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Affiliate Marketing in 2019 for Newbies & Veterans

The below article was written by a 3rd party writer that I hired, are you ready to start earning an income with Affiliate Marketing and writing a blog? Newbies and/or Veterans are welcome!

Recently, affiliate marketing has become one of the booming businesses in the global scale. It is a chief source of online income for every proficient blogger. As a matter of fact, more online businesses are getting involved in affiliate marketing and therefore, bloggers are obtaining more opportunities of making passive incomes. In addition, many businesses work with affiliates hence majority of marketers have a tendency of using the affiliate marketing networks to find offers. The main purposes of the affiliate platforms include: summing up offers from different sellers, creating search engines for affiliate marketers and handling administrative duties of handling an affiliate network.

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based such that the business rewards the affiliate for each client who has been brought as a result of the affiliate’s marketing efforts. Since its inception, affiliate marketing has rapidly grown. In this e-commerce activity, online retailers usually pay commission to external websites for the sales made from the external’s referrals. A blogger only becomes an affiliate of a particular organization then create income by sharing links, banners, posters or any other information intended to attract readers to the products and services of the affiliate company. Therefore, to promote the company’s content, you as a blogger, ought to be involved in as many marketing channels as possible.

Who is Tony Lee Hamilton?

Heard of Tony Lee Hamilton? A favorite of most online businesspersons. I have been in the industry of affiliate marketing since 2009 and this might be the reason I am familiar to most internet marketers. However, this is not the beginning of it all. I had a life before venturing into my current field. I studied at Eastern Michigan University and then worked in a Moving and Storage company as a dispatcher. I also served in the United States Army which has a great influence in my current occupation. At the moment, I don’t wake up every morning to report to an office as an employee. So, I am a stay-at-home dad. Nonetheless, I am not limited by my environment. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate Marketing. I have received a good cash inflow since 2009 through affiliate marketing and have also gained a great wealth of experience in the same area. As a result, I have been able to help many other online writers and bloggers improve their Referrals, Website Traffics, Revenue income and Social Media Presence. I have great offers for friends from any corner of this planet who intend to start a business or have already started one and are looking for ways to grow it. With the wide range of online services I offer owing to the experience I have in the field, I can tailor you a plan for your business depending on the location and how fast you want the business growth.

Some of the things I have been helping my friends to do basing on their demands include;

a) Building and hosting websites – Undoubtedly business website contributes a great deal to business growth and it is one of those things you require if you need quick results in terms of profit from your enterprise. I have assisted several friends in building websites for their

business and even keyword Search Engine Optimization(SEO). The outcomes from their business are just amazing.

b) Writing articles for websites- you only need to submit to me the images or videos and expertise and I will do the content creation for your website or even social media page irrespective of the area of your business.

c) Gaining website organic traffic- I am able to help you gain more organic traffic to your website utilizing the keyword search optimization engine.

d) Online income generation– Many people around the globe are making money at the comfort of their homes while working online. The ways of enjoying residual income online are numerous and I have the best options and training for you depending on your needs and availability.

e) Generating leads and referrals- This I do for myself on various proven platforms and also for my friends globally.

f) Growing social media presence-21st century presents unto us social media that has proven to be one of the best platforms to grow one’s business and am more than willing to help you increase your presence on the various platforms as I have done this for many friends.

g) Learning about Affiliate Marketing and website monetization– I assist newbies in promoting their businesses, websites and even blogs. I also aid many friends especially the newbies and amateurs in monetizing their blogs and websites.

h) Growing direct sales, multi-level businesses and Network Marketing-I can help you grow your business by sharing with you myself utilized methods, sites or platforms that have proven effective both for me and my other friends.

i) Promote guest blogging- I also assent guest bloggers to post on my website in order to give their businesses or websites more exposure.

With my assistance as an expert in internet marketing, regardless of your business interest, you can choose a preferred direction for your industry in any available niche. Anyone can earn an income from anywhere. Isn’t it wonderful? It does not matter whether you are

a newbie, an amateur, or a super affiliate marketer. I've got you covered.

You can contact me via an email at Or via the social media platforms.

