Is Neora Nerium being shut down by the FTC?

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Many people spend a lot of money each year to make their skin look rejuvenated and youthful, which is the main reason why skincare is one of the few multi-billion dollar industries currently. Some companies also pay you to promote and sell their range of skincare products, and by assisting other individuals with their skincare, you earn a passive income. If you're reading this article, chances are someone in network marketing is trying to recruit you into Neora, and you are trying to find out if the products are any good, as well as whether the business opportunity is a scam.

Well, if you would like to know the truth about this skincare company, keep reading this in-depth review about Neora. In this comprehensive review, we are going to share all the available information about the company and its products, including why FTC is threatening to shut down the company, and hopefully, the information will help you determine whether promoting or purchasing Neora is right for you or not.

Full disclosure: I am not a representative for Neora or any other Health and/or beauty Company, this review is for informational purposes only.

What is Neora?

Neora refers to a global marketing firm that deals with age-fighting products made through real science and cutting-edge research. It is a multi-level marketing business opportunity that assists you in making money by marketing and selling skincare and wellness products. The company was founded as Nerium International in 2011. Neora has shattered the industry records of sales while developing an incredibly strong client base in Latin American, North American, European, and Asia-Pacific markets.

According to the company website, Neora is devoted to providing an attractive product line based on cutting-edge science and offering its Independent Brand Partners an outstanding and life-changing business opportunity via relationship marketing.

Neora is run by Jeff Olson, the company’s CEO and Founder. In addition to Olson, the other two co-founders are also mentioned in the company’s site. They include Renee Olson, Jeff’s ex-wife, and Amber Olson Rourke, his daughter. While there is not a full company address on the website of Neora, the terms and conditions section indicate that its headquarters are located in Addison, Texas.

Why did Nerium change its name to Neora, Is Neora the same as Nerium?

The simple answer to this question is that the brand name Nerium International was not reflecting all that the skincare company had become anymore. When Nerium launched back in 2011, the name of the company was associated with a certain ingredient known as Nerium oleandrin extract, which was found in their first product. According to the company website, the company has currently expanded internationally to provide a broad range of all-inclusive innovative wellness and age-fighting skincare products that utilize advanced technology, and the name does not apply anymore.
Neora is the same as Nerium. Nerium International recently changed its brand name to Neora basically as part of an international re brand that it claims reflects the evolution of the company as a relationship marketer and its vision as an anti-aging industry leader.

Neora also repackaged all its products utilizing recyclable alternatives whenever possible and minimized the amount of packaging in each product to cut on its carbon footprint. Apart from the current lineup of Neora’s innovative wellness and skincare products, the company is also introducing new novel products containing exclusive ingredients.

According to Olson, Neora symbolizes new energy or a new aura and also represents a more broad direction that the firm is taking in its line of products and global expansion as well. The new brand name better describes what they are as a company currently, and where they expect to be in the next couple of years.

Neora’s product line

Neora’s products fall into two main categories, wellness, and skincare. The wellness products consist of vitamins and supplements, among other items, while the products that you will find in the skincare category consist of cleansers, moisturizers, and topical lotions, among others. Below is the present list of products in every category and the price known as the monthly auto-ship cost.

Skincare products

In this category, you will find acne pads containing salicylic acid and treatment lotions, sunblock, which is more than a standard sunblock because it’s healthy too, as well as prebiotic and probiotic lotion to keep the bacteria on your skin balanced and healthy, etc. The available Neora skincare products include:

Acne & Cleanser Combo: $74

• Age IQ Day Cream: $75

• Age IQ Night Cream: $90

• Age IQ Eye Serum: $60

• Age IQ Night and Day Combo: $140

• Age IQ Double-Cleansing Face Wash: $30

• Age IQ Invisi-Bloc Sunscreen Gel Broad Spectrum SPF 40: $44

• Night, Day, Cleanser Combo: $170

• Complexion Clearing Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment Pads: $44

• Eye-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches: $40

• Eye Serum and Eye Patch Combo Pack: $100

• Firm Body Contour Cream: $80

• IllumaBoost Brightening and Shield: $60

• Prolistic Skin-Balancing Lotion with Probiotic Technology: $45

• Prolistic Lotion and Probiotic Powder Combo Pack: $90

Wellness products

Here you will find products for enhancing cognitive function, gut health, rejuvenation, and repair on a cellular level, some chew able to aid in balancing the circadian rhythm of the body, and many more. The products you will find in this category include:

EHT Brain Formula: $60

• Prolistic Pre and Probiotic Plus Vitamins: $45

• Youth Factor Superfood and Antioxidant Boost Powder: $45

• Youth Factor Complete Vitality Complex: $45

• Wellness Chew Sleep Formula: $40

• Wellness Chew Energy Formula: $40

As you can see, Neora has quite an extensive range of anti-aging products, especially when dealing with your skin health. Also, the company does not skimp out on the product ingredients since their entire product offerings have a long ingredients list, which appears on the labels as one big paragraph that you might not want to read or go through.

Product Sets

Apart from the individual combo packs and products, you can also purchase or even sell product sets if you sign up for the business opportunity, which comprises a group of products, but they are quite expensive. As anti-aging goes, the products should improve skin health without a doubt if you have not been using good skincare products. Also, Neora has a challenge known as the 90-day challenge, where the company gives out prizes to individuals who display the best outcomes after using their product offerings for 90 days.

