24 Hour Commission Academy Review April 2021

Hey, most people want to make money by setting their finances on autopilot. One way they can do this is through the 24 Hour Commission Academy platform. This automated money-making scheme is designed to make people money “while they sleep”. Can an automated money-making system really provide this type of benefit for people? Keep reading to find out more about 24 Hour Commission Academy. This review will let you know what it is, how you can use it, and if it is a scam.

What exactly is 24 Hour Commission Academy

The 24 Hour Commission Academy has a similar name to an affiliate marketing system known as “Commission Academy”. However, the 24 Hour Commission Academy is not the same thing as the Commission Academy. The 24 Hour Commission Academy has an affiliate marketing set up but it relies on automated processes to make people money.

Keep in mind that 24 Hour Commission Academy does require the lower tier members to work this system. However, upper-tier members will have access to automated tech. To sum things up, the people who purchase the automated packages from 24 Hour Commission Academy will have automated bots working at their disposal.

The name 24 Hour Commission Academy describes what this business does. The system is designed to make people after they set it up. Three men created this program. First, Aidan Corkery came up with the idea for this online system. He is a teacher and has been working a second job as an internet marketer for years.

Aidan teamed up with two other guys by the name of Fergal Downes and Noel Cunningham. All three men perfected this system so that they could use it to direct traffic to their affiliate sites. Their system is also set up for people to make purchases from affiliate sites where they have been directed. Now, the system is available for anyone who wants to use a proven method of generating money.

How does the 24 Hour Commission Academy platform operate?

This system works through the following process.

1. First, you must sign-up on the site. You can also sign-up through a person’s affiliate link.

2. After you sign up, you will then receive access to online videos or DVD training courses that shows you how the system works.

3. The next step is to watch the training videos. These videos will explain how to make the system work.

4. Once you watch the videos you will then be ready to fully understand how to get people to your affiliate sites. You will also find out about the best way to set up your bot sites.

5. The system is designed to be set up within 45 minutes or fewer for people who are new to the program and the affiliate marketing process.

6. Users will receive useful information about getting targeted traffic to their affiliate bots.

7. They’ll even learn how to quickly make money within 24 hours of setting up their bots.

8. Members will be able to adjust the system to the type of traffic they can handle. In other words, if they want to make lots of money they can scale-up a system that is big enough to handle lots of traffic.

9. Users can optimize their money-making machine to generate ongoing passive income. They should be able to generate money while they sleep. This is beneficial because the system is designed to only require about an hour of work a day, to keep the system moving along.

One of the best things about this system is its ability to create multiple bot machines. These multiple bots are able to increase a person’s income by providing them with more options for making money. There are also someDone For You tools that allow users to have the set-up work completed for them. This is a huge bonus for people who want to make money right away. The 24 Hour Commission Academy even allows members to keep 100% commission on unique products and services that they decide to sell through this platform.

Basic Information about 24 Hour Commission Academy

This automated bot machine money-making scheme was launched in February 2020. The system is worth $1000 but it has been significantly reduced to $12.95. However, there are some “upsells” that provide more advanced tools with this automated system. We’ll discuss those in a moment. The system comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. A member will have to seriously give the system a try before they can get their money back. However, they do specify that they will give you back a refund for your “tiny” investment.

I kind of feel like that is someshaming language just to guilt-trip people for wanting their money back if the system is not working for them. Keep in mind that the company is planning on charging people $1000 in the future. They want to eventually make this marketing system exclusive to just a few people who are willing to pay that kind of cash for this platform.

It was just mentioned that there were some “upsells” that are a part of this program. They are listed below:

1. $17 Buyer Extractor Case Study. This is the first bundle that contains 6 case studies that will get traffic from Facebook to their bot's landing pages. Technically, you’ll have to drive the traffic to your bot's landing pages so you can make money.

2. $37 Done for your Bundle. This is the second bundle and it provides an automated approach to get traffic to your site. You will have to do some work even though some things have been done for you. You’ll also have to drive some traffic to your bot's landing pages.

