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NutriCellix now has a YouTube channel & Bo Short has shared some videos of the recent webinar. The videos address some of the questions that I had and wrote about in the previous review about the company that is launching on 1 January 2020 just in time for New Year's resolutions. Products, pricing of products, compensation plan as well as the business model being formed from the best practices of Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook and other top e-commerce sites. I was actually the very 1st viewer of the videos that were uploaded to the Official NutriCellix YouTube Channel earlier today, (I do find that sort of odd due to the fact that the channel does have 262 subscribers, I also liked the videos, asked a question about each and became a subscriber)

See screenshot below

NutiCellix Compensation Plan Video on YouTube


NutriCellix Review Updated

Yes, I did indeed do a review about NutriCellix on the 24th of November after a good friend of mine invited me to have a look at the opportunity. (View it here) Why then am I now writing an update to the review? I'm glad that you asked 🙂 As stated above, there is now much more information available than before. NutriCellix Invitation email

As a matter of fact, after watching the videos on YouTube, I have decided to accept the invitation from my friend and have a much closer look. My referral link is as I did find out that in the invitation pre-launch phase it's free. Just in case I do decide to become an Ambassador and promote the opportunity and products, I figured that it would be a good idea to lock in my spot.  I do believe that it will be highly unlikely that I do…………

One thing that didn't sit too well with me tho was the fact that my Invitation e-mail as well as my back office shows “Master” as my referrer and not my friend. I did contact her to let her know, so hopefully they she will be able to get it corrected as it seems to be a main site referral. is the company's site that I also obtained much of the information that I share here on this article as ell as the previously written review titled NutriCellix invite phase, is it a scam or legit opportunity? My NutriCellix Review 


What changed my mind?

A few things actually changed my mind, the most important one being Bo Short himself as I have now watched and listened to him many times. In the original review I mentioned that he was a part of Neora formerly known as Nerium, who is now being investigated by the FTC suing them alleging that they operate as an illegal pyramid scheme. Neora filed a counter suit against the Federal Trade Commission stating that they are attempting to change the rules for the Direct Sales Industry.

Many years ago I was a representative for a wonderful company called FHTM, (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) have you heard of them? They also ended up being shut down by the FTC & it broke my heart because many were punished for a few bad apples. That being said, a few months before, some of the very successful leaders walked away and joined other companies. In hindsight, I now realize that they saw the writing on the wall, getting out before the all came tumbling down.

Click image above to open new tab with full story By John E. Villafranco & Khouryanna DiPrima on January 6, 2020

How does that relate to this?

Although I believe that it's most likely a similar situation for Neora, I do see them being shut down very soon as well. Just months ago Advocare was also sued by the FTC and closed down as a network marketing company. I feel that Bo also sees the writing on the wall so he decided along with his wife Roni Short to start their on company.

I'm still not 100% all in as there are some red flags holding me back, some more concerning than others & I'll list them below:

  • The company address is now different which is not very concerning and the warehouse at 900 NutriCellix warehouseWilmeth Road in McKinney, Texas
  • The volume points earned are different depending on whether the purchaser is an Ambassador or retail sale.
  • There is a $100 Swab DNA Test for Ambassadors (not sure about customers)
  • The products are supposedly created using a modern technology system and is the only company in the world that has a proprietary process as well as exclusive rights to that process, delivering customized wellness and weight solutions, powered by each individual customer's very own DNA. (Sounds very time-consuming as well as expensive to me, what do you think?)
  • Emphasis is more on building a team than on the products (More about this below)
  • How many heavy hitters from Neora and/or Bo & Roni's team are already registered at and promoting NutriCellix to the masses? (Top spots are many times in position even before the pre-launch)

Ambassador Rewards Plan ~ NutriCellix Compensation Plan

NutriCellix Ambassador Rewards Plan

The NutriCellix Compensation Plan is being called the Ambassador Rewards Plan & has 5 ways for representatives to earn. It is a unilevel pay plan with generation check match going as deep as 8 levels depending upon your status or ranking.

