Cash FX Group Scam Updated Review August 2020

There are numerous online scams and particularly when it comes to the online programs purportedly developed to help people earn a decent income over the internet. Just like in other areas of life, some people still believe that there are some shortcuts to success in life without working hard. However, that is never the case when it comes to life, and you’ll find some scam artists over the internet always ready to swindle you off your hard-earned money. Unfortunately, a lot of people normally fall under such traps and even end up spending their savings in hopes of getting rich quickly.

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Today, we’ll be doing a Cash FX Group review, an online platform whose owners proclaim that they would like to show you how you can make a lot of money over the internet even if you don’t have any experience or specialized knowledge in affiliate marketing. We’ll discuss what Cash FX Trading is, the owners of the platform, and how the online program works to determine if the online income opportunity is another online scam or a legit business opportunity.

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What is CFX Trading?

Cash FX Group is generally a multi-level marketing platform that provides you with an opportunity to earn with promised referral commissions and return on investments. The online firm offers you an opportunity to invest through different financial trading education levels that reflect the costs of the level that every person joins at. Looking at the name of the platform, one might think that the firm is in the Cryptocurrency or Forex trading niche, which is not the case.

When you take a closer look at the company’s website, there’s no information about who owns or runs the company. The domain name was registered privately on 3-4-2019 as “”. According to the official website, the official name of this online company is Cash Forex Group. The platform has gained a lot of attention due to their online income claims, but they don’t have any retailing products or services available. The platform claims that they trade the money you invest with them through some external sources and then give you a particular percentage of the gained profit.

When you take a closer look at the company’s website, affiliates are given access to the various packages of the Trade Academy Education that teaches them how to trade and better their finances. Since Cash FX has no retail services or products, the only thing that affiliates are to market the affiliate membership of the company. Once you sign up, you can invest money to participate in the multi-level marketing compensation plan attached.

What is the CFX Marketing System?

CFX Group would like you to believe that the company is investing your cash into Forex trading and later sharing the profit with you. The online program assures you that you’ll make a certain percentage each month and also guarantees a 400% or 200% return. However, that’s not the truth according to their compensation plan. In reality, the company will recruit you as one of their affiliates you and offer you a high incentive to refer or recruit some other people as well.

You will receive a fixed amount as recruitment commissions and also keep balance with them. A percentage from the total balance will also be shared with you as some passive income. In reality, this company is not investing your cash anywhere. Provided they are still getting big numbers of new affiliates, you’ll get your commissions. The marketing system is typically designed in a way that gives you profit after every 30 days, which gives the company adequate time to recruit some more people into the platform. As long as the process continues, you’ll make some money, but once new people stop joining, the money will be gone.

Is Cash FX a Pyramid Scheme?

You can make money with CFX Group, but the money is not coming from selling retail services or products, or might not even be from Forex trading. If that is the case, then the money can only come from the investments made by the new affiliates joining the online company. That means that you’re making your money in an illegal and unethical way. It is also possible for you and other affiliates to continue getting paid by the Cash FX platform until the time when there will be no more people to recruit to the company.

If that happens, CFX will not earn monies coming in, and it’ll stop paying the existing affiliates as well. But of course, these are assumptions build around the concept that Cash FX platform was not typically making money through Forex trading. You can also become a Cash FX group affiliate by purchasing one of the Trade Contracts offered by the company. These Trade Contracts cost between $300 and $100,000. According to the site, 30% of the amount you invest will be utilized to fund the compensation plan of the company, while 70% is utilized on Forex trades.

For instance, if you purchase the Academy 90 Pack for $300, $90 will be used to pay the other company affiliates above you, and only $210 is used for Forex trades. That proves that you’re only making money from the money invested by the new people who join the Cash FX Group. However, each of the available packages offers you access to the CFX Group’s Trading Education Academy, qualifies you to earn residual and recruitment commissions and also earn an ROI every week from Forex trades.

Nevertheless, that is not just a one-time investment. According to the company website, once you have earned the promised 400% or 200% ROI, you need to reinvest to continue participating in the income opportunity offered by Cash FX Group. If you join the program with the Academy 90 Pack that costs you $300, you’re only entitled to get $420 that’s paid to you every week.

Moreover, the amount you invest determines the amount of return on investment you’re entitled to earn typically between 200% and 400%. The more cash you invest in the system, the higher your ROI will be. This system is what is usually referred to as a Pay to Play model, where the earning potential of an individual in a certain program is mainly determined by the amount of money they can invest at the start. Generally, Pay to Play systems are among the common telltale signs of pyramid schemes.

Outside of the Cash FX Group’s passive investment opportunity, the online platform operates just like a pyramid scheme. The online company doesn’t have any retail customers, means that all the commissions are tied to affiliate memberships. Furthermore, in the multi-level marketing part of this business opportunity, you can clearly see that CFX is operating as a Ponzi scheme. If you register as an investor with CFX to make the 400% promised in returns, you can only do that by referring new affiliates to the program and encourage them to invest too.

If recycling the money invested by recruits is what is happening on the multi-level side of the company, then the same is probably happening on the trading side as well. The CFX Group’s compensation plan shows a pay to play tactic by restricting the program’s matrix levels based on the amount affiliates invests in the platform.

The qualifications of multi-level marketing commissions should be tied to the sales volume, not the amount of money invested by the company affiliates. Just like any other MLM Ponzi scheme, when the recruitment of affiliates dies down, investments will die down too. That’ll starve CFX Group of its return on investment, leading to the collapse of the platform in the long run. Once an online company operating as a pyramid or Ponzi scheme collapses, most of the program participants normally lose their money.

Is Cash FX Regulated?

Cash Forex Group platform claims to generate external returns on investment through some trading systems and algorithms. However, this online platform doesn’t provide any proof of trading or disclose any information about their alleged forex trading activities on the company’s website. Furthermore, while the Cash Forex Group provides a passive income opportunity, it does not give any evidence of registering the platform with financial regulators.

Cash Forex Group claims to be regulated by different regulation agencies but such as the Financial Conduct Authority of London (FAC), Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa (FSCA), the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles (FSA), and Financial Services Authority in Dubai (DFSA). Without legally regulatory registration, the CFX Group investors have no way of showing that the online company is using external funds to pay out their returns.

The issue with unregulated investment firms is that they are not dependable and always abuse the regulations. These companies prefer to remain anonymous and can disappear at any time without giving notice. To ensure you’re dealing with a known and regulated investment company, you need to easily see the CEO of the brokerage company and the people running it, among other things. Lack of sufficient information is a red flag because you do not know who will be handling your money. That is one of the reasons why CFX Group is a risky investment firm to invest in.

With Cash FX being unregulated and lack of sufficient information, your money is not safe. The security of money is a big issue with unregulated and uncontrolled investment firms. One of the red flags we have noticed is that Cash FX platform is withholding important information to investors. Cash FX scam can go bankrupt at any time because there is no banking information given about this investment firm.

Is Cash FX a Scam or Legitimate Investing Opportunity?

In my opinion, there is still not sufficient information to say with certainty that CFX is a scam. Nevertheless, there are many red flags about the company that you should be wary about. Here are some of the concerns we have.

1. No retail services or products

One of the biggest reasons why joining Cash FX Group might be risky is because it is a multi-level marketing company that does not have any retail products or services. And since you will not make money selling any products, and then all your Forex trading earnings with Cash FX are questionable at best. Your income will probably come from recruiting new people only. Although there’s nothing wrong with building sales teams and recruitment in a multi-level company, if your income solely depends on affiliate memberships alone, then you need to be careful because you may be involved in a Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

Similar investment firms that operate like CFX collapse only after several months of operation. Even if you normally get training programs that one might consider a product once you join this online company, this education does not provide you with any real value as you can get the resources elsewhere online for free.

2. No history or proof of forex trades

While Cash FX claims to have an exceptional trading bot that provides amazing trading results, the company does not provide any evidence of this purported software application in action. The online company also claims to have developed a partnership and network with various licensed Forex brokers and traders that do the trading activities for them but have not disclosed any evidence to that too.

In my opinion, the money you invest in Cash FX Group once you sign up is not used in trading in Forex but are typically used to pay the existing affiliate promoters of the company. The other thing that is a bit weird about the Cash FX is that the platform only accepts payments in Bitcoin. If Cash FX is involved in Forex trading activities, then I don’t why do they need members joining the platform to pay in Bitcoins. Bitcoin payments make me wonder if Cash FX Group is also dealing in crypto because joining a multi-level company that’s involved in cryptocurrencies is not a good idea. That’s because cryptocurrency is quite volatile and you may incur huge losses in the long run.

3. Similarities to past forex scams

While Cash FX claims to have an incredible trading bot that provides exceptional trading results, the company does not provide any evidence of this alleged software application in action. Previously I came across another sketchy Forex multi-level company known as Lifestyler Club that utilizes a forex trading bot known as AI Expert Adviser. However, I could not get any connection between Lifestyler Club and Cash FX. Nevertheless, Cash FX works similarly to another Forex multi-level company called FX Trading Corp that received lots of disapproval from both its critics and members. To be clear, I am not stating that Cash Forex is a scam but am just pointing out the facts.

4. Fixed returns on investment

Cash FX claims that they’ll return 15% of your first investment in every week. While that might sound amazing, there are no forex traders in the entire world that always win all the Forex trades they put their money into. Besides, no robot or algorithm can predict all the winnings with100% accuracy to guarantee a 15% return every week and daily profits without fail.

Although seasoned forex traders can make educated predictions through data and charts to get a higher probability of winning, there is no assurance that the AI software and the company traders will make some cash all the time. That means that Cash FX knows how to win all their Forex trades, which is impossible. Besides, the online company itself says that trading with Forex is extremely risky and that no forex trading results are guaranteed.

5. Unregistered business operations

While the Cash Forex Group provides a passive income opportunity, it does not give any evidence of registering the platform with financial regulators. Cash Forex Group claims to be regulated by different regulation agencies such as the Financial Conduct Authority of London (FAC), Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa (FSCA), the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles (FSA), and Financial Services Authority in Dubai (DFSA).

The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), a financial regulatory agency in the UK recently issued a stern warning against the Cash FX Company for operating in the United Kingdom without proper authorization. The investment firm is also not legally registered to operate in the United States. The issue with unregulated investment firms like CFX Group is that they are not dependable and always abuse the documented regulations. Such companies prefer to remain anonymous and later disappear without giving notice.

To make sure you’re dealing with a known and regulated investment company, you need to easily see the people running the company and the agency regulating them, among other things. Lack of clear information about CFX Group registering with financial regulators is a red flag because your investment is not safe. Without legally regulatory registration, the CFX Group investors do not have any way of showing that the online company is using external funds to pay out their returns.


The Cash FX program claims to get external ROI revenues through various assisted trading systems and algorithms. However, the company does not provide any evidence of the form of trading it does or any information about its alleged trading activities on their official website. Besides, while they offer a passive investment business opportunity, CFX Group doesn’t provide any evidence of being registered with any financial regulators.

Unless Cash FX Group registered with some financial regulators in each jurisdiction it solicits its investments in, the online firm and its marketers are operating illegally throughout the world. Without the legally needed financial regulatory registrations, the people who invest with Cash FX have no way of proving that the online company is utilizing some external revenues to pay affiliates’ returns. Outside of the passive investment opportunity offered by Cash Forex Group Scam, the company typically operates as pyramid schemes. The online platform has no retail customers, meaning all the company’s commissions are usually tied to the recruitment of new members.

Besides, the MLM side of this platform confirms that Cash FX Group operates as a Ponzi scheme. That’s because if you sign up on the platform with the main aim of getting a 200% return, then you can only get that return by recruiting some new investors and have them do the same. Your 200% return is therefore paid out of the subsequent investments. If the MLM side of the platform is recycling the funds invested by new affiliates, there is a high probability that the same is happening on the platform’s trading side as well. Recycling the invested money will starve CFX Group of revenue and eventually prompt a collapse like all pyramid or Ponzi schemes do.

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In summary, I wouldn’t recommend Cash FX Group Scam to anyone because of the serious issues we’ve seen about it. You should avoid investing your hard-earned money in online programs that seem suspicious. There are lots of red flags on the CFX Group’s site. Even if you would like to ignore them, you cannot miss them. You should only invest in sites and online investment firms whose available information and income claims are easy to verify and those that have sound records of achievements.

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  4. I was scammed out of 24.7 bitcoin this week when a hacker found a security hole in my wallet software and stole 7,140 BTC ($60 million). A few days later, I recovered $50 million worth of Bitcoin through a triangulation expert, but I am still waiting for more bitcoins to be returned to me after the investigation round off. Tech is the best tech expert you need to help you recover your scammed or lost bitcoin. They are best in dealing with online scam and assisting victims in receiving reimbursement, tracking down digital fingerprints, cyber analysis and thorough investigation.

  5. its all a scam, i traded with different brokers, most of them disappear when you make withdrawal request, some of them will try to convince you not to withdraw and instead invest more while others will actually allow you withdraw a little amount so they can build your trust and after that they begin to make large requests. i lost $75,250 to these fraudulent brokers, i was depressed for months until i was recommended to a Binary options trade funds recovery expert Funds Recovery Desk when i contacted them i didn’t believe the management could get back my money because i have been scammed a lot already and didn’t know what to believe, but my called feeling/believe told me to give it a try and i did.

  6. its all a scam, i traded with different brokers, most of them disappear when you make withdrawal request, some of them will try to convince you not to withdraw and instead invest more while others will actually allow you withdraw a little amount so they can build your trust and after that they begin to make large requests. i lost $75,250 to these fraudulent brokers, i was depressed for months until i was recommended to a Binary options trade funds recovery expert Funds Recovery Desk when i contacted them i didn’t believe the management could get back my money because i have been scammed a lot already and didn’t know what to believe, but my called feeling/believe told me to give it a try and i did.

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  10. Thank you for the review! There are numerous online scams and particularly when it comes to the online programs purportedly developed to help people earn a decent income over the internet. The company claims that they trade the money you invest with them through some external sources and then give you a particular percentage of the gained profit. What a disgrace!

  11. This is exactly what I was looking for since I have run into so many scam in the past, this article gives great clarity on whether Cash FX is a scam or not. I can see after reading this article that Cash FX is in fact a scam and I will not be moving forward with applying. Like you said, there are lots of red flags so I will only be investing in things I can verify are credible. 

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  13. Thanks for sharing this information. I’ve always wondered if Cash FX is a pyramid scheme (and I suspected it was), so this gives a little more clarity on how it actually works. Unfortunately, I agree with you that there are some scam artists out there that claims to be the best and have schemes on how to get rich quick, but I think people just need to remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you want to get rich, you’ve got to put in the work. Don’t let these people take your money until you do enough research about the topic!

  14. Thank you for this review! So it’s still to early to say if Cash FX Group is a scam, but the facts actually point to it being a Ponzi scheme. It’s a pity really that companies like these still give Multi-Level-Marketing a bad reputation. I mean sure, 200% to 400% of ROI would be nice and I’d be tempted to try it out. But if they really only take the money and don’t invest it anywhere, what’s the point really? So as far as I understood from the article, the owner is not even known and it basically works, but only until the steady flow of new ‘investors’ fades away, correct? Such a shame. Do you know what the regulators say about this company? Do they actually warn people or did they not yet find anything suspicious enough to actually say anything? In your opinion, how long are they going to last?

  15. This is such a thorough review of cash fx. There are so many mixed options all over the internet it can be difficult to figure out the legitimacy of this company, but this did a really great job of informing us of the possibility of a scam. Glad I was able to save myself from this Ponzi scheme.

  16. Well, I should say thank you for this elaborated review on the Cash FX trading company. Personal I had at least 3 experiences with 3 different Forex trading organizations that didn’t go well with me. I had always been sceptical about anything forex trading after my past experience. In fact, to me, forex trading is kind of complicated for newbies and one has to apply extreme caution if one consider getting involved with trading forex. However, there should be good sites and companies for trading as you stated in your no. 1 recommendation but as for me, it’s a No for now.

