is the 7 Figure Accelerator legit or a Philip Johansen Scam?

Amidst an age shaped by rapid technological progressions and an expanding focus on the digital sphere, the demand for online courses and programs that guarantee to impart knowledge on attaining financial success has soared. The 7 Figure Accelerator shines among the sea of options — a program that both intrigues and surprises with its name. To guide individuals on their journey towards achieving seven-figure revenues. But with the internet littered with scams and hollow promises, the pressing question remains: is the 7 Figure Accelerator truly legit?

Currently, driven individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations are constantly searching for methods to improve their abilities, widen their expertise, and boost the possibility of attaining monetary success. The relentless yearning for improvement has fostered a productive landscape for initiatives similar to the 7 Figure Accelerator, which offer an attractive pledge of prosperity and triumph. Despite these grand assurances, however, arises a natural doubt. Can such programs genuinely deliver, or are they simply sophisticated ploys aimed at exploiting the aspirations of unsuspecting individuals?

For those standing on the precipice of this decision, it's common for them to dive into an intricate puzzle consisting of appraisals, personal experiences shared by others, detailed analyses concerning the reputation and expertise possessed by those developing these courses. Navigating through all the available information can be daunting. Amidst the sea of information in modern times, distinguishing valuable content from useless noise becomes more challenging.

This article aims to lift the veil of ambiguity surrounding the 7 Figure Accelerator. To present an impartial and detailed review, our approach involves digging into the intricate details of how it functions internally, scrutinizing the individuals who brought it to life, and carefully assessing what features or benefits it provides, we aim to present an unbiased and comprehensive review. Join our team as we separate the signal from the noise and strive to decipher the genuine legitimacy of the 7 Figure Accelerator. Regardless of whether you have extensive knowledge in entrepreneurship or are just starting out online. This extensive investigation guarantees to deliver valuable learnings into this popular online program.

Understanding the 7 Figure Accelerator

With a key emphasis on business growth, the innovative 7 Figure Accelerator program was created to support individuals. Helping them achieve the desired seven-figure revenue milestone. To comprehend the scope and utility of this program, let's investigate more about its available features, the individuals behind it, and the desired outcomes it seeks.

To start with, the 7 Figure Accelerator program is not a ‘get-rich-quickscheme. The course is centered around providing education providing its users with effective tactics, abilities, and understanding necessary to grow a business efficiently The purpose is to nurture a complete grasp of entrepreneurship and business scaling through the examination of aspects including marketing, branding, sales funnels, customer acquisition, and retention strategies.

The individuals behind the 7 Figure Accelerator possess extensive entrepreneurial experience. Their statement suggests that they employed the tactics taught in the course to construct their own lucrative ventures. These innovators are dedicated to spreading their extensive expertise and pragmatic perspectives. A detailed perspective on the challenges related to operating and expanding a business is provided.

Ambitious and appealing, these are the stated goals of the 7 Figure Accelerator are both ambitious and appealing. The program aims to equip its users with the necessary tools to transform their business ideas into scalable models. It promises to deliver in-depth knowledge on vital subjects such as market analysis, creating value propositions. It also focuses on crafting business models that encourage growth and sustainability.

Moreover, the program covers aspects related to personal advancement., highlighting the significance of cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset along with personal growth and honing leadership abilities. People undervalue these factors frequently but are crucial in the journey towards running a successful business.

Essentially, the 7 Figure Accelerator positions itself as a comprehensive program that targets not just the business aspects. It also focuses on the personal development of the entrepreneur. However, like any other program that guarantees significant outcomes, the legitimacy and effectiveness of its offerings warrant careful scrutiny. The following sections of this article will further investigate these aspects, This will offer a comprehensive perspective on the 7 Figure Accelerator.

Who is Philip Johansen

Philip Johansen, known online as “HustlePhil“, Actively involved in digital entrepreneurship, providing coaching and developing the highly successful 7 Figure Accelerator program With time passing by, he has established a notable online existence and earned recognition in the field of digital marketing and online business.

While the digital space expands rapidly, it also brings along a higher risk of encountering scam artists who make people doubt the authenticity of online entrepreneurs., This situation has resulted in numerous doubts regarding the credibility and trustworthiness of those conducting businesses online. When assessing Philip Johansen, a thorough evaluation of his offerings and public interactions is crucial. Examining this can validate if he really embodies credibility or not.

