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CashFX Review, Is Cash FX Group a Scam or Legitimate?

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Have you heard about CashFX Group yet?

I heard about it through a site that I am a member of that has a post rotator, the site is called CashJuice. Even tho the name of the site sounds very scammy, its actually a very nice and legitimate community for the most part. Throughout all of my searching and reviewing of the CashFX program, I found very little positiveness. Most reviews about Cash FX Group pointed toward it being a scam and if not a scam then definitely not recommended. Additionally & sadly, most marketers who review other platforms negatively almost always include their “Opportunity” that is of course better and legitimate right in their review. Are you a member, do you have positive information to share, can you change our mind? I am always open to hearing new information and other perspectives from friends who have had experience with platforms on the internet.

What exactly is CashFX Group about?

CashFX Group is an investing forex trading site that is indeed an MLM and focuses much more on rewarding recruiters than on actual investors. They also charge a hefty percentage for cashing out your own money, does that sound right? The cheapest investment package is available for the low price of $90 and goes all the way up to the largest investment package at $100,000.

Below is an explanation of what each ranking is and the credentials that you require in order to reach them:

  • Affiliate Rank– To qualify for this ranking, you will need to acquire one of the financial investment bundles.
  • Executive Rank– To get approved for this ranking, you will certainly require signing up with at the 1K level financial investment with a 500 PV or higher degree, recruit and also preserve 3 spending participants with a complete team of a minimum of 7000 GV.
  • Manager Rank– To get this rank, you will need signing up with at the 1K level financial investment with a 500 PV or greater degree, recruit and also maintain 2 Executive Rank or higher with a total downline of a minimum of 25,000 GV.
  • Supervisor Rank– To receive this rank, you will require signing up with at the 1K level financial investment with a 500 PV or greater level, recruit and also preserve 2 Manager Rank or greater with a total downline of a minimum of 100,000 GV.
  • President Club Rank– To get this rank, you will certainly require signing up with at the 1K degree financial investment with a 500 PV or higher degree, recruit and also keep 3 Director Rank or greater with a total team of at the very least 500,000 GV.
  • Ambassador Rank– To get this ranking, you will require signing up with at the 1K level financial investment with a 500 PV or greater degree, recruit and preserve 3 President Club Rank or higher with a total down line of a minimum of 2,000,000 GV.
  • International Ambassador Rank– To receive this rank, you will need signing up with at the 1K level financial investment with a 500 PV or greater level, maintain and recruit 2 Ambassador Rank or higher with a total downline of a minimum of 5,000,000 GV.

A number of terms that were detailed here were GV and PV, below is what they mean:

PV– This term is “Personal Volume” which is the investment or the volume PV from your personal investment volume.

GV– This term is “Group Volume” which is the financial investment or the volume PV (quantity) from your whole down line.

Where does the investment go?

With Cash Forex Group they claim to be able to pay up to 15% per month and a return on investment of 200 – 400% over time. Supposedly only 70% of your investment goes toward actual investing & 30% going towards education …. In my opinion, the 30% goes toward recruiting bonuses. The withdrawal fee is also 25% so where does the 25 percent go to? Yes, once again back to the recruiting members. With the qualifying amount of point volume, you can be paid up to 50% so those who are sponsoring machines with huge teams will indeed make a massive amount of money.

Compensation Plan Trade Academy Packs

Of the 30% that goes towards the educational “products” 100% goes is paid back out through the compensation pack and is non-refundable. Early withdrawal of the remainder of your investment is available but there will be penalties as well as fees involved. The video above talks about Bear & Bull Capital, the Bull Capital is what triggers the leadership bonuses but needs to be continuously upgraded in order for your income not to be capped. Fast start bonuses, have you ever heard that term? The 3×10 matrix is set up to benefit the recruiting superstars with most of the compensation going to those who create massive teams. Your profits can't be used in order to upgrade within the system, you must first withdraw the money (25% fee) rendering your profits right back to the company and the compensation plan. Do you see how the company will indeed be able to sustain the compensation plan while rewarding its Leaders and Ambassadors? View the Cash Forex video on their YouTube channel above for details and more information.

