About Tony Lee Hamilton Digital Marketing Veteran

Hello my friend, welcome to TonyLeeHamilton.com.

My name is Tony Lee Hamilton ~ Google “Digital Marketing Veteran” and You will see me in the #1 spot of your Search Results.

I have an awesome teenage Son, His Mom and I adopted Him at His birth, She is now in Heaven because of breast cancer.

He and I have plans to travel the world, We will start off in New Zealand then Australia and from their go where our hearts and souls guide us!

We are going to go to all 7 Continents & if possible rent a Jeep Wrangler on each as well as fish on each.

When and if we return to the United States, We plan to purchase some land with a large pond/lake on it and open a Family Christian Campground.

It will also have baseball fields, basketball courts, archery, swimming, fishing, firing range, obstacle course and of course a place of worship as well as anything else that we can think of.

It will be a Non-Profit Organization for Families as well as Youth Groups to come and worship while competing and having fun outdoors.

(Change of plans …… He has just now graduated from High School & has decided to follow in my and his GrandPa’s footsteps. He leaves for Basic Training at the end of July )

I love fishing, baseball, affiliate marketing, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Jesus, God, Family & Friends.

I served in the United States Army

I have been earning an income online since 2009 and help Friends to Increase Website Traffic, Referrals, Social Media Presence and revenue online from anywhere in the World!

Prior to starting in my online earning journey with Affiliate Marketing I worked in very physical jobs.  As a matter of fact, I overworked myself daily and at the time was proud of my ability to outwork 90% of my co-workers.  Now I am seeing that I would have been much better off if I had paced myself …….. or would I have been?

The way that I see it, I would have, should have and could have started learning how to earn an income online while I was working the physical jobs.  That way I would have been much better equipped when I wasn't able to work as long or as hard….. Well, we can't turn back time so we start where we are.

Are you ready to get started?

Simply visit the Home Page here on my website to see how you can & how you can start right now 100% online and with what time you choose.

Don't wait until you absolutely have to find a less physically demanding job or are between a rock & a hard place, start generating passive & residual income now!

I am honored and humbled that God has gifted me with the ability to help Friends earn an income online from anywhere in the World.

Thank God for the internet and the ability to earn an income online without having to do all of the physical things that I used to be able to do!

Continued success is my daily prayer for us all!

Thank you Friends,

Tony Lee Hamilton – The Digital Marketing Veteran

Google, Yahoo and/or Bing search “Digital Marketing Veteran”

(I will be willing and honored to mentor you for Free when you contact me on my website)

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155 thoughts on “About Tony Lee Hamilton Digital Marketing Veteran”

  1. You have truely made yourself into your own brand. I always gain new insights from you in the affiliate marketing world. Plus I think you are probably one of the hardest working folks around online or off!. I do want to thank you as you are the one that turned me onto Grant Cardone and his 10 X rule

  2. Tony,

    What a great story, inspirational. I am impressed by your hard work and your honesty. I hope you are still going to go travelling, as that sounds like the trip of a lifetime. You must be so proud of your son following in the family footsteps.

    Would love to receive advice from a true veteran.

    Take care,


  3. Thank you for your service in the army. You have been around in the affiliate marketing space for a while now. Kudos on that!

    I will bookmark your site for future reference since you are a Digital marketer veteran, and I could learn a lot from you!

    I hope that you are still planning to go around the world with your son at some point down the line, it would be a priceless experience for both of you.

  4. Thank you for the bio.  I am recently retired from almost 46 years in ministry.  As it turns out, I too love to fish.  In one area of Canada where I worked for about 10 years, the diocese purchased a beautiful, isolated camp which I helped run and maintain.  It was on a Great Lake for pike and lake trout fishing.  We have a lot in common.  I love to fish. I love Jesus.  I love my family and I have enjoyed running a Christian camp.  That doesn’t even include the fact that I love affiliate marketing.

  5. It is awesome to hear how the internet has helped so many people live better lives. It just is such an amazing power that humans have created filled with many opportunities. Your dreamland with the baseball fields and lakes sounds like a really fun place to hang out. Best of luck.

  6. I think this is the best time to appreciate you for all you have done for me, I am so excited to have met you in the early stage of my career as an affiliate marketer, I usually don’t stress myself nowadays searching opportunities available for me, all I do now is to just visit your website and my questions are answered; this is because you made it so. THANK YOU TONY, GOD BLESS YOU!

  7. Honestly, huge numbers of us have got an unpleasant startup being a digital marketer, The article in that link has enlightened me and furthermore be of help to those folks who are confused on the way to start digital marketing and be successful. Thanks for putting this through i so much appreciate this.

  8. Loving your story Tony,

    Super happy to read about your son’s progress, I hope he one day will follow in your footsteps and be as awesome as his dad! Outworked 90% of your co-workers, wow I wish I have that warrior’s spirit in me too but reading your story is enough to motivate me into working harder like you. Best wishes to your family and online business my friend! 

  9. very interesting and beautiful picture from the beginning of the blog. You are an extremely wise man, worthy of attention and listening to everything you have to say, that is, a large number of topics that you have extensively and carefully covered in the entire topic on your site. Everyone can learn from you something that interests them.

  10. The work ethic you have used in your physical jobs will show through for your affiliate marketing efforts.  A good work ethic is a good thing to have.  You seem to have set up some high goals to achieve the Christian camp ground.  It looks like it will keep teenagers and their parents occupied for days on end.

    About the travelling, hopefully, you will be able to do that to your heart’s content once the pandemic has truly died down.  Next year or two…maybe.

  11. Good day Tony and your son,

    Thanks so very much for sharing your story! Thanks even more for so much availing yourself to help others be successful like you – it’s a rare attribute!

    Sorry to hear about your darling wife and the social mother of your son!

    I hope you do succeed in your world wide travel plans. And I hope we meet somewhere as you continue to do so!

    Best regards!

  12. I had such a big smile on my face when reading your story. My husband walked in and asked me ” what you smiling about “?. I had to just read your story out loud to him too. Such an inspiring story…… I really liked the dream ” We plan to purchase some land with a large pond/lake on it and open a Family Christian Campground. ” This is absolutely great !!! I wish you and your family all the best, for now and the future !!

  13. Tony I would like to say that you are one great fighter and man. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. I am proud to see people who, after losing their private lives, have the strength to move on and set a goal in front of them. I think people can learn a lot from you.I have one question, is your son doing the same job as you? I wish you all the best and that you make your dreams come true.

  14. Tony Lee Hamilton, you are da man, seriously. I see so much of your work and love to read it and send in my comments because you are helping me with ideas and growing. Thank you so much.

    I am learning so much and applying what I learn to my business as well so that I can be a beacon of light to others that find my work.