  17. I’ve an experience during non-techy days and my college days in 1980s! Guys popularized pyramid scheme and few folks have become relatively (compared to other students in the college) rich! Now in the digital days, when I read the article, I went back to those days of popular scam to make quick bucks. Technology changed our lives from physical to digital, but there is no change in the attitude of scammers! This tells me, Good and Bad or Light and Dark or God and Evil are faces of a coin with which our world is made of and hence we end-up continuing to live with it. CFX is on the dark side in this digital age! As stated by the author, the hard-earned money is very important, which should be spent carefully whether it is for day-to-day expense or for future investments! Caution is to not to get lured by magic ROI numbers such as 200% or 400% which otherwise invoke greed which means nothing but destruction of lives! Are there other kind of MLM scams that need to be worried about? More similar blogs will help me and community. Thanks for enlightening!

  18. When it comes to things like investing online, I used to be very careful and not carried away by the tricks of some of these websites. To me, the name Cash FX didn’t sound quite right in my ears because I’ve got some ideas about many of these websites online. Thanks too for your research about this unreliable organization. You pointing out that they are not in that niche is a big help to every one of us who would have fallen into their trap. People should note that when anyone in this niche promises a return of 400% and 200%, that’s a red flag. 

  19. Your research exposes several  red flags on Cash FX.  Halfway through your list, I was quick to realize Cash FX was too good to be true.  Unfortunately, folks won’t do their due diligence and believe the claims.  They willingly throw their money in and bring people with them.  

    I am always hesitant when I see multi-level marketing platforms such as Cash FX.  If people would look behind the flashy words and dollar signs and do the math, as you have, they would see that it doesn’t add up. I hope at the very least potential investors will search for reviews like yours to protect their money.

  20. Thank you for this analysis of the Cash FX Group and for exposing the problems with the system. I know there are a lot of forex trading sites online and it can be very difficult to pick through the claims and ‘success stories’ in order to get to the truth, so I always read reviews if I can find them online first. I also agree that when companies trade with little regulation and no proper checks or regulations, then anything they claim is likely to be ‘too good to be true’. Thank you for your website too and the reviews and advice you give on other scams. 

  21. Good review. Having traded forex myself I run if anyone were to tell me that they can guarantee that I will make 15% every week. This is definitely a  red flag. But having said that may I ask if you have personally invested into this program to know for sure that this is a scam? Secondly, would you know if they teach any strategies on how to trade forex, what pairs to trade, etc.? At the end of the day I just don’t want to be given a fish to eat every day but rather be taught how to fish. 

  22. Thank you Tony for this review and rereview. I found it very informative and happy I read this. This post is well written and nicely laid out. The Cash FX Group is something I will stay away from. I have never really liked or believed in schemes like Cash FX Group. Thanks again for a really good read.

  23. Thank you for saving me the work of looking into this company on my own. I had my doubts right from the start and decided to look up some more info on it. 

    Given that, are there any good resources that you are aware of that can help me get into FOREX trading that aren’t scams and are genuinely trying to teach me how to make money vs trying to make money from me? 

    Any links or reviews you have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  24. ok, now i gotta say this website is super informative lets you know every in and out of the topic and is very descriptive. The article stays on task and what to expect from certain websites and gives you a direction on where to go, you might want to check punctuation on your about me though other than that great website!!!!

    sincerly, legodad

  25. Unfortunately, many people fall victim to online scams every year. One of the most common types of scams is when someone claims they have a program or system that will help you make money quickly and easily. Based on the article, I assume, Forex Group operates as a pyramid scheme. They promise high returns on investments, but in reality, these investments are almost always scams. Be careful when looking into opportunities online and be sure to do your research before investing any money. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

  26. This sounded like a clear Ponzi scheme from the start! You invest your money to get the chance to recruit other people to invest their money, and share in part of their invested fee. I don’t even feel comfortable with a way to get your money back out!

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. All good points about investigating and verifying. I will pass on this! Thanks for the info.

  27. Thank you so much for this thorough and well explained review. A friend of mine approached me to join this Cash FX group. She would have been my sponsor – whatever that means. 

    To be honest, had I not read your review, I would have jumped on the band wagon. Your article brought me back to my senses. Usually scams make a lot of noise through unsubstantiated claims. The fact that this company doesn’t give evidence of its trading activities and its registration with financial regulators, is worrying.

  28. I heard about this platform before of a friend, and it made me already suspicious because like you, I couldn’t find any news of them.

    Also the fact what they do is illegal, well, I don’t even want to start to have an account with them.

    It is good that I came across your post, I will show it to my friend, so he knows that being on the site is wrong!

    Are there similar sites like this online? Pretty sure there are – and it would be nice if you also could reviews of them!

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  29. Hi Tony? This is one of the best article I have read so far. Many of us are looking for easier way to make money online what we don’t know is that there is nothing like easy money. Not unless you are stealing. Thankyou for educating us about Cash Fx Group personally I will avoid them like a plague and also warn those around me.

  30. Great Article about a scam. I wish there were more people out there that would write these kind of posts. I also wish there were more people out there who would read them and follow the advice. there are so many people getting scammed and that make the legitimate businesses harder to help people. Keep up the great work!

  31. I read your original review and am glad I cam across this updated version. It is always so frustrating to me that so many scammy companies are operating. You certainly did an excellent job noticing not one but FIVE huge red flags! I recently lost a couple hundred dollars buying NFTs and it turned out the people running it were scammers. With all the legitimate ways to make money in this world and these scammer companies are fleecing people for hundreds on thousands of dollars and more! That’s why I will always check the reviews on your website before throwing away any more money going forward. Thank you for your valuable research!

  32. The Cash FX Group is one of the many scams that exist in the binary options trading world. It is important that people stay informed and read reviews before investing any money with a group. The Cash FX Group Scam has been around for a long time and it is not going away anytime soon. It is important for people to be aware of the risks and the warning signs they need to look for when evaluating a scam like this one.

    Keep warning people about the scammers nowadays.

  33. You have presented a review here of a fraudulent company which is difficult to do but it confirms to others that you have not built the website solely for financial reasons. You are very detailed in your analysis, It would be a value to have a summary in chart form that would outline your statements into easy read form for any that do not have the time to read it fully. The webtalk image should be enlarged and made sure it is not blurred. Otherwise, excellent work!

  34. Wow! This was really eye-opening to read. I’d heard about this group before but wasn’t aware of all the details you’ve pointed out. The fact that they don’t provide any information or evidence regarding their trading is a major red flag. The old saying of if it seems too good to be true, certainly applies here I can see. Thanks for providing this valuable review. Hopefully it will help others from losing their hard-earned money.

  35. This review is very detailed throughout the entire blog. Lots of people will be interested in what you have to say noticing the amount of content being produced. The fact that they say a 200% return is suspicious as it’s not a get rich fast scheme. There are no other investment details such regulators or other companies helping with the investment process. This comes to light in the 5 topics talked about such as the operations, returns, proof of forex, and retail services. 

  36. This review has caught my eyes for what it had revealed. It is especially disturbing for what seemed to be the work of professional scammers. 

    In today’s moneymaking advertising, scammers used the internet to steal money from people. They will come up with some sort of plan created to draw people in. In this case and in this particular company, I am very much concerned about it.

    According to your review, it seemed like they don’t really have any actual address let alone registered. They, however, have a website listing their actual level of investment. Unfortunately, they don’t have any products listed, rather, you have to promote and invite people to sign up. 

    There have been numerous times is the past where a lot of my friends and relatives, had fallen victims to scams. I can remember several attempts to sign me up in the past. What I was hesitated about joining was the amount of money I had to put up, upfront. A lot of my friends and relatives lose a lot of money to this type of scammers.

    There are other alternatives to make money online that come in the form of legitimate affiliate marketer. You can find a lot of them, offer a free, no upfront money to start. That’s safer than investing a lot of money upfront. I believe that investigating any suspicious offer on the internet is a key to prevent being scam.

  37. As you mentioned, the pay to play business model, there are many online businesses working around with same strategies and trying to fool online investors. I personally got scammed when I started new into this space with a hope of easy and quick money.

    Its important for people to understand that there is no overnight success by investing in such juicy business model as they claim to be! I would always recommend to read the privacy policy or research on how any of such businesses works- whether they are accredited by law or government to work on such principles or not. 

    And I completely agree with the fact that if people (affiliates) stop recruiting for such business this would lead to disaster on the new investors joining the company, as we all know internet is expanding day-by-day, there are new business strategies and ideas produced everyday by companies. Beware and go through a complete research before investing in any online space!

  38. Hi Tony, this is a very thorough and well researched article and raises some well-founded concerns – about both the CFX service and other such offerings. It seems that there’s been a huge rise in this kind of thing lately. I suppose that ‘get rich quick’ schemes have always been around, but the latest trend seem to be particularly prevalent and have many traits in common. It seems that the best way for one to become rich these days is by selling theoretical systems on how one might become rich – some irony there I think. Unfortunately, these schemes must be successfully attracting new signups or they wouldn’t be around for long. Therefore, I feel its very important that sites such as yours are here to investigate and discuss the merits (or lack thereof) of different investment opportunities. Appreciate the work and diligence that’s gone in here. Thanks and all the best.

  39.  Thank you for sharing your info on your website. I have never heard of CFX group but learned about this company on your website. The pandemic has created a shift and so more and more people are looking for ways of making a passive and residual income than ever. Your website will provide the details that they are looking for.  Overall a great layout, I would even add more imagery to your content to make it pop and pull in your readers.  

  40. Very detailed article! As online businesses are getting more and more popular, scams are also getting more frequent. When you just look at Youtube “gurus” 90 percent are also a scam. Unfortunately, most people find out when it is too late. People just want to make money overnight, and that does not happen that way. Again, great article!

  41. Discussion of this article is difficult as I have no knowledge of the topic. However, I have invested in shares myself on occasion and actually learnt how to do that properly. What is being described in this article, if I’m reading it correctly, is someone has set up a program to emulate buying shares and in a sense passing it on to others and getting commissions from others purchasing those shares. That I agree is illegal and on the face of it the whole system appears to be shady to say the least. I would be more than wary of the ‘product’ and would not even consider investigating it further as an online business. 

  42. Well this is kinda true these mind of sites always ask for money not one of them are free alot of them you have to pay money and it shouldn’t be like that there should he atleast one ot two that are free so that the people that don’t have a dime to there face can make some revenue

  43. You definately have to be worry of scams. There are to many people out there trying to take advantage of those less fortunate to make a quick buck and line there pockets. Im not sure about the whole cfx website being a scam, or not but from what you have outlined, i may just take your word for it. Good looking out. 

  44. Wow! This is a stinging review and very detailed too so thank you very much for taking the time to put together.

    As I understand it, ponzi schemes and MLM schemes are fundamentally flawed because when you actually do the maths, you quickly run out of actual people on the planet to maintain the ‘compensation plan’.

    All very shady and underhand if you ask me. It’s a real shame so many get sucked into nonsense like this. 

    Once again, thanks very much for this post and revealing the truth about this Cash FX scam. 

    I mean, look at what they named it, for crying out loud!

  45. Seems like a scam to me, so many red flags. Correct me if I’m wrong (I might well be) as I understand it the difference between an MLM and a Pyramid scheme is that in the latter there isn’t a tangible product. This sort of feels like whats going on with Cash FX.

    Even if they are a legal genuine MLM (which I doubt) most people are statistically unlikely to make any money, and will most likely lose money.

    Thanks for highlighting what seems like a sure scam to me.

  46. Many people just dive into forex trading companies without researching on whether the companies are legit or not, many of my relatives and close friends have lost plenty of money by joining scam forex trading companies. I really appreciate the awareness, thou the word might not get out to the entire world but you have helped someone from making a huge mistake which they would have regretted for the longest time. thank you so much.

  47. A very interesting article, thanks for taking the time to research the Cash FX Opportunity and sharing your thoughts..

    I found your list of “red flags” to be the most helpful to me and in particular the claim of the company being able to return 15% of your initial investment every week is the one that worries me the most. As you say, even experienced currency traders or AI bots can’t predict currency movements with enough certainty to guarantee a level of profit, so surely a newbie starting out with no experience would really struggle and could potentially lose a lot of money?

    I also thought it was strange that the company only accepts bitcoin as a method of payment/funds transfers? You would think that a company involved in currency trading and education would be able to accept funds in many different currencies?

     I know the world of currency trading is very complex and I think anyone considering getting involved with any kind of training company or platform should complete extensive research so that they know exactly what they are getting involved in and I think your article goes a long way to highlight the potential pitfalls of this particular business.



  48. So sad that people do this still today. You’d think their company could be investigated and shut down somehow. 15% guaranteed returns seems almost unheard of. All money has to be worked for somehow, and effort put in, and in my experience, any returns above 10% involve either high risk or starting a business, or partnering with someone starting a business. 

  49. Dear Tony,

    I could not have agreed with you more knowing that there are too many online scams around. I hate seeing innocent people buy into the “get rich quick scheme” and losing hard earned money just to make a living online through a website.

    Thanks for the heads up warning on another scam like this.


  50. Hi, 

    Thank you for all of this information on this company. I don’t believe all multi-level marketing companies are pyramid schemes. Mary Kay, for example is a very successful multi-level marketing company but is still mainly sales driven. The difference with Cash FX is that it appears to rely solely on recruitment, which is super shady as you described. Having extensive experience in stock and options trading, I can say with confidence that this company is not about forex trading or else they would not need to recruit in order to make money. There is no education on how to trade forex or backing up that the owners themselves know how to either. At some point, this business model is bound to fall over, leaving most of those who invested with a loss. Thank you for this informative and honest review!

  51. Hi, Tony!

    I love that you did this review but I really get worried that some people will still fall for this scam. When you come across “programs” like this you have to ask yourself why EVERYONE in the world hasn’t already found out about it. Wouldn’t everyone want to make lots of money with no work involved?

  52. Thank you for sharing this article. Unfortunately there are many scams circling around the internet and some people fall in their trap as they are promised that they will get easy money.

    Articles like yours help people to become aware of these scams and to avoid them. Keep up the good work!

  53. Good tips here for spotting scams! What has always worked for me is going by the saying “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” 🙂 But sometimes these scams are very clever and harder to identify as such…as you mention, the fixed/guaranteed returns are a big red flag as well. I guess people will never learn from all the uncovered large ponzi schemes of the past…ah well.

  54. Hi Tony

    I think we are all so over network marketing.  Another Bitcoin and Crypto mention and I will run for my life.  I have joined a MLM where the product is donations (Crowd Funding) – and for me to spend my time and effort on recruiting people to join was just such a pain, especially since there is no transparency with these things.  You are selling an idea, a ‘product’ that no one really knows exactly what it entails.  And why not?  Because it is just about recruiting people, not about selling a product.  

    So you hit the nail on the head – very well-written article, solid content, and great insight! 


  55. Hi Tony, nice post! These posts are real gold. Millions of people are looking for easy ways for easy life. I used to be one of them… And as you told, there is NO easy way to do that, but the hard work. Your post is good way to educate people of these awful scams out there. Keep up the good work! Cheers!

  56. Thanks for this informative article on Cash FX. I hate companies that try to take advantage of our nature to improve ourselves. You are out here doing God’s work by letting us know about these scams. I checked what your #1 recommendation is, and it sounds like it is something sensible. As someone who has been trying forever to find a way to make money online, one thing all these scams have in common is an unattainable goal or something that just does not make any sense, the truth is that I have found, is that you need to provide a service to make money online, sort of like having a job in the real world! I will try your recommendation that is found in the link!

  57. Oh my gosh. I can not believe a set up like that is actually functioning. I have been approached by dozens of schemes like this. They start by selling nothing and work you into the dream of making a lot of money with little work involved. But it is not simple to get money from anything that pays well because if it was easy then everyone would do it. I might talk a lot but I do not want to spend my time promoting my investment. If I have to make my gains from basically begging people to invest in my investment its a bad deal already. And you are right once more people are required to get paid than people joining it will start to fold in on itself. That is why in most schemes the goal is for each person to aim for 10 people to recruit. Ideally if each person only gets 1 new person per month the membership still doubles. Unfortunately, the majority of the investment stays with the company. 