Is Cash Forex Group on Social Media?

Yes the Cash Forex Group is on social media sites but doesn't have a large following, they are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube.

You can view their pages by clicking on them below (Your click will open in a new tab):

  • Instagram – Only 297 Instagram followers
  • Facebook – Only 635 Facebook Fans
  • Twitter – Only 122 Twitter Followers
  • YouTube – 1,4700 Subscribers but most videos have less than 100 views per week as well as less than 20 likes.
The Insider's Guide to Affiliate Marketing pdf + Bonuses!
click image above or visit = The Insider's Guide to Affiliate Marketing pdf + Bonuses!

Click on any of the blue words below to open the popular article in a different tab:

CashFX Scam or Legitimate?

Cash Forex Live Event Business Presentation

It's still too early to answer the above question on whether or not the CashFX Group is a scam or a legitimate online earning opportunity. That being said, I am going to steer clear of this but may watch the Live Event on YouTube scheduled for Friday October 25th at 9pm EST. and will keep an open mind. How about you, will you register for and be online for this live event or will you simply be doing something else? How about Panama City, will you be there in person at the Hard Rock Cafe Megapolis from November 8th through the 10th?

Tickets can be purchased here and range from $95 for the cheap seats (Hotel Room not included ~ Event Tickets only) all the way up to $1,395 for the Super VIP Tickets that included


Sounds like a good time, maybe we should join, what do you think?

The Insider's Guide to Affiliate Marketing pdf + Bonuses!
click image above or visit = The Insider's Guide to Affiliate Marketing pdf + Bonuses!

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43 thoughts on “CashFX Review, Is Cash FX Group a Scam or Legitimate?”

  1. I have tried MLM in the past and CashFX definitely looks like an MLM as well. Thank you for your research into their program. Helps me to narrow down what companies to further research to see if it fits my personality and economic needs. Success in this particular MLM seems pretty aggressive with a minimum of 7000 GV team effort, so this will take much thought.

  2. There seems to be a lot of research in this article. How many companies like these even exist and aren’t you tired of posting reviews for each and every company that comes out like this. I guess you really want to help people make better choices in life. Great mission keep going!!!

  3. Thanks Tony for this awesome review about CashFX, I’ve read a bit about and I’ve not been able to see clearly what they are about, but reading through your review, I’ve been able to know how it works and it’s level of legitimacy. I believe it’s good to sort out for what people think about business offers before you go into it and it’s clear that most people believe it’s a scam.

  4. Well! Everything that involves forex is two sided and that is the more reason that it is always advisable to thread on the part of caution when it comes to it. However, these people seem convincing somehow though I am not fully convinced yet. Thank you so much for sharing this post out here. Thank you so much and God bless you for sharing this out

  5. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative article with everyone. The main content of this article is CashFX Review. After reading your article I got very excited about Forex trading which I was interested in doing from the past. Following this, I joined CashFX which helped me reach my desired goal. Although many people disagree with it, I would like to agree with you completely. It is completely legitimate.You can easily trade using CashFX and establish yourself in the world of Forex trading.

    So I would say those who are interested in Forex trading should join CashFX and start trading now.

  6. This scheme doesn’t sound like something that would be good for me. I am not fond of MLM for starters. That payment plan seems to be a bit involved. Just over 600 followers on facebook doesn’t seem like a roaring business to me. I would say the same for Instagram and twitter.Those qualifications needed for ranking seem to be so hard to reach. Thanks for letting me know what to avoid.

  7. To be honest the amount of investment mentioned in the review is for me a little bit scary. The MLM added some more shiver down my spine. Well maybe because I had bad experiences with multi level marketing that made me  react this way. However I like the part you mentioned about being open minded to new ideas from friends. the way you segue way to your alternative platform is nice. 

