2023 GoFounders OnPassive EcoSystem, is OnPassive a Scam, will it ever launch?

Update Published on 13 August 2023 = click here -> SEC sues OnPassive! MLM Scheme Ashraf Mufareh GoFounders!

Onpassive, an avant-garde entity in the realm of AI technology, is a pioneering force set to alter the landscape of business operations. With its array of AI-powered digital solutions, it pledges to boost productivity and catalyze growth for enterprises of all dimensions. It presents itself as a groundbreaking platform devised to automate communication and various other operational aspects, boasting a suite of distinctive tools such as O-Connect, O-Mail, O-Net, and O-Trim​.

However, the fact that Onpassive hasn't officially launched yet has spurred conjectures of potential deceit. Skepticism is further fueled by its lofty vision to “lift humanity” and “change the world”​​, with some observers questioning the veracity of such grandiose claims.

While the company's dynamic offerings, such as the O-Connect for seamless virtual connection experiences​​, and O-Mail, a secure and innovative email service​​, hint at a promising future, the lack of a tangible product on the market raises eyebrows.

The introduction of Onpassive as a transformative force in the realm of AI technology is indeed compelling, but the whispers of it potentially being a scam create an intriguing narrative. Time will unveil the reality of this budding AI behemoth, as it either revolutionizes the digital world or crumbles under the weight of its own grandeur.

What is OnPassive.com?

OnPassive.com ai powered solutions? Business Intelligence or simply a Scam? according to Ash Mufareh it's an avant-garde juggernaut in the domain of artificial intelligence, manifests itself as a beacon in the business ecosystem. This trailblazer, ensconced in technological innovation, is primed to turbocharge productivity and catalyze unprecedented growth for businesses, irrespective of their scale. The company, an orchestrator of a revolutionary platform, aims to streamline communication and automate diverse operational components, parading a repertoire of distinctive AI-fueled mechanisms like O-Connect, O-Mail, O-Net, and O-Trim​.

However, its embryonic status, devoid of a marketable product, has sparked whispers of duplicity. Critics raise an eyebrow at the company's lofty aspirations to “elevate humanity” and “revolutionize the world”​1, propelling debates on the authenticity of such grandiose pronouncements.

Despite the skepticism, OnPassive's prospective offerings, such as O-Connect for frictionless digital interfacing​, and O-Mail, a robust and groundbreaking electronic communication service​, suggest a future brimming with potential.

OnPassive presents a fascinating duality. On one hand, it is a potential game-changer in the AI technology sector, while on the other, it is enshrouded in uncertainty due to allegations of it potentially being a ruse. The unfolding of time will either cement its place as a digital titan or expose a hollow facade.

The Onpassive Ecosystem

The ONPASSIVE Ecosystem is an extensive, multi-faceted digital hub offering a wide array of AI-driven solutions and tools. Its purpose is to propel business growth and productivity, providing a comprehensive suite of services on a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model​​.

Among the innovative solutions provided, O-Connect is a robust platform amalgamating chat, video conferencing, project management, and more to ensure seamless communication and collaboration, perfect for both on-site and remote teams​3​. O-Tracker, a location awareness and IP Address Tracker Module, offers valuable insights into user locations and behaviors, allowing marketers to track visitors from diverse geographies.

O-Mail, an advanced email service, delivers a secure and convenient communication experience with intelligent spam filters, integrated calendar, and ample storage space. It supports email encryption and offers multiple customization options, making it an excellent choice for both personal and professional use​. O-Trim, a custom URL shortener, allows for easy tracking of created URLs and provides enhanced security for shortened URLs​​.

Within the social media realm, O-Net creates a vibrant platform connecting individuals with similar interests. It fosters high-quality content sharing and discussions while offering targeted advertising opportunities for businesses to expand their reach. O-Create, an AI-enabled website builder, makes it simple for anyone to create a professional, high-quality website tailored to their customer segment​​.

O-Bless Crowdfunding is a unique community designed to support causes and ideas, providing a platform for global giving that's both hyperlocal and impactful​​.

While this covers a range of offerings within the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem, further exploration may reveal additional tools and services that may be beneficial depending on specific business needs.