At first glance, it is noticeable that Johansen has succeeded greatly in the realm of digital entrepreneurship. Everyone can see his success, He freely divulges his insights, experiences, and strategies via the 7 Figure Accelerator program. The extent of openness, although not a definitive proof against being a scam artist, commonly suggests that someone is reliable.

In addition, Johansen is easily recognizable on various online platforms, where he consistently offers valuable and insightful materials. Consistently, he offers guidance in business matters, valuable knowledge in digital marketing, and even tips for personal growth. This consistent provision of value is typically inconsistent with the practices of a scam artist.

Furthermore, his engagement with his audience appears genuine. He is receptive to addressing queries, delivers quick answers, and extends direct support. This active interaction is regularly viewed as an encouraging signal.

Ultimately, the customer assessments and personal accounts regarding Johansen as well as his program called the 7 Figure Accelerator indicate that numerous individuals have experienced positive outcomes. That being said, taking into consideration both the good and bad reviews is necessary for achieving a fair and holistic standpoint for acquiring an impartial viewpoint.

While these signs point towards Johansen's credibility, it is always advised to approach online programs with a healthy degree of skepticism. Regrettably, scams are widespread in the digital realm. Prior to making any commitments in terms of time, effort, or finances towards an online program or course, individuals must ensure they conduct comprehensive research and exercise due diligence.

Evaluating the Program Structure

With its well-organized layout, the 7 Figure Accelerator program offers aspiring entrepreneurs a comprehensive learning opportunity. Let's break down its key components Additionally, we should assess whether the offerings it presents are aligned with the objectives it has clearly outlined.

  • Course Modules: There are numerous modules in the program, all covering different aspects., where the emphasis in each module lies on one unique aspect of scaling your company. The scope of this can vary from the fundamentals of starting a company to complex marketing tactics, acquiring and retaining customers. Learners can gradually progress through the systematic arrangement, Expanding on the concepts learned in previous modules is emphasized.
  • Interactive Learning Methods: Alternative 3 Included in this are video tutorials, case studies, worksheets, and quizzes. Employing a variety of teaching methods assists in guaranteeing that individuals can effectively understand the information
  • Live Webinars and Q&A Sessions: Learners get chances to engage with the instructors and other participants in regular live sessions, inquire about any doubts they have, and acquire a more profound understanding of the topics covered. This real-time interaction enhances the learning experience and promotes improved comprehension.
  • Supplementary Resources: Besides the primary content of the course, there are also supplementary resources offered., the program also offers supplementary resources. Included in these could be supplementary reading materials, templates, checklists, and suggested tools. By utilizing these resources, the learning process can become more enriched and practical aids for business operations can be obtained.
  • Community Support: The program includes access to an exclusive online community. By utilizing this collaborative environment, learners can establish connections with individuals who share their interests and values while also sharing personal experiences and seeking guidance or support.
  • Self-Paced Learning: Individuals are able to progress through this course based on their personal learning speed. This accommodates individuals with varying schedules and learning speeds, The aim is to make sure that everyone fully understands the material without experiencing any hurry.

The organization of the 7 Figure Accelerator seems to be carefully planned and extensive, supplying a supportive learning atmosphere for its users. Strives to provide a comprehensive educational journey aims to create a holistic learning experience.

However, the effectiveness of this structure greatly depends on the quality of the content provided, the instructors' expertise, and the learners' commitment. The following sections will delve further into these aspects, These contributions enhance our ability to evaluate the program comprehensively.

Cost and Value Evaluation

While evaluating any program or course, Assessing the cost-value proposition is essential. The 7 Figure Accelerator is just another example of this & this is no exception. Let's analyze its worth, we should assess its pricing model and the promised value.

  • Pricing Structure: The 7 Figure Accelerator program typically has a fixed one-time fee, Still, it's worth mentioning that the specific figure could change. Prospective buyers should consider visiting the official website or contacting the program administrators for obtaining precise pricing details. Noting whether the specified fee covers the complete program is of great importance or in case there are extra fees for supplementary materials or advanced modules.
  • Value Delivered: The program promises to provide comprehensive knowledge and actionable strategies to scale a business towards seven-figure revenues. The program has the potential to enhance a participant's understanding of business and offer practical resources for their business expansion.
  • Comparison to Similar Programs: When evaluating the cost and value, it's useful to compare the 7 Figure Accelerator with other similar programs in the market. Consider factors like content depth, knowledgeable mentorship, community support, and the success rate of past participants. By making this comparison, we can assess if the 7 Figure Accelerator provides satisfactory value given its cost.
  • Potential Return on Investment (ROI): Taking into account this aspect is significant. Assuming that the tactics and understanding obtained from the program can effectively contribute in scaling a business to generate revenues reaching seven figures. Significant earnings are possible from the initial investment could be significant. Nevertheless, the potential return on investment is not assured and heavily relies on how well the participant executes the acquired tactics, the characteristic of their company, and factors in play within the market.