How to join Neora

With the Neora’s business opportunity, you can purportedly take control of your success and time, enjoy a compensation package with high-income potential, and live your life on your terms. To join the business opportunity offered by Neora, you will first have to buy a starter pack/ kit, which is known as a “business in a box.” The kit includes:

A customized e-commerce website

• Digital marketing tools

• Marketing materials

• Online training

• Customer service

• Order fulfillment, so affiliates don't have to purchase and store inventory

Neora has various levels of membership, which range in upfront fees of 49.95 dollars to 1000 dollars. These membership levels include Basic Kit, Starter Pack, Builder Pack, and Premier Builder Pack. Let’s look at each one of these options briefly.

1. Basic starter kit: $49.95

With this kit you will get:

• Online training

• Marketing materials

2. Starter pack: $500

As a starter pack member, you will get:

• Online training

• Marketing materials

• 13 Neora products, with a retail value of $950.95

3. Builder pack: $750

As a Builder pack member, you will get:

Online training

• Marketing materials

• 25 Neora products, with a retail value of $1342

4. Premium builder pack: $1000

Members who join Premium builder pack get:

• Online training

• Marketing materials

• 32 Neora products with a retail worth of 1874 dollars

How is NutriCellix that launches on 1 January 2020 associated with Neora?

Neora has been among the leading companies dealing with a wide range of wellness and anti-aging skincare products. Each of the patented ingredients used in making their products is meant to make the user feel and look good. NutriCellix will be a company dealing with products that assist people in losing weight and maintaining their intended looks as well. Generally, their product line is meant to influence the consumer’s DNA. These products will make them feel better, just like Neora products. Therefore, the two companies are related in that once any user utilizes their products, their looks are enhanced and affected on equal measures.

Neora files suit challenging FTC's attempt to change Direct Selling laws
Neora files suit challenging FTC's attempt to change Direct Selling laws
FTC alleges Neora, formerly known as Nerium, operates as an illegal pyramid scheme
FTC alleges Neora, formerly known as Nerium, operates as an illegal pyramid scheme

Why is the FTC shutting down Neora?

The Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit recently claiming that Neora, a popular wellness and skincare firm is an illegitimate pyramid scheme. Neora then filed suit challenging FTC's attempt to change Direct Selling laws.

(Click on either image to read the details about each lawsuit)

Neora allegedly made some false claims that the supplements it offers in the wellness category of products could prevent a brain disease brought about by repeated concussions known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The company also allegedly stated that one of its wellness supplements was endorsed by the Michael Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s disease prevention, which is not true.

Neora, formerly known as Nerium, sells supplements and anti-aging face creams through multilevel marketing, in which individuals sell products to their family members and friends and can earn some amount of money for recruiting other sellers. Multi-level marketing companies are legal, but according to the FTC, the business model of Neora has already drifted into a form of a pyramid scheme. People make more money recruiting some new vendors than they do by selling real products.

As stated by the lawsuit, only around 5% of individuals who became vendors for Neora company ever made any cash at all. New sellers were required to purchase starter kits ranging from 500 dollars to1000 dollars of products, which immediately put them in debts that a huge number of sellers never recover from. A seller would get 25% off the retail value of the products if they purchased an auto-shipped monthly inventory to sell. That means that to make a profit margin, they were required to agree to the company auto-shipment. Most people would end up paying for more merchandise than they could sell that month.

Neora products are currently available for sale directly on Amazon and the official website as well, which means consumers do not have to go through brand partner vendors to get Neora products. That makes things even more difficult for the vendors.

Vendors also recruit more new sellers, and, as stated in the lawsuit, these vendors are incentivized by greater commissions by recruiting a huge downline of sellers to whom they would sell the products of the company. The FTC says that this triangular structure, plus the exaggerated claims of the company about the amount of income a vendor could earn, are some of the signs of pyramid schemes and a direct violation of the Federal Trade Commission’s Act.

Neora’s compensation plan

Just like any other multi-level marketing companies, Neora has various ranks to offer based on the specific qualifications that you provide. The following are ranks you will find in Neora:

Active Brand Partners

• Brand Partner Plus

• Senior Brand Partners

• Elite Brand Partners

• Premier Brand Partners

• Director

• Team Directors

• Elite Directors

• Premier Directors

• Area Marketing Directors

• Regional Marketing Directors

• National Marketing Directors

• Silver National Marketing Directors

• Gold National Marketing Directors

• Platinum National Marketing Directors

• International Marketing Directors

• Silver International Marketing Directors

• Gold International Marketing Directors

As a Brand Partner with Neora, there are 13 different ways to earn money, but they all fall into two main categories. These two main categories include:

Earning money by selling products

• Earning money by recruiting other brand partners

1. Earning money by selling products

The following are the ways you can use to earn money through product sales in Neora.

• Retails Sales

Here, you’ll earn by buying products at a brand partner’s price and then selling them at its retail cost. The difference between the retail price and the partner price will be the commission you get.

• Personal Sales Commission

Personal Sales Commissions are typically based on the amounts of purchases made by all your customers at any given month. To start earning this commission, the minimum monthly volume of sales you need is $300, and you will start at approximately 5% commissions.

• PC First Order Bonus

Once you enroll a new customer, you’ll be paid this type bonus depending on the order amount of their first purchase. The bonus is generally a 20% commission of the price of the order price.

• Personal PC Bonus

A personal PC bonus is given after a certain number of customers make product orders of at least a specific amount each month.

You will get a $50 bonus if you’ve at least six customers buying at least 55 Qualifying Volume (QV) each for a sum of 500 Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV).

