Constructive Criticism Received, Please Give Me More!

Constructive Criticism Feedback

I have asked for and received much Constructive Criticism from the WordPress Affiliate Marketing Community that I have been a Member of since June 2015 and now am asking for Friends from anywhere else on our Planet to give me some as well.

Although I have been earning online since 2007 and do have quite a bit of experience with websites, marketing, search engine optimization and many other areas of the Internet Affiliate Digital Marketing World, I value feedback and constructive criticism from new members as well as of course from viewers visiting my website.

Below I will share the feedback that I have received lately, some changes that I have been recommended to make have been made.  I do however want this website to be constantly evolving, becoming more user friendly, creating a more constructive environment for Friends worldwide.

Here are the Constructive Criticism Feedback comments – Not edited except to protect the innocent 🙂

Website Feedback

They are ordered from most recent first to the last being from farther in the past, most are from within the past 3 days.

  • Hello Tony,From the get go I can see that you have a lot to say about your niche and have a lot of good information from which people can benefit from. I like the use of the word veteran as that gives me a feeling of you having actual experience and not just head knowledge.I was however a little overwhelmed by the shear volume of blogs and visuals. This theme doesn't provide great breaks between the various blogs and comes across as very overwhelming. I would suggest to possibly look into a better structure where a reader will find it easier to pick out the articles and blogs of interest to them specifically.Otherwise its a really great website with great articles and graphics. Keep up the good work.R…h
  • Hello Tony,
    I've enjoyed reviewing your site. Your subtitle let me know right away that I will find information about earning money online and I did.For the most part, I found your menu to be straightforward and easy to follow. One thing I found a bit confusing is that you have a choice of Home and Recent Posts, which are the same page. I suggest removing Recent Posts and having just the Home choice.I was surprised when I clicked on Free Traffic under Recommended Tools and found myself on a different website!? I wasn't ready to go to a different website. I discovered that some of the choices under Recommended Tools took me to different websites, while others took me to a page on your site. First, I didn't like this because I don't like inconsistency. Second, I expected the topic would take me to a page on your site where you would explain what the tool is and why you recommend it. Why is it on you Recommended Tools if you have no recommendation?I like your site. Overall it was easy to navigate and provide the type of material and information I expected.
  • I like the way you have your pages set up. I am just a beginner though and wonder why you have your About Me page so far towards the end of your menu? Also, your homepage and your first option under your top recommendations are the same. Did you do this for a reason?
  • HI,
    I'm new to WA and going thru training and reviewing some sites! I have built sites prior to WA even though I'm new here.
    I should start by saying my style preferences are a clean aesthetic and only the most important info on the top menu. I like someone to find my page and not have to sort thru visually to find what they are looking for, but be guided thru subject to subject in visual interest and peace.
    Oh yeah, I'm kinda OCD with spaces and presentations. I have a jewelry company that's minimalist so take my advice with a grain of salt. I look at a website like a home, I want to go to someone's clean home more than a cluttered or messy one.So good things:
    – Lots of content! Awesome!
    – I like that you have Neil Patel on there, a recognizable celebs in the field, made me want t read the article.
    – Calling yourself a veteran and having a theme there is good, stands out.  Places I can see improvement opportunities:
    – I think the Home page is messy and it took me about 15 seconds to understand what I was looking at. Messy when the box size around the posts don't match-up, I want to get off the page
    – Privacy Policy might be better on the bottom of the page as its not something normal traffic needs to access
    – I want your white letters on the image with your name at the top to be bolder or outlined. They need to POP more
    – I don't understand “crushing it 10X” but maybe it's a reference I don't get
    – Maybe put “About Me” after recommended tools or recent posts, not in the middle.Hope that is constructive criticism, just trying to be a fresh eye in regards to the layout and the first impression. That is truly what i was giving feedback on.Take care and cheers to your success!