  58. In respect of the subject matter being discussed, we cannot say with certainty that is a scam. However, it isn’t a site to be recommended. The factor which could justify as to whether is a scam if the similar history with “past forex scams”

    More to the point, the investors have no proof as to which medium their money is being kept.

  59. Great article, very informative. It provides some great in depth and concise information for amateurs like myself. Nice layout of website and theme. Good to hear you are not certain yourself on this company and makes it so that other people decide for themselves or to further research. This builds rapport with your readers.

  60. Well, Tony, I can’t myself invest in something like that. Those guarantees are always “too good to be true.” Even when it’s like 1 or 2%. We all probably remember how CoinSeed did similar practices then dipped out with the bag.

    This article is thoroughly informative and intricately concise. I like how you explain that “there’s no way of really knowing” but the lack of transparency does seem to make it completely obvious that CashFX is most likely a scam. It’s a wonder that these “businesses” can even make a dime, let alone usually millions.

    I almost got scammed once. They have you sign up online. They send you a check. You are then supposed to cash the check for $5,000 so a specialist can put a DR. Pepper Wrap on your vehicle, and you’re supposed to transfer $4,500 to him and keep a few hundred for yourself for compensation.

    Well, here’s the catch, they just cancel the check immediately after the transaction goes through, leaving you to pay it back to the bank. I caught on as soon as they told me I had to transfer it by buying several $500 Amazon gift cards. I just told them I reported them to my local sheriff and left the balance in my bank account. It was gone the next day. Oh, well. I also reported them to Dr. Pepper Co. I just lost an hour of my time and a little bit of hope in people.

    Have you ever gotten caught up in something so diabolical, or are you keen enough to not get involved?

  61. Thank God you are not recommending Cash Forex Group. It seems just like another iMarket live MLM FX Biz. I wouldn’t say I like forex trading online business. Cash Forex Group is also an MLM online business! The Cash Forex Group business model is like robbing Peter to paying paul. Before you know it, somebody somehow will lose their money.

    I like to discover a business model that is proven to work, that also does not depend on chasing people around to buy from me. That is the kind of business I love to get involved in. If you know any of such great types of business, I need your recommendation.

    Thanks for the great review of Cash Forex Group.



  62. Omg, scams what a great topic. I see scams or get them a lot and anytime someone tries to get me to do something I just laugh. It is obvious most of the times when something is a scam. I have never heard of the Cash FX group but I am glad I can be aware of the scam going around. Thank you.

  63. Success can only be achieved with hard work. I have heard of Cash FX, but never really knew what is was in depth. Now i know thanks to this article, and I will warn others if they bring this up as there seems to be a lot of red flags. Thanks for sharing this with everyone.

  64. Hi Tony,

    This was a very interesting article! I have seen a ton of ads all over the place (especially YouTube) claiming all of these promises about earning money quickly through affiliate marketing. I agree with you that there is no such thing as shortcuts to success. You have to put in the work! CashFX seems to be one of those companies that have a lot of promises but have very little depth in being able to fulfill those promises in the long term. 

    Do you think the price for what they are offering is worth the education you would at least get from purchasing their products? Or would avoiding companies like this simply be best regardless?

  65. Hey Tony lee Hamilton the digital marketing veteran, thank you so much for this review, it helps people like me who are novices not fall into the hand of scammers out there. I would recommend that anyone going into cashfx, threads with serious caution. And also I have to share this Masterpiece of a review from you

  66. Hey Tony lee Hamilton the digital marketing veteran, thank you so much for this review, it helps people like me who are novices not fall into the hand of scammers out there. I would recommend that anyone going into cashfx, threads with serious caution. And also I have to share this Masterpiece of a review from you

  67. Hey Tony lee Hamilton the digital marketing veteran, thank you so much for this review, it helps people like me who are novices not fall into the hand of scammers out there. I would recommend that anyone going into cashfx, threads with serious caution. And also I have to share this Masterpiece of a review from you

  68. Hi Tony,

    I always listen to veterans like you, specially on matters of scams. Thanks for the updates on your post. It is very timely since many aspiring businessmen are still being victimized by “get-rich-quick” baits. 

    I like the warning you wrote: “…Don’t Join prior to reading!” It made me smile and it catches the eye, and true to the warning, we read about the red lights – I can say it is a balanced review, very insightful and helpful for all readers.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for doing the research for all of us.

    God bless you more,


  69. An interesting review of what on the surface appears to be a Forex Trading opportunity. I certainly would have thought that they traded Forex groups based on their name. I am glad I read your review and now know that they really are not offering trades on Forex.

    This seems like a bait and switch type of play. I know it is possible to earn good money trading Forex money pairs. This group is definitely not doing that. For one thing they would not be able to guarantee income all the time. Everybody loses at some point when trading Forex.

    Having to bring in new affiliates and purchase up sells is a sleazy way of catching the unwary. I must offer my thanks for the time and effort you have put into explaining what they are doing and why it is not the opportunity they claim it to be.



  70. Hello. Updates are always a plus. Since I’ve seen similar reviews on this “program” before, I’m a bit limited on what I can say this time around. What I will say is that you are saving many people time and trouble by giving plenty of insight. As I’ve said before, I’ve never heard of the platform let alone have an interest in visiting it. 

    Seeing how you’ve broken it all down in detail, it helps others to keep an eye out and to recognize signs of a scam site. For  a lot of us, it’s not that easy. Sometimes it may take some trial and error. We can learn from veterans like yourself as you continue to inform and arm us with your knowledge.

    Best wishes,


  71. Great review and I love the intro – there are absolutely no shortcuts to success but we must work smarter, not harder!

    Thanks for giving such an honest overview as to how their program works.  I really appreciate the detail and will definitely be looking into other avenues rather than investing with them.  The simplified red flags preceding the conclusion is enough to keep me looking in other directions.  Who knows, maybe ill take another look here in the future but for now I agree very much with this article and will steer clear!

  72. Internet scams and “get rich quick” schemes are everywhere and it’s easy to take the bait on them. I once fell for a few of them. Granted, it’s not impossible to make money through them. But the way you have to go in order to make that money just doesn’t seem sustainable.

    In the end, it takes hard work to make something for yourself. I like this review in the sense that it reminded me of that.

  73. Hi when reading your content I found that you are very informative for the general reader. You give good advice to someone considering buying Cash FX. I am not generally informed on the topic but you made it very appealing I may consider purchasing or learning more at the least!

  74. Thanks for sharing this review of Cash Fx! After reading your review carefully, I think will not consider using this service. I have had it bookmarked for a few weeks, could not bring myself to pay for this service and do more research. I am glad I found your review and hope many others find your review helpful. 

  75. Wow, Tony! I thought these kinds of schemes were going away. You sure opened my eyes to the fact that this is not the case. The CashFX “opportunity” sounds like a new version of the thousands that used to be found on the internet. Thank goodness, there are sites with reviews like yours that are telling the truth about what this program is really all about.

    My guess is that many people will still be taken in by the company before they are shit down by the FTC or perhaps state regulators from wherever they are operating from. I am leery about anything having to do with crypto, foreign exchange, or similar these days.

    Thanks for bringing this company to the forefront for us folks that are trying to get ahead. There are many ways to earn money online, most legit, but this one sure ain’t it!

  76. Hello Tony

    That is the brillant informational review on cash fx group to authenticate the genuinity of the online programs that promises to pay your the payout. There are many of these scams online with solid promises to double or triple your income but once you are in you are lost as those promises are just dust in the air.

    One should always cross check the online offers which will really open the eye before joining them.

    Well stated and covered all the major points in this post.

    Great post keep it up

  77. Nowadays we’re living in a universe where the internet is taking on everything. And we’re going to a new level with it.
    So informative article about CFX Trading, technically you said it all, mentioning CFX Marketing System as well! I like it big time, maybe I have to give it a shot! Cheers!

  78. Hi. First I will say you have made a nice page here with a lot of interest and useful information.

    I have invested some money in this company earlier this year, and can not say it is the smartest thing I have done. in the beginning, it went well, I was paid back about 30% of the money I invested. But t started to take longer and longer time before they paid out, now I have been waiting over a month for the last payout.

    Maybe there are reasons for that and that they will continue to payout in the future. But since I do not get an answer from them, I now begin to doubt.

    My advice is not to join this type of financing as it almost always turns out to be a scam. Rather learn to trade forex by yourself and take long enough to believe that you are competent.

  79. This is a great article and an eye opener for potential investors contemplating putting their money in this scheme. The research has provided much insight into the operating mode of the CFX group. The 15% weekly return is unrealistic and not sustainable. That is if they are actually trading FOREX.
    The identified red flags are real/ Learning from this should be studied and applied to other similar online schemes before anybody invests in them.
    The group scheme is bound to collapse if the revenue and commissions are tied to only recycling invested money and recruitment of new affiliates.

  80. Excellent review!

    Keep up the great work and keep exposing scammers.

    Now, stock, options, and futures trading are popular targets for scammers. They create paid Facebook ads and promise people golden opportunities. They claim to have some secret indicators or secret trading strategies that win 80 or 90% of the time. People believe it and rush to pay for the scammer’s service to find out it’s all lies.

    The more we blog about it, the more we expose those scammers, and in the end, more people can see the comments and rethink their intent to join the scammer’s services.

  81. Thank you very much for this post. My submission on this post is that, people just coming to the online business industry need to be fully aware that there is no shortcut to success meanwhile if there is a need to subscribe to any passive income generating scheme, platforms like CFX Group are not in anyway good option to choose due to their fraudulent base.

  82. Hi Tony,

    thank you for your in depth investigation and honest opinions. The recommendation is 100% aligned with the red flags that you have indicated. 

    I have been taken once for a ride and the scam that did it actually did display everything and a community of investors existed who also mentored and provided support to each other. 

    the only draw back was that they were not registered with a financial body or industry oversight. if a trading platform or investment company is not an accredited registered financial service provider then stay clear. 

  83. Great review Tony,
    I’ve had someone badgering me about Cash FX for over 6 months now and I kept putting her off as she seemed too persistent. I think I will be blocking her number now and if I decide to invest in crypto, just handle the transaction myself through a trusted provider.

  84. Thank you so much Tony lee Hamilton for this amazing review, it was really helpful, I have been thinking of signing up on this platform and this just came at the right time.. your articles really mean so much to me. I solely agree on your opinion of the platform. I’ll check your recommendation out

  85. Thank you for this very thorough analysis of this Cash FX scam.  The name alone sounds suspicious, and you nailed it in detailing exactly why to stay away from this too good to be true “investment.”

    In the world of real Forex investments, there’s only one investor I trust besides myself.  That is Mark Boardman, one of the few who will show evidence of his trades.  He’s one of the best, yet he only achieves around a 70% success rate. 

    It’s all about managing risk by choosing adequate entry and exit points, looking at the proper indications, and only risking about 1-2% of the total capital in a given trade.  A 50% yearly return is about as good as it gets in Forex.

    This is clearly a phantom operation that will get busted soon enough.  Meanwhile those who aren’t lucky enough to read a review like yours will lose a lot of money.  There are still a lot of people in this world who don’t understand that you should “never invest in something you don’t understand.”

  86. Thank you for sharing this article. I had a friend approach me about one of these schemes not too long ago. The general idea was similar. Investing in an emerging crypto company that had yet to revalue. Upon researching the company I found that not only had they changed names multiple times, but a number of people had been promised RV several times over without results. It is important to be able to recognize the characteristics of these ponzi schemes so that they can be identified and avoided. Thank you for shedding light on CFX. I will be sure to mark and avoid them as well.

  87. MLM, now that is a group of characters I haven’t heard of since the late 1980’s. I almost fell victim to their scams and was saved by a knowledgeable friend. I know the drill about making money to earn by recruiting other people under you. the people on the high levels make all the money while the newbies do all the recruiting. It is illegal as it should be and it is unethical. How did you discover these guys? I’m glad to see you are pointing them out. Any company that has no proof of sales or proof to show they are making money in a legal way should be trusted. Thanks for the information and you did some great investigating.

  88. Awsome insights to help people avoid getting ripped off. I have sadly been caught in a similar situation, but it was for a digital marketing platform. 

    The initial buy-in was ridiculous, and the training you were given access to was very fast-paced and lacked direction. It was basically the owner saying, “Do it my way because it works, and don’t question it” and anytime you had an issue they would treat you like it was just an excuse to be lazy. 

    In the end, it was just a way to get people to buy their website, SEO, and advertising services to use for your own “business” that was centered around you paying them to get ANY results at all.

    I truly wish there were more reviews like this one that could have helped me avoid spending so much money on what was potentially a scam!

  89. It frustrates and saddens me that companies can get away with scamming people like this. It has been going on for many years. I fell for a similar scheme in my early thirties when I joined a well-known pyramid scheme selling nutritional products – not really understanding what I was letting myself in for. It actually turned out to be very cult-like. I went on a weekend conference with them, and they had us attend presentations from 9 am until 10 pm on both days. It was akin to being at a large pentecostal or charismatic church. It almost became hysterical with the dramatic clapping and cheering for each speaker. People were even crying!  I see now that it was all part of the brain-washing. They taught us how to answer common questions that people we were trying to sell the products to would ask. The brain-washing was so intense that the most honest among us found ourselves believing the answers. I had invested a lot of money, but after a couple of months, I pulled out because it dawned on me that it was all a big scam, and I had a wake-up call when I realized that I felt incredibly uncomfortable selling certain products that I deemed not to be suitable. Thank you for an informative and helpful post. I hope it prevents people from making similar mistakes to me. I lost money, but I could not bring myself to recruit others once I realized the truth. 

  90. I’ve never heard of CashFX before reading your article.  There are definitely red flags within the whole company. The biggest one being no services or products–just recruiting other members. And my main concern is that they promise a return every week. No one can promise returns. 

    I watched a show on Netflix called LulaRich about the downfall of the Lula Roe network marketing company. Although they had products to sell and people were making money, it eventually came crashing down when the quality of the products went downhill. The CashFX seems like it’s already doomed.

    Great, insightful article. Thanks for doing the research.  I’ll stay away from them.

  91. Good topic wow I like it I think is good and you also have the actual amount of traffic because I read about you and I think you also have a good ranking and when it comes to content it is very knowledgeable content the scam of cashFX because lot’s people are taking interest in crypto trading and forex trading. It will also provide assistance to the people who are interested in it.

  92. A truly honest and insightful article around the Cash FX group.

    I remember looking into this as a potential opportunity a few months ago but, due to the lack of and often contradictory information I found I decided to give this a wide berth. After reading your detailed analysis I am glad I made this decision, the information included will be hugely beneficial to anyone who is looking into giving Cash FX a chance and will hopefully provide some valuable clarity to anyone who is unsure as to whether this is worth taking a risk with.

    Thanks again.

  93. I’ve learned some lessons in my life, but from this point of view, I am a bit late with fixing those lessons (as in this article you are pointing out on a scam to online programs). I am not one of those believers who are sure that we can make money briefly, I am more like to believe that people are normal and wouldn’t harm if you are willing to help or invest in their offer, as I am 🙂 Well, life and Internet proved me wrong. So now, after reading this article, I am thankful for all of you people who are pointing out and researching on the things we, regular believers in humanity, would never stop and think. 

  94. Lots of content and information which is awesome. I would like to see the section titles pop a bit more perhaps by bolding or underlining them. There are a lot of comments which is awesome. I did see some that you can reply to. Other than that you did an amazing job.

  95. This kind of Scheme can be so detrimental to regular everyday people who are just trying to find ways to better their lives. It’s infuriationg. I am glad that someone like you is out there researching and bringing light to these crooked practices and making people aware of what to expect and what to watch out for. I commend you.

