Attempted Revival of Vasayo Scam as III Review

Pleasant Grove, Utah-based Vasayo was renowned for its exceptional business strategy and ⁠ extensive selection of health and beauty items in the MLM industry. The company's offerings targeted individuals seeking rejuvenation, wellness, and ⁠ a sense of abundance in their lives. In 2016, Dallin Larsen and Karree, the mastermind behind Monavie, launched Vasayo and ⁠ successfully carved out a position in the fiercely contested MLM market. ‍

The company, just like numerous MLMs, based its business ⁠ model on the principle of direct selling. The individuals or ‘brand partners' associated with Vasayo acquired products from the company at wholesale rates and ⁠ subsequently vended them to consumers at retail rates, generating a profit based on the variance. Additionally, they were eligible for earning bonuses and commissions tied to the sales ⁠ volume of individuals they enlisted in the company, thus building their ‘downline'.

In the crowded MLM industry, Vasayo stood out by providing a distinct selection of ⁠ health and wellness products that leveraged cutting-edge delivery technology for optimal nutrient bioavailability. From skincare products to weight management supplements, Vasayo's offerings are specifically ⁠ crafted to assist individuals in reaching their wellness goals. Regardless of the company's positive beginnings and steady progress, Vasayo faced an unforeseen change ⁠ in course in 2023 with the declaration of ending its MLM operations. ​

The Controversy Surrounding Vasayo's Closure & attempted Revival as 3

The unexpected announcement of Vasayo's closure left many in shock, but it was the ⁠ controversy surrounding the company's subsequent actions and statements that really caught attention. The shutdown of Vasayo left the distributors in a state of uncertainty ⁠ and disappointment, as no clear reason was provided for it. ​

The sudden closure sparked speculations ⁠ within the MLM community. A few distributors chose social media as a platform to voice their concerns and alleged that Vasayo had shut ⁠ down in an effort to escape liability towards its existing distributors for sales volume, commissions,and potential legal consequences. The lack of communication from the company ⁠ only made these concerns worse. Amidst the growing dissatisfaction and uncertainty, neither Dallin Larsen nor Vasayo's ⁠ corporate team provided any public declarations explaining the closure. This compounded the prevailing ⁠ mistrust and skepticism. ​

What followed next stirred ⁠ further controversy. The news unveiled that Daniel Picou, who is recognized as Vasayo's co-founder and CEO, ⁠ made an acquisition of the company and has intentions to rejuvenate it. Some individuals perceive the move as an effort to evade Vasayo's ⁠ obligations while commencing a fresh venture under the name ‘Three'. The decision faced backlash due to concerns about its ethical ⁠ implications and potential exploitation of the current Vasayo distributors. ​

Throughout this process of change, the leadership from former Vasayo ⁠ stayed intact with its roster of high-level executives. Some individuals perceived the ongoing leadership as a warning sign, leading ⁠ to doubts about the integrity of the fresh venture. Detractors suggested that those who had been in control during Vasayo's decline were now leading its renaissance, causing ⁠ uncertainty about the validity of this latest endeavor and provoking doubts regarding their intentions as principals. ‍

Amidst this controversy, many began to question ⁠ the future of Vasayo's distributors. There was apprehension that the distributors would bear the brunt of Vasayo's closure and controversial resurgence, especially individuals ⁠ who may be lured by the fresh sales approach and choose to return to the revamped organization. Consequently, they could encounter comparable risks and obstacles ⁠ encountered during their previous involvement with Vasayo. ​

The argument surrounding Vasayo's discontinuation highlighted many intricate factors ⁠ and potential stumbling blocks within the MLM sector. It addressed concerns relating to trustworthiness, ⁠ accountability, and protecting distributor interests. In addition, it has generated substantial doubts regarding the responsibilities of MLM businesses towards ⁠ their distributors and the mechanisms implemented to establish accountability for these businesses' behavior. ​

Vasayo's Situation & Implications for the MLM Industry

From its commencement in 2016 to its eventual shutdown in 2023, Vasayo's journey offers crucial ⁠ observations on the challenges and disputes faced by companies operating under the MLM model. This tale holds significant teachings for individuals within the MLM community - ⁠ be it company executives, distributors or those responsible for regulations. ​

