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EmpowerLife Launch Day Matrix Explained!
Most of us who are in the “Make Money Online” industry have by now heard about the new as of 26 July Pre-Launch of Empower Life Club by Alex Thomas….. You have heard about it, right? How about LiveGood, We Got Friends, Got Backup or Turnkey aka Cliqly? You've heard about those “opportunities” that have spread like wildfire in 2023, correct? What do they all have in common besides being launched this year? Powerline in a forced matrix! Truth be told, I never joined any of them except for Got Backup (for the security for my devices) and now Empower Life. Yes, I am a Rep for Empower Life as I got in on the 1st day of Pre-Launch at 10:30pm est….

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What is the Empower Life Club?

The Empower Life Club is an ongoing educational site where we can all learn and earn with Multiple Streams of Income Online. The areas of interest include but aren't limited to Cryptocurrency Education & Strategies, Digital Marketing & Niche SEO Mastery, Artificial Intelligence Knowledge & Applications, Digital Products via an e-Shop, Travel Portal with Excellent Discounts, Downloadable Marketing Materials & Business Tools, Top Coaching and unmatched Training.

All of the above for the minimal cost of $10 for the set up fee then a club cost of $10 per month which also qualifies us to earn with the amazing compensation plan that pays back affiliates 85% of the moneys collected.

Speaking of compensation, the 2×12 Forced Matrix is just 1 of the many ways that we'll be getting paid! View the YouTube Video below to see a more in-depth explanation!

Empower Life Compensation Plan

EmpowerLife has the highest compensation plan ever created. In fact, over 85% of the total sales of the company are given back to our Affiliates. Isn't it Insane ! You can compare one side the huge value for price of the membership. On the other side, the highest ever compensation plan offered an unparalleled opportunity.

And just because we don't play any games, you are getting paid. Instantly, from the moment you become even a Free Member with us. The instant distribution of commissions enables quick access to funds. No Pending Commissions! No Delays! No Restrictions! No Games!

You could potentially make up to $4,096 every month without sponsoring anyone! and that is possible, because we are building a Global 2×12 Matrix. In this structure, the company and affiliates above you place new affiliates in your Team (Spillovers). Your wallet will accumulate commissions on a daily basis, allowing you to withdraw earnings whenever desired.

When you refer others to our remarkable products and financial potential, you can earn extra perks!

The people who join us every day possess qualities similar to those already working here. They are looking for a powerful way to make money from home. This method can be very appealing because it requires little time or money. With our groundbreaking products, individuals from diverse backgrounds are now attaining triumph…a feat they may have never previously accomplished. Our generous compensation plan serves as an additional motivator. through Empower Life's 8 Income Ways: Commission structures covering fast start, matrix, infinity, retail, e-shop, influencer bonuses, rank-based rewards, and profit sharing.

PLUS, because you submitted your information before them, you have an opportunity to be positioned in the Matrix. Before all of them, you can maximize your timing and positioning in our powerful compensation program… but only if you TAKE ACTION!

Each person you refer to EmpowerLife who becomes a member and an affiliate results in $10 in Instant Fast Start Commissions for you. Moreover, you will also receive a $10 one-time affiliate fee.

Example: Each personally enrolled individual translates into $100 Fast Start Commissions for you.

Your Instant Fast Start Commission earnings total $5.

Example: As a complimentary member with personally referred individuals totaling 10, you will receive $50 quick start commissions.

Instant commissions for Fast Start Commissions are earned on the $10 registration fee for affiliates. Every person you refer will earn you a $10 bonus.

Once you become a paid Affiliate in EmpowerLife (Paid Member), you are given your own business center. In our fast-filling 2×12 Matrix! The Company and the affiliates above you will be placing new affiliates in your team. By joining as a paid affiliate ASAP, you'll jump ahead in the ranking matrix, leading to immediate and recurring revenue.

All Matrix Percentages are calculated using monthly $10 subscription charges. Enjoy steady cash flow via reliable payment scheme.

Hint: Our plan ensures that members receive their earnings rapidly. Upon encountering a person, their addition to your network results in immediate financial gain. undefined

Example: Both today and each subsequent month, you will be eligible for Global Matrix Commissions if you have subordinates within your Matrix. No Delays. No Waiting Periods.

As impressive as the Fast Start Commissions and Matrix Bonuses are, our Infinity Commissions exceed them in size.

On top of the $4,096 that you can earn in your personal matrix, For each person who you refer to EmpowerLife starting from the 3rd direct paid referral till infinity width even on their team till infinity depth, you will earn additional Infinity Commissions Today and every month (10% of their subscription). The potential for income is limitless!

Commission percentages for Infinity Plans depend on monthly subscriptions. Financial rewards are constant with instant infinity monthly payments.

The contributions of our affiliates play a vital role in our achievements. We recognize that and want to reward you even more. Allowing you to celebrate your Ranks and Rewards among the entire company is our pleasure. Upon reaching a particular rank, you will be granted your prize, and recognition will additionally be given provided you hold that position for three months.

Example: If you have personally introduced over 30 active paid member and earned total commissions over $10,000. Graduating to the GOLD Rank comes with a cash prize of $500 and the prospect of addressing an influential gathering of peers at a future Live Event.

A crucial segment of our business operations are supported by our affiliates. Appreciating your contribution, we offer you a more substantial token of recognition by sharing in the entire company's sales revenue. Once you achieve Diamond rank, you will share in 5% of total company sales every month!

5% of the Total Sales of all membership sales gets divided evenly between all qualified Diamond ranked affiliates and paid out monthly.

Example: There are 100,000 Active Members in the company. That means: there is $50,000 getting generated every month in the Diamond Pool and is distributed equally among the Diamond Members every month.

Empower Presentation

Well, since you've made it this far, you must like what you've seen!

If it was me who shared this article with you then go back up to the top of this page and click the join now Blue Link above…. or this one! If it was someone else, simply get back with him/her and let them know that you learned more here and are ready to lock in your spot! Welcome to the team, I look forward to growing our income and broadening our horizons with all of the networking and learning that we're all going to enjoy moving forward.

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  1. Hey Tony,

    Empower Life sounds and reads like a great club and community to be a part of.

    Communities are one of the best ways to grow yourself, grow your business and help others to do the same.

    I will let you know my thoughts on Empower Life when I give it a go and I share it with a few friends. I will ask them to share their thoughts too.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,



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