  8. This is one that instantly makes me jump up and question. With 7 ranks to climb to get to a place of healthy reward, that will take A LOT of work. They are very young still and forex trading itself has a lot of issues and questions surrounding it. While I appreciate your depth and heads-up, this is not one that I will be pursuing any time soon. Perhaps in the next few years, if it is still around I may take another look.

    Thank you.

  9. Everything I read about this in your article send my red flags to be raised. First flag investment trading tells me this is a risky business. Second : Rewarding recruiters tells me your investments as a customer will probably vanish in a bad trading transaction somewhere. Percentage for cashing out your money does not sound very lucurative to me. Do i need to say more? I would never involve myself in this. Too high risk of loosing money you invest.

  10. Cash fx does not sound like something I would get involved with. First of all it is an MLM and secondly the compensation program sounds very complicated which should not be the case. I think the average person would have a hard time trying to recruit people to join because it sounds overly complicated.

  11. Hi tony 

    from your review, I can understand that CashFx is not a scam and sounds like a legitimate site on Cash Juice. I noticed that the rank system is a little bit complicated and this is probably one of the problems a beginner can have on systems like CashFx. you review this business very well so thanks for sharing it with us. 

  12. Hello there Tony, 

    Is Cash FX Group a Scam or Legitimate? Thats a common question and a lot of people who decide on the former. CashFX Group is actually an investing forex trading site that is an MLM and focuses more on rewarding recruiters than on investors. It’s costs seem really high and i read that they charge hefty amounts for cashouts.

    Interesting. I hope the company is legit. 


  13. I wouldn’t say I’m totally oblivious to this cash fx group but as a person, I have never considered the thought of giving it a go. Though I know they actually present quite an interesting fact and ways to get started with things but I am never convinced enough that I need them to boost myself up. Thanks for the review up here though. 

    i quite frankly picked up a few things about them more here

  14. Thanks for this detailed explanation. However, I have to note that the explanation is primarily about the unbelievably complex compensation system. There is very little, and I am sure that is because CashFX barely explains, about how the FX trading will actually be executed and how they guarantee a profit. While I accept that it may not be a scam I have a hard time accepting that it is completely on the up and up. The first thing to note is that Forex trading is a zero-sum game. The only guaranteed winner is the exchange that gets its fees. In that respect, it is really like gambling. I’d be delighted if someone could correct me on this but it is a bit like betting on horses. Yes, you can do all the charting and technical analysis and do it better than everyone else and stay ahead of the game. But you have to be aware that there are massive numbers of traders out there trading Forex in trillions of $, multiple times more than the actual underlying world economy. I could suspect that CashFX pegs its program to Forex trading in large part because of the allure to people who have limited understanding of Forex markets, of all the money sloshing around and stories of fast riches. I am sure there may be some people who trade Forex and manage to make a consistent profit, good for them. But my sense is that this is designed to draw people in and I could see how many would not have good experiences. Thanks.

  15. Hi Tony, It is always fun and inspirational to read your post. 

    There is always something new in your post. I heard about Forex trading from my friend who made a lot of money from it.

    I have a impression that you need to have a lot of money to trade forex. 

    Based on your article, the cheapest package is only $90, which is good price for me to join the CashFX and to learn something from it.

    It is nice that you provide addresses of their social media. 

    I just watched some of the youtube and I like channel name: New Era of Growth. 

    Yes, this is the way to grow my business financially.

  16. I’m surprised and honestly a bit disappointed concerning their social media following. I know that’s not an accurate thermometer to measure a business. But because I have spent so much time on social media in my life, I know how easy a following can be built, I don’t respect very much those business that don’t have a decent following. Just my personal thoughts.

  17. Honestly, programs like CashFX with extremely complex rankings and multiple levels of investment, etc. always put me off. I feel like unless you’re spending a ton of money to drag yourself to a higher ranking, they won’t pay attention to you or help you and you leave with empty pockets and another hit to your bank account and self esteem. Anything that only focuses on preening their existing crew and pushes outsiders out of the nest after plucking them clean is NOT for me. Thank you for the honest review!