  • Business Longevity and MLM Companies: A notable statistic related to the networking sector highlights that ⁠ most businesses within this industry have a limited lifespan of around five years. Vasayo faced this scenario. Notwithstanding its intentions and lofty aspirations, the company chose to cease ⁠ its activities after an operating time of 5.5 years. This underscores the intrinsic hazards inherent in MLM ventures and underscores the requirement for distributors ⁠ to meticulously evaluate the stability and endurance of any MLM corporation they contemplate joining. ​
  • Transparency and Accountability: Transparency was noticeably absent ⁠ in the closure of Vasayo. The reasons for the shutdown have not been ⁠ publicly addressed by the company's leadership. The lack of transparency prompts concerns regarding ⁠ accountability within the MLM industry. MLM businesses must exhibit a sincere pledge to transparency and honesty in their operations ⁠ if they want to establish trust with their distributors and the public. ​
  • Liability and Legal Issues: The claim that Vasayo ceased operations to evade accountability towards their current distributors regarding sales volume, commissions, ⁠ and similar factors, along with possible legal proceedings, emphasizes the importance of stricter regulation and oversight in the MLM industry. In their MLM endeavors, distributors often allocate significant amounts of time, money, and ⁠ effort, making it vital to ensure they are shielded from unethical conduct. ⁠
  • The Challenge of Reviving an MLM Company: The endeavor undertaken by Daniel Picou ⁠ to revive Vasayo underscores the intricacies associated with such an effort. Participating in the process demands both a substantial financial investment ⁠ and expertise in understanding intricate legal and regulatory processes. This underscores the significance of implementing effective business strategies ⁠ and meticulous preparation in the MLM sector. ​
  • Leadership Continuity and Change: Doubts arose regarding the potential for genuine progress and advancement because much ⁠ of Vasayo's leadership stayed in place within the newly formed entity known as ‘Three'. This hints that for an MLM company to genuinely renovate itself, it could ⁠ be necessary to contemplate more substantial changes in leadership and business approaches. ⁠
  • The Impact on Distributors: The Vasayo story highlights the ⁠ significant risks that MLM distributors can face. When Vasayo ceased operations, it put the distributors who had ⁠ devoted their time and funds into a precarious position. This emphasizes the necessity for enhanced safeguards for MLM distributors and ⁠ prompts inquiries about the durability of MLM business models. ​

In retrospect, the narrative of Vasayo presents a noteworthy ⁠ example for the MLM sector to heed. It emphasizes the necessity of enhanced openness, responsibility, and safeguards for distributors, ⁠ along with the obstacles involved in sustaining and rejuvenating MLM ventures. The fair and ethical treatment of all MLM stakeholders relies on ⁠ addressing these issues as the industry continues to evolve. ​

30 Alternate Health & Wellness MLM Companies

Business structures known as MLM companies reward individuals for ⁠ both selling products and recruiting new members. Numerous companies within the health and wellness industry employ this model ⁠ to distribute products like supplements, essential oils, and skincare merchandise. Thoroughly investigating an MLM prior to becoming involved is crucial, as the MLM ⁠ business model has been scrutinized for its parallels with pyramid schemes.

Here are 30 MLM companies in ⁠ the health and wellness sector: 

