2021 Enagic Kangen Water Review, is it legit?

The Enagic Kangen Water team encourages their employees, distributors, and customers to stay optimistic and to achieve greatness in 2021. This mantra is found on some of the company’s printed materials that talk about the Enagic Kangen water brand. This company sells, distributes, and provides business opportunities for their water-based products and appliances. Keep reading this information to find out if Enagic Kangen water is a legit brand with credible business opportunities; or if it’s just another scam designed to rip people off.

A Brief Explanation about Enagic Kangen Water

Mr. Hironari Ohshiro created the Enagic Kangen Water brand back in 1974. This water brand began in Tokyo, Japan, and has been distributed globally since that time. The company’s headquarters is located in Okinawa Naha HQ 2-4-17 Nishi 6F, Naha City Okinawa, Japan 〒900-0036 TEL: +81 98-917-1309. There are also different locations across the globe in different parts of the world.

Branches of the Enagic Kangen water brand can be found throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Central America, and South America. There are many different independent locations within each of those regions. Each location has its own independent address, phone number, and email address for customers, employees, partners, and consumers to contact them.

Enagic Kangen has been around for nearly 50 years and during this time they have sold over 400,000 units across the globe. The company is the real deal, and it continues to sell its patented water purifying technology to people today. Mr. Hironari Ohshiro is not just the founder but he is also the CEO of his enterprise. He has been working for over 4 decades to provide high-quality water purifying systems for people in need. He has also created lots of business opportunities for people across the globe. The Enagic Kangen water brand is also known as Kangen Purity, Enagic USA, Inc., or simply Kangen.

Enagic Kangen Water is Legit

The Enagic Kangen brand is legit. The company has employees that will answer your calls and they can help to resolve just about any issue or concern that you might have. You can also go directly to their company if you want to see their physical address location. There are people who will greet you at the door and assist you while you’re there.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) also gives this company a 4.27-star rating, but they have a D grade. That doesn’t add up, but the company remains open and has very few complaints. The BBB rates the Enagic USA, Inc. since it is a major operating Enagic Kangen business within the U.S. location. You can visit this place of business at 4115 Spencer St Torrance, CA 90503-2419. They have been in business for 18 years and their contact number is (310) 542-7700.

You should also know that Japan has this water purification technology integrated into many of its hospitals throughout the nation. This implementation was carried out during the late 1980s. The Enagic Kangen water systems still remain in place until this day.

Understanding the Kangen Way of Life

Before we get further into the Kangen water systems and the company’s business opportunities; we must discuss the business’s philosophy. Mr. Hironari Ohshiro believes that the true foundation of health is a combination of physical, mental, financial, metaphysical health. CEO Ohshiro also believes in Kangen as a philosophy.

In Japanese, the word “kangen” is often used to mean “reduction”. As a philosophy, Ohshiro believes that the word means to eliminate things from our lives that keep us from achieving our destinies. He also believes that he should get rid of things that disrupt our harmony and our balance. This philosophy is used for the company’s products. More importantly, it’s used for Kangen’s business philosophy. The company believes that its management, workers, distributors, and even their customers must get rid of things that weigh them down and hold them back from achieving.

Ohshiro also endorses different types of Kangen philosophies within his organization. He believes in the bodily constitution (good health), fair and high income (good earnings), quick return (rapid financial reward), appreciation/compassion (care for self and others), support, and care for the community where a person lives.

He endorses the process of human-based marketing which forces his employees to have face-to-face meetings with their clients. Close communication, diversity, and flexibility are other qualities that have been introduced into the company. All these different business philosophies have been interwoven in how the company does business.

If you plan on purchasing products or doing business with Enagic Kangen Water you will discover these philosophies. This is especially true for people that work for the organization. The company will expect its employees and distributors to function by these principles as a part of achieving personal success.

What are the products that Enagic Kangen sells?

Kangen Purify primarily sells 2 basic types of products. They market their patented water purifying technology and various turmeric products. The water purifying machines are made from Kangen’s special technology. This technology includes different machinery such as 7 titanium plates that are used to perform electrolysis, voice infused technology for issuing commands to the machine, a digital panel that is used for programming and operating the machine and it operates through an automated process for cleaning out the unit.