 Onpassive Products and Services

The ONPASSIVE Ecosystem is a monumental, multifaceted digital hub brimming with pioneering AI-infused solutions. Acting as an engine for commercial progression and efficiency, it dispenses an all-inclusive range of services via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

O-Connect, a potent platform, weaves together elements of instant messaging, video conferencing, and project coordination to cultivate an environment of fluid communication and partnership. This comprehensive hub adapts to the needs of both traditional and remote teams, assuring continuous connectivity​​.

The O-Tracker acts as a geographical oracle, an IP Address Tracker Module, shedding light on user locations and behaviors, enabling marketers to monitor visitors from a kaleidoscope of regions​​.

The advanced email solution, O-Mail, serves as a secure and user-friendly communication channel. With a suite of intelligent spam filters, integrated calendars, and abundant storage space, it adds another dimension to both personal and business communication. Its added ability to support email encryption and offer a plethora of customization options amplifies its appeal​1.

O-Trim is ONPASSIVE's bespoke URL shortener, streamlining the tracking of created URLs and fortifying security, a beacon of simplicity and safety in the digital realm​​.

The social media platform, O-Net, is a vibrant, digital agora, uniting individuals with shared interests. It promotes high-quality content exchange and meaningful discussions, and presents businesses with laser-targeted advertising opportunities to widen their customer reach​​.

O-Create, an AI-assisted website builder, democratizes website creation, enabling anyone to fashion a high-grade, professional website that caters to their specific audience​​.

O-Bless Crowdfunding offers a platform for the global philanthropic community to back causes and ideas they hold dear, providing an avenue for giving that is both localized and instantly impactful​​.

This robust ecosystem of offerings from ONPASSIVE caters to a myriad of business requirements. Further exploration may unveil additional tools and services that may be instrumental in meeting specific business objectives.

The Global Reach and Future Plans of Onpassive

Onpassive's effect on the commercial landscape is profound and transformative, reshaping the way businesses operate. This innovative company, built upon a foundation of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, offers a suite of automated software as a service (SaaS) products that provide unparalleled benefits to organizations worldwide​.

Their product line includes tools like O-Connect, an all-encompassing platform merging chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and project management into a unified workspace​. With O-Mail, a secure, feature-rich email service, professional and personal communication are enhanced​​. O-Net, their social networking site, not only facilitates community building but also offers a marketplace for local trade and targeted advertising opportunities, thereby revolutionizing the business-customer interface​​.

Onpassive's reach is not just extensive, but it's also transformative. Their commitment to providing AI-driven solutions that adapt to businesses of different sizes is enabling even small businesses to leverage the latest technologies to compete with global players​.

As for the future, Onpassive's ambition is not just limited to revolutionizing the business sector. The company also aims to create a positive societal impact. An illustration of this is O-Bless, a crowdfunding platform designed to support and nurture the causes and communities people care about, making global giving both hyperlocal and instantaneously impactful​​.

is OnPassive a Scam, has anyone been paid & will it ever truly launch?

Onpassive, a tech-based start-up, has been the subject of considerable controversy. Despite presenting itself as an AI-driven business revolution, the company has been questioned due to its postponed launch and the lack of transparency in its operations.

Those who invested in the company were promised an attractive array of AI-powered tools and a “hands-free” business model, but as the company's launch is continually delayed, they are now left wondering where their investments have been utilized. This protracted delay has led to increasing skepticism, with some drawing parallels to the familiar “too good to be true” scheme.

Furthermore, the fact that no one has reported receiving payments raises alarm. The lack of visible financial returns for GoFounders, who were supposed to be the first to benefit from the platform's launch, has contributed to suspicions of a scam. The combination of elusive earnings and indefinite delays casts a pall over Onpassive's operations.

The location of the investments made by GoFounders, which were supposed to fuel a digital revolution, remains a conundrum. This financial ambiguity has only added to the growing concerns about the legitimacy of Onpassive's business model and operations.

I ain't saying that OnPassive is an outright scam but why hasn't anyone been paid & where has the many millions of dollars paid by the founders gone?  

Did You join OnPassive? 

Have You been paid? 

What value have You received from being a founder at the GoFounders OnPassive ecosystem? 

When will it ever launch? 

How long ago did You and/or any of your friends join?

Update Published on 13 August 2023 = click here -> SEC sues OnPassive! MLM Scheme Ashraf Mufareh GoFounders!

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