    1. Retail Sales – Purchases by you and/or your customers (You don't have to purchase anything)
    2. SmartSave Customer Commissions – This is Autoship monthly customers who receive a discount. The payout is the same as when you have a basic retail sale but the CV (Commissionable volume) is less to make up for the lower cost to the purchaser.
    3. Team Commissions – As you rank advance, you are paid more levels deep and at different commission percentages. The first promotion is becoming an Executive Ambassador which is achieved by having 2 level 1 Ambassadors and all 3 of you have at least 100 QV points in the same month.
    4. Leadership Matching Bonus – To receive this commission, you must be a Pearl Ambassador who has 100 personal QV points as well as 3 Executive Ambassadors. Additionally, you need at least 3 active placement organizations which simply means that you place someone on your 2nd level below another team member. The really nice difference with this is that when you place someone on your 2nd level, not only does the person who receives the referral earn 5% you will receive 8% creating a win-win. Most other multi-level companies pay a lesser percentage on each level, making it less likely that there will be teamwork.
    5. Leadership Bonus Pool – Diamond or higher level Ambassadors receive shares of the entire customer volume through what is called the Global CV . Also, leaders will be rewarded with promotions, trips, incentives and more!

      Rank Advancement Criteria

      Levels listed below are kept track of by an algorithm in the NutriCellix Invitation platform.

          • Ambassador – here everyone starts at registration plus have 50 qv points
          • Executive Ambassador – 2 personally sponsored ambassadors plus all 3 of you have 100 qv points in the same month.
          • Opal – 2 personally referred Executive ambassadors plus 100 qv points
          • Jade 3 personally referred Executive ambassadors plus personal 100 qv points + 1,000 cv (Combined Volume)
          • Pearl4 personally referred Executive ambassadors plus personal 100 qv points + 3,000 cv points and 3 active placement organizations
          • Sapphire5 personally referred Executive ambassadors plus personal 100 qv points + 10,000 cv points and 3 active placement organizations
          • Ruby – 6 personally referred Executive ambassadors plus personal 100 qv points + 20,000 cv points and 4 active placement organizations
          • Emerald – 7 personally referred Executive ambassadors plus personal 100 qv points + 40,000 cv points and 4 active placement organizations
          • Diamond – 8 personally referred Executive ambassadors plus personal 100 qv points + 80,000 cv points and 5 active placement organizations
          • Blue Diamond – 9 personally referred Executive ambassadors plus personal 100 qv points + 100,000 cv points and 5 active placement organizations
          • Black Diamond – 10 personally referred Executive ambassadors plus personal 100 qv points + 150,000 cv points and 5 active placement organizations
          • Red Diamond – 11 personally referred Executive ambassadors plus personal 100 qv points + 300,000 cv points and 5 active placement organizations
          • Crown Diamond – 12 personally referred Executive ambassadors plus personal 100 qv points + 500,000 cv points and 6 active placement organizations

      NutriCellix Products, Pricing & Volume PointsNutriCellix product pricing model

      The YouTube video above was posted on the NutriCellix's Official Channel and goes through the products, pricing and commissionable volume points. There are 2 prices available as shown in the NutriCellix Product Pricing Model, the retail price & SmartSave (Wholesale) price. The SmartSave price, while being called the wholesale price is also the AutoShip price and the products ship every month unless you cancel.

      One thing that I will mention that has me still on the fence whether to promote the opportunity and/or products is the fact that the “Volume” points are different for Ambassador purchases than for that of an outside customer. I can absolutely see the reason for different volume points for retail & SmartSave sales because of the cost difference and the fact that the representative still receives the same commission amount. The thought process for more volume points from purchases from representatives than customers seems to point toward an emphasis on team building.

      Images below show pricing & volume point differences:

      NutriCellix Custom Weight Management Powered by Your DNA









      NutriCellix SurgeNutriCellix FitNutriCellix Core - Prime - Prevail


      NutriCellix The SystemNutriCellix The Ambassador BundleSystem + Surge

      Compare the CostDevelop a Customer Base

      As you can see by the images above, there are instances where the CV (Commissionable Volume) is double for Ambassador purchases compared to customer purchases. Is it just me or does anyone else not see a reason for that?

      One big question that I also have, does the Ambassador purchasing from him or herself also earn the commission for the sale? I haven't been able to find that answer out yet but hope to know it soon. Looking at the diagrams above, I don't believe that will be the case, maybe that's why the CV is different, what do you think?

      Another thing that concerns me is that if the NutriCellix Weight Management System is indeed customized according to our specific DNA, wouldn't the products cost much more than stated above? Another thing of concern, with nutriCellix launching on New Year's day, what % of the potential customers will still be on track with their resolution to lose weight and get into shape?

      Who is NutriCellix for?