  1. Isagenix: Isagenix provides nutritional cleansing products, weight ⁠ loss supplements, and other health products. They were founded ⁠ in 2002.
  2. Amway: Established in 1959, Amway focuses on selling ⁠ health, beauty, and home care products. The health and wellness line consists of supplements, ⁠ sports nutrition, and weight management products. ⁠
  3. Herbalife: At Herbalife, their primary specialization lies in the field of ⁠ nutritional supplements, weight management products, and personal care items. Operating since 1980.
  4. Nu Skin: Nu Skin‘s product offerings include ⁠ both skincare products and nutritional supplements. The foundation of the company ⁠ dates back to 1984.
  5. Beachbody: The offerings of Beachbody include fitness ⁠ programs, supplements, and weight loss products. Their renowned workout DVD series ⁠ includes P90X and Insanity. ‌
  6. Shaklee: Shaklee is a long-standing presence in the ⁠ health and wellness MLM market since 1956. Their product line encompasses top-notch nutritional supplements that promote well-being, effective weight-management solutions for a ⁠ healthy lifestyle choice, beauty items to enhance personal care routines,and essential household products. ‌
  7. Arbonne: Skincare, cosmetics, and nutrition products like protein powders and energy ⁠ drinks are part of the extensive selection available at Arbonne. ⁠
  8. USANA: USANA sells nutritional supplements ⁠ and skincare products. The company was created ⁠ in 1992. ‌
  9. Rodan + Fields: Rodan + Fields not only specialize ⁠ in skincare products but also provide wellness supplements. ‍
  10. Plexus Worldwide: Plexus Worldwide sells weight ⁠ management and nutrition supplements. ‘Pink Drink' is their renowned ⁠ weight loss product. ⁠
  11. LifeVantage: As experts in the field, LifeVantage concentrates on providing customers with top-quality health ⁠ and wellness products that address oxidative stress reduction while bolstering overall health.
  12. Jeunesse: Jeunesse Global presents customers with a selection of products, which ⁠ encompass nutritional supplements, skincare products, and weight management solutions. ‍
  13. It Works!The body wraps ⁠ offered by It Works! have gained recognition. also sells nutrition, weight management, ⁠ and personal care products. ‍
  14. Advocare: Advocare provides health, wellness, ⁠ and weight management products. They were founded ⁠ in 1993. ​
  15. 4Life: Aside from their expertise in immune system support, 4Life ⁠ also offers various general health and wellness products. ​
  16. Le-Vel: Le-Vel is known for their Thrive product line, which includes supplements, ⁠ shakes, and patches intended to support weight management and general health. ​
  17. Nerium International (Neora): Originally known for their anti-aging ⁠ skincare products, Nerium also offers wellness products. ⁠
  18. Forever Living: Forever Living specializes in selling aloe vera-based drinks as well as cosmetics ⁠ made from bee derivates along with nutritional supplements and personal care products. ​
  19. Melaleuca: The product lineup at Melaleuca includes environmentally friendly ⁠ cleaning products, nutritional supplements, and personal care products. ​
  20. Juice Plus+: Dietary supplements containing juice extract powders from fruits, ⁠ vegetables, and grains are sold by Juice Plus+. ​
  21. Mannatech: The product lineup at Mannatech includes ⁠ dietary supplements and personal care products. Since 1993, they have ⁠ been in operation. ​
  22. QNet: QNet has been operating since 1998 and is engaged in the sale ⁠ of diverse merchandise like nutrition supplements, skincare goods, and home care products. ​
  23. Organo Gold: With their line of products encompassing coffees and ⁠ teas, Organo Gold incorporates Ganoderma lucidum into each item. This renowned mushroom is associated ⁠ with various health advantages.
  24. AIM Global: AIM Global markets a variety of health ⁠ supplements, several of which comprise natural ingredients. ​
  25. Kyäni: Wellness products available from Kyäni include ⁠ supplements, skincare items, and protein nutritionals. ​
  26. Sisel International: Nutritional supplements, weight loss aids, and personal care ⁠ products are among the offerings provided by Sisel. ​
  27. Zurvita: Zurvita sells nutritional supplements, including their ⁠ well-known Zeal for Life wellness drink. ​
  28. LiveGood: Recognized for its focus on health and wellness, LiveGood is an MLM company that stands out for its ⁠ commitment to promoting healthy living through premium nutritional supplements and a business approach centered around community engagement. ⁠
  29. Optavia: As a wellness-oriented MLM company, Optavia provides extensive ⁠ weight management programs designed for sustainable results. These programs incorporate meal replacements, dietary coaching, and community support to encourage ⁠ the adoption of healthy habits and facilitate effective weight loss. ‍
  30. Drink2Shrink: Drink2Shrink operates as an MLM company that markets a proprietary ⁠ formula beverage aimed at promoting weight loss and detoxification. They offer individuals the chance to create income streams ⁠ by selling these products and building teams.

The health and wellness field is home to several ⁠ MLM companies, each presenting their own exclusive products. It must be highlighted that even though these companies provide health and wellness products, it is ⁠ vital to consult with a healthcare practitioner prior to commencing any new health regime. Moreover, when contemplating joining an MLM, it is crucial to comprehend the business model and carry ⁠ out extensive investigation to guarantee that it corresponds with your individual and financial objectives. While MLMs can present opportunities, they also pose ⁠ risks that may result in financial losses. Consequently, they might not be an ⁠ appropriate business model for all. ⁠

Summarizing Final Thoughts about Vasayo

After enjoying a prominent position in the MLM arena, Vasayo now faces significant ⁠ scrutiny and backlash due to the sudden termination of its business operations. Although no explicit public statement has declared Vasayo as a fraudulent enterprise, there are several ⁠ aspects regarding its cessation and ensuing incidents that have prompted supposition and reproach. ​

Distributors and stakeholders were left in the dark as Vasayo shut ⁠ down abruptly without any public communication from its leadership. The deficiency in transparency and proper communication ⁠ has provoked questioning and nurtured doubt. Furthermore, the rushed conversion to a new organization named ‘Three' under unchanged leadership has been analyzed by ⁠ certain individuals as an approach to evade liabilities such as distributor commissions and potential legal consequences. ‌

Furthermore, critics have perceived the persistence of Vasayo's senior ⁠ leadership in ‘Three‘ as an area of concern. According to them, these leaders oversaw Vasayo's operations which resulted in its downfall and are currently guaranteeing ⁠ a fresh and improved chance, despite their involvement in the failure of the previous company. Certain individuals consider this to be an unethical practice, ⁠ potentially signaling a larger trend of mismanagement. ⁠

In summary, even though it is not officially classified as a scam, Vasayo's unexpected closure and ⁠ the subsequent measures implemented by its leadership have generated controversy and raised concerns about ethics. The significance of transparency, ethical leadership, and strong business practices in upholding trust ⁠ and integrity in the MLM sector is highlighted by these events.

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