The water purifiers are also sold with smart filter technology that alerts you when to change the filters and it has an automatic cleaning system. The units are also programmed to understand and display up to 5 different languages. Each machine comes with 5 different types of filtering processes for creating 5 different types of water. We’ll talk more about the water types in a moment.

The outer covering of each water purifying system is made of stainless steel. This was intentionally done so that each type of water purifying system can blend into any kitchen environment. Before we forget, Kangen has 5 different types of water. Actually, the machines produce 5 different water types.

They include:

  • Strong Kangen Water – is designed for cleaning and preparing food but not for drinking and cooking. Also, good for removing stains from clothing and other items.
  • Kangen Water – is designed for drinking and cooking purposes. This water type is also good for watering plants.
  • Clean water – the clean water level is easy on a baby’s system and an older adult’s body.
  • Strong Acidic Water – This water level is best suited for cleaning purposes because it is very acidic.
  • Beauty Water – designed for cleansing the skin, beauty care, pet cleansing, and cleaning items.

Each water type can be obtained by simply clicking the desired water type. They are available on each Enagic machine. Don’t forget that there are different models and each of them is different sizes. Some are smaller for personal use and others are larger for commercial or industrial usage. The size and machine types that are sold are dependent upon customers and their needs. Kangen also sells turmeric-based products. The turmeric products are used as a health powder, tea, and as a soap for cleansing items.

Best Enagic® Compensation Plan from Aldrin Vicente on Vimeo.

The Enagic Kangen Compensation Plan

One of the best things about Enagic Kangen is its independent distributor or compensation plan. This part of the company endorses the company’s concepts of financial and physical health. Kangen water provides consumers with different ways to live out these philosophies. With Kangen Purity a person can:

  • Direct Sales Commission
  • Override Commission
  • Educational Allowance
  • Monthly Incentive
  • Quarterly Incentive
  • Title Incentive
  • Global Leadership Incentive

These are the primary ways that Kangen distributors can earn money. However, there are other methods that they can use as well. For example, in some parts of the world, Enagic products are sold in retail establishments and distributors also sell the Enagic machines online.

Enagic Kangen also encourages its distributors to build up sales teams to help move its products. Each sales force can help a person to become more financially viable. A very good sales team can generate greater revenues and bonuses for their squad and the person who manages the team.

One of the best things about Enagic Kangen’s distributor plan is that participants do not have to pay money to join. There isn’t a sign-up fee, distributors are not forced to meet a monthly quota, they don’t have products to stock, they’re not forced to renew an annual subscription and the company doesn’t put time limits on their performance to sell products.

The company provides its distributors with accumulative sales, they provide international sponsoring, and best of all they pay their distributors every day they work.

Distributors can start earning money through various ranks. The company has 6 ranks which are listed from 1A – 6A. Each rank has an 8 point pay scale. Independent distributors and sales teams must reach a certain number of sales to advance to the next level within the rank.

The ranks and number of sales are listed below:

Rank 1A is achieved by making 1 – 2 sales.

Rank 2A is achieved by making 3 – 10 sales.

Rank 3A is achieved by making 11 – 20 sales.

Rank 4A is achieved by making 21 – 50 sales.

Rank 5A is achieved by making 51 – 100 sales.

Rank 6A is achieved by making 101+ sales.

By the way, distributors that reach level 6A can earn even more money. The 6A compensation plan is never-ending. If you help other sales teams to move their products you will be rewarded for your effort as well. The income stream is designed to constantly prosper workers who obtain the 6A rank or higher.

This company isn’t an MLM scheme, but it does operate like one. The exception being is that people who join the network of distributors are paid off by direct sales and not through recruitment efforts. In other words, workers don’t have to spend their every working hour trying to recruit people just to make a buck. This is good news for people who are seriously trying to find a legitimate way to earn a living or to make some money on the side.

Enagic Kangen Marketing System

Enagic Kangen has its own unique marketing system that helps distributors to sell their brand. Their system is very up-to-date and it provides them with the ability to effectively market their goods to consumers. The Enagic Kangen marketing system allows distributors to:

  • Make specialized websites for the markets they’re trying to reach.
  • Personalized domain names for each site. This allows individual distributors and teams to personally market their Enagic Kangen brands.
  • Distributors will be able to create unique marketing campaigns.
  • Have tools available for keeping track of and growing their database.
  • Create advertising campaigns.
  • They will have access to business training to help sell products more effectively.
  • Education software such as e-books, slide shows and software can be used to provide detailed understanding and knowledge about Kangen purity benefits.