Digital Marketing VeteranTony Lee Hamilton Digital Marketing Veteran Crushing it 10X

Curiously one may ask, why digital marketing veteran?’ Of note is that I am US veteran. However, I now specialize in helping friends start business from scratch and even grow them to new levels via digital marketing. Below are some of my recommendations to you in this arena;

a. Developing a rapport – this involves cultivating an audience having specific interests. Once this is done, you can direct your campaigns to this specific niche which in turn increases the likelihood of you attracting traffic. Henceforth, you can market a wide range of services and products

b. Look for your personal brand – Because you cannot run out of products to promote, you have the ability to choose the products that you believe in. Ensure that the campaigns focus on valuable and quality products. This will enable you to achieve a remarkable conversion rate as you simultaneously establish a reliable personal brand.

c. Review services and products – Look for the specific products that can be categorized under your niche. Then, depending on the rapport you have created, let your readers understand why they will benefit from buying the goods you are promoting. Your content should therefore be well articulated to improve the conversations between you and your readers.

d. Rely on different sources – Do no focus on one email campaign instead, spend time reaching out to your readers on e-commerce platforms. Search across the cross-channel promotions and check out the wide range of marketing strategies to settle on the one that your audience can easily respond to.

e. Be careful in choosing campaigns – Even though your marketing skills maybe up-top, poor products will always generate a very low profit margin. Therefore, before settling on the products you want to promote, take some quality time and study the product’s demand.

f. Be updated – Be careful to stay on the current trends so as to gain a competitive advantage over other websites. You are likely to gain benefits from more than one marketing techniques that are always created. Be up-to-date on the new strategies so as to guarantee you of always increasing revenues.

Crushing it 10X

I came up with this phrase deriving it from two of my best mentors’, books that is Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Crushing It” and Grant Cordone’s “The 10X Rule”. Gary who is a genius in social media and can predict the moves of his audiences accurately insists on hard work, patience and appreciating the process both in his books and speeches. Grant being a great coach and mentor in various fields ranging from sales to work ethics says for a given goal to be achieved it takes 10X what we usually expect be it vision, effort and every other thing. Currently, the duo are my favorites in the Digital Marketing industry.

Having known how the name of the website was developed, you must be eager to know exactly what goes on here. As a newbie who desires to grow your business irrespective of the field be it sports, music, fashion or any other business opportunity you may have in mind, will be a very useful website. Why am I saying this with such as a great confidence?

Let me mention just a few reasons:

a) The expertise knowledge that I have gained within the 11-year period I have worked in the Digital Marketing Business; I will now make them available to entrepreneurs like you on the website.

b) The platform will also allow me to personally mentor 10X more friends who can then be able to legitimately earn from online business and you could be one of these friends.

c) I will be Crushing It 10X now as I help friends increase their search traffic at extremely reasonable costs. Being a member at any of my top four recommended sites grants you an added advantage as you will enjoy a great discount.

d) Again, this website enables me to effectively share my four best recommendations that have been great tools for most successful affiliate marketers who now get great reward for their work online.

e) I will also be doing one of the most important things for anyone who is a member of the Wealthy affiliate, whether a guru, an amateur or a newbie which is training on how to increase following.

Crushing It 10X community is open to anyone who is teachable and has the willingness to take on anything that one has to do in order to become a successful online worker. It is in this generation that almost everyone’s life revolves around their work but the joining the Crushing It 10X Community will grant you the much desired opportunity of planning your life and letting your job fit around it as you work online. However, it is not like the scams that make people think they will sleep poor and wake up stinking rich. In fact, for you to achieve your goal it will take 10X your time, your energy, your vision and even your focus. This is why the Crushing It 10X is dedicated to help you get to the top as a newbie or even amateur in working online.

How to Crush It 10XDigital Marketing Veeran Crushing it 10X

Hashtags – When hashtags are well-used in social media platforms, businesses in home-based arenas will gain a high audience. When business opportunity hashtags are well utilized in social platforms, businesses can be very powerful. The hashtags tend to be more powerful even than keywords in a website post. Regardless of what industry you are in, your keywords ought to attract your visitors to make them interested in what you are sharing. The types of hashtags used will sometimes determine the level of competition you are in.

Keywords – there exist business opportunity keywords that can generate high traffic to your business. You can utilize the different sites that can enable you know the best traffic keywords possible. Some examples of highly used keywords are: Entrepreneur, earn money online, network marketing and work from home. Keywords attract traffic.