– You will earn a $150 bonus if you’ve at least nine customers buying at least 55 Qualifying Volume for a sum of 800 PQV.

2. How to earn money by recruiting other brand partners

Recruiting other Brand Partners is one of the most common ways to earn via Neora's compensation plan. You will be expected to build and grow your team and assist the Brand Partners you recruit to build their teams, leading to more customer sales and more recruitment. Here are the bonuses you will earn by recruiting other brand partners.

Fast Start Bonus: You will receive this bonus in your first month as the brand partner who recruited you rose to the rank of an Elite Brand Partner. The company’s brand partner who enrolled you will get $75, and you will get a $150 bonus.

• Director Bonus: This bonus is almost similar to Fast Bonus but, in the first two months, you have to reach the Director rank to get $200. However, if it took you three months to get to that rank, you’ll only receive $100.

• Neora 3UR Free: In this bonus category, you will get a free monthly order that will amount to $140 if you sustain an active order and three customers with active orders as well.

• Power of 5: All Brand partners who’ll be able to garner 500 QV, will get a 5% commission

• Momentum Bonus: As you advance the ranks as a brand partner, you will receive another 3% on the team commissions’ CV Bonus.

• Team PC Bonus: Apart from your advancing the ranks, you will also have to assist your downlines in improving theirs because every time they go higher, that will be an extra commission for you as well.

• Lifestyle Bonus: The Neora lifestyle bonus is given to the brand partners who can get to the rank Premier Director and above. They’ll receive a monthly bonus that’ll range between $150 and $100,000.

• Luxury Car Bonus: You will get a monthly bonus of 500 dollars for a luxurious car if you can reach the rank of Elite Director or above and generate 15,000 GCV. However, if you reach the rank of a National Marketing Director, your luxury car bonus will be $750.

• Check Match Bonus: The people who will benefit from this bonus are the upper-level brand partners. They will get commissions each time their down lines generate more points.

• Infinity Bonus: This bonus is meant for those in the rank of Silver National Marketing Directors. They will receive a certain percentage of the organization’s CV.

• NMD Generation Bonus: If a brand partner qualifies a Platinum National Director, they’ll receive more bonuses from their downlines.

Summary & Final Thoughts

Full disclosure: I am not a representative for Neora or any other Health and/or beauty Company, this review is for informational purposes only.

In my opinion, Neora is a legit business opportunity and not a scam. There are several downsides to it, but I would not call it a scam. When I take a close look at the firm itself, the compensation plan and product line, from what I see, this company is not a pyramid scheme or scam operation. Neora is typically selling what looks like high-quality products that appeal to many people. The line of products offered by Neora is pretty impressive. The company has a wide range of products and ingredients that attack any signs of aging from different angles, and again, the products appear to come in good quality.

The business opportunity provided by Neora is also a different story. Building your team of brand partners and profiting from all their efforts can be pretty enticing, but of course, it’s often tainted as being a better business opportunity than it is. However, there is an earning potential within their business opportunity, which makes it incredibly worthwhile for anybody willing to invest their effort and time in the company. If you’re able to reach the rankings high enough, which only a few individuals can do, then you will be able to live the life of your dreams without any financial worries.

I also like the fact that Neora is a global company. That means that you can become a customer and also a distributor in various countries across the world, and not just the U. S. Such countries include Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia, among others. That allows you to grow and advance your business internationally.

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However, just like most multi-level marketing companies, Neora is a bit complicated. One of the good things about this skincare and wellness company is that it seems to have a well-rounded and fair compensation plan when compared to some other companies in the same industry. The other good thing about Neora is its strong focus, especially on online marketing.

Many multi-level marketing companies will only train people on how you can get individuals to recruit to make sales for them, which do not get you far. Nonetheless, Neora appears to put a lot of emphasis on influencing the web to generate sales and leads, which is a great thing for the Brand Partners of the company.

The hard reality is that the multi-level business world is always a struggle. So make sure you know what you are getting into if you decide to join. The Brand Partners trying to enroll you will make it sound pretty amazing because they’re going to make some money from you, but building your team of brand partners is not a walk in the park.

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  40. It’s good to always read reviews before buying products that we are just trying for the first time, this enables us to know about how to use it, what to avoid with it or even if the product is not good for human usage. If FTC finds a Company not works or it’s opening, let it be closed.

  41. l agree that many people spend a lot of money to make their skin more beautiful, and the skincare industry takes advantage of it. I know that Neora is Multi-Level Marketing and they have two main categories, wellness, and skincare. l was considering joining them but after reading your post l will first try their products and after l decide if they work for me, l will maybe join their online business.

  42. There are a lot of scam MLM games out there. In my opinion as we discover more about them and the science progresses many of these will be obsolete. There are some really reputable MLM companies out there that are actually involved in the manufacturing and production- I feel more comfortable with those companies. They tend to stick around longer

  43. I have heard about Nerium and Neora before, but have not used any of their products, so cannot comment on the effectiveness of it. I know how difficult it is to make money with the multi level marketing business model without continuously having to recruit new team members and building a downline. 

    Many multi level marketing companies operate a pyramid scheme in disguise, so I am not surprised to see that the FTC is investigating Neora and Nerium International.

  44. I truly don’t think there is anything uncommon about Neora that can not be applied to most MLM organizations. As I would see it and from my experience the vast majority of these organizations are working fringe lawfully. My concern with Neora and all in all MLM organizations isn’t being a sales rep however being a spotter.

