Blogging for beginners, learn how to make money writing a blog.

Blogging for beginners, learn how to make money writing a blog. post thumbnail image

Having digital marketing skills is not only critical to those working in the sector but to entrepreneurs as well. Even if you are past your early startup days and you have got a marketing group, the most successful leaders have a working knowledge of every aspect of the networking business and can also provide knowledgeable management of digital marketing operations. Blogging for beginners, learn how to make money writing a blog with affiliate marketing classes 100% online.

One of the best methods you can use to train in digital marketing is through an online digital marketing course. A good training course will assist you in building the skills you need to become successful in internet marketing pretty fast and also boost your career. In this post, we are going to review Wealthy affiliate, one of the best digital marketing training courses you will find online. We are going to take an in-depth look at what the course provides, how you can earn from it, and whether it’s worth your investment.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate refers to an online platform that allows individuals to learn affiliate marketing by providing all the resources you need to launch a profitable online venture in any niche. Wealthy affiliate isn’t just a platform or a community, but both combined. It serves as a single bundle that contains all the resources you need to launch an online business from scratch, whether you are a beginner, an entrepreneur, or an advanced marketer.

In addition to the affiliate marketing coaching and training, it also offers domain registration, keyword research tool, website security, hosting, and support. When you sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you will receive the necessary support and training to help you succeed online.

Wealthy Affiliate’s founders Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon, two popular Canadian entrepreneurs. The duo established the platform with the main aim of assisting individuals in launching their online businesses. Carson and Kyle have developed the Wealthy Affiliate program into a big community of approximately 1.5 million entrepreneurs and marketers, and it’s growing each day. Kyle Loudon is responsible for the training while Carson Lim works with the technical team. The two co-founders are incredibly active in the community and are always ready to provide you with assistance if you get stuck anywhere.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Training Work?

Every person is given the liberty to pick between two wealthy affiliate training depending on one’s interest or passion. The two include the Affiliate Bootcamp and Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC). A description of each is given below.

1. Wealthy Affiliate OEC

It is a training that is meant to help the trainee take a niche or their interest, passion, or expertise, and then build their website based on the selected niche. It is composed of 50 lessons. These many lessons are delivered in five stages. Every one of these lessons is aimed at helping the learner get through the entire process of developing a profitable digital business in any niche.

Stage One: Getting Started

The basics learned here include navigating the community, completing an account setting, and view the much one would get after an upgrade to the premium account. One learns to:

Create personal money goals

Choose a niche

Build a personal website

Make the website SEO-friendly

Develop enchanting website content

Setting up the website menus

Explore “low hanging fruit” keywords

List Elements

This initial stage is engaging and straightforward, which allows one to get a personal business website running within a short time. It also involves nine tutorial videos running for a total of 2 hours & 51 minutes.

Stage Two: Getting Traffic

It is during this stage that one learns to get enough guests to view the content on the site. During this lesson, you should learn how to:

Select and buy a domain name that is easy to brand.

Transfer the website to a newly acquired domain name

Understand more on pursuing SEO keywords

Select appropriate images to enhance your site content.

Post the site within the WA community for constructive criticism and comments

Set up personal domain-specific email accounts

Enhance your productivity through the production of more blogs.

Learn about selling the Wealthy Affiliate program and make a blog post.

This stage is more of building on the previous lesson with more repetition of the same points and focusing on additional details. It also involves nine tutorial videos running for a total of 2 hours & 27 minutes.

Stage Three: Generating Some Income

After you’ve managed to get enough traffic to the website, it is an opportune time to turn it into income. There are several ways through which that can be achieved, as described below.

Study the “customer purchase life cycle.”

Learn about promoting Amazon products

Locate affiliate discounts and choose the suitable ones

Insert affiliate networks to your site pages

Make use of the power within product reviews.

Display payable Google Ads

Use Google Analytics

This stage is more of the technical and vital aspect of the entire course, for it entails hitting the dollar signs on the personal website. It also involves five tutorial videos running for a total of 1hr 22mins.

Stage Four: Leverage Social Media

It is on this phase of the course where you learn on alternative ways of maximizing your site traffic to ensure more viewers get to see the Google Ads and affiliate offers. This training entails the following:

Use of Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook to send out personal blog posts

Management of blog comments

Using Facebook cleverly to initiate discussions

Get the trending Twitter topic to attach within your posts

Using Google Plus as the tool to share blog posts

Learning the use of the Wealthy Affiliate social community

Discovering the appropriate social media platforms to use and the right time to use it

This phase is quite significant, for it majors on other ways of creating traffic besides the Google keyword search option. It is somewhat a shorter lesson with a total of five tutorial videos, going for 5omins 21secs.

