What is a TranzactCard? Scam or Legit Cashback Financial Technology Company?

Update 2 September 2023 – – TranzactCard loses US Banking Services!

TranzactCard is a company involved in banking field and refund MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) sectors.

As mentioned on their official site, The person who established TranzactCard and Executive Chairman is Richard Smith. The organization's company structure indicates TranzactCard Limited Liability Company as a 100% owned subsidiary of TZT Holdings Limited Liability Company. The possession regarding the “TranzactCard” brand as well as the financial system of TranzactCard is controlled by TZT Company. Smith mentions himself in the role of the Head of the Board of TZT Group on the online platform LinkedIn.

There is no way that I'm paying $495 then $50 per month to promote TranzactCard, how about You?

Basically, Michael Davis manages and controls TranzactCard

The organization utilizes two primary online domains for its operations, specifically “tranzactcard.com” and “mytzt.com.” Both website addresses were first registered in April of 2021. The latest personal records were modified on April 29, 2023.

Smith began his multi-level marketing experience with Divvee Corporation in the middle of 2016. Instead of acting on behalf of the organization that he helped establish, Smith initially assumed a supporting position working together with CEO Allen Davis as the public face. Nevertheless, over time, Smith slowly entered a more influential position within the firm. The original idea of Divvee was unsuccessful and it underwent a rebranding as Rank and Share by Divvee in November that year. Smith and partner Troy Muhlestein ultimately became company spokespeople. Nevertheless, in July 2017, the failure of Divvee Rank and Share, caused, a move towards, securities and commodities fraud in the forex trading market,

After this, the organization shifted to the rebranded company, that carried on the identical deceptive practices. Eventually, Nui progressed into numerous crypto fraud schemes led by Darren Olayan. This resulted to an information fraudulent stop and refrain order given by the state of Texas in the month of July 2018. Also a following A monetary sanction of $25,000 for the company Nui during the month of February in 2019.

The exact moment that Smith left from the island is still uncertain. Nevertheless, he reappeared in the month of March 2019 with The Virtual Vault and the RevvCard service. These companies sought to establish conventional financial services in the realm of Nui's digital currency scams.

The Electronic Safe renamed as R Group during April 2019. Although RevvCard not being launched until the following eight months, the original RevvCard design was discarded before mid-2020. Smith initiated granting equity within R Network. In spite of both he and the company was registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Following a period, R Company began to decline out of existence. During March 2021, The leftover parts of R Network were acquired by iX Global company. Smith returned during April 2023 utilizing TranzactCard.

What is a TranzactCard?

TranzactCard is technology firm and is not banking entity. Financial services are given by the banking partners of Solid Financial Technologies, Inc. that have FDIC insurance. Payment Services are issued by The collaborating banks following Visa® license.

This payment platform chance is currently in the pre-release stage. Joining in TranzactCard involves risks, prospects, and legal control. Our goal is you to experience the privileges of the ecosystem of TranzactCard. However, if you're not prepared for these responsibilities, you ought to wait until following the formal launch. Prior to becoming member in this community that focuses on making a difference.

The authorized release is planned for November of 2023. In the pre-launch phase, specific features of the TranzactCard platform are in the experimental phase and undergoing further enhancements. For instance, the Referral Program for TranzactCard Members and the Program for Influencers will be included in the official launch in November of 2023.

Z-Club is currently gradually expanded, checked and enhanced while in the trial phase leading up to release. Z-Coins are used to lower the selling price of items and offerings in Z-Community. Vacation items as well as offerings are still not accessible within the Z-Club.

The TranzactCard system earning potential does not currently a franchise opportunity. Transaction Card is currently in the registration process as a franchise option throughout the entire U.S..

The site contains future-oriented data and there are no guarantees that the firm's progress of trade operations, schemes, and formal associations will become a reality as planned. Hence, shareholders must be careful and not exclusively trust based on these facts when choosing investment options.

