What is on your IBOtoolbox Dashboard?

What is on your IBOtoolbox Dashboard?

Published on 1/2/2017
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How many times have you scrolled through the IBOtoolbox Dashboard?What do you see on your IBOtoolbox Dashboard?As you may or may not know there is a filter tab where you can actually filter what is shown on your IBOtoolbox Dashboard.You can set the filter to the following options:
  • All wall posts – Of course this shows every post and is most likely the most common setting used as it is the default setting on the IBO platform.
  • My wall posts – This setting only shows our own wall posts which is advantageous when we want to respond to Friends who have commented on our wall posts and/or Press Releases. (The best of this setting is that it shows what Press Releases and/or posts are most popular) (No stats are kept for amount of times a post and/or Press Release is clicked though so the posts and/or Press releases may be more popular than shown)
  • My Associates – This setting only shows posts from Friends that you are already associated with here on IBO.
  • Replies to my posts/comments – Kind of like the setting “My wall posts” above except this setting will show you only your wall posts that have been commented upon.
  • New Members – Great setting for welcoming new Friends to the IBO platform and community as it shows the newest members to IBO.
  • Non-Associates – Wonderful for sending Associate Requests to Friends here on IBO that we aren't currently associates with.
  • Press Releases – Shows only Press Releases so that we can view them and comment.
  • IBO Featured Member – Shows only Posts from the Featured Member of the Day here on IBO.
  • IBO Contributors – Shows only posts from those IBO members who are also members of Club IBO and/or have contributed within the past 72 hours by purchasing advertising credits.
  • IBO Top Enrollers – Shows only the posts from the top IBO enrollers. (Resets every Sunday night at midnight)
  • IBO Big Dogs – Shows posts only from Friends who have the most advertising views spent on IBO.  (resets every night at Midnight)
  • IBO Traffic Leaders – Shows only posts from Friends who have the most views to their IBO Profile page. (rests every night at Midnight as well)

So my Friends the above show the different settings that we can use with the filter on the IBOtoolbox dashboard.

Which filter(s) do you use and why?

What does your IBOtoolbox Dashboard look like most of the time?

42 thoughts on “What is on your IBOtoolbox Dashboard?”

  1. Great article. Lots of detailed information regarding your what options are available for the IBOtoolbox dashboard. I need to review my dashboard after reading your article and filter out what I don’t ever really need or use or review. I am probably the worst offender that you were calling out LOL. Anyway. now I have a pretty good idea of what all the options are and how to filter what I don’t need or use. Thanks

    • Awesome Robert!

      I am glad that I can help my Friend.

      I’ll see you there at IBOtoolbox and other places as well Robert.

      You are welcome and thank you,


  2. Hi Tony,

    I have been looking for ways to grow my, admittedly, still very small and unknown website. I just stumbled upon IBO Toolbox and the the customizability of the tools sounds good, what does the toolbox actually do?

    Do you have any pages that you could link me to that explain what this is. Based on the other comments it seems to be a pretty promising system.

    Also, if I were to get it, how would you recommend that I first go about using the IBO toolbox to grow my online business as fast as possible?



    • Hi Chase,

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting my Friend.

      IBOtoolbox is an amazing advertising platform for sharing with the world and you can learn more about IBO by visiting this post here on my website.

      Once you join IBO for free then every page has a “Section Assistance” area near the bottom right side along with the “Market with Kris” videos that are free as well.

      I will also be there available to help when and if you ask.

      Talk with you soon Chase,


  3. Great site, easy to navigate and useful content, will be using it as a reference site myself from now on for internet marketing, great to use as template for new sites or sites that need an overahall.

    Just enough tools and advertising to keep the site useful but not over cluttered

    • Thank you Richard for your “Feedback”

      I do appreciate the compliment my Friend and you are welcome here anytime.

      I also look forward to seeing you at IBOtoolbox Richard,


  4. Hi Tony, thank you for posting. I have been searching the internet for what seems like forever – trying to find a legitimate platform for earning money online. Not necessarily a get-rich-quick scheme, but legitimate way to earn money online that can eventually become a full-time source of income.

    I discovered affiliate marketing through the Wealthy Affiliate system and have enjoyed my time there so far. However, I am always looking to branch out and solidify my knowledge of the industry (because I am still very green to all of this).

    In your experience, would you suggest looking into using IBOToolbox even if I am already on a signifiant affiliate marketing platform like Wealthy Affiliate? Thanks for your help and keep up the good work!

