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  1. Fantastic collection of articles, Tony! Your insights on digital marketing and online business growth are precious and engaging. Each post offers practical advice and strategies that are easy to implement. Keep up the great work in enlightening and guiding digital entrepreneurs!

  2. Hi Tony
    I find that you are one of the most sincere entrepreneurs online.
    You offer so much value and information on your website. Recently I wanted to know more about this new Empowerlife program, and your article helped me out a lot.

    You cover so many different business opportunities. I have bookmarked your website. It is my go-to site if I am looking to find out if something is a scam or not. But it’s also a site where I feel safe visiting. I know that whatever you recommend, you have researched to the T, and you will not allow your valuable visitors to sign-up for a mediocre business.

    Keep up the awesome work.

    • Hi Roopesh,
      thank you so very much for the wonderful compliments my Friend!
      You’re welcome back here anytime & I look forward to sharing value with anyone looking for ways to earn an income online with legitimate opportunies while avoiding scams, schemes and time wasting activities.
      Talk with you soon Roopesh,

  3. I love the topic of guest blogging. I was approached by a nice woman and she offered to guest blog on one of my websites. I took her up on it. She wrote a nice piece and I thanked her. I gave her authorship credit. She was the real deal. She emailed me this week and offered again. This time I picked the there and she delivered another nice piece. Is it appropriate for me to offer some $, even a small token? Or is that not something people do? I am not in a position to send a big amount. Just curious. Thanks Tony,

    ANNE Z

    • Hello Anne Z, Thank You for sharing your experience with having a Guest Blogger blog on your website.

      For monetary considerations, I believe that should all be worked out prior to the fact and based upon the Guest Blogger and the Website Owner.  Definitely not a 1 size fits all situation & on a case-by-case basis.

      Thank You Anne Z for visiting and sharing, You’re welcome back here anytime my Friend,


  4. Hi, there Tony! I must say, your article is a treasure trove for anyone interested in making money. I like how you have compiled all of your articles into one page for people to look at. 

    I can’t thank you enough for keeping us entertained and connected to the world of money online.

  5. Holy moly ! You sure put a lot of time into checking out a lot of companies . Thank you for allowing those of us that joined them to add our experience as well !

  6. Hello Tony,

    Impressive post with a lot of information. I don’t know how long it took you to write all this, but I know it would take me a few days to read everything.

    Some of the described programs are familiar to me, I still use them today. There are also some I have only heard of, and many I do not know.

    The reviews are very informative and the articles cover various topics. The reader has plenty to choose from, and he can’t get bored. 

    I appreciate the effort you have put into collecting information and creating these fantastic articles, very useful for those interested. I spent a pleasant time on your page.

    Congratulations and many achievements


    • Hello Daniel, 

      Thank You so very much my Friend for spending time on my website as well as commenting that the information is interesting.

      You’re welcome back here anytime Daniel,


  7. Hi Tony,

    Great site with LOADS of information.

    In fact…

    Way to much for my little brain to absorb. 

    I almost felt overwhelmed with which link to press… AHHH!!!!

    You obviously know your stuff as far as internet marketing goes, but like I said… it made my brain hurt trying to pick which specific choice to make.

    Give a man a single, succulent. sweet chocolate and he’ll savour it… throw a ton at him and he’ll most probably be sick! (just saying)


    Apart from that Tony, I think you’re a legend. So keep up the good work and hope to talk soon.



  8. Tony are these all products you are involved in or most of them just getting opinions if legit or scams? Just curious. Glad your doing well my friend.

  9. The “Recent Articles” section  is a treasure trove of insights and inspiration. Covering a wide range of topics including online business, affiliate marketing, personal development, and lifestyle, these articles offer valuable knowledge and practical tips. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or someone seeking personal growth, TonyLeeHamilton provides a wealth of resources to support your journey. Thank you for this article! I found it very useful)

    • You’re welcome Steve, Thank You for visiting and commenting my Friend.

      I appreciate your time and input, come back anytime!

  10. I like Leadsleap. I like your conclusion on the product. I have used it, and it is a reliable product for anyone interested in Internet marketing. Kenneth is always very responsive and ready to listen to your complaint. What I like most about leadsleap is the email autoresponder. It works perfectly. But the cost is a little bit on the high side

    • Yes, SendSteed is an excellent email autoresponder!

      LeadsLeap has indeed been a force for many years, Thank You for taking the time to read and comment!

  11. Wow, I was really intrigued by the article on Nutricellix. At first glance, it seemed like a revolutionary weight loss solution – analyze your unique DNA and create a customized plan with their products. But as I dug deeper, I realized that there were some serious caveats that made me hesitant to jump on board.

    First off, the asking price is no joke. Customers have to shell out a pretty penny to submit their DNA and purchase the Nutricellix products. And let’s be honest, waiting for your DNA results, choosing the right products, and waiting for shipment is no quick process. For some, the upfront costs and delays may be a dealbreaker.

    But what really made me pause was the potential liability involved in testing someone’s DNA and basing weight loss products off those results. The idea seems like a bit of a scientific tightrope walk, and I can easily envision a slew of legal battles arising from it down the line.

    Overall, I’m just not sold on Nutricellix. While the concept of personalized weight loss certainly sounds intriguing, the risks involved just seem too great for me.

    This article was super informative.

    • Thank You so very much for the thorough comment, I appreciate You taking the time to read the article.

      You’re welcome back here anytime my Friend!

  12.  It is very interesting to know that Mike Rowe was an opera singer. He does have a nice voice for radio, too. I followed his show “Dirty Jobs” when it aired and the show answered the questions I had when I was growing up like,”How did they get that job?” “What do they do everyday on that job?” when I saw different workers in my neighborhood and working public works and utilities. Being a child of a “blue collar” worker, I always thought labor jobs are important. As you said in your article he did accomplish “challenging preconceived notions of labor and shedding light on the dignity inherent in all work.” I appreciate him for that and the contribution of his talent toward elevating those “Dirty Jobs” in the eyes of the public. How do you feel about his contribution to the entertainment world? Do you feel like his talent in telling stories reached a broader audience? Did his work on “Dirty Jobs” achieve a higher purpose than just entertainment for entertainment’s sake? Thanks for the article about Mike Rowe.

    • Thank You Delois for reading the article about Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs my Friend, I appreciate your input!

      Answering your question, I definitely believe that he’s a master story teller with an amazing voice!

      I also absolutely love his philosophy about life, work ethic and Love of Country!

      You’re welcome back here anytime Delois, Thank You! 

  13. I appreciate your dedication and effort in providing a wide range of articles and reviews on various topics related to digital marketing and online business opportunities. It’s evident that you have put considerable time and research into compiling these resources for your readers.

    The diversity of subjects covered is impressive, ranging from revenue sharing models and scam reviews to health-related products and MLM organizations. By offering both written content and video presentations, you cater to different preferences and learning styles, ensuring that your audience can access the information in a way that suits them best.

    • Awesome my Friend, Thank You for visiting & commenting with your thoughts.

      You’re welcome back here anytime!


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