I have asked for and recived much Constructive Criticism from the WordPress Affiliate Marketing Community that I have been a Member of since June 2015 and now am asking for Friends from anywhere else on our Planet to give me some as well. Although I have been earning online since 2007 and do have quite a bit of experience with websites, marketing, search engine optimization and many other areas of the Internet Affiliate Digital Marketing World, I value feedback and constructive criticism from new members as well as of course from viewers visiting my website.
  • Hi Tony,I loved the fact that you addressed the WA ‘Scam' reviews problem right up front, and that you didn't do a comparative review at the end. That immediately established credibility and trust for me.A couple of things you may want to consider:Make your sentences and paragraphs shorter. I found myself having to go back to the beginning of sentences and re-read them slowly to make sure I got the full message, because they are quite long!In addition to keeping my sentences and paragraphs as short as possible one thing I always do is to wait a full day between completing my post and publishing it. The reason is because when I read it the next day I'm reading it with ‘fresh' eyes, which is how a visitor will read it. This often highlights points that I have not made clearly, and enables me to edit and clarify them before publishing.I like your use of bullet lists – that always works well for me when I'm reading stuff online.If you could get extra spacing between the bullet points in your bullet lists that would be great. They are currently more difficult to follow than would be the case with more space between them, because the text is bunched up closely together.The bracket at the end of the first paragraph under ‘What else I absolutely love about Finish Line Network' needs to be closed.Overall a comprehensive review which, as I said at the top, generated trust for me because of the way you dealt with the ‘Scam review' problem.Cheers,M….n


  • Hi Tony,
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to view and review your website.
    Before I review the content, I just wanted to compliment you on your excellent layout. I'm currently losing a lot of sleep over my website design and in particular, adding more imagery so seeing something so beautiful to look at is really encouraging.In terms of your content, I feel very well informed about WA as I read through your site. I do, however, find some sentences a bit long and difficult to comprehend. An example which stood out to me was:
    ‘Because I'm not only a member at Wealthy Affiliate but also an Ambassador of the platform that has become known as the bloggers who call just about everything a scam then recommend Wealthy Affiliate as an alternative, you're probably expecting the same in this post.'
    I found this a little difficult to digest and had to read it a few times.
    The about me page is really well done; makes you seem trustworthy and ‘normal'.
    Overall, a very informative site and one which I'd be willing to read through and learn more from
    Best Wishes,
  • Wow, Tony, all I can say is wow. It was very impressive. I liked how you had all the links to bring your facts to life. It made your backing your beliefs that much more believable.
    I am still learning a lot here so I really cannot say much on yours besides, “WOW.” I usually can point out something for people to work on and I really did not see anything that really needed it.
    Keep studying up on your stuff to stay fresh and active and keep at it, bro.
  • This site is great! I really like the about me page – very personal and I really get a sense of you and your values. I think I may add some more about my goals and values on my page soon. I can tell you've been doing this a long time and have got the handle of it. I'm just starting out so it's nice to see an example of what a mature website can look like.
  • Love the look of the site, very easy to navigate and great use of visuals. I also love how you have linked your social media accounts to your home page.If I could criticize one thing, it would be some of the images used especially on your instagram page are of low resolution and appear grainy. If they were clearer images it would look much better 🙂