Stage Five: Enhancement of Content Writing

It is highly essential to have compelling content development and writing skills for this business type. Product reviews, as well as engaging information, are some of the ways to attract a loyal fan base that purchases your products. It is in this phase that you should learn how to:

Efficiently write content

Convert the site traffic into more purchases

Ensuring that viewers read and connect with the site content

Strategies for long-term success

Scaling-up the business

Analysis of sample successful site conversions

Ensuring the created content is visually attractive

Use of webmaster tools for site tracking

Creating an annual plan for personal site content creation

Getting ranked and indexed in Yahoo and Bing

Looking into ways of outsourcing your content

Though this stage appears more of repetition, it contains some essential pieces of training. It is also accompanied by nine videos, which totals to 2 hours 7 11 minutes.

2. Affiliate Bootcamp Training

The Affiliate Bootcamp Training is an excellent experience. It is specifically meant to suit internet marketing niche learners better. It is made up of seventy lessons. These lessons are then subdivided into seven stages. Each stage is made up of ten lessons that are supposed to help the trainee in the process of creating a profitable site within the internet marketing niche. It offers a great way of exploring this niche.

At Wealthy Affiliate, every learner usually becomes a part of the digital community where you learn about affiliate marketing. Also, people interact and share knowledge amongst themselves. One is always encouraged to pose a question when in need of help, and the social community is glad to help with the answers.

It is a community that has transformed many lives, changed their mindset regarding making some good income online. It is also a place where people get the much confidence they need to launch their online businesses from scratch.

The Process Of Selling Wealthy Affiliate

There are seven stages of this feature of Wealthy Affiliate. Strangely, most of the same lessons are reiterated. However, these lessons have tweaks for the learner to understand ways to push Wealthy Affiliate’s community with your affiliate offers. This lesson is meant to teach you ways to:

Stage One: Build a Personal Site

This phase is a close resemblance to the initial “Getting Started” part. It has eight videos, totaling to 2 hours & 33 minutes.

Stage Two: Getting The Keywords and Content In Order

This stage is more like the second level of the pieces of training but gets into more in-depth and focuses on marking the Wealthy Affiliate training in specific. It includes six videos, which add up to 1 hour & 22 minutes tutorial time.

Stage Three: Using Social Media Platforms

It is almost exact to the training undertaken within the third phase, though with some specific tweaks. It entails six videos that add up to 54  minutes & 14 seconds.

Stage Four: Go Visual

It is at this phase where the significance of viewers is emphasized. The training majors on ways to improve the site reviews precisely on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Charts and graphs are also the primary features of this stage. The most beautiful thing about this stage is that it covers the process of making simple text-based graphics for personal websites.

Stage Five: Acquiring More Referrals

This stage repeatedly features a discussion on content creation, but factors on the key areas to focus when writing. The tutor suggests of using content frameworks to abridge the entire article writing process. Writing should be based on the idea of enhancing viewers’ engagement and remarks. More so, the people commenting also need to be converted to sales.

The tutor mentions on use of YouTube platform to add on personal site traffic. Also, there are specific ways discussed on how to undertake keyword research for this option. The tutorial features the creation and uploading of videos to YouTube for quick indexing and displays on Google for the viewers to click and engage with.

Stage Six: Google, Yahoo, Bing, And PPC.

This is among the best lessons in this course. The lesson teaches a person on using PPC in Bing and/or Google Ads and quick indexing on Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is more of creating a closer identity for the more natural tracing of the content by the public. This stage features a discussion on Bing's Webmaster Tools as well as the Google Search Console & is regarded as the force behind Google, Yahoo & Bing accessing and showing the posted content and posing it for the public to view.

Stage Seven: Boosting PPC Campaigns

Just as the name suggests, this section features an in-depth study of using PPC for effective campaigns and converting the keywords into sales. The tutor hints on using target keywords to ensure that you beat with SEO. It is more like harnessing the power of SEO to charge up and avail more engaging content, as well as rank levels higher.

How much do you need to join Wealthy Affiliate?

The Wealthy Affiliate program has only two membership levels. It provides you with a starter membership level, which is entirely free and a premium membership, which goes for $49 every month or $359 every year if you pick an annual plan. Let us look at both memberships in great detail.

Free Starter Membership

If you pick the free starter membership, you will not have to register for a free account with a one-day or 14-day trial period and later pay for it. Nobody will ask you to pay anything, and you do not also need a credit card to sign up for the wealthy affiliate platform as a starter member. Therefore, this membership is a great opportunity for you to learn how the wealthy affiliate platform works without spending a penny.

