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Become a Network Marketing Pro with Digital Marketing

Wouldn't it be nice to stop chasing Family and Friends, Become a Network Marketing Pro with Digital Marketing?

Yes, the old way of making a list of 100 Family & Friends while not prejudging them to decide who will and who won't be interested in the new Direct Sales, Network Marketing, MLM and/or “Home Based Business” Business that you have decided to share and build your wealth and dreams.

I'm not judging you or anyone else, I was also involved in a Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Multi-Level Company where I was advised to in the fastest manner possible share in person with everyone that I knew.  Starting with the people who I knew the closest and who would support me the most.

In most cases as you well know, not only did most of them not join me with my new journey to financial independence, most of them answered “I'll see how you do then get in if you do well”.  In the back of their minds of course many if not most of them had already decided that I would not only fail miserably but that I would quit in no time at all.

Fast forward a few years and I'll now share with you how I've been sharing the “Digital Marketing Veteran” way and how I also advise all Friends who would like to start and grow a true “Home Based Business” working 100% completely from home.  Remember how the old way of working a “Home Based Business” involved more time away from home?  Hotel and/or house meetings, driving all over town for sharing with Friends and Family either via a DVD or pamphlet presentation etc…. Not anymore!

There is a much easier and better way with Digital Marketing to become a Network Marketing Professional and 100% from home or from wherever you are and in any part of our world.  There are over 3 Billion People currently online today, yes that's Billion with a B!

What if I told you that you could start to generate a full time income from home with far fewer than 3 Billion people on your team?  How about if I were to tell you that you can earn a very nice income with fewer than even 30 personal referrals out of the over 3 Billion people online?  Even though you may be saying that 30 still sounds like a lot, remember that we are not talking about sharing with Family & Friends in person like you have done in the past.

I myself in the past 3 years have personally sponsored/referred over 3,000 Friends to either one or all of my Top Recommendations that I share right here on my website assisting Friends in earning an income online.

Below I will also share posts from my website here that you can click upon to learn more about the sites that I recommend for You and all Friends to earn a full time income from anywhere on the Planet!

So, exactly how do I suggest that You utilkze the above sites in order to grow your current Direct Sales, Network Marketing, MLM, Work from Home, Home Based Company and 100% online?

I am so glad that you asked!

Wealthy AffiliateWith Wealthy Affiliate you will be able to learn how to create a website and a blog while monetizing your website blog with Affiliate Marketing sharing your current company as well as any or all of the above sites as well just like I'm sharing with you.  There is however, no promoting allowed within the actual platform so your sharing will be within your own website.



Global Moneyline is also an exceptional place to share all of the above as well.  The same for Social Media Traffic Exchange and 10K Hits.

CB Pro Ads is a ready made storefront that you can easily link your Clickbank ID to and have thousands of digital products available to anyone who visits your site.

The above is just a small introduction to each site and you can of course click on the more information “Blue Colored” words above to learn more.

There is also a search block located at the top right of this website and an archieved tab at the bottom right with years of articles about the above sites and more as well.

Friends, when join all or any of the above sites to grow your current Business you'll not be alone.  I will always be here for you when you ask me for assistance and I will be glad to help you to earn an income online from anywhere in our world and 100% online with Digital Marketing.

Friends & Family WorldwideOh, back to your Family & Friends…..

Once you start earning an income 100% online and from home, your Family and Friends will take notice then approach you with curiosity.  Not only will you then be able to share with the willing, you'll also be able to show them that you are successful.  Remember earlier that we agreed that the most common thing that our Family & Friends tell us is that they'll “Wait and see how you do and join you when you're doing well”?

The time is now my Friend, let's get to where you're being successful without chasing Family & Friends then they'll come chasing you.

Comment below with any thoughts and/or questions, talk with you soon.


Sharing is Caring
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Tony Lee Hamilton

I am known on the Internet as The Digital Marketing Veteran - I am a Veteran of The United States Army and have a Teenage Son. (His Mom and I adopted him at his birth, she went to heaven because of breast cancer) Since 2009, I have been assisting Friends from around the World Earn More Income, Traffic and/or Referrals to their Business no matter what they share! Local Businesses, Online Businesses, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing and/or Network Marketing from anywhere on the Planet! Contact me anytime!

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