      In my humble opinion, it's very important to either be on the direct team of a recruiting rock star, be one yourself or be a great sales person in order to earn any amount of money. In my over 10 years online, I have thousands of referrals to various platforms (View them on the Home Page here on this site at

      Because of the Active Placement Organization part of the Rank Advancement and Commission Plan, I do see the ability for someone who isn't a rock star recruiter or great salesperson to be able to earn. That being said, the upline is going to utilize that strategy wisely and only place referrals under those who are actually producing and I can't say that I blame them. In Network Marketing, like many other organizations, 10% of the people do 90% of the work. Also, 90% of those who join never last more than 90 days with most dropping out much sooner if they ever show up at all.

      I should also mention that as far as I can tell, the NutriCellix opportunity is only available in the United States with the products being available in Canada as well as in America. The video above also says that expansion is expected soon in other parts of the world, o worldwide friends stay tuned.

      Review Summary

      I am at this point cautiously optimistic about the NutriCellix opportunity and products after watching the YouTube videos shared by Bo Short yesterday talking about the NutriCellix Products, Pricing & Compensation Plan.

      So, as stated above I have indeed signed up for free but it is almost a guarantee that I won't be proceeding because of the DNA thing, view my referral link page at  


      I will of course also be sharing updates, especially after the 1 January launch with more answers to the many questions that I have already asked.

      I am awaiting  an answer to my question as to whether the DNA Swab Test is mandatory even if I don't plan to be a customer myself, this could very well be a game changer.  In fact, I am still very sceptical about anyone needing a DNA test, I don't believe that the products will be different based on the results.  I also foresee it being very difficult to convince any potential cu*tomer to take the te*t and pay the $100 up front if ever.

      What questions do you have about the NutriCellix Opportunity, Products, Compensation Plan etc….? Ask them in the comment area below. View the 1st NutriCellix Review by clicking here (it will open in a new tab)Share your thoughts, leave a comment.


57 thoughts on “NutriCellix Products, Pricing & Compensation Plan”

  1. Cherise says:


    Funny you should change your stance to a more positive position the longer you’ve checked out this company. I had the very opposite. At first, I thought about giving it a try, but the more I have investigated, the more I am saying “NO WAY”. The way I am being approached on the whole idea is already showing signs of a pyramid scheme. No thank you!

    I’ve been in NetWork Marketing for 11 years now, and this experience has confirmed I am happy with where I am at. No need to look for a quick dollar from a different company, especially when it’s showing signs of activity I am uneasy with.

    You got to wonder, what are they going to do with the DNA collected if they ever run into a rough financial period? Would they be desperate enough to sell it?


    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Hi Cherise,

      I do agree with you my friend & you can read the 3 other Nutricellix articles on this website to see updates as well.

      Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts & expertize Cherise, you are welcome back here anytime my friend.


  2. Sean says:

    One of the things that caught my attention, was that Bo Short is also involved in this program. I don’t say that because I know him, however it’s more along the lines that he was involved in other companies that have been shut down by the FTC or as you mentioned in your article has seen signs and jumped ship. In fact there’s a few companies if I understood the article correctly that he’s been a part of that he has seen signs and jumped ship. It seems as though he understood what could potentially happen capitalized on the growth or the money making opportunity and has he seen that the FTC was about to move and decided it’s probably best to leave. 

    Another thing about it that has me a bit skeptical is the $100 DNA fee as well. I’m actually grateful for your review because it’s easy to get swept up in these types of opportunities because they’re new and you want to get in on top. 

    One of the other things that concerns me is the compensation plan.  I’ve followed you and read a few of your blog posts so I trust and value your reviews and feedback. Obviously it was free to join, so I wouldn’t judge you for joining especially if it allows you to get a better look inside the system in order to give a more thorough review. With that said, would you trust them openly as an opportunity, and would you recommend actually joining the business? I also noticed it’s not so much about what the product does, but more about the compensation and system which usually has red flags.

    I value your opinion so I’d be curious as to your response. Thanks as usual for your in depth reviews.

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome Sean and thank you so much my friend for taking the time to take a thorough look at this article and for your thoughts about NutriCellix as well.

  3. Edwin Bernard says:

    I have been involved in several Network Marketing companies before. Most of them were legit and are still operational There were a couple that failed. In order to succeed you not only need to buy and use the products (If you don’t who will believe you are serious), but also to recruit a team and train them to do what you do. Until this team grows according to plan only a fraction of the members will succeed. By definition you cannot have 100K top performers in a company that has 100K distributors.

