Threads by Metaverse, Twitter Killer or Scam Copycat?

Meta Platforms, the conglomerate that owns Facebook, officially introduced Threads, its latest application designed to compete directly with Twitter. After Meta's initial announcement, Threads made its debut three months later and achieved an impressive 30 million sign-ups by Thursday morning. This figure included numerous brands, celebrities, and journalists, among others.

Users who were quick to adopt Threads and enthusiastically used it on its initial day likened the encounter to the fresh start and enthusiasm typically associated with a new school year. The application quickly reached the top spot in Apple's App Store and gained popularity on Twitter. Many posed the question: Could Threads emerge as a formidable competition for Twitter? The decision by Twitter to restrict daily content viewing has contributed to user dissatisfaction, potentially rendering it more prone to competition from Threads. In contrast, Threads could be utilized by Meta to expand its assortment of popular applications and generate additional revenue through advertising.

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Here is my Threads Profile Page as I got started about 24 hours ago……

Threads brings you a platform for real-time conversations that draws inspiration from Instagram's aesthetic and navigation system while also offering features similar to Twitter. Posts on Threads are capped at 500 characters, and users can respond to, repost, and quote others' posts. The app also enables users to share posts directly to Instagram Stories and provides options to set account visibility to public or private. Threads auto-verifies accounts verified on Instagram.

On Threads, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, articulated his aspirations for the company to develop a pleasant and inviting online community for open discussions. His ambition was to tap into Instagram's strengths in order to establish a cutting-edge experience centered on text-based communication and the interchange of thoughts. Early users did report sporadic glitches and content loading issues, a common occurrence with new apps.

By using their current Instagram login information, users can easily register for Threads. Despite this, as outlined in the company's privacy policy, removing Threads profiles is only possible by completely eliminating the linked Instagram account. This has raised specific concerns, coupled with the app's capability to acquire substantial user data.

Threads is currently accessible in 100 countries and supports more than 30 languages, available on both Apple's iOS and Android platforms. Given the dissatisfaction with Twitter under Musk's leadership and Meta's substantial existing user base from Instagram (2 billion versus Twitter's 250 million), Threads may indeed become a formidable rival to Twitter.

Acknowledging the obstacles in sustaining user engagement over a prolonged period, Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, remains optimistic despite these promising signs. Taking proactive measures is crucial for Meta to tackle problems including spam, harassment, conspiracy theories, and misinformation. These issues have resulted in Twitter users being dissatisfied.

Threads offers Meta an opportunity to further enhance user engagement across its platforms. While Threads currently does not display ads, it could eventually become a valuable addition to Meta's core advertising business. While seeking to outmaneuver his emerging social media rival Musk, Zuckerberg might also have personal reasons behind his actions.

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