    I am still learning about the social media app you suggested, that I read about from your last review and if I do sign up, I will use your link since I learned about it from you.

  15. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story, Tony. I also want to be a successful digital and affiliate marketer. This pandemic has opened my eyes that I need more income source. Making money online seems a very good choice in this day of age. I’ll make sure to check on your recommendations. Thanks

  16. I have already written comments on this post. I found it very poignant and helped me get to know you Tony a bit better. Your life in online marketing has taken a highly successful trajectory since you started all those years ago Your success has been earned solidly. 

    You help others to enter this amazing field and that says a great deal about you. It is always a pleasure to read your articles, You introduce me to programs I have never heard of before. Including what stuff to avoid, 

    Thanks Tony for doing what you do. 



  17. I can relate to what you are saying about learning how to earn online while you have a job. It is better to get involved with affiliate marketing while you are working your full time job. This way if you happen to lose that job you will have already started working your business online of which can help you continue to meet your financial needs.

  18. I really admire your vision and passion for life , for God , for you family and for business. You are really blessed. You live a well balanced life. Your passion to help others succeed online i also outstanding

    As a newbie in the online business world I will keep following and learning from you. Thank you

  19. I have already read your article about your beginnings few days ago, but I will like to commend on your future plans on given back to communities on places to worship, which I am so glad those plans are in your head.

    For sure, you will accomplish this goal.  I would love to hear more of all the outdoors activities, specially fishing, which is one of my favorite hobbies. 

  20. Having an online business will truly give one the live dream we’ve ever dreamed of. Travelling has always been my hobby. But I can’t do that with my present job. I’ll need a job that won’t be location bound. And in this case is online marketing. If people can build a business online, become successful and quit their job. I too can do so. I will say you’re doing a good job helping people around the world earn a living online.

  21. One thing that I see a lot is that there are so many so called digital marketing experts that have a complete faceless profile. And here is the major problem. In order for people to trust you you need to make them feel you are real. And you Tony do that. If you are a good or bad marketer it’s something that will be revealed by the results of your work but to be real and make people relate to you is a huge achievement and the first thing any successful marketer should do.

  22. I’ve read a lot about gurus in different places from all over the world, reading through this article about you Tony makes me understand that there are still good people out there who care about others and not only themselves alone. I’ve grabbed a few things form this post, and I must say you’re a good person, thanks for sharing.

  23. Well, there’s always some kind of beauty in learning something new and learning about you has had its own perks which I think the first of that is the fact that I am able to understand how there is a big struggle for those who have become successful over time. I am going to use my own troubles now as a big stepping stone for myself too. Thanks

  24. You must be so excited to be going traveling over 7 continents with your son. How many people get to do that? And even better while you travel, you have the freedom of being able to work where ever you are provided you have an internet connection, so there is nothing stopping you from enjoying the freedom that only online work can offer you.

    Wishing you and your son safe travels, and I hope you are going to start a travel blog of all the adventures you are going to have together.

  25. Hello Tony Lee

    Thank you so much for being you and be there for us all in the digital world. Your article about you is an assertion on its own that you are an asset in the Work From Home/Internet Business. Your insight and contributions are helping new entrepreneurs to develop themselves from your work and dedication. You are doing exactly what you chose as your niche from the onset. The Affiliate Marketing Reviews and Recommendations are adding a cream on the cake.

    Thank you so much.


  26. Getting included in working on the web and building a commerce is certainly an energizing thing to fill your time. I haven’t been into the total online commerce thing for indeed two a long time however, but I have certainly learned a parcel since I have begun and it has been exceptionally exciting. It is certainly great to listen more about you and your prior stages after you were to begin with coming up in your commerce. There’s always a blend of great times and terrible times, but I am happy that you just have been able to overcome the troublesome trials so simply can appreciate bounty of the great things in life like observing your child develop up and running a effective trade.

  27. Hey there Tony.
    I actually and immediately Googled “Digital Marketing Veteran” and there you were. I got curious and decided to Google ourselves and couldn’t find our website anywhere. I actually clicked until page 10 of Google and still nothing. Just shows how far we still have to go and how great appearing on page 1 is.

    We admire your hard work and sticking to what you know and helping people like along the way

    Solomon & Selina

  28. Thank you for sharing your personal story, I was touched reading it. It’s great that you’re helping other people making money online and I also like that you shared all these links and other types of information about various platforms one can earn from. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and insightful article. I really enjoyed reading it. 

  29. I have come across Tony many times online. he provides great reviews that are honest and helpful. He is a great guy I contacted him for some advice and he got back to me and I followed it to my benefit. He also highlights some programmes that are blatant or not so blatant scams. Thanks, Tony.

  30. Thank you for sharing your personal story, you put a human face to the dry realities of technology.  I could use a little help regarding online money making through an affiliate blog.  I did wait until I lost my job before I checked out online money making.  But I have some space to breathe, since I am receiving unemployment.  Your not in the United States, I’m curious…where are you now?  It’s great that you’re helping other people making money online.

  31. Seeing so much about you and getting to read about you and how you get to the top of the ladder affiliate marketing and becoming an online guru is actually very great to see here. Thank you so much for all shared here and very well worthy to see here altogether. Thank you so much for all you have shared with us all.

  32. Hello Tony, being a veteran isn’t something that happens over night because you’ll have to work for it and I really appreciate how much money can come when you’re a guru in it.  However I am happy for you and I would love you to keep trying to help use newbie in business in any way you can. Cheers

  33. Wow, you have really big dreams and aspirations. I really love the idea of having the Family Christian Campground as ‘people can come worship while competing and having fun’. It builds trust with your customers and visitors to more about you and I like how motivating this ‘About Me’ page. It is one of the finest on the internet.

  34. This is an interesting one to read about you. You are evidently an honourable man that has seen it all and has been through it all to actually stand tall and become the very best out there. You are at the peak of affiliate marketing and I value you a lot for all the information I could get from your website here. Immese!

  35. Hi Tony,

    I have already read your profile when I found myself interested in one of your latests posts. Regarding your change of plans; your son is all grown up and can make his own decisions. I was told that children are like books. They have their own story. We just have to stick around, love them and support their decisions. I am very sorry about your wife.

    I am very happy that you have actually found yourself doing what you love to do: internet marketing, affiliate and social media. Your posts are very helpful for my blog. We are very fortunate to be able to put our hearts into our work because we enjoy it so much. I am looking forward your next article.

  36. It’s very good and interesting to read about Tony Lee himself, I’ve always anticipated this ko for article, I must say that you have really done good for yourself and I envy the way you have made it to the top game of online businesses, it’s good 5o pick sole things to learn from you.

  37. Greetings Tony, a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing about you and family. I’m very stunned on what you have accomplished (being in the military and now a set up advanced advertiser). I’m a tenderfoot member advertiser and simply beginning to become acclimated to different details and ideally accomplish pace of-return eventually soon. All the best with your endeavors!

