Is Click Clone Cash a Scam? According to Click Clone Reviews, Absolutely Yes!

Is Click Clone Cash a Scam? According to Click Clone Reviews, Absolutely Yes! post thumbnail image

There are numerous scams over the internet and particularly when it comes to the programs allegedly developed to assist people in earning online living. Just like in many areas of life, many individuals want to believe that there’s a shortcut to a successful life without a lot of hard work. However, that’s never the case in life, and you will always find some shysters over the internet ready to take advantage of you. Unfortunately, many people usually fall under such traps and end up unreasonably spending their hard-earned cash in hopes of becoming rich quickly online.

Today, we’ll be reviewing Click Clone Cash, a new system whose owner proclaims that he would like to teach you how you can make lots of money online even if you have no specialized knowledge or prior experience in affiliate marketing. We will discuss what Click Clone Cash is, who owns the system, and how the program works to help you determine if the income opportunity is legit or another online scam.

What is the Click Clone Cash System?

Click Clone refers to an online system where the program owner promises to train members the most profitable programs that will enable them to make lots of money over the internet and become rich in a short time. He claims he’ll show you how you can install these useful programs on your laptop or computer and later use them whenever you want to make a huge amount of money that you’ve never imagined before.

Nonetheless, the main problem is to understand the magic that this guy will utilize to clone the program he gets on the internet without prior permission from their owners or the access codes. In my opinion, that is practically impossible. It’s a pure lie, just like the other many scams online systems found everywhere on the internet. Generally, many individuals pretend to be seasoned experts in the affiliate marketing industry for the main aim of ripping off unsuspecting newbies, who have no idea how this industry works.

In most cases, these kinds of individuals often say that they lead incredibly luxurious lives by showing images of big houses, luxury cars, and many other things that we dream of to lead a better life. However, many beginners in the affiliate marketing sector do not take their time to evaluate things before joining such online programs until later, when they realize that the dreams and illusions that they had bought were just scams.

Who is “Josh Owens” AKA Tim Atkinson?

When it comes to the individual known as Josh Owens, he is not the founder of this online program. Click Clone normally belongs to Tim Atkinson, a well-known creator of a couple of other fraudulent online products. The so-called Josh Owens that you see in the provided sales video of the Click Clone program is a paid actor who uses a fictitious name. He is paid to sell you the illusions as well as pushing you to spend your money unnecessarily. It’s usually a common practice utilized by malicious affiliate marketers who would like to become wealthy at the expense of unsuspecting and honest people; who are looking for legit ways to make a passive income or a living online.

How Click Clone Cash Works

In reality, Click Clone Cash is an affiliate marketing program that claims to teach people an effective and easy way to earn around $300 in one day. When going to the Click Clone members section, you will see the software, all the training, as well as everything you need to make that amount of money. The program is a collection of seven secret traffic techniques, ready-made software, and a website along with a step wise blueprint that illustrates how you can get a money-making website for free and use the software and seven secret traffic methods to send your target buyers to your online site.

That is a long sales pitch for a simple cloud hosting service. Click Clone Cash makes its profits from commissions. For every hosting package sold via the website, the hosting providers pay a certain percentage. That is quite common among the website hosting scams over the internet. The general business model entails getting individuals to join the online program by promising a luxurious lifestyle.

The program then advertises a certain web hosting provider with the best online services to make the dreams of the individuals come true. That is basically what Click Clone Cash does because the registration later sends you the Cloud Pro Hosting site, which provides cloud-based hosting services. Moreover, without buying in, it is impossible to get more information on how the system works its magic as well as how you can make a huge amount of money quickly.

In my opinion, the system doesn’t work at all. It’ll only trick you into purchasing a website hosting. When you finish watching the sales video, it’ll tell you that for the program to work; you’ll have to buy hosting. In reality, you are not buying an online system that will offer you a lot of cash by selecting the best systems on the internet and cloning them. There will be no cloning that will happen at all. You’ll be directed to an online hosting firm wherein you will have to purchase it for them to find the programs for you. Therefore, Click clone is just a cover to make you purchase a hosting package, and Tim, aka Josh Owen, will make a huge commission on every sale made.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Click Clone Cash?

Joining Click clone Cash is free because the platform does not charge anything when signing up. However, once you are done with your registration, the next thing you will see is the first upsell pop-up. The online program will immediately recommend a hosting service that claims to benefit your business. Besides, all we know is that those cloned sites should be hosted somewhere. Although Click clone Cash is not technically asking for the money, the cloud hosting company is, but these costs are also associated with Click clone. Here, you will get two purchase options. You can either subscribe to the $90 option for six months or $152 for 12 months. Again, you should be prepared for more upsells after buying the recommended hosting service.

Click Clone Complaints

The following are some of the red flags we can see in the Click clone Cash program.