It is advised to conduct your own research to prevent depend excessively on this document. Every anticipatory details ought to be thoughtfully analyzed. Company does not assert concerning the amount of money you can earn. Neither should you during conversations about this card with people you interact with. The success of a Digital Branch Office achievement relies on several elements such as and not restricted to the individual's expertise, dedication, and drive to excel.

How to create an account and/or become a Branch Office Affiliate

TranzactCard doubles the buying power among its clientele without demanding a salary hike. The digital platform we operate caters to all individuals by providing regular products and services considerably more cost-effective.

In order to improve our customers and provide our TranzactCard to everyone who depend on it, we have introduced Online Branches. By means of this strong and efficient earning potential, we collaborate with you to extend tailored banking and favorable public outcome beyond and swifter. As a designated DBO, you will be paid commissions as your community members make regular purchases. He will further gain Z-Cash using their own TranzactCard.

What's the price of a Virtual Branch?
Using a single online store purchase costing $495, you are able to begin establishing your group of individuals promptly.

Simple to Operate
When individuals use the TranzactCard, they develop a sense of the capability of our banking system. Being a DBO, you're merely bridging them to that particular encounter.

Powerful Profits
Transaction Card is modifying the regulations via restructuring standard monetary fees including the cost set by manufacturers. That is to guarantee that items and offerings are made more accessible to you and the Partners. The earnings you make come from all the dealings with the TranzactCard VISA card issued by the bank in your local area.

The cost you pay each month gives you access to an online branch platform. Additionally, it provides leadership training and advertising assistance to support your growth your community of members.

*Monthly fee of $50 is not deducted until the official launch date – November in the year 2023. After becoming a Manager of DBO, the fee of $150 per month transforms into 1% of the total commission.

Grow your earnings through promoting subsidiaries.
Compounding Potential: This exceptional earning chance makes the journey smoother to back several departments and establish your virtual branch community. Through this long-term route, passive income is achieved.

An Independent Business Owner is entitled of a share from the earnings as per the commission plan's payout as specified in the remuneration plan. The decision will rely on where you stand. Every DBO will be given with a complete version of the pay structure.

It is advised to carefully examine to prevent excessive dependence on the content of this presentation or any future projections. PaymentCard does not assert about how much you can earn. Neither should individuals when mentioning TranzactCard with other people. The success of a Digital Branch Office outcome relies on numerous variables including including but not restricted to the person's skills, commitment, and aspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the TranzactCard?

TranzactCard represents (a) the electronic and physical transaction card that holds the authorized Visa® bank card brand and can be employed in any country that accepts Visa This is additionally (b) the collective visible brand of TranzactCard's Financial Ecosystem.

Does TranzactCard Discover bank card a debit card?
Your payment card is accompanied by your TranzactCard. This is an account comparable to the current accounts offered by typical banks. In order to use the card from your bank, you must put funds into your individual account.

What exactly is this financial platform?

This is an independently created exclusive community which incorporates cutting-edge financial innovations, a web-based retail platform. The objective of this environment is to generate financial improvement for its participating members in ways that are not accessible in any other item or platform in America.

Who owns TranzactCard?

TranzactCard Company represents a entirely owned subsidiary under TZT Holdings LLC. TZT Group is the owner of “TranzactCard” as well as the TranzactCard Financial Ecosystem. Although the whole ecosystem is created to function resembling a self-renewing profit-oriented company, its framework is closer to a charity, or trusteeship, or non-profit group. Most of money is given back for the advantage of its members, the cardholders of TranzactCard, in place of a limited number of equity owners. Company is overseen by a governing board and assisted by a proficient executive group.

In what way can TranzactCard make a profit despite offering a large amount to the people who use their services?

Transaction Card collaborates with financial fee systems in addition to producer supply networks to reorganize earnings and pricing. This assists develop products and offerings more economical. Each time you utilize your debit card when buying and settling invoices, Visa handles the financial transaction and imposes a service fee to businesses for the rendered service. The interchange fee charged by Visa represents a charge applied to merchants for transaction processing conducted with Tranzactcard. The financial service obtains a percentage out of this cost.