Wealthy Super Affiliate

Wealthy Super Affiliate empowers affiliate marketers from all over the world. It is highly ranked with independent authority bloggers among the “go to” platforms for online entrepreneurs. This affiliate marketing gives you numerous opportunities and benefits to enjoy as you work online. Though the list below is not all-inclusive, it outlines the most outstanding ones.

a) Wealthy Super Affiliate gives you the opportunity to transform your ideas into high profit margins. You will be able to begin your business from more than 1 million profitable niches.

b) Here, you will have the opportunity to build beautiful and profit-ready websites without the requirement of any special design skills. Take less than 30 seconds to create a revenue-ready website. The website’s design will totally be dependent on your preferences and needs. Secure hosting of the website and allow yourself to progressively grow with Wealthy Affiliate.

c) Learn the strategies of attracting traffic. Since you will have access to more than 4 billion prospective customers, you will be taught on how to get relevant clients for your website. Members from Wealthy Affiliate have been noted to have their own Google Rankings and a very large online traffic. You will not be an exception.

d) Earn and earn large amounts of money. The revenue sources in Wealthy Affiliate are never limited. As a matter of fact, if you have a huge traffic, you can instantly sell 600 million revenue products. This is possible as you can promote the best products throughout the world via the affiliate programs. You are to settle on the products and services that can easily be promoted on your website. It is cheap. No capital, shipping or support is required.

It is 14 years down the line since the inception of Wealthy Affiliate. These have been years of growth and helping people all over the world. It was created with the objective of helping bloggers monetize their blog with affiliate marketing. Since its inception in 2005, WA

has since been an online platform that has gradually evolved and innovated. So far so good, the 14 years of experience has helped more than 1.5 million budding entrepreneurs to fulfill their affiliate marketing dreams. Having had 750+ training updates per year, the platform has progressively had 155 system improvements in the recent years. Every day is a day of innovation in WA. This is a good foreshadowing that tomorrow will be much greater than today. The goal is to make other newcomers experience similar benefits like the present members.

The focus is not just being a super affiliate but being a wealthy super affiliate. You might have just started or you are thinking of becoming a wealthy super affiliate. The journey may not happen overnight or in a fortnight. Wealthy Super Affiliate is not one of the get-rich-quickly platform. It allows progressive growth. It is not scam.

Your time and resources are the basic and necessary resources needed in this online business opportunity. Signing up is not enough. Showing up is what is of importance. Once you show up, you can get your residual income from anywhere around the world. Affiliate marketing is not like network marketing, Direct sales or multi-level marketing. It is unique in its own way. This does not necessarily mean that the aforementioned platforms are illegal or scam. No! This just means that affiliate marketing has some advantages over the other business models. It uniquely allows its members to carry out their work from home or wherever around the globe provided you have a strong internet connection.

The work of the affiliate is quite simple. It involves searching for a product that the audience enjoys and promoting the product. This in turn earns you a profit from each and every sale that is made. The sales you make are usually tracked through affiliate links from one website to another. Being a large industry, affiliate marketing is now well-known as the chief residual income source for online business opportunities. Since many more e-commerce businesses are getting involved in affiliate marketing, affiliate platforms are emerging and more bloggers are encouraged to sign up in this form of marketing. The businesses working directly with affiliates tend to rely on the affiliate marketing network. Even though the affiliate marketing platforms require some payment, they serve a cherished purpose in affiliate marketing.

WA Websites

For a business to generate high traffic, it must have a solid foundation. With a website, a business can flexibly influence its audience and get feedback from the same audience. The WA website is not an exception. It is among the greatest websites in the globe. Integrated website tools for management, analysis, ranking and security ought to be a consideration. Building the websites has never been more fun elsewhere other than Wealthy Affiliate. It is easy and fun. As a matter of fact, you may not know how to build a website but within seconds, you will create one using your own hands and own a niche website that is visible globally. This is only possible in Wealthy Affiliate. The website that once was a dream to you will come to reality in a short period of time. Regardless of the website type that you desire, a few clicks on your device will guarantee you of extremely beautiful yet simple-to-build website. Note that website security is a huge factor that is considered in Wealthy Affiliate marketing. A defense line is created against any form of unwanted attacks that can occur in your website. Your website will always be monitored on regular basis by providence of full redundancy, backups and regular snapshots. In case of any suspicious activities, immediate response is applied to avoid attacks.

Interested in Joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Would You want to become an official member of Wealthy Affiliate? The steps are easy and quick. Open an account and add a profile picture and a short bio about yourself. The updated information will be edited by the WA’s professional team. These steps will take you very few minutes. When done updating your bio and the other steps are completed, members of the amazing community will begin checking out on you to know you in an all-round manner. This is a well-trained and experienced team that have been trained to work 24/7 and meet your every need and question at any given time. It is at this point that you will appreciate the warmth of the awesome community. Your role is to convert the visitor. The affiliate sends the most targeted traffic to you so as to increase your chances of conversion. The risk is then shared between the advertiser and the affiliate.

This type of marketing is also known as performance marketing since its sales employees are usually rewarded. The employees, also known as digital marketers, are payed on commission basis for each and every sale they make. They are sometimes paid incentives depending on the exceeding performances that are above their normal performance. Basically, the affiliates are not usually employed by the person whose products are being advertised. Affiliate marketer offer very minimal influence on a probable prospect in the conversion process. This is once the prospect has been directed to your website.

