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Have you heard about the new health & wellness MLM Direct Sales Network Marketing Company NutriCellix?

I am not a representative, ambassador and/or a customer for the company or any other healthy products organization.

They just launched on New Year's Day 1 January 2020 and the founders Roni & Bo Short who were leaders within the Pure Nerium Neora, the company that is being investigated by the (FTC) Federal Trade Commission.

Their main selling point is being able to analyze your DNA through a $100 swab test and customize a weight management system in order to achieve remarkable results.

I have 4 articles reviewing the products and opportunity on my website, Google “NutriCellix” without the ” ” to easily find them as they will be on page #1 of your search results.

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Tony Lee Hamilton aka The Digital Marketing Veteran

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8 thoughts on “NutriCellix Reviews, Page #1 Google, Facebook and YouTube”

  1. Neko Cat says:

    I have actually heard of NutriCellix. I recall it being a dietary supplement. One thing I can’t embrace is the MLM aspect of anything. I’ve been ripped off and sucked in and I can’t bring myself to even consider recruiting someone else into such a scheme. There are so many less intimidating and less risky ways to present a useful and delightful product to the world. I wish NutriCellix would utilize such a method.

  2. Christine says:

    I remember Nerium. A friend of mine used to sell for them, swore to heaven and earth how wonderful their products were, but Nerium is no longer around now … So, I’m not sure what his opinion about it is at this moment …

    Congratulations on having your reviews featured on Google’s first page! That must mean that many people are reading your review, and want to find out more about Nutricellix. It’s a good thing that reviews such as yours are here. To me, it sounds like Nutricellix promises too much, and the DNA swab test just doesn’t convince me. I don’t believe that they can create products based on every person’s DNA. It is probably possible, but it is also too time consuming and personalized, and for a big MLM company this is just not convenient … So, I’m not sure that I would want to spend the money for a DNA test with them.

  3. Henry says:

    Hi Tony! I had heard about this launch and there was expectation concerning it. DNA analysis has always been an interesting topic for me and I would also like to join an opportunity like this. I’ll certainly keep on reading about NutriCellix. As you suggested, I’ll go to Google and type NutriCellix in the search bar. Thanks for this intro here. 

  4. Parameter says:

    Honestly, a lot of these products in the market and the majority of them in the name of MLM are not clinical, their emphasis is on building a marketing team and not on developing and improving products. Like you pointed out the concentration in on volume point based on your buyer status(retailer or ambassador) is another thing to worry about.

  5. Jake says:

    Hi, so this company does a $100 DNA swab test. That’s pretty interesting. It is a unique idea at least. I haven’t heard that one for an MLM company. I guess that’s also pretty interesting that they are being investigated. I wonder if there was some unhappy customers or something like that.

  6. Leo says:

    Nutricellix approaches weight loss from a very unique angle. Robert is no doubt a big name in the industry but I have to say, the stigma from his exploits with Neora apparently puts Nutricellix in a bad light. A month has gone by now since their official launch. Perhaps you can post an update on any recent findings. 


  7. Harish says:

    Hello Tony, I recently know about Nutricellix. That’s the reason I reach on your blog for more updates. While reading I know their main selling point is being able to analyze our DNA through a $100 swab test and customize a weight management system in order to achieve remarkable results. I noticed that company is work fine at this stage. I will give it a try now.

  8. Parveen says:

    Hey Tony, I heard about Nuticelix many time from you. I visit your site in our day to day life to find the best review from your side. I know you are doing your review with proper research. That’s the reason I like your website very much. 

    Congrats for your post coming in number one. You have done a grate work. Trusted review work every time. I like your all review. Keep them up for all every time.

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