    Your article proved that it is people who attract and sell more than the company. You could have a poor company, but if you believe the person who is trying to recruit you, that makes all the difference. The opposite is also true.

    Then there is this issue of needing one’s DNA to tailor a weight management program. What scientific proof do they have this works? And I mean third party independent results. 

    I am glad that your mind is not made up on this as I still see red flags rising. 

    Thanks for sharing this with us.


    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Yes Edwin, I do agree my friend.

      People join people & people join people who they know and trust, especially when they are enthusiastic.

      You are welcome Edwin, thank you.


  4. Michael Blanco says:

    This is interesting. I been looking into some referral options for me so I could be a part of. This seems to be a good option. I was looking at your description of your Ambassadors Reward Plan and Rank Advancement criteria. Very unique idea that I come across. I would likely do more research on it before I become a part go their ambassador program. Thanks for the post. 

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      You are welcome Michael, thank you my friend & I agree with you in doing more research.


  5. Parameter says:

    As you have pointed out, this is a network marketing platform, riding on the wings of a good product.

    Having the goods being sold in Canada alone is a drawback, but if you can build a team around yourself plainly for sales and earn a very good “volume” point, then it is good to go.

    But you must bear in mind that it might not be a business you run for long but on a short time base. Wishing you all the best

  6. trevorp says:

    HELLO, I started reading about this product on the net for the past 2 days, me personally I never used a product like the nutricellix program but after reading your review about it i have a massive interest for trying it out the program, overall very good post and keep up the good work  

  7. Ivan says:

    Thanks for sharing more information about NutriCellix. The company sounds legitimate. I was curious to learn more about their compensation plan and got my answers here. Thanks again! It’s quite complicated, and honestly, I don’t like it that much. I see you have some experience with network marketing. So my question is, how much could you earn if you start promoting NutriCallix?

  8. Andrew says:

    Hi Tony,

    thanks for your really informative review of NutriCellix. I had been looking into becoming an Ambassador for Nutricellix, but I’m not sure as sales is not really my strong point. I guess that my search for an online income will have to continue elsewhere. Thanks again for your honest review. Regards, Andrew 

  9. Stratos K says:

    Thanks for such a detailed review. Usually these type of companies may not be fakes but as you mentioned they focus more on promoting their products rather than the actual product itself. I have previous experience with something similar and there is little opportunity to be successful with such programs. There are far better opportunities out there to spend your time than this. At least this is what I believe!

  10. Jessie says:

    Hey thank you for updating us on Nutricellix!  I have been trying to keep up with them as well, in hopes that they have some success and maybe end up being a good business venture.  I don’t think an ambassador buying for themselves will earn a commission.  I’m sure that there will be some incentive other than volume points, but as of right now, it does not seem like they have mentioned any.  I would venture to say they will at the very least add an incentive later one so that they can get more sales to Ambassadors, but we shall see.

  11. Twack Romero says:

    Hi Tony, you’ve put together a very thorough and in depth update on what seems to be a very specialist product. I will have to go and read you original review to give myself a better understanding of the whole product and structure of the business as at the moment I don’t seem to be able to get a firm handle on it.

    Just knowing the stigma that is associated with any form of DNA testing I agree that it might be difficult to get people to sign off on that, not with standing paying the $100 for the privilege. As one of the other comments mentions, I’d also question what safeguards are in place for that information to be held in total privacy.

    The compensation plan may, on the face of it, seems straight forward but I have been caught in the past by those that need you to have some qualifying amount each month. For the less initiated going in this might seem excessive as far as being able to work up through the ladder. Saying that, if one has the confidence in the product then selling should not be as much of an issue.

  12. Princess says:

    I am a bit confused here, your content title is about NutriCellix review update however you are negatively talking about other organisations which I don’t think it’s related to your review update. Can you explain what are you trying to achieve by this review update? Because the way I see it you are trying so hard to discourage us to look into NutriCellix opportunity.

  13. Hari S Nair says:

    I have tried this kind of marketing before, one thing I learned from my experience is that the product we refer needs to be beneficial for us to actually make the process successful because when people see changes in us it gets easier to get referrals. Nutricellix seems to offer some great products and their weight management plan seems to be efficient, a person can definitely leverage a nice network marketing program and after your opinion about them, I am pretty much inclined to have a very positive outlook about this company.