• Using misleading techniques to market the online program

The Click clone Cash program promises a big secret to the users that will make them millionaires in record time. According to many users of the system, there is no big secret. All the online program does is simply promoting cloud hosting services. Generally, no marketing awareness assists people in understanding how to monetize or make some money through cloud space. In general, everything is usually automated so that the users pay the fees and then wait and reap the benefits

• Unrealistic income claims

The amount of cash you can potentially make is unrealistic, given the circumstances. There is no indication whatsoever as to the type of businesses this software application copies so you cannot make an income assessment. Apart from what you see in the sales video, no people are talking about the amount of money they have made by joining the Click clone online program and the hosting recommendation as well.

• You don’t get cloned websites

According to the company website, the first step entails purchasing cloud hosting. The main red flag, as pointed out by most of the program users, is that you are not getting a cloned website to go along with the recommended hosting service. The Click clone Cash online program is not the first automated online money-making service that shares limited information about what you will be getting in return after signing up. In this case, you are not even getting what you have paid for apart from the hosting service.

• The service is overpriced

It is pretty easy to see that the hosting services advertised through Click clone Cash are not worth the trouble. When it comes to cloud-based hosting, it is neither amazing nor cheap, especially in regard to perks. The other common complaint from the program users is that there are no beneficial packages on offer. You can only purchase the 12 months or six months hosting packages, a move that forces you to commit lots of resources up front. Again, the 6-month hosting package that goes for $90 is expensive, considering the average quality of the service.

• Dubious owner

Click clone Cash is allegedly the invention of Josh Owens. As we can see, this online entrepreneur tries to win individuals of average means through his long sales video. However, as many individuals point out, Click clone Cash is not the first venture that Josh has had in the online money niche. The name is usually associated with many other online marketing programs, which you might have undoubtedly come across or even bought into in the recent past. Whether you are familiar with the track record of Josh Owens or not, all you should know is that this character is not a trustworthy one in the affiliate marketing niche.

• They do not offer customer support

One of the major red flags in every online business is the absence of customer service. Many users of the program complain that they have not been able to contact anybody in regard to their investments in the Click clone Cash platform. If you would like information on Click clone, the cloning strategies, or anything else associated with the money-making opportunity, you have no one to email or call. Worse still, there is no way you can realize the issue until you finish the registration process and get access to the member’s area.

Is Click Clone a Scam?

Click Clone is one of those online systems that promise to make you a huge profit through cloning other successful online businesses. It’s a web hosting scam program that’s advertised for free, although it will later trick you into buying a mandatory web hosting service that is not refundable at all. The sales video of this online program features Josh Owen, who’s Tim Atkinson. The guy talks for more than half an hour about his wealth and successes from the system.

Everyone who wants to make some money online should know how to build a good website, develop a business model, and also direct traffic to the website. But Click Clone claims to be an online program that bypasses all that which is a major red flag. In reality, cloning a business that belongs to someone else may be or not worth it, depending on the business. However, getting inspiration from proven and successful business models is usually one thing, but copying it and attempting to compete is entirely something else.

Making more than $19,000 every day from cloning an online business is unrealistic. While Click Clone might not be doing anything illegal, it does not mean that it’ll make you some money. The only certain thing is that before you can dream of reaching the numbers given in the provided sales pitch, you need to invest some money. That is a scam that does not even try a lot to cover up its dubious business model. Nevertheless, you are told that you should use a hosting service from another online company to begin making money at the end of the sales video.

Following the arguments that I have put forward about this online program along with this detailed review, it is clear that Click Clone system is an online scam that you should avoid if you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money unnecessarily. In contradiction to the false statements presented by its owner, it’s a program that’ll never allow you to make money over the internet to live the life that he makes people dream of. The only goal of the owner is to raise a lot of money from unsuspecting newbies in the network marketing field before disappearing into thin air.


To know the truth behind the magical system presented by Josh, you will have to endure an hour-long sales video full of unbelievable promises, bad acting, and bad lies. But when you get to the end of the sales pitch, he finally discloses the true nature of this online program. It’s a scheme which is common on the internet known as Web Hosting Scam. Generally, that is all there is to the Click Clone system. The owner wants you to register for the program so that he can get a huge affiliate amount from the web hosting company.

In my opinion, Click Clone is an outright scam that does not need a group of scientists to figure that out. The program promises wealth and success that is too good to be true, especially from cloning proven and successful businesses, which is not even possible in real sense. We all know that there’s no magical program that copies business models, installs them on your laptop, and automatically sends big checks to you in the long run. Click Clone is an outright online scam, and that is probably the main reason why their website doesn’t exist anymore.

One of the best lessons to retain from systems like Click Clone is that there are no shortcuts or easy ways to making money over the internet. Affiliate marketing is full of numerous opportunities, but if you would like to make it your main source of income, then you should take ample time to learn the ins and outs of this industry just like any other profession out there. It’s when you’ll have mastered all the main aspects of the industry that you can launch your online business, choose to market the products and services of your preferred niche, and eventually earn a full-time income online. That is the procedure utilized by any successful affiliate marketer out there, and you should do the same to succeed in affiliate marketing.

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