  38. Hi Tony

    We are glad to be acquainted with you Tony.  We love to read your article, it gives us other perspective and motivation not only in day to day life but also how we run our business.  Hopefully you and your son will travel the world as you have planned.

    God Bless you and your family.

    Kalle & Marie

  39. Hello Tony, I believe that it is necessary to appreciate an effort when it isthis good. i have come across so many of your articles and i must say that it is always worth my time. i have learnt so much about things that i do not know before. I am inspired but your story also. thank you

  40. Hi Tony, thank you so much for sharing your personal story here with us and I am so sorry to read your son last his mum and you have lost your wife. 

    Your life goals sound wonderful and I wish you great success achieving those goals in the future, perhaps updated after your sons latest decision following his grandfather and your footsteps.

    It is wonderful you had the opportunity to create an online income for quite some time now, I am aiming to do the same thing and working on this goal since December 2019. I am using the Wealthy Affiliate platform to this and I  couldn’t recommend this high enough to anyone who is serious about building an online business and is willing to put in the hard yards.

    It is wonderful you are offering your free support for people who are having the same dreams to create an income online and they are so lucky to have you on their side to guide them in their journey.

    Wishing you continued success.


  41. It is an honour to be acquainted with you Tony and I’m sure your son must be very proud. I found your story inspiring and I most of all admire your adherence to your faith and your involvement of God in everything that you do. Your article has proved to be immensely helpful as a platform to begin earning work in affiliate marketing and I really appreciate the information you have provided.

  42. Great story Tony and your son is very lucky to have you as a father.

    Just like you I worked so hard being employed and feels the achievement of being promoted from one position to another as a result of my hard-work.  But the pandemic is a life-changer and made me rethink on how I can reinvent myself.  I am not the greatest on digital.  But discovering affiliate marketing is very enriching.  Gaining this new knowledge on building your business through your own website, and growing it step by step is like a home run.  

    It’s still a long way to go for me before I enjoy the real fruit of my labor, but learning about this itself is already very fulfilling.

  43. Lovely son you have got there Tony. He will for sure live to thank you and see you as his father for life. Hearts like yours are very rare.What is life about anyway/ its about doing what you love and here you are doing it very well ( digital marketing veteran). May you guys enjoy your trip and hope we meet in the plane you cannot finish all those 7 continents without bumping on me(haha) see you.

  44. It is an honour to be acquainted with you Tony and I’m sure your son must be very proud. I found your story inspiring and I most of all admire your adherence to your faith and your involvement of God in everything that you do. Your article has proved to be immensely helpful as a platform to begin earning work in affiliate marketing and I really appreciate the information you have provided. 

  45. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. It is a pleasure to meet you.  

    I have been working as a nurse now for about 6 years, and want to try and get into the world of setting up my online business. I am currently working on my website to not only promote great products that other fellow nurses can purchase and use through affiliate marketing, but I am also in the process of trying to blog on topic to help educate others on different issues within our society that have unanswered questions about different medical problems they face.  

    The biggest problem is getting traffic to my website. I want to learn more about how to drive legitamite traffic that want to not only learn from my blogs, but also are looking for products like nursing shoes, scrubs and other nursing related items.    

    Best of luck on your future endeavors.


  46. Getting involved in working on the internet and building a business is definitely an exciting thing to fill your time. I haven’t been into the whole online business thing for even two years yet, but I have definitely learned a lot since I have started and it has been very exciting.

    It is definitely good to hear more about you and your earlier stages when you were first coming up in your business. There is always a mix of good times and bad times, but I am glad that you have been able to overcome the difficult trials so that you can enjoy plenty of the good things in life like watching your son grow up and running a successful business.

  47. Hello Tony, your son must he really proud of you as some of us here online too are very happy to see you make progress. I’ve never jumped to your “About” page, today I did. And your life is very full and you work for what you want, this is always a good attitude. I’m so sorry for what happens to your wife, but it is great that you didn’t allow the bad periods to overcome you and your son.

  48. I’ve been hearing the name digital marketing veteran for a while and it’s a great opportunity for me to be able to read about you. It is commendable how you’ve come up with your online business career and to see where you’re at today, if must have been by hard work and dedication. I’ll also try my best to be a great online personality helping people.

  49. So good to finally read about you since I have already made a lot of research about you and what you really are. This is Avery hood intro into what you are and I must say that you are an honorable personality already because you have been there and seen it all. Thanks so much for sharing here

  50. Wow, it’s so good to learn about you Tony and see how you have come from where you are coming from to reach the stage where you are right now. I must commend you and I am sorry about the loss of your wife. Your son is blossoming to become a very great man which I really admire a whole lot. God bless you and your family.

  51. It is always a pleasure to see your website and today more than ever. I’ve never jumped to your “About” page, today I did. And your life is very full and you work for what you want, this is always a good attitude. I’m so sorry for what happens to your wife, but it is great that you didn’t allow the bad periods to overcome you and your son. Have a happy life! Wish you all the best!

  52. It is so nice to see about tonyleehamilton.com. I have been reviewing your site many times,  but every time I come to your site, I learn something new. It is kind of you sharing useful information for anyone who is interesting in affiliate marketing.

    There are so many making money affiliate program. As soon as I am out of ideas, I come to your site and there is always some ideas for me to work with.

    Besides making money online, there are also useful information in the field of health and fitness, such as CBD. Again, this is the site for anyone who are looking for chance to making money online.

  53. An interesting approach to promoting an internet marketing opportunity by sharing a lot about yourself rather than demoting that information to a sidebar or a footnote. I followed your instructions and went to your Home page which made me aware of the other pages since I had landed on your page and began reading but hadn’t actually noticed the menu tabs.

    I appreciate the information you shared.

  54. Love this I believe a lot of persons would benefit especially in that capacity, You are an inspiring to anyone that needs an encouragement, hope you do come back so you can give others the opportunity to experience the dream of having  a charity that caters to that needs and interest.

  55. I felt so uplifted reading your about page Tony, looks like you’re truly living your best life! Another interesting point you made in your article, is how hard you’ve worked throughout your life, and all the physical works you’ve done. I have so many dreams and goals that motivate me along the way too.

  56. Tony Lee Hamilton!

    I am from South Africa, we don’t have the same respect for veterans here as in the United States but I do have an appreciation or a Christian who goes out and conquer the world! Those of us who love the Lord wants to do something for God but in actual fact we don’t need to do things for God, we should be like God! Success is a Godly Attribute!  So is loving your Neighbor! It sounds like you’ve got them both down! I wish you all the best.  Thank you for all your great posts I will definitely be making use of all of them! 