    I am waiting for your January update, hope to hear some great news 🙂

  14. Benny says:

    The medical or health sector is the most important in the world and it is so good of u to write a review on nutricellix. It is without doubt that they have impacted on our world today. With the delivery of their products.. My cousins are benefactors of their wonderful services. Going further to reach out to people without urgent medical attention is quite impressive I love their plans and I will sign up with your link

  15. Anusuya says:

    Hi Tony,

    It is an interesting review. 

    First off, who do they share the DNA test results with?

    What are the pieces of evidence that this new technology will work?

    Although this is free to join and test the program, I wait to get more information after the 1st January launch.

    I am not a great salesperson in any case. This might not be the one for me also.

  16. KingAndrea says:

    Thanks for this informative piece, I could remember your post about Nutricellix, it was a nice read then, now including it’s products pricing and compensation plans is a good idea. I’m a kind of person who loves to confirm things and be extra sure about them before i join, so I’ll brush through again and decide, it’s nice that you shared your link.

  17. Nimrodngy says:

    Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about NutriCellix products. 

    For me is the first time when i hear about NutriCellix MLM business. I was thinking to build a business but i find a lot of fake informations and scams on the internet.  This health industry is one of my favorite and it is so amazing how much it grows every day.  You put here such an great explanation and very informative. 

    I have an affiliate marketing website where i promote different healthy products. I think it would be a grea idea to promote such a health product from NutriCellix. If you don’t mind, i will share this article on my social network account. 

    Thanks again and wish you all the best! 

  18. Julian says:

    Hi, you have a very nice website and I was interested in your review. There was a lot of information about the products which was very comprehensive and informative, so thank you very much for sharing this, and I have learnt something today!

    I can see it is an MLM compensation plan. So, what is the best way to recruit people? I hope you do well out of it

  19. Carol says:

    Tony the part that got me asking questions is where you said the nutricellix opportunity is only available in the United states of America and the products in Canada.

    Does that mean order countries won’t have access to it?

    Am expecting you to throw more light on this service after the January 1st 2020 launches like you said in this review.

    Thanks once again for the review.

  20. Tyranique says:

    Hi Tony, 

    I’m very wary of MLM’s because of my terrible experiences in the past and because people just don’t take the time to purchase products from others face to face (I find that a lot of people want to get recommendations or read product reviews first before purchasing now a days). So I thank you for this honest review.

    Do you have any updates on whether your friend got her referral link sorted out and/or if she received commissions/credit from you clicking on her link? If not then that should be another red flag right there as well. It’ll be a waste of time promoting the product and you don’t get the actual credit for it.

    Thanks again for the review 

  21. Dolbe says:

    It is very interesting to know more about the DNA-powered wellness products because of my curiosity.  As many people, I would like to introduce some reliable products with good quality.  You have showed your honesty to share information regarding the red flags you discovered.  These may come from comprehensiveness inadequacy on DNA testing.  Therefore, I will try to learn more about it and get sufficient confidence before I join in this program.

    Thanks very much for the information.


  22. Shahlla Anjum says:

    The topic is about NutriCellix products. There is a detailed discussion about the price plans, and commission plans according to different ranks. The product is being marketed through videos and other medias. This review is written with the intention to get more affiliates to market and promote this product. This is a new product so the writer is sharing a lot of good things to attract individuals who are interested and looking for new products to promote. All the information described in this review makes the product very lucrative and interesting. 

  23. Alblue says:

    Hi Tony, 

    thanks for taking your time to look into the NutriCellix MLM business. 

    My cousin is very interested to join this MLM but he is really worried that this is a scam. 

    Health products are growing so much and he is interested to be part of a health sector business. 

    Please continue to update about NutriCellix and I will recommend my cousin to read your article here.

  24. Marketa says:

    Hi Tony and thanks for the informative article,

    I have a few questions about the actual NutriCellix product as well as about becoming an ambassador. 

    The first thing that interests me is the DNA testing. 

    I’ve seen a few weight loss products offer this service but I am not convinced. 

    Presumably, the product is made in a factory and not custom made for each individual who does a DNA test. 

    How can they tailor the product to your DNA in this way? 

    I’m assuming that perhaps it’s something to do with different metabolism types, so if you fit into one category, you get bottle A and another category bottle B etc. 

    Do you have any more information about this?

    Secondly, I wonder about the efficacy of the product if it is launching on New Year’s Day. 