You will get access to the initial phase of both of the Affiliate Bootcamp and Online Entrepreneur Certification training through the free starter membership. These free lessons will help you understand the fundamentals of making money over the internet through affiliate marketing. You can utilize the free membership to ascertain whether the Wealthy Affiliate program is the best option for You and whether you are willing to do all the work that’s needed. It is generally an opportunity to get a feel of almost everything inside the Wealthy Affiliate community and determine whether you are ready to build a lucrative online business.

Premium Membership

If you are serious about making some good money online, you will eventually upgrade to the Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership. As we mentioned earlier, it begins at $49 every month, and it’s incredibly less if you go for the annual package. If you decide to upgrade to the WA premium membership within your first seven days after registering for the free starter membership, you will only have to pay $19 in your first month and $49 in the following months.

If you follow the Wealthy Affiliate training thoroughly and keep taking all the necessary actions along the way, then your online business can start paying you a lot more within several months. This training is put down in an easy to follow manner, making it easy to understand even by beginners. Apart from the coaching and training, the paid membership provides you with access to all the necessary tools that you will ever require when launching and managing your online business.

How The Affiliate Program Works

The entire business of wealthy affiliate is based on assisting other people to become affiliates, which is quite natural to have their affiliate program. That is the reason both Carson and Kyle understand the many expectations of the affiliates. The Affiliate Program of the Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most profitable affiliate programs in the network marketing sector, which is delivered via the most advanced technologies behind the scenes. You’ll get all the training and knowledge to promote it immediately you join the affiliate program offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

As we saw earlier in the previous section, there is a complete training course known as Affiliate Bootcamp training containing 70 lessons divided into the seven phases just for assisting you in understanding how to market this program. You will not only be getting the coaching and training to market this affiliate program but all the resources that you will require, including web hosting, keyword research tool, marketing links, banners, creatives, etc.

On average, you have the potential to make $121 in commissions by marketing the affiliate program of the wealthy affiliate to other people. The commissions that you will make will be recurring, which means you will keep earning these commissions for all your referrals for the duration they remain affiliated with the wealthy affiliate platform.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Program Worth It?

This question is quite common and is often asked by the individuals who are considering signing up for the wealthy affiliate program but are not convinced about its authenticity. In my opinion, the Wealthy Affiliate program is worth giving a try. The people who have signed up to the platform and tried the WA training are undeniably going to like it, and those who are not will look at it more critically. However, you will have to work quite hard during the training and even after the training to realize the actual results and also launch a profitable and successful online business.

But if you decide to commit yourself to the Wealthy Affiliate program, then there’s no reason it will not work for you. The platform has helped many individuals transform themselves into incredibly successful online entrepreneurs. It is not only loaded with comprehensive affiliate marketing coaching and training, but it will also provide you with all the services, tools, and support from different industry experts. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is specially designed to work pretty well for beginners who’ve got no skills and experience in networking marketing to be quite successful in this sector.

Before trying this business opportunity out, I am sure you would like to know whether the Wealthy Affiliate is a legit business opportunity or a scam. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to find yourself in a scam if you are not keen on spending your money on the appropriate products. In my opinion, the affiliate program offered by Wealthy Affiliate appears to be a legit opportunity to help you launch your online investment from scratch and not a scam.

Affiliate Marketing for newbies

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Wealthy Affiliate has been in operation since 2005, which means they have been around for quite some time. However, they’ve never increased their prices, even though they add some new features every year. Wealthy Affiliate platform has never been as advanced or helpful as it is nowadays, and the “assist and be assisted” community is bigger and more vibrant.

It appears that the best income opportunity in Wealthy Affiliate is to market the affiliate program offered by Wealthy Affiliate, which has a model that is incredibly beneficial for Wealthy Affiliate creators. The platform teaches affiliate marketing. Therefore, it only makes sense for it to also have in place an affiliate program for both paid and free members to sign up so they can earn some money by referring other people to their training program.

The best thing about the affiliate program of WA is that they have got a feature for the recurring commissions, which means you can earn some cash as long as the people you refer to the program remain paying members. Besides, you can also get 3-digit commissions, which can considerably boost your income.

Furthermore, there’s an incredible free trip incentive that you get to enjoy if you get at least 300 sales in one year. Finally, once you become a Wealthy Super Affiliate by getting 300 sales in a year, a lot of opportunities will open to you, and you’ll get to work pretty closely with the founders to build your own business. Therefore, if you have been putting off signing up for the Wealthy Affiliate platform, then now is the right time to join this vibrant community.

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