  57. I felt so uplifted reading your about page Tony, looks like you’re truly living your best life! Having huge goals set up and actually sticking to them is something not a lot of people can do, and it looks like you’re one of those confident, resilient ones that can achieve a lot!

    I’ve had a read in a bunch of your guides on affiliate marketing specifically and found them to be awesome. Keep it going!

  58. Hi Tony, 

    this is a bit of everything. “About Tony Lee Hamilton”, What an excellent life, a life driven purpose you’ve lived. I’m so delighted to know that you have your life built on a solid foundation. Being a person of practical faith is a great privilege. I’m so sorry for such a great loss in your life. Congratulations to your son for following on the family’s footsteps. The sky will be his limit.

    Wow, this seems like a very massive project that you’re about to launch – a mini DisneyLand! That’s a great dream. And as we know one’s dreams will always make the desires come true. Already in your conscious mind, you can visualize a finished project and all the public benefits that will come out of it. I say Amen! to your dream multi-recreational Center.

    Another interesting point you made in your article, is how hard you’ve worked throughout your life, and all the physical works you’ve done. And it is based on your experience that you’re sounding the wake-up call for your audience to wake up and start early to become affiliate marketers or any online work that can begin to generate a residual income for them. I think this is a very honest and wise call to make. Because success or accumulation of wealth is better when one still has the physical strength and brain. So that one can enjoy the fruits of his or her labor on time. I know how many of us who are regretting that we didn’t join the online business 10 or 5 years ago when the opportunity was presented to us. Taking timely action to change one’s life for the better is a success!

    Once again, thanks for living a purposeful life and for being a blessing to people around the world!


  59. Hello. 

    A really nice introduction to yourself and your family. First off sorry for your loss, sharing it sure tell a lot for your personality. Looking at the link to your other website you sure make a lot of affiliate marketing and got me intrigued really fast but my something else got my eyes. You know digital marketing and I am learning right now myself I will get my first drawing tablet on Monday and I can’t wait. Can I ask you is Adobe flash good for learning on or should I invest in other programs ( I got photoshop too). ?

    I wish you and your son well and have a good day.

  60. What a charmed life you’ve lived. You have, and although things haven’t always gone your way, I was very sorry to read about your wife, I know the reason for your success is that you never let the downfalls affect you. Smiling through conflict, singing in the rain. All ideals you have represented. In short, I would love to work with you on my page once it’s up and running. I just started in my venture of Affiliate Marketing, and I will be needing the help of a wise man like yourself. I clicked on several of your links and I am impressed. Very much so. You are number one in the SEO google searches
    Therefore, I have bookmarked your page in my little black book and will be calling you when the time is ripe. I will not wait until I am downing before I do, no worries. I will do so the minute I’m up and operating my page. I plan to have more than one, anyway. Meanwhile, continued success with your Search Engine Operations, and keep a spot open for me somewhere in time… soon.

  61. What a charmed life you’ve lived. You have, and although things haven’t always gone your way, I know the reason for your success is that you never let the downfalls affect you. Smiling through conflict, singing in the rain. All ideals you have represented. In short, I would love to work with you on my page once it’s up and running. I just started in my venture of Affiliate Marketing, and I will be needing the help of a wise man like yourself. I clicked on several of your links and I am impressed. Very much so. You are number one in the SEO google searches
    Therefore, I have bookmarked your page in my little black book and will be calling you when the time is ripe. I will not wait until I am downing before I do, no worries. I will do so the minute I’m up and operating my page. I plan to have more than one, anyway. Meanwhile, continued success with your Search Engine Operations, and keep a spot open for me somewhere in time… soon.

  62. Great to meet you and we share a lot of the same interests.  I love your plan for your facility.  I particularly like the archery, swimming, and shooting ranges you have planned!  Can’t wait to see your progress along this journey!

    Having this online business certainly gives us the freedom and flexibility needed as well as the funding in some cases!  Wishing you much success!

  63. Really happy to read about another God fearing man that has built a legitimate online business. You’ve been at this game for a long time and have done very well. What got you over the initial hump? How did you push through the daily grind of doing the menial task that has to be done, when you don’t clearly see the reward?

    I have been on the grind for 4 years now and I love it most days but as normal I have those days (like today) that I have to grind through, but I know that if I keep going it will come together and I will reap the rewards. (financial) 

    I too will be leaving the US as soon as Europe opens its borders to Americans. I am anticipating that day! Thanks for sharing yourself.

  64. Hello Tony, it is very much my pleasure to have met you in this online world. I wish you fulfillment of all your dreams and goals. May you be blessed with your son traveling the world 🙂 

    I think that setting up big dreams and goals is a very important part of the journey and it’s something that gives you strength and it’s like a fuel whenever you need it for the journey. 

    I have so many dreams and goals that motivate me along the way too. 

    Keep in touch.

  65. Awesome Tony, this is extremely great especially when it comes to creating a non/profit organization that you are devoting your time and resources to help people learn and earn online. You really are a great role model to the online industry. I really can’t wait see you coming up with more great ideas to help other succeed online.


  66. You certainly have had a varied and exciting time in this planet Tony and it looks as if you are going to have your hands full in the coming months and years. Your ambition to help others in a non profiteering way is very commendable and you speak of having been making a living online since 2009.

    Obviously your experiences will be if fear benefit to others and maybe you can share with us some of the ways you help such so your ideas on driving traffic to websites for example. As perhaps a word of caution your post is approx 90% about your and yours and maybe it should be more focused on what you bring to the table and how you help others 

  67. Hello Tony, this is really fantastic. I like your idea of creating a non/profit organization. Thank you for devoting your time and resources to help people learn and earn online. You really are a great person with great plans for the future. I really can’t wait see the big things you are planning come into existence

  68. Awesome goals Tony.

    I feel proud for you. I love your idea of creating a non/profit organization. It is filled with all the things you love.

    Helping people earn money online without doing hard physical Labour is dream of many but only few people achieve that.

    Thank you for helping others to earn online.

  69. Hello awesome article you have hereI must say, it was so  interesting to read through this awesome article, I feel like I’ve known you for a long while just reading through this article. I must say you’ve been through so much and  you’ve achieved is through hard work and consistency, I’ve been inspired by you and I know I can achieve so much too. Thanks for sharing MR. TONY

  70. you truly are an inspiring individual and you have some great ambitions! I hope you reach all of your goals and become successful and I hope to be as good as you one day! 

    Also it’s great to read about someone so experienced in the industry, thank you for this post. 

  71. It is always a good thing to get to read about internet marketing gurus like you and knowing fully well that you are an expert at what you do makes it all great to see here. Actually, I love the fact that you are sharing so much details about you here and that is really a good thing to see. You are really a man of worth and definitely an authority I would love to be mentored by

  72. Hi Tony! 

    Your plans and dreams are uncommonly and pleasantly geared toward others. It’s refreshing to see someone with the motivations you have. You must’ve done a great job raising your son! I pray that you and he are able to do the things you were planning to do including purchasing land and developing a conference center for religious groups and such to enjoy. 