    You also touch on this and I’d be interested to know what others think; surely, people who are starting a diet plan at this time are quite determined to lose the weight anyway.

  25. Andres Agudelo says:

    To be completely honest, I have been looking for MLM for so long, but they all seem to be a scam or hard to sell a product. I like to make sure about everything before paying for being an ambassador. I’m glad you shared information related to the red flags you found before going all in. Most of the time, people usually create this post to invite people to join within their network, but you did the job of being honest and telling us the truth before taking the opportunity.

    I will be coming back to see if you have resolved the red flags to get all in. I’m thinking about it, but I may need to be 100% sure this is a real opportunity and will not get shut down anytime soon.  

    Thanks for the information.

  26. Cathy says:

    Health products are now getting more advanced than ever. Taking a DNA swab to customize a weight management program? Sounds like a scientific solution, just not sure if it’s a practical one and if people are willing to buy into the idea. More simple and straightforward weight loss programs have worked in the past and people are getting fantastic results by just changing certain aspects in their lifestyle, without a DNA test. Just like you, I am also cautious about this opportunity. 

  27. Tucker says:

    It seems like their criteria for ranking and advancement are pretty clear, although my personal feeling is that the number of levels they’ve created is somewhat excessive. I am also highly skeptical of the DNA test element that you mention. I’d love to read an update on that once your question is answered. I believe that element would be a tough sell, both to customers and potential representatives. 

  28. LuluKay says:

    I’m struggling to see what the difference is in this business model compared to other network marketing companies that have been launching over the last 5 – 10 years. The aptly named product with the DNA strand at the end may be a novelty but I’m not sure about the longevity of the business. A good review, nevertheless, because valuable information can be gleaned from it. I won’t be joining just yet. Are there plans to have the products in Europe? 

  29. MrBiizy says:

    Sincerely speaking Tony, I have never for once love MLM (although I have been on the lookout for one I’d join) based on how it is being done in my country and the success rate too is poor from what I have seen so far. But as it stands right now with the way and manner with which you’re doing it, I am falling in love with NutriCellix and I want to join but it saddens me to see that it’s only opened in the United States. Let’s just hope it reaches my country too.

  30. Pentrental says:

    That NutriCellix credits “Master” instead of your friend is a bit concerning. If they are not giving the referrer credit and thus not giving them commissions that is indeed cause for concern and could lead to them being shut down. To be honest, the DNA test is not something that I would feel comfortable ascribing to, and I agree with your inquiry. I would proceed cautiously for sure and I’m interested in hearing what will happen in the next steps, so I will definitely stay tuned, thanks!

  31. Scott Hinkle says:

    Hey Tony,      

    Thanks for the follow-up.  I have to say, I still think that Nutricellix is not for me.  I’m not a salesperson and I’m probably not going to use the products to a point that will make it worthwhile for me.

    I’ll be honest, MLM type setups are a big red flag to me.  Yes, I know there are several legitimate ones but I just have this aversion to MLM opportunities in general.  One of my biggest “complaints” is the convoluted membership levels and qualification requirements, etc.

    As you’ve said here, there’s that whole FTC thing going on with Neora and, even if it is due to a few bad seeds and not the company itself, it just pushes me away even more.

    Still, I think you’re smart for locking in a position now, in case you do wish to pursue it.  I’m just still on the fence.

    Thanks again,


  32. Feji ben says:

    I must say this article is very unique and also important and it would be do great help to the public as it has been of help to me.

    I found out about this company some weeks back because I was looking for some fitness materials.

    I must say that I always find the MLM companies compensations very diabolic and complicated but I think we can try this one out… because your video really explains things well.thanks a lot

  33. Travis says:

    NurtiCellix sounds like an interesting opportunity, I remember reading you previous review. I am slightly surprised that you have decided to give it a shot, it still seems to have plenty of red flags and if anything more red flags than before, with changing addresses and all. I agree that it will be difficult to get people to agree to the DNA test, especially with the $100 price tag attached. I will be checking back to see how it goes, good luck!

  34. Moi MOI says:

    Hello Tony;
    It has been exactly a few months since I discovered Nutricellix and I have not been carried away by the compensation proposals since I am quite aware of online marketing and everything related to MLM businesses; your present article does not consolidate the idea that I already had of this company I just hope that the breakage will be less heavy for those which engaged there.

  35. Leann says:

    I had never heard of NutriCellix before. I found your review to be incredibly informative and helpful. 