Transaction card deals with manufacturers in order to obtain the best costs for Z-Club products. After that, it transfers the cost savings to the client by the Z-Club and the Z-Bucks initiative.

Here is how the company can keep developing new and improved offerings and solutions for customers to acquire the best advantages from their finances.

Is the TranzactCard safe?

Transaction Card employs encryption to safeguard your personal data while being transferred and when not in use.

There are numerous methods to ensure the security of your account is not happen in a harmful way, and prioritize the privacy of users, as extremely significant. We developed the TranzactCard system to ensure the security of your data.

Are my funds FDIC insured?

Indeed, the typical deposit insurance maximum coverage is $250,000 per account holder, for every FDIC-insured bank. This is also in accordance with ownership group. Financial services are offered by the partner banks of Solid Financial Technologies, Inc. that belong to FDIC insured.

Opening an Account

What is the required age need I be for opening a financial account?
American residents who are 18 years or older are welcome to register to open a TranzactCard account. Payment cards function in every corner of the entire planet. At present, we are able to provide banking services to customers possessing a valid SSN, located in the United States with a residence in the US.

Does TranzactCard offer joint accounts?

Regrettably, we cannot give joint account options right now.

In case you are a guardian of adolescent(s), you have the option to add up to five more cards and establish restrictions for every card. This enables your adolescent to possess their personal card and acquire financial discipline.

Does TranzactCard offer Business accounts?

The company currently does not currently have Business accounts available. Our team is regularly searching to upgrade our financial services. In the upcoming times, we intend to offer commercial accounts.

Is it possible for me to have more than just one TranzactCard account?

Company currently does not provide multiple accounts related to a customer's Social Security Code.

Can TranzactCard review my credit rating during the account opening process?

Absolutely not, we don't carry out a credit check when you start an account at TranzactCard.

What is the reason am I required to supply a picture ID?

To create a bank account inside the US, proof is necessary to show that an individual is a genuine person, and not an automated program. Moreover, it is crucial to validate that the client's identity has not been stolen. Occasionally we could ask for extra details to authenticate your personal identification. That is to guarantee the well-being of your data and the fiscal infrastructure.

You may be asked to provide one or more of the following forms of identification:
– An active, unexpired authorized driver's license or identity card
– A legitimate, current U.S. travel document or American passport card
– An acceptable, current permanent immigration card

In case you cannot submit a from the list mentioned above, we shall fail to establish your identity. Regrettably, we cannot start an account for you specifically.

TranzactCard Banking

How can I can I access my TranzactCard user account?
Visit the website TranzactCard.com, then choose Access your account on the top bar. Next, for your protection, a functional mobile number should be inputted. You must for accessing your TranzactCard. If your mobile number is inputted, a notification with a distinct verification code will be dispatched. The programming code is used for logging in.

The verification code is designed for your utilization strictly and should not be passed on to any person. We will never contact you personally through social platforms, chat or using email. They will never demand such information.

At what time will my TranzactCard reach me?

Your credit card will be delivered in 3 to 5 days following the opening your recently created account. In case you do not get the card in a fortnight, you may seek another card via the online platform.

Why does it state not intended for commercial use on the reverse side of the card back?

Right now TranzactCard does not give business banking. Cards can be distributed to US citizens that have a SSN. A person can utilize the card they possess for any lawful action such as personal or business costs. Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand that the card is not viewed an enterprise account as per state and federal requirements.

How can I put funds to my checking account?

  • ACH transfers
  • Wire transfers
  • Debit Card Pull

At what place can I retrieve my routing and account information?

After signing in using the bank's mobile app, navigate to ‘View complete account number' beside your account username. A container will appear to show your user account and financial institution number.

Do Weekends or Vacation transactions influence deposit timeline?

In America, nearly all money being moved among financial institutions travel through the electronic payment system or the clearinghouse. Therefore, if a public holiday, you might observe that money you're anticipating to receive will appear a day or two afterwards than you foresaw.