    Also, becoming successful online is a great ambition. It isn’t for the unmotivated or weak of heart, that’s for sure. But the payoff is great down the road. Best of luck with all of that as well. 

    Thanks for the inspiring post!


  73. Hello Tony!

    You, my friend are lucky to have gained the success you wanted AND to be able to help other’s. This is one of the greatest gift someone can give!

    I can only pray and envision that level of success you have online. I am a mother of two wonderful autistic boys and my dream of being there for them throughtout the day while earning income is priority, so thank you for giving me that hope!

    I love that you seem very open to sharing and thats awesome. Are you still going to buy that land now that your son is off following you and his grandpa’s footstep?

    Keep Being AMAZING

  74. Tony is a good guy who is a good man.

    He is the most important person in the world to me and I love him more and I will also be a good person for him and I will be a good man 👨 thank you so much for this information and the reviews are very precise and honest too. 

  75. Wow, it’s great to see how far you have gone in dealing with so many things and most especially in line with business and I am really happy for you, indeed a veteran. I’m sorry about your wife and I hope for the best for you and your son. Most importantly, I love your dream of traveling to all 7 continents with your son. I hope you achieve it. Best wiches

  76. Hello there, I must say, it was so  interesting to read through this awesome article, I feel like I’ve known you for a long while just reading through this article. I must say you’ve been through so much and  you’ve achieved is through hard work and consistency, I’ve been inspired by you and I know I can achieve so much too. Thanks for sharing MR. TONY


  77. Hello there Mr Hamilton, it is nice to read something more about you, your lovely family and your journey from working very hard and even overworking, to now working from home. What an achievement you had there, I hope I can say the same soon, because I am just a beginner, but this is motivating me to go on in this affiliate marketing world! Good job and I wish you all the happiness in your future achievements!

    Kind regards,


  78. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. 

    It is awesome that you have found your way how to earn money online. 

    We always think that  “I should have found this path earlier”… well – there are people that will never find a better way how to live life.
    We did and we are grateful for it. 

    I am happy for you Tony, and I also believe you will travel a lot.

    All the best in all your future plans!

  79. Hi Tony!

    Your story is really inspiring! I’m sure that everything you have lived until now has made you the person you are today and the only thing I have to say is thank you! Your content has helped many people, including me, and that is one of the most beatiful things about online marketing.

    Thanks a lot!

  80. Hello TonyLee, 

    Thats a nice Bio u have there on your site. I had wondered about your story because u have made it big in the affiliate marketing world, and i wanted to understand your journey. It comes as no surprise that u have been around for 10s of years and that is how u have honed your skills and reached where u have reached. 

    Good luck to u ahead too Sir.


  81. What a touching story Tony, I wish you all the best in achieving your goals. It is uplifting to see you put in all this effort to build a website that helps people and allows you to achieve your dreams. Keep going, keep being awesome and good luck on your adventures with your son!

  82. Orh Tony, it’s nice to learn about you. I’m sure your late wife is resting well in heaven. Sounds like a lovely lady. Your son is also Wonderful to want to travel  the world with you. That’s probably the dream of every parent to go around the world. It’s good to see how you also started off on the internet up to how you have built your business to become this awesome. It’s great stuff and I love it. Keeper it up.

  83. Hi Tony,

    I have read so many of your great articles, and it is great to finally know a little bit more about the man writing them! Your life sounds very exciting and we share a passion for travelling and fishing. I would also like to thank you for your service. 

    I am now looking forward to your next article even more!

  84. You have been an inspiration to me for many years now Tony! Have you begun with the Family Christian Campground yet? And your son, best wishes to him man, I know he will do great having had you raise him. Do you agree that anyone who is in a physically demanding job should get started in learning to earn an online income much sooner rather than later to save their body from breakdown? Do you believe that just about anyone can earn an income online?

  85. Hello Tony, 

    Thank you for this very inspiring post about you. You have done a great job raising your son. I can identify with you, I lost my husband to cancer too 14 years ago. We had 4 children. They are all young adults now. Iooking forward to reading about your journeys with your son. Keep up your great work with affiliate marketing, hoping to learn some success tips.

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    Lastly, I would like to share your article in the Facebook group so that everyone can know about the ins and outs of digital marketing and get knowledge about digital marketing from you.

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  88. Hi Tony

    It is always good to get the backstory of anybody who starts a website, as it gives the substance behind the man. What gives them enjoyment, what they like and more importantly the reason why they are doing it. I do hope you do follow your dream and visit all the continents in the world, taking your fishingrod with you, if you can fit in the suitcase. I

    I am sorry about your wife, as it is never easy to lose the one that you love and it looks like you are doing well.



  89. Wow Tony, let us know when you’re coming to Australia!

    You plans for creating the lifestyle you want are truly admirable. I can see you’re a person who takes action. I know that many people are more mobile these days, and having the ability to change location or travel while still being able to earn an income is very important!

    Best of luck to you on your travels!

  90. Hi Tony,

    You have a great about page here, I thought I would check it out and find out about the man behind the words. I liked the way you explained about all the plans you had for travelling, but then showed us the photo, a visual confirmation that those carefully thought out plans had changed. Our kids will choose their own path that’s for sure, but at least he is following the family tradition. 

    Like yourself I kind of wished I’d got into affiliate marketing sooner, and had reaped the rewards earlier in my life. However, I think things are only meant to happen when they do, so I will enjoy it now. Perhaps all the years of physical hard work developed the work ethic that now resonates within your positive and determined attitude toward online marketing. Maybe you also appreciate it more for the years you had to put into your other work. 

    It’s great finding out more about you, thanks for sharing.


  91. Hi Tony, I’ve read quite a few of your articles, but only just clicked through to find out more about you, the man behind the site. You sound like a really genuine guy, with lots of enthusiasm for life, which I like. I was sorry to read that you lost your wife to breast cancer – I was diagnosed with breast cancer originally about 17 years ago, and have lived with it in my bones since 2008, but thankfully so far my awesome treatment has kept me going. After a few dark years I feel I have come through into a bright, airy space, and have regained my own zest for life. I have lots of dreams and plans, one of which is to make money online, so your site is really helpful. I wish you all the best for the future, and hope that your son stays safe and the two of you get to travel the world as you have planned.

  92. Wow Tony!  You have big wonderful plans for you and your son.  I think it is pretty amazing that you will be doing all this with him.  That you left your daytime job and now work full time online is awesome.  I also work totally from home, but I am not where near where you are as far as income goes.  I think I need to start with a plan to get where you are today!  Great bio.