    I would be interested in seeing the answers to your questions regarding the DNA swab for those that do not intend to be customers. I would also be interested in finding out whether the products are actually different based on DNA results. Please keep us posted on your findings! 

  36. Anastazja says:

    Because I read your first article on the Nutricellix product line I was really interested in this article about the compensation plan.  I have MLM marketing experience from years ago, most recently with a company primarily marketing gas and electricity.  The company legitimate, but the time needed to build the structure to make money was huge.  The primary recruiting tool was training meetings which also were time consuming.  Your review of this new company is thorough and easy to follow.  The compensation plan is fairly straightforward and the pricing seems reasonable.  I am wondering if there are other things that an Ambassador will need to purchase to be successful…. website, product samples, product literature etc.  I am going to check out your website based on the information you have shared.  Thanks for the review.  

  37. Mike says:

    Hey Tony, I completely agree that 10% of MLM recruiters do all the work. I’d even say it was less!

    You hear stats about only 1% making any money but when you boil it down the vast majority never really try or quit before seeing any results. It’s very similar in all types of business but especially so in MLM programs. Thanks for the thorough detail, it answered all the questions I had on it!

  38. Paul says:

    Hi Tony,

    I was looking for more information on NutriCellix and your review post is a great help.

    To be honest, I always find the MLM companies compensation plan’s very complicated and confusing. Among the different ways to earn money with them only a few will attain all those perks or bonuses, mostly the people who are on the top.

    The videos you embedded are very helpful and I will look forward for your updates. Also, one of my big concern is… You might be aware that the success rate is very low with the MLM business model.

    Thanks for your honesty and in my opinion to succeed with NutriCellix one needs to be an experienced network marketer.

  39. CT says:

    Hello, thank you for this useful information about NutriCellix. 

    Recently, my daughter and my wife found this company and want to buy something there because they want to keep fit. Why they choose this company? Because it comes with an invitation plan so they can eat and earn money at the same time.

    But they do the research a period of time and find it’s so confusing and difficult to understand so they can’t continue. Importantly, they know nothing about that so they have to learn it from zero. Now, I’m responsible to learn and explain to them. I thought that it will take a ton of time.

    Luckily I landed on your site. I can see you spend a ton of time to review this company that impresses me a lot. What you write is in-depth. It saves me a lot of time. You list down the level of the invitation platform in a systematic way so I can read it easily and understand faster. You know, I need to explain it to them. The most important thing is it’s not a scam.

    After reading your post, I think I don’t need to keep doing the research and I will explain to them when I fully understand. Thank you so much. I believe your post has already helped many people to save their money. Please keep sharing with us.

  40. Rose says:

    Thanks for this post on the nutricelix products, after seeing so much of good reviews about his anticipated products I am convinced it will be one of the best ever after been launched in January and I think am gonna get on it also, thanks for this great review about it , it will really go a long way 

  41. Parveen says:

    Hello Tony,

    Thanks for giving an update on Nutricellix. Product are awesome and I found its compensation plan very unique. Anyone who want to set their carrier in direct selling. It will be the best platform after launching. It will launch in January. I recently fill my joining request but not receive any mail yet.

    Thank you


  42. Robert says:

    Thank you Tony for this NutriCellix review and like many other MLM Network Marketing companies I tend to be very skeptical. Though I do not get too much of a sense that NutriCellix is a scam or a pyramid scheme, I am still a bit cautious about their products and approach. Do they state that your DNA information will not be sold?

    Though it is true that weight loss is a HUGE business to be in, with everyone claiming that their products have the successful advantage over other similar products, competition will be fierce. I think this is probably why NutriCellix went with their DNA Swab angle, to make it seem like their products are superior.

    However I feel this is far more of a gimmick than an actual advantage. I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to health and wellness. The DNA makeup of people are 98% the same with only about 2% differences. Seeing how the differences are so small, any supplement you take will not act differently between people.

    This DNA Swab Test for $100 in my opinion is nothing more than a pseudo science gimmick to make it seem like their products have the scientific edge and a great way for them to generate upfront income. I certainly would not buy into that, simply because what I know on the subject. Plus, do you really want people to have access to your DNA profile?

  43. PurpleLioness says:

    Hiya Tony

    I have read both of your NutriCellix reviews, the first through the link you provided with the second and I understood more of the first because I am not very good with numbers. It was interesting that you had quite a turnaround in between the two reviews going so far as to refer people to a site you were previously warning people off. 

