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Having been an IBOtoolbox member since 18 June 2015 I would say that I am more than qualified to share an IBOtoolbox review.  (Truth be told I was an IBOtoolbox member for a few years before that but cancelled my account then came back about a year later)  I am so glad that I did, Not that IBO was bad before but this time it is so much better!

When you accept my invitation to IBOtoolbox also known as IBOsocial you will receive a confirmation email to confirm that you did indeed wish to register with IBO.  You will also receive an automated message from me/the IBO system admin that says “Thanks for joining IBOtoolbox with me. The first step is to fill out your profile and claim your 500 free ad credits! Edit profile here: Edit Profile”  The Edit Profile that you receive at IBO will be clickable and take you to the Edit Profile page.

Invitation to IBOtoolbox








500 Free advertising credits = 2500 impressions and those are available for you to share banner and/or text ads.  The banner sizes available are 728×90 468×60 350×350 and you are able to promote any Opportunity and/or website that you would like to promote.  (I promote Wealthy Affiliate, Global MoneyLine, Cash Downline Builder and Social Media Traffic Exchange on IBO)


IBOtoolbox featured member of the day Tony Lee HamiltonWhen you first sign up with IBOtoolbox you will also receive many invitations from other IBOtoolbox members to become Affiliates, That is like a Friend request on Facebook or a follow on Twitter and doesn't mean that you agree with or are part of anything that they promote.  When you are editing your profile page at IBO you can also choose what emails to receive, I recommend that you choose not to receive many of them because they are not needed as long as you are active on the platform.

About 99% of the members are wonderful but as is the case with many sites there are those that will send you spam messages within the IBO system, I usually just ignore them.  (IBO Admin will ban habitual spammers from IBO)  Your IBO profile page can be updated and edited whenever you would like so don't worry about getting it perfect at first.  I do recommend that you post a real picture of yourself on IBO as people tend to trust and do business with people that are real.  When filling out your profile page I recommend that you don't include your phone number because if you do share your phone number you will definitely receive phone calls from other members.


Below is a screenshot of an earlier version of my IBO profile page, You can view my current profile page here.

IBOtoolbox Tony Lee Hamilton









There is a “Section Assistance” area near the bottom right of every page on IBO that is very helpful in answering most any question that you will have.  There is also an area called Market with Kris that has very good instructional videos for utilizing the IBOtoolbox platform and family of websites.  Market with Kris is Free to sign up at and when you watch the instructional videos there you will also earn more Free IBO Advertising Credits.

At IBO you can also earn Free Advertising Credits by creating Press Releases (Blogs) and you can create up to 2 per day (250 words or more) and the Press Releases / Blogs are indexed by Google and other search engines so not only are you rewarded with Free Advertising Credits but you also create more traffic to your IBO page, personal website(s) and/or your opportunities.

Other ways to earn Free Advertising Credits is to comment on other IBO Associates' Press Releases, Also every day at 6am and at 6pm there is a Free Credit code released.  There are many ways to advertise for Free on IBO and you don't ever have to spend money at IBO, They do however offer a way to supercharge your advertising by becoming a member of Club IBO and/or by purchasing IBO Advertising Credits.  IBO isn't an Affiliate company so no one receives monetary compensation when someone that they refers spends money by purchasing credits and/or by joining Club IBO.  The person who does the referring does however earn IBO Advertising Credits when the referral completes their profile then posts onto the IBO wall and earns their first star.

IBO Tony Lee Hamilton





As of the publishing of this post I am on page 1 of Google for the keyword IBOsocial and I owe the thanks and gratitude to the Amazing Wealthy Affiliate Training & Community  as well as to Jaaxy (The best keyword research tool available – Even better than the Google Keyword tool because with Jaaxy all of the search engines' data are analyzed while the Google research tool only analyzes Google searches)

I absolutely Love the combination of Wealthy Affiliate + IBO for increasing website traffic, referrals and revenue online from anywhere in the World and I am confident that you will as well!

Update below!

IBOsocial / IBOtoolbox also just now as of 17 September 2016 launched a  commission Program!