    In each MLM organization the most ideal approach to advance is to get more individuals in the system. Issue is that you need to pay for month to month participations regardless of whether you not make any business/enlistments. That is the part I scorn the most about these organizations.

    The framework isn’t reasonable and isn’t extremely reassuring for newcomers to the organization.

  45. It is observed that Personal Sales Commissions are typically based on the amounts of purchases made by all your customers at any given month but it is bad that you have to meet a target of 300 usd. it becomes stressful if anyone can not meet up with that amount.there should be a review of it.

  46. If the FTC is involved, there is probably a good reason for it, no company can stay active for a long period of time on false promises. Their products look good though, so my guess is that many sellers didn’t do too well on their MLM scheme.. I said it before, i personally really do not like MLM schemes, they are just way too complicated and even worse, too many scams out there. I also believe like one of the commenters mentioned earlier, that a regular affiliate program would self this company better.., a Win-win for all.

    Once again, this is just my take, thanks for sharing,


  47. The mere fact that the FTC is involved tells me to stay clear. I am always leary of mlm companies because of the compensation plans are almost impossible to meet the requirements of. The skin care products themselves however are not bad as I have tried them myself. I think if they changed to just a regular affiliate program instead of mlm model they would do great.

  48. Oh thanks god, that I found your post. I didn’t know that Neora is a MLM company, and it was shut down by FTC. I was almost going to join them. For some companies which been shut down by FTC, must have some reasons. MLM has changed their way to make money in recent years, but the way how it works, is not really suitable for some people, especially if someone has no networks around between friends and family. This is my first time to read review about Neora, I will tell some friends and let them aware, and I will let them to take a look on your website. I hope I can read more about these kind of reviews, Good Work and keep going!

  49. This is my first time hearing of Neora Nerium but this was an interesting read and I learnt enough about the company from reading your article and watching the videos put in it. The company really sounds promising with the various deal packages they present but surely if the FTC has claims against them then it is a reason to be concerned 

  50. Hello Hamilton!

    The review provided there is amazing if i must say. The company has come up with an ideal initiative by providing a platform to help people make money by marketing and selling skincare products as well as wellness products. The marketing would even be easier as many people would want to patronize the company hearing that the products are age-fighting products since everyone always want to look below their age.


  51. Can you tell us what happened regarding the FTC’s efforts to shut them down.  Also, you stated that only 5% of people that signed up for the program actually made money and that they forced the people that signed up to take direct shipments, giving them more product than they could sell.  Then you stated that you didn’t think it was a scam.  You seem to provide reasoning that it is a scam, but then say it isn’t.  Is it because the products are actually good?  The business model seems shady.  Also, what happened with Neora’s lawsuit against the FTC?  It sounds to me like they were forum shopping and the case is likely to get removed to a different court.  Was the case continued?  The court date is listed as January of 2020.

  52. With the desire to look forever youthful and beautiful, skincare is one of the top marketed businesses in this regard. People are always willing to try out the next fad with the hope that what is promised will actually work. Unfortunately some companies take advantage of this in order to scam people of their money whilst offering very little in return. The poor buyer finds out later that they were better off washing with an ordinary face or body scrub and water instead. Thank you for exposing this one, definitely a no that deserves to be shut down.

  53. I am not a member of this company or any other cosmetics, beauty or skincare company. I find interesting reading about companies such as this one. I find it difficult to understand how information such as what is available in articles such as this yet people still join and are willing to support the company. Then when something else goes wrong they act all surprised and blame the company. The answer is do your due diligence.with your eyes wide open

  54. Hello Tony

    Thanks for sharing the details of this company and the lawsuits surrounding it.

    i actually have never heard of this company until I read this article. Now I’ve some insight

    From my perspective after doing a little digging coupled with this Post,I have to agree with your conclusion that Neora is a legit company in the MLM segment. I agree with the positive factors you listed. 


  55. Thanks for your informative post . Companies should have a clear policy in how they operate . This is what the FTC uses to see how they are carrying out their operations based on regulations guiding their operation. It  is very sad when entities push under their policy questionable practices. The FTC then will have to come in and do what they are to do. It is not about making money, business ethics is very important to trust and branding.

  56. I think for a company to be at the brim of being shutdown, it must have been through a lot of criticism and it’s been really busy on the case of neora Nerium. It’s good to know about steps like this, it’ll keep you posted on what products you should trust from what company too.

  57. Hello Tony, thanks for sharing such nice article. You have done a great job here and I feel really happy about it. I have never heard about Neora before but I know for a fact being a lady and wanting to have a perfect skin tone ,had I heard about them before reading your articles I would have immediately joined their multi level scheme because their products. I hope to see more of this article,. Cheers

  58. Your post here is the very first time that I am learning about the neora Nerium and I like how you have done this very good post about it too. I guess when the FTC is on to you then there must have been to many complaints and then when they do their investigation and find you guilty, you have to get shut down.

  59. I wouldn’t be particular about this neora nerium though because I knew very little about them but I trust in the judgement of the FTC because most of the companies they have shut down have been worth it in the past. So, this is actually a good one to see and notice too. Thank you for sharing the details here with us all and I will love to share out too

  60. The story between Neora and the Federal Trade Commission is very interesting and deserves attention. I’ve heard about their schemes before, and of course I’ve never read good opinions. Unfortunately, many people paid the price. And the worst part is that they claimed to collaborate with people that in reality do not support the company, and to solve healthy problems that can be hardly solved by products like those offered by the company! It looks like the rebranding didn’t change the main problems of this firm.