  96. I think is a great article because it makes people aware of all the scans going on online. Also I think it’s wonderful that you give the name is a particle website that is a scan. I’m always finding thing like that online. One time I was in a webinar and at the end they were asking us for $4 thoulsand dollars to start a bussiness online.. most of us know that it take time before you are known and start selling. And to pay $4 thoulsand dollars to start selling is crazy.

  97. Thanks, Tony, for your review of the cash-fx-group.

    You have described it perfectly for what it is, a Ponzi scheme. 

    The great thing about your approach is the natural folksy way you speak with you easy phrasing. It make the reader, me anyway, trust you. After scanning through the article, knowing now I’d never want to touch that company with a 10 foot pole, I wanted to peruse the rest of your site.  I loved your personal story. I built up even more trust, and made me want to know what you recommended. 

    I would think that you’ll get a lot of clicks on your affiliate links because of how you present it. 

    The pictures added color and authenticity. I personally would have the background something besides grey, but once I started reading your material, I didn’t care about the color.

    The only thing that didn’t work for me was the collagen link. It didn’t fit in your niche for me. As a vet in healthcare, and knowledgeable in supplements, to have a link that tells me to get healthier and sends me to collagen, well, I don’t at all agree that that’s the place to start your health journey. But that’s only my opinion. The rest of your site is golden, and I’d but anything from you but collagen. 😉

    Stay well and strong, fellow vet, and here’s to 55 more years of vibrant health!


  98.  i think that is a  great ideas and  tool that you shared on your website and so kind of you to sharing a good  idea with the audience, when I went onto your website I saw your link tree and loved it. I felt that it showcased important links that people would enjoy and a great way to have them all in one place.. that”s a great one  nice Domain nice website

  99. Wow, you made me wonder some of my life decisions. So, if a website like that does that, how are we going to be sure that we are making a good treat?

    I understood that wen new users stop going, all the platform will stay paying and the business will end… is there an approximated time for that? If there is, should we invest a lot of money and stop in the right time before the company starts going down?

    That you so much for letting us know this, I hope I never invest in a bad platform.

  100. Hi Tony Lee,

    Thank you for your detailed article and your conclusion and recommendation not to join Cash FX.

    I am looking to join Cash FX so that makes your post interesting reading.

    I have bookmarked this for future reference.

    I am in a Cash FX Facebook group where there are post of people joining the opportunity and getting good results.

    Best wishes,

    Delroy M.

  101. Wow! I have gotten burnt on numerous occasions here online with FX group and in person at classes given throughout the tristate and lost my money big time.

    My experience was able to grasp on somewhat, but never enough to make money, there was always upgrade to see the result, at least that’s what I was told.

    On the other hand online, you invest $250 to $500, and start trading, when my account looks good to the withdrawal couches are nowhere to be reached others came on with blamed excused why cannot withdraw, to the end money was gone.

    It is great to see reviews like this to help the public who are interesting in the online business world to be aware.

  102. This is such a comprehensive read! It’s unfortunate that so many people can be fooled into joining programs like this and losing their hard-earned money! It’s great to know this and pass the knowledge along and help someone else! Great work on your writing and research, I enjoyed reading this article! 

  103. Cash FX has a lot of good information I watch a couple of the YouTube video but I still want to read up more about it and just get a little bit more information and discuss with others, what do you guys think about Cash-fx please give me feedback want to what you guys think feel free to leave me a comment.

  104. I am more heavy on the bull side of things and love that someone is making articles on this group. CashFX has been a game changer on the training and the system really is meant for any skill level. Have you implemented your training on any solo trades or do you just let the auto investor do it’s thing? 

  105. The review of the website or program is so comprehensive. It will definitely guide future investors to take caution before diving into the system of Cash FX Group. And I agree, it may be a scam and don’t fall into the trap of high commission schemes like this. When it is too good to be true then it is a lie.

  106. Thank you so much for sharing these unique advent calendar ideas for Christmas!  I have so many awesome holiday memories that revolve around advent calendars.  As a child I could not wait till the next day to open up the next “door” to see what surprise was awaiting for the day.  Every day that went by brought more and more excitement and intrigue.  Every year one of my favorite parts of Christmas was waiting to see what new advent calendar my mom picked out for the year!  Now, chocolate advent calendars await!  Oh boy… This should be a lot of fun!  I am going to get myself a few… one to just open up daily and the other ones to just eat the goodies!  hehehe! 🙂 

  107. A friend introduced me to CFX program. Lucky me I’m have some knowledge of forex trading. CFX got their concept of business from MLM system. The profits gain promise is 300%. Can you imagine 300% profit. I almost instantly no! Even in Forex trading the higher one can gain is 80% profits. This bubbles awaiting to burst. My suggestion, please avoid CFX completely.



  108. Phew.. I am glad I read this. I watched a programme on this the other night and although I understood some of it, you have made it far easier to understand. It is so awful that people find it okay to set things like this up and simply prey on peoples trust. There seems to be an ever growing niche offering making money in FX at the moment and all of them seem to be only making the cash from the people they Sign up…. nothing more! Its unfair and the more people like you that shine the light on this… the better! Good on you! 

  109. Thank you for the elaborate review on the Cash FX group, Tony. A few days back when I was discussing about Wealthy Affiliate to a friend, he came up with this Cash FX group dealing with Foreign exchange. He also knew that it is an unregistered business operation, but he knew of some people earning some income out of this.

    After reading your review, I know, that the money is paid as a commission for the referrals. It is more of a money circulating business and has no turn over from Forex as they claim. This is obviously a scam. I will caution my friend who is inclined to join.


  110. You’re so right. The name alone makes it look like forex trading. Without doing research, a visitor could easily be fooled into signing up and wasting their money. Thank you for posting this review and revealing this scam. You have done the research for me. I appreciate how you go into specific details about the methods this site uses to disguise the scam.

  111. Thanks for your in-depth analysis of Cash FX. I almost became a victim of this Ponzi scheme but I smelt a rat when I was unable to get any response to my questions. It sounded too much like somethingelse I had managed to avoid that turned out to be a glorified scam.

    By the way, videos are not availabe.

  112. Hi,  Mr. Hamilton :

    I agree with your review for Cash Forex Group, but other than that, I see unavailable videos and posts, again I think visually there’s so much to be done, I am definitely not an expert nor pretend to be but I hope you understand it could be so much better .

    Also I think your ideas are clear,well written .

  113. Great article About CashFX I am not surprised it works out to be a MLM like scheme most businesses like it do conform to that model.  I agree most success comes from hard work and dedication and most people trying to sell get rich quick are only trying to make themselves rich quick off of peoples dreams of making money fast.

    Just so you know some of the videos you posted are no longer available the company may have already changed things over to the next scheme.

    Thanks for the very in-depth report on this scam job.

  114. Who can really believe a 400% return on investment? I couldn’t believe such crazy promises. However, as you stated, a lot of people are desperate to get rich quickly without doing much or anything. The majority of people want to bypass the effort of using their brains. Thank you for a thorough review on CashFx because I was confused if it was a forex company or a cryptocurrency program. What really amazes me is when people can pay money for generally available information on the internet in return for a promise. Secondly, once you see the website without anything about the owners, then it already signals to me the red flag because the owner is already dodgy.

  115. This is very interesting information. I thought about it once to join, but I didn’t know too much about the company. Then recently on FaceBook, a friend asked if I was interested in making money part-time, and they said it wouldn’t take away from what I was normally doing.  I saw my their posting they were doing really well with this group.

    But after reading your article about this group, I’m really glad I didn’t have time to read up or meet up with my friend. I will show my friend your article and see what they tell me. I know, once you are in it, you may defend it thinking it’s not as bad as it seems until the blinders come off, then it becomes an “ah ha” moment. Thanks!

  116. Thank you for this highly informative piece. 

    Your breakdown and emphasis on the red flags are eye-opening. 

    Furthermore, how you broke down the defining points of an MLM Vs. pyramid schemes and how this company compares to those are very helpful for those who may not understand the difference. 

    With all that you have said about this particular company and the fact that you would never recommend them to anyone, is there an online company you would recommend? 

  117. Thats a great review and I see you have put in effort for research. Its right, there are no products and it seems very much like a Ponzi scheme to make money off the downlines. 

    I am going to stay away from you and recommend others too!

    Look forward to more of your reviews on Forex Trading platforms.

  118. I like that you added the you tube videos in your text; nice touch! In this sentence “In reality, the company will recruit you as one of their affiliates you and offer you a high incentive to refer or recruit some other people as well” I think you need to remove the word “you” after “affiliates”. Really informative piece!

  119. Thank you for this review, i hear you so much when you talk about these scams promising more than 100% ROI in days, i have been a victim of this twice, although i put my feet in low waters, so i could not sink, these claim to trade bitcoin, they show you links which they gain from probably and rob you money, i hate anything that has FX in it because i know it is a scam..

    There is one that  told when my so called withdraw date reached, that i delayed so i need to deposit more $300 to be able to withdraw.

    So how does their affiliate program work, do they actually give people money or they lock up the money.

  120. Your Cash FX group article is very good! Your approach is very thorough and it’s clear you spent a lot of investigative effort on this!

    I like how you broke down not only how MLMs and pyramid/Ponzi schemes work, but also explained how Cash FX group is doing basically the same thing.

    I was always curious about Forex trading and how it works. Now I know not to mess with Cash FX group if I ever want to know more and try my hand at it! This is really good stuff! Keep up the good work!

  121. Wow, thanks for the breakdown. It definitely doesn’t make sense that they claim a 15% return every single week when even the most experienced traders can’t promise that. It just seems like another one of those cases of “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Just the same, I was getting curious and a tiny bit interested in CashFX so I appreciate you doing the work to dig in a little more. Unregulated is a huge red flag, too. I’m wondering if there is an investment platform or stock trading group you would recommend. 

  122. Good morning,

    Thanks for your article! I’ve hear a lot about Forex and the trading platform they have, however I’ve always been a little weary. Your site provided clarification and was very informative.

    The only improvement I could think of, is maybe making the paragraphs a little shorts (more paragraphs), a couple times i had lost track on which line I was on.

    Also, there’s a Facebook post that is no longer available

    All the best,


  123. Okay Tony, I do realize your aiming towards this company being a ponzy scheme. You have facts stating why you think so, no history or proof of forex trades,no retail services or products, etc. I understand this much better, you did a great job conducting this article with facts and helpful information.

  124. Some Ponzi schemes are simple and easily noticeable, while others can be pretty sneaky and made in a way that can make it hard for you to spot them.

    I would easily classify Cash FX in the second group as it’s, without a doubt, one of the “best” business models I’ve seen lately.

    Just another Forex MLM trading platform that, in my opinion, is nothing but a cleverly masked Ponzi scheme.

    I’m staying away from it, and everyone should too.

  125. Hi Tony,

    I appreciate you posting this updated review of cashForex. I was kind of waiting for it. 
    it is needy time for many people to earn staying at home through online business. May it be pandemic or time freedom. However, it never means you should be in a hurry to choose something without proper research. You may get scammed and lose your initial investment.

    After reading this detailed review, this lucrative program does not have authentic registration code and has not been scrutinized by regulatory authority. Besides, it doesn’t include US as one of the participants possibly they may possibly come under scrutiny.

    I will not consider joining in this program.

  126. Thank you so much for this extremely informative article! it definitely opened my eyes in regards to the online world. Unfortunately I have been a victim of it by making me believe that I could’ve earn money quickly on the internet without prior experiences. As you said in your article: Don’t join prior to reading! You were exactly right! And I have learnt the lesson in the hard way! I will definitely do my own research before trusting anyone on the internet! 

  127. I always thought that forex was illegal and fraudulent. It is the way society perceives it. But your website gave me some clarification. I am now aware of what forex is about and how it works. There is a lot of scams that happen online. Thank you for giving me more clarification. I am now aware of the scam group. 

  128. Cash FX Group Scam Updated Review Really Help Million Of People. This article is very important for ordinary people We Love Your Review. Thank you so much for showing us the way Thanks -tonyleehamilton

    Cash FX Group Scam Updated Review Really Help Million Of People. This article is very important for ordinary people We Love Your Review. Thank you so much for showing us the way Thanks – tonyleehamilton

  129. Thanks for this comprehensive review about Cash FX. I always run away when I see a forex trading platform coming in the form of multi-level marketing (MLM) business model. One need to be careful or risk making an investment you will never profit from.

    These schemes coerce you into a multi-level marketing scheme where rather than focusing on the reason you joined, in this case, trading forex – most of your time is spent recruiting new members into the company. So, the money is generated through recruiting and when recruitment stops the whole thing collapse!

  130. Tony –
    Thanks for you information about this! I have seen a few things like CashFX pop up and have never understood how they work. I watched a documentary on a pyramid scheme (Lula Rich) and people lost tens of thousands of dollars. I’m guessing that CashFX is quite similar and will quickly starve their revenue.
    I appreciate you breaking down the reasons why CashFx would be risky. I think the proof of FOREX trades is the biggest red flag for me! Going along with the fixed returns it all just doesn’t add up. 
    Do you know if this is something legally operated in the U.S.?

  131. Thank you so much for this review , i think it gives a clear explanation to anyone who wants to do online investment and open their eyes to those people ready to scam which you have emphasised .Many people rush to get quick money where they end up losing even the little they have . Thank you again i found this article helpful.

  132. Good review, I don’t really trust Forex trading platforms. They are an easy way to lose hard earned money very quickly. It’s good that there are reviews like this out there informing people of the reality of scams that are around the internet especially in the trading industry. Very informative on the way You integrate all the truths about the platform right down to them being unregulated. The company fails to provide any sort of reassurance as to whether they actually do trade Forex. Too many pitfalls for my liking and I’m sure others will feel the same.

  133. Thank you for your perspective on this. I have been a market trader for about 10 years, mostly swing and day trades with equity instruments. I try to stay out of derivatives. The forex market has always fascinated me, but I know a lot of people that attempt to play and do not do well. From an MLM standpoint, this seems very unsafe and not a good use of money when taking fees etc into account. I feel there are safer and less fee-based ways to invest money in markets other than this. I do belong to reputable trading groups as well as MLM’s and the only MLM’s I can suggest that are worth anything are for goods and services that one would use and are highly consumable. Best of luck to all on the road to retirement!

  134. hey tony lee Hamilton, i really enjoyed this article, I have heard a lot about cashfx, but i have never gotten a detailed article like this one. I personally agree with your take and I wouldn’t advice anyone to do it but if they should go in they should thread with caution and also be very careful as well

  135. Hello Tony!

    Thank you for your review on Cash FX Group!

    I’ve actually heard of them before. I’ve been doing forex for a while now and there are many of these forex mlms populating now more than ever.

    I’ve actually been a part of one, IM Academy formerly known as IMarketsLive.

    I left because there were things going on internally within the company that wasn’t following their own guidelines, policies, and compliance rules.  Recently a bunch of their leaders are no longer part of the company so they are cleaning up, including all the different Binary Brokers they use!

    Thanks again. Just wanted to share my experience in these types of things!

  136. I like the way you write your reviews. Clear and to the point. there are several broken video links – since the article was dated 2020 not sure if this post is still applicable or not. I did click on your #1 recommendation – Legendary marketing. Interested in getting more info on this. 

  137. So many MLM’s out there. I had not yet heard of Cash FX. Anything that doesn’t fall into compliance with financial regulations is a red flag to me. While I do believe you have to invest money to make money this seems over the top and not something that will provide long term financial stability or I could support ethically. 

  138. My bro was trading with it early last year until his account got blocked for no reason with some funds in the account, he tried reaching to the customer care but never got a feedback. he said he asked his friends that are trading with the apk if they have had such experience but they said no. he was soo confused I will surely show him this thread once he comes back home.

  139. Hi Tony! What an amazingly frank and honest review. I really thank you for that. The reason I read your article is because my youngest son has just started Fourex trading and he keeps talking about needing to invest money in a larger company for guidance and investment options.( He made his first $100 dollars yesterday by himself!)

    Your article while dealing with Cash FX Group specifically in your review has also opened my eyes to what I should be looking for in general so I can talk about it with my son. That is priceless information for me. 