Remember, cost and value are subjective, and something that someone considers valuable could be deemed expensive by another. It's essential for potential participants to assess their financial capacity, The commitment towards applying the gained knowledge should be evaluated, and Potential participants should contemplate on how it could affect their business before deciding.

Even though the 7 Figure Accelerator seems to offer a complete package. The next sections will further analyze its effectiveness based on user testimonials and reviews, Consequently, this aids in generating a comprehensive assessment regarding the credibility and importance of it.

User Testimonials and Reviews

The opinions shared by users through testimonials and reviews can give important perspectives on how effective and valuable a program is. For the 7 Figure Accelerator, evaluating user reviews aids in determining whether the program lives up to its claim of assisting entrepreneurs in reaching seven-figure revenues.

  • Positive Reviews: A quick search online will reveal several positive reviews for the 7 Figure Accelerator. Users highly appreciate the program's comprehensive approach to scaling businesses, its actionable strategies, and Participants greatly appreciate the in-depth knowledge shared by Philip Johansen. Furthermore, they admire the encouraging community and the continual learning setting promoted by the program. Numerous users assert that the program has played a crucial role in advancing their businesses, improving their capabilities, and amplifying their profits.
  • Negative Reviews: However, no program is without its critics. A number of users have reported not obtaining the anticipated results. Despite being less in quantity, these complaints bring attention to the fact that the techniques being taught might not yield results for every person and there is no guarantee of generating seven-figure revenues.
  • Neutrality and Objectivity: Approaching testimonials and reviews with skepticism is necessary. A few persons might be significantly impacted by their own past encounters or partiality. Moreover, don't forget that there are various dimensions to succeeding in the realm of business. It depends not only on the knowledge gained from a program but also on its application, the individual's dedication, and market dynamics.
  • The Response of the Creator: Another aspect worth mentioning is Philip Johansen's response to critique. He generally addresses negative reviews and criticisms professionally, providing clarifications or additional support when necessary. Indicating a dedication to continuously improving the program and satisfying the users, this proactive feedback approach shows a strong commitment.

To summarize, although opinions differ, the overall consensus is that the 7 Figure Accelerator is viewed positively. The value of the program is confirmed by numerous users Moreover, the effectiveness of the taught strategies has been acknowledged. However, prospective participants must remember that while the program can provide the tools and knowledge, the success of implementation and outcomes rely on individual endeavors and conditions. By considering this analysis alongside the previously mentioned aspects, supports the creation of a comprehensive evaluation regarding whether the 7 Figure Accelerator is legitimate and valuable

Factors That Affect Legitimacy

Assessing the legitimacy of a program such as the 7 Figure Accelerator demands a thorough scrutiny of numerous elements. Here's an overview of the aspects to consider:

  • Creator's Credibility: As we've discussed, Philip Johansen is a recognized figure in the field of digital marketing and entrepreneurship. By openly sharing his personal experiences, alongside his dedicated involvement in the online community, boosts his reliability.
  • Content Quality: A genuine program should offer outstanding, actionable information. The exploration we conducted on the 7 Figure Accelerator shows that the program provides a comprehensive syllabus encompassing different areas involved in increasing business growth. The quality of the content, however, is ultimately subjective Moreover, it varies based on each user's unique experiences and outcomes
  • User Testimonials and Reviews: Looking at both positive and negative user feedback provides a comprehensive assessment of the program can shed light on the program's effectiveness. While the 7 Figure Accelerator has received predominantly positive reviews, some negative feedback indicates that outcomes might differ based on individual situations.
  • Cost and Value Proposition: The program's cost should align with the value it delivers. The price of The 7 Figure Accelerator seems well worth it considering the substantial amount of content, resources, and community support included. Nonetheless, individuals should evaluate their own monetary circumstances and possible investment gains.
  • Customer Support and Responsiveness: How the program administrators respond to inquiries, complaints, or requests for support also indicates legitimacy. The program is positively affected by Johansen's proactive interaction with users and his openness to address critiques reflects positively on the program.
  • Reality: An important issue raised about online programs arises when they make exaggerated claims and fail to deliver With its lofty ambitions, the 7 Figure Accelerator strives to lead entrepreneurs towards generating substantial revenues. – it also emphasizes that results depend on individual effort and application of the strategies taught. That being said, it is significant to emphasize that success cannot be guaranteed outright and may vary considerably depending on the level of dedication and proper implementation from every person involved in the program.