  61. From what you have shared it looks like neora is a legit MLM company . The compensation plan is clear and understandable.The beauty and wellness industries are also lucrative industries. I can recommend it for any one interested in the MLM business, They have an understandable compensation plan,good products with the right mindset and interest it looks like a legit opportunity to can make a living from.

  62. Thanks for this informative review. I’ve not heard of Neora before but I can imagine, being in the niche they are in they are well known around the globe. Unfortunately there are too many opportunities like this that aren’t quite what they seem and it looks like the FTC has been doing a good job in weeding them out. I’ve fallen prey to similar opportunities that turned out to be scams and these articles you write are so important to help identify companies people with less experience or newbies will be easily fooled by and should ignore at all costs. 

  63. Thank you again Tony Lee for providing the best informative platform which is very beneficial to most of the ageing people to use the product to rejuvenate the skin.Though the information provided the companies which the deal with the the product they make allot of market due to a lot of people out  need to change the looking makes the product to have a huge market

  64. Great information! I have heard of Neora Nerium but it seem ok,marketing is global and about connections!! Marketing need to be broke down more because everybody don’t understand it! Neora seem great for the public and for online business! In marketing you cant be lazy you are going to put some work into it!

  65. I have never heard about Neora before but I know for a fact being a lady and wanting to have a perfect skin tone ,had I heard about them before reading your articles I would have immediately joined their multi level scheme because their products are what every lady want thank you for sharing your honest opinion 

  66. In my experience in regards to the MLM platform, you need 4 things for a winner.   A great product this better that the rest, great leadership, a good business model, and passion to so this sort of work.   These are a dime a dozen and it can take some time to weed out the legacy companies.

  67. Oh wow, that was a very detailed review about Neora. To be honest, I have never heard about this brand, and that’s not strange, as I don’t need anti-aging products just yet 🙂 

    I was surprised by the prices at first, they seem to be very high. I used to work for several MLM companies, where you earn money by selling products and recruiting others to join the company. I liked it and was successful, but at some point, I quit as it was quite tiring. I find that this program is expensive to join. Given so many levels of membership, tells me that the first one is not giving you anything, and the last one costs a lot. 

    What I am interested in is if they actually have an affiliate program? 

    That would be a real deal 🙂 

  68. If the skincare products are new, I do not purchase right away instead of research first. As skincare companies try to scam people out of their money with fake false customer reviews. It is good that the FTC is looking out for pyramid schemes like this one provided by Nerium International. I enjoyed reading and learning about this pyramid scheme and will be sharing. 

  69. Well! It is saddening to see any company being shut down by FTC though but the allegations levvied against this neora nerium is really had and I will actually say they deserve it if they are actually shut down. How on earth will you be defrauding people that are working for you. It truly is not a good way to treat people. Thansk for sharing though

  70. Hello Tony

    Thanks for sharing the details of this company and the lawsuits surrounding it.

    i actually have never heard of this company until I read this article. Now I’ve some insight

    From my perspective after doing a little digging coupled with this Post,I have to agree with your conclusion that Neora is a legit company in the MLM segment. I agree with the positive factors you listed. Thanks

  71. It’s funny to see such controversy on any business venture and in most cases, it ends up affecting the business because some really good customers may end up leaving the company because of that issue. However, it’s a smart move for Nerium to have changed it’s name to Neora and keep up operations just like normal. Going by the normal MLM program am not a fan of it, but if the compensation plan is okay, then it’s not bad.

  72. Hello awesome review you have here Neora has various levels of membership, which range in upfront fees of 49.95 dollars to 1000 dollars. These membership levels include Basic Kit, Starter Pack, Builder Pack, and Premier Builder Pack this are all at affordable prices thanks for sharing this with us and God bless you

  73. This is an honest and objective review you have once again offered to your audience. Never heard of Neora before and as someone who has started to create her own cosmetics not long ago, I nowadays am very suspicious about cosmetic manufacturers, especially associated with MLM.

    Still, it’s an industry issue in my point of view, not specific to Neora, this company is just playing the game others do. Despite my view of cosmetics quality, if a lot of people find them good, then they have a product to sell, and a market to absorb it (therefore,obvious renevue), which is something that eventually will work, unlike many previous pyramid schemes. 

    Still, people should be aware of what they are joining, which again, is more a characteristic of MLM rather than something specific to Neora, as these schemes are not “an easy way to get rich”,

    Best Regards,

    Sofia Matias


  74. Is have never really heard of neora before now though but you are very right,one of the most lucrative and booming platforms on which people base their businesses this days is the beauty and skincare niche. The prices for their products is a little on the high side though but if it works then why not. I don’t think they misled people though, maybe people are just too lazy to do their findings.

  75. I did not see any way that Neora was misleading their sales teams. All of the information was there, you have to do your homework on the material you are given instead of just listening to the once over done by the recruiter. As with any company it is your responsibility to know what is in the packet of information you are given. This type of selling has been going on for decades or longer.  

    You will not earn a large income overnight. You have to put in the time and the hard work as you would for any other company. The shiny object can be achieved but not without work.


  76. I’ve never actually heard of Neora before – though looking at the picture, I do feel like I’ve seen that transformation image sometime before. Or even gotten approached to join Neora.

    Anti-aging products are not easy to make and looking at their prices, they are a bit more on the more expensive side to be compared with others. I don’t think it’s that expensive to join the basic, but I’d take my time researching before joining as FTC did try to shut them down, and they are an MLM company, which in any aspect, one should do a more thorough research on them before starting to join.