  18. Hey Tony

    We will be busy with something else on Friday, October 25th at 9 pm. Cash Forex Group seems to be dishonest from the onset. I don’t usually use this expression as it is somewhat limiting oversimplified but if it sounds like a duck and quacks like a duck, in this instance it might as well be a duck.

    But, as you said it might be too early and we should stay clear of it for now and just watch. What bothers me the most is that there’s no transparency, the withdrawal and penalty fees are ridiculous and it’s members seem to be its primary products. I would just stay away and clear from it, scam or not.

    Solomon & Selina

  19. The name CashFX is indeed a scammy name – add in that it is an MLM and then furthermore add in that it is a forex trading site more concerned with recruiting people into the money making side than recruiting online traders? This business may have a bad rap online and I am not surprised, it has so many things that I detest. 

  20. I have looked into forex trading and quite frankly it seems to complicated for me to get excited about it.   Having participated with MLM before, I find that these sorts of programs are good for people that already have an established audience.  Even if you start from the bottom and get help, it takes a lot of work and I would rather spend my time doing something else. 

  21. I had not heard about CashFX yet, although I have come across other similar sounding schemes. Trading on the stockmarket can be risky and foreign currencies can be very volatile. One can lose a lot of money very quickly, so that is not something that I would be doing. 

    A return on investment is never guaranteed. There are just too many things here that point to a scam. Thank you for the review.

  22. I found very little positiveness. Most reviews about Cash FX Group pointed toward it being a scam and if not a scam then definitely not recommended it to anyone but after reading this awesome article I think I would dive in and find out what is all about…I hope it ends well

  23. I came across this offer With CashFX a few months ago to join, but I haven’t actually look into it. I’m glad you give us your honest thoughts on it and how it works. As for the program itself, I seen better. The fees you have to pay just to get your own money out is ridiculous. Based on the information given, it looks legit. 

  24. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the review. A lot of people are always skeptical about MLM & Forex these days so it is good that you are providing honest reviews to bring it to peoples attention. The big things that jumped out at me were the lack of social media numbers…not sure I’d be investing $100,000 in something that seems so small!

  25. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. For me, I can honestly say this company is legit and worth the while. A friend of mine get paid without any mistake each saturday. Moreover, they are also very open and transparant, I know the CEO Huascar Lopez, also Ron Pope of the conversion pros is involved.

  26. Well, first or all, thank you for this post. It goes a long way on shedding some light on the many MLMs out here. Personally, MLMs and Forex have been out of bounds because of what it takes to make a profit. CashFX seems to promise training and a great return on investment but from where I sit, I think you will have to vigorously recruit others to make a profit. And forex trading has no assurances. However, I will definitely check it out.

  27. Hi Tony, a great article you have on CashFX review. The fact about forex is that it is very risky. I have personally lost a huge amount of money in trying to get involved and I take all as school fees I have to pay.

    Those promises of high and regular percentage in profit are usually to entice subscription and it is not sustainable. People who want to get rich quick will always prefer such investment to stable investments that have a lower risk but look very slow. It all depends on how risk-averse a person is.

    Your article will help provide the basic information that can help prospective investors make an informed decision.


  28. Cash Fix may or may not be a good opportunity, but with the sit-up it has will not investigate any farther.  MLM’s just don’t fit what I am wanting right now.  However, that is not written in stone, maybe at a later date, it may be just what I AM looking for.

    I appreciate your review on this product and saving me some time.  There is room in this world for all sorts of businesses and business plans.  

  29. Thank you for your review on CashFX and for sharing your incredible knowledge with us. I always feel very uneasy with lots of online businesses and especially Forex ones as there are a lot of them. However, it is good for people to do there research especially before parting with any money. This is definitely not for me but your article does share all aspects in fact about this business. I am sure other will look into further but I certainly will not be.

    Thanks so much

  30. How is this such a popular website and no one has reported what they’re really doing???

    Scamming the world and making victims.