In conclusion, the legitimacy of the 7 Figure Accelerator seems supported by several positive indicators. The trustworthiness of its creator is one aspect worth considering, The breadth and depth of information in its content is noteworthy, the overall positive user feedback, “Customer first” approach includes actively engaging with them Nonetheless, similar to every program vowing noteworthy results, prospective users should approach with caution, execute their required investigation, while analyzing the potential benefits in light of their personal and financial situation.

Is the 7 Figure Accelerator a Scam or Legit?

The legitimacy of the 7 Figure Accelerator program Many potential users have been discussing this matter. Given the information we have and our extensive analysis, it's important to weigh all aspects before forming a conclusion.

  • Program Creator: Philip Johansen, the creator of the 7 Figure Accelerator, With his impressive reputation in digital marketing and entrepreneurship, he is highly regarded by many. The way he showcases transparency, actively engages with the online community, and addresses criticisms boosts his credibility.
  • Program Structure and Content: The 7 Figure Accelerator provides a well-structured and comprehensive curriculum. The fundamentals are addressed In order to scale a business and make it reach seven figures. It combines various learning methods, Moreover, there are additional materials and an interactive community for support during the learning process
  • User Feedback: Users have overwhelmingly given the program positive feedback, Numerous individuals testify to the worth and effectiveness of the strategies taught in the program. Despite a few negative reviews, they only make up a small portion and emphasize that achieving success is not assured but relies on personal endeavors and situations.
  • Cost and Value Proposition: The pricing of the program appears to align with the value it offers. The potential return on investment greatly hinges upon successfully implementing strategies and assessing market conditions.
  • Transparency: In no uncertain terms does the program emphasize that favorable results rely extensively on individual effort, devotion, and effective application of the strategies. The presence of transparency indicates something positive.

Considering these aspects, it appears that the 7 Figure Accelerator is not a scam. However, it presents itself as a thorough and lawful program created specifically for assisting entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses up to seven-figure revenues. However, potential users should approach with a level of caution inherent to any investment. They should conduct thorough research, evaluate their financial situation, and consider their commitment to implementing the strategies before enrolling. Remembering the importance of understanding that although a program offers tools and knowledge, the outcomes primarily rely on an individual's dedication and implementation.

13 Alternatives to the 7 Figure Accelerator

While the 7 Figure Accelerator program appears to be a legitimate and comprehensive program for scaling a business. It's sensible to examine different possibilities before deciding before finalizing any choices. Many options for online programs and courses are accessible, each providing a unique perspective, organization, and price. Here are a few alternatives:

