads on that platform, then there is the need to stake ADZB token. That will equip you with more mining powers.

According to the platform, during the process leading to the launching of the system, every member would be regarded as a free member, and as such earnings are only through a free membership. However, the situation is going to change when the system is launched. To earn more token, members can buy ADZB and that is going to increase their mining power.

This is how the system works

Step one

You must register an adzbrick account, and you can do that on the website. The registration process demands key information from you such as your name and your email address. Furthermore, it demands that you create a login username as well as a login username password.

When you have registered an account, it is not active until you confirm the email address by clicking the link provided.

Step two

You have to chat with their Telegram bot and click on start after that. You must also pass the Captcha test to get started with the system.

Check on Rules and do tasks.

There are other platforms that you can join the system such as telegram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. You can click like Facebook and so on.

Check on Wallet and you do that by sending your ETH wallet address to the system bot. Furthermore, you can check the balance at any time by clicking on the Balance.

To earn more from the system, you can also use the referral rewards for the benefits that come with that.

Who owns AdzBrick?

The system is owned by a group of marketers. These have extensive knowledge about the internet marketing industry since that has been in that business for almost a decade. Furthermore, the owners are people who have worked with top brands on the internet. They are into pure marketing and advertising business and they were looking for a system that can do well for advertisers.

The owners use the system to deliver targeted ads to people who are going to benefit from it. The ads are available for all kinds of businesses and it can serve any kind of product. Since you are engaged in online business and you want that business to be promoted to the end of the world, then Adzbrick is the best option to promote that business to all parts of the world.

It is the ad ecosystem and it is meant for publishers and advertisers. This helps such people to get the best ads about their business and this is taken to all parts of the world.

The owners of the system put the price of the token to just 10 cents pending the time launching would be done.

Is AdzBrick similar to Hashing Ad Space?

Since the inception of adzbrick, there is an assumption that it is a carbon copy of Hashing Ad Space. The fact is there are lots of things in common between the two systems. This is not surprising because once there are innovative ideas that attract money, it will not surprise anybody when others emulate such systems and make money from that as well.

It is a copy of Hashing Ad Space. They are almost the same thing, but there are a few variations of the system. The only different thing is the differentials in payment on direct referrals. The business concept is almost the same thing. Hashing and Adzbrick share things in common and that they are both involved in the advertising business.

This can serve as leads to people involved in businesses. This simply involves earning more money known as token and you do that by watching ads that are sent to your accounts. Furthermore, the two methods involve ads purchase and having them displayed to other people to see. The most important thing is that the ads are displayed to people who need them.

Members of the two platforms have options available to them when it comes to ads to watch and to display. These ads are available in ad minter, banner ads, as well as login ads. They are both ways of making money on the internet and they come with a wonderful referral system. They involve the use of cryptocurrency. Depending on the level of your membership, the number of ads that you can watch in a day varies. You can watch a single ad daily and you can watch more than that. These suggest that the two systems are the same thing. The difference as pointed out earlier are in the areas of reward, especially the direct referral reward program. These two concepts are the same.

AdzBrick Compensation Plan

When you mine ads, you are compensated by the adzbrick token that you receive. The compensation plan for a free member is not the same thing as that of the premium member. Premium members are those who spend the cryptocurrency to enable them to view more ads in the accounts. This is used only in that network.

The compensation plans are as follows.

Every person can register an account as a free member and this means that you are qualified to view just one ad in your account daily. Since you want to view more ads, which means that you want to earn more money you have to stake ADZB tokens. This qualifies you for more minting power. This simply implies that you are going to become a premium member. openining more earning opportunities from the system.

To increase your mining power, buy a staking package. The staking power you have is not an investment. You are holding it to earn more money by viewing more ads. Every staking pack that you get is there for one year and after that, it will expire and the earnings from that would be returned to your account. Since you like you can renew that and the best way to do it is to stake another pack.

Earning through referrals

To earn more, you can refer more people, your earnings can increase dramatically when you have more referrals. The system allows you to earn a ten percent referral commission. This is based on the referral's staked amount. As time goes on, it is possible to reduce it by about fifty percent, but that depends on the ads such as referrals purchased.

Is AdzBrick a legitimate CryptoCurrency on the BlockChain?

Adzbrick is a legitimate cryptocurrency on the blockchain. It is 100% legitimate, and there is no scam associated with it. The system earns money through legitimate ads viewing the business. The system depends on the targeted ads. Ads are sent to people who need them and when you view the ads you will get rewarded for that.

Furthermore, the system is completely sustainable. This is because the cost is not much because it is affordable. Moreover, the system is easy to join.

Most importantly, you discover that the system does not break any law. Anybody who wants to become a member can do so and nobody would be forced to join. It is available to people who need it worldwide.

To show that the system is not a scam. It is not a Ponzi system and it is not an MLM scheme as well. It features detailed analytics for the advertisers. The system does not promise to make money quickly or becoming rich overnight. Since you can make money at all through the system, you must work very hard for that.

It is not meant to fizzle out overnight. The designers have the issue of sustainability in mind when it was conceived. This has been here for quite some time.

Furthermore, to show that it is legitimate, users can earn money and they are usually paid in the adopted cryptocurrency which is AdzBrick token. Besides, the token can even be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies. This comes with a standard payment which is the ADZB. The truth is that nothing is hiding about the system and it is extremely difficult for anybody to label it as a scam.

Most importantly, those behind the system are known. They have earned a lot of reputations when it comes to this kind of business as they have spent at least eight years. The founders have extensive knowledge about how the online system works. It can be said that they are passionate about helping people earn money through the most innovative system.

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Adzbrick Airdrop token is not a scam. The cryptocurrency is legit. Since you are looking for a perfect way of earning ads money you can consider this system. It is reliable, and you have a lot to gain from the system. Most importantly, this system is one hundred percent legit.

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