  93. Wow! Your journey in this affiliate marketing and marketing in general is quite enviable andi rally appreciate you and respect you for all you have done NAD achieved. Personally, I am a big time fan already and I can really draw the lesson of courage and willingness to achieve the best from reading about you. You are indeed a marketing veteran. Thanks for sharing

  94. I think you’re very intelligent for making the transition to earning an income online. I am currently working in a physical job and am experimenting with ways to try and make money online. I only started not long ago and after watching some “affiliate marketers” on YouTube, I set up a website, posted a little bit of content with affiliate links all over the place and waited… Nothing happened and so I got frustrated and took a break. How important would you say it is to keep posting content and how often should I try and post? 

  95. A great article to get to know you Tony, it’s always good to hear people’s stories. You have clearly had many challenges which seem to have been overcome which is fantastic and your profile does enhance your online expert status with a human face. So we get to know you as an expert but also life’s ups and downs, so A Hero’s Journey if you like . My deepest sympathy on the loss of your wife, that’s a really tough call.

    You offer many alternatives here for an online income which increases the chance for people to work from home but also wherever they want to in the world and that has to be a good thing after all we are not in the Stone Age anymore! I think that is inspiring for many.  Thanks again for sharing your challenges and for us getting to know you even better, I wish you well .

  96. First of all, thank you for your service. Its truly inspiring that you have achieved all that and still made a name for yourself in the online world. Its humbling how you have dedicated your time to helping other find their success online. I wish you the very best as you go after your dreams.

  97. Wow it’s great, thanks for sharing. I’m really lucky to know about you. I will share this article with newbies because this will give them a motivation. Yes of course, God is good he gave you the abilityto help others. Yes you are a veteran, I will follow you. Keep up the good work. Cheers 

  98. Hi Tony,

    Sorry to hear that you lost your wife to cancer. Delighted to know you have a wonderful son. Your plans on travelling the world sounded incredible. Perhaps that will still happen when the time is right. The details on how you plan to help others speaks volumes about you.

    I wish you continued success and a wonderful life.



  99. Hi Tony:

    What a fantastic article. I admire your strength and courage considering all you have been through.
    First and foremost I see you as a dedicated and as well as a solid and stable businessman who really has
    it all together… Remember we are all in the together (including COVID-19) We are all hear to learn for each
    others strengths as well as what to avoid.

    Great looking website and beautiful header

    Have a pleasant weekend


  100. Hi Tony,

    After reading your articles and about you I am feeling really lucky to know about you. The Internet has given us all opportunity to do awesome things. But there are people who try to misguide others for profit by publishing false information.

    It is very fortunate we have people like you on the internet who clear this confusion by providing true and useful information, suggestions and guide newcomers to earn a living doing online business.

    All the very best for your plans, wishing even more success for you and your son.

    Best Wishes,


  101. Hi Tony

    I admire your future plans they are really reachable for anyone that can afford it. I loved your website it shows all about you and I love and get inspiration from people like you. I can’t imagine how great that would be to have a lake or a pond at the bottom of my garden. I expect that this is reachable for anyone that digs there heals in and makes a living online like me. thanks for your great post I think we are good friends. well done and thankyou.

    In Friendship


  102. I enjoyed reading about your family and your trek into affiliate marketing. Your goal of a Christian camp is quite interesting–I hope you are able to put those plans into action at some point. You might consider parts of Florida for the camp–land is not always cheap, but the weather makes it easier to camp year-round!

    I do want to thank both you and your son (and family) for your service. Military life is not always easy, as you know, but we need our military. THANK YOU for your service!

  103. Hi Tony, thank you for informative post and techniques for a newbie Affiliate Marketer like me. I will try to read all of your post and I know lots of things I can learned from it. Your strategies you have made in your review giving me idea to improve also my post and follow the techniques you have made on it.  I read more about clickbank, it helps me to understand how I can use it more to do the marketing. I love how you do review and put the ad links on it. 
    Being a veterans in Affiliate Marketing, I will include your post as my reference in my upcoming post. Keep safe and best wishes.


  104. Ho Tony,

    It’s a pleasure to know you and the stuff you are putting on your websites. It is of great help to a newbie online affiliate marketer like me. 

    You story about earning an online income is going to inspire many and specially me. Working in physical jobs has it’s own shackles and that has been the traditional way of making money for a living – sometimes the choices we made were completely against our wishes. However, an online business leaves you with lot of time to yourself – you cut down on unnecessary travel, corporate meetings sometimes wasting time in just being part of the team.

    Internet has opened the doors for enjoying more time with family and friends- the way it should be.

    Thanks for continuous effort in helping people find a life of freedom.

  105. Nice to meet you, Tony! You know I had to search up “Digital Marketing Veteran” on Google, and lo and behold, there you were! That’s so cool!!! I hope to have that kind of success someday. I’m not even sure if I rank first under my own name, haha. I just want to say thank you for your service to this country as well as your service to the affiliate marketing community. You’re truly doing the Lord’s work, Tony! I’m so glad to have found your site!

  106. Hey Tony, 

    I don’t even know where to start… I’ve been truly touched reading about your wife, who isn’t in this world anymore. May her soul rest in peace.

    I really wish you all the best in absolutely everything. I’m sure that with determination, your son and you will achieve your goals. 

    There’s nothing better than travelling the world, visiting new places etc. There are so much to see out there. So, I really hope you’ll be able to do that.

    Wish you more success in your business as well.

    Thanks again for sharing your story

    Take care



  107. Thank you for sharing your story. I too am an Army veteran and follower of Jesus. I hope that you can build your camp soon! Your story is an inspiration in not waiting, to make goals and pursuing them. I’m starting over again in my employment and needed to hear that encouragement to pursue an online income as well in these uncertain times. May God bless you with continued success!

  108. Hello Tony, I like your articles they are really nice, educative and comprehensive, you always take your time in writing and you put your whole heart into it, it is really nice to know you and your family and your post is always indeed helpful…You have great dreams and they motivate me a lot, it is really nice to know you have been earning since 2009, when some of us starting online business few years back..Thanks for sharing and letting us know you on this level.

  109. Hi Tony, 

    You have a really touching story! I really like your website as it inspires me to pursue my dreams in learning how to make an income online. I work in hospitality, and of course I cannot compare it to your previous job, but there are days that I am super tired and wish that I could be doing something else with my time and have my own business. Thanks for creating such an awesome website so that I can keep learning more and more about how to work from home!

  110. Hi! I read about your About section and your dreams are inspiring! You sound like a doting father–very proud of your family–and that sounds so sweet to read. The “Digital Marketing Veteran” sounds so catchy, and being at the first sentence, it hooks your audience to look up to you instantly. You made yourself sound so incredible, but not intimidating at all.