Tony Lee Hamilton The Digital Marketing Veteran
  • Captain America nice to meet you! I'm the type a person that responds to honest energy. You doing great with the theme you picked, complete with engaging photos and videos.I left a couple comments on your site.I'm not sure if my ad blocker is stopping me from seeing any ads or you don't have them. It's primarily just affiliate links correct.
  • No comment. Excellent. But you already know that, right?
    Page and images loaded quickly.
    I liked especially that when you click on an image and it gets you to About you. Very interesting.
    And I liked how you packed your niche.
    Excellent job, hope my website will look like yours very soon:)
  • Wow nice website Tony. I love the imagery you have on your site. As far as your menu tho in honestly its a lot of stuff i think you should take out because me going to your menu i see never ending content so you might wanna only put the more valuable content up. Not saying the other content is bad its not relevant to your website. And it can send potential hits away you know what i mean but overall you have a phenomenal website. Keep up the great work Tony.
  • Nice work Tony I think you have the best website I've seen so far. Including mine lol
  • Looks pretty good. Actually there is so much information that I started feeling a little overwhelmed. Nice layout and plenty of link. I like it!
    I like the choice of colors. It's easy on the eyes and has a welcoming feel to it. The links to Amazon are nicely done.
  • I love the top image on your homepage, looks fantastic and very eye catching. All the text is clear to read and each of your blog posts have engaging titles. Full of great content and the way you word your blogs is engaging to. I like the recommended tools you have included in top menu, very useful for people.Overall I honestly can't pick fault with your website. You have done a great job and its a creative looking site, full of helpful content and easy to navigate around. Keep crushing it 10X 🙂
  • When I saw the page thumbnail load I thought “Bright colours. This looks interesting!” As I entered the page I thought “hmm matrix like.. I wonder if this is an IT or hosting site.” As I looked on Spongebob made me laugh for a second. For a moment I was lost. “What is this site about?” Then I saw “Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador” and I thought “ohhhh… WA site” I think right about here an introduction or hook would be helpful. Something that states please read on, welcome and not make you think, “You have entered a secret society. Get out before you see too much and someone from the matrix traces your connection!” Very pleasant site visually. I bookmarked it because I can tell there is lots of information here I want to digest about SEO, traffic, keywords, marketing, and online business in general. A great resource!
  • Nice content for your chosen niche. I liked how sincere you are and put your life on the wall. I would try to link the posts together. If someones reviews your site for 10 min and you ask him to close the browser and tell you the main menu he will not be able to. Maybe you can restructure it, pick a new theme that looks better and if you have the budget you can hire a designer on fiverr to provide you some logos or a wallpaper. The front image looks old, it's good for hackers but I would choose one linked to your work. You are a veteran, a hero for this nation and you used your capabilities to build a successful business in affiliate marketing. Your motto could be “never gave up” or “I can be successful in everything I do”. There is a lack of models in this world and you can be one for all the veterans and people that didn't found the meaning of life. Try to link the posts together. Why you wrote this and that…what's next like the chapters in your life.
  • Hey!
    Your website is great, and you've obviously put a lot of time into it! There's really not much to say, but I just have a few small things I've heard that might help you. On the top of your sidebar, you have a search bar, and your about page drawing (which is awesome) I've always heard that spot is prime real estate on your website and should be used for a lead magnet or to make a sale. The other thing is that you could easily move your privacy policy to your footer to free up space in your head menu if you want another category or two. Other than that, your site rocks! Keep it up!
  • To lead off with good thoughts. The website is nicely laid out making it quick and easy to see your posts. Like the choice of graphics, using variety of pictures and written graphics.Interesting article with good flow giving timely information.  In the “Secret Hashtags …” post is the photo “Biggest Pre-launch of 2018” supposed to be linked to another post? When I tapped the picture on my iPad it told me “server can not be found”. Sometimes this is a safari browser problem. The banner at end of post does take me to another site.  Best wish for online success B….y
  • Hello,
    There are a lot of things which are not clear about this program. What is does? What people are going to gain from this program?
    I know that you have put those links which explain things in more detail but on this main page you need to be more specific about what they are going to gain and how, possibly in the first sentence. Then after my response – Hello, I didn't see that sorry, I'm reviewing it again.
    First of all your about me page is excellent, I like that it includes a personal story. Your site is overall good, it's one of the professional sites here at WA, on the top one, I don't usually see websites which have reached this level among WA members. The navigation is good too, just one thing, I would remove “recent posts” from the main menu. I haven't seen any other site which has “recent posts” on the main menu and I don't think it's necessary to have, the long list (drop down menu) that appears when you click on it is too long.
    I would also put a small bio at the widget, especially in this case that the domain is your name, you are the center and the brand. People will always think “who is he?”.
  • I don't like the layout, and it seems very crowded. There is too much going on and it is very confusing. Your page doesn't really have a call to action, so nobody knows what you are trying to sell. There's too much to read before people find out what they are trying to buy.
  • I'm not sure why, but your website goes to “recent posts” tab instead of the home page. So since i'm there, i'll start there. I think the image is too big. It's like Bam here you go!
    Your top image is interesting, but I think you need to work on distinguishing your text. A bit hard to read. Remember, there's this 7 second rule that states if users can't figure out what your website is about in 7 seconds, they will leave. I think you've wasted about 2 to 3 seconds just trying to read the title.
    I think it takes too long to figure out what the website is about. Is it about helping people or Tony Hamilton.
  • Tony Hamilton,
    As a newbie I am so honored to give feedback on your website that being said. I have enrolled in the program prior to seeing your website as a free affiliate at this time being unsure of it and cautious because I have spent hundreds on real scams out there in the past. I feel so much better knowing this is a sure fire way to boost my income in the affiliate marketing field with your review. Reading through your site I did only find a couple of misspelled words other than that what a layout, navigating through it was easy, informative, and pleasant to read. Sorry being a bit long here feedback to you is something I never in a million years would believe you would ask for 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity!