3. $97 1-on-1 Coaching Bundle. This is the third bundle where you receive personal coaching from a trainer to help you effectively use your system.

4. $197 Done for you Buyer Bot. This is the third bundle and it will immediately put money in your pocket. You don’t have to do anything.

Just remember that the system is automated but if you don’t pay the money for automated traffic, then you will have to do the work yourself. Also, don’t forget that the $12.95 sign-up price gets you started with the program but the upsells are what you will need to get the most out of the system.

Are you absolutely guaranteed to make money with this system?

24 Hour Commission Academy claims that you will. However, there is nothing guaranteed when it comes to an automated money-making system. There are plenty of people who say that this system is proven and that it does work. However, there are some individuals who say the opposite. They claim that the system doesn’t work as advertised.

Remember, you will have to put in some type of effort with making this program work. You just can’t expect to set it up and just step away from it. Even though the system is advertised to work in this way, that doesn’t mean you have to do nothing but sit back and collect money. That is not a smart business for any type of for-profit endeavor. Sooner or later you will need to take a hands approach to manage your automated bots.

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Is automated affiliate marketing really relevant and profitable?

Yes, a person can make money through affiliate marketing. Listen up, the year 2020 was a game-changer for online consumerism. People had no choice but to go online to buy, sell, and market products and services. They had to do this because the country was shut down, quarantine orders, and to stop the spread of a deadly disease.

These factors forced people inside and to do business from their computer. Truthfully, life, as we knew it then (and today), is being carried out online. Online consumerism exploded by 75%. This was a huge increase that has literally made many online businesses more profitable than ever. Affiliate marketers indirectly benefited from this increase in revenue.

A lot of traffic had increased on the internet since people across the country and all over the globe had to use the internet to purchase goods, order food, work, and go to school. Affiliates everywhere saw the increase and their profits surged. This trend started around April 2020 and it continues well into 2021. Some experts say that this growth trend will level off sometime before 2025. However, life as we know it has seriously changed. Affiliate marketing is going to improve and to increase. Now is the time for affiliate marketers to jump online to take advantage of this golden opportunity.

24 Hour Commission Academy Requires Members to Follow the Leader

The three founders of 24 Hour Commission Academy already perfected their system. They are selling this perfected system in parts or a person can buy the whole system all at once. The thing you should remember is that the system mimics what has already been done.

People who use the system often state that it’s a plug-and-play platform. You simply follow the steps to get the system up and going and do exactly what others have already done to make money. This is a smart way of doing things. 24 Hour Commission Academy is right about this point.

No one should have to reinvent a new way to make money from affiliate work if they can simply follow what has been done before them. This is how many entrepreneurs gain success. Franchise owners follow this formula to a tee and so do people who want to start their own independent enterprise.

People are strongly encouraged to watch the videos, do what they say, and make sure that they frequently (or periodically) check their bots to see if they are working well. Following an established pattern for business doesn’t always guarantee success but it’s a step in the right direction.

More Information about Bots and Affiliate Automation

Running a full-time affiliate business can be very demanding. Even a part-time affiliate enterprise will also keep a person busy for hours every day. When people run their affiliate business they will be required to find and check out their prospects, analyze and evaluate their campaigns, track and manage their online activity, and they will also have to keep track of delivering rewards and incentives to their clients. Affiliates will also be responsible for finding clients to represent and keeping track of how many clients they represent.

Bots will help to make this process easier and more effective for affiliates. They will give them resources, support, and education for affiliates to utilize for their business. Bots can also be employed to use real-time metrics. Having up-to-date real-time knowledge about how an affiliate business is doing provides a great knowledge about how the campaign is doing overall. Bots also make it easier for affiliates to streamline and manage their payments

Automation comes in the form of chat bots. Chatbots are typically added to websites. They are used to speaking with customers or visitors that want more information about a product or service. Chatbots can also be utilized by affiliates to send customers and visitors to landing pages. Chatbots are software programs and affiliates typically pay a monthly fee for this service or they can purchase them all at once.