  77. This is absolutely no doubt of honest and objective review you have once again offered to your audience. I am a big fun of cosmetics and skin products. I also love doing business with skin care products as it is one of the multi million dollar ventures.

    It’s very sad that such popular company like Neora, is going through this, because they have over the years offered good and quality products

  78. Thanks for your highly detailed review of Neora / Nerium. They certainly make a vast range of products that can address multiple issues, with the result of making people looking younger and feeling better. Those ‘before and after’ photos’ are very convincing. Obviously, it’s hard to tell where the result has been achieved through their product or just some Photoshop airbrushing techniques. But the 90-day challenge sounds extremely motivating. Personally, I would have to be really mad about their products in order to invest in their packs. The investment is rather high, and it would only work for someone who believes in those products 100% and doesn’t mind to bother all their friends and family in order to sell them and make some profit.

  79. Hello there!

    Thanks for sharing this review with us, Truth be told, I have never heard of Neora before. This is the very first time I’ve heard of that company. Even though I’m a great user of skin product. I appreciate how your review shows the positive and negative side of Neora. Keep up with the good work.

  80. It’s very true that one of the top Multi billion companies in the world is the skin care, they thrive so much ever year since people are willing to spend millions just to make sure that they don’t age and remain fresh and young as always. I think the FTC must have found something not right to have made that move. Neora offers good and proven products that showed feedback, I don’t know why they want them shut down.

  81. Thanks for sharing the details of this company and the lawsuits surrounding it. From what I have seen, it might be an honest (not scam) company. I guess the lawsuits will sort that out. However, I do have to question the product integrity (and customers need to research that, of course) and also pricing. At the prices they show, I cannot imagine how anyone can hope to make money selling for them. There are so many other options available.

    But then, that is a problem I have with many MLM’s. The prices are often higher to provide compensation for everyone in the line and still provide a hefty profit for the company. Too many hands involved, in my opinion, to keep the pricing realistic. 

  82. Even if the company is currently engaged in judicial proceedings about the lawfulness of their activity or not, it is important to know the background of the company. Working with the online business, you need to know the grounds you are traveling through. I have myself been involved with a couple of MLM companies, but both are legitimate and professional companies that present quite clearly what type of business they are doing. They do not hide how you have to earn revenue.

    I do not know Neora (Nerium), but I find your review interesting from acquiring knowledge. Regarding the company, the red light starts flashing immediately when there is no company address to be found on their website. That being said, it is a positive indication that they have a plan on where to be several years into the future. It is also a good sign that they take their carbon footprint seriously and are taking actions to reduce it. 

    On the other, like other MLM companies, the products they sell are rather expensive, which I think is not a positive factor if you want to get involved.

    I have to agree with your conclusion that Neora is a legit company in the MLM segment. I agree with the positive factors you list, among which is the global expansion the company has made. Also, the fact that you can buy their products via other channels as well and not just via MLM. 

    And last, people need to fully understand what they are involving themselves in if they want to earn money in MLM business. It is a very tough line of work.

  83. Thank you for sharing a lovely, informative article with us. The chief item of this article is Nerium International. It is truly amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about Neora. I like Neora’s product line of the points in your article. In my opinion, it is a legitimate company because many people from here are doing well by joining.
    I have read and enjoyed your article. so I would like to share your article with my friends by sharing it in the Facebook group so that everyone can know about your article and gain knowledge about Neora.

  84. Partially, I expected this neora nerium to meet their doom like this because I have heard a lot of complaints and all about them about their dubious way and the fact that people are working fine and not getting their right commission and all too. So, this is a good overview of what actually happened and thank you so much for sharing this out too. I really appreciate this post here

  85. This company, Neora, does not appear to be a scam.  However, it looks like only a few people will do well in this business.  There are too many levels and sub levels, it’s hard to make out how this business actually operates.  I like my old, traditional Wealthy Affiliates.  It’s straightforward, and if you persevere, you should be able to make a living on it.  The FTC is involved, the kind of makes me leery.  However, being attacked by the FTC doesn’t necessarily mean the company is bad.  

  86. Great article. In my brain I strongly associate MLM companies with pyramid schemes, but I appreciate the clarification and review of Neora. 

    Skin care is a huge industry, and I think that there is a benefit to MLM model within a skin care product company because you need to be able to connect your products with the millions of potential customers. This is an industry where tons of people on the ground is extremely helpful and beneficial.

    As you said, there are always concerns as you look into partnering with a business, but I agree, Neora’s operations appear to be above board and legitimate. 

  87. Tony,

    Once again thanks to you I have learned about Neora. I have not heard about them before. The first thang that strikes my attention is the fact that they have changed their name. Why would they do this if they are legitimate and have nothing to hide? And with the FTC currently investigating them, I do not think that I would want to risk my time, effort and reputation. Their anti-ageing products are of concern though and I am questioning if the repackaging really has to do with reducing their carbon footprint or avoiding the FTC.

    Thank you for such a detailed review.


  88. Well  if only 5% earn money at all and the focus is on the recruiting bonuses and required starter packs  and long downlines and not focus on the products Is in my eyes a pyramid. Yes it is a legit business opportunity if you are concentrating on the products part of the business. But I can understand that health claims made about severe diseases  leads to strong reactions. It is in my eyes unethical. Are all members on all levels allowed to do ad campaigns on the products?