    S……n  🙂
  • Oh congratulation about your website it's look professional work you did but I am curious to know what is this all about i still did not get the straight point so i failed to register for pre- launch of 2018, if you can elaborate more about the program especially for people like me who have no knowledge and idea about the new program you will get many others who will interested. All the best!
  • Overview of Page: well done.
    Content: Good read, You really enjoy what you do.
    Quick Links: Well placed all working well.
    Resources: Videos and contact Are very well done.
    People Page: Friendly.
    Landing Page Image: Nicely Done.
    Promotional Boxes: Take you place to take action.
    Social Networking Site: Very well explained by videos.
    Writing Style and Applicability: Smartly put together with strong content rightly done.
    Images and Content: Beautiful images very well put together. Blend very well with the content.Tony Hamilton
    3 – Exceeds Standards.
  • I have just a few gripes about your site for you to consider.The header image has a low resolution. Furthermore, I do like the the image but I would redesign it using a different font. Something that is more “interesting”, all the while, still being coherent with the overall theme of the site.Next, I am bothered by the “CLICK HERE NOW=PRE-LAUNCH” menu option. I can't quite put my finger on it. I just seems incorrect to me. Maybe it is because there aren't spaces around the equal sign. Maybe…It appears that the above mentioned menu option is an article about Finish Line marketing. I would include a picture of their logo right in that article. The “click here for more info' buttons are low-resolution/pixelated. I would find a replacement for them.Lastly, there is a caricature on the side area of your website. You should attach a caption to it or something to indicate where it will take you when it gets clicked on.I hope this helps!-J…..h
  • I think your website is great. However I’m confused as to what your niche is. Is it about networking? If not what is it about. The background picture is great and the content on the page is fantastic. It draws me into the page. What is the biggest pre-launch?
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  • Tony,Even though I'm fairly new at marketing, I think this website rocks.Understandably, it points out that you're a professional at this. And, it probably took some time.I've been studying some sales copy techniques, and the headline grabs attention. It further give me interest in what you have to offer. Next, it develops a desire in me to find out more and want to sign up for the pre-launch.
    Even though I may not want to right now, I'm on the edge of wanting to take action. Of course, this spells out the acronym AIDA, which you probably know.Too, you're also using the 4 U's Formula for the headline and copy:1. Urgent
    2. Unique
    3. Useful
    4. Ultra-Specific Great work! Best of luck and much success.
  • Hi Tony,
    I feel a bit odd reviewing your site. I've been with WA for less than 90 days, and I follow you, but, here goes!  Your site is lovely. The graphics and colors make it a very energetic page. I can imagine you in constant motion, as I suspect it represents who you are. I did notice a couple of things that might help.  The SMTE and ClickBank pages have no navigation bar back to your site. I'd like to see these pages open in a new window, not take me off your pages.At the bottom of your home page, you have an abbreviated bio. When you talk of adopting your son and discuss your wife, you are missing the closing parenthesis.As a newbie I'm a bit confused by your homepage. There is so much information that seems to require prior knowledge or experience. A bit more explanation might be a good thing. For example, when you discuss the controversy over the Pre-launch of the Finish Line, I feel lost. And, I don't want to feel lost; I want to benefit from all of the excellent information you're offering.Hope this helps. It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to do this for you.Best,
  • Well what can I really say about this site, Tony Lee? I’m new to this game and you’re a seasoned pro! Your website is well-developed and packed with more great information than I could hope to read. It seems like you’ve got the digital marketing business down pat.Now, since I’m new to WA, when I’m asked to review other people’s sites, I’m keen on checking out who they are, so I read their personal ‘about me’ pages. And here is an area where I, a certified English teacher (and wannabe writer), can be of some use.I copied and pasted what you wrote, then took a few minutes to fix some grammar, punctuation, spelling and other errors. (Aren't I a dork?) Plus, I moved some things around, cut out a few things I found redundant, and took a few creative liberties with it. Altogether, I think it’s more polished and (more importantly) professional. Check it out:Welcome, friends, to I am Tony Lee Hamilton, also known on the internet as “The Digital Marketing Veteran”. I love fishing, baseball, affiliate marketing, social media, internet marketing, Jesus, God, family and friends.I served in the United States Army from 1984-1991; afterwards, I moved families across the country carrying furniture and driving 18 wheeler trucks.  I have been earning an income online since 2009, helping friends to increase website traffic, referrals, social media presence and revenue online from anywhere in the world! Thank God for the internet and the ability to earn an income online without having to do all of the physical things that I used to do!I have an awesome son named Vance, who is 15 years old. (His mom and I adopted him at birth in 2001. Sadly, she went to Heaven in 2013.) Vance and I have plans to travel upon his graduation in June 2019. We will start off in New Zealand, then Australia, and from there go where our hearts and souls guide us! We plan to visit all 7 continents and, if possible, rent a Jeep Wrangler, as well as fish on each one.When and if we return to the United States, we plan to purchase some land with a large pond or lake on it and open a Family Christian Campground. It will be a non-profit organization for families as well as youth groups to come and worship while competing and having fun outdoors. There, we will have baseball fields, basketball courts, an obstacle course, a firing range, as well as archery, swimming, fishing, and of course a place of worship and anything else we can think of.
    I am honored and humbled that God has gifted me with the ability to help friends earn an income online from anywhere in the World.…Obviously, you don’t need to adopt all my changes, but definitely compare it with what you have and modify where necessary. I’m guessing that you capitalized some words intentionally for emphasis, but I’d seriously advise against that. This is an ‘about me’ not a Trump tweet lol. Hope you like it!Lastly, you should add a caption next to the picture of you (and who I’m guessing is your son) since you have one next to the image of you and your father. The pics are good – you look like a friendly family man, but be consistent with the captions. Adding something like ‘Me and my wonderful son’ makes a person more relatable (in a good way).Keep crushing it 10x, Tony Lee.