    I found out the jig only after losing 100.000€ trying to buy bitcoins on their platform… I made payment and they claimed to not have received it, however my bank confirmed that the transaction was completed!!

    This is not good at all and we need to get justice! I made reports to all the agencies, authorities and regulators I could think of I got the same response from all of them, “We will take your report into consideration, when we get more information, we will be able to investigate.”

    What happened to investigating outright… I was not having it and I needed to get my money back so I went looking for private firms and found a company that was able to help me out and successfully get my money back….

    • Wow!

      This doesn’t sound very good at all & I am also surprised that they are still able to scam people online

      Let us know how it turns out for you so that we can inform our audience to what is being done as well.

      Thank you for your time and communication,


  31. This is a wonderful review. There are many forex trading group that are definitely not it (I mean scam). In my opinion the cash FX is not a scam and definitely has a good compensation plan. There have also been many testimonies over time that proves the cash Fx to be genuine. I’m looking forward to becoming a member.

    Thanks for sharing.

  32. Helooo dear, thanks for sharing these valuable content with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post online, I was actually referred to cashfx by my cousin but I wasn’t sure if it was legit or not , but after going through your article I believe my doubt has been cleared, thanks for the info

  33. I must say I big thanks for your precious time you had to put in making a research on the cashFx and aslo sharing your candid findings with us here…. considering the rapid increase in internet scam these day’s, it’s very necessary to carry out a thorough investigation on website, products and others online business to be sure of their legitimacy before investig or joining them..
    Thanks for the intriguing post

  34. I use to consider forex trading as a game of chance, you can hit money at any time but how to widraw the money based on the withdrawal percentage is a story for another day also froex trading can teck you down to zero level too.
    For cash fx group under review, since they are more interested in referrers rather than companzation to it members it makes the process look suspicious, so I think its likely to be a scam.

  35. In this day and age, we have to be extra cautious about how and where we decide to invest our money. Some people don’t have enough information about a company and wont do the necessary research to find out. Without research, you can potentially miss out on a big opportunity or you might lose your investment. A little time and effort can help you save or make money. This company needs to prove itself for a longer time period before people start to willingly invest their hard earned money , but will keep an eye out also.

  36. Cashfx is so clearly a SCAM, you’d have to be clinically stupid to invest in them. As for the ‘highly reputable’ and regulated broker they recommend just check them out on trust pilot and forexpeacearmy

    • Funny so far I have pulled out twice what I have put in and am still growing. Just move the money to another tier as it matures and smash out often and you make alot. I was skeptical at first but it hasn’t let me down once

      • Awesome James,

        thank you for sharing your great testimonial that CashFX Group has indeed paid you my Friend.

        You are welcome back anytime James,


  37. One of good reviewers. Bravo man. I was following CashFX since December 2020 and I paid just at the end of March, that is when my forex robot with MY MONEY on MY BROKER account that I CAN WITHDRAW anytime (they say) LOST all of it in the USD fall after March 09 2020. So seems like those models where you KNOW that your profit is from the actual trading can also make you lose your money. So I decided to give CFX a go. So far, 4 weeks, some friends joined too, everything worked well profit comes, trades that they show on WEBTV live are actual real trades cause people tested it, copied those trades on their MT4 and made profits. Their broker is also testifying magical trading from CFX team and they are working together long before CFX was born. We can say, CFX money making machine was tested long before it came to this. EverFX broker is multiregulated and are Main Global Sponsor of the Sevilla FC. Can not be small company to be that kind of sponsor. And would they risk their licenses and business to promote and testify CFX trading? Nope.
    In fact, soon, hopefully May 2020 everFX will announce copy trading API so we can also have our own account with our money making copy trading from CFX traders and there will be definitive proof of trades.

    • Hi Abilbek, i like your feedback of Cashfx, Is it possible if i can connect with you please. Thank you

  38. This has been the most amazing opportunity! Everything the company said they were gonna do, they’ve delivered on. We get consistent earnings week after week. Live trades show exactly what’s going on also.


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