The key factor is because it's straightforward, ACH does not function during weekends or public holidays. This is applicable for every deposit that utilize ACH, including remuneration for many employers, unemployment or disability compensation. Additionally, is applicable to funds you've started from your individual third-party financial institution within our application.

How do I establish electronic transfer?

A company will gather the fiscal records-such as account number and routing number-of its workers and contractors. The accumulated data shall be utilized for handling transactions and ensuring that financial transactions are correct. The worker will proceed to send the payment guidelines to its financial institution. The financial institution proceeds to send the relevant data to the automated payment processing system. The operator of the Automated Clearing House arranges the ACH records and guarantees that every directive is directed to the appropriate bank for every worker's salary. After receiving the electronic transfer instructions, the banks of the employees execute the transfer and post the individual accounts of the employees. The company offers bank codes and account details for immediate transfer to the team members' related bank account.

Are there the lowest or largest for the amount of funds I am able to possess in my financial institution?

There is no restriction on the total of money that you are able to possess within your account. There's no need for you to stress over the smallest required sum for the purpose of keeping your account accessible!

Are there a limit on how much I can spend on my TranzactCard Visa prepaid card?

Yes, currently the security limits for your TranzactCard account are: $5,000.00 daily with a maximum restriction of $15,000.00 each month.

May I receive funds at an ATM?

Yes, when you set a pin to your card, you will be able to retrieve funds from any money dispenser that takes VISA. View Fee Format in Conditions and Terms.

Digital Branch Business Opportunity

Does TransactCard a hierarchical or pyramid selling venture?

The remuneration framework is derived from the optimal model of a direct marketing payment plan. This is relevant only to a single division of a TranzactCard business prospect. That does not depict the firm and its organizational framework in its entirety.

What happens to the $495 amount if a person decides to withdraw from being a beneficiary owner?

In case a DBO chooses to leave within a month and has not satisfied the criteria for a reimbursement, they are able to demand a repayment. The refund will annul their digital office, and they will get a refund. Should a rebate has already been given their status is revoked and there is no reimbursement. In case 30 days has elapsed, the sum of $495 cannot be refunded except in extraordinary situations. All commissions, incentives, refunds, or leadership advancement grants are surrendered and need to be given back.

Summarizing Final Thoughts

There is no way that I'm paying $495 then $50 per month to promote TranzactCard, how about You?

When analyzing the experiences of Mr. Smith and his different entrepreneurial endeavors, the story highlights several serious issues regarding the trustworthiness of TranzactCard. Nevertheless, in spite of the worries, Smith stays positive in the company's ability for achieving success. The history of Smith is characterized by several unsuccessful efforts and dubious business strategies. Incorporated in this are projects that went bankrupt and some that were highlighted for fraudulent conduct.

The truth that Smith and his prior organization, R Network, extended stock ownership without SEC registration raises concerns of legality and ethics. Furthermore, the change between different companies to a different one, especially when faced with setbacks or judicial matters, implies a consistent behavior of dodging consequences. Additionally, it requires beginning anew with a fresh, unaware audience.

More worrisome Smith's connection with organizations accused related to securities and commodities fraud. That is a grave wrongdoing that has extensive effects for those involved. The situation of his leaving from the city, in addition to the company's later financial punishment for committing fraud in security matters. This is extremely concerning as well as revealing associated with the likely perils related to his commercial undertakings.

Transaction Card, as the newest venture of Smith, is consequently covered amidst uncertainty. The connection with the MLM business model, that has often been abused for fraudulent schemes.

It's essential for prospective investors and attendees to undertake comprehensive scrutiny before becoming associated with TranzactCard. The founder's questionable history, linked with the business's obscure practices and the uncertain pyramid selling strategy. This implies a hazardous context. It is wise in the quote, “People who fail to recall history are doomed to repeat it.” This situation might become another unfortunate entry in the records of monetary frauds. In the end, exercising caution is the origin of protection.

There is no way that I'm paying $495 then $50 per month to promote TranzactCard, how about You?

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