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Published on 6/27/2016
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How does Cash Downline Builder (CDB) work? It's easy!

Step #1 – Add Your Photo to Your CDB Site

Step #2 – Add Your 5 Top Recommended Programs to Your CDB Site

Step #3 – Join All 12 of the Income Streams in our Downline Builder

Step #4 – Promote Your CDB Referral Link

Step #5 – Don't Quit and Never Stop Promoting Your CDB Link.

Cash Downline Builder Helps You Earn 12 Income Streams While You Only Promote ONE Link.

Below is your referral link, promote now & start exploding your downlines and your bank account!


Top Reasons you'll love our membership site

You can promote 5 of your favorite affiliate programs with only ONE referral link!
Promote your personal website or blog, your Facebook page and Twitter pages!
Explode your signups in 12 of the most lucrative programs on the internet today!
Our chosen programs help you get more leads and more traffic for any business!

NOTE: Use the Income Streams in Our System to Get Leads, Traffic and Daily Signups

Get your CDB affiliate link and start promoting! This section has all the banners, solo emails

ads, signatures and affiliate tools that you can easily use to build your downlines! Expose

your ONE affiliate link to the world and watch your downlines, signups and commissions explode!

3 Steps To Setting Up Your Cash Downline Builder

NOTE: 1st Add Your Top 5 Programs Then Join Our 19 Programs

(15 of 19 are free to join)

When your personal referrals signup to our site they will also come to this page and join the

programs listed using YOUR referral link, so you'll get them signing up under you in ALL 19 of our

programs. Be sure to join all 12 income streams and all 7 lead generating sites so you don't miss

YOUR signup & commission and give money to your upline.

Signup and join each of the 12 income streams (and 7 lead generating sites) listed by clicking the blue title links above each banner. If you're already a member of a particular program DO NOT rejoin, enter your existing username/id in the appropriate slot.

Enter your username/affiliate id in the spaces below and then click “Update” to save. DO NOT enter your entire referral link, only enter your username or affiliate id# in the slot then click “Update”

Once you've completed this and joined most or all 19 programs listed, start promoting your Cash Downline Builder referral link and/or your splash page link. Be consistent and market, promote and advertise your CDB referral link everyday. This will provide you with a simple and easy way to earn serious extra money from 19 different revenue sources all at the same time while promoting 1 link. You'll build 12 income streams and 7 lead generators simultaneously!

Cash Downline Builder – Referrals = Revenue!

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