Once the bots have been installed onto a person’s site they can be set up to answer generic questions about products and services. Bots can also be used to gather information from potential customers or prospects. Normally, an affiliate would need to record every last name and email address of the people that visit their pages. Bots can quickly take information for this purpose and this will help affiliates to focus more on converting more traffic into sales.

Don’t forget that bots can also be used to manage and direct traffic. The bots have the ability to send traffic wherever the affiliate needs it to go. This will allow affiliates to set up a network of landing pages that can purposely be used to gather prospects and customers. The power of bots helps affiliates to leverage their affiliate business. The 24 Hour Commission Academy platform understands this very important process for affiliate marketing. Bots just make things easier and more manageable for affiliates.

The Videos used for 24 Hour Commission Academy

There are many different types of videos that come with this program. These different videos are used by affiliates to tackle different parts of their business. The 24 Hour Commission Academy provides these videos to help train affiliates with what they are trying to do.

The video sets are sold in packages of DVDs. The packages are listed below:

1. The Latest Email Marketing Made Easy. This DVD set comes with 20 discs and provides in-depth information about the ins and outs of the email marketing process.

2. Niche Marketing Secret Video Series. This DVD package provides lots of important information about niche marketing and how affiliates can use it to target customers for their campaigns.

3. Solo Ads Formula. Affiliates can use this DVD set to learn about the importance of using solo ads for their campaigns. It can also help them to figure out which solo ads are best suited for their business and how to effectively use them to increase their profits.

4. Facebook Messenger Marketing. Knowing how to use Facebook Messenger marketing will allow affiliates to connect with potential buyers through their Facebook Messenger app. This DVD set will explain the process needed to make this marketing process work. The DVDs will also show affiliates how to use specific strategies to make the most of this platform.

5. Clickbank Affiliate Cash. The education for affiliate marketers never stops and it doesn’t slow down. This DVD set teaches affiliates the secrets of making more money and acquiring more traffic for their business. Many of the lessons that are taught here are secret and the producers of this training material claim that it works.

Remember that all these DVD sets are bonuses for 24 Hour Commission Academy. You can get them from the organization for completing certain actions or pay to get them as well.

Is 24 Hour Commission Academy a Scam?

The 24 Hour Commission Academy is not a scam. However, it is not for everybody. This opportunity will require people to work and to understand how the affiliate marketing business works. Don’t forget that the best way for you to use this program is to follow what has already been done. No one should try to use this program without following the seller’s instructions about the best way to run this type of business.

The 24 Hour Commission Academy is not foolproof. You won’t automatically get rich from working this opportunity. You will also have to put in the work to ensure that your business succeeds. Even though the bots do a lot of the work for you, you still must do some of the work needed to make your business grow.

Keep in mind that this program is designed to get affiliates in business within 24 hours. Still, that doesn’t mean they will make money right away. In many situations, this doesn’t happen. Make sure you take a realistic approach to earn some cash. It could take you months or almost a year before you start to see money coming consistently. Never forget that nothing is absolutely foolproof when it comes to business.

Again, a wise business person doesn’t just turn over the keys of their business to someone (or something) else and never check on it. It’s the same thing here. Just because bots are doing most of the work doesn’t mean you get to sit back and not do anything. Taking an approach like that is the quickest way to failure.

Make sure that you can find companies and businesses to represent. Finding businesses to represent is at the heart of this business. You simply cannot be an affiliate marketer if you don’t have products, services, or a brand to represent. You can also do some affiliate marketing for charitable causes.

This program does provide a good opportunity. You will spend money to make it work. This is just a natural part of setting up any business. If you decide to take on this opportunity, make sure that you can sustain it over the long run. Having the time, commitment, and knowledge for running this business will help to improve your success over the long run. The 24 Hour Commission Academy doesn’t provide a lot of support because the training videos are in place to answer most questions. Ultimately, this business is legit. Ultimately, the person who purchases this affiliate system will be responsible for their success or failure with this online business venture.

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