    I read your article about the beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing, and it was effective for me to click on your links! You pointed out facts that I have not encountered in WA yet, like the “$1 commission 1,000 times”. I like it and I wonder what the other veterans have to say about it, and how has it worked for them sustainably. 

    Thank you for your insights and offerings! Cheers!

    Hoping to tread a successful path like yours,


  111. Hey Tony. Loved your About Me page. It was really inspiring. I love the relationship you have with your son. I think that you guys will have an amazing journey, where you will definitely discover new things. The page is very clear and it makes me want to read on and find out about what else you have planned. Good luck with it all.

  112. What an exciting “about me” page!

     Wish your son good luck on his training! 

    Wow! The sheer amount of information provided on this website is incredible! Can’t wait to read more! Do you have more websites?

    I have already hired for my first written article thanks to your suggestion! I am so excited!

  113. I have read a bunch of your reviews and articles and have really enjoyed them. You seem to be crushing it! My current job as a band director isn’t too physically demanding but it is definitely time consuming. So as I am on the last half of my teaching career I am trying to find ways to supplement and eventually take over my income as a teacher. I have found affiliate marketing to be something I could do very well at long term. I wouldn’t mind picking your brain since you have been doing this for at least a decade now! Every successful person needs a good mentor!

  114. You have a very interesting story Tony.  I is agree with you.  Knowing how to create income online is a real benefit.  And I also believe timing is everything.  You probably learned all these things once you were ready for them.  After all that physical work you now can appreciate online work. And now you’re teaching this knowledge with others.  Thanks for sharing that experience.

  115. Interesting to know about you and to also learn about the wealth of information you have been able to garner over the years as a marketer and how you are willing to help people. That is more of what we need. People that are truly willing to share their knowledge and help others like me have a smooth passage too. It is true that you are a veteran in this field and I really respect you a lot. Thanks for all you do

  116. I love it! it is a perfect article, you are a hard-working person and I would like to follow your footsteps. I think your articles are so interesting but this is special because you are sharing a piece of your life and your achievements. I glad to read your life story because I feel I know you a little more. I think you are so strong and smart that you can achieve all you want. Thanks for this info. I loved it!

  117. Seeing your great example of how you have grown your business is very encouraging.  The pay it forward is something I can learn from!  It has been fun to hear about your journey.  Congratulations on staying with the program, and your progress.  Will be waiting to see the next development!  It really is fun to have such a network that serves us so well.

  118.  It is an honor to meet you, former veteran, that served in the United States Army. I along with my family appreciate and thank you for your service. My husband is a United States Army veteran who spent several years in South Korea. I will be taking the time to view your website and detail to learn about your business.

  119. Hello and thank you for sharing your life story and very sorry for your loss. I agree, I wish I discovered affiliate marketing much early in my life but everyone has each his/her own path. I wouldn’t have discovered my 2nd passion and that is my first niche and my first website.

    Thank you for sharing your plans with your son to travel the 7 continents and your plans when you reached home again. A Christian Campground is a very nice idea and I hope me and my family can visit it in the future. Wishing you all the best in life and in everything that you pursue. 

  120. Hey Tony,
    Great to read your real and authentic story here.  I feel I know you and your family more.
    Have you and your son made it to Australia yet?
    If you are still yet to do the trip, feel free to visit Perth in Western Australia and I’d be happy to show you around.
    We have similar values and it would be great to catch up.
    Warm regards John

  121. Hi Tony.

    It feels so nice to know the life story of a person whose posts and reviews are something I truly love to read. And you know I am talking about you.

    I am so happy for you that after working hard in physically demanding jobs you finally found a great career working online. I wish you and your son all the very best for all your future endeavors.

  122. I’m glad that I read the blog of a digital marketing veteran. The brief story you shared here is very interested. It’s my dream to travel around the world in the next few years from now and doing it without being broke. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate too and I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to build a long lasting business through Wealthy Affiliate.
    More successful years I wish you.

  123. Hi Tony,

    As I have read many of your other posts, I thought I should read more about you. 

    I love that you want to travel the world. I will keep your son in my prayers as I see he has joined the military. 

    I absolutely love that you want to open a Family Christian Campground. 

    I spent every summer at a Family Christian Campground and loved it, God found me there.

    It was very nice to read about you. 

    When you start up the camp, let me know. I would love to be a camp counselor for it!

  124. I’m sorry for your loss sir, I read a few of your posts but didn’t know about your story. That is an amazing plan you’ve drawn here with your son, even if he’s chosen the army it is never too late to realize your dreams. I’m sure he will surprise you with that someday. What you’ve been through has determined who you are today, all those long hours of hard work built some ethic. 

    So “what has been” is a blessing, keep that in mind, and “what will be” depends on you because it is a blessing as well, just get ready to welcome it. Keep informing us and helping us. GOD bless y’all.

  125. I have heard of Tony Hamilton before and he has a good reputation for helping people find ways to make a living online. He has been very successful and wants to share with people how to make money and live the good life. If you are looking for some good advice and helpful direction, you should check out his information because it will probably be of great benefit to you.

  126. Hi Tony, this is nice to discover more of you as a person and your background. I am sure that like many others, your son will benefit from his time with the forces. It is an inspiration to see what is possible with hard work and when one puts in the effort and hours that are required.

  127. Thank you for sharing this information about yourself which is really lovely to know about you. It feels me with great inspiration whilst I just start my Wealthy Affiliate Marketing journey which I am looking to be a full time business for myself. It is great to hear that you have been making money since 2009 and I was wondering if it has become easier to make money now that more people are online?

    Thank you for the information you share it really is insightful for me.

    All the best

  128. I am sure without even fully realizing you have become a mentor to many.  I appreciate the straight up school of hard knocks approach.

    I know and have seen how hard to work to help others but only if they can show they are serious.

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and you were one of the first persons I followed.  I liked your story and your always positive about where your lives are moving to.

    Once again


  129. Hey, Tony!

    I really appreciate your honesty. Personally, for me, I believe I found affiliate marketing quite early in life. And that I’m very grateful for to the Higher Power. That said, yeah, I would lie to say that I wouldn’t have loved to have found it even sooner.

    Also, I had no idea you’ve been in the online space for so long. Makes me want to listen to your advice even more now.

    And I must emphasize. I absolutely agree with the idea of not waiting to be between a rock & a hard place. Cheers to that!


  130. Like you, I wish I had found the road to affiliate marketing much sooner, years before I actually did, but perhaps sometimes we have to follow certain paths to get where we are today. The idea about the recreational camp is wonderful and it will be great for many families and young people. I hope you get to realize that goal soon!