  140. Thanks for the honest review- so many sharks out there preying on people with little or no financial knowledge and promising the earth regarding financial returns . Certainly promises of 200% ROI and pay to play “pyramid schemes” and not being being able to operate in USA smack of deception so grat that you laid these points out . However, sadly not everyone has these investigating skills are often badly burnt !

  141. I will never be able to understand how come people are so sneaky and unethical. Most of their victims are desperate people looking for a a way out of their economic problems. I myself was looking for a way out. But all the propaganda these people publish made me waste my time and give a bad reputation to the online business. Thank God I finally found a legit site called Wealthy Affiliate. One of the sites you suggest. Keep up the good work. God bless you. 

  142. I think I just found the exact information I have been looking for, and after reading I think I am going to opt out of the cash FX group. There are some really appealing aspects about this investment, like their fixed return on investment, to name a few, but thanks for this update, I can now make a more informed decision.

  143. “Never invest more than you are willing to lose.”   What a profound statement!  I read your previous review and it seems pretty evident by now that Cash FX is indeed a scam.  There will be more and more experts and reviewers piling on until the SEC and other regulatory groups are forced to take action.  

    The world is such a big place, filled with so many people that our regulatory agencies must feel like they are trying to hold back a flood with their hands.  It can’t be done.  People are ultimately responsible for their own decisions but my heart aches for those who will be taken in by this group.

  144. I don’t understand why these types of companies are even allowed to trade. These sorts of businesses are the type that scam people of their hard earned money, only to disappear without a trace leaving the investor broke. The whole process sounds dodgy! Definitely be weary of these types of companies, especially that they don’t offer any information of what they are about. Thanks Tony for your informative reviews.

  145. I had never heard before about Cash FX group before I stumbled into your website! Really thankful for the post, the more you know the better. I read your other posts too and all of the content on the website is very informative and I’m really saving this one for future! Thank you!

  146. The first warning that comes in the opening line of the CFX review is the warning to the you. Many people fell victims because they set themselves to be scammed.

    If by the age you are to begin to look for a source of income and you are still living in the dream world that many can be had without efforts, you are only setting your self up to loose whatever you have to the other.

    By addressing this problem, I want to sincerely appreciate the efforts put here for the collective good of internet users.

    And the review itself is so detailed that you will be left with the right information to take an informed decision.

  147. This review of Cash FX Group made my skin crawl. The entire entity sounds shady especially when you are looking into the fact that there are no products or services that are being offered. To me, the company sounds like a MLM that doesn’t care about the person…they only care about the money they are making (hand over fist). I would be interested to see how long the company lasts or if this will morph into other companies that offer the same thing. Thank you so much for your review. I will steer clear of this one!

  148. The site is extensive, very informative, but why the August 2020 date? Oh, the review update link. I missed it at first. Thought, “If this is actually a current working site it needs updating” It’s nice to have all this information. Even if it is old. The video links are not available – that may be because of the age and can lead to readers doubting it’s content.” Then I found the link that I had skimmed right over. The link is a nice update, but … Question: are you trying to sell this product? Because that’s what a skimmer might conclude. Skimmers don’t really read. For them you provide: what it is, how it works, how to sign up even the training – looks great. Unless of course they catch the large video link advising not. 

    The first link link image is great – large, bright, attention drawing color and informative. The three that follow are a little cluttered. And, the second links image falls a little short of the other three. Overall I loved the impact but, a black space with: 

    “Video unavailable”

    “Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner”.

    “Watch on YouTube”

    may not work in your favor.

  149. Hi there, congrats on the work done on your website! These are my few observations: 

    The third video on your landing page has a “This video is unavailable” message, you can fix it or remove it entirely.

    All websites interact with user data in some way. This means that if you have a website and you intend to have people visit that website, then it’s advisable that you include a privacy policy. It informs users about what data you collect, how it’s used, stored, and protected.

    thirdly, the “become healthier” page does not show the main menu in case someone wants to go to a different page/post on your website. if it’s possible please fix it so that the menu show despite the page the user is on.


  150. It is a very professional-looking website, with lots of information to take in and links to check out. The only thing was that some of the Videos were not available you maybe could have put some more pictures in the text there is a lot of reading. Otherwise, it is a great website. Well done keep up the good work.

  151. You definitely hammered it home about it taking work to earn money. Thank you for pointing that out to people who may be looking to invest. I just don’t believe it has to be the back-breaking kind.  What do you think is a better way though?

    I don’t really trust anybody online who tells you to give them your money and they’ll take care of the rest. A 200 to 400% return? Sriously? That just sounds too good to be true. I would like a way out of my day job though and there are legit opportunities online I just haven’t found them yet. Thanks

  152. Wow! Crazy how professional modern scam artists can make their content look. It’s truly unfortunate how many people dump money into these things… I have been there! They sell you your dream, at your expense, make their money and leave you in the dust. Sad really.. I appreciate your message at the very beginning regarding how one needs to work hard in order to produce any substantial amount of income be it passively or actively produced. I’ll watch out for this one in my travels!



  153. Well Tony, I’m glad I just found your updated review on the cash FX group. It seems to have proven that my initial fears were correct. They now definitely seem to be a pyramid scheme. I was worried the moment investing cash was mentioned. I am a retired banker and the information you listed raised many red flags. I really will be avoiding them now. Thank you for enlightening your readers with this new information. Jim

  154. After reading this review I know I won’t be spending a dime with Cash FX in the future. I’ve recently looked at a few opportunities in forex and cryptocurrency, but I’m not on board with any one of them just yet. 

    This review is 100% correct, and after reading this review it inspired me to look for Cash FX on Trustpilot. There’s a notice at the top of the page on Trustpilot that Cash FX has garnered regulatory attention now. 

    With an advisory to be careful about spending money with Cash FX. Thanks for the spot-on review, it insured me that my money is better off in my wallet than theirs. 

    The fact that you pointed out that only 70% of your investment is actually used for trades and that there’s no service or product to speak of tells me everything I need to know. 

    I’m glad I stumbled upon this review before I stumbled upon Cash FX, you just saved me from wasting my money. 


  155. Thank you for the update on Cash FX. Looks like they still haven’t changed anything. I remember reading about them in earlier in the year. I have seen a lot of poor thoughts regarding their product. It really is a shame, the amount of money that people will pass out for a get rich quick scheme. 

    Unfortunately, nothing is free in this life and you have to work for it all. With that said, a lot of people can make money doing off the wall jobs, but there is work or additional finances being provided somewhere. 

  156. Hey Tony, this post is very helpful. Nowadays this is the kind of information we need, to help take control of our finances, to find a way to earn real money not just by scams. After reading your review there’s no way I’d not want to try and see for myself that CFX is legit.

  157. It’s comical to hear about 200% return for beginners. But there are always people who actually believe in these scams. It’s such a shame that MLM is still a thing because it ruins so many lives, literally. Thank you for such a detailed post about this scammy website. I hope that everyone else can see this post and leave the program. But I have a question, have you ever been trapped by the MLM scam? If so could you share your experience?

  158. its definately not what it seems personally i believe its a scam of some kind just because of the lack of content in the site  most likely they get investors to join give them a fixed amount every month making them do all the footwork  why they sat back and collect .

  159. Great review Tony. Forex trading is a risky business, and we need to be careful with our money. Lots of scam artists make it harder for the average joe to find where to invest their money in. Hopefully, people on the internet, get educated on avoiding sketchy trading sites like CashFX. 

  160. This was an interesting summary of everything going on these days in “Earn Online from Home”. When I read “About page” I realized that it is definitely written by someone who has rich experience on this topic.  Seems to me that here are presentations for everyone. Anyone will surely find something that will catch their attention. YouTube videos about WebTalk  opened my eyes!  Content introduce us with a lot of different videos on this topic. In few of them information are repeated, but ok. I was hopping to find out little more about MoneyLine, maybe also videos.

    At the bottom line: I found this site is very helpful because it gives you a lot of creative business choices and something to think about if you are looking a way to earn  legit money online or to learn new things for improving existing business.

  161. Hi, how are you, your work has touched me, I’ve been living in this situation, despite always working on everything I find, it’s been a year and a half now that I’ve been trying to earn extra income to help my family, I honestly feel that I’m be fooled because the topics or goals of the people who teach us are never complete, which always leaves us by the way.
    I can’t explain it to you but your work is very sincere and purely true, personally and professionally I hope to work with you one day, you’re direct and you know what you’re saying.

  162. These Ponzi Schemes are increasing day by day and people are attracted by their advertisements and return a profit. The margins are so high and they show us all the testimonies where people earning a bunch of money by investing in forex any type of trading. Cash FX Group is very popular and at first, if  I have to join their program I need to be referred by someone who uses it. These ploys create more trust and belief about the program and make me believe it’s real and ethical. From your article, it’s very clear they have no retail products or services, no government approval, no history in forex trade, Fixed and guaranteed return in investment, and above all, they only accept Bitcoin all these lead to more suspicious behavior. Thanks for sharing all the useful info about CashFX it really helps others who are willing to join the program.

  163. Hi Tony

    This is yet another Forex trading scam by the looks of it. Most people lose money trading (me included) due to day trading. Trying to capture those small movements and make a profit is difficult. 

    This one looks like it is really an MLM scheme at best and a pyramid at worst. If the income is really generated through bringing other people onboard then it isn’t even a trading system opportunity

    Best to steer clear

  164. Thank god i stumbled upon this review. I’m constantly trying to find some jobs online so i can work from home and at first glance Cash FX sounded legit. But after reading this thorough review no thanks, ill be checking out some alternatives.

    Thanks tony and keep up the good work!

  165. I had read your earlier review and decided it was definitely not for me. CashFX looks to be something that takes advantage of those not savvy enough to read reviews like the one you have posted here, Tony. There are a lot of great ways to make money on the Internet. I am not a fan of these forex trading schemes.  

  166. Hi there

    Thank you for the explicit review on cashfx. 

    As someone who is constantly in the market for great work from home online business, i would have maybe tried it out someday, if I didn’t come across this review. 

    I will be checking out the recommended alternative. 

    Will it be ok if I have to come back here and comment on my experience on the freelance digital marketing you recommended? 

  167. Hi Tony, Thanks so much for your honest review of Cash FX –  I’ll know to avoid this program now. No product for your investment is always a big red flag for me as it’s the very definition of a pyramid scheme but I can see how easy it would be for someone like me, who has no clue about forex trading, could fall prey to something like this – because all the terminology is new to me and sounds legit. Deeply grateful to you for going to all the trouble of investigating the company and uncovering what they are really about when you get past the marketing speak.

  168. Thanks Tony for the headsup! After reading your post, I have come to the conclusion that, if I were to make any investments, I would open an account with well-known regulated forex brokers. I do not have anywhere the breadth of knowledge you have to assess the many forex brokers out there to discern the good from the bad. Thanks again for your review!

  169. Hi Tony,

    Once more you have perfectly dissected through the post all about Cash FX Group, I think it is essential to be well trained and educated in online investments before carrying them out. Generally those of us who are enthusiastic we rush to make the decision, I do not know if it is due to some kind of cognitive failure or to get easily carried away by emotions. Or maybe a little of both. That is why I will always say that for everything in life you first have to train and educate yourself and then start acting.

    The fact is that when we see something that looks like a round business, instead of looking at everything and wondering if the website we are seeing is being transparent, we tend to easily fall into the trap.

    Thanks to different forums and specialized websites like yours, we have an opportunity to see in greater detail and a more balanced analysis what may be behind the staging.

    As a final point I would like to point out that fraud is the order of the day on the web and as a suggestion to the community to say that when a website is new and does not yet have specialized reviews, it is better to wait or opt for sites that already have a consolidated track record with reviews favorable. What do you think about it?


  170. Thanks for detailed article Tony. Quick question: When you say CFX uses a multi-level marketing model, does that mean members have to get into recruiting to make any headway (and/or money?!?)  Not enough hours in the day to do recruiting meetings and phone calls, which is what I think of when I hear MLM lol. But seriously looking for any edge I can get, so in your experience, how much time would I need to spend in recruiting new members, or can I just rock on with the program and get value from this without recruiting. Thanks in advance for any reply bro.

  171. Hi Tony its great that you investigating on these online scammers too take our hard earn money from us. I was scammed $200.00 last year from a Bitcoin crpyto currency online trading business, promised too invest $200.00 too make $10,000 wow that sure grab me too try this within a week I would make this money. Well to my surprise a week passed and nothing, just the sponsor told me my trading signal was down and I needed too purchase my investment a $300.00 for the signal too go up? So I investigated online Scam detectives and they told me its a scam and to not purchase any money again since I lost my $200.00 I don’t know anything about bitcoin currency or Forex trading so I would stay away from these online scams.!!

  172. Thank you for your explicit explanation of the cash FX group scam. Most times investing in programs that are not verified is very risky, I have invested in some programs and failed me. My take is that we should be careful and make proper research before investing into any platform.

  173. I like everything. You have a very informative info there. You`ve took many deployed answers and introduced it to people. But in general, of course, there are very scammers in a particular industry, and especially on the opportunity to make money on the Internet. Therefore, people like you who help to expose them and about the myths that do nothing, everything will come by itself.

  174. It’s always good to research on training websites that are available before you spend a dime on it. I would think researching before joining a program is important because what if you get scammed into a program and end up losing money that could have been used for other things. It couldn’t hurt to just spend 10 to 15 minutes researching the program you wanted to join. For example if you were to research Wealthy Afilliate and do search up if it’s a scam or not, results will pop up saying it’s not a scam and videos showing that it’s a legitimate website. Now for other websites you wanna do research on it and think to yourself do you really wanna do this, if yes then do the research find out exactly what you want to do and go for it!! Don’t stop the grind and push yourself to do better!!  

  175. Freaky I found this article as I was literally looking at potentially joining Cash FX but I found many red flags before reading your articles and now I’m pretty much convinced that this is indeed a weak house of cards that will collapse when people stop joining. 

    I’m curious, have you personally joined them? I’m currently speaking with a lady who has joined in November 2020 and claims to make decent money. Yeah right. She also claims to have seen all the bad reviews and that the company has been operational for 3 years. I have not found evidence to back up her claims. 

    I’m curious if you know more about that?

  176. These types of programs really scare me… not because I’m worried about being scammed but because I know there are people out there that do not fully understand what they are getting involved in.  I wish more people did their homework and studied and analyzed what they find.  I hate seeing people using their hard earned cash to only be ripped off and used by someone else.  I’m not one to use scams when referencing other people’s work but when I do see one I will call attention to it and the reasoning behind it.  I appreciate your thoughts on this topic and CashFx itself.  Nicely done.

  177. Is the article written in 2020, that what it looked like the article was submitted? but has been updated in 2021? I couldn’t tell exactly from your headline.  Looks like some of the video links might need to be updated, they were showing missing videos. 

    I can tell and you documented LOTS of research!!!  I’m not joining, you convinced me!  Thanks for all the helpful information!

  178. A multi-level marketing trading system? Wow this next level of scam absolutely blows my mind. Thanks for the warning about Cash FX,  most of the time people fall into scams due to lack of information. Your review will definitely help many people see through the program and save them from making the mistake of joining.

    People joining thinking that they can earn quick money but only to lose out on their hard-earned income. This just goes to show how important it is to do your research before joining anything.

  179. This is the type of post and article we need to see more of these days. It would save us all a lot of pain when we are trying to find good programs for one reason or anotha.

    Is there a particular record site or something where you can see the analyticals or statistics of a site to verify authenticity?

  180. It was really very informative article, I didn’t know a thing about trading but the cash forex review made me realise that there are people out there who want to scam you and take advantage of you. Thankyou for reviewing and warning about such scammy sites. I enjoyed reading your article

  181. In the review of Cash FX Group, you painted a very clear picture them being an MLM company with no retail products or services.  You have to recruit affiliate marketers to earn money for the company’s compensation.

    In the CSX Marketing System, you get a fixed amount as recruitment commission.  It gives you profit every 30 days, as long as the recruitment of affiliates continues.  I agree that when the people stop joining, the money will be gone.  Their claim of being able to earn from 200% to 400% on your investment is not realistic.