Sharing is Caring, Share your Constructive Feedback
  • Very nice site!!!! I like the way it is set up. I like the video of testimonies. I like seeing you in this video. I think it is you.
    But I would like to see more writing saying what this business is about. I like to read while I see a video. This helps me understand what is expected of me.
    I suggest you put more information on a separate page or under each bullet or below the video and box. Info on what each bullet is about.
    The pressure approach to sign up is a good idea for this type of business. Great idea.
    Overall the site is good. The front page is easy on the eye. Your enthusiasm is exceptional.
    Just more info in writing, please.
    Thank You for allowing me to give feedback on your site.
  • Wao!! But Tony are you kidding I'm checking Your website, But, really the only thing I wold change is the Size in top banner is too Big and the poor quality image in the “Secret Hashtags” post, But beside that wao!! What a Great Job!! I just want to learn from your website, In the Training here in WA the suggest writing at least 250 words, But You!! are in Major League.Regards and Congratulations!! WAOOO
  • As soon as I landed on your site and saw the piece “Become a six figure marketer this year First mover advantage”. First thing, the site is bright. But for the posts, it is difficult on the eyes to read the blue texts against the black background. There's a big difference when you look at the texts in white colour. So easy and inviting to read. Although I had decided not to sign up for any business for a time, your “Biggest Pre-Launch of 2018” was so forceful that I signed up for it!
  • Greetings my friend. The only critique I have for your site is that it is difficult for a visually impaired individual such as myself to view it. I can't give you any more feedback than that because the color scheme doesn't allow me to read parts of it. I know you're already crushing it 10c anyway, so you don't really need my feedback.
  • Hi Tony,Landing page looks amazing, has a high end glossy magazine feel to it.About me page establishes dominance in the market and has plenty of background information to build trust. Excellent choice to show off your follower count to add to social proof.My fellings on improvements:I didn't think the colours used at the bottom of the page went well with your chosen theme.Looking at your recommendation tab in the menu, I felt like it was quite spammy as it takes you straight off your page and onto the link address with no context or information about where you are sending me to. For example clicking on Crushing it 10X is catchy but it feels disappointing that it is a link to another website.I understand that forcing somebody to a page that has a video of a pre-launch is more likely to get them to watch the video rather than out of choice but I hate promotional videos that don't get to the point and there is not enough text based information to explain what finish line is all about, I dont know if you can change or add to that page or make another page that complements that one?Hope I have been able to add value, the TLDR is:
    Great about me page
    Great landing page, theme is catchy
    Colours at the bottom of about me page don't match the theme
    Some of the links feel spammy
    Really wish there was textual information about your pre-launch of Finish lineThe call to action to click the link is however very compelling, I was just turned off by the video and lack of text.Kind regards and keep smashing it 10X!!!
  • Hi. I like your website and the ideas behind it. Your about me page gives the reader a good sense of your interest in the subject and willingness to help others. Great job. . Here are some things I did spot.
    if I were you I would change a bit the overall design because it's a little overwhelming to me, but that's just personal opinion. Other than that, you'll do great!