  • Wealthy Affiliate University: With its focus on assisting individuals in initiating or transforming their affiliate marketing enterprise, Wealthy Affiliate serves as an extensive internet-based resource. A variety of tools and resources are provided by the platform, which encompass website building tools, keyword research tools, and web hosting services. Additionally, Wealthy Affiliate furnishes an extensive repository of instructional content. You can access step-by-step courses., interactive video tutorials, and an engaging community of marketers for support and networking. The program aims to provide a complete solution for affiliate marketers regardless of their proficiency. Many people choose this amongst those pursuing online entrepreneurship.
  • Legendary Marketer: The founder of Legendary Marketer, David Sharpe offers exceptional online business training through this platform, a renowned figure in the digital marketing industry. The platform provides numerous options for learning, ranging from affordable beginner courses to expensive advanced training. Areas crucial to digital marketing are included in the scope of Legendary Marketer, covering a wide range of subjects like affiliate marketing techniques, creating and launching digital products successfully with sales funnels and effective email marketing strategies. Equipping entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and skills to create and grow thriving online enterprises is the program's objective. Aspiring digital marketers often opt for this due to its popularity.
  • Fullstaq Marketer: Fullstaq Marketer is an online education platform granting access to various educational programs to assist people in establishing lucrative ventures on the internet. Keala Kanae, a highly regarded digital marketer, established Fullstaq, Courses provided by Fullstaq cover various areas such as affiliate marketing, sales funnels and paid advertising. The platform's content is widely regarded as being thorough, practical approach, and supportive community. This particular aspect has made it widely preferred by individuals who have ambitions to thrive in the realm of digital marketing
  • Income School's Project 24: Income School's Project 24 is a comprehensive online training program designed for those who aspire to create successful niche websites. The program's name includes '24' because it aims to substitute a day job salary with passive earnings from websites within about two years. The collaboration of Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer resulted in the founding. Included in the program is a sequential educational plan that encompasses every aspect of selecting a niche, Additionally, it addresses content creation, optimizing for search engines, and various ways to generate income With its hands-on approach and supportive community, Many people who want to earn a living through niche websites are opting for Project 24.
  • Authority Hacker: Their online platform specializes in offering extensive training programs for website development and expansion. Established by Gael Breton and Mark Webster, ‘authority site' creation is the primary focus of the platform. The search engine rankings of these websites can be attributed to their exceptional content quality, value, and earned credibility. There are several courses available from Authority Hacker, which includes The Authority Site System, designed for beginners and Authority Hacker Pro for more advanced marketers. These courses cover a range of topics including niche selection, content creation, link building, SEO, and monetization strategies. An assortment of actionable teachings, authentic scenarios, and an encouraging society are reasons why Authority Hacker is widely preferred by aspiring and experienced digital entrepreneurs.
  • SEO Affiliate Domination: Dominating the SEO Affiliate is an online course designed to equip individuals with the skills to create profitable affiliate marketing websites leveraging search engine optimization (SEO). Created by Greg Jeffries, a seasoned affiliate marketer. From keyword research to advanced SEO techniques, the course covers a diverse set of subjects. The main approach of the course centers on generating multiple petite websites that quickly climb search engine rankings. Every website produces a modest revenue that collectively adds up. By emphasizing passive income and flexibility, SEO Affiliate Domination is popular among those seeking to master affiliate marketing and SEO.
  • Affilorama: The Affilorama platform that assists people in starting and expanding their affiliate marketing ventures by providing them with educational materials and tools. Incepted by Mark Ling, a successful affiliate marketer. With its series of step-by-step lessons, videos, and downloadable materials that encompass various subjects like SEO, internet marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and web development, Affilorama offers comprehensive resources for learning. The platform's blend of comprehensive education, practical tools, and supportive community This aspect contributes to its popularity among aspiring affiliate marketers.
  • SoloBuild it!: Solo Build It!, formerly known as Site Build It!, Within this platform, users can access all the resources required to construct and grow their online business. Conceived by Ken Evoy and the staff at SiteSell, SBI delivers a comprehensive package of tools and training content for user guidance in niche selection, website construction, content creation, traffic generation, and monetization. SBI offers immense benefits for people interested in building a prosperous online venture. Its focus on helping solo entrepreneurs build successful, sustainable online businesses through a step-by-step process has made Solo Build It! an esteemed platform in the realm of digital business.
  • Super Affiliate System: The Super Affiliate System was created by John Crestani. Students will be guided in the course on how to set up and run effective affiliate marketing campaigns by utilizing paid traffic strategies. Topics covered include copywriting, data analysis, and advanced advertising strategies on platforms such as Facebook and Google AdWords. Given its thorough, active learning style, The Super Affiliate System caters perfectly to individuals striving to be successful affiliate marketers.
  • ClickFunnels Training Program: ClickFunnels provides a range of training programs which include funnel strategy, design, traffic acquisition, and other topics. Its courses are designed to help business owners maximize their sales funnels' potential, a crucial aspect of scaling any online business.
  • DigitalMarketer's Lab Membership: Learn about different aspects of digital marketing in this inclusive and thorough training program that leaves no stone unturned. The platform offers current training on SEO, creating valuable content, sponsored website visits, marketing efforts on platforms like Facebook or Instagram and other topics.
  • Amy Porterfield's Digital Course Academy: This program focuses on creating and selling online courses, This particular business model holds enormous prospects for expansion. From course creation to marketing and sales strategies, the program includes all aspects.
  • Foundr's Start and Scale: This specialized program aims to provide guidance for entrepreneurs in starting and expanding their online business operations. Product selection, branding, manufacturing, marketing strategies are all included.

Every one of these programs proposes an exclusive strategy for scaling a business and entails its own positives and negatives. Thoroughly researching each option and considering one's unique business needs, personal circumstances as well as the financial situation is of utmost importance for potential participants prior to reaching a decision.

Remember, the prosperity of any attempt to expand a business greatly hinges on the willingness to gain new insights, the constant and unwavering performance, and effectively implementing tactics. Irrespective of your decision on the pursued program.