    Cash FX Group does appear to be a pyramid scheme.  Not providing information on the founders is definitely a red flag.  Also, not being able to verify that they are being regulated is an issue.

    When you invest in their trade contracts, 30% is used to pay other affiliates above your level and 70% is used for Forex trades.  To continue your return of investments, you must reinvest your earnings.

    I agree that their are too many red flags with Cash FX Group to be a sound investment. 

  182. Your article is very educative. Most victims of these scams on the internet are those always looking for the shortcut. The scammers make their adverts sound good and easy to succeed in life. But as you rightly said, there is no shortcut in life to be rich.

    People fall into the hands of these scammers due to lack of information. Not that the information is not out there, but the knowledge or time to read more about such services, they don’t have that time. Is so sad that one cannot have the time but will go the extra mile to have the money to put in a business he or she has no clue what will happen next.

    I strongly think that if people are going to invest their money in any online business, they should first check the legal status of it and if in doubt seek help from expects in that field of trade.

  183. Very informative article. The article flows and have a good structure from the initial question of “What is CFX Trading?”, than looking at the marketing system with, “What is the CFX Marketing System?” to comparing “Is Cash FX a Pyramid Scheme?”. Also looking at the Regulations, “Is Cash FX Regulated?” And than finally analyzing by unpacking every aspect “Is Cash FX a Scam or Legitimate Investing Opportunity?” by focusing on,”1. No retail services or products”, “2. No history or proof of forex trades”, “3. Similarities to past forex scams”, “4. Fixed returns on investment”, “5. Unregistered business operations”. The final conclusion is sound and based on what has been presented.

  184. Reviewing your site this site looks very clean tidy plenty and I mean plenty of information well done there must have taken a lot of investigating to find out all about these different scams.
    That can be so difficult to know what is a scam and not is a scam so well done in finding out so much information, put up not only in word but videos as well.
    At this point I must say a few of your videos not available wrote across them so you might want to look into that.
    the site itself set out very nicely with plenty of leads to follow and links to open, as I went through them I don’t know whether I’ve got them all most worked.
    As I went in checked each one has a lot of reading within it and videos at at times can be watched for more information
    Is Cash FX Regulated? Above this the video it’s not available
    Is Cash FX a Scam or Legitimate Investing Opportunity? Also above this video not available
    Summary this video not available within summary also has this This Facebook post is no longer available.
    (It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed).
    Just things you might want to change by rechecking.
    To finish off below comments have clicked image below that works I tried that for anyone who wants to start a profitable online business but doesn’t know where to begin comes up fine.
    Clicking image below bonuses and videos is fine discover a secret most affiliate marketers will never tell you.
    So all in all all the recent post links work well.
    So full congratulations on a nice site with a lot of information for people to learn about the scams put on the internet
    Ian Jackson

  185. I’m very sure that my 16 years old son who is very picking when it comes to food, will enjoy homemade Burger Bun. As they may have superior flavour.  In fact, I was just salivating when I was at your website. Thanks for providing the recipes in a simplified manner.

  186. This article is very informative. As somebody who isn’t really familiar with how financial trading works, it could have been easy for me to fall for a scam like Cash FX. There is a saying that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers like to prey upon those who don’t understand how something is really supposed to work. If you can’t find any information about who the people running Cash FX are, that is a really bad sign as something probably isn’t right about Cash FX.

  187. The topic that Tony Lee writes about is very well known to me because I ended up on a similar platform in the beginning. Constantly taking money for any system upgrades, support and there is no one to explain to you what kind of goods you should send people emails for. Fortunately, I came across a post by a man who, like Tony Lee, wrote about various platforms and had a list to recommend or to avoid. People like him are a beacon in the ocean of internet scams.

  188. Very honest review and interesting perspective on the topic. Nowadays there’s so many programs out there that turns out to be a scam or a pyramid game, it’s good to see some honest reviews on them so people can make a well informed decision for their online businesses. 

    I find this post really helpful for people who are involved in affiliate marketing, so thank you for this post!


  189. Interesting perspective here, and I love your honest review.  I am very much aware of today’s financial climate, and how many pyramid schemes there are to try to manipulate individuals to make money quick.  This article explains in detail the importance of looking for certain red flags in any sort of money making program.  It is very important in today’s world to know what to look out for. 

  190. Thank you for making your research and writing this review. I never  knew that cash FX wasn’t that but after reading your article I will be more cautious about cash FX and I will tell others about this too. Ponzi sites are on the high side nowadays.

    I will be more careful.

  191. Hi Tony,

    Great looking site, i have invested in FX and crypto platforms before and you point out so valid points that should be considered before investing in such schemes. Unfortunately some of the links to the video’s are unavailable so I was not able to follow up with them. 

    I would certainly look at your site if i was doing due diligence on the selected platform if it was presented to me as ranked on one of the top search engines.

    I hope this helps and good luck.


  192. First of all, thanks for keeping people updated on the scams that are out. It’s very helpful. Them not having any actual products or services is alarming. I definitely agree with you on their approach being unethical and illegal. It’s unfortunate that there are companies like this that try to use people to make money. But, I am glad there are people like you exposing them and allowing others not to fall for the scams!

  193. It is really good that you have done the research to let people know about Cash FX Group.  All of the facts that you found do make the whole thing seem like it really is a scam.  I also wanted you to know that some of your videos are not showing up in your post.  I just hope that people are able to find your post before getting caught up in the scam.

  194. This page is really impressive and in today’s day, most of the sites are scams. Many people don’t know anything about and they fall for it. No one can earn easy money, you have to work hard to get it. This page is given me a piece of good information about the Cash Fx group scam. Thank you for explaining in detail about the site.

    All the best

  195. Although I understand the topic of the site, it is over expressed for a review. The home page is written like a dissertation and is very wordy for a review. It appears as if one of the videos is missing/link broken. The links on the Top Recommendation page leads too another set of links, why?

  196. Hi, thank you for the update review of this program. I can see that you are really dedicated in what you do. Thank you so much for the detailed review with all the points covered and with the clear conclusion as well. I will steer clear from this for sure. 🙂

  197. I understand the general caution against investing money in some online program. Especially when it comes to trading, an established relationship with a professional is simply the way to go. Even if you have to pick the brain of a friend in the industry, without necessarily hiring them.

    Interestingly enough, I’ve seen quite a number of positive (even rave) reviews from Cash FX users. Some are even baffled by the negative reviews. At the very least, maybe some extra homework is required for anyone considering them.

  198. Hi 

    A lot of people do end up getting scammed. I feel like this issue should be talked about more often so that people know what to look out for, things like, emails, phone calls, social media platforms. Do enough research about what ever company it is that your interested in, Just like in this article, the author has said, “some people still believe that there are some shortcuts to success in life without working hard.” 

    It is hard to find out if it’s legit, but there are signs that need to be more talked about to get more knowledge and understanding within this industry. 

    I have seen people fall down this road and end up losing their hard earned money and then end up with nothing.

    Anyways, really good article

  199. Something just doesn’t seem right with this. Guarantees of as much as 400%…? That can’t be real. So many things about Cash FX Group scream scam. I mean, how can a platform or an individual be successful at making money when there are no products or services offered. Where does the return on your money come from. As mentioned in the article, no forex traders in the world are that good at predicting and making that much money every single week. Thanks for the heads up about these guys. I definitely wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. 

  200. Thank you for the warning about Cash FX. Those are a lot of red flags and I think you review will save many people from making the mistake of joining, only to lose out on their hard earned income. I am not a fan of pyramid schemes and companies that operate that way. I hope this company is eventually put out of business. Just goes to show you should always do your homework before joining anything!

  201. Tony,

    Another well written article. I like how right away you mention what this site is and what it is not. You also go on to add that there is no mention of who owns or runs the website which is always a red flag because that is a lack of transparency. No listing of retail products or services on their site only makes the red flag that I already have more red. 

    I like how you break down your concerns about this site piece by piece throughout your article. You mention that their affiliate program only allows affiliate to promote their company (sounds like a scam to me.) 

    Anytime something sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Well in the case of Cash FX Group, they take that saying to a whole new horrible level! They are making guarantees of a 200-400% return on your money! That’s insane in a bad way!

    I like how you cut through their lies and shady business practices by explaining that although this company claims to invest your money, they aren’t investing ANY of it! (FRAUD)

    This definitely has the trademarks of a classic pyramid scheme because as you mention in your article, you will make money each time a new affiliate joins. However once that stops, so does all of the money!

    Tony, thank you for taking the time to do your research and due diligence on this company. While I can’t say for sure that this is a scam, I would give it about a 90% or greater likelihood of being a scam. As the old saying goes: “If it smells like a fish, looks like a fish and swims like a fish, it’s most likely a fish”. So, if it looks like a scam, smells like a scam and conducts itself like a scam, it’s most likely a scam.” If this was legit, there wouldn’t have been so many red flags. 

    I would advise anyone to STAY AWAY from Cash FX Group!

  202. Well, I have never really felt at peace with this platform and seeing the FCAT people are not really encouringbwith this review. Thanks for sharingbehre and helping people like us not to get tangled in such a dishonest platform like this here. Thanks so much for sharing this with us all. Thumbs up for actually sharing

  203. The program just isn’t really straightforward. They state that they have the connections and experience to help you invest your money, yet do not provide any evidence. Plus, they claim they can make you 15% interest monthly, which is unlikely. On top of that, they’re not registered to any financial regulators. Thank you for taking the time to share your analysis on CFX Group.

  204. Hi, Tony! Wow- I didn’t realize that the Cash FX Group doesn’t provide details about the behind-the-scenes practices involved with their trading and how they are not registered with financial regulators. That is really concerning to me and would discourage me against getting involved with their group- thanks for the heads up!

  205. Forex trading is just as risky as trading stocks and options. This company seems even more mysterious and untrustworthy. Legit companies are more transparent in their activities. Although, from what you’ve learned, it seems that they clearly pay themselves first out of their client’s funds. I will be sure to apply your key points to watch for against any company offers that appear too good to be true. Keep up with the great research.

  206. “Just like in other areas of life, some people still believe that there are some shortcuts to success in life without working hard. However, that is never the case when it comes to life, and you’ll find some scam artists over the internet always ready to swindle you off your hard-earned money. Unfortunately, a lot of people normally fall under such traps and even end up spending their savings in hopes of getting rich quickly”by Tony Lee Hamilton.

    How true is this quote!
    I learned from this article to be very careful!

    There is a lot to learn from this article. I have to reread it and apply it exactly.

    Informative article on Cash FX Group.Earning 15% a week is very much!

    Cash FX Group is one I have to avoid.


  207. Very informative article on Cash FX Group.  You are completely correct about the impossibility of consistently earning 15% a week on your investment.  Even legendary trader Warren Buffett, who has often been the richest man in the world, doesn’t earn 15% a week consistently on his money.

    Thanks for the warning.  What other programs would you caution people about?

  208. Hello, I heard the following statement in one of your videos: “Never invest more than you are willing to lose.” I don’t know why people create deceptive websites like Cash FX. Every day, I’m afraid, a large number of people join such websites. I believe it is a crime to have such sites so close to us. People go online in search of assistance in a specific area of their lives. So bad, but I believe we should promote many more appropriate methods of guiding clients in getting what they are looking for on the internet. The only problem I have is how can I tell if a website I’m viewing is legitimate or not?

    Thank you

  209. Hey Tony,

    It’s reviews like these that we need online to make others aware that companies like this exist. It’s a shame what some people do to scam others. My usual practice is, if they want you to sell their product to get money then they are most likely a scam. The too good to be true saying also applies. Thankfully we have people like you writing about the scams online, will certainly stay away, thank you.

  210. I recently had an experience with a Forex Trading site that turns out requires me to pay taxes on my fees for withdrawing 36K. What do you think about this?

    They kept hustling me out my money every single month as I am on disability, and at only $800 per month I certainly don’t make that much to be losing money. And now I only have $100 left to pay to get all my money (or so they say).

    So, do you think this site is a scam or not because I am new to Forex Trading and am trying to educate myself on this topic.

    Very interesting article given what’s happen to me…

  211. You have a great topic for your website. Lately I have been getting so many “make money online” emails its outrageous. I am also a psychotherapist and have had 2 clients recently scammed. It is so important to help people know more about what is out there. You website is very helpfu

  212. this is very helpful,i was wondering is cfx is a scam with the news i have been hearing about them.but with the help of this review i can finally make a decision to work with them as an affiliate to their product.but do you think it worth it to give my time and resources to work with them? 

  213. I am not very familiar with Forex trading but I have been looking to get involved with it and came across your article.  I know there are a lot of legitimate MLM companies out there, but after reading your in depth article, I honestly do not believe CashFX to be one of them.  I’m not sure I would call it a “scam” but it sounds like they don’t provide adequate training or transparency within their own company.  That seems fishy to me. 

  214. The whole cashFX thing seemed quite fishy to me but luckily, I came up here and found out the detailed article, thanks for the information, there are a lot of scam programs are around us and we never know, some of us are part of it without even knowing it. Useful information, I hope others will benefit from it too.


  215. For me this is very interesting topic. I was once a victim of this sort of scam. I was younger that time and novice in the trading world. But thanked God, I only invested a smaller amount but still it was a hard earned money. I learned my lesson.

    Now, every time I read about these “too good to be true” promises, I fell sorry for their next victims, so this article is really very useful and reminder for anyone intending to invest to not to fall into this Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme. In my experience, one of the signs that the company is a scam is that their people are too  aggressive to let you in, They will keep on calling you countless times. They also used unregistered brokers. Oftentimes their promotion  ad looks genuine and very enticing but beware when you dig deeper into their operation, like, looking at the scam review, you’ll get disappointed that they are scammers. It is very important  to do  some  research on their organization and operation before you decide to join.  

  216. This is a very dangerous online platform where many people would easily be deceived with promising returns. I’m glad you’re able to convey your messages about this scam in detail and very clear. People will be able to judge the CFX program easily and know the risk if they are still want to experience themselves on this platform.

    • its all a scam, i traded with different brokers, most of them disappear when you make withdrawal request, some of them will try to convince you not to withdraw and instead invest more while others will actually allow you withdraw a little amount so they can build your trust and after that they begin to make large requests. i lost $75,250 to these fraudulent brokers, i was depressed for months until i was recommended to a Binary options trade funds recovery expert Funds Recovery Desk when i contacted them i didn’t believe the management could get back my money because i have been scammed a lot already and didn’t know what to believe, but my called feeling/believe told me to give it a try and i did.

  217. i was wondering if cash fx and all of the stuff they claim to do was really worth joining or if it would just turn out to burn a hole in my pocket. thank you for the honest and in depth review. truly appreciated. everything i seem to come across with forex trading has some question marks. But this right here explains a ton about that cash fx group I’ve seen so much about. 

  218. Howdy Tony, 

    There are so many of these Ponzi schemes going on these days. Especially with these “newer,” more popular ways of making money. Everyday citizens now have more access to these different platforms for trading currencies, stocks, options, etc. that the dark side of these worlds is coming out full force!

    Great stuff, Tony!

    Keep up the good work!

  219. Hello, Hamilton.
    If you recall, I previously remarked on your enlightening us the public about the Cash Fx Group fraud offers, but this time I want to ask, what if someone has already been scammed in their investment plan, what steps can be taken to get your money back? Do you have any idea if they offer a money-back guarantee? I frequently visit your blog in order to gain useful business ideas, and as a fan of your blog, I’d want to hear from you on this.


    If you go around reading reviews about Cash fx you will find many red flags about the site and others saying it’s a scam. But basically, it’s a pyramid scheme type of business where the people at the top of the hierarchy earn more than the new recruits. It’s basically difficult to get people to join this site that’s why many new members will flag it as a scam because to earn depends on how many people you have recruited. You can make a decent income if you have a large following and good at marketing but otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it.