  89. Thanks for a very comprehensive post about Neora/Nerium. Some of the products themselves look great, but I think the key takeaway for me is that why would anyone in this day and age buy products from a representative when those same products are available online in marketplaces such as Amazon? Buying from a company rep seems such an old-fashioned model, and requires quite a lot of legwork for the rep, building and maintaining their customer base. And that’s just the product selling side of the business. 

    Your overall assessment of the company, I thought, was positive, yet you started out at the beginning with the report about the FTC investigating the company. Personally, I would stay away from it, at least until this FTC involvement was resolved. 

  90. Tony, whenever I see an article about a scandal of sorts, I jump on it. These reviews are always so informative and interesting. I find Neora’s pricing is more modest than it probably could be, which is a good thing in my brain. However, I still don’t trust anti aging and with all of the conflicts they’re had legally, I can see why they’re being shut down.

  91. Hi Tony,

    Neora has been in the news for FTC lawsuit. Your post clearly explains the positions of both parties. 

    Skincare is a booming industry and therefore there are so many products in the market. The rise of MLM companies in this sector pitched in due to their new business model where they can boost sales through incentives to the sales-force. 

    The main allegation of FTC is that Neora has drifted from being a MLM company to being a pyramid scheme. They assure financial independence for their sellers but that seems to not work with the seller losing out on money. However they have designed the scheme with the website and training materials being provided, to make money for the seller. But since Neora products are available for sale directly on Amazon, the stiff competition would not let the distributor establish themselves.

    It is therefore not for me at least. However, your post describes all the pros and cons letting the reader make a choice.

    Thanks and for this post once again.

  92. This company is probably not a scam but I would be wary of joining any MLM business because of all the recruiting you have to do. The products that the company is promoting are questionable in some cases. If you are the kind of person that does not like selling or recruiting people then I would pass on this company.

  93. Nice post Tony! A lot of information to understand what Neora actually is. Products range really do look good and the business opportunity provided by them definitely looks legit. But, even if it is legit I believe that the MLM model is not very encouraging for newcomers. Only a selected few at the top are able to earn sustainable profits. People at the bottom section of the chains either suffer loss, marginal loss, or barely able to break even which is much less than efforts invested.

    In my opinion, It would have been great if they offer an affiliate marketing model instead, I like it because it’s more direct and sustaining.

  94. I really don’t think there is anything unusual about Neora that can not be applied to most MLM companies. In my opinion and from my experience most of these companies are working borderline legally. My problem with Neora and in general MLM companies is not being a salesman but being a recruiter.

    In every MLM company the best way to progress is to get more people in the network. Problem is that you have to pay for monthly memberships even if you not make any sales/recruitments. That is the part I hate the most about these companies.

    The system is not fair and is not very encouraging for newcomers to the company.

  95. Did they really claim that one of their wellness products was endorsed by the Michael Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s disease. Lying has always been bad for business especially in this field. Otherwise Neora does seem legit with a couple of errors and after all the years they have been up and running they can’t just get the FTC to shut them down just like they do a whole lot of other programs like this.

  96. Wow! So much details you have provided here about neora nerium and I must say that most of it really stranges to me and I found them bizarre to believe too. However, this platform was doomed to fail and I  glad that I was able to quit it just at the right time to focus on what truly matters better. Thanks for this. Well, mlm generally are not a good way and seeing all these clashes and cases, I feel this company ain’t worth getting attached to by anyone

  97. I never joined Nerium, but had several friends who wanted me to join a few years ago. While the products looked promising, the cost outweighed the pros for me.

    There are so many of these MLM programs out there and while the products may be worthwhile, it is a lot of work especially for those of us who are not any good at sales. I think I would have trouble selling air on the moon!

    Thank you once again, Tony for an awesome review of a product that may or may not bring in a potential income. With the FTC on their backs, they may not be around long enough to make it worth a person’s while anyway.

  98. I have heard about this company before but your article has much more detail. The first red flag for me is that they are under investigation and the second red flag is the high start up costs and the heavy lean towards recruiting if one wants to make any reasonable income from this. Thanks for this review. I am not much into MLM, but the discussion here helps me to know what questions to ask and to know what goes behind the name of Neora.

  99. Well, it certainly isn’t encouraging news that they are being shut down by the FTC, but with their apparent business practices, I’m not surprised. It’s one thing to be an MLM, it’s another when you make such overblown claims to lure people in. Maybe I’m not understanding, but I’m wondering what makes this a pyramid scheme and worthy of an FTC shut down when most MLM’s have this top-down type of approach?

  100. Honestly I’ve heard nothing good about Neora and the fact that they are being investigated by the FTC and will probably be shut down means that I will be staying far away from them. I’ve also looked at the pricing of the products and I cannot believe that any company can validate those crazy prices. How on earth do you market products that are priced so way out of the reasonable range?

  101. Great debate around MLM and the influence of an FTC intervention which I have to say I think is worthwhile you mentioning in terms of the debate. I am not a fan of MLM and I think it is biased to the top end of the company and difficult to achieve success. However you make the argument for and against very clear.

    I thought the insight to the company itself was very interesting as you don’t often get that when reading about an organisation so a very interesting read. Thanks for sharing. Will you let readers know the outcome?

  102. Truth be told, I have never heard of Neora before. Perhaps because I don’t use many skin products. Regardless, I’m always wary of MLMs. I joined one many years ago, wasn’t good at it, and got out of it. I appreciate how your review shows the positive and negative side of Neora. It’s easy to hide the fact that the FTC and Neora are having a go at it. 