    • Hi Ben,

      I absolutely do recommend utilizing IBO along with WA my Friend and you can read my post here on my website about that.

      Thank you for stopping by to comment and I will see you at both IBO & WA soon Ben,


  5. Hello, Tony, interestingly there many products online that are legit which I have never heard of. Like this IBO tootk boy you are bringing up.
    I think it helps to much exposure of your product.
    Thank-you for researching and sharing this information to me as one. I believe many will benefit from this.

    • Hello Mariam,

      You are welcome and I am happy to share with Friends my Friend.

      Welcome to IBO Mariam,


  6. Hi Tony,

    I just stumbled upon your IBOtoolbox review and (as you are an affiliate marketing veteran and I am still a newbie), I am just curious whether we should take this IBOtoolbox into my arsenal or not.

    What I mean is, there are so many exciting things in the online world and it’s easy to get overwhelmed (my situation a bit), so I have come to conclusion that I have to be careful and using only those tools that are really a must and make my life easier (more efficient).

    Therefore, I ask you, what do you think, do you recommend me use the IBOtoolbox. How much has it helped you in your marketing life?

    Thank you and God bless you?


    • Hi Egon,

      I highly recommend IBOtoolbox to all Friends who are interested in earning an income online as IBO is an excellent learning platform.

      IBOtoolbox is my #1 advertising and sharing platform that I use and it has become an essential part of my internet marketing.

      When you sign up for free Egon, I will be there to help as well my Friend.


  7. Some days before I read your post of global money line, searching something out from your blog I found IBtoolbox and registered it under you. There I saw you posting your results, experience and engaging with people seemed interesting to me but I’m still learning many things about IBtoolbox I want to say could you teach me what have you done to get successfully started in IBTOOLBOX?

    • Hi Ankit,

      At IBOtoolbox each page has a “Section Assistance” area near the bottom right side as well as the “Market with Kris” videos that are both very helpful and free as well.

      Start there and of course you can also contact me at IBO anytime as well my Friend.


  8. Hey there!

    I fell upon this blog post and am also wondering what I am reading about.

    As a blogger myself, I wanted to let you know that it might be a great idea to link to a “what is” post about the product in the beginning of this article?

    Anyways, I researched it myself as well and thanks for sharing the info of the platform!

    • Hi Nico,

      At the very top of this post there is a link that says “Learn More”

      That link will take you to another post on my website that will let you know more about what is IBOtoolbox.

      Thank you my Friend for stopping by and commenting,


  9. Hi Tony,
    Wow you do know your stuff. I’m impressed. I also do not understand the IBO Toolbox at all. I think maybe when I become more experienced marketer, it will make sense. I really like the theme you used. It flows well. It isn’t too full of images nor is it too much just words. I also like how click friendly it is and how quickly it loads the pages. I believe you have done a great job. Congratulations as well as being such a great marketer. Keep up the great work.

    • Hi Linda,

      Remember my Friend that on IBotoolbox every page has a “section Assistance” area near the bottom right side along with the “Market with Kris” videos that are free and very helpful as well.

      You are welcome anytime my Friend and thank you for stopping by to comment linda,


  10. Hi Tony,

    I read your post a couple of times and had a hard time figuring out exactly what your message was. I know very little about the ibo toolbox, but I have heard of it and wanted to open your post to get some information.

    It sounds interesting, but I had to get into other posts on your website to understand what the IBO Toolbox Dashboard post was all about.

    It would be helpful to have more information as to what exactly IBO Toolbox is at the beginning of your post to help one better understand what the dashboard is all about.

    How long have you been a member of IBO?


    • Hi Rick,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment as well as take a look around my Friend.

      I have been with IBOtoolbox since 18 June 2015 my Friend, so just over 18 months or so.

      Talk with you soon Rick,


  11. Very nice website with alot of information about the author and his life as a veteran. The pictures help to add to the content. Looks good.

  12. Hi, Tony

    Thank you for your humility and generosity in accomplishing what you have and being willing to share it with the world. I love your professional-looking website. It is great, and you have really inspired me.

    I’m very new to Wealthy Affiliate – I’m still learning about it, and you are a great encouragement to me. I wish for you and your son every success and happiness on your vacation. God bless!

  13. Thank you for the information about IBOtoolBox and Internet Marketing. Will this increase my social media follower and drive traffic to my blog? I am also an online seller (ebay and Amazon), can I use this to drive traffic to my online stores? Do you make enough income to fulfill your monthly needs and beyond?