Summarizing Final Thoughts

Amidst our journey through the virtual realm, The chances for starting an online business keep growing. The 7 Figure Accelerator, helmed by Philip “HustlePhil” Johansen, This specific program guarantees to lead entrepreneurs towards significant revenues

According to our investigation that the 7 Figure Accelerator is standing firmly. Johansen’s background, Johansen builds trust by actively connecting with his audience and taking a transparent approach, further confirming his credibility., and the program’s transparent approach all appear to validate its credibility. Furthermore, the program’s well-structured curriculum, the positive reviews from its users, and the cost-to-value ratio suggest a legitimate offering. Nonetheless, it is vital to bear in mind that akin to any educational curriculum, achieving favorable outcomes hinges upon one's commitment, diligence, and proficient execution of these strategies.

Moreover, we considered various program choices like the ClickFunnels Training Program, having access to DigitalMarketer's Lab, Amy Porterfield's Digital Course Academy, ‘s Start and Scale program by Foundr. Every choice has its specific focal points, pricing strategies, and backing from the community., showcasing how the online education market provides a wide range of choices to accommodate different entrepreneurial objectives and situations.

Finally, we highlighted other notable programs like Wealthy Affiliate, Legendary Marketer, Fullstaq Marketer, Income School's Project 24, Authority Hacker, SEO Affiliate Domination, Affilorama, Super Affiliate System, and Solo Build It. These platforms further broaden the spectrum of online entrepreneurship education, exhibiting the infinite possibilities for establishing a lucrative online business.

In conclusion, the 7 Figure Accelerator seems like a genuine program for ambitious business owners. However, one must always approach such programs with caution, execute comprehensive background checks, and think about personal and fiscal circumstances before venturing into a new enterprise. It's essential to recall that while these programs present the plan, the route towards attaining success ultimately hinges on the traveler's devotedness and resilience.

6 thoughts on “is the 7 Figure Accelerator legit or a Philip Johansen Scam?”

  1. Thank you for your detailed investigation into the 7-Figure Accelerator program. I am a purchaser of the program and my experience has been nothing but a nightmare. We are not permitted to express ANY negativity in the Facebook groups, and anytime a question about a serious concern is sent to Support, all that is sent is the same copy/paste response that seems to turn all of the fault onto us. The reality of this program is extremely different from what is advertised and promised. What most people neglect to say is that out of the now 4000 something purchasers, how many of these people are really Philip’s “insiders” that he has been running these schemes with for years. You pointed out Darlene Fraser’s YouTube channel where this has been well documented. All that people see are these claims of commissions, NOT what’s really happening to the majority of the members.

    • Wow Kat!

      Thank You so much for sharing what you have personally experienced within the 7-Figure Accelerator Program as well as their Facebook Group my Friend!

  2. As a former 7-Figure Accelerator student, I can tell you the program is absolutely a scam. For every positive testimonial, I show you 100 who haven’t made a singe sale. In addition, I have traced back the vast majority of the affiliate marketers who are making a lot of money in this program to several past programs they were affiliated with and, in some cases, co-created, programs with Philip Johansen, such as Jonny Rose, Josh Lingren, Jono Armstrong, and Annabelle Ramsey, just to name a few. The program is essentially a pyramid scheme. A legitimate affiliate marketing opportunity doesn’t make you pay to sell their product. Also, the amount of time that is required in the program is vastly understated. I know many people who have left this program after being lied to repeatedly. Many people have paid thousands in addition to the original cost of the program for on on one mentorship that they never received. There are approximately 400 students in the mentorship program. Philip can’t possibly devote 2 hours a month to all those people. The program is oversaturated and the only people who are successful have a long history with Philip. In addition, these students are using income proof from other companies to support their successful testimonials for 7-FA. Oh, and the $10k guarantee? Forget it. He has no intention of paying that and never has. He has changed the wording of the guarantee so many times because people try to collect on it. I hope you will consider my experience and do more research on this program before endorsing it to your viewers. Also, it’s rumored that Philip moved to Dubai to avoid being shutdown by the FTC. He’s making claims regarding earnings that he can’t possibly support and amount to a series of FTC violations. Thanks for your time and I hope this has been insightful for you.

    • Awesome Brent!

      Thank You for sharing that you don’t recommend 7-Figure Accelerator student & that you were a student.

      I, myself haven’t ever joined them & don’t ever plan to either.

    • Thank you for posting your comments about this program! I’m sure you saved me untold hours of anguish! I’m very sorry you got sucked in. It’s a very easy thing to do. I was getting ready to purchase the mentor program and so thankful I read your post first!

      • I didn’t get sucked in & never did join but am so happy that You found value in this article and didn’t join…


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