    MLMs are difficult to navigate anyhow. The best part of your review was the litigation between the FTC and Neora. It became more eye-opening into the affairs of the company. That isn’t to say that Neora is not legitimate. It just means that they, like other large companies, get sued every once in a while. Thanks for sharing this review.

  103. Thanks for your article! 

    Although I’m not a fan of MLM, at least not today when that model, IMO, is outdated with better techniques, I’m less of a fan of overreaching governmental agencies who let John get away with murder (figuratively as far as breaking rules within business is concerned) while suing Jane, and maybe even sending her to prison. There appears to always be a reason why these agencies single out one company and not others who do the same thing. 

    As far as the claims that the MLM was illegal because of offering false promises and unrealistic timeframes for attaining wealth, well, has anyone heard of Amway? How about Mary K? Who has ever been to “dinner” at a “friend’s” house that ends up being a meeting with some gabby guru that drives up in an extremely snazzy sports car, fashionably late with props in place and offers unrealistic dreams to hopeful people who never do anything except waste their precious time and pay for a couple of tanks of gas in that Mercedes sports car? 

    But none of that makes it illegal. Should it be? How would they regulate that? “If you say that a person ‘could’ start making x amount within 6 months, and it isn’t a guarantee, you are guilty of fraud.” That’s over reaching! What if he or she were being honest as far as what they felt? If MLM becomes illegal, so be it, but no one should suffer at the hands of overzealous prosecutors or officials within agencies that bloat the confidence of agents as they are groomed to think more highly of themselves than they ought, and taught to become the interpreter of law. 

    We don’t need more regulation but more honesty and concern for other human beings. We need to get back to were the highest level of accountability is with the highest leaders and so forth. Not where cops can do anything and not be charged because they are a cop. Authority figures are to bed held to a higher standard not lower. We are backwards way too often! And with this company being sued, there is more to this story, again, in my opinion, than we know about. Somebody doesn’t like somebody. Whoever they are. 

    Thanks for allowing me to rant! 🙂 I agree with you 100%


  104. Wow this is a very nice article you have here I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me….for me I am going to sit this one out as you have already given me a lot of ideas that I could choose from although I would still be in the watch Incase any changes comes up.

  105. Hello. I must applaud you in a very well written article. As for the topic in discussion, I have not personally used or know anyone that has used Neora products or got involved with there multi-level marketing program. 

    However, for what I can tell it doesn’t seem that this company is a scam and that they are indeed a legitimate company. The problem with multi-level marketing companies is that when they look for new ” recruits ” they will paint the best possible picture when it comes to income. They will in most cases be well established within their market ( anti-aging and health etc)   have evidence backing up that their products work and have been slowly growing for some time. In essence they are selling a dream. 

    It is not to say that the dream could not come true, but they don’t  always disclose how hard it is going to be to actually get there. But why would they ? If they would tell people that the dream will only be possible once you have recruited 100’s of people or have managed to sell tens of thousands worth in products, and that it can take years to actually get there. Most people wouldn’t even look at it twice. In order for them to be successful they have to paint the best possible picture, otherwise they won’t be successful themselves. 

    Most people ( when looking for a new opportunity ) wants the best for the least amount of effort. They know it will take ” some work “, but are not fully committed and don’t understand what and how long it will really take. Or just expect thing to start happening. When they don’t get the financial result they were told they could get, it is much easier just to ” blame and shame ” someone else for their failures. Of course they won’t see it as their own failures because ” they have tried everything “. 

    Like I said, I do not know Neora , but I do know a similar multi-level marketing company ( Amway ). I personally know of a few individuals that are living ” the dream” . But I must tell you it has taken them many many years or constant hard work and dedication to even get a taste of it. 

    These type of companies/businesses can work. There are some that are better than others and there are also some scams out there. People just have to stop thinking that money as success come overnight with little to no input ( physical or financial ).   And that is not even to mention training, at some point the person would require more training. This is not a free commodity.  

    I hope my comments above is of some value. 

    All the best


  106. Respects Tony Lee, 

    I have seen this issue flagged recently in news, and i was wondering if Neora Nerium is being shut down. 

    You have provided great insight into the company and it’s activities. Neora is a global marketing firm that deals with age-fighting products made through real science and cutting-edge research. It deals with longevity which is a multi billion dollar industry. All in all Neora is a skincare and wellness company. I think the products are good.


  107. My grandmother has been using the Lotion and Probiotic Powder Combo Pack for quite some time now and I have never seen her complain. Personally, I have tried the sleeping chew supplements and it didn’t really have any effect on me, but again, that’s my personal experience. I’ve seen a lot of people who love those products and use them every day on a daily basis. If that’s the case, then the products must be working as they should. 

  108. I have joined many multi-level marketing platforms in my life. And I honestly never understand the compensation plan. Do you know why they make it so complicated? I don’t know.

    But I don’t mind not understanding the compensation plan. If it works, if it pays off I’m OK with it.

    I like the wellness niche so I’ll join them.

  109. Hi There,

    Judging what you have told me in this review even the fact that there is a court case involved about taking Neora off the marketing makes me wonder if it’s worth the risk regardless of the outcome. There are millions of skincare products that don’t have this stigma attached to it so the market is open to affiliates or sales reps to choose with ease. It’s a great review though and really opens my eyes to what’s going on in the marketing world of skincare.

  110. I joined Neora in Nov 2017 in HK and have been with them till now. When I moved back to Singapore in 2018, my business came with me. The culture of people helping people is great. The products deliver results. As a Brand Partner, we are compensated for our work.


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