    • Hi Mary,

      Yes IBOtoolbox will help with so many areas my Friend including but not limited to your social media following, website traffic and also you ebay and amazon sales as well.

      IBOtoolbox is free to utilize and I have found it to be my most valuable advertising and sharing platform.

      I share IBO with all of my Friends who are seeking to increase website traffic, referrals and revenue online.

      Thank you Mary for stopping by to comment and I’ll see you at IBOtoolbox my Friend,


  14. I am not familiar with ibotoolbox at all. I am curious exactly what this is and what it is used for? The pictures are small, so I cannot read the writing to help me understand what this is for and why I might need it. I do see that it has something to do with getting website traffic, but I am not sure.

  15. What is a IBOtoolBox? I’ve never heard of it? What do you use a IBOtoolBox for? Is the IBOtoolBox a social platform? How do you access it to use it?
    Thank you for the information, it’s nice to know what’s out there to use. How did you find out about IBOtoolBox? Do you use IBOtoolBox yourself? Have you had any success with it, if you use it?
    Interesting article I learned something new.

    • Hi Larry,

      View this post on my website as well my Friend.

      IBOtoolbox is a social media advertising program that is free forever and where you can share with others from around the World as well.

      Get signed up Larry and I will see you there my Friend,


  16. I am quite new to the online business world but IBOtoolbox does seem very popular and has very good reviews. I’m always learning whats out there, and this is something I will being doing more research into. At what point into developing my online business would you recommend I look at joining IBOtoolbox?

    • Hi Steve,

      Now is the best time to join IBOtoolbox my Friend. There is no better time than now to get traffic to your website as well as start to improve your marketing skills as well.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting,


  17. Hi Tony,

    Unfortunately, I know nothing about IBO so can’t really comment on content but have some observations on layout that I can offer.

    Could I suggest that you capitalise the first letter of all the key words words in your ‘Helping Friends to Increase Website Traffic, Referrals and Revenue Online Worldwide.

    Your title for this post also appears twice – is there a reason for that? It’s a little distracting.

    In your first line should there be spaces after each ‘?’

    It also looks as though the font size has changed below your list of bullet points.

    Lots of good interaction with the comments – well done.

    Hope some of that helps.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Steve,

      Thank you for the feedback my Friend and because you are not already with IBOtoolbox I highly recommend that you get signed up for free.

      Only sign up for free at IBO if you want to increase website traffic, referrals and revenue to your business Steve.

      Talk with you soon,


  18. Hi Tony,

    Breaking down this page provides further insight into what it all does in IBO. I think like many sites people don’t always fully understand what it is they have available to them on a platform. This page is simple and to the point, does not veer of topic and self explanatory. Thanks for breaking down all the components on the dashboard.


    • Hi Mario,

      IBOtoolbox / IBOsocial is such a valuable platform and I have only touched the surface with this post my Friend.

      You are welcome Mario and thank you for stopping by to comment, I’ll see you at IBO my Friend.


  19. Hello Tony Love the post. I am also a member of IBO. I have never really dug this deep into the IBO dashboard as much as you do here. I am now realizing there is more power to the dashboard then I though. The post is well written and informative. Thank you for sharing this post.

    • Hello Stephen,

      Yes my Friend there is much more than meets the eye at IBOtoolbox / IBOsocial. Take some time and truly look into how IBO can help you to take your business to the next level.

      Near the bottom right on every IBO page there is a “Section Assistance” area as well as the Market with Kris videos that are so very helpful.

      Thank you for stopping by and for commenting Stephen and I’ll see you at IBO my Friend,


  20. Hey Tony
    My website is not related to earning money online – would it make sense for me to join IBO platform? I read your posts about this platform and that you are very happy about it as it has helped you a lot. So I am just wondering if this platform did the same for my website even if it is not related to earn-online niche. Thanks in advance for your advice!

    • Hi Arta,

      Yes IBOtoolbox is great for any Independent Business Owner to share what we offer on our websites my Friend.

      IBO is free forever so sign up and see how IBO can help you to take your business to the next level Arta, I will be there with you as well.


  21. Hi Tony, I found this page very interesting. I don’t know much at all about the IBOtool box so I really learned a few things. From the information on your artical, I would say I would definitely have my wall posts, new members and press releases, on my dashboard. Thanks

    • Hi Mel,

      Awesome my Friend!

      Yes IBOtoolbox’s dashboard and wall are a great place for sharing and growing our businesses!

      Thank you Mel for stopping by and commenting,



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