 You can receive a 20% commission on credit purchases made by members you have referred to IBOtoolbox.
 You must be an active clubIBO member at the time of the referral purchase to receive the commission.
 Minimum payout is $35.
 All commissions paid on the first of the month.
 Commissions are paid out via Paypal to the “Paypal” email in settings section.
 Sales prior to 9/17/2016 are not eligible for commissions.
 Commissions are for credits purchases, does not include clubIBO memberships.

IBO Commission




Thank you Friends for connecting with me at IBOsocial / IBOtoolbox and although the site has the “Section Assistance” area and the “Market with Kris” videos I will also be available to help in any way that I can so don't hesitate to message me at IBO with any questions and/or concerns.

All of our continued success is my daily Prayer,


24 thoughts on “IBOtoolbox”

  1. Hi Tony,

    Great review, I’m currently looking at SEO support and have spent ages looking at different platforms like IBO. I’m always sceptical but this review really helps providing a warts and all view.

    How quickly can you expect to start seeing results?im quite keep to give it a go but want to have realistic expectations…

    Thanks for the info

    • Hi Mike,

      The platform and tools available at IBOtoolbox / IBOsocial are amazing Mike and you will start to increase website traffic, referrals and revenue according to your efforts my Friend.

      IBO is such an amazing community that it will be worth your time and effort sharing within the community as well as to the many thousands who view the IBO platform daily.

      Thank you Mike for stopping by and for commenting my Friend,


  2. Great review here. I have searched for an advertising platform like this for a while now.
    It sounds like a social media platform with a twist?
    If I do sign up will my website posts definitely get ranked in the search engines?
    Is this service completely free without any upsells?

    You really explain IBO tool exceptionally well and this service is something that I am very interested in but I want to make sure this service isn’t going to be too spammy.

    Thanks for sharing this information

    • Hi Ryan,

      IBOtoolbox / IBOsocial is by far the greatest advertising platform that I in my 7 years earning on the internet have found for increasing website traffic, referrals and revenue my Friend.

      IBO is free forever, There is an optional upgrade to being a member of Club IBO but that is for if you want more than the free advertising credits that are already available with the free membership Ryan.

      You are welcome and thank you for stopping by and commenting my Friend,


  3. Hi Tony. Thanks so much for the introduction to IBO Toolbox. I have been looking for a way to increase traffic to my website, what difference have you noticed the second time around with IBO Toolbox? How long does it usually take to start seeing results? I will watch the training video and see what it is all about.

    • Hi Keldyn,

      This second time around my Friend there is less spam activity and more value as many tools have been added such as the “Market with Kris” free platform and also the ability to personalize our IBO profile pages and use HTML there.

      View my IBOtoolbox / IBOsocial profile page here Keldyn.

      Thank you for stopping by and for commenting my Friend,


  4. Hi Tony,

    Your site is most definitely a “go-to” site when it comes to affiliate marketing. I particularly like the fact that you have numerous images and clips which feature yourself in them; this adds a great dimension of credibility.

    You’ve also made it crystal clear that social media involvement is paramount to the success of any online entrepreneur.

    Thank you so much for providing such a comprehensive and detailed article on IBO Toolbox. Very well presented indeed!

    Regards –

  5. Hello, thanks for all of the information I received on your page. It has been hard for me in affiliate marketing due to the trustworthiness of others site. With all of the information you provide, it appears you have been around for awhile, and I am sure your information can be trusted. I will definately dive into more of yor articles and use what I have already learned.

    • Hello Mark,

      I definitely trust all of the sites that I promote my Friend and IBOtoolbox / IBOsocial is one that I have been with for over 16 months now so I highly recommend IBO!

      You are welcome Mark and thank you for viewing and commenting my Friend,


  6. Wow, a wonderfully informative site. I hadn’t heard of IBO before but it’s certainly something I’ll look into when I have a moment. In fact, I’m amazed at how many different companies you know about that help others make money.Thank you for giving so much information in a beautifully clean and easy to navigate site!

    • You are welcome Jules & thank you for the wonderful compliment my Friend.

      I share the sites that I have been with and know that are legit so that Friends can start to increase website traffic, referrals and revenue sooner than if they were to go searching the web alone.