Feedback from Friends & Family

Feedback from this point and below are from months ago – Feedback above is all from 3 days or less ago.

  • Is it possible for a website to be too thorough? lol!
    I mean seriously, no wonder you rank the way you do, I cannot believe how much content you provide. There is a lot to read, so I won't deny thinking you need more images however, I cannot deny your content flowed at the same time. I did become impatient at times, but that could be because I didn't expect to read so much.I couldn't find any find any spelling mistakes and that is something I look for often, they stick out to me. Good job there.I was very impressed by what your site has to offer in terms of selection. Both of subjects and for shopping for marketing materials or products.If I were to find any fault whatsoever, the only thing I can think of as a possible suggestion would be to update to a cleaner theme. However that is very personal and coming from somebody who puts more into the design then the current content. So you can take even that with a grain of salt.Don't know how effect the marque at the bottom is but that makes your site look old as well.What can I say, didn't expect your site to be what I would be giving feed back on but I am glad I got to take another look at it.Great example for content!
  • I entered your website through the home page. I do have a suggestion to improve a first time visitor's experience to your home page. Think about whether the pop up ad that the visitor is greeted with is helpful or a hindrance to your website. I know that whenever I visit a web site and I get a pop up ad, I have a tendency to leave the web site, especially if I am viewing that web site on my cell phone. I know that this is my own personal reaction to pop up ads but I think that there may be quite a few people out there that react the same way.
    I hope this suggestion is useful.
  • I have a suggestion for your website.
    1. Please set Open link in a new tab on all the link you provided. Because I can't get back to your website once I clicked your links and I was navigated to other websites.You provided many useful materials on the website. E-books, Software etc… People will be helped by your information from the website.
  • Hi, I like your website, it is interesting. you have a nice looking website, neat and well organized and it is easy to navigate and have lots of content.the pictures are great and looks good quality. As far as the design is concerned you've done a great job so far. You might want to consider adding feature images on the posts so when it appears on the home page, it will look more apealing.All the best.F……..i
  • Really cool. You have an ok writing style. The header image is really good I think. You're main menu has a lot of cool topics dividing it up.You also just have an interesting sounding life. You also have large plans for the future so you can make them happen with affiliate marketing I hope.There are many grammar errors I saw. Do you have a grammar checker you use? Site Content has grammar and spell checker. I type out my post in Google drive, but then I copy/paste it into Site Content to do the spellcheck. I think you would benefit from it.Have a good day.
  • Hey there Tony, I like the way the site flows — Everything to me is pretty self explained and easy to understand as far as navigating through and exploring what all you have here.
    From a glance it seems your a bit of a reporter/review site for the online ‘Make money from home' business opportunities, while branding yourself as an expert in your field.
    I think its a good idea to brand yourself as a Veteran as that speaks volumes of the confidence in yourself and what your talking about.
    One thing I would highly recommend, is work on getting yourself a professional looking header.. and here is why
    For whatever reason, when you have a great looking header on top.. your entire website comes to LIFE. If you look at any other site, some sites can have horrible content in the center, but since the leader is so graphical and looks insanely good, the site still converts to some degree..
    Get a logo header, brand it, put your picture on it, get it professionally done, put your social media buttons near the top, and put a subscriber form nearby where people can join YOUR list.. this site would be a converting machine!
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Feedback from here and below is from a year or more ago:

  • Hi Tony, pretty good website that folks can go to if they wanna get involved with traffic exchanges and social media.
    I see you posted a link that would bring folks back into your WA profile page (clever move).Your site looked clean. I found no typos and links opened up fine. (I liked your ‘Spam' pic. Made me hungry)lol  All-in-all great job on the site.
  • Hi Tony, well you have certainly got the information covered, I noticed that there were multiple links to your social media links plus other links throughout the pages. I must admit I found the site hard to know where to go on the site, but if I was traffic that knew what information I needed, then your links were quite clear.
  • hey there,
    I really like the sleek and elegant design of your websites. It is particularly catchy to have those pictures and news and posts running down the right hand side of the page.I know you tried to conserve space but the abbreviations really confused me on what they were supposed to be. Otherwise, overall a great job and keep it up!
  • Like you website. It is nice an clean. The theme is very easy on the eyes.Your content is very good and engaging as well.Seems you are very knowledgeable about this topic and it should keep visitors on your page.Good use of social sharing buttons which is a major plus to share with others.Keep up the good work!
  • Good mornin Tony, I just looked over, very impressive, I learned a lot, thinking of getting involved with the cash downline program. Really good work on the site its very informative, it's neat and organized and looks great. I have no negative criticism . Awesome Job Tony keep up the good work
  • Hi Tony,
    You have made a wonderful site I am amazed to see your courage and working experience. Great to know also that you are willing to share your knowledge with the world through your website “how to earn money”.
    As this is difficult to believe that you can earn money online. How to do this social networks and is it really true that all these people earning money online?
    I am sure there will be some surety to get paid.
  • Lots of good info. You are off to a great start. Maybe give a little more thought to your main menu headings – ie. instead of niche stories(which I don't think most people will get) you could call it “helpful articles” or
    “What we offer” that might draw your reader in more. don't be afraid to create several categories to help people sort through the content of your site more easily. Good work. Keep it up!
  • Hey Tony, that's interesting that why you need feedback for your website since I know you're in top level and know how to make a website looks attractive 😉
    Anyway here is my honest feedback:
    Your site looks great. Your menu is organized well and your content is quality. Just the first page looks messy and there is a gap on the right side when your new posts finish. It's also much better if you can add social media buttons at the left side of all your pages which make visitors able to share your content easily.
    There is no more thing that I can add at this point.Wish you great success and feel free to contact me if I can help you with anything else )Best,

Website Feedback Appreciated

That is about 6,000 words of Constructive (Mostly) Criticism/Feedback:

Thank You for reading this article and also for commenting at the bottom of this post with your questions, answers, thoughts, constructive criticism, feedback etc……

I appreciate your time and communcation very much as it does indeed help me to help Friends worldwide to start Crushing it 10X with their businesses.

All of our continued success is my daily Prayer.

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