  131. I can totally relate to your story except that I am not a digital marketing veteran. Suffering loss and trying to live life to the fullest. Being burnt out and getting my life back on track again I found affiliate marketing.. I wish I had found it many years ago. Life constantly throw us in the most peculiar situations. But in the end it is all up to ourselves. It all starts with us and our dreams and passions. It is only up to ourselves to take action and create the life we want for ourselves. I love that affiliate marketing have so many opportunities for all kinds of people and all kinds of pockets. 

  132. Hi! It’s so nice to get to know you better. And I did, in fact, go and Googled “Digital Marketing Veteran” and there you are! That’s cool!

    I love the close relationship you have with your child. That’s a wonderful plan and I also pray you may be able to visit all 7 continents.

    By the way, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Your boy has a great father and all of us have a great mentor. 

  133. Hi Tony, nice to meet you 😊 After reading a bit about you, I will now enjoy your other posts even more. I always prefer when I know who is writing posts that I’m reading. It makes them more valid and trustworthy. 

    Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge with us!

  134. Thank for sharing some insight into your person.  I am thankful that you have take time to write very comprehensive reviews and provide your unbiased opinions.  I feel that is why you are rated so high. 

    Keep it up and I look forward to seeing more simple plans as most of your reviews seem to be based on very complex programs which would scare away most folks.  But that is just me, I like things to be simple.

  135. Tony,

    Thanks for sharing your story! Also, thank you for your service to this nation. I hope that you visit all seven continents and see everything you want to see with your teenage son. You mentioned Australia as one of your destinations, do you have other countries that you’re excited to visit? I hope all goes well for you!

  136. Thank you Tony for sharing your personal story.  I really enjoyed reading your post.  I totally connected with your story of where you were before you started online. I myself have had nothing but physical jobs most of my adult life. Now I find I really need a change and am hoping for similar success in the online world of affiliate marketing.

    Best of luck to your son in basic training.  I was a bit sad you don’t get to go on your trip as it sounds pretty cool.  

  137. Hi Tony, thanks for sharing about you and family. I’m quite amazed on what you have achieved (being in the army and now an established digital marketer). I’m a beginner affiliate marketer and just starting to get used to various technicalities and hopefully achieve rate-of-return at some point in the near future. All the best with your endaevors!

  138. It’s great to connect with you on your site Tony!  What a touching and heartfelt journey you have had.  My condolences to you about your wife.  I think it’s absolutely wonderful how you are sharing your passion with others about how to build a successful virtual business and a passive income.  Your website is truly an inspiration and adds so much value to those looking for the right opportunity to grow an online business.

  139. This is an awesome post. Your goals and journey is so inspiring. The information is so personal too; I got a sneak peak into who you are as a person. Having a business online is definitely a road to travel. I have already started the journey myself. I will view more of your posts to see the opportunities out there that I can partake in.

  140. Hello Tony, I must say you the best as I haven’t see any digital marketing veteran as good as yours…I would not waste my time to try it out although it was long since you posted it do I hope it still available….thanks as always as I know you content has touched the life of many.

  141. Hi Tony 

    What a incredible journey you have been on and what better way to to be making money once you have achieved success than to help those who are just starting out in this business. People will be so happy to know they can get such great information and experience from someone like you. I won’t forget about the Tony Lee Hamilton story and if someone is interested in learning about starting off in affiliate marketing ill send them your way!

    Hope you enjoy your day.

  142. Hi Tony what a great website. Teaching people to earn money online through affiliate marketing is where it is at these days. Especially at Wealthy Affiliate, there is no better place. Good for you. It is awesome that your Son is going to follow in your footsteps I wish him God’s blessings in his new adventure and The Lord’s blessing in your online business. Take care and continue to trust God and He will prosper you. Deborah

  143. Hi Tony! 

    Sorry about your wife but at least you have your son. How exciting is it that you are going to travel the world. I have been traveling almost all Europe and Asia already but  I want to keep on crossing my list as well. I love New Zealand and Australia, such a nice and clean country, I am not talking about the city of course. I rented the car and drove, I had so much fun. My husband loves fishing as well. We live in NYC and we always drive upstate NY for a Salmon run which is the best time for me since I hate it when I do not get any fish. When we go for salmon run I always catch salmons lol  I am glad to know you more. I agree, I do not want to rely on the physical jobs anymore, I want to make money online as my main income. Hopefully soon that will happen.



  144. Very touching, inspiring and emotional story, Tony. I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your significant other and for everything that you have been through ever since. Your son as well as you are strong warriors and I truly admire how positive and how much you enjoy living your life and helping others, that is really kind of you. I know you have impacted a lot of lives during the years and I know you will touch several more, my friend. You got this! 

  145. Hello Tony,

    I have actually been following your websites for some time and I have to say that you have and are doing a great job. You offer so much value that some times I wonder why even do this for free. You might as well charge people to read this stuff. 

    Anyway, please don’t charge us because we love reading your posts. 

    You have come a long way in internet marketing and I hope to learn more from you during your online journey and hope one day I am also able to travel the world and visit every continent with my family. 

    God bless Tony and keep on doing what you do best.

  146. Tony it is fantastic to read your about page and get to know you better. I love following your posts and seeing what you are up to, even though our ways of making money online differ greatly. That just highlights the beauty of making money online – there are so many different ways to do it and all you have to do is play around a bit and find out what appeals to you! I’m more into influencer marketing and of course my mommy blog which I absolutely love to bits. 

    I hope you and your son reach your dream of visiting each continent – don’t forget to visit South Africa! Then we can hook up for a cuppa..

  147. Hey Tony,

    I’ve known about you and your website for almost 3 years now. I decided to revisit and re-read your about page and it’s still as inspiring as when I first read it. Keep up the great work and stay safe!


  148. Hello Tony, Thank you for your webtalk invitation email last night,I am considering you as an answered prayer because I’ve been struggling online eversince I retired as a seafarer 3 years ago..committing myself in an affiliate marketing that does not produce positive results.I do hope that you can assist me in relation with digital knowledge..God bless You and Yours.

  149. Please Mr. Tony I will like to earn passive income online. I am willing to learn I av been out of job for several months now,because of govt policy that placed a ban on the biz I was doing in my home country,and I really need a mentor to put me on the line.thanks for your favorable response.

  150. Hi Lee I signed up with lead flow founders club and I haven’t received my capture page – i am receiving leads but I can’t login into my back office. URGENT! URGENT. WHAT IS THE COMPANY’S CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER? i DON’T KNOW WHO MY SPONSOR IS? 510-275-9803 – San Francisco Bay Area – PLEASE DON’T CALL ME BEFORE 12 NOON. PACIFIC STANDARD TIME.

  151. Pingback: URL
    • Yes Roger my friend,

      call me anytime at (810)493-4249

      Leave a message in the event that you receive the answering message and I will return your call.

      Give me a few options of days & times that are best to call you back Roger.

      Happy Holidays to you as well my friend,



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