      I will also be available to help in any way that I can with IBOtoolbox / IBOsocial and any other site that you find that you would deem useful my Friend.

      Thank you for viewing and commenting Jules,


  7. Hi Tony
    I’ve been a member of IBOToolbox, Your article is excellent and it explains some good benefits of the programs. You have provided great detail how to members can earn credits for advertising. I think that a lot of people don’t understand the concept of using IBOToolbox. I like that you have clearly explained how this program works, I really enjoyed reading your article. Thanks again

  8. Hi, Tony. I have just read your article on IBO social and it sure sounds like something.an important tool for traffic.Been working on my WA site for 8 months now but I am still not getting much traffic. I will certainly give it a shot. Thanks for sharing and all the help that you provide for fellow members at WA

    • Wonderful Leonard!

      Yes IBOsocial / IBOtoolbox is an excellent source of traffic to any business website my Friend as it is an amazing advertising platform.

      Welcome to IBO Leonard, Every page on IBO has a “Section Assistance” are as well as a “Market with Kris” area near the bottom right side. Both are free and an awesome help with any questions while at IBO, I will be there for you as well my Friend.


  9. Tony,
    I have been a member of IBO toolbox for some time. Kris does have some very good training videos and I need to schedule time for this very important part of advertising in my social schedule. I believe that every method that you use for getting the word out about your site will make it more profitable. IBO is one of those social networks that will give you traffic without much work, only a 250+ word article and free posting. The only thing it will cost you is a little of your time.

    • Awesome John,

      Yes my Friend IBOsocial / IBOtoolbox is amazing and Kris makes it even more amazing!

      I know many Friends who are with both IBO & WA and are loving the great way that they compliment each other to increase website traffic, referrals and revenue from anywhere in the world.

      Thank you John for sharing & caring my Friend,


  10. Hi Tony, thanks for this. After reading another article of yours, I was going to try IBOToolbox out and then saw this review on IBO – perfect. Although, I’m a little confused by what ‘impressions’ are? Also, is IBO more a business network place where you are advertising businesses you have, trying to obtain referrals? As mentioned, it looks quite promising and interesting and I’d really like to grow my business more. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    • Hi Maggie,

      Yes IBOtoolbox / IBOsocial is an advertising platform my Friend. It is a wonderful site where Entrepreneurs from around the world have come together to share and promote while learning. Impressions are views Maggie and at IBO your site(s) will be viewed by many Friends from around the world. Referrals and revenue will be a direct result of sharing on IBO as there are many thousands of Friends there.

      You are welcome to sign up for Free at IBO Maggie and I will be available to help with any questions taht you may have my Friend,


  11. It sounds like IBO toolbox has some great advantages to help with ranking and marketing your sites. I have been trying out a few different social media sites to see which ones have the best potential to take part in for my marketing efforts.

    Considering all the different social media platforms out there I presently use Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

    I’m thinking about one or two others to add to the list as time is a concern. If I chose IBO Toolbox as one, in your opinion what would be your top 4-5 social media platforms to take part in to maximize time and performance?

    • Travis,

      If you are sharing your website and/or any opportunity then IBOtoolbox / IBOsocial is far and away more beneficial than all of the others combined because it is full of just Entrepreneurs and Independent Business Owners from all over the World.

      There isn’t another Social site out there that even compares and if there is I haven’t found it in my over 7 years of earning on the internet my Friend.

      Thank you Travis for stopping by and for commenting,


  12. Really a great post, thank you Tony I found a lot of great and valuable information about IBOsocial, things I haven’t even known they offer on the platform to help us grow our businesses. For me the Press Release tool is very useful and my website is ranked higher in Google thanks to IBOtoolbox. I personally recommend this platform to everyone and of course, in combination with Wealthy Affiliate’s lessons it’s the safest and most legit way to success. Thanks again Tony for providing us with so many useful tips about IBOsocial.

    • You are welcome and thank you Alexandra, Yes I have also ranked higher in Google from utilizing the tools at IBOsocial / IBOtoolbox especially the Press Release / Blog posts that we can share. I also agree that IBOsocial /IBOtoolbox combined with Wealthy Affiliate is the most legitimate way to earn an income online my Friend. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting Alexandra, Tony


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