  221. Thanks for this in depth report. When it comes to investing in a ponzi operation, the best lessons learned are from the largest losses. Usually after they have been shut down and all the lawyer and court fees, there is nothing left to distribute. But wait, people still play the lottery, gamble at casinos, and still believe crypto currency has hard assets tied to its value. It doesn’t matter what people know, most of us have this urge to believe the improbable will be in our favor. Yep, I have been caught in a few of these, and I’ll probably get sucked into a few more, that’s what friends are for.

  222. I really enjoyed learning more about Cash FX group on your post. Considering they have no retail services or products, no history or proof of forex trades, many similarities to past forex scams, and unregistered business operations I would have to steer clear of this investment personally. I really enjoyed the videos you scattered throughout your post. These really helped me understand the material here. It is basically a pyramid scheme so watch out!

  223. Thanks for this review. 

    I am with a legitment MLM company that also provides education in the trading forex & crypto field. 

    however, this company is proven to give proper education & guidance to inexperience people who is seeking to learn a new skill. 

    it’s unfortunate that there are scams out there which ruins it for the legitment company. 

    there are proven experienced  live educators company. 

  224. I joined on a 300 USD pack, and my mentor suggested that one of my family members join under me as well, for a total of 600 USD. The deposit was quick, and I began receiving 10.5 USD per week in my CashFX account. The real issue arises when you attempt to withdraw the funds. You are not permitted to withdraw. It will be credited to your account in 6-8 weeks, according to them. Only God knows if that company will still be around in six weeks. Worst of all, you can’t ask questions. Management and those in positions of power dislike being questioned. If you ask a question or leave a comment in a chat forum, they will make you remove it.
    Avoid using CFX. The company is entirely a Ponzi scheme. Total rip-off.

  225. Thank you, Tony. It’s scary to think that many people are falling for this without any proof and testimonies from real customers or traders who have used Cash FX Group before. The company is basically a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme where whoever owns the business–or rather, whoever they don’t want exposing–is very unethical in their practices of not paying anyone what they earn right away to keep them around longer and get more money by having others invest with each new person introduced into the system through recruitment efforts like those we discussed earlier today on our call. This way, it becomes an endless cycle of fraudulence which I’m glad someone like yourself can expose us all to!

  226. Although forex trading is legit and a good way to grow your capital, I do not recommend any of these programs, such as the Cash FX program. You never know whether your returns come from trading or the money flow gained from new recruitment. This smells like a Ponzi scheme to me, and I would rather trade my own capital on a registered broker of my own choosing.

  227. It is a comprehensive review dealing with how to deal with online investment in general, and with the CashForex group in particular. Before joining an online investment company, we must first search whether this company is operating legally, and know the products and services in which this company invests. When the company’s legal information is lacking, and the area in which it invest is ambiguous, we are risking our hard-earned money. Therefore, we should be careful not to fall into the trap of fraud and lose everything we have earned throughout our lives and sit on the edge of poverty.

  228. These kinds of programs sound dubious and risky from the word go. They are claiming that people can join without any prior knowledge and experience of affiliate marketing. Their program is about trading and investing. This fact may not be comforting for people who neither have affiliate marketing experience nor any trading experience.

    Another big warning sign as mentioned in your article is that there is no information about the owners of this program. There is no clarity as to how they would trade money invested by people who join them. People would be limited to earning commissions promoting Cash FX Group’s program only. Then those people need to reinvest their money after a point to continue with the program. On the whole, this seems like a small-time lottery system that too illegal. This one definitely should be avoided.

  229. Again you have submitted a great honest review Tony!

    With so many scams online today your reviews for the older and less internet savvy people like myself are priceless, and while I have heard the phrase Ponzi schemes and the likes it is great that you do all the research for us. 

    Had I known of yourself earlier in my quest to find an online business I may have saved myself 1000’s $$$ in wasted investments and programs.

    Keep up the great reviews mate!

  230. Excellent review Tony! Red flags everywhere! I have dabbled in the stock market myself but have stayed away from Forex trading. Your review tells me to definitely stay away from a website like CashFX. They promote the English language but not available in the US? Makes no sense to me. This site sounds like a money grab to me. Hopefully you didn’t get the bends on the way back up from your deep dive into this. Thank you!

  231. Hi Tony I left a comment on your website. I have positive reports about Cashfx from a number of people whom I trust so I may try it out myself, just to confirm personally that it is ok (or not). I heard numerous people report that they received a regular return on their investment just as promised by the company.Alan

  232. This is the first time I have heard of the CASH FX group.  I often receive notifications on my phone thru my Twitter account that unknown “Professionals” can take $500 and turn it into $5,000 using Forex trading strategies.  It is strange how ALL these opportunities can appear and exist in the investment niche unregulated.

    I know they may not operate from the United States so that can be one reason.  However, this company – CASH FX Group, has a multi-faceted approach.  As you mentioned, they offer a MLM guaranteed 200 to 400% ROI based SOLELY on new recruits.  Then, no where to identify any actual trades that show profit or loss.  

    So there is no way to identify how the funds are being used whether in a ethical or unethical way.  Based on your review, it definitely seems like a business opportunity to stay away from based on these findings.

    This article really sheds light on how certain companies operate from an outside view.  Unfortunately, companies like this will never share this information with the people they want to bring in.  

    Thanks for the thorough review of CASH FX group as Im sure other people who are doing their due diligence may run across this article/blog post as well.

  233. I’m pretty much a newbie at marketing and all the subtleties and methodologies that go along with it. Your article offers a ton of useful information. It’s always good to have resources such as yours when doing research, especially when you are just starting out.

    I found some of the videos especially enlightening.

    I had a friend who was interested in a MLM program (I forget the name of the company – this was many years ago). The idea was to get commissions from selling a bottle of herbs for $50 US and to build a team doing the same. You also got money for each person you recruited as a member of your team. Each member of your team was expected to do the same – sell bottles of herbs and recruit people to be members of their own team. And so on. They also offered expensive “seminars” you were encouraged to take that provided training for your sales activities. I told my friend that this all looked like a pyramid scheme and pretty fishy to me. He signed up anyway.

    Sometime later and considerably poorer, he told me I was right and that he shouldn’t have signed up. In the meantime, I had done some research and found out some very interesting things about this company.

    One thing I did learn was to avoid MLM companies. You confirmed my wariness.

    It is very useful to have reviews such as yours to take a look at when you are looking to invest some money. There are a lot of scam companies out there and many more operating right on the border between legal and illegal. It seems like nearly everyone is trying to leverage the internet to make money. You have provided a lot of information all collected in a single website (I did nose around some of your other pages). This is a great boon when doing research.

    When I am ready to invest, I am definitely planning on using your site as a resource. In the meantime, I am trying to learn as much as I can.

    I know you are looking for a topic review, but I want to go off topic for a second. When commenting, I always take a look at people’s sites on my phone (this is very important to Google – something like 85% of people use a mobile device to browse the net). The left side of some of your pages are right up against the side of the screen, which makes them a bit hard to read, especially on phones with “infinity” edges like mine. But no worries. Just increase the left margin a bit.

    All in all, good job.

  234. Dear Tony, thank you for exposing yet another illegal money syphoning venture for those wishing to do better in life. Based on your information, it is clear to me that the CFX Group, which is not registered with any financial regulators, is a threat to lives of many. Usually those getting involved in these schemes are low income earners trying to make ends meet. I hope your site receives lots of attention. Thank you again for bringing this to the public and hopefully the attention of the government.

  235. Hey Tony,
    That was a thoroughly informative post. I could hardly believe what I read about and I am grateful to your extensive research and explicit warnings regarding investing in such schemes related to investments, money markets and bitcoins. I do hope that your post reaches as many unwary people as possible so that they are able to save money. Thank you for your research and warnings! Thanks again for sharing!

  236. Hi Tony Lee , I have to commend you on highlighting this to everyone who is looking to earn money online , I have been contacted on several occasion with offer like this and is happy that I did not get involved and part company with my hard earn cash , as for you Tony you deserve a medal for this article , lots of people fell victim to these scam and is so depressed they never talk about it , but you did , and this article is very well put together with lots of detail , I want to personally thank you , with the fluctuation of the crypto market I been tempted to get involved but with the information you provide in this article , I will definitely check stuff like company registration and licence before I even attempt to sign up , very good article Tony , thanks you

  237. Hi Tony, I once made an account with this company, thinking I would be able to make money with them. I first entered their website to look around and a bot message automatically popped up asking for my number for a call to provide more information, which I accepted. Then they told me to register there and then, while on the phone with them, without giving me time to think, so I just registered and put a deposit in to make them happy (They said the deposit can be withdrawn at any time). 

    Afterwards, I needed my money back from them for an emergency and they refused to give it back and when they did it was too late. On top of that, they took 20% of the money and gave me the rest of it, which is unfair because I didn’t use any of the money for their services.

    Later on within the week, I received an email saying they are going to terminate the contract because they are no longer going to be providing services to residents in the UK and closed the account. I found this to be strange because it wasn’t long when I opened the account. I mean they could have specified this before I opened the account but they were just insisting for me to do this. 

    So today, my account has been closed and I still receive numerous, spammy calls from them, which I don’t pick up. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend this company at all. You rather save your hard earned money and invest into something that doesn’t waste your time. 

    Thank you Tony for this informative article and I wish you all the best! 


  238. This topic is a good one as not a lot of people dont know about scams especially the older generation my mum is in her 70s and she doesnt have a clue about them so now she asks me first because im more aware what to look out for so yes i think this topic is really good.

  239. Services like this is not my area of expertise, but like you said more and more companies are claiming to be the right fit but most of them are just scams in my view.

    I have personally been exposed for several of them and the same tactics come to play.

    1. They want to book a call to show the platform.

    2. Before you get to research if they are legit they want you to do the first investment while they are on the phone.

    3. I have also experienced that they sell your email adress and phone numbers from several countries called from similar services.

    There are so many claiming to know the best investment to do in this field and if you are not carefull you can be tricked big time.

  240. After reading through a few posts, the central intention (heart) of the site seemed unclear (ambiguous)? (Make us Curious? Warnings? Breakthroughs? Other?)

    Since I understand the Home page example as generally describing a “Ponzi scheme” (shell game), not much to say there.

    On the Collagen post, to your credit this opened my thoughts about the hypothesis. But then there were a few points where personal opinion and anecdote seemed to overwhelm science. It might have helped to mix in an external link or a citation inline to offer reputable references (e.g. NIH, FDA, Webmed, MayoClinic, Harvard Med)?

    In general, I won’t adopt a new thing based on anecdotal evidence alone. Nor do I suggest others adopt a new thing, without either testing (e.g. A/B) and/or support from research that applied a scientific method, rather than simply the name of one doctor.

    But the article did make me curious, which may have been the intention? So… success!

    Anyway, medical professionals and researchers all highlight the need for FDA-approved supplements, as some Collegen supplements could deliver BSE. So my concern here is safety.

    “Collagen supplementation is generally safe with no reported adverse events. Further studies are needed to elucidate medical use in skin barrier diseases such as atopic dermatitis and to determine optimal dosing regimens.” (NIH)  

    [Look for companies that get their bones and tissues from cage-free, free-range, and antibiotic-free sources. Look for a trusted brand with a third-party label like NSF or USP.] (ConsumersHealth, WebMD)

    At the end of the day, there is material that seems grounded in personal experience, which is fine. But perhaps some valid concerns and objections might be overcome with use of more observational, scientific links.

    Hope this helps –

  241. All of these “forex trading” companies I see around seem really fishy to me in the first place. However, I understand enough about the markets to realize they COULD potentially be making the kind of money they say. Trading bots can scalp profits off of volatile stocks during the trading hours really easily, and 24/7 with cryptocurrencies. I mean they pool together all of these peoples funds into one trade, and go hit up the leveraged trading, like with cryptocurrencies you can get 100x leverage even. This would be really nice for them, because they would be pooling together everyone’s money into single trades allowing them way more leverage, they could easily be turning their money over 100x in a day and paying out 2x, 3x, 10x to each person and laughing to the bank. However, I still don’t really trust the idea of these things. I’d rather set up the trades myself and just make my little tiny bits of cash at a time. 

  242. Cash FX Group is generally a multi-level marketing platform that provides you with an opportunity to earn with promised referral commissions and return on investments You can make money with CFX Group, but the money is not coming from selling retail services or products, or might not even be from Forex trading better not go like this website are totally scammers

  243. Hey Tony. I’ve heard a lot about this. And I’ve seen all kinds of other programs that promote exactly the same thing. The way they are written and the enticement within the articles make it seem so tempting to join. What I do now is just close the page whenever I see them.

    Your article gives excellent data and points out all the key facts and information making it evident that engaging in this program would be unwise.

    Thanks, man!



  244. Thanks for your update concerning the Cash FX system – and questioning the whole enterprise as a “Pyramid Scheme” or a “Ponzi Scheme.”  

    I would certainly be concerned about joining such a program that the feds might come in and shut the whole thing down. If that were to occur, you would almost certainly lose all or most of your investment.

    My fears of government intervention were further heightened by its lack of financial accountability.  Just like you say, these programs have a way of disappearing with your money never to be seen again.

    Thanks for alerting the investment community to what seems to be a shady operation unless it provides more background information.  Certainly, I would not invest unless it was regulated by some US group that would be able to investigate whether its income is really from investing or from other investors.


  245. Great article. There are so many scams out there that promise get rich quick schemes. Generally, if it was easy, then everybody would figure it out and once everybody figured it out, it wouldn’t be lucrative anymore. The sad thing is that many people stuck at home during the pandemic would probably click on this and go down the rabbithole and end up signing up with money they don’t have.

  246. Tony, you are in the true sense a true veteran and digital wolf. This review of the CashFX Group is detailed and exhaustive and based on a range of facts and evidence of a possible Ponzi scheme indicates many red flags and confirmation that no money should be invested here. Great text and a good example of possible fraud.

  247. Thanks to provide such information Tony. Extraordinary to peruse your survey. Above all else, the second I saw “Money FX was a Multi level promoting, I got as uninterested as your one visitor mentioned before. Most multi levels markets I have seen are a finished exercise in futility. Simply work and little rewards. Exhaustive audit tho, I figure it will help control amateurs. Overall you did good, your content is informative and helpful 

  248. Cash FX Group is an MLM company that allows you to earn money with the promised ROI. I appreciate your discussion on the topic, as available research provides viewers a better understanding of the topic. I was very skeptical and always have in the past stayed clear of this sort of thing but something caught my eye. Thank you for sharing. 

  249. Hi Tony, you have put a lot of good work into your website. Just quickly running my eyes over everything shows you have done some in depth research on this matter and you have strong feelings in regards to the if not legality of it, certainly the moral bankruptcy  ( Is that too strong language – maybe not for those who have lost their life savings) of it all.

    Anyway first things first, I think you have laid out the script and video evenly. It is easy on the eyes and that helps get the message across ( You can concentrate on the content without any glaring interference from unbalanced script/picture mix.) . Perhaps though it would be nice to center the video in the middle of the page. The gap to the right of the video needs either the video moved further over or a small amount of text (A heading maybe or brief overview of what you are about to see) 

    I liked your use of click throughs ( is that what they are called) . Especially the one going through to the analogue timer. I could just about smell the scam. However, I think you should be careful as to how many you use. for no other reason than this..Hmmm… can’t reach this page
    tXXXXXXXXXX took too long to respond
    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall
    Running Windows Network Diagnostics

    And it may not be your end. Vietnam quite often has weak internet , but I have the best there is over here, so it shouldn’t happen. anyway i would be careful, especially if you know it is going to be viewed off shore.

    There was another one further down the page that said this..This Facebook post is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed. And honestly, I don’t know if that has to do with the “scam” story or it is informing you there has been a problem. But you are running a lot of Data and things can start to go wrong if there is a hint of a weak internet connection. 

    Ok, back to the content. I have a bit of an investment/banking background a long time ago so I do understand what is being discussed. However, even if I didn’t have that background I would still be able to understand because you have put it in laymans terms that make it understandable.