    I don’t have much experience of online marketing, pyramid schemes or MLM so finding legitimate experience based reviews is important to me, to that end I have bookmarked your site as you have reviewed in depth many sites I am already a member of and others I have heard of but not researched yet. 

    Your site will feature in my future research arsenal thank you as your advice has already saved me money as you have enabled me to make an informed decision not to invest in my bitcoin tube which I was getting ready to. Also if I invest in NutriCellix through your affiliate link and I succeed you will have helped me make money too win! (I’ll need to wait until the opportunity is available in the UK – will you be announcing dates for this?) 

    I like you already for helping me save money, I’ll like you even more if you can explain something that I have been wondering about – you mention locking in your spot at NutriCellix by signing up during the prelaunch, does this actually do anything? Is it the same as time stamping?  What if anything are the advantages? 

    Thank you for a thought provoking, very informative read, krs PurpleLioness 

  44. Neko Cat says:

    It’s nice to know you are willing to reconsider things from time to time. Although I don’t trust any particular government agency to be on the lookout for my best interest, it is still a red flag to have FTC on your bad side. I would want to wait and see what happens for a while before jumping in, but that’s just me; I’ve rarely been at the forefront of anything noteworthy.

    As for the product, I do not see myself submitting a DNA test for anything other than a court order. However, there are thousands and thousands of people wanting their DNA results and happily publishing them for the world to see. If the only thing holding you back is talking buyers into a DNA test, it shouldn’t be a game-changer.

  45. yoge says:

    I am in India, Even I am a little poor in grammar, The article about “NutriCellix products, pricing & compensation plan” is useful. You give a lot of information about the nutricellix. Even my Whatsapp friend recommended to me. Even I read your previous article also. Then only I realized the truth of the nutricellix . And thanks for giving the valuable information about the websites and keep doing more articles for people to use.

  46. Indra W says:

    I never heard of NutriCellix before, but then I found that’s because this product is quite new. Frankly, I’m intrigued by the promised and interested to learn more. Especially when it also offers earning opportunities.

    Weight loss is part of the big health and beauty industry. So, I believe the opportunity is big. The question is always whether it is legit or not (which thankfully for the case of NutriCellix it’s been clearly explained) and whether it will last for long. 

    I’m also interested to know if it will be available worldwide.

  47. Phil says:

    I have done a lot of network marketing over the years, and I never like when the company promotes the money making opportunity more than the quality of its products.

    I don’t know how many people will spend one hundred dollars on a DNA test just so this company can make a special product order designed to that person.

    I would like to see the research about the DNA test and how it works first. 

  48. Eric Seil says:

    Your review of Nutricellix was useful. I went back to read your initial review of it, and I went in there thinking it was a scam. I applaud you for being skeptical about Nutricellix and then doing a follow-up on the program.

    This review the second time around was great if there are legitimacy and potential in the program. Though it certainly is not a program I would sign up for now, I’ll consider it later down the road. Maybe as the program develops and starts to see results, perhaps I’ll review it. I’m usually not one of the first people to join after a new application launches. So we’ll see.

    Thanks again for following up on Nutricellix. It’s important to know if it’s worth looking into or not.

  49. Douglas says:

    So I guess I never knew that you could lose weight by taking a blood test and getting the right products sent to you.  I mean does this system work?  Are they proven to get results in a certain period or I guess I am lost at how this works.  You have a ton of great info about the products just confused as to why a person can’t just purchase what they think is right for them and go from there.  As far as marketing these products I wouldn’t know the first thing just happened upon your site searching weight loss and was interested and kept on reading.  Great review and thank you.


  50. Rodarrick says:

    This is rather interesting to see here again on nutricellix. 

    At first, I had formulated an opinion about them before going by your submission of them not being counted worthy.

    But seeing your stance now is another thing on its own and truly, I am not really good with sales or recruiting. 

    But then, I’d keep my fingers

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Thank you for checking back Rodarrick for the update.

  51. Henderson says:

    Hello Tony, 

    I think I remember very well reading your first review of the platform and said something about nutricellix and why you wouldn’t advise us to join. 

    Now this is quite a different case here and the update shows how good it might be. 

    For me, I don’t know how good I am at being a sales person but I would like to give a shot at it still

    1. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

      Hello Henderson,

      I did indeed have that opinion a few weeks ago my friend.

      Welcome to NutriCellix, hopefully we’ll learn much more after the launch.


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