All global countries are eligible for a Free beginning account except some few ones. Members from Wealthy Community are from 195 countries. The countries not eligible include Kenya, Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Egypt and Vietnam. Required information include: Full name, email address and the desired username (13 characters or less). When this information is received, your account will be created with a password. You will then be contacted to go through the details after which authorization will be given to you to become a Free Starter Member. If this password is not likable to you, you can change and input your preferred password. With this, you can always login into your account any time.

You can remain a Free Starter Member as long as you want. Even though this is okay, it is more beneficial when you upgrade to a premium member. The team of well-trained and experienced tutors provide you with the finest training for both seasoned veterans and newbies. If you have been thinking about writing your own blog, you can monetize and earn an income. Newbies have an opportunity to monetize their blog with affiliate marketing and the community’s assistance.

No experience is needed before joining WA. The organized trainings begin from the zero point and it is assumed than no one has experience. Research in WA community has actually showed that, among the current successful members, most begun without technical knowledge or experience on e-commerce businesses or blogging. Provided you have an idea; you are a potential wealthy affiliate.

In Wealthy Affiliate, the forms of payment include PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.This is particularly for those with having premium memberships. If you are anew member, you can decide to start with a credit card then change to a PayPal on a later date. You will be the CEO of our billing. Choose the payment methods that is suitable for you.

Every blogger asks the question, “how quick and how soon can I get my success in Wealthy Affiliate Marketing?”. You have the answer! The answer to this all-time question will greatly be determined by how passionate you are in this performance business and how aggressive you can be. This therefore means that there are different levels of success in WA.


Wealthy Affiliate Community

Even though an online business may flourish in all aspects, the most challenging bit in such a business is obtaining an orientation platform especially for newbies. Help ought to be timely and effective. Expertise and professionalism is therefore a major aspect in this case. It is only in WA community that you will be able to network and create life-long relationships. Join the community and create business relationships. In a day, thousands of members network within WA and build networks that enable them to share insights and grow businesses together.


WA community is the most helpful affiliate marketing community in the world. A community that genuinely cares for you, working 24/7 to ensure that your every need is met. It is a platform of well trained and experienced teachers who make learning a fun activity.
Teacher who are willing and able to help you in all capacity. Uniquely, WA community offers the many-teachers-one-student service to its members. Being the biggest Internet Marketing community in the entire world, WA community prides itself in being the number-1 choice
for majority of online business marketers. Even though the community is big, every person in the community matters and therefore, a sense of being valued is felt by the members. You will have the opportunity to connect with people from different countries of the world and some even from your native country. Differences in languages, color, tribe or nations is never a hindrance in WA community. The average population is 800,000 + people from 195 countries across the globe.


Inquire from anywhere about the team that makes stuff to happen and you will be given the correct answer. Wealthy Affiliate! Driven by online projects that enhance the way bloggers carry out their online business, the team works passionately to ensure every dream is
achieved. Through the latest technology, designs, marketing strategies and external supports, the community continues to grow on a daily basis. Services and products becoming better every single

Help is always at hand. In WA community, the idea is not “we are all competing” but “we can help one another”. For this reason, whenever you need help, you will get it instantly. In connection to this, the average time to get an answer on the question you have asked is 1.8 minutes. One question can bring about 32,000+ community interactions per day. This makes it evidence that it is possible to compete with billionaire marketers. You will get expert coaching with a personal touch. Isn’t it awesome?


Everyone has that one hobby that is exciting and motivating whenever it is thought about. Interested in Books, Fashion, Style, Movies, Cosmetics, Video Games, Fitness, Personal development, Health and wellness, Investing, Finances or even Sports? Worry no more! The list is actually longer than this. Any hobby may lead to a business idea which may in turn create a prosperous online business. Those who do not have any idea in what they are passionate about will as well be sorted out. This is all about Affiliate marketing.

Sharing to 4 million plus internet users on the products and activities you are very passionate about or want to learn about. What are you still waiting for? Do not wait any longer. Try out Wealthy Affiliate. An endless online business opportunity with no risks. Membership is free with no credit card required and no registration fees. Visit or the official website of Wealthy Affiliate Marketing and be among the millions giving a review concerning this website. Just a decision away from beginning your own prosperous internet business.


The above article was written by a 3rd party writer that I hired, are you ready to start earning an income with Affiliate Marketing and writing a blog? Newbies and/or Veterans are welcome!

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