    I will not go into my feelings about the moral bankruptcy of what is happening here because that was not my role. But I understand how you feel and applaud that you have still managed to control your feelings and approach this “Topic” with a level head. In short, well laid out but with a few things needed to be changed. and for the rest of the matter you have prepared and laid out your material in an informative journalistic way. Well done. 

  250. Hey Tony,

    Thanks for a very informative and in depth review. Looks like you definitely did your homework on the legitimacy of the company. I am positive that your work will have saved many people from the headache who were thinking about investing. Being that the company is not legally registered to be doing business will save alot of people headaches to come in the future.

    Good work sir!

  251. Hi there Tony! Great to read through your review. First and foremost, the moment I saw “Cash FX was a Multi level marketing, I became uninterested. Most multi levels markets I have seen are a complete waste of time. Just work work work and little commissions/ rewards. Thorough review tho, I think it will help guide newbies.

  252. Hey Tony , had visited your earlier blog post on cash fx .. got some insightful updates on the same . glad you shared about CFX Marketing system in this blog post , it was good to know how they invest our cash in forex trading and later share profits with us . glad you have embedded videos this time in your post which is really helpful to gain knowledge before we can invest ! keep up the good work . 

  253. I can tell you did your homework on Cash FX Group. While I have had no run-ins with this company, when I first started in Affiliate Marketing I knew nothing and it took sitting through countless webinars and sales pitches, who all but guaranteed success, which they are not supposed to do, to finally begin to see through the scams. 

    So many new people were joining affiliate marketing because it took very little money and no license. The free webinars were all basically the same. These “experts” Promise you the moon to get you into the webinar where they were supposed to tell you the secret to making money. 

    After 45 minutes of hot air and never telling anything, they get down to the real purpose which is getting as many people to sign up at extremely high costs, but again, promising you the moon.

    I am glad you posted this and we need more of these kinds of posts that can make others aware of scams and traps that are everywhere. People who do nothing more than dream up ways to get our money, legal or not, are not going away anytime soon.

    But one way to fight back is to expose them.



  254. I was just checking to see if anything new had been posted here. I’d come across this website before and found it to be interesting. As I was still hoping for a little more clarity but I suppose this tells you what you need to know anyway so thanks again tony

  255. Hey Tony! Another program with a pyramid scheme. It’s really bothering me why they only accept bitcoin. Sounds suspicious. People should always be reminded and not to rush in too quickly with everything. I appreciate your honesty in sharing this valuable information! Sometimes, it’s hard to be brutally honest but you did a great job!

  256. Hello there

    Thank you for sharing this amazing post Tony. When Cash Fx had just come, i thought it was a real deal too. I had almost gone through it as well. In this online world, you can easily lose a lot of cash if you are not careful. thats why its very important to rely on the reviews especially by experts like you Tony before investing in any online business venture. Thank you so much for this  aye opener.

  257. good morning 

    this is the first time for me to comment on WA

    I have read many times about this article Cash FX Group … really it always touch my feeling for passive income but never gain what i want 

    great research and hope you always success but if you accept my opinion don’t play on others dreams when you know it is not like that 

    have a good day for all 

  258. Hi TonyLee, thanks for this review on Cash FX Group! I have seen these guys around the internet, and it’s encouraging to hear you say that you feel they are a scam. I also felt that way. It’s a good reminder to only put your money into “…online investment firms whose available information and income claims are easy to verify and those that have sound records of achievements,” as you said. Too many red flags are simply too many red flags! It really is a shame to put hard-earned money into something like this when it could be used to grow your business in other ways. Thanks for helping us navigate through all the scams online today! I really appreciate it!

  259. What’s really interesting about this article is your detailed research was able to identify that it is a pyramid scheme or at best “multi level marketing”. You have clearly done your research, I wonder if you had to suffer a “lived experience” with this company? whatever it is I am suitably grateful because if you manage to help just ONE person then your job will have been done. 

    I have signed up to very similar systems hoping, (this time) I will be one of the lucky ones. As I said at the outset, what is interesting about your research is that despite all the clear evidence, how you have shown  that the long term figures don’t stack and its almost certainly a  scam, never the less the numbers can and still do (in a certain light), look attractive and the customer reading their website and spin will know its too good to be true, but an element of  “what the heck” “I may be the lucky 1% who is successful, (this time)” 

    I have witnessed many times (myself included) how persuasive the seller can be when they tap into the customer’s desire psyche. How passive income is such a desirable commodity, as a customer it always appears just out of reach, everyone else is achieving 5 figure income per month why not me?

    The article was detailed, I really appreciate you taking the time to warn myself and others like me, to STAY AWAY.

    Do you research other or similar types of programmes? if so are there any you can recommend?

  260. Tony Lee, our friend, talks about the Cash FX Group in detail. It is apparently another pyramid scheme, so that we have to get people to join, and those have to get more people to join or we don’t get the promised reward, and may still lose all the money we invested there. Yet, nothing of this seems to be said by those proposing the scheme to us. There is also strong evidence that the group trades nothing or is acting in illegality. 

  261. Tony, OK, wait, I just read the other review, but now you have this updated one. First, thanks for doing this, but WHAT? When I read the other one, I was a bit irritated because it is another scam. But you say the MLM side operates as a ponzi scam. How are they still operating? Since they are not registered anywhere, can the trade commission not find them? But can’t they still shut them down. Please help me understand this better? Maybe I just got so upset about this that I missed it in your words. 

  262. I wish I had read your article a long time ago before getting into what I got into and made me less interested into Cryptocurrency or Forex trading.  I joined this forex trading group that had great explanations but after I invested my funds into it, I was left alone with no knowledge or guide into the process. I also couldn’t get a refund and there was no way I could get in touch with anyone of them by email or phone. So basically I was scammed and it just made me to stay away from any sort of forex trading.

  263. No  no no … dont trust this at all. The money being made here is not through trading but through other peoples money so its a ponzi. Im so sick of theses scammers taking advantage of desperate people during a pandemic. May they all crash soon! BTC payments are not traceable and is too risky y, you have no contact people here either to hold accountable,

    Thank you for alerting us to this yet another scam.

  264. Yeah, that’s a big red flag. The part about how there’s no info about who owns or runs the company. It’s one thing not having any retail products for sale, because affiliate marketing works the same way, since you’re selling someone else’s products. But when you don’t know who’s behind the opportunity, you really have to wonder. You really have to watch out, these days. The scammers, especially recently with all these lost jobs during the pandemic, are everywhere you look. 

  265. I think you have to send Cashfx BTC to get started. Rang alarm bells for me too because that makes payment untraceable. So many people on Facebook hitting me up to join. How long do you think they will last? Do you suggest any goof FX resources? Maybe they are ok!

  266. Tony Lee Hamilton. The world needs more people like you who can go into depth about scams around. I lost a lot of money as well through trading with a company which I did not really understand their concept. I was trained but it seemed that to them, the more money I would lose, the more money they would make. Sometimes newbies or uninformed people would need people like you to guide them in the right direction and with such thorough investigation, who can go wrong. Great review. 

  267. Honesty is huge, people do not like to be deceived or tricked into money making scams. Thankyou for your knowledge and diligence in proving if this is a legit way to earn money, or a scam. Your article is well written and informative. An honest opinion goes a lot farther than a flashy, site that’s just trying to get your hard earned income.  Sometimes being Brutally honest is tough, but it grabs your readers attention and earns their trust. Good use of space and video. 

  268. From my viewpoint, I acknowledge that you have a very point by point site structure, enlightening with all the recognizes that you have added to your site. Everything is flawless, and you do have stacks of pages and posts in general. When in doubt it is an impeccable turn of events. I can perceive how much problematic work you have set into it. In any case, I’m certain that it will payout for you. Beguiling work.

  269. It’s important to be extra careful when joining any programs ostensibly designed to help you earn a decent living from home. There are many scams that prey on our desire for shortcuts, and some people still believe they can find them online. Just like in other areas of life I’m sure we’re all aware by now there is no such thing as an easy way out or quick-fix solution waiting around the corner. Unfortunately, it seems so many fall victim after being scammed away their hard-earned money which could have been spent more wisely elsewhere.

  270. Cash FX group is a platform that offers so many benefits, the offers seem too good to be true though.. I might not advise anyone to thread that part of I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone either. Affiliate marketing still remains one of the Best things to venture into on the internet till date. Thank you Tony for sharing this here

  271. Hi there, Cash FX Group is a forex trading group with an FCA scam warning. Cash FX Group claims that they give you the opportunity to earn money with the promised ROI and the referral commissions.

    As you know, scammers are always looking for new ways to scam people online. What we need to do first is to protect ourselves from these scammers.

    It’s your duty not to rush blindly trying to make money online and keep your personal information to yourself . We should also share our experience with others so people can avoid scams.

    Thank you so much for sharing the details of this scam. Much appreciated.

  272. Cash FX Group – You are saying they are not registered with financial regulators?  How can they be in this business then? I do not care for MLM schemes and this sure looks like one to me.  The only people that make money are ones at the top.  Can people do well with MLM – sure – if they have support from a group of like minded people that can join under them.  This is one thing I will be steering clear of.  Thank You once again. 

  273. Hi,
    Well done you. Thank you for this valuable information.

    It’s hard for people to notice the red flags or signs when they are desperately looking to make money fast. Also, because of the sweet wordings in the promotional mails, it’s hard to not be hood winked.

    This is a good insight into a program that is in high demand. this is because a lot of people are looking for ways to make more money online.
    Cash FX was introduced to me by my brother sometime last year, but because I was sceptical, I did not Join. Now, your elaborate insight into how it works, it will be easy for others like me to make up their mind.

    But with your knowledge in this sector, which one can you recommend?

  274. I read the entire article about the Cash FX group. Although it wasn’t clear from the beginning if it is a scam or not, one minute of listening over the first company’s video presentation made it all clear. 

    Without selling a physical or digital product how can you guarantee returns? Taking simply money from the right pocket to the left pocket till they dry you up, is a scam Ponzi strategy of the worst kind. Nice to have informative articles, over scammers. lately, I am receiving repetitive phone calls for abroad phone numbers, asking me to invest with their Forex company, giving a prize of cash for the entry of about $300. Ridiculous, none of them were regulated, like the Cash FX group.

     My question to Tony “marketing veteran” is why to leave the link of the company, inside his article, when it’s obvious one needs to stay away from these sharks.

     Finally, would like to see some articles about cheap software. There are many platforms promoting such items to shiny syndrome buyers. As an auditor, I would love to have them all audited! Extensive amounts of hard-earned money thrown into the black hole pit. Most of today’s digital citizens are unaware of the risks ahead.

  275. Thank you for your review of CFX.  I have heard of it and everybody likes it.  I can now see that this is a total scam and Ponzi scheme. As with other pyramid schemes, it will all fall to pieces when they stop generating customers – because they have nothing else to buy or sell.  I won’t ever buy into this.  Thanks!

  276. Well, I must say!! I have never heard of this company before, but thank goodness I haven’t I guess.  It’s amazing to me how easy it is for people to take advantage of other people’s disadvantages.  How can you find out if a company is legit or not?  I know that you can pretty much put anything on the web or YouTube these days, saying anything.  So how do you tell the legit sites from the phony one’s?  Is there a website to go on?  I would like to know for future references.  Thank you for posting this article and making people aware of this scam site.


  277. To be honest, I have been the type or still are the type to think that there is a way to make money much easier in life but with that mindset I tend to hit a lot of rock bottoms when it comes to these sites and apps but thankfully I have never been the one to use my hard earned money on these scams.I normally try out sites and apps that claims to make money on their program and cash out after reaching a certain threshold.

    And I agree with your article, it is too sketchy and putting in your hard earned money into this would be a very bad investment decision. To some persons it may seem appealing but for me, since it talks about recruiting persons and making money out of referral commissions only after investing your own money into the site, it seems a bit scammish to me. 

    Thank you so much for shring this information. At least I know that I’ll be avoiding Cash FX Group from having an idea of what it is and the red flags that are revealed!

  278. The Cash FX scandal is just one of Tony’s five-star reviews that reveal the cold hard facts about their deceptive practices. There are thousands of online scandals that are discrediting the overall expectation of those people who are new to online business endeavors.

    Tony has done an excellent job of directing the truth and the facts in this particular scandal. There are many truths revealed that have been ongoing misconceptions by thousands of new entrepreneurs.

    I feel the most important part of the review is the simple fact that most people often overlook due to their level of excitement about their promises of commission. On their website is absolutely no information about who owns or operates the company. Really? WOW, that is an instant red flag to run for the hills in my opinion.

    This was an excellent review that had some very disturbing facts and truths revealed. This is definitely a five-star in my opinion. Many people can be rescued from the old “hook and Bait” routine that the FX program was going to swindle the newbie out of everything they had.

  279. As soon as I started reading this, I was thinking, “Ponzi Scheme! Red flag!” I think you called it. Anyone that wants to take your money and invest it for you is usually just wanting to take your money. Do your own research before investing your hard earned paper. Speaking of which, really suspicious that they only accept bitcoin. Super sketchy. Thanks for the review and highlighting this information. It highlights how these people want to be anonymous, and that’s never a good thing when you’re considering doing business with someone. 

    Several of the videos on here seem to be outdated. When I clicked on the ones that work, I was a bit confused as to what I was seeing at first. Consider including a caption.

  280. It takes time and persistence to get somewhere. I have found out that the only money that you should spend, to make money, is money well worth spent on online training and courses. Even then, you need to be careful on where to spend your money on lessons, do you have any good experiences with wealthy affiliate ?

  281. Thanks for doing your research and sharing what you have found. There are so many options today via online sources that you should be wise and defiantly do some research before joining. They offer you cash success and hardly any work or training required. These are some easy red flags to spot. Like you said becoming wealthy without work is more like an inheritance not a business. Looking forward to your future reviews.

    Be safe



  282. The site has not been updated for some time. The text extends to the sides of the page. Hard to read and follow. They talk about a lot of scams, but there is no defining outcome. Many links to click on, but it isn’t easy to click on anything when talking about scams.

  283. Before Joining wealthy affiliate platform, I had  fallen Into online scams that seems to be true and legit at the beginning but finally ends up stealing our money . Since you have talked about  Cash FX platform, I will do further  research to see if the program is legit before I Join. Thanks

  284. This was a great article Tony! Many of your comments about the Cash FX Group brings back memories of when I was involved with FX, but that was a long time ago.

    I am interested to learn more about this and look forward to your next review. When do you think you’ll be writing another one for Cash FX Group?

    Thanks for the excellent content, Tony.

  285. Thanks for your opinion, Tony.  I had a friend that was interested in them and was ready to give it a try. But when he told me about them I advise him to search for more info and make a decision after. 

    Your article proves my concerns. I will show him this page as well and hopefully, he will change his mind if is not to late.

    Thanks, Tony.

  286. Wow, Tony what an eye-opening article and review of this Cash FX group scam! I have seen it advertised online awhile back but was never interested in Forex trading so I never clicked it and I am glad I didn’t! I definitely seems like a pyramid scheme, especially since they don’t have any real products they sell! 

    I appreciate your thoroughness on this topic and the updates you make recently to keep us in the know about this scam.

  287. Once again, another great topic on Cash FX Group.  I’m glad that you had an update on the site and what they are doing.  It seems like there is more and more evidence that this is more of a pyramid scheme, and that it should be avoided.  I am actually surprised that the Federal Trade Commission has not shut this site down yet, as it provides no real evidence of some of the things it claims.  Is there any reason why you think they have not been shut down yet?

  288. Hey,

    Thank you for sharing this, hope more people will see your post and realize that is not worth it. There are more other better platforms out the to join. I personally think that is a scam. There are way too many concerns about it. 

    Great, informative videos. Useful information which gives a bit of sense on what that actually is.

  289. Awesome review, Tony! I agree with all the concerns you have about the Cash FX Group. I think anything that offers guaranteed fixed returns on investments without proof of results can be very easily slotted into the category of scams. Like in Canada, I know there’s a law that says companies should be able to back up their claims for certain industries and it should be that way for the make money online programs.