One of the best parts of this marketing system is the Enagic Kangen app. This particular marketing tool allows users to sell their products more effectively. The app is loaded with lots of features that make it easy to interact with customers and track their progress.

The company also has a strong support team that can easily be accessed to answer questions and to resolve issues. The support team provides email and phone support, they also make training videos for their distributors, and they have knowledge blogs that can also be used to inform distributors about various aspects of this business.

By the way, Enagic Kangen’s market is global. This means that distributors in one part of the world can move to another area and continue to be connected to the company. It also allows users to sell products in different parts of the globe without having to move at all. They can sell the products online or through the phone and have them shipped from a local Enagic Kangen distribution center.

Why do some people think that Enagic Kangen is a scam if the company is legit?

This Enagic Kangen review reveals that the company is not a scam. However, there are plenty of online sources (including the BBB) with lots of unhappy and unsatisfied customers complaining about this product. Some people say that the machines are extremely overpriced. They say that they are sold at a high value just to cover the cost of the company’s generous compensation plan.

Enagic Kangen claims to price their machines according to standard market value. Still, a lot of customers are not happy about paying the high fee for the machines when they discover they could have purchased another water purifying device with the same basic features at a cheaper price. The units have an average price between $500 and $4,000.

There are plenty of online complaints from customers that claim that Kangen support staff doesn’t assist them with machine-related issues. They claim that they cannot reach people at the company or that no one returns their calls when they leave a message. While Kangen has support staff available, the complaints by customers not receiving assistance are disturbing. One of the best things about a legitimate business is being able to provide support and assistance to customers in need.

Some people feel as if Kangen Purity is a pyramid scheme. While the company is not a pyramid scheme, some of the distributors believe that this is the case. Remember, no one gets paid to recruit other people for this company. All the distributors receive income through the sales of Kangen products.

Some of the distributors believe that only the people at the top levels of the company are making real money while the bottom tier groups don’t make much at all. They also believe that if they work harder at selling more units the groups at the top of the organization will benefit the most. They don’t like the idea of other people making money off the sales they make if they’re not marketing a lot of Kangen purifying machines to consumers.

Another reason why people believe that Kangen is a scam has to do with independent distributors making false claims about the products. Remember, Enagic Kangen provides its distributors with the ability to create advertisements. Unfortunately, some of these distributors make false claims about the Kangen brand.

The company does not back up or endorse these claims. However, they cannot control or even monitor every last false claim that is made about their products. Some consumers have purchased a Kangen product after being influenced by a false claim. This in turn has caused them to become skeptical about the company.

One last thing about why people think this company is a scam. It was recently stated that you can make money without having to recruit people to sell products. Again, this is true because the focus is on selling the organization’s products. However, recruiting people is where the real money is. Remember, the more people you bring into the company to sell the products for you, the more money you will make.

People who directly sell the products without a sale’s force will make money. The people who sell the products with the sales force will make the most money. The company will benefit everyone. While Kangen water is a marketable product, that doesn’t mean it is always easy to sell the machines or its other merchandise. Remember, if a person isn’t good at selling merchandise, they can use this business as a side hustle or just as an extra income stream.

What is the final verdict about Enagic Kangen water?

This Enagic Kangen water review provided a basic overview of the company. There is a lot more to this company that has not been discussed. The main thing to remember is that Enagic Kangen is far from being a scam. However, the company is not perfect. The opportunity is legit, but a person is going to have to work very hard to earn a decent living from this opportunity.

Also, not every person can recruit a sales force to work for them. People who are good at sales could possibly make the most of this opportunity. They should be able to gather an effective sales force to move the products and make a decent living.

The main thing that you should take away from this opportunity is that it is legit. It’s not perfect but it is doable. Once you figure out the system and the market for Kangen’s products, you should be able to earn some type of income from their products. Again, you more than likely won’t get rich but at least you can develop another way to supplement your income. Enagic Kangen